Rumor Patrol: Who is Holly Hunter’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Character?

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Holly Hunter to Play Leslie Thompkins in Batman vs Superman Rumor Patrol: Who is Holly Hunters Batman vs. Superman Character?

There have been so many unsubstantiated rumors pertaining to Batman vs. Superman at this point that it’s almost depressing – especially when you consider that the film was delayed a year to May 2016. How many more of these things will we have to endure over the next two years?

The latest rumor has to do with the recent casting of Holly Hunter (The Incredibles) in a yet-to-be-revealed role. According to a new report, she’s been cast as Leslie Thompkins, a doctor and friend of the Wayne family who (in the comics) served as a pseudo-surrogate mother to Bruce after his parents’ untimely deaths.

This latest rumor comes from Latino Review. Here’s what they had to say on the subject:

“We think Holly Hunter is going to be playing Leslie Thompkins, or a Leslie Thompkins replacement character.”

Thompkins, for those who don’t know, is one of the few people outside of Alfred Pennyworth, the Robins, Batgirl, Superman, the Justice League, and so on, who knows that Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne. She has supported him throughout his life, but has also been critical of some of Batman’s harsher means of tamping down on crime.

Leslie Thompkins in Batman The Animated Series Rumor Patrol: Who is Holly Hunters Batman vs. Superman Character?

Leslie Thompkins comforts Batman in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

As to the veracity of this rumor, it’s probably worth pointing out that you should be skeptical until you hear something official. After all, when it was announced that Hunter had been cast in Batman vs. Superman, the Warner Bros. press release explicitly stated that her character was “newly created” for the film.

Plus, here’s what director Zack Snyder about Hunter and her character:

“Holly has always been one of my favorite actresses; she has immense talent and is always captivating on screen. I had an opportunity to meet her a while back and knew instantly that I had to work with her, so as we began writing the script I made sure to create a role specifically for her.”

Of course, we’ve seen WB press releases for Batman films before that have indicated actresses were playing newly created characters, and then those actresses – well, just the one, really – ended up playing Talia al Ghul instead. Then there was the infamous “We swear Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t playing Khan, he’s playing a new character named John Harrison!” move courtesy of Star Trek Into Darkness and its creators. So it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility that pre-production trickery has been employed yet again.

Batman vs Superman Movie Rumors 570x294 Rumor Patrol: Who is Holly Hunters Batman vs. Superman Character?

Still, both of those characters – Talia and Khan – were pretty major entities within their respective universes. Hiding their true identities made some amount of sense (whether or not their hidden identities were successful elements of the films is a different story altogether). Here, why would Warner Bros. say that they created an entirely new character when in fact they were adapting Leslie Thompkins – an obscure Batman character to the general public – to the big screen?

But let’s operate under the assumption that this rumor is true for a moment. Batman vs. Superman is a Batman reboot, a Man of Steel sequel, it introduces an all-new Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman, and whatever the heck else that’s going on in the film. Does it really have time to deal with Leslie Thompkins, a mentor to Bruce Wayne in a film where he’s too old and tired and weary and seasoned to have a mentor? (And that’s on top of the fact that he already has one – Alfred!)

What say you, Screen Ranters? Do you believe this rumor? Do you want to see Holly Hunter play Leslie Thompkins? Drop us a line in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman hits theaters May 6th, 2016 (unless it moves its release date again).

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Source: Latino Review

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  1. MAY 2014???????

    Dang, I gotta get my tickets!

    • Me too! Did you see the most recent trailer? Totally blew me away. I think this will top Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

  2. Look! It’s Wonder Woman early in the morning without her makeup on!

  3. At the moment, I don’t believe it, no. It might happen but I could see her as a LexCorp exec instead.

  4. Holly Hunter in ANYTHING is a good thing. As expected (and typical) of WB/DC they’re lining up a stellar supporting cast. I have no doubt the finished product will be spectacular. I’m in full support of Affleck, Eisenberg and Irons.

