Batman vs. Superman: Henry Cavill Talks Ben Affleck Casting

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Ben Affleck’s named first popped up in association with Batman nearly 14 years ago when he was first rumored to be up for the part. Last summer, rumors sparked again that the Oscar winner was in talks with Warner Bros., whom he had directed critically acclaimed The Town and Argo for, to direct their superhero answer to The Avengers - Justice League. Such a project would allow him to also play Batman in it, taking over the role from Christian Bale.

In an interesting, but very understandable twist, Affleck did end up landing the iconic role of The Dark Knight, but in the unnamed sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Stepping out of the director’s chair and into the cape and cowl, Affleck will be going toe-to-toe with Henry Cavill’s Superman in summer 2015. Batman vs. Superman (Man of Steel 2) aims to blow open the DC Entertainment film franchise, opening the door to spinoffs and the long-awaited Justice League team-up.

With Affleck now a part of the franchise – and likely locked in long-term – there’s a good chance he and Warner Bros. may still be planning to have him direct Justice League down the road, or at the very least, his own Batman solo film. He’s a fan of the books and the character, and his award-winning directorial style is a natural fit for the character and franchise.

Affleck spoke about being cast as Batman for the first time while appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon back in October where he described the job as a dream role, one he was reluctant to take at first, and joked about the online community reactions. Now we have Man of Steel star Henry Cavill’s thoughts on Affleck joining the franchise thanks to an interview with Total Film.

Superman Batman Cavill Affleck Fan Art Batman vs. Superman: Henry Cavill Talks Ben Affleck Casting

“I’m sure he’ll be fantastic above all else. And as a filmmaker, he’s got his own style, you know. He’s not copying anyone else. And he’s also sort of being tenacious in his career. He’s had ups followed by downs and now he’s very up again, and I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character. And it’s something which I enjoy working with because jobs like this require strength of character, they require a dedication to the work and belief in oneself. And Ben has that, clearly.”

The highlight here is Cavill’s note of strength of character and dedication to work. If Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder managed to get Affleck psyched about suiting up as Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, they did so with a long-term contract to secure his future in the franchise. Rumor has it, Affleck signed a multi-picture deal and has some say over the Batman vs. Superman script so we can only hope that Affleck’s creative side is now a part of the Zack Snyder and writer David Goyer family, the latter of whom is described as an architect of the DC Cinematic Universe’s future.

Man of Steel is the beginning of something that fans have been waiting for a very long time. Its sequel, which has quite a few interesting potential titles, will lay the foundation for several other key characters in the DC Comics library and hopefully serve as a launchpad for other star members of Justice League who we hope to see get spinoff films of their own. Excited to see Cavill and Affleck potentially work together for years to come?

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Man of Steel is currently available on home video. Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 open in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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Sources: THRTotal Film

Batman vs. Superman art by J-K-K-S

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  1. Ben Affleck will do great. I actually think he’ll do better than Bale ever did. I loved Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is a solid Superman and I can’t wait to see how his Superman and Afflecks Batman compare on screen. Bringing some positivity up in this thread before the absurd geek rage begins!

    • Agreed. All Man Of Steel haters are truly Marvel Pro. Ill admit Im all for Marvel but MoS did amaze me. I had low expectations. It conquered them and through out the movie I made new ones and the conquered those too! Great Movie!

      • I wouldn’t say all Man of Steel haters are Marvel pro, most of them just can’t except change and only cling to one certain interpretation of Superman and dismiss all others as complete crap. Its not a perfect movie but I loved it and it definitely doesn’t deserve the negativity that it gets.

        • +1

        • I dunno about that.

          I grew up preferring DC and loved the darker tone of the Nolan Batman movies but I thought MOS just wasn’t that good purely based on scripting, editing and occasional directing decisions. It was a decent movie but didn’t blow me away.

          I’d also disagree on the expectations of what Superman is and how he acts because honestly, MOS was the first time I’ve ever genuinely enjoyed the character.

