Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

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Batman Vs Superman Logoish Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

Another day, another rumor surrounding the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. Some sort of big announcement or revelation is hopefully imminent, because right now the rumor mill is threatening to spiral out of control.

We’ve heard Wonder Woman is in the film; Nightwing is in the film; we’ve gotten a roundup of actress who are being considered for a role, along with a roundup of young male actors also being considered. There’s rumor that DC movies and TV shows could be linked, while other rumors claim they won’t be linked at all. Kevin Smith has seen Ben Affleck’s new Batman costume and says it’s awesome. Etc….

Well today sees more advancement in rumor, rather than fact: According to reports, Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot is currently a frontrunner for the Batman vs. Superman female role – but does that mean she’s playing Wonder Woman? The answer is not as simple and clear as it may seem…

El Mayimbe from Latino-Review was the one to drop the “free Twitter scoop”:

Gadot was indeed one of the names on that aforementioned roundup of actress being considered for Batman vs. Superman (other names included Oblivion star Olga Kurylenko and Thor 2 star Jaimie Alexander) – but it’s come under heavy debate whether that role is indeed Wonder Woman in the film. Awhile back it was rumored that Bruce Wayne/Batman would have a love interest (a sort of mirror for Superman and Lois Lane’s continued relationship), and anyone who knows Batman lore can tell you, Bruce’s love interests make for a widely varied list.

Batman’s lovers include reporter Vicky Vale, socialite/actress/princess/lawyer Julie Madison, Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Talia al Ghul – in addition to Wonder Woman.  Each of those characters is fair game for a Batman vs. Superman appearance, since the film will have to establish an entire world for the new Batman (for later solo movies, of course) – and thanks to comic books like Batman, Inc. that world is now more extensive than ever to draw from.

Gal Gadot as Talia Head al Ghul in Batman vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

Gal Gadot

Based on looks alone, Julie Madison, Catwoman and Talia al Ghul all seem like suitable fits for Gadot to play; in terms of  physique, however, Gadot seems a bit too slender to portray Wonder Woman – despite showing some action chops in the Fast & Furious films. The female love interest also feels like she’ll play into the actual story of the film, while Wonder Woman’s appearance would more likely be a cameo meant to set up a future Justice League movie.

We know that Affleck’s Batman is a tired and weary veteran crimefighter, and that could be a good hint as to who the lady in his life will be (i.e., “normal” girls like Vale and Madison providing Bruce Wayne with an actual life that has drawn him away from being Batman). Then again, Talia or Catwoman – both of whom were recently featured in Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises – could just as well be players in the game, as both could be used to great effect in helping Batman deal with the Superman issue.

Talia Head al Ghul and Lex Luthor Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

Talia Head of LexCorp

Talia in particular was redesigned by comic book creators for the new Millennium as “Talia Head,” having shed her father Ra’s al Ghul’s influence to instead run LexCorp while Lex Luthor ran for president. This story thread from the comics would make a great deal of logical sense in Batman vs. Superman: Lex Luthor uses the destruction of Metropolis as a political platform against “The Alien” (Superman) and Talia steps in as his LexCorp CEO, thereby providing a bridge between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor – and later, a tactical advantage for Batman (and likely Superman) to take down Lex from the inside out.

After so many Lex Luthor casting rumors, and the notion put forth by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder that a Batman vs. Superman Lex would be more like an evil Bill Gates instead of a traditional villain, the Gadot/Talia Head theory seems the most likely and logical at the moment.

Is there any particular female character you want to see featured in Batman vs. Superman? Who would it be? And do you think Gal Gadot is a good choice? (Before you answer the latter question, though, be sure to watch the video below.)


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: El Mayimbe

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  1. I can see her as hawk girl too :D
    hopefully is for catwoman, because anne h as catwoman was a let down seriously x_x

    • Ann Hathaway as Catwoman was awesome.

      • Anne was not a good Catwoman to me.
        To me she is not Catwoman even in China.

    • No it´s chances to be Catwoman.
      Enough of Catwoman!

    • Hathaway was brilliant as Catwoman.

      Though I hope Gadot plays Catwoman in Batman versus Superman.

      • Exactly what I thought too, Hathaway was an amazing Catwoman.