    I just wish they weren’t so UTTERLY INCOMPETENT at building a shared universe or generating any kind of forward momentum on their movies. It’s all been so poorly handled. I think it comes down to poor communication between the film and TV divisions, cowardice after failure (green lantern), a general lack of vision and a misunderstanding of what the general audience wants.

    Their biggest mistake is letting the Dark Knight Trilogy hold them hostage creatively. The studio treats Chris Nolan like a Demi-God and won’t do anything to upset him for fear of jeopardising his relationship with the studio. People vote with their wallets and THAT is the batman audiences want to see whether he’s played by Affleck or not. That’s why it’s ESSENTIAL that BVS is only a partial reboot that keeps the Nolan stuff alive in the minds of general audiences. Man of Steel has tonally already basically set that expectation with all the Nolan ties.

    The general audience is going to be completely confused at what’s unfolding in front of them and I bet WB are terrified that they can’t live up to the lofty expectations for this films box office.

    Recognisable symbols DO NOT sell a movie. You wouldn’t see the McDonalds/Nike movie would you?
    The previous Batman was Joel Schumacher’s and Superman Brandon Routh.

    BVS is far from a sure thing at the box office and I bet WB are very worried about Cap 3′s opportunity to completely embarrass them (as they should).

    Rant over.

    • Honestly, I’m glad they’re moving away from the Nolan Batman because as great as they are, that trilogy is done and prevented the more fantastical villains that people want to see in the movies from appearing.

      Just look at the Arkham trilogy. The most demanded character over the last three games has been Man-Bat, something that wouldn’t happen in the Nolan films.

      What they need to do is take the sociological aspects of Nolan’s trilogy and allow the Gotham of this new version of the character to feature more fantastical aspects so that instead of Ra’s al Ghul living on as a memory in Bruce’s head or an ideal continued by terrorists who want to see his legacy furthered through fear, he really does become a man who is resurrected through Lazarus pits.

      You said soft reboot, I agree as I just stated but I still think the Affleck Batman should be seen as completely different to the Bale Batman.

      I don’t think audiences could possibly be confused by it, they’re smart enough to know by now. As for Marvel taking over, I dunno, a lot of people I know liked Cap 2 but they’re still more excited to see Batman on the big screen again.

      The only criticism I have for WB/DC is the lack of activity in their shared universe but I don’t work for them so I don’t know the full story, there might be a reason they haven’t seemed to do much and not the usual “they’re incompetent!” accusation that people on this site like to throw around.

      • A well-reasoned argument but I’m gonna stand by my vitriol on this one. I believe a slight tonal shift to allow fantasy into that world would be swallowed better than a new universe restart. This should work like Bond of it can. Behind the scenes, all quotes from Goyer sound frustratingly vague. They better had blow the roof off comic-con this year because Marvel has saturated the market with solid product. Soon It’ll be one film every three months between fox/marvel/Sony and 3 TV shows. I know you don’t like the avengers and I’m a marvel guy through and through,but I REALLY want WB/DC to succeed. If only for some superhero counter-programming.

        • That’s exactly what I want too.

          I may not have liked The Avengers but I’ve enjoyed every one of their other movies since Iron Man released (plus this Ultimate Marvel Graphic Novel Collection I’ve been paying for since 2011 with classic and newer arcs in hardcore book form, Marvel Fact Files….hell, I never read any DC or Marvel comic books until 2009, I grew up with Judge Dredd and Tank Girl plus Batman in animated and live action form).

          I’d love to see four Marvel films per year but at the same time, like you said, over-saturation is the risk and I’d hate for people to get bored of comic book movies, especially when we still haven’t seen a lot of the bigger and better heroes and villains just yet from all sides and studios.

          You’re completely right to feel the way you do but I guess I take a more optimistic stance than most.

          • Hey man if you knew me you’d know I’m the MASTER of optimism! But I’m finally crest-fallen at DC dragging their feet. Just hurry up already. I will totally sacrifice quality for some quantity on this occasion. While we’re there I’ll have Dredd 2 as well please.