        • Although I enjoyed Cavill as Superman, the serious tone of the movie, and the realistic special effects, I did not enjoy the lack of a longer origin story, showing Clark growing through his teenage years; the completely one-dimensional Zod, who appeared overly emotional, lacking any intellect, as if he should have been on medication for his rage; and the all-too-brief ending, showing Clark getting a job at the Daily Planet, failing to account for all of the death and destruction that occcurred (although I assume that will be rectified in the sequel). Many of my family members and friends had the same complaints about it, all of whom are fans and none of whom have an “agenda”.

          You and others admit that it was not the perfect movie, so please stop belittling the legitimate complaints about it. Many critics and fans agree that is was a mediocre movie, and had it lived to its potential, it should have easily made over a billion dollars. By voicing our complaints with it, I believe many of us are hoping that the sequel will be made better. We’ll see…

          • “Many critics and fans agree that is was a mediocre movie, and had it lived to its potential, it should have easily made over a billion dollars. ”

            More like if it didn’t have an unprecedented smear campaign working against it, it probably would have made more money… absolutely.

            The spokesperson for RT said it best: “I can’t fathom this.”

            Never before has RT stepped forward to proclaim bogus reviews. It happened with MoS.

            Repeatedly showing up to MoS pages citing it’s mediocrity and bogus reviews falls directly into the category of opinion spamming, which is agenda based.

            Learn more here:

            • Is that what happened?

              Damn, now I’m glad I’ve never seen or avoided a movie based on someone else’s review. I always say, the best judge is yourself and trailers are designed to help you make that judgment whether a movie is worth seeing or not.

              It’s like the message board discussions that start with “Recommend a movie/videogame” and I feel like saying “Why ask for recommendations when a group could suggest something they love and you might end up hating it?”.

              I guess a lesson can be learned from that if people are willing to actually learn.

              • We can only “S”

            • I cannot agree enough!

              For the love of God, I do not understand why there was a lot of smearing against MOS. The movie is far from perfect, and I do have a few complaints myself, but neither is MOS mediocre nor sub-par as most critics painted it to be.

              Ah, I guess some people are just threatened.

              • I have to agree with what everyone has said so far. I understand why it got such divisive reviews (darker tone for such an uplifting hero, killing zod, unbearable amount of destruction & too fast camera movement in final action sequence, scenes jumping all over the place early on in the movie, a somewhat dull version of Kal-El, etc). HOWEVER, I wouldve been one of the people to give it a positive review (The opening 20 minutes wit the destruction of Krypton and sending baby kal-el to earth was epic, a really good villain with realistic motives, delving into the superman mythology, showing how the world would react if this really happened, great flashbacks, russell crowe was excellent, etc). Alot of things to like and dislike. In my opinion, I thought it was a very good movie. Not great or bad. Hope I didnt upset anyone, not my intention at all

                • No, not at all. :D

                  I think you were very fair. I understand where you’re coming from.

                  However, a lot of the fans of MOS are getting a little bit tired of putting up with the crap some people have been saying. It’s been 7 months already and there’s still plenty of trolls and smearing campaign. Some of them from diehard DC fanboys, Marvelites, Nolanites, Batman fans, Artsy film critics, and a whole lot of self-righteous people. I say SOME because I’ve also read fair and positive comments from the first 5 categories of people, and I really don’t want to generalize.

                  I consider myself a very patient person, but there always is a limit to everything. People have been beating up a dead horse far too long already that sometimes I really feel for the people behind MOS. The sheer amount of stupidity and complaints can get me really defensive of the movie sometimes because I dunno…it’s almost akin to bullying. I have my issues with MOS, but a lot of these whiny bitches really deserve a ticket to Exaggeration Land.

          • Politely and respectfully said, Jeff. I largely agree. I didn’t like MOS, and I also hope the sequel is better.

            • Thanks, Nostelg-O. I can’t understand some of these people who actually appear to believe that there is some sort of agenda or conspiracy against the film. It’s as if they don’t believe anyone could actually dislike the movie. Had me, my family members, and friends not been fans, we would have never even seen the movie…

              • Yeah. I honestly didn’t like it and can understand the criticism. But then, there are much-maligned movies that I do like, and even with those I can understand the criticism.

                • It all has to do with one’s ability to see things from a different point of view, and to appreciate that people have different opinions. It appears that some people, held up in their own closets, don’t understand this.

