Jason Momoa May Join ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – But Who Would He Play?

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Jason Momoa Batman vs Superman Jason Momoa May Join Batman vs. Superman   But Who Would He Play?

Batman vs. Superman is starting to get crowded. First, Warner Bros. made the announcement that Gal Gadot was officially joining the film as Wonder Woman. Then we heard rumors that Denzel Washington and Idris Elba were being considered to star as the villain Lex Luthor. Needless to say, DC fans have had a lot to chew on over the last week.

Now they’ve got something else to consider. According to a new report, Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian) is in discussions to join Batman vs. Superman in an unnamed role.

The story, which was first reported by THR, offers a few suggestions for who Momoa might play. We’ll dig into those shortly, but it’s worth mentioning that if Momoa does join the film, it wouldn’t be the first time the actor has flirted with playing a comic book character.

Marvel reportedly considered offering Momoa the part of Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, but the deal fell through over salary negotiations. The company later selected Dave Bautista to star in the film. Maybe Momoa will be a bit more flexible this time around.

But let’s get back to Momoa’s possible role. One possibility, mentioned in the THR article is Doomsday, is one of DC’s greatest villains and the person that “killed” Superman. The rumor mill has been churning about Doomsday for a little while now, so it’s no surprise to hear Momoa’s name tied to the character.

Jason Momoa as Doomsday and Bizarro Superman Jason Momoa May Join Batman vs. Superman   But Who Would He Play?

Doomsday and the New 52 version of Bizarro Superman.

In the comic books, Doomsday was a genetically engineered monster that was put through an accelerated natural evolution to become a perfect, unbeatable killing machine. If Lex Luthor is a part of the movie, as many fans are expecting, we could see a version of Doomsday that is genetically engineered by Luthor to act as a deterrent to Superman.

Another possibility (though less likely) could see Luthor using leftover genetic material from one of the Kryptonian invaders in Man of Steel to create a clone of Superman, leading to a version of Bizarro Superman (which is essentially what happens with one version of the character in the comics).

Of course, Jason Momoa won’t necessarily play a villain. In the THR article, a source speculates that Momoa could play Martian Manhunter. Given that the entire DC movie universe is building toward a Justice League movie, this is a possibility. (Heck, given how many characters are appearing, they might as well come right out and call this movie Justice League.) That said, based on Momoa’s previous roles, it seems likely that he’ll play someone a bit more…violent.

In any case, Momoa offers the physicality and action movie experience to fit into Zack Snyder’s sequel no matter what role he plays. The question is, will the addition of too many characters too quickly backfire and leave audiences wondering what might have been?

Let us know your thoughts about Momoa in the comments. Who do you think the actor could play?


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Bibbo Bibbowski.

  2. “it seems likely that he’ll play someone a bit more…violent.” Agreed, we can be sure of that much.

    He could make a good Vandal Savage, but I would lean towards Kalibak. Either could be a villain that requires the team-up. Since WW is in this movie, I wouldn’t mind one of her new 52 villains (the First One, Apollo) but they are lesser known villains and could turn it into more of a WW-driven movie. Who knows maybe they’ll make him Aquaman, like a Khal Drogo of the seas, or a shirtless angst-filled Flash.

    • I wish we could edit or delete our comments after posting them.

  3. He’ll be playing The Flash. With casting decisions and rumours on this film lately, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • No, he’s going to be Aquaman.

  4. “it seems likely that he’ll play someone a bit more…violent.” Agreed, we can be sure of that much.

    As a villain I’d guess Kalibak over Savage or Doomsday. If New 52 Wonder Woman villain The First One was better known and had a back-story that didn’t test suspension of disbelief he could be a fit. Who knows maybe they’ll make him Aquaman, like a Khal Drogo of the seas.

  5. did someone say, *CROWDED*?!

    • it can seem like this movie is getting crowded, but to ease that worry, consider that perhaps they are only telling us all this casting info to keep us on baited breath. it could be simply that they’re going to be dropping more serious easter eggs or button scenes, and so need to cast actors/actresses that could legitimately take up these roles in the future, but will only appear briefly in the movie. even if green lantern appears in the movie for 2 seconds in a crowd yelling “this is truly our darkest night!” it’s better to use a quality actor that could carry a larger role down the road, rather than some man-off-the-street extra who would be replaced later thus essentially nullifying the foreshadowing scene. now, would it also nullify the excitement of an easter egg to tell us years in advance that gal gadot – even if she only appears as a tease of a role that is to come – is in fact wonder woman? yes. sadly it definitely does. i also remind myself that no matter how small a role may be, it does need to be played by someone, even if that someone is famous. there were an awful lot of big/medium name players in “man of steel” but they were ancillary parts: perry white, zod’s sidekick, the major military roles, etc. maybe this cro-magnon lookin fella is going to be playing a bit part. i only hope that this flooding of the rumor mill is because the movie hype machine has become one never-ending d–k measuring contest, and NOT because this is going to be a 10 hour epic staring every DC character and their flying canine sidekick. although i hear the dog that played air bud is available…

  6. Maybe he going to be Dev-Em. Being a murderous,isolated, and mentally insane could be there version of Doomsday

  7. honestly, all of these superheroes are just making me feel weary. The idea of batman and superman was enough on its own, but to add all of these other characters just feels rushed. I mean, the last superman movie suffered from this same fate with the development of Clark and Lois Lane, there wasn’t any. They just fell in love. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Meh.