            • It’s not really DC thats dragging their feet is it? WB owns them, I think, and WB are the ones in charge of all their films, It’s not like Marvel. I recall Marvell stayed independent, sold films rights to a couple studios, used money from that to help fund Marvel Studios before being bought by Disney. But DC couldn’t make their own studios cuz again, WB owns them and they make movies. WB is the real culprit behind the staggering growth of a DC cinematic universe.

              • DC as a BRAND. But is it really relevant? Kinda splitting hairs there.

                • It is relevant. If DC the brand doesn’t hold the purse strings or get to call the shots, you can’t blame DC the brand for dragging its feet on everything.

                  • Gargh. Ok, let’s just replace DC with WB then. Not that it actually matters as there is no DC studio anyway. So yes…. The notion of the DC cinematic universe is indeed ‘dragging its feet’. No movies. No plan. No vision or cohesion.

        • Solid product? Aside from the first Iron Man and Captain America 2, what has been so solid? By the way, Captain America 2 was marvel’s best film. Other than mediocre and enjoyable at best, marvel’s cinematic universe has been rather boring. I’m not a DC fanboy and I find those who partake in the marvel vs DC beef to be idiots. I want both companies to succeed. I hope that Captain America 2 was the beginning of something special for marvel. At the same time, I hope DC comes out with something amazing as well. In my opinion, the only thing great about the marvel cinematic universe is that it happened at all.

      • Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t a soft reboot and did just fine. The prospect of new takes on iconic characters excites the general audience, not confuses them. Batman & Robin and Superman Returns because they were 1) Follow-ups of poorly received sequels and 2) genuinely bad movies. This Batman can be whomever the creative powers at be needs him to be so long as they respect the character with a compelling interpretation. Let Nolan’s Batman go.

        • From my cold, dead hands man. I LOVE The Amazing Spider-Man. Yes, it did just fine at $750 million worldwide but there’s no arguing that it took a substantial hit at the BO.

          SPIDER-MAN 820 mil
          SPIDER-MAN 2 780 mil
          SPIDER-MAN 3 890 mil

          I’m sure TASM 2 will crack 850-900 mil though.

          The general audience needs time to adjust to a rebooted version of a character, especially one that captured the zeitgeist so successfully. I still can’t go a week without hearing a Bane impersonation two years later!

          And no. I disagree. New takes DO confuse the general audience. We are not the general audience. We are a bunch of armchair mogul nerds and we see things differently to say, my mother/little brother (who don’t follow this stuff with the passion we do).

          • Mr. Bartlett,

            I very much enjoyed and agreed with your above rant. I also find myself (only time?) agreeing with Dazz. ;)

            Ive always enjoyed Nolans Batman films but could never say they were ‘true’ Batman films. The throwing around realism just so you can make people believe in a comic book character that is totally unbelievable is an oxymoron (imo).

            The audience (both comic geeks and not) do not need to believe it can happen as long as it makes sense in a SciFi/Fantasy sort of way. Especially if there is an established mythos.

            As much as i dreaded MoS I thought it bridged that thought process. Showing yes it could be real but come on lets admit its fantasy, hopefully paving the way to leave that Nolan mindset behind.

          • You’re giving the monetary gain a comparison of the last film, when arguably you can give it off of the production/promotion budget. Besides ASM is coming off the universal critical disappointment of SM3. in those two regards I say it is a huge success and why I have no qualms with a re-imagined Batman, as the general audience won’t either. Iconic characters such as Spider-Man and Batman (my two runaway favorite heroes) have more lasting power than their previous film trilogies. Regardless of interpretation, cinema-wise, their merchandising alone keep the mainstream media’s attention. Possibly diverting it from the “old take”. I understand your sentiment wholeheartedly, however I respectfully urge you to consider their marks on pop culture that where enhanced, not created, by Raimi’s and Nolan’s interpretations. The general audience will fallow suit in due time because these characters transcend specific creative visions.

            • Do they really though? From a merchandising standpoint absolutely. Both Batman Returns and Batman and Robin underwhelmed at the BO when first released. The excellent Mask of the Phantasm made no money at all. Even Batman Begins made only a modest dent at 380 worldwide. I believe (ie. I’m not necessarily right) that Batman as a BRAND isn’t strong enough to make an Avengers sized opening weekend… unless they present the general audience with a Batman that builds off the previous successes (keeping TDKT loosely canonical) while simultaneously transitioning to a slightly more fantastical ‘Arkham-esque’ Batman.