          • I also agree Jeff. It was a pretty good movie but overrated in my opinion. A lot of people I know weren’t completely happy with it. Especially my buddy who is die hard Justice League.

            I am really excited to see what Affleck does and I think the sequel will be much better because I think DC finally having 2 iconic characters will create a cool dynamic like we haven’t seen in DC before IMO.

            • It is only overrated by some of the diehard fans. Reviews from a concensus of critics and the larger audience concur that it was mediocre. Hopefully, the creators of the movie have heard our concerns. Here’s hoping that the sequel is better!

              • I do think DC was extra nervous for this one, and I just happen to think they flubbed it IMO. I kind of hope they steer away from the Nolan “plausible realism” and open it up to a more workable comic-book like world. For that reason I think they should just call it “Batman vs. Superman.” Break away from even the words “Dark Knight” for a while and give us another iteration of the character.

                • I kind of hope they steer away from the Nolan “plausible realism” and open it up to a more workable comic-book like world.

                  I hate you and all… but this is poetry. ;)

        • *2

          • +2

            I wish we could edit comments on Screenrant

    • Thank you. Now I must prepare for the stupid and irational comments that will most likely follow. Smh…

    • Affleck will portray the comic book Batman; totally different than the realistic Batman Bale or Keaton had to portray.

    • I loved MOS but to suggest anyone who hated the film has some kind of issue or just a Marvel fan is unhinged.

      Fact is not everyone likes the same things. It’s ok, no need to feel threatened by that.

  2. I love affleck but i dont feel he can bring the same level of depth that bale did. Part of that is due to the writing but bale played a great tortured bruce wayne along with a great batman imo

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing a driven Bruce Wayne as opposed to a tortured one.

  3. “…now he’s very up again”.

    Really, Cavill??!

    Ben Affleck’s Runner Runner flopped terribly this year, all due to his incompetence as an actor returning from his “Daredevil-Gigli” days. Just climb the hell out of 2012; two good movies, “The Town-Argo” don’t speak for this guy who’s had such a terrible filmography.

    You don’t need Affleck to really stir negatives, Zack Snyder is there to unleash CGI drowned destruction porn over a proper script or some character development. Goyer? He’s just a pawn, unpredictable without guidance of a good director, he’s done good with Nolan for The Dark Knight trilogy and horrendous with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

    Two years time, and it’ll be down to heavy scrutiny…

    • He was trying to be nice and your last 4 paragraphs don’t say much…

      • +100 LOL!

    • At least give the movie a chance before casting stones…Geez….

      Affleck has shown really good acting chops in the past. To me, I have never had a problem with his acting but more with his choice of movies. Gigli and Daredevil weren’t necessarily his fault. It was not written or directed greatly.

    • “Climb the hell out of 2012″…… Says the guy/gal referencing DareDevil and Gigli

    • Yes, ignore the things that suggest I’m completely full of it and biased… and let’s wind the clock back to 2003 so my nonsense is supported.

      DC now has Oscar winning talent in there stable, who is on board to do more than just play Batman.

      Deal with it.

      • @Dr. Mindbender
        An Oscar for direction has nothing to do with directing a comic-book movie. Ang Lee may be an Oscar winning director but his Hulk movie was a disaster.

        • Fail troll is failing.

    • As a British reviewer said about Runner Runner several months back:

      “The movie just isn’t that good and while he isn’t the main star of the film, Affleck is the standout even though he seems to know how bad this movie is and phones in his performance.”

      So yeah, blaming Affleck for it and then ranting about bad movies from a decade ago shows your ignorance and irrelevance.

      • If you’re so concerned about critics, here’s an extract out of Wikipedia:
        “Runner Runner received mostly negative reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 9% based on 107 reviews. Metacritic gives the film a score of 36/100, based on reviews from 31 critics.”

        Anyways, I don’t want Batman vs Superman suffering from tanking like Affleck’s most movies although in which he had acted well.

        • You seem to have replied to my post yet your comment was directed at someone else.

