Jason Momoa May Join ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – But Who Would He Play?

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Jason Momoa Batman vs Superman Jason Momoa May Join Batman vs. Superman   But Who Would He Play?

Batman vs. Superman is starting to get crowded. First, Warner Bros. made the announcement that Gal Gadot was officially joining the film as Wonder Woman. Then we heard rumors that Denzel Washington and Idris Elba were being considered to star as the villain Lex Luthor. Needless to say, DC fans have had a lot to chew on over the last week.

Now they’ve got something else to consider. According to a new report, Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian) is in discussions to join Batman vs. Superman in an unnamed role.

The story, which was first reported by¬†THR, offers a few suggestions for who Momoa might play. We’ll dig into those shortly, but it’s worth mentioning that if Momoa does join the film, it wouldn’t be the first time the actor has flirted with playing a comic book character.

Marvel reportedly considered offering Momoa the part of Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, but the deal fell through over salary negotiations. The company later selected Dave Bautista to star in the film. Maybe Momoa will be a bit more flexible this time around.

But let’s get back to Momoa’s possible role. One possibility, mentioned in the THR article is Doomsday, is one of DC’s greatest villains and the person that “killed” Superman. The rumor mill has been churning about Doomsday for a little while now, so it’s no surprise to hear Momoa’s name tied to the character.

Jason Momoa as Doomsday and Bizarro Superman Jason Momoa May Join Batman vs. Superman   But Who Would He Play?

Doomsday and the New 52 version of Bizarro Superman.

In the comic books, Doomsday was a genetically engineered monster that was put through an accelerated natural evolution to become a perfect, unbeatable killing machine. If Lex Luthor is a part of the movie, as many fans are expecting, we could see a version of Doomsday that is genetically engineered by Luthor to act as a deterrent to Superman.

Another possibility (though less likely) could see Luthor using leftover genetic material from one of the Kryptonian invaders in Man of Steel to create a clone of Superman, leading to a version of Bizarro Superman (which is essentially what happens with one version of the character in the comics).

Of course, Jason Momoa won’t necessarily play a villain. In the THR article, a source speculates that Momoa could play Martian Manhunter. Given that the entire DC movie universe is building toward a Justice League movie, this is a possibility. (Heck, given how many characters are appearing, they might as well come right out and call this movie Justice League.) That said, based on Momoa’s previous roles, it seems likely that he’ll play someone a bit more…violent.

In any case, Momoa offers the physicality and action movie experience to fit into Zack Snyder’s sequel no matter what role he plays. The question is, will the addition of too many characters too quickly backfire and leave audiences wondering what might have been?

Let us know your thoughts about Momoa in the comments. Who do you think the actor could play?


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Could it be Despero? Kind of thinking about who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have all fought before…

    • Despero’s third eye always freaked me out. It would be cool to see him on film.

  2. Has batman vs superman been comfirmed as the title? Or is this just a ploy by WB. To wait and release the title as justice league? Also its hard to call the film overcrowded without any knowledge as to the state of various roles. For all we know gadot is a cameo and possibly mamoa.

    And as everyone else is saying he fits vandle savage very well

  3. who isn’t getting cast at this point?

  4. but i’ll just have to let this play out.

  5. Has anyone mentioned that he could be playing Deathstroke, Parasite, Mongol, or Ultraman?

    I could see him as Parasite.

    • I actually think he looks just like the New 52 version of Vandal Savage.

    • I could also see him as Lobo.

  6. Just wondering if anyone was going to step outside of the momoa box and speculate he may be in the running for Lex Luthor, or is everyone expecting him to be some sort of dreadlocked character?

    I’m not saying he’s gonna be Luthor, or even if he’d be any good, but it seems like the movies might just be trying to break the moulds for conventional actor choices and throw a few curveballs. (See Bat Affleck)

  7. Definitely would make a great Kalibak.

  8. Wow, there are some many characters. I heard a rumor that Superman might have 5 mins of screen time in the movie, pretty excited for that.