        Where does the hate come from for her portrayal? Jealousy? Must be because Anne managed to be alluring, sensual but also intelligent and tough in her own right.

      • +1

        I don’t know who should be wonder woman but I know Anna H nailed catwoman.. she was AWESOME!!!

  2. Can Gadot act? I’ve not seen FF6. I REALLY don’t feel her for WW, though.

    It would be nice to see Vicki Vale again. Talia and Catwoman could each use a break. But there are so many possible roles, Mercy, Sasha, Kara.

    I just hope that this “mysterious female role” does not turn out to be an inconsequential arm candy-type like Elle McPherson’s character in Batman &Robin.

  3. Gina Carano as wonder woman

    • Not gonna happen.

      • EVAR

    • f@ck no.

      People always bring her up just based on her martial arts and looks, leaving out that she can’t act.

      • Looks…. Really? She must scrub up better than she looked in FF6, you could break bricks on that jaw line, not for me that one.

    • Gina Carano as WW…

    • If she was like 2 feet taller and could act, then maybe.

      • She’s 5′ 9″ now. Let’s not get her too tall or Superman will have to glide to look her in the eye. ;)

        • Agreed. Cavill is 6’1″, WW shouldn’t be taller.

  4. I completely agree

  5. Gina Carano has the looks to be Wonder Woman, but she is not that great of an actress. If they want to make Wonder Woman shallow that is only in action scenes, then yes, she can pull it off.

  6. Gal Gadot is a freakin’ twig and highly doubt she has the ability to gain weight in an appreciable way.

    The one role she is completely wrong for is WW. If she does get that role then what small dimming hope I’ve had for a good JL movie will be snuffed out as I lose all confidence in DC/WB being able to pick good analogs for their characters.

  7. I don’t think they’d use Catwoman or Talia Al Ghul so soon after The Dark Knight Rises.

    • People said that about Batman too.

  8. At the end of the dark knight comics Batman dies. Perfect moment for Wonder Woman to whisk him off to her island, cast a “spell” or whatever and give Batman….immortality? Or at least enough youth to carry him through the justice league movies.

    • Are you talking about Miller’s Dark Knight Returns? He does not die, or else how could he come back in the sequel? He only fakes his own death, like he does in Nolan’s movie.

  9. Why not Vikky Vale?

    • Seriously, why not Ms Vale? It would make sense that she would would be there the first time Superman and Batman met. I think they just might fight it out in Gotham at one point in the movie. We already seen Metropolis, now we should see the new Gotham. That way we also get a Bruce Wayne love interest.

      On a side note, I think she is not muscular enough to be Wonder Woman, she does have the right look though. I would guess that they would go somewhere else for that role, she would be a gamble for this type of movie, could she star in a Wonder Woman solo movie? I don’t know. I Just don’t see it. I would rather have her not a main character in the Justice League. She does not have the name. I hope they go somewhere else for that role.

    • I can see someone like Amber Heard being cast as Vicki.

      Don’t know why, just a feeling.

      • Not difficult to imagine her in that role at all.

  10. Jaimie Alexander is really the only one of the rumored names I could picture for Wonder Woman. If they cast Gadot or Kurylenko in that role then it’ll be painfully obvious that nobody on this project gives even a semblance of a s*** about the character. I don’t think Gina Carano would be an awful choice, she’s never really been given the chance to prove herself as an actress, but at least she’s got the physical presence. I think casting her would be better than casting one of these bony Hollywood girls. Wonder Woman doesn’t have to be comic book bodacious hot, but she has to at least look like she can throw a punch and isn’t afraid of food.
    They’d be okay as Talia or some random, but again, they’re a little too skinny for an acrobat type like Catwoman.

  11. It’s Talia. Love interest who can go toe-to-toe with Batman; it has to be Talia

  12. I hope she is not WW. Not one of the actresses rumored…including Jaime remotely has the built or charisma to be the powerful, regal and stunning Amazon. Jaime made no real impact in Thor in terms of being a badass warrior. WW is supposed to make guys drool yes but intimidate the hell out of them. Gina Carano can do that but not sure she has the acting chops. And toe to toe with Bats would mean they severely weakening one of DC’s most powerful females. Very foolish. I could see Gal being a Talia too.