    • Ummm,,,,I guess you didnt know…but Runner Runner wasnt HIS movie, hell, he wasnt even the main character. So now its his fault? It wasnt a super interesting movie, and it was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKES.

    • “Destruction porn” pretty damn funny… but I must say MOS was ALWAYS what I thought 2 “GODS” fighting in our mortal world would actually be like, I too think it had problems but it is just a movie after all! I never expected perfection from an imaginary world!!

  4. i enjoyed MOS, but the last 30 minutes is a tedious bore. Who wants to watch meaningless action, it killed the films pacing. Cavill, aka Handsome Brickwall, did a fine job. Affleck is a great director but a terrible actor – i am keeping my expectations way low.

    • There was nothing meaningless about the action, as a story was being told through the action being displayed.

      I can’t get enough of it… Zod has advanced hand to hand techniques, whereas Superman at this point can mostly just punch and shove. Since Superman spent so much time absorbing the yellow sun, Zod’s combat techniques though superior were not enough.

      Case in point: Zod attempts to hurl Superman into space, but Superman overpowers him and reverses it. Zod then chucks the satellite at Superman, and they re-enter the atmosphere with Zod in charge, punching Kal in the face. As they descend, Superman is able to flip Zod over as they crash through another skyscraper… Zod looks over his shoulder and realizes what is about to happen… and lets out that extremely frustrated “NNYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” before getting driven head first into the concrete at extreme velocity… where Supes then proceeds to slam his head into the ground a few times attempting to slow him down, followed by putting him in a head-lock.

      The story does not suffer because of the action. This is Superman. The action is the story when you pay closer attention.

      • +1

      • Agreed. The final fight did seem to go on for too long but it was far from tedious.

      • @dr M +1

      • @Dr. Mindbender

        Yeah, good effort.
        There are some other sequences you need to address:
        1) Lois Lane has the super-power of being able to teleport where the script needs her to be even if she is physically too far to succeed. At the end of the movie, after Superman snaps Zod’s neck, Lois shows-up at the exact moment of his death even if Zod and Superman were fighting for 10 minutes in the sky through multiple buildings before crashing in the museum.

        2) After a probe ship picks up a defeated Zod from the gas station and leaves, Faora-Ul and Tor-An suddenly pop without any means of transport on the opposite side of the road. Without sunlight exposure, they can at maximum leap. So how did they cross miles of farmland that Superman had tackled Zod through so quickly? By jumping??

        3) When army choppers starts shooting at the three Kryptonians, Superman takes off dodging the bullets but suddenly crashes down with an adjacent building. Superman similarly loses control or hurtles down to the road when he follows Zod through the collapsing heat-vision destroyed building in Metropolis.

        4) After Superman defeats Faora, a train compartment hurtles Superman through. This compartment belongs to the same train Superman threw and killed Tor-An into. But who actually hurled this train from such an aerial height?? Isolated flying Kryptonians? No. they didn’t have any powers at that time nor did you see any of them. What follows next is Zod’s ship. Did the ship grow tentacles for throwing??

        5) What actually happened to the Fortress of Solitude? It rams down some Metropolis skyscrapers and we see that the birthing chamber gets destroyed. The next glimpse of the Fortress is somewhere when the wormhole closes. That’s it. And Metropolis is back to normal. Did Superman actually evacuate his last shelter of Kryptonian solace back to the arctic or does he leave stranded alien technology for the US military? All he mentions is that he doesn’t want the army to snoop on WHERE he hangs his cape.

        6) The Daily Planet is struck by an incoming Raptor Jet completely destroying the lower wing of the building. An effing skyscraper lays itself down on the doorstep of whatever is left of The Daily Planet, thus rendering it completely impossible to accommodate again. Yet we see the entire reporter staff back after The Planet magically regenerates itself back to normal towards the end. The destroyed lower wing is healed as Clark Kent makes his way to the elevator. It’s like nothing had ever happened as this ravaged city cleaned itself up in a few weeks.

        7) No one figured out Superman’s identity at the end of the movie even if
        a) 2 police officers brought Lois Lane to Clark’s house while screaming his real name when he was in his Superman suit
        b) The US army took his baby-spaceship from the farm to launch it as a weapon.

