Latest ‘Batman vs Superman’ Casting Rumor Points to Josh Holloway

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Josh Holloway Batman Superman Aquaman Flash Justice League Latest Batman vs Superman Casting Rumor Points to Josh Holloway

These Batman vs. Superman casting rumors have been so prevalent lately, we’ll understand if you’re fed up with them right now. Approximately 99.5% of all this speculation is going to turn out to be untrue, and there has been so, so much of it lately, we know.

Still, this latest totally unconfirmed and speculative rumor points to LOST star Josh Holloway being up for a role in the big Batman/Superman showdown, and since Holloway is indeed a fan-favorite in the geek community, we say why not discuss?




Geoff Johns Aquaman Movie Interview Latest Batman vs Superman Casting Rumor Points to Josh Holloway

CBM is dropping this exclusive about Holloway, further speculating in their report that Holloway is possibly playing Aquaman. Admittedly, the actor didn’t make our list of younger actors for the role - but that was before the casting of 40-something Ben Affleck as a more mature version of Batman. Needless to say, if Aquaman were depicted in his maturity, then Holloway (44) is a choice in actor that fans can (and likely would) rally behind. Holloway as a mature Barry Allen/Flash is also not off the table (though that Sawyer-swag says “king of the seas” more so than “fastest man alive,” if you ask me).

Right now all these casting rumors are swirling as it appears that Batman vs. Superman - which WILL be a Superman story featuring Batman, we are told – could end with an Avengers-style gathering of the major players in the DC Movie Universe who will form the Justice League. Right now, that League would likely consist of Henry Cavill’s Superman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman – and if you account for rumors, we could be getting Dwayne Johnson, Holloway and even Denzel Washington, in roles like Cyborg, Aquaman/Flash, or a new Green Lantern. It’s basically a Schrödinger’s cat situation, at this point.

The Flash Casting Writing Interview Latest Batman vs Superman Casting Rumor Points to Josh Holloway

Truthfully, I’m more ready to learn about what we’re actually going to get in Batman vs. Superman – not so much beyond that to a Justice League movie that hasn’t yet been earned (and has failed to come together so many times before). If all this star-wattage is truly being pulled together to create one of the most epic cameos of all time, then it’ll be something to see; but only if I reach the end of BvsS satisfied and happy with this universe which is being so ambitiously built.

Would Holloway be the type of actor that could turn these big DCMU risks into big rewards? (He definitely deserves better opportunities than making one of the worst movies of last year…)

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: CBM

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  1. Not sure if his commitment to the TV Show “intelligence” keeps him from movie acts !
    So yeah,would be nice to see him on big screen !

  2. The morning show in Philadelphia “The Preston & Steve Show” had him on this morning and asked him about that and he said that it would be great if that was the case, but not that he knows of. It was while he was promoting his new show.

  3. This movie is the one I am personally most looking forward to of all the upcoming blockbusters.

    And even I am tired of the rumors. Official announcements or gtfo.

  4. Since Lost I always wanted to see him in a live action role with DC or Marvel but this rumors seems a little bogus.

  5. I am going to get offended soon if I am not linked to this movie. Everyone else has been…

    • What? You haven’t gotten a part yet? Just about everyone else who frequents SR has, it’s all about the posting count and those +1′s! My role might not be big but I’m happy playing, “bystander #42″. :D

  6. And sorry Kofi, but exactly how does WB “earn” a Justice League movie?

  7. RUMOR: Ajeno has been linked to Man of Steel 2 as potentially Vibe. You heard it here first!

    • Sigh… well, no going back on it now. 80s-esque spandex here I come.

      Yes. That was confirmation, SR. Now, go do an article on it.

      • Wouldn’t hurt. You’d keep click :-)

      • disappointing man, you forgot the underwear on the outside. I’m rumored to be playing the villain manning the shady looking stronghold in the second of the nine post credit scenes. wish me luck fellas.

  8. They only need to get Morgen Freeman doing Narration through out the opening showing JL fighting together in MoS2:SvB and then people could get calmed down.

  9. “‘Game of Thrones’ star Jason Momoa denies having been offered a role in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – is it time to start writing off some other rumors, too?”… Literally 5 stories before this one.
    Rumors are just that- Rumors, nothing but unconfirmed hearsay, usually stemming from fanboy wishful thinking or a lame attempt from movie sites to drum up traffic- Yeah I’m talking to you, Screenrant

    • Thanks for clarifying what a rumor is for all of us who clicked on the article expecting concrete and factual updates. I hate it when sites post articles and force me to click on them.

    • it’s very easy. ya see, when the word “rumor” is in the title of the article, that is your clue to NOT READ IT.
      i, not one time ever, have read an article about something i don’t care about. all the articles about the various twilight films…never read a single one. i am also NOT angry at SR for posting said articles.
      i’m just sayin’.

