Jason Momoa May Join ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – But Who Would He Play?

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Jason Momoa Batman vs Superman Jason Momoa May Join Batman vs. Superman   But Who Would He Play?

Batman vs. Superman is starting to get crowded. First, Warner Bros. made the announcement that Gal Gadot was officially joining the film as Wonder Woman. Then we heard rumors that Denzel Washington and Idris Elba were being considered to star as the villain Lex Luthor. Needless to say, DC fans have had a lot to chew on over the last week.

Now they’ve got something else to consider. According to a new report, Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian) is in discussions to join Batman vs. Superman in an unnamed role.

The story, which was first reported by THR, offers a few suggestions for who Momoa might play. We’ll dig into those shortly, but it’s worth mentioning that if Momoa does join the film, it wouldn’t be the first time the actor has flirted with playing a comic book character.

Marvel reportedly considered offering Momoa the part of Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, but the deal fell through over salary negotiations. The company later selected Dave Bautista to star in the film. Maybe Momoa will be a bit more flexible this time around.

But let’s get back to Momoa’s possible role. One possibility, mentioned in the THR article is Doomsday, is one of DC’s greatest villains and the person that “killed” Superman. The rumor mill has been churning about Doomsday for a little while now, so it’s no surprise to hear Momoa’s name tied to the character.

Jason Momoa as Doomsday and Bizarro Superman Jason Momoa May Join Batman vs. Superman   But Who Would He Play?

Doomsday and the New 52 version of Bizarro Superman.

In the comic books, Doomsday was a genetically engineered monster that was put through an accelerated natural evolution to become a perfect, unbeatable killing machine. If Lex Luthor is a part of the movie, as many fans are expecting, we could see a version of Doomsday that is genetically engineered by Luthor to act as a deterrent to Superman.

Another possibility (though less likely) could see Luthor using leftover genetic material from one of the Kryptonian invaders in Man of Steel to create a clone of Superman, leading to a version of Bizarro Superman (which is essentially what happens with one version of the character in the comics).

Of course, Jason Momoa won’t necessarily play a villain. In the THR article, a source speculates that Momoa could play Martian Manhunter. Given that the entire DC movie universe is building toward a Justice League movie, this is a possibility. (Heck, given how many characters are appearing, they might as well come right out and call this movie Justice League.) That said, based on Momoa’s previous roles, it seems likely that he’ll play someone a bit more…violent.

In any case, Momoa offers the physicality and action movie experience to fit into Zack Snyder’s sequel no matter what role he plays. The question is, will the addition of too many characters too quickly backfire and leave audiences wondering what might have been?

Let us know your thoughts about Momoa in the comments. Who do you think the actor could play?


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Vandal Savage

    But probably Doomsday, i doubt bizarro.

    • I agree. He has the “caveman” forehead with a very prominent brow, like an ancient man. I think he could pull it off as a pysically younger, more athletic Savage.

  2. I could totally see Mamoa as Lobo. Or even Hawkman. The New 52 savage, bloodthirsty warrior Hawkman would be sweeeeeeeeet. But I do think this movie is getting overcrowded. But unlike the rest of the internet, I shall remain positive.

    • As much as I’m pulling for Hawkman (and Hawkgirl) to show up sooner rather than later I’d rather see someone with some real acting chops take on Carter Hall. Momoa’s got the look (sort of) but from everything I’ve seen him do so far he seems to be more brawn than brain. Hawkman is a better character than that and I’d prefer to see a more nuanced performer take on the nth wings.

      • Well, I mean Hawkman, to be fair I’ve not read much of Hawkman. The most I have read has been New 52 Savage Hawkman which is just, okay, I dug it for what it was and in New 52 Justice League of America. In the New 52 he’s depicted more as just a badass, kill first ask questions never, warrior and for that reason only I could see Mamoa do it.

    • He’s totally got the look for Lobo.

  3. Too soon for Doomsday to show up. We need this new Superman to be more established before Doomsday gets thrown into the mix. I wish this Batman VS Superman story would stay simple and just have Lex and Joker as the main villains.

  4. Maybe he can be Wonder Woman instead?!

  5. I vote for Vandal Savage. or even Lobo

  6. Bizzaro – with no dialogue, i am sure

  7. How would we have Doomsday without Green Lantern, who I believe battled him after the “death” of Superman? I would not mind Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern or Flash or even The Atom putting in an appearence in this movie. Time Commander, Doomsday, Darkseid, Sinestro, Professor Zoom (the Reverse-Flash), Darkseid, Brainiac, The Psycho Pirate…boy oh boy could I think of alot of villains I would like to see!

    • He was involved in the aftermath of Superman’s death and return – fighting Mongul, Cyborg Superman – but he did not fight Darkseid, to my knowledge. Not that they would ever care about those details in a movie like this.

  8. With the announcement of Wonder Woman and now this rumor of Momoa either being Doomsday or Martian Manhunter. Does anyone else think that the film will grab material from both Dark Knight Returns AND the storyline of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (don’t know the comic it’s based on). I know in the animated film Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are at a full out war of sort against a group of Doomsdays.