  13. “After so many Lex Luthor casting rumors,” can we have some more, its been heavily suggested in MOS that Lex will be coming but everyone is talking WW (might just be a cameo, if even in it) Nightwing (might just be a cameo) get some Lex suggestions going! But please step away from Cranston, yes he is a great actor just coming of the back of a good series but if he hadn’t of shaved his head in the series he wouldn’t be mentioned?

    • Coby Bell

      • Moby.

        • Yes! Him or Jim Rash ;)

          • Luke Goss

            • Luke Goss woud be good. I also like Max Matini or Jason Patric

              • *Martini

                • I like Max Martini, just trying to imagine him as the bigger than life Lex. Patric could pull it off if he isn’t as tongue-in-cheek as his portrayal in The Losers. He certainly has a brooding, understated quality when he needs it–as does Max. Not sure if he’d shave his head though.

  14. If she wants the role she needs to beef up a bit

    • Don’t worry about weight, Bale went from 120 in the machinist to 220 to 190 on screen as Batman. This is extreme but he is not a superhuman, actors transform their bodies and have the best trainers, nutritionist, doctors etc around.

      • It’s not just weight, it’s also build. The chick’s a twig. She can pump all the iron she wants, she’ll always be a tiny little thing.

  15. They may as well call this justice league 0.5, its now becoming more and more apparent that
    warner brothers wants to challenge avengers 2 with this impatient fast and furious introduction
    of many characters without them doing a steady but proven road like mcu films. I also think
    this means zack synder knows wont be directing jla and is trying to put his stamp on this
    Next film as much as he can. The problem with hiring affleck is he is not going to passup directing
    Jla and starring in it.

    • Yeah you’re right with all these rumors of characters being introduced and no official press releases of anyone being cast other than Batman and Superman that’s a valid point. Ben Affleck being cast as Batman automatically means he will be directing JL and not stand alone Batman films also seems right on the money. Zack Snyder trying to put his stamp on future movies without any thought or interest in connection to source material sounds absolutely spot on.

      • “Ben Affleck being cast as Batman automatically means he will be directing JL…” How so?

        • I think Eddie was being sarcastic towards Rons silly post.

          The ONLY thing I hope they DO NOT DO is attampt to copy marvels formuala.

          X1, X2, Y1, Z1, TEAM UP! X3, Y2, Z2, TEAM UP! X4, y3, Z3, TEAM UP!

          I would rather see:

          X1, X+Y, Z+W, A+B, TEAM UP! Y+W+C, A+B+X, Z+D TEAM UP!

          • @DragonArcher23 yep sarcasm funny how people don’t get it.

            • Well, though I do speak a decent english, it’s not my native tongue. Also, sarcasm doesn’t translate well in writing. Emoticons can be useful sometimes.

    • As iconic as these two heroes are, Superman being the first real superhero and Batman being the second having come out just a year later, I don’t really think they need to try and compete with Avengers 2 very much. Box office draw is the only real competition and that’s all gonna come down to marketing. I think you’re right about Affleck probably directing JLA. I kinda hope he does; he’s an amazing director. As for this leading lady, I think it’s gonna Talia. She can provide a lot of back story to the “new” Batman without having to waste much time on exposition. Including her in the story also alludes to a bigger DC universe in ways that the other characters don’t. I don’t think she’s WW. I think they’re saving that character for later. Snyder isn’t gonna try to make this JL 0.5. He’s gonna bring in some side characters like Talia to support the story. Maybe we’ll see Perry White talking about “that lightning bolt guy in Central City” but I think that’s the only JL references we’re gonna get.

    • Fans want JL to come into existence. DC (and the fans) want it to happen in a different way than what Marvel did with the Avengers build-up, because they want to be original and not following lockstep in Marvel’s footsteps. So how would you do it, if their more organic approach doesn’t work for you?

      They don’t want to do the Marvel formula of “3 Individual movies, then team-up. 3 more movies, then team-up. 3 more movies, then 3rd team-up.” so what would you do in their shoes?

      • I would do exactly what they are doing.
        I might not make a SINGLE solo movie until AFTER JL (maybe #2)

        Do Batman/Superman and Green Lantern/Flash and Wonder Woman/Aqua Man. Sprinkle a few more minor characters into each one.