        8) The US army creates a black hole to destroy Zod’s ship but it then disappears for no reason instead of staying there and accumulating more mass until the whole of Earth was part of it.

        And before you try to dismiss other people’s opinions as “nonsense”, note that the context of my argument is that the trend following Runner-Runner’s failure may be parallel to the return of his trend unsuccessful movies, mostly from 2003 if you add Paycheck.

        • Under another discussion, I was in a brief debate with Dr. Mindbender about MOS. He actually believes that there is a conspiracy against the film. He impressed as being a hopeless fanboy who either can’t or doesn’t want to accept that other people have legitimate criticisms about the movie, and therefore, differing opinions of it. In the end, all I could do is suggest that he himself get a doctor. Good luck with him.

          • Not at all what I contested… or had to say.

            And all you do is continue to prove my point. Your behavior does not reflect your sentiment.

        • @ Vish Gosh

          1. Correct. It’s a comic book movie where Lois Lane and Bruce Banner both appear to have the innate ability to be exactly where the script needs them to be.

          2.Uh… sure. Why not? Why not hop off of a ship that just transported Zod? Haha… really?

          3. Umm… yeah so that was consistent. Looks like on his first day he loses control under some duress?

          4. ???? This is your number 4 word for word -
          ) After Superman defeats Faora, a train compartment hurtles Superman through. This compartment belongs to the same train Superman threw and killed Tor-An into. But who actually hurled this train from such an aerial height?? Isolated flying Kryptonians? No. they didn’t have any powers at that time nor did you see any of them. What follows next is Zod’s ship. Did the ship grow tentacles for throwing??”

          Okay… I’m stopping here. Fun… but intentionally obnoxious as you are now just gleefully making sh*t up as you go.

    • Meaningless action? Ah you’re one of those. If you’ve paid attention, every fight scene was beautifully shot and very well choreographed. It was also stated that the consequences of the fight will be addressed in the next film. There was a reason for those scenes. Possibly to tackle how Lex Luthor and the rest of the DCU heroes will react to it.

      MOS is a comicbook movie. If you were expecting some artsy heavy drama film, of course you’re not going to find it in this movie. Don’t go into a Mexican restaurant ordering Chinese takeout, ok?

      Also, keep that self-esteem up. I sense a hint of jealousy.

      • LMAO!

        • Agreed. I did enjoy the last fight scene at the end of Man of Steel. Yeah it got a bit drawn out at the end but it looked beautiful and had a great climax to it.

  5. Nice guy. Very well suited as Superman.

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  6. Can’t wait to see the new look and all the gadgets.

    According to Kevin Smith, he interpreted the look as being “Jim Lee influenced.”

    Awesome. Comic book Batman is finally going to happen.

    • Hopefully that means more comic book influences. Mainly the villains. Hush would be great on the big screen.

      • Hush is my all time fav Batman villain so I’d love to see him on film. But we’ll get Joker and Bane 5 more times before someone like Hush gets a chance.

        • Johnny Depp as Riddler?

          • that way they can have Hush and Riddler working together to destroy Bruce Wayne.

            • David Tennant as the Riddler. WB would have to pay Johnny Depp $50 dollars just to be in the damn movie lol.

              • You know whats funny is Tom Hiddleston would have made an amazing Riddler!

          • No, no, no. No. No.

            Michael Fassbender as The Riddler. Google Image them both, see the resemblance, think about how great Fassbender’s portrayal will be and join me in my “Fassbender as Riddler” camp.

            If Ryan Reynolds can play Hannibal King, Wade Wilson and Hal Jordan then Fassbender can be Magneto and The Riddler too. Everyone else is just wrong.

            • All great ideas.

              I know we are getting ahead of ourselves, but I would love to see a Riddler interpretation to mirror that of the Arkham games.

              • That’s the version I want to see too.

                • @ Dazz

                  One villain I don’t wanna see unless they do him properly on film from the comics is Bane.

                  • I thought Bane was written and portrayed brilliantly in TDKR and came across like a total badass, a legit threat and incredibly intelligent.