    • I like what you have written here. It could very well be the case.

  9. I could see him playing Hawkman but definitely not The Martian Manhuter. Now I know this is a DC article but IMHO I would almost rather see him signed to Marvel to play that version of Hercules. He has the look already, they just need to cut his hair and BOOM! He could even play him in the upcoming Defenders show on Netflix. But if they do decide to cast him as Doomsday, I would not hate it.

    • Agreed. Keeping on the Marvel train, I could also see him as Executioner in a Thor sequel.

    • Agree. I would love to see Mads Mikkelsen as the Martian Manhunter. I think he’s perfect for the role.

  10. Mettalo ftw. I would love to see him on the big screen.

  11. Vandal Savage, yes.
    Lobo, maybe depending on storyline.
    Bizarro, nope.

    Vandal Savage should be a good villain for BvS.. The rest is just too much

  12. Questionable acting skills… Muscular frame… Jimmy Olsen it is.

    • They already have a JENNY Olsen.

      • jenny isn’t a female jimmy or jimmys brother cuz her last name isn’t olsen its jurwich(I looked it up)

    • No, Donald Glover for Jimmy Olsen!

  13. Just as long as he’s not playing Lex. Not that type of actor if you ask me. Doomsday would fit very nice, but I hope they mo-cap or something to some extent because Doomsday is substantially larger than Superman.

  14. lol nice job starting this article off with “it’s starting to get crowded” um… why not just call it an ensemble, instead of saying it’s getting “crowded”. It’s not “crowded” at all.

    Wanna know what’s a crowded movie? The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, MAN
    OF STEEL (im kidding on this one) but seriously, it’s not CROWDED, if Synder can juggle all of these on screen appearances, then good for him!

    • And each installment of the Dark Knight trilogy had multiple villains and characters in need of screen time and look how that turned out.

      • Phenomenally?

        But seriously, Snyder took Watchmen (the most convoluted graphic novel of all time) and made it work so I don’t think three superheroes is a stretch for him.

        • Exactly. Snyder has proven he can handle ensembles and make strong female characters.

    • youre right people freaks out because of 1 bad movie the famous spider-man 3 everytime a movie have more than 1 villain automatically refers to spider-man 3 commoc guys it’s in the past let it be there avengers truly was much more crowded than spidy3 but damn it’s has past the billion dollar.

      • don’t forget X-men 3, Iget where your coming from though, we shall just have to wait and see, ps The Watchmen was an awesome adaptation

        • Yeah, I love the Watchmen movie. So great, Jackie Earle Haley deserves so much more credit for Rorschach than he gets.

  15. LOBO I want him as LOBO

  16. Mamoa as MM? >< Sorry but no, just no. I guess it's about time I say this but, MM should be played by a black guy. Plus MM is in general a non-violent alien which is another strike against him.

    The only role mentioned that feels right for Mamoa would be Bizarro. Not that I want to add him because this movie is already turning into XM:DoFP 2.0 but it's the only thing I can see him playing.

    Too bad he got greedy because he would have been a better match for Drax than Bautista.

    • Here goes the “alien/monster must be played by black guy” sentiment again. Care to explain why you feel that way?

      • Well, at least for the DC Animated Universe, MM has always been voiced by a “black guy”. So, that’s why someone would “feel that way”.

      • He was also played by a Black person on Smallville. Has always felt correct for some reason.

        I always thought MM was the JL’s answer to ethnic diversity so I never saw a need to give him the boot for Cyboring.

      • Well that only gives the fans a slight pass if Marvel and DC and Hollywood have brainwa- persuaded everyone to associate creatures with black people so easily.

        But the issue is still there. Why does Marvel/DC/Hollywood always associate black people with monsters, creatures, aliens, or not-quite-humans?

        Idea guy: “So Martian Manhunter is a green alien.”

        DC: “Cool let’s make him black.

        Idea guy: “…”

        Idea guy: “So Cyborg is like 95% robot and -”

        DC: “Cool let’s make him black”

        Idea guy: “…”

        Idea guy: “Alright so there’s going to be this bad guy, his name’s Apocalypse”

        Marvel: “Hm, ok. Sounds good…”

        Idea Guy: “And he’s going to be this huge hulking figure, looks pretty inhuman and -”

        Marvel: “Yo we should make him black.”

        Idea Guy: “No he’s barely human man. Like not really earth-like. And his face is weird as s***…”

        Marvel: “We’ll make him black.”

        Idea Guy: “Dude…that’s racist. C’mon man…”

        Marvel: “Lol you’re right, true…alright we’ll make him Egyptian, how about that?”

        Idea Guy: “Still African…”

        Marvel: “And”

        Idea Guy: “Means he’s black. We’re still associating blacks with monsters…”

        Marvel: “Get out of my office Bob”

        I could go on.

  17. i really hope this movie doesn’t become overloaded, that is why amazing spiderman2 looks so so awful.