              • Those movies were horrible and WB was NOT going to promote an animated film with the same focus as any of its live action incarnations of the character and its other movies. If the merchandising of Batman wasn’t strong then there is no way it would have lasted 75 years. Like I said, Batman transcends his cinema interpretations. He’s a staple of pop culture so a new tale will not harm his appeal at the height of said popularity.

              • I’d honestly say Begins didn’t do so well because the comic book fans stayed away after the abysmal Schumacher films and the general audience didn’t even know new movies existed until Ledger’s death and the films became huge after that.

                Avengers was even less of a known brand before the movie came out, it was just the novelty of seeing these characters from different films come together in one film that piqued interest for a lot of people.

                Saying that though, we really need to grab your average movie goers and ask them their thoughts and opinions to get a real answer as to their thought processes. Generally speaking, it’s word of mouth a lot of the time but I’d love to know exact details.

                I can say this though. I saw Pacific Rim four days after UK release and Cap 2 four days after UK release and noticed that there were more people in the cinema for PR than there were for Cap 2.

                Which sort of shows that I won’t take US only box office and opinion polls because it’s a whole other market. Case in point, in the UK, Dredd was the number 1 movie on release and did pretty well but in the US, I don’t think it even cracked the top 5.

              • The likelihood of any standalone character making Avengers money is far off, hence the “Batman vs Superman” Avengers had an ensemble of characters to invest in as a standalone character does not. The two most iconic comic characters of all time give everyone the juxtaposition to consider investing in. It’s “Batman vs Superman” in more ways than one and the GA will love seeing it played out, so long as the story is compelling and worthwhile. Hulk’s multiple interpretations didn’t hurt the avengers. I doubt Batman’s will hurt this.

          • Its all very well comparing revenues but do bear in mind Spiderman 1 and TASM 1 – there is 12 years between them, money is not worth as much now as it was back then so the difference is possibly another 15%….. Also, your comments concerning DC and Marvel / Batman vs Superman and Captain America 3 (I am not a fanboy or based in one camp, I enjoy both companies material), Batman and Superman are easily the most iconic comic book characters in the past 50 years, seeing them both on the big screen for the first time…… This film will pass the $1Bn mark with relative ease. Captain America 2 was a top movie, possibly the pinnacle of the Marvel franchise, can it get any better?

      • As good as the Nolan Batman films were(TDK being a huge cut above the rest for me), I never felt they gave me the true “Batman” from the comics. I always saw Batman as Sherlock Holmes crossed with a badass ninja, they way Bruce Timm depicted him in the cartoons. The Nolan fight scenes never really showed off that he was a world class martial artist as well as a savy detective that caught all the clues. Nolan’s Batman always felt more James Bond to me.

    • Mr. Bartlett,

      I very much enjoyed and agreed with your above rant. I also find myself (only time?) agreeing with Dazz. ;)

      Ive always enjoyed Nolans Batman films but could never say they were ‘true’ Batman films. The throwing around realism just so you can make people believe in a comic book character that is totally unbelievable is an oxymoron (imo).

      The audience (both comic geeks and not) do not need to believe it can happen as long as it makes sense in a SciFi/Fantasy sort of way. Especially if there is an established mythos.

      As much as i dreaded MoS I thought it bridged that thought process. Showing yes it could be real but come on lets admit its fantasy, hopefully paving the way to leave that Nolan mindset behind.

  5. Let’s just get a picture of Affleck in his Batsuit and then we’ll decide on everything else.

    • San Diego Comic-Con in July.

      • I actually think it’s coming before then. Just like Snyder did with MoS. He would rather have an actual professional photo of the suit rather than somebody’s smart phone taken off a set. They start shooting next month. I think we will get one by that time.