                    If they can use elements of that with the Arkham portrayals then I’d be fine. I just don’t want to see a dumb version again. The only thing I worry about is that while Bane looks huge and threatening in the comics, he’s also ridiculously proportioned and I can’t think of a decent way of putting him on screen like that unless he was completely CGI but I’d rather see Killer Croc go that route.

                    • I loved Bane in The Dark Knight Rises up until the reveal we all saw coming. That was my big criticism of the movie was the villains. When Talia was revealed, Bane was reduced to a lovestruck henchman and spoilers had the most quick, anti climatic death in any comic book movie of recent memory. But thats just me, I wasn’t crazy about those last few scenes.

            • Remember Frank Gorshin as The Riddler in the TV series back in the 60s? He owned, framed, bronzed and was that role!

              • He was too goofy and Joker-esque for me, although I appreciated the reason because the show was camp anyway. I didn’t like how Carrey aped Gorshin’s version for Batman Forever.

            • Javier Bardiem, possibly misspelled, as the Joker.

              Sharlito Copley as the Riddler.

  7. Everything now is about The Batfleck and Brucefleck and nothing about Superman. It was supposed to be a sequel to MOS but now every piece of information is centred on this guy. For me this is going to be a missed opportunity to establish Superman the way Nolan and Snyder wanted.

    • Eh. It could be a marketing ploy, but it also makes perfect sense for Superman and Batman to meet.

      Honestly, I loved the Nolan trilogy, but I think they should steer away and introduce a new Batman closer to the comics. They can only go so far with the plausible realism. I didn’t like MOS because it seemed like they were trying to keep it Nolanish, and it didn’t work for me. So I hope they will start steering away from Nolan’s Batman and into a more comicbook world. This will become more important if they want to introduce other characters too.

    • Return Of The Jedi introduced Yoda and put a large portion of the movie on him and his home on Dagobah yet it still acted as a sequel to the previous movie and didn’t overpower the continuation of the story.

      Have faith, young Padowan.

      • The Empire Strikes Back intoduced Yoda.

        • Ha Ha. I didn’t even notice that he said that.

          Very interesting comparison, though, Dazz, although Batman has a lot more baggage than a totally new character. But, I think it’s fine. It makes perfect sense for them to meet.

        • Oops, for some reason I had Return on my mind.

  8. Hopefully Affleck’s behind-the-camera talents and influence will be a benefit to the long-term success of what are hopefully many new DC films.

  9. Man of Steel was EPIC. Henry Cavill is the best Superman of all time. I still have doubts on Affleck but hope for the best as I just want a good movie

    • Agreed. 100%

  10. i only request Ben shaves before putting on the cowl ha!

    • Unless he plays Rocksteady’s unshaven Batman from the videogames. His hand to hand combat skills includes boxing style punches, Muay Thai knee strikes and scratching open an enemy’s skin with his ultra sharp stubble, honed to perfection under the tutelage of Ra’s al Ghul.

      • I do hope Affleck’s Batman has some facial hair. Jim Lee used to draw Batman with a 5 o’clock shadow. It makes Batman look more grizzled. And since this is a “older” more weary veteran Batman, I think that would suit him just fine.

        • +1

          • Plus, Affleck can really grow a damn beard. It’s ridiculous.

            • true..keep it rockstar stubble

      • @Dazz

        “Muay Thai knee strikes and scratching open an enemy’s skin with his ultra sharp stubble, honed to perfection under the tutelage of Ra’s al Ghul.”


  11. Whilst i appreciate it’s flaws, Man Of Steel finally gave us the powerful, exciting , dynamic Superman that we’ve been waiting for.

    Of course Smallville managed to provide that spectacle and drama for 10 years, but we needed that epic scope on the big screen and Man Of Steel delivered on that count. It’s why I will always support. It also proved that a DBZ movie close to the source material can be done.

    I just wish we were getting a standalone Man Of Steel sequel. Correcting the flaws of the first film and giving us another big villain the shape of Darkseid, Brainiac or Bizarro.

    Establish Superman the hero first, then other heroes, , then go back to Batman and then Justice League.

    Affleck deserves his chance to prove people wrong and he must have shown something special when auditioning for the part. But he will not be as good as Bale. And don’t forget they also have to find someone to match Michael Caine’s Alfred which will not be easy either.

