‘Batman vs. Superman’ College Football Jerseys from Stadium Scene Revealed

Published 2 years ago by , Updated October 18th, 2013 at 5:51 pm,

Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Batman vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman College Football Jerseys from Stadium Scene Revealed

The final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, may have been the most divisive entry in the series, but it certainly concluded things with a bang, as it featured some of the most memorable and sophisticated set-pieces of all three films. The football stadium scene – in which the diabolical Bane unleashes his wrath during a sold-out game in Gotham – was a particular highlight of the trailers as well as the film – and earlier this week we learned that Zack Snyder will be shooting a football scene of his own for the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, though it might not be as big or integral to the film’s plot.

As previously reported, Snyder will use the October 19th game between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley College as the backdrop for a fictional match-up between bitter rivals Gotham City University and Metropolis State University. Extras have already been called to ELAC’s Weingart Stadium for a short scene that is said to involve “three plays during halftime [and] capturing the actors and crowd’s reactions.” 

Since the film’s main cast members are not expected to be in attendance, we probably won’t get a peek at Henry Cavill or Batfleck on set for a while yet, but with the scene filming this weekend, we have a first look at the jerseys the teams will be wearing in the movie.

Check them out below, via a Batman-News exclusive:


Reportedly, the scene is only expected to take 20 minutes to shoot, which might only amount to a matter of seconds in the film. Obviously, the scene is on a much smaller scale than the one Nolan took an entire day to film at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and considering the filmmakers were thinking about cutting it from David S. Goyer’s screenplay entirely, this scene is apparently not all that essential to moving the story along.

Then again, the fact that Snyder did ultimately decide to shoot the scene says that there must be some important tie-in to the overall theme/plot. While it’s very early in the production process, it’s hard to guess what that tie-in may be, but it’s possible the scene could help establish some sense of normalcy in Metropolis following the structurally and emotionally devastating city battle between Superman and General Zod in Man of Steel.

Feel free to speculate in the comments and also let us know what you think about the football uniforms.


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Batman-News

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  1. Looks to be the set-up of a Luthor/Wayne meet.

    Between the two of them, I bet they invent a sort of “red sun” device.

    Looking forward to see that version of Batman: the genius inventor, not the growling brawler.

    • I’m betting this Batman will be a full out martial artist and a gadget user in combat.

      • You mean like actual Batman? The one from the comics?

        We can only ‘S’…

        • If he does and actualy straight up fights superman it would be atrocious. Screw skill snd intellect batman should never be able to compete with superman. Batman should defeat superman with either trapping him in a chamber that changes the atmosphere. Or he needs to play mind games, reminding him of him letting his father die and killimg zod.

          • Unless they use Kryptonite or the atmosphere element, I don’t know how they’ll have Batman in a full contact fight with Superman. If they do end up using Kryptonite, I’m really hoping it doesn’t simply sap Superman of his powers. It’s understood that’s how it is in the comics but it’ll get old real fast in live action I find. I’m hoping they take the route of Superman having to have Krypton’s particles actually in his body and blood stream to have an effect. Maybe Batman will try to stab him with a piece of Kryptonite weakening him as the rock’s fragments slowly pass through his system? Who knows, but I’m sure Goyer is aware there are obstacles he has to surpass.

          • I think this movie will be all about discovering kryptonyte and how batman and luthor find out the effects that produce on superman. Then the three will fight each other to posses the new material that is actually really rare on earth. Could be…

            • Maybe a remake of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Superman, Batman, and Luther?

              • Haha! a superman vs batman western film. I can picture the scene of the duel confrontation. Could be a cool scene.

        • LMAO I got that joke we can only ‘S’ that other people do too

        • Awesome Man Of steel reference

        • Aha exactly.

    • what a tard comment

      • The first word of a sentence is capitalized. A sentence ends in a period.
        And thinking you are smart using the word tard only proves you are not.

        • You should never start a sentence with, “and”.


          • And that statement proves how little you know about English.

          • Get an education.

            There is a persistent belief that it is improper to begin a sentence with And, but this prohibition has been cheerfully ignored by standard authors from Anglo-Saxon times onwards. An initial And is a useful aid to writers as the narrative continues.

            The New Fowler’s Modern English Usage

    • I think…

      Luther is gonna fool the Bat & setting up a fight against Super. Then while Bat & Super engaged in their battle against each other, Lex is gonna come up with some horrible idea to eliminate both of them, having own bats fortune and supers gene at the same time.