  10. Personally I think the rumors are pretty fun and are keeping us occupied till 2015!

  11. John Corben/Metallo anyone?

  12. Personally, I see nothing wrong with rumors. They help the conversaton going and if your guess turns out to be true, your speculations might have been spot on. It’s good that they are trying to keep us up to date. How many times one of us Screenranters has predicted something that was going to happen in a movie and it was true. lol

    Movies are fun, so let’s speculate with Fun!!! :)

  13. I actually though Green Arrow when I saw the front page blurb.

    Aquaman is a better choice… Flash was pretty good too.

    Superman is like the next Fast&Furious franchise… and by the third one, it will be like The Expendables. :)

  14. Do we know who plays Superman yet ?


    • @ScrooLoose:

      I don’t even think Superman is in this movie.

      They should just retitle it “Super Friends” for that retro nostalgic feel.

      • LMAO

    • Hahaha

  15. Im tired of all this he said , she said mess come get me when yall got something good to trade in mkay?

  16. Guys guys guys…He’s obviously Grifter.

    • Now that would be awesome. They should bring in the rest of the Wildcats too.

  17. I want Alexander Skarsgard as Aquaman!

  18. Lost is my favorite show of all time. Sawyer is one of my favorite Lost characters. So, I would find it awesome if Holloway played Aquaman.

  19. Josh Holloway’s new series Intelligence was welcomed to a fantastic turn out. Millions tuned in to the premiere for the show last Tuesday. We will see how it goes on its new (permanent) night, Monday at 10pm on CBS. I think Josh has got the spunk to play Barry, but I’d like to see him as Arthur. All these rumors are not easing my fears about this movie. A great way to ruin a movie is to over populate it. However, an introduction to a few of the ‘leaguers’ might be interesting.

  20. Yeah, so I’m not trying to come off as a jerk, but wouldn’t it be logical for all of you who don’t want to read about the rumors to skip those articles? This article specifically says “Latest BvS RUMOR points to…”, yet still you click on it (while hating or disliking rumors), read it, and then blame Kofi or Screenrant for filling the site with “rumor” articles.
    There are plenty of other articles published here, you could just read those, or — and I’m only suggesting you should do this — don’t come to this site; there are plenty of other sites out there.
    Again, I’m not trying to come off as a jerk (yet I know I am comming off as one — but I don’t care), I’m just pointing the illogical behaviour of some of you.

    @kofi – I have visited this site for a couple of years now, and I love and appreciate and admire your and all the other writers’ articles. I do NOT agree with all of them, yet I do understand the arguments.
    I’m fan of both DC and Marvel. I have loved all of their movies (EVEN Constantine ;)) I agree with your high praise and opinion of MoS (I saw the movie twice in the theater, and 2 times on Blue Ray) and I too consider it to be on my Fav movie list (though there certainly were a few BETTER movies in 2013). I disagree with the rating you gave Gravity (5/5) and Inside Llewyn Davis (4.5/5), where I thought that certainly, visually, Gravity IS a masterpiece, the acting was superb, George Clooney was so freaking cool, but the plot was a bit weak, while Inside Llewyn Davis was PERFECT (your review is amazing btw).
    The reason I’m writing this, is so that it won’t be seen as an attempt at a** kissery btw.
    Hope no one got overtly bored or offended while reading this.

    PS. I love the rumors (especially the Joaquin Phoenix, Brian Cranston and Dwayne Johnson one).

    • Can’t speak for everyone, but my complaint was neither towards Kofi nor Screenrant. Everybody is putting this out, SR is just following suit.

      Also, there is a difference between a rumor and Joe Scmoe’s speculation. Like the whole Wonder Woman thing was a rumor worth reporting, because it started with the studio putting out a casting call for “exotic athletic types” for a Bruce Wayne love interest.

      John heard from Sally that she overheard Bobby telling Beth that his Dad thinks that Billy Bob Thorton is going to play Clint Eastwood playing the part of Dr. Freeze is not a worthwhile rumor.

  21. Could def see him as Aquaman or even Lex Luthor.

  22. Latest Batman vs Superman casting rumor points to Christopher Reeves rising from beyond to take over the Superman role, LOL. Wow, these rumors are just crazy. This rumor has already been debunked as another site has “someone inside the production” saying that Holloway is not in the movie. We should start hearing the “confirmed” castings within the next 2 weeks

  23. They need to have Green Arrow in the movie, but please make it Stephen Arnell. The guy has done great with the role in Arrow, Arrow has a large following, and having two different actors playing the character for no real reason is stupid.

    The fact that you give the movie an automatic audience with the tie in to Arrow, and that’s one less origin story you have to tell, and it will only increase Arrow’s viewership, it’s win/win/win.

    • As good as it sounds, I highly doubt it, cause that will mean the DCCU needs to adjust/follow suit to the show, including various characters like Ras Al Ghul and all. I personally think that show exists (or bound to exist) in an alternate universe, thus the reason why the writers have really flexible liberties with their take on the DC characters because they don’t need to look at them from the movie-verse point of view. They can just twist and bend everything to what they like, and that’s why the show is interesting for many people. This is the reason why the Marvel TV series is having a hard time, because they simply can’t do as they please without viewing anything in a larger scope (since it is indeed a small part of the universe).