    • +1,000,000

  6. This film sounds like a trilogy, or its going to be a longer movie than The Dark Knight Rises…..

    • Or they’re putting as many characters as they can into it for just a few minutes of screen time so they can expand on them in the solo titles later on.

      Batman Begins had a lot of characters and actors and wasn’t that long, neither were Man Of Steel or The Avengers.

      Also have to say, RIP Ultimate Warrior. At least he made peace with WWE and got inducted into the Hall Of Fame this past weekend, even if I haven’t bothered with pro wrestling in a couple of years.

      • Do you know what happened to the Undertaker this Mania, I’m still in tears.

        • Yep, I was told just as a crucial scene at the end of Game Of Thrones was about to end just before the end credits.

          Honestly, I’m not as upset as I would’ve been 6 years ago because the moment I found out it would be Brock vs Taker, I knew Lesnar would win so I actually cheered when he did.

          Not that I hate Taker but at this point, I’m glad the streak’s done so he can finally retire and heal up plus he’s been asking people to end it for years and people respected him and the streak too much to agree to it. Only Lesnar said yes and Taker himself wanted Brock to end it back in 2010 when they had a confrontation during a UFC event.

          Hall Of Fame induction next year, guaranteed.

        • I was shocked

      • Agree with Batman Begins but The Avengers Assemble did have 2 hulk movies, 2 ironman movies, 1 Thor movie….. Man of Steel really had Superman, Jor El and Zod, all other characters were just there for the ride….. This movie has a Superman after 1 movie, a new batman, a brand new wonder worman, a new Lex Luthor, this woman who apparently knows Batmans identity, I assume either Aquaman or Lobo as well, all of which have no back story up to this point.

        Comparing Batman Begins and this is not a great comparison….

        RIP Warrior, the steroids got him eventually…. They always do.

        • It’s a great comparison because what did all of those characters in Begins do?

          They helped set up the world they were occupying.

          Victor Zsasz was barely in Begins, just like Rhino is barely in TASM 2. How do any of us know how much screen time all these other DC characters will be getting in BVS unless someone’s read the script?

          WW might only be in it for 5 minutes, Holly Hunter might be there for 20 minutes at best as a supporting character to a main hero/villain.

  7. As little credibility as I think LR has, it’s a decent theory. Zach Snyder has had a habit of casting real, recognized talent in these supporting roles, so it would be in keeping with Russel Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, and Laurence Fishburne. It wouldn’t surprise me, but, then again, it’s coming from LR.

  8. I agree Snyder has nailed the casting so far. That is mostly why I am more than cautiously optimistic concerning Affleck. Affleck is a far cry from his Gigli days and if you only look at his career over the past 5 years or so, it really is a great choice…

    • I love fellow clear-thinking, level-headed people such as yourself. I trust that Affleck will be great.

      • Until he proves otherwise, Afleck will remain a horrible miscast, along with almost everyone else in this film that isn’t named Henry Cavil.

        • As you seem to have read the script, please enlighten us on how everyone apart from Cavill is miscast.


          • A script is not necessary to know when someone is miscast. Do you need a script to know Danny DeVito would be miscast as Catwoman?

            • Yeah and before there was a script, picture or frame of the film shown, Heath Ledger was horribly miscast as the Joker…

              If Ben Affleck had never done anything else and hi first film ever was The Town, the majority of fans would be thrilled with the casting decision.

  9. Leslie Thompson is a very interesting choice, but initially my thoughts went to, seriously, Lex Luthor’s mother.

    I have a hunch that they’re going to humanise Lex in a mirroring way to Superman, and that his family scenes will be very opposite the upbringing and relationships Clarke has with his parents.

    I think the consequences of parenthood could be a massive thematic influence on the film. We all know the character with the most famous childhood trauma is going to play a key role. Especially if a mentoring aspect between Batman and Superman will come into play.

    This is obviously just my own creative brain wildly speculation.

    • Speculating*

    • Vicky Vale??

    • I Liked that. would be great and very interesting.

      • I like it too, great theory. Better than the theory that “yar, boo, this film will suck, he’s not wearing *insert specific Batsuit*, this will bomb big time, trollolololol”.