  16. Rumors are rumors. The movie won’t even start shooting ’till next year. Hold your horses ‘fore jumping the gun. The Wonder Woman, Flash, Nightwing rumors could be just that or they could be testing people for roles of future installments. Laying the groundwork for DCCU as it were. Who knows what Snyder and co are up to? It’s not like the people that are posting these rumors on the net went to his house, had a beer with him, and made him spill the beans on BvS.

    Sometimes I wonder if the people up in arms about the rumors aren’t just Marvel fanboys/girls trolling.

    • You wonder? its pretty blatant.

      • Hate on me all you want but I want Matthew McConaughey for Lex Luthor.

        • Matthew McConaughey would be perfect as lex .i know the movie will be amazing i just wish they found away to bring russell crowe back somehow

      • It’s only blatant for those who are willing to perpetuate an illusory war between the two companies.

        • Yeah and they are exactly the people I was talking about?

          • DC fanboys have their share in that war too. The way Naledge and you put it made it look like you guys were part of it. The most vocal against how the WB/DC universe is shaping are most probably the fanboys themselves! Like religious zealots, they have their vision of how it should be done and if it differs even only slightly from their wishes, then all hell breaks loose…

  17. Everybody keeps talking about Wonder Woman and virtually every female DC character except one, surprisingly enough considering she’s been teased in MoS: Kara Zor-El. Gal Gadot is, like Kofi said, much too slender to play WW but she’d make a great Supergirl. Thoughts?

    • Kara is dead and she’s been dead for thousands of years. Not to say there isn’t some comic book magic that can bring her back but this female role was initially and still is billed as a love interest for Bruce Wayne. Kara doesn’t fit the bill. While one could argue that hair color and such don’t really matter for casting, if you got a chance to see the MoS prequel comic Goyer penned, Kara is in fact portrayed as blonde and blue eyed. I think it’s safe to say that if we do see Kara in this universe, it won’t be until later. Gadot, with her looks and accent, is a perfect fit for Talia.

      • “Kara is dead and she’s been dead for thousands of years.” You don’t know that. All we can safely say at this point is that the open pod implies she survived the crash. Also, yes I’ve read the comic but Gadot has dyed her hair before, she can do it again and wear contacts. And I’m not only talking about her as Kara. What I mean is that since pre-production began, every actress whose name surfaced was rumored for this or that role but Kara. Makes little sense to me.

        • Well if you read the comic, you’d know that she and DEv-Em were fighting when the ship crashed with his hands around her throat. The open pod doesn’t mean she survived the crash. The blonde corpse in that other pod is most likely her. Now, all the DNA of the Kryptonians is inside Superman right now, so there is a chance he could bring her back. The reason nobody is suggesting that the role could be Kara is something I already addressed. The role is for a love interest for Bruce Wayne, which Kara has never been. It is extremely unlikely that she is the mysterious female role that is supposed to be a woman who can “go toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight” as the casting call stated. I’m sorry that it makes little sense to you, but it’s unrealistic to expect that Kara is who Gadot or any of the actresses have auditioned for. It’s probably Talia or Catwoman. I’m betting on Talia.

          • “The blonde corpse in that other pod is most likely her.”

            That would require that she came back to the ship after wandering off into the wild Earth, climbed back into the pod and put herself to sleep. Not impossible but not what the comic implies either.

            • All the comic shows is that someone left the ship (probably her, yes) and that the indigenous people had some contact with the symbol. Why isn’t it possible for her to have put herself back to sleep while she waited for a rescue party or something? The open pod could have been Dev-Em’s too or any of the other Kryptonian scientists he killed. Maybe she lived among the natives and instructed that she be placed back into the ship when she died and they fulfilled her wish. There’s any number of reasons why that could be her but mostly because she was the only blonde female on the ship. It’s her body. She’s dead. But more importantly, the role for which these women are being considered is not Kara. Whoever it is, she’s human.

              • Those scenarios are possible and even plausible.

                “It’s her body. She’s dead.” You don’t know if it’s her body. Being that certain of it is dumb. I didn’t claim she wasn’t dead. Other people did, not me, and yet you stick this “she’s dead! Srsly!” thing into your reply to me.