    • I disagree about him not being as good as Bale. I thought that about Keaton until I saw Bale’s version.

      I also like the fact that we’ll get a big villain but he won’t be the main focus, the first meeting between Batman and Superman will be instead and a possible fight between them. Far better than following with a cliched “villain appears, hero defeated, hero rises up to defeat the villain and save the world” trope.

      This way, both sets of fans get to choose sides (and I hope the movie is marketed that way). Treat it like The Joker in TDK where audiences can sort of understand him and even agree with his way of thinking while still seeing him as a villain, maybe with Batman fans seeing Superman as the bad guy because he’s annoying and too much of a goody two shoes while Superman fans find Batman’s pessimism and wariness (yes, it’s spelled that way, as in wary and not weary) grating.

      I enjoy ambiguous things and this movie could be the ultimate in ambiguity and choosing which side you prefer. Both heroes have their own thoughts and ideals, play up to that.

    • Darkseid is going to be the villain for the Justice League movie.

  12. Affleck is going to own the role. The man has done Gigli AND Argo. He knows what good looks like AND he knows what crap looks like.

  13. Because Cavill would totally say he hates Affleck as Batman and wishes they would cast someone else….riiiiight. What else do you expect him to say? Honestly…

  14. After rewatching MoS, I question how good the sequel will be. Anyone who thought Man of Steel was good should do themselves a favor and rewatch it. I thought it was solid in theaters (7-7.5/10), but upon rewatch it was very bad. It looks cheesy, flows poorly, and is pretty much laughable, and everyone I watched it with was wondering why we decided to watch it. The acting was also quite bad. The only slightly enjoyable scene was The Smallville fight, and other than that it was a labrious watch. If you thought it was any better than a 6, chances are you’re letting your biases cloud your judgement.


    • Mr. 1234…

      Question all you want. The fact is that people DID (and DO) enjoy and appreciate MOS. I DID re-watch it and found it actually got BETTER with each viewing. There was no cheesiness, the flow was actually quite smooth, the only “laughable” parts were the effectively humorous parts among all of the drama and action, and the acting (especially that of the primary cast) was excellent. The story was beautifully presented, flashbacks and all. The costuming and special effects were fantastic. The film was one of the best of the year for me, and it is EASILY one of my top five CBMs.

      Are you sure you aren’t letting YOUR biases cloud YOUR judgement? Otherwise, I don’t see how you could possibly believe you have THE opinion of record on this film. You didn’t like it? Fine…that is your right. It is your OPINION, however, and no more true than mine or ANYONE else’s.

      Do yourself a favor and stop trying to give other THEIR opinions.

    • Mr. 1234…

      My actual comment is, hopefully, forthcoming, so I’ll just throw this out to you until the real response appears: I disagree with EVERYTHING you said.

      Is your opinion anymore legitimate or “true” than mine? No. DON’T speak as if you are the authority on good films.

    • I thought it was good, and I did rewatch it, and I still thought it was good the second time. God forbid that somebody have a different opinion than you.

      • Man of Steel is bad…and you should feel bad…

        • :(

          wow. that worked somehow.

          i need to go rethink my life.

          • wait… no I don’t…

            …Man of Steel is the reason Batman/Superman is happening…

            OH YEAH!


            I feel much better :D

            • HA! Love it.

              • I agree, MoS IS the reason why Batman vs. Superman is happening…the same reason why Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the reason why Transformers: In the Dark of the Moon happened. They made money! Good for them, but that doesn’t make MoS any better for it.

                • Then, it’s a good thing MOS was excellent…that way, its sequel has a chance to be just as good.

  15. In all seriousness, Affleck will probably do a pretty decent job as the square-jawed caped crusader. He’ll be goofy when he needs to and his Boston accent will really reflect the harsh times that Bruce Wayne had to go through. After all the news about Batdrones and Red Robin, and Catwoman actually being a cat, I really can’t think of this film flying too high. Honestly, Bat-Fleck may be the best part of the film. Henry Cavil may look like Superman, but his teary-eyes and blank expressionless acting make his performance of Superman vapid and pointless. I’m so ready for this film to be righteous trash.