        I hate that second theory. Mainly because that second theory comes from immature trolls with no creativity of their own and not mature thinkers.

        I can understand hating something because it’s not something you’d ever be interested in (Twilight and The Hunger Games, for example) but hating on Batman and Superman being on the same screen with other DC heroes and villains and nothing other than a handful of cast members and a working title to go on? That’s a whole new level of cupidity.

        • It’s called either narrow-mindedness or childishness and those two are often pretty much synonymous.

          Thanks for appreciating my sudden brainwaves on the subject.

  10. I think this batman will be like the one from the arkham series/animated series. I would love to see Mercy Graves in this movie.

    • I think that’s who the Asian woman cast will play, forgot her name.

      • Yeah I can see that

  11. damn too many batman stuff is it man of steel 2 or not the way it’s going it willnot be superman movie

  12. Good Idea, I will like to see her play Dr. Leslie Thompkins

  13. Thompkins is a pretty weak and mostly obscure character, and is 1005 un-necessary. How about we stop talking about this movie until we have a picture of Afleck in the suit. Nothing else matters until then.

  14. Awesome, I always said Dr. Leslie Thompkins should be introduced on film.

  15. Test… It appears my post no show up?

    • Mr. Bartlett,

      I very much enjoyed and agreed with your above rant. I also find myself (only time?) agreeing with Dazz. ;)

      Ive always enjoyed Nolans Batman films but could never say they were ‘true’ Batman films. The throwing around realism just so you can make people believe in a comic book character that is totally unbelievable is an oxymoron (imo).

      The audience (both comic geeks and not) do not need to believe it can happen as long as it makes sense in a SciFi/Fantasy sort of way. Especially if there is an established mythos.

      As much as i dreaded MoS I thought it bridged that thought process. Showing yes it could be real but come on lets admit its fantasy, hopefully paving the way to leave that Nolan mindset behind.

      • how is batman unbelievable?

        • How is he not?

          There are not many people that can put their body through what Batman does.

          There are not many people that can get their body AND mind to the level Batmans is.

          There are not many people that can afford what Batman pays for.

          There are not many people with the mindset or ability to keep their head on like Batman does.

          Small list….there is more.

          Now you may be able to find one person that can fit 1 maybe two aspects of that but to find one person that can fit the complete bill of Batman is impossible.

          So if it is impossible it is therefore unbelievable.

          • @ Aknot


          • +1 i see your point

      • i can tell your just an average movie goer. we know its fantasy

    • Wacky ….. no errors but a post will not show up…….

  16. The loser warner brothers were supposed to show us an image of the new bat suit back in february and now we get nothing.

    • Funny thing is their not supposed do any thing for us, I mean yeah it’s a real bummer we havent seen a picture but keep hearing rumors about what the suit looks like. I still think that SDCC is when they’re gonna unveil the suit but I am starting to doubt it. Here’s the thing, even with a picture we still have to wait 2 years to see the darn film.

  17. She will replace Alfred. Alfred is long dead because Bruce has aged.

  18. I know it isn’t going to happen, but using Batman to add the comedic element in this universe would be so epic. I think if they flashed a POW! as soon as he threw his first punch at whoever, it would bring the house down. If there was one thing missing about MOS for me it was that I don’t think I cracked a smile once. We all know he isn’t going to be kicking super-powered characters asses without heavy gimmicks anyway.

    • I beleive the short supply of comedy in WB/DC films is that they don’t forget the post 9/11 world we’re living in, also they’re so used to making Batman movies and hiring writers that are only familair with Batman. But if Batman were the comedic point in the film, just having his fist come out of nowhere to punch a dude thats taunting him would be enough. Look at the DC animated universe a lot of the humor stems from the crooks gawking at Batman’s intimadating presence.

  19. I knew Elasti-girl was going to be in the Justice League! This is awesome!

  20. Comic book readers, who is the artist who drew the tied up Batman and Superman in this article? I like the art style.


    • That is Jae Lee art.

  21. Some 4-dimensional thinking: Would this movie make more sense with a Batman from the future? :-)