      And if this go good, any one will be barely able to stand against him, other than BM, SM & WW. Could this be possible???

      (Just an idea, Don’t go crazy on me. I’m not a hardfan. Just a simple thought) :D

  2. I’m betting this scene will be on TV with some of the characters just watching the game.

    • Maybe while watching the game on TV, someone like Lex or Perry compares the game to Batman and Superman being at odds.

      • +1

        I would love to see Lex Luthor and Gordon having a conversation, comparing the Gotham vs Metropolis Football game to the Batman/Superman conflict while watching the match, going back and forth over the strongest hero out of the both (Lex being Pro-Superman, in the Superman v Batman conflict, since he views him as the only threat to human civilization, while Gordon is Pro-Batman, objecting that intellect reigns victorious over strength).

  3. I’m betting on you betting

    • well then i am betting on betting on him

      • The hell did I just type

  4. Lmao I just realized I said it twice.

  5. Under Armour for all the jerseys. I wonder how Nike and Reebok feel about that.

    • Like losers in the product placement bidding war.

  6. I still hope they bring back Michael Caine,Gary Oldman nd Morgan Freeman for batmans part of the story I mean how can u replace talent like that especially when Russell Crowe nd Michael Shannon will not be returning(that could hurt especially when people I know who don’t like superman went to see it just cuz of Christopher Meloni from svu)u gotta put big names in to round up the supporting cast.this scene probally wont even make the cut or be on the tv like the game in man of steel.

    • 1. This is a REBOOT which means you can’t bring back actors to play their role again, this is a new Batman that is in no way connected to Christian Bale’s portrayal Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine will never be in another Batman movie.

      2. You can easily replace talent in hollywood there is tons more waiting out there to have a chance.

      3. this is @kza95

      • 4)no one watches a movie just to see Christopher Meloni

        • 4.well technically ur right her grandkids wanted to see it but really my neighbor(shes like a 50 something year old woman)she said she like luvs Elliot nd russel crowe(him 2) she dosnt care about superman or anything(I mean idk but yeah)

          so im sure people will see certain names like ben Affleck or if they cast bryan Cranston nd will be more willing to see it if theyre fans that’s all im tryna get at.

      • 1.ok I was just thinking since goyer nd hans zimmer came back but yea ur right
        3.uhh true

  7. So I’m assuming the scene will be taking place in Gotham City since they have the home (dark) uniforms.

    • Not necessarily. In the Dark Knight Rises, the Gotham City Rogues were playing in their hometown during that stadium explosion. They were wearing the mostly yellow jersey with the black numbers

      • They were still wearing coloured jerseys, and the away team was wearing white jerseys.

  8. Yellow gotham uniform…can only assume bat’s suit will have bright yellow instead of that bronze

  9. This is just meh!

  10. My guess is it may not be the action on the field
    but rather the action in a stadium sky box that will be
    the focus of the scene with one logical owner of the team.

    • …logical owner if they were professional teams.

      These are universities, sir. ;)

      Still though, I agree with your idea about what the focus of this scene will be.

      • I see. I missed that, :D

        At least I may have the scene focus right.
        And Bruce could be the university’s main
        benefactor or some such connection.

        • u never know if clark or lois might be reporting for the daily planet or just in the stands if its the championship

          • Another possibility with the focus of he action off the field.

            • the action. Though he action is sort of works too :D

  11. To me, it will be early on in the film, simply there to establish to those not affiliated with this whole Batman and Superman in the same universe idea. Blink and you’ll miss it…

    The heart of the movie I still (with delusion) hope is Luther blackmailing Bruce Wayne to come out of retirement and pose the human v alien ideal role model for Earth question. Admittedly, this idea was formed when Bale was apparently circling a comeback. We’ll see. It is Zack Snyder after all and if there is one thing ‘Man of Steel’ proved (in my opinion, so don’t flame me), it is that when scenes do not involve a lot of money and things going boom, finesse is not exactly his raison d’être.

  12. I like how the football jerseys are Red(Metropolis) and Black & Yellow (Gotham City). Pays homage to their super hero home towns.

  13. What if Cyborg attends one of these colleges and gets injured and this is going to be partially his origin story in the movie universe??? He was mentioned in the first one… What do you guys think… I love to elaborate!