  18. Darkseid.

    • No.

      Darkseid is more than just a pair of abs and an angry face. He’s got character and from everything I’ve seen Momoa doesn’t have the chops to pull something like that off.

  19. Just one little thing to think about before people go overboard with the “overcrowded” complaint.

    Just because a character is IN the movie doesn’t mean they have to play a prominent part. You all seem to want a DCCU, maybe finding little bits to fill with well-known characters is going to be DC’s version of a post credits scene. Hints of what’s to come, so that when the credits role the movie could possibly have MORE buzz than it did going in.

    Use the Flash for an Example; perhaps tie his origins to this movie. The movie is not ABOUT him, it’s about Batman and Superman. But perhaps he is helping Lex Luthor’s company (or whatever) in some way when the accident happens that will lead him to becoming the Flash. Not a big part of the movie, not a whole lot explained, to the layman they will just think some guy got killed in a lab experiment helping Luthor to carry out his plan. But those of us in the know will say “Holy S***, Looks like a Flash movie is coming next!”

    Change this scenario to any character and come up with better circumstances and begin to see how COOL having the DCU start to be seen in the DCCU could be.

    • Completely agree. 100%

    • Exactly. Same way they had all the easter eggs in MoS. Wayne Enterprises, Lex Luthor’s company, etc.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Your ‘throwaway-scene’ Flash origin is beyond genius. It will be so much more satisfying for casual viewers to see this random guy again in his solo feature (possibly teaming up with Green Lantern).

      Luthor shouldn’t be more than an ambitious business rival of Bruce Wayne’s, though. To throw us off, they could scatter some red herrings all over the screenplay that make him believable as the true threat of the movie, but actually only serve as foreshadowing.

      Choosing Vandal Savage as the real puppeteer would tie up one loose end from MoS: Kara. Taking into account his “biblical” age he could very well have witnessed her crash landing on Earth several thousand years ago (was it 18.000 or 20.000? I can’t remember). Let’s say he somehow found a way to subdue her, store her away and pump her subconscious full of messages that over time (he could have started this process some 20 years ago or the moment Superman revealed himself to the public) that imbue her with deep resentment, even hate towards Clark. Then he lets her loose. She could be slightly stronger than him, which would justify Batman’s presence. He would figure out how to “neutralize” her – non-lethally, of course -, break the spell in some fashion.

      But naturally Savage is always at least five steps ahead of his antagonists so he caused some trouble on the Amazon island as well, prompting Wonder Woman to swallow all her pride and seek out Superman’s and Batman’s assistance. Possible villains: either Ares/Circe (for a semi-proper introduction to the Wonder Woman lore) or a technological creation of Savage’s, such as Amazo. The threat should definitely remain earth-bound. And maybe, just maybe, a connection could be established between the meteorite that bestowed all of these abilities upon Savage and … Darkseid.

    • there hasn’t been an easier casting decision, he looks exactly like him.

  20. Also, why is everyone saying its overloaded?
    Only confirmed characters are Lois, Perry, Ma, Supes, Bats, and Wonder Woman. And so far ONE VILLAIN.

    • Is Lex even officially confirmed? Its all but certain he’s in the movie but I don’t remember there being an official announcement stating he’s in the movie.

    • Is Lex even officially confirmed to be in the movie? Its all but certain he is but I don’t ever remember hearing any official announcements being made that confirms he is.

  21. momoa will help the movie a huge amount in credibility and charisma, if cavil’s lack of fanboy resume and fanboy disgust over batfleck is not a big enough draw having momoa is just iceing on the cgi filled over the top blockbuster actioneer I personally hope he’s nightwing, redhood, or H’eL

    • I doubt Momoa’s presence in the film would increase the film’s success as much as you claim.

      • Same, I mean how many people go to a Jason Mamoa movie because he’s starring?

        • Even though Jason Momoa isn’t the typical a-lister that draws everyone, take a minute to think about his previous roles. GoT, Conan and Stargate Atlantis = fanboys, fanboys, fanboys. So yes, like Michael I believe that Momoa could help the ticket sales.

          • Umm hate to rain on your parade but his Conan didn’t bring in much in ticket sales so that alone says a lot about his on screen presence.

  22. Vandal Savage. That would be awesome!

  23. I could see him as Nightwing.

  24. Don’t know about this guy, he was kinda terrible in that Conan movie. It’s kinda funny how quickly people comment on anything Batman related (or comic book related in general). There is so much superhero/comic related movies nowadays, and the news that goes along with them. Does anybody else kinda feel a little over-saturated at this point?

    I do.

    • …and I kinda noticed how many times I used the word kinda. ugh…

      • Ghostcrawler, shouldnt you be busy working on the Warcraft movie??

  25. Man he really looks like Darkseid.

  26. Im starting to believe this movie will be Justice League…

  27. I think it’s too early to judge if the movie is crowded or not. We don’t know the capacity of how each character will be used yet. So until we get a synopsis and a trailer I won’t judge.