    I dunno. Just seems to me like they are pushing too much too fast. They’ve been playing with their thumbs and moving at a snail’s pace cranking out titles (that seem to make no sense) in a seemingly random order up to this point so why the sudden rush to inundate the market. I think at this point everyone has seen their share of mediocre superhero movies, and I for one would rather see an effort that took a little more time than have a smorgasbord of crap thrown on my plate that they’ve brilliantly nicknamed Batman vs. Superman….

    sorry…today is my monday

    I dunno,

    • I can’t believe that no one has seen this or mentioned it….. Can’t you see Momoa being an extremely badass LOBO?????

      • Yes Momoa is perfect for LOBO but not everyone knows the character so that wont happen

  8. I’m not really sure why so many people are panicking or upset. This, as well as so many other bits of “news” about this film are (at present) RUMORS.

    That said, IF he does join the cast, I could easily see him playing a convincing Vandal Savage…Even ignoring any likeness to the character, Momoa carries himself in such a way that he could pull off the immortal warrior/plotter with little problem.

    • Sigh…”about this film, IS…”.

      • Martian Manhunter

    • I could definitely see him playing Vandal Savage, both acting and looks wise. I would much rather see a character like him than Doomsday this early on in the franchise.

  9. Here are my thoughts……

    He will play Vandal Savage and appear towards the end of the movie to build up to a Justice League follow up movie.

    All of the Justice Leaguers will be introduced into this film as either major players (Bats and WW) or minor roles (Flash, GL, Aquaman, MM).

    The title of this is likely not going to be Superman vs. Batman. I dont know what it will end up being, but I am thinking something along the lines of “Man of Steel 2: Justice Comes”

    • now thats a title i could live with nice one doom

    • Yes…Nice one! I think that could be done very well. A bit more Wonder Woman for me though :)

  10. I hate the whole “bizarro” concept. I hope that we don’t get “evil Superman” in these new films. The biggest gripe that I have about DC’s otherwise pretty cool animated films is that so many of them traffic in alternate-universe scenarios where there are different versions of the same characters. That gets old for me really quickly.

    Momoa seems like a scary bad guy. Martian Manhunter? Not so much, although I’m afraid by now that even saying that will result in Momoa automatically being cast as MM.

    I do think that it’s best to just accept that this film may not be a Superman sequel. That’s perfectly okay, in and of itself.

  11. Lobo!!

    • i can see him playing that part good one

  12. lobo

  13. Dwayne Johnson For MM perfect fit

    • The Rock for Black Adam.

      • YEAH!

  14. yea i was mostly just being facetious about the title and all of that. I mean, personally i’m not upset one way or the other. it’s a superhero movie at the end of the day and i know expected too much from it is well…ignorant. I guess I’d just like to see them do a couple of stand alone’s right before they take on the universe at the DC camp.

  15. he’s a great actor when he has no lines

  16. So how big a grain of salt should we take this one, Screenrant?

  17. He’ll be the perfect LOBO!!!

  18. Or Stephenwolf!!

  19. Aquaman

    • Well, that sure is an interesting idea. He could definitley be Aquaman.

  20. Tell me he’s not the spitting image of Lobo??????

  21. I look at that guy and all I see is Lobo.

  22. If they use Bizarro, they should brighten up Superman’s costume then as it’s dark enough.

  23. If the film takes 1/2 minutes re-introducing Superman and the rest of MOS supporting cast members, 1/2 hour introducing WW, another 1/2 introducing and developing the villains, an additional 1/2 hour tying in Bats and introducing Nightwing, and 20 minutes for the grand finale. There really isn’t much time remaining for a story.

    Say the film is 170 minutes long, if 120 minutes are allocated to introductions, and another 20 minutes is allocated to the final fight scene. That leaves roughly 30 minutes of film.

  24. That’s a tad extreme to say that is a 30 min of film as of right now I don’t see thye need to establish bats story as its been done to death I’m hopen that we see some original stuff from bats. Wonder woman I want to almost be a mystery and make us want to learn more about her and see a sole movie.

  25. What if Momoa is up for Lex? That would be a surpising take on the character, bring in the mech suit version

    Like the vandal savage idea that has come up in the comments though