Kevin Smith Denies ‘Batman V Superman’ Script Rumor; Fan Takes Credit

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kevin smith1 Kevin Smith Denies Batman V Superman Script Rumor; Fan Takes Credit

With a film as large as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, details leaking ahead of schedule are hard to avoid. But when the rumors start piling up, and become harder and harder to believe, suspicions rise. That was the case with the ‘leaked script’ for the film making the rounds of late, leading to a recent report claiming the script – chock full of cameos and fan service – was the work of Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats), and part of a plan to throw snooping fans and bloggers off the studio’s trail. And that’s one rumor Smith has now officially denied.

Despite having no formal involvement in Warner Bros.’ production of the Zack Snyder-helmed follow-up to Man of Steel, Kevin Smith’s name has become a recurring one in news coverage and ‘insider’ information. After being the first outsider to lay eyes on Ben Affleck’s Batsuit, Smith has since gone on to confirm DC’s upcoming schedule for a half a dozen superhero movies.

So when an anonymous insider contacted numerous websites (Screen Rant included) claiming that the reportedly leaked script – the one describing Lex Luthor as a tattooed street tough – was the work of Smith, it seemed compelling. But that script, the source claimed, was actually commissioned by Warner Bros. and then intentionally ‘leaked’ to online outlets, all in the name of keeping the real plot of Batman V Superman a secret.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header Kevin Smith Denies Batman V Superman Script Rumor; Fan Takes Credit

Now Smith has taken to his official blog to explain that while that is, indeed, one juicy rumor… it’s entirely false:

There’ve been a few movie websites reporting I might’ve been involved in a BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE misinformation campaign, at the behest of Warner Brothers, director Zack Snyder and producer Chuck Roven. The idea was that everything I’ve ever said about the forthcoming big screen team-up of the World’s Finest is a carefully constructed web of intrigue to throw movie sites off the real track.

However, none of those has been a fake BATS v SUPES script. C’mon, kids… No major studio would let a guy like me near their franchises – even if it was for a dummy script meant solely to fool the news sites… Fun story, though.

Smith explains that part of the reason why he was unable to write a completely false, meaningless Dawn of Justice script is that he spent the last year writing things that actually hope to become real (including his upcoming horror film Tusk). So bad news for fans of the reported BvS:DoJ story, but good news for walrus enthusiasts.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header1 Kevin Smith Denies Batman V Superman Script Rumor; Fan Takes Credit


For our part, the leaked details that seemed to originate from the script treatment seemed to stretch believability from the start. Casting Lex Luthor as a kid from the streets from Metropolis (who knows Bruce Wayne is Batman) was hard to swallow, and has since seemed at odds with the reports of Lex from the set.

The most recent batch of mined details included the presence of not just Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex, Cyborg, and Aquaman, but four additional villains as well. And with each new detail or character cameo gleaned from the script, it seemed harder and harder to believe Snyder or David S. Goyer actually hoped to do them all justice.

Yet the script had to be written by someone, and presumably was convincing enough to turn viral in the first place. Luckily, one anonymous Twitter user seems to have taken responsibility:

The self-professed “DC Comics fan” ‘ArrogantAlien’ claims that the script being discussed was drafted by him in a matter of days, before being leaked online. It’s impossible to tell what is true and what isn’t in this entire development, until some evidence or clarification from Warner Bros. is offered. But we trust the coming days and weeks will help sort the whole thing out.

What do you make of this situation? Are you glad to hear that the rumored script may not be accurate after all? Or were you hoping that its characters – or Warner Bros.’ master plan – were the real deal? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on May 6th, 2016.

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Source: Kevin Smith, Twitter

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  1. I guess while we’re at it…

    You caught me! I wrote the fake script!

    • But… but I thought I wrote it?

      • No, I’M Spartacus!

        Off topic but thought I’d bring it up, what do you guys (commenters and SR staff) think of this:

        He’s talking about film studios asking professional film critics NOT to release their review until the official release day yet last weekend, Transformers and How To Train Your Dragon 2 opened in the UK as “previews”, with their official release dates being this coming Friday.

        Bad Neighbours did it a few months back too, having 9 days of preview screenings open to the general public to help artificially boost box office takings come official release day.

        In my opinion, it’s a studio’s way of being sneaky and ensuring that bad-decent movies don’t get bad-mediocre reviews until they’ve already taken people’s money.

        • I’m Spartacus

          • I am the law!

            • KNEEL BEFORE ZOD

              Seriously though, the whole thing was amusing.

              • Zod? There is no Zod…

                • There is only Zuul.

                  • Nice catch.

            • I’m Batman.

              • im the real slim shady

        • I figured this was the case since a lot of horrible movies haven’t had any reviews listed on RT or meta critic until last minute, or day of release. I was a bit shocked that DoFP had so many positives days ahead of release since I was noticing a slow trend of late reviews & scores popping up.

          I’m a pretty good judge if when a movie will be worth my time or not, and if companies are having critics hold out their opinion to sucker people in, I can’t trust or respect that.

          • Yep, especially with the example used in the video where a film opened in Ireland and some critics broke the embargo by using the Irish opening as their reason for doing so. After all, people have the internet, they can still read early reviews.

            Hell, SR put their Transformers review up 2 weeks before it officially opens over here and we had to wait until other films released over there in the US before being able to talk about it out of courtesy.

            It’s becoming the new tactic apparently since critics instinctively give horrendous reviews to films so bad that even the studios refuse to hold press screenings.