          • Like I said in my previous post, I’m not just talking about that specific role of Bruce’s love interest. Every single woman rumored to have been attached to the movie was speculated to be pretty much everyone from WW to Talia to Catwoman to Huntress to [insert name here] EXCEPT Kara. That’s odd considering she’s far from insignificant in the Superman mythos. And you can speculate all you want about the body in the pod being hers, the fact is we don’t know what happened to her, and I very much doubt they’d kill Supergirl before even getting her into a movie.

          • BTW there is no “blonde” corpse, there’s a corpse with grey, brittle hair, there’s no way to tell what color it was thousands of years ago.

            • Yeah, I was about to mention that but I wasn’t 100% sure and I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.

      • So Kara couldnt be interested in Bruce?

    • @bfg666

      Surprisingly, some of us spoke on the possibility of Kara on page 1, hours before your post. I doubt it’s Kara though, based on gut feeling. I don’t know why but Katee Sackhoff just popped into my head as I typed this.

      Sackhoff for Kara or Vicki perhaps?

      • Yeah, I missed that. About Katee Sackhoff, I hope not. She’s basically a bulldozer and I’d like my Supergirl somewhat less stocky and more feminine.

  18. I was thinking that she could be Sasha Bordeaux. Sasha works as a love interest for Bruce. In addition to this, her past experiences and connections to other DC characters/factions could lead to future development for her in subsequent films and connect this DCCU that WB seems to want to build together. Plus, Sasha is just a cool character in general.

  19. It HAS to be Talia she looks too much like her!

  20. I am getting “tired and weary” of these rumors

  21. Come to think of it, Gal does resemble or could pass for Liam Neeson’s daughter – as Talia and Ra’s al Ghul respectively. And Talia DOES comes back from the dead a few times in the comics. Well, that ship has come and gone. Marion Cotillard’s part as Talia was too downplayed to make an impact upon me. There was too much spotlight on the enigma of Bane and the sassiness of Selina Kyle that it eclipsed Talia’s role in the entire film (TDKR). Well, I would understand if it’s not going to be Talia simply because if you’re going to involve Talia then there’s a big change that you’ll involve Ra’s himself and that idea too, has come and gone.

    So whoever this female character is it’s going to be more of a surprise for some of us.

    • I think Talia is still the most likely role. Ra’s doesn’t have to appear. They could just talk about him and save him for a solo Batman movie later. This is a separate universe so anything is possible including casting a new Ra’s (as much as I loved Neeson in the role)

      • Possibele?

        Do you think there is ANYWAY the would cast Liam again as Ra’s? Really?

        • Absolutely not. Won’t happen. Snyder and crew have been very clear about this being separate from Nolan’s trilogy. They’ll probably cast someone who is more like the comic book version of Ra’s.

      • I agree.

    • @Van

      They downplayed Talia’s involvement in the movie for a reason, to make her revelation at the end more of a surprise, even though most people following the movie knew she was going to be Talia and ignored their constant “She’s not Talia, she’s Miranda Tate!” responses.

  22. Whatever character she plays, her story arc should be looking for her long lost hips and azz.

    • XD

  23. After rewatching Man of Steel I was really hoping for another stand-alone movie. Now it’s all about Batman and Nightwing and whoever the frack is or isn’t going to show up in this upcoming mini Justice League. Superman is lost in the sauce and it’s all about cameos.

    • I don’t think so. Batman’s inclusion (story wise; everything else is money) is a reaction to Superman’s appearance. Superman is going to be Batman’s central focus and thus the story’s.

  24. No one thinking about the phantasm making appearance? ANDREA BEAUMONT anyone???

    • That could be cool. She’s a very interesting character. Not too convinced that it would benefit the type of story they’re going for.She’s only one character and her connection throughout the DCU kinda stops with Batman. Talia alludes to a plethora of story lines and other characters. I think Snyder is really going to put effort into showing that this is an expansive universe and bring in characters that make it very easy to build on.

  25. I think these actresses are for super girl.

  26. The role is female Kryptonian – Open pod in the scout ship in MOS – whay can no one see this ??

  27. I like Gal Gadot but I’d prefer to see Elodie Yung portray Talia, if we see her at all.

  28. She’d be fantastic as Shiera Sanders

  29. What about lex’s assistant mercy?

    • Isn’t she an amazon, just like Diana? If Gadot is too slim to be WW, the same goes for Mercy.