    • Are you sure you even WATCHED MOS? I seriously doubt you did…at least, awake.

  16. Affleck would to a great Justice League film. But, I think they should sign him on to co-direct Batman/Superman with Zack Snyder. Snyder is a good director (mostly.), But there’s still problems with his style. The climaxes go on forever, too much shaky cam, etc. Maybe a director who seems to have already worked out all the kinks in his style (Affleck) could be very beneficial to the film. Although their styles wouldn’t really mesh all that well. Maybe affleck can serve a purpose like joss whedon. A consultant on the solo movies and the writer/director on the jla movie.

  17. Man Of Steel sucks so bad, it makes Superman Returns look like Superman II The Richard Donner Cut.

    • Troll.

      ’nuff said.

      • No, I am not trolling.

        • You appear to be when you don’t give reasons why you feel that way.

          Like I’ve said many times, I called it Meh Of Steel because it wasn’t good but it wasn’t exactly bad either, it did the job it was meant to do (tell a Superman origin and introduce a new DC world for other characters to follow) in a way that seemed to polarise audiences. Some go over the top calling it a really bad movie while others go over the top calling it a masterpiece and the best ever but my opinion is right there in the middle, feeling it could’ve been improved in a lot of places but leaving me excited to see where the future will lead us.

          And then they announced Affleck as Batman in the sequel and I was proven correct yet again in placing my excitement in the right direction with the hope of more known and obscure DC properties following Superman and Batman to the big screen.

    • Superman Returns was not bad, it was too nostalgic though, it was definitely a homage
      Man of Steel was not bad, it was better than I expected, but the end Samllville/Metropolis fight was screwed up. Why didn’t Clark care about Smallville or Metropolis? If Zod’s raison-d’etre is to protect Krypton then he has to protect Clark, since he’s the only other Kryptonian around, and he has the ability to create more. Why didn’t Lois download Jor-El into the pod earlier? Then the holographic avatar could handle the launch of the pod, and she could keep the stick.

      I wonder if they’ll introduce Supergirl. If Jor-El’s brother also launched at the time Kal-El was launched with his dysfunctional group of refugees fleeing to a dead Kryptonian outpost, ….

      The way I see it, there are 6 films in the original Superman series (I, II, III, IV, Supergirl, Returns). MOS represents a less caring Clark Kent who is more full of himself. He deserves to be manipulated by President Luthor.

  18. Gosh, can I get anymore excited for this movie? Well, at least I have over a year to work on lowering my expectations, but it’s going to be hard!

  19. Ready for this now!

  20. I like fassbender as the riddler, but my first choice will always be paul bettany.

    • I could see Bettany as a character like Dr Kirk Langstrom or maybe even Animal Man if they went that route.

      Am I the only one think Bryan Cranston could be the new Alfred? Most likely and I won’t like that idea in a few hours but I’m struggling to think of a veteran British actor to fill the role and can’t see Cranston as Lex Luthor.

  21. Man of Steel was an excelent movie!!
    Henry Cavill fit as ring to the finger to Clark/Superman he is perfect to the character in all ways!
    This is the first movie since the 80 that actually made justice to the character!f
    I think Ben Affleck would be an excellent Batman maybe better than Bale!

  22. Affleck, the guy who said he NEVER wanted to be typecast is now willing to be typecast as batman…riiiiigggghhhhttttt.

    • Unfortunateminds…

      I don’t think that word means what you think it means…in fact, I KNOW it does not. Affleck will NOT be typecast, just as Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and Bale were not.

      In short, riiiiight-no. Right-yes.

  23. Matt Damon directs Ben Affleck as Batman in “Detective Comics: Batman”, executive assistant Kevin Smith

    Return of the Matfleck?

  24. Affleck will nail Batman, you’ll see, and if he helps with direction as well then it’s going to be epic, MOS kicked serious ass, the sequel will be insane, but I hope this still remains a Superman man movie with small bits of Batman, just reboot batman franchise with Affleck, I just want to see Superman take on Doomsday! Is that too much to ask for?? That fight alone is a billion $$ at the box office..