    • speaking of the justice league, they should also be a black guy as a green latern. (green latern part 2). they should feature the martian man hunter and the awk girl and cyborg cause those three characters as never been put together i only see them in “injustice gods among us”. there are still lots of characters to shoot before the justice league can be acted. right?

  2. What an “arrogant a hole.”

    It was ME who wrote that fake BvS script.

    And it only took 5 minutes, not 5 days.


  3. Don’t you guys get it? This is all a part of the intricate Web of misdirection. If Kevin owned up to writing the fake script then we would know it was a misdirection. Instead, he is denying it, so he can misdirect the misdirection, and Arrogant Alien is in on it! See with him conveniently claiming to have written the fake script right when Kevin is claiming he didn’t right it it further misdirects us! Kevin is denying the misdirection so we are misdirected into believing the misdirection while Alien misdirects us into thinking he wrote the misdirection!

    • More BS and misdirection than a meeting with John Constantine.

      • It’s a misdirec-ception…bwoooooong.

    • hahahahahaha

      Very nice!

  4. Must be difficult fighting crime when Kevin Smith is riding your cape.


    but really though

  6. Or are they just saying it’s a fake script to throw off the fact that it’s real, that they faked it, that they blah blah blah, I’m not good at these making people dizzy things.

  7. I think the moral of the story is…. Wait for trailers and/or the finished movie before casting (much) judgment.

    • Sadly that is a lesson no one will ever learn.

  8. TROLL

    Lol, that Alien is probs an alt account of Jevin or a 12 year old wanting attention. Or the guy who did write it!

    But I helped him do it. In fact I made Batfleck’s leaked suit.

  9. Guys im pretty sure joss whedon wrote it

  10. Having read the script you could almost understand why someone would believe it was real if not for the sheer amount of fan-service that’s packed into it without any subtlety. Man Of Steel had some great easter eggs but most were ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moments, where as this script is packed full of cameos and comic references, far more so than any actual DC film would include. Still, it’s a good read and would make an enjoyable film were it not fan-made, and if you haven’t already you can find it here:

  11. But if YOU wrote the fake script, and I wrote the fake script, then… WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE?

  12. Speaking of rumours that aren’t true, I didn’t hear from an unreliable source, that this isn’t the real cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    Superman; Ashton Kutcher. Because he’s Ashton Kutcher. If you don’t get that, Zack Snyder is not going to explain it to you.

    Batman; Leonardo DiCaprio. Ben quit when they didn’t cast Jennifer as Wonder Woman, and Leo was next in line as Worst! Batman! Ever! They’re actually going for the record set by George Clooney in 1997.

    Wonder Woman; Melissa McCarthy. They heard we didn’t like skinny amazons.

    Lex Luthor; Michael Douglas. They’re thinking, if we don’t want a Mark Zuckerberg-type evil billionaire, we might get behind a Gordon Gecko-type evil billionaire.

    Aquaman; Matthew McConaughey. They heard we want our aquamen to be blondes, and he’s the blondest guy they could find.

    The infamous 4 additional villains; Whoopi Goldberg as senator Amanda Waller. Adam Sandler as PR rep Morgan Edge. Ben Stiller as assassin David Cain. Tracy Morgan as Victor Zsasz.

    Cyborg; Shaquille O’Neal. They just remembered how good he was in Steel.

    The Riddler; Jim Carrey. They decided to build the cinematic universe faster by including the older movies. Alicia Silverstone will also get a cameo appearance as Batgirl. And Chris O’Donnell will get killed in the first two seconds of the movie by Victor Zsasz because he hates the nipple-suits. That transforms Batman from a very camp superhero to a very dark and grumpy superhero. And sometimes sad too.

    Metallo; Dolph Lundgren. They loved him in Universal Soldier.

    Mr. Freeze; Arnold Schwarzenegger is also back. And he’ll bring along Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. And Danny DeVito as The Penguin. Since we last saw them, they’ve discovered that they’re actually twins. They were created in a lab and Arnold was perfect, but poor Danny was a freak penguin-like child.

    Catwoman; Michelle Pfeiffer. Watch her in Batman Returns and you’ll know why. Kim Basinger will also return as Vicki Vale.

    Another great scoop is Prince and Lady Gaga doing the soundtrack. The tracks will include ‘Jokerface’, ‘When Bats Cry’ and a mash-up of ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Batdance’.

    • +1000000!!!
      I LMAO reading this!

      • I’d watch that just for Michelle Pfeiffer. Don’t care how old she is now. She helped me hit puberty :P.

    • STOP ! STAHP.. STAHP ! Please , my stomach hurts from laughing .
      Dammit I spilt my coffee.

  13. I don’t think I can write a nice script, fake or otherwise, let alone for a huge movie, so no I did not write that script.

  14. i don’t know who wrote it but WB was beind it without a doubt, but the thing is the script sounded really good it was scripted in decent way

  15. can kevin smith please go away?

  16. Arrogant Alien sounds like something Jason Mews would spew up. I bet he’s taking the flack off of Smith.

  17. Dr. Love that’s hilarious! They should make it happen -_-

  18. No.

    I’m the one who wrote it people, only wrote it for five seconds, five days is long enough, seriously….

  19. If Marvel releases Captain America 3 on the same day as Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I can see it now at my theater. DC fans will go down one hall and Marvel fans will go the opposite hallway, and I WILL be in the DC line. But I can picture this already: DC and Marvel fans yelling at each other across the theater about which movie universe is better. XD

    Insults will be thrown at the midnight premiere, I can guarantee it.