    • +1

      I laffed.

      • +2


    • Wow. A few months ago everyone was telling WB/DC to start moving their asses, now I think they better slow down before they crash.

  9. yeah i’ve had some concerns over that too but I’d have to think the creators of this sequel are cognizant of this being cavill’s movie. regardless of what the studio felt about the movie’s earnings, 600 plus million dollars is nothing to sneeze at, and certainly much more than many other dc properties or even big budget films for that matter.

  10. Anyone else getting the idea that Batman vs. Superman is a purposefully misleading title?

    • would be funny if all the characters being rumored to appear do so in the movies final five minutes. if WB has been angling for DC publicity post man of steel, they’ve gotten attention aplenty. some of the rumored domain names WB has laid claim to don’t even insinuate fisticuffs, but the idea of one has easily caught the public’s hold.

    • That’s what I was thinking,should be Justice league 1 or JL prequel.

  11. How come nobody thought of Lobo? He would also be great as The Main Man.

  12. Martian Manhunter isn’t violent enough for Momoa? Have these guys seen New 52 Manhunter? That guy is not a pacifist.

  13. We have to remember that the villain has to be great enough for Superman to fight, Batman to fight/Outwit and still need Wonder Woman somewhere in this fight. They must have something good up their sleeves because this movie seems to be heating up and I can’t wait!

  14. What if he played Ultraman? or Ares?

  15. Well since rumor is they’re planning on making The Flash hispanic, maybe Momoa will be Aquaman?

    • Come to think of it; he would make a great Aquaman. Moama has that arrogant look about him. All they need to do is dye his hair blond/wig and he’ll be good to go. He definately has the built for it.

  16. Id say lobo, vandel savage, or perhaps even ares. I’m thinking a good way to tie in wonder wogman is to make him the God of war. That would be sick.

  17. He may play Lobo

  18. Lex Luthor! Like the JLU animated version

  19. He’ll probably get cast as ol’ Waterboy.

  20. Why no one thinks he’s gonna play the Hawk Man. His physicality is just perfect for that role. I’m betting he will definitely play the Hawk Man.

  21. If he’s being cast as Vandal Savage then it would be so there is someone Batman can physically fight with. Luthor isn’t known for his combat skills and then there’s Doomsday….

    • This is who they send after people who complain about casting choices.

  22. Aqua man makes sense when you consider his experience with Baywatch, however, I doubt it.

  23. I know that this isn’t happening, but Mamoa for Black Adam?

    I can see him as Savage. Instead of going with the obvious Lex Luthor angle they might subvert and make Savage the mastermind this round.

    Lobo and Kalibak work too, but these are cosmic level (anti)villains and BvS is set on Earth… for the time being.


    • Lobo. i dont think so, maybe its the new “bane” of batman zack’s version! or i even gave a thought about another JL hero ‘cyborg’

      • BANE ???…lets hope for something we haven’t seen before

  25. Metallo

  26. This whole thing is really starting to feel over crowded. My biggest concern with the next X-Men film is that there are too many characters and some are going to get lost in the shuffle. As far as MOS goes, the difference between $600,000,000 and $1.5 billion (the take on Avengers) is repeat viewings. I saw Avengers three times vs the one that I struggled to get through MOS. Even my wife, who is big into mindless action movies e.g. anything by Michael Bay, didn’t like MOS. I’m curious to see Affleck as Batman, but I just don’t know if I’m going to sit in a theater surround by people who are incapable of accepting the fact that David Goyer doesn’t really know how to write a comic book movie. And before anybody brings up the Nolan Trilogy, keep in mind that in terms of quality it is no better than the original Star Wars Trilogy (IMHO). Good movie, great movie, bollocks.

    • Well, Chris P…

      You ARE entitled to your OPINION.

      • Hence the IMHO.

        • Ummm, there was no IMHO in your comment. Nevertheless, I understood what you meant. My response was simply shorthand for expressing my differing opinion.

  27. Guys, he’s obviously playing Robin…..