    • I think that would be a very ati-climactic way for him to become Cyborg

      • “Ah man my hamstring! Quick, cyborg implants!

        • I meant the dude gets paralyzed

          • We know what you meant. We’re saying “injured in a football game” isn’t that fitting for a hero origin.

            • haha some people really aren’t born to be screenwriters

    • Was he mentioned in the first one?

      • yeah when clark was watching TV and Martha saw Zod’s ship

    • If an injury happens in this game with Victor Stone, I expect there to be something later mentioned about an explosion of some type at the hospital they were keeping him in for overnight observation (I’m not entirely sure what type of sport injury would require an overnight observation. Severe concussion maybe?)

      Said explosion, combined with the concussion, would be the reason for immediate medivac to STAR Labs where his father can fix him up.

      Of course, in MoS, I expect that we only see the concussion, and maybe the failure to stop the explosion just another piece of ammo for Batman to use vs. Superman on why he’s not fit to be a hero.

    • Wait, he was mentioned?

  14. This has me thinking.. I wonder what was the most expensive scene that never made the actual film.. Be a cool piece for ScreenRant right there :)

  15. Awesome, a college football game brings a little sense of reality into the fantasy world.

    I hope they do something cool with one of the team’s helmets, something original like the University of Michigan Wolverines, rather than just having the school’s logo on the side of the helmet.

    PS. how cool would it be to buy one of those jerseys.

  16. “Lost Angeles”, huh? “Well we’re just blogging, if our diction and grammar isn’t correct then it’s not a big deal!!” What worthless commentary on an already utterly worthless site. Ice pick yourselves in the face, turds.

    • And yet you took the time to post here. What does that make you?
      A typo is the Queen’s English compared to you calling people turds.

      • +1

      • Robert…

        Ignore him. Look at his screen name…obviously, he’s just a silly coward who can’t reveal any part of himself and chooses, instead, to insult those with whom he cannot compare.

        Sad, really…

      • Ignore him bud, he’s most likely just another ten year old.

        • Don’t insult ten years old like that.

  17. Even if only briefly, this will be in the film. No way Under Armor pays to get their logo in the film only to have it cut lol.

  18. The jerseys are fine. I don’t really think it matters much what they look like as they keep the color schemes and they look like actual jerseys. As far as the scene goes, I’m hoping they use it as a reflection of a conversation between Bruce and Clark. Maybe they’re debating their opposite takes on fighting crime, maybe Bruce is lecturing him, or something like that. As they talk, the camera cuts between them and the players on the field, mirroring the way their conversation is going where GCU represents Bruce and MCU represents Clark. The scene could end with Bruce scoring one of those famous one-liner Bat-burns as GCU wins the game and he just gets up and leaves like a boss.

  19. Lois and Clark are in Gotham covering a story on Bruce Wayne. Bruce invites them to his box seats. Bruce starts flirting with Lois trying to get her to say ANYTHING about Superman. Lois plays coy and starts asking questions abou the Batman. Bruce is completely ignoring Clark and Clark is being all nerdy and clumsy. Bruce leaves unexpectedly to take care of some “business” Clark suspects something because he uses super hearing or x ray vision or something. And follows him. Which ultimatley leads to the moment we’ve been waiting. Batman and Superman MEET. And Scene

    • While I’m not sure if Snyder is gonna spend 20 minutes filming part of the scene that leads up to the two meeting, I like the setup. I’m really hoping for a first encounter like the one from the Bruce Timm animated series.

  20. Is the color scheme of the jerseys any indication that the black/yellow Batman look is gonna be happening?

    • Could also be a way to pay homage to the old color scheme.

      I mean they could go a variety of ways with the suit colors. Black and red, grey and blue, black and yellow, black and bronze…

    • it’s the same color scheme seen in comics

      • Well, the yellow at least would somewhat foreshadow Booster Gold’s own colors as he was a star quarterback for Gotham University in the 25th century :)

  21. I’m sure it is just going to be a fun foreshadowing of the whole dynamic between Batman and Superman, nothing more than that.

  22. This gonna be the best movie evre hopefully.

  23. Funny,the closest we got to a true Batman is from cartoons & 60′s tv show :D

  24. Every NFL team is playing right now, so who are the real life stand-ins? I’ll go with free agents/wash-ups/retirees