  24. I am going to guess there is a financial issue with bringing a television actor to the big screen. I would guess that they would have to offer a somewhat comparable salary to the other stars in the movie which would then translate to the star of the TV show wanting a raise ( significant at some point ) and basically being able to hold the network and film company somewhat hostage as he is now fully linked to the roll in both mediums.

    I know I want a salary increase if I ended up a block buster movie. :)

    • @Taychon:

      I don’t think there is any big issue about TV to film financially, as actors do this all the time, the only question is scheduling.

      Josh was already in a “blockbuster”, the last Mission Impossible movie.

      • I never said I was an expert…but most of what your talking about is different roles. If I was playing Dr. Who on TV and then suddenly I was playing the exact same Dr. Who in a movie and making the studio a billion dollars then I would be asking for a hefty pay raise to come back down to earth on the weekly grind of a weekly TV series.

        Maybe I am in the minority on that…but my motivation to make a fraction of the money for 100 times the work seems hard to find for me for the exact same work. LOL.

        Now if your talking about playing Dr. Who on TV and someone asked me to play James Bond in the movies…I really have no standing to ask for a raise on Dr. Who…but if the fact of Dr. Who is tied to me everywhere…then I have a lot more leverage than I had before.

        Just my thoughts off the top of my head.

        • There are many factors in determining how much money an actor is worth whether it be in TV or film.

          There is quite a bit of money in TV, esp the popular shows. Many actors prefer TV work as they stay local, have a schedule and can have a more “normal” life with yearly “salary”. If you’re not a name actor, I think you’ll take whatever they give you to be in a blockbuster movie just for the exposure. And once you stop being a popular movie actor, you can go back to the “regularity” of TV, as we have seen many do.

          Quite honestly, unless you are one of the top draws at the box office, a regular TV series is very far from a “weekly grind”.

  25. Physical-wise, the blond hair and the athletic body… he does look a lot like Arthur Curry, or Oliver Queen…

    But I agree to some, I’ getting tired of this BvsS or whatever it’s going to be called rumors, especially when news like this comes every other thursday at CBM. Everyone’s saying they have a valid source yadayada, but even they mocked ElMayimbe for his scoops. Well, I won’t believe it until official news comes out

    Still, it would be nice to see him as a ‘superhero’, he WAS one of the contender to play Gambit, and I would love if he joins the MCU instead. But if he is indeed cast… pretty sure people will start whining about him being too old for the role, y’know, just like what happened with Paul Rudd

  26. Bradley Cooper as Aquaman.

  27. “Truthfully, I’m more ready to learn about what we’re actually going to get in Batman vs. Superman – not so much beyond that to a Justice League movie that hasn’t yet been earned (and has failed to come together so many times before). If all this star-wattage is truly being pulled together to create one of the most epic cameos of all time, then it’ll be something to see; but only if I reach the end of BvsS satisfied and happy with this universe which is being so ambitiously built.”

    This is the most truthful and honest thing Kofi has ever written.

    Before ANYBODY starts talking about a Justice League movie, Batman vs. Superman has to be, MUST BE, light years better than Man of Steel. If it’s not or if it’s even just on par with Man of Steel, this whole universe they are creating is and will be crap.
    WB/DC must re-prove themselves with every movie after such a string of disasters.

    • Agreed. This is what another site(that I mostly hold to high regard in movie news) has claimed that maybe all these “rumored” casting news are actually being sent out by WB themselves. Even though it’s a Batman/Superman movie it still requires that the general public get more hyped up than usual. Unfortunately with all these “rumored” castings it actually doing the oppisite in which maybe 9/10 people really were excited to see it at the beginning whereas right now it’s more around the 5/10 people. Reason being that people got soo annoyed with all these rumored news that they lost interest. This site, which has been pretty accurate in casting calls, has put together a list of actors that are in the movie, were rumored and have a high possibility due to screen testing or something else, or just rumors. Right now they have;

      Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburne as being all confirmed in the movie.

      Right now they have Joaquin Phoenix and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as “rumored” with a screen testing done and has been spotted with Synder lately so they consider him as a 75% chance of being in the film.

      So far, they have as Brian Cranston, Josh Holloway, and Adam Driver as being just rumors with a 25% chance of being casted in the film

    • So anyways, I got a little sidetracked there, but I think because of MOS didn’t really “meet” expectations, they are trying to bank on this film and in doing so they are most likely going to do a “mini JLA” type of movie in hopes that it pulls in enough to justify a JLA movie. Right now, money wise, they need this movie to make a lot more domestically and storywise, they need a more complete story in order for them to be worthy of a JLA movie.

  28. What if Denzel was being cast as J’onn J’onzz Martian Manhunter.. ust sayin

    • No, I heard it was Will Smith who would be playing the Manhunter

      • Ugh. I don’t see it at all.