‘Batman V Superman’ Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

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Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumor Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

For those who haven’t been keeping count, it’s an understatement to say Zack Snyder has plenty to accomplish in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Besides growing his Superman from the events of Man of Steel, introducing a brand new Batman and adapting Wonder Woman to the big screen, he’s also rumored to be laying the foundations for Cyborg, Aquaman, and more for a future Justice League universe. Even for a superhero movie, that’s one full plate.

So is it possible that on top of all that, Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer will be adding Doomsday (the creature that brought about “The Death of Superman”) as well? While most casual comic fans would take the stance that a story and villain as that would demand an entire film to itself, rumors surfaced months ago that Doomsday would, in fact, be playing a significant role.

Of course, that was all before fans realized that Batman V Superman would not be just a simple sequel to Superman’s reboot, but the launching pad for an entire shared movie universe of DC Comics’ heroes. But the latest rumors once again surround the alien bruiser, as BleedingCool reports that their sources have seen Doomsday “designs” related to the upcoming film.

Superman Doomsday Movie Rumors Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

Don’t expect any more insights though, since that is the beginning and end of the rumor. So as those suspecting that Snyder intends to kill Superman take this as further evidence, we would warn that the mere inclusion of Doomsday (or simply designs exploring a film version which could be completely unrelated) doesn’t mean his most iconic story will be adapted as well.

For starters, it’s hard to believe that either Snyder or Warner Bros. would want to kill off Superman just as their Justice League universe is getting off the ground. And with the world in on the secret that Doomsday doesn’t really kill off the big blue Boy Scout, such an ‘iconic’ scene wouldn’t carry anywhere near the weight on film that it did in the comics (a fact that Snyder and Goyer would most certainly be aware of).

That being said, Doomsday’s presence in the DC universe hasn’t been limited to a single arc. Whether rebuilt, re-imagined, or simply recreated to bring up nasty memories for Clark Kent, the Doomsday design has been surprisingly versatile. Including an army of said creatures concocted by Darkseid, who has also been rumored to appear as a villain in BvS:DoJ.

Batman V Superman Doomsday Plot Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

It’s also worth pointing out that the most reasonable expectation for Batman V Superman (as we’ve said from the start) is that Batman will seek to challenge Superman on moral grounds, with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) handling the physical threat. Since a literal Batman/Superman fight would be a short one, it’s been expected that Lex would release some threat – be it Metallo, a mechanized monster, or some other villainous powerhouse – that would force Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman into combat (and into uniform) together.

Could that monster be Doomsday, or some variation? Since Superman’s ‘death’ brought about scorn from some comic fans (forever cheapening a superhero’s ultimate sacrifice), and was already used for suspense in Superman Returns (2006), it would always have been a risky move for Snyder to attempt the same trick. But unleash Lex Luthor’s ‘Doomsday Weapon’ bearing a similarity to the comic book villain, and fans would be nothing but pleased.

That’s obviously just our speculation, but with the already sizable cast, it has always seemed that the physical threat in Batman V Superman would simply play its role of uniting DC’s ‘Big Three.’ That sells Doomsday short, but if the character was never going to appear at all… it’s simply a nod to fans.

We’ll keep you updated as more information arrives, but what do you think of Doomsday’s chances? Could a big screen death of Superman really work one more time?

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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Source: BleedingCool

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  1. Using Doomsday right now would be premature. He’s too big of a bad guy to use in the second movie.

    Just don’t! Not now. Save Doomsday for later, okay. So just DON’T put him in the movie. IT’S TOO EARLY!

    • Chill man chill. It’s only rumor. Just cause Bleeding Cool said they saw something doesn’t mean they actually did. Some people like to stir the pot just to get people talking.

  3. As long as it makes sense, it doesn’t matter who the villain is to me. The fights have to be IMAX 3-D worthy. :-)

  4. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD A while back Latino Review had pictures of the superman statue destroyed with a line of people all bringing flowers to the staues remains.This could not mean much but its possible that superman dies (not permanently of course)and that doomsday or someone else killed him.Though it could possibly mean many things so take it with a grain of salt that Doomsday could kill him and that his death could unites all heroes to make the justice league.

  5. WOW! im surprised rolan is not here slapping his sack over this article! But he is prob. just trolling the Marvel comments.

    Anyway I hope IF the have Doomsday it is just a tease for the real JL movie, but if they keep adding s**t to this movie there might not be a JL, this one is gonna have so much going on that ppl wont be able to figure it out! YES I know all movies have a ton of actors but ppl just want a good movie 1st and foremost NOT a giant fluster cuck

    • lol. Rolan will be here shortly. Don’t you worry about that.

    • ther is no room for fans of the unknow comics of marvel.. doomsday is a great choice,but you guys dont worth my time to explain why so… well at least they are not pulling out a loki..lol

      • I see elementary school has gotten out.

      • Does your mother know you’re using the internet?

      • and there he is… Trollin rolan, slobbin the DC knob as we speak! Shouldn’t this I-d-I-o-t be in summer school? OH that’s right they don’t do summer school for kindergarteners, they just pass them along for the world to deal with another… m-o-r-o-n

  6. I would say a big threat, would probably be Bizarro. There’s no way they would kill Superman when they’re just starting their shared universe.

    • Superman could always “die” until he’s bathed in the warm glow of our yellow sun. ;)

      Just sayin’, happened before…

  7. For awhile, I’ve been hoping that Momoa will be Amazo, it would really show Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman what they could do if they teamed up and combined their efforts since Amazo can absorb the powers of other people and use it against them.

    Using Doomsday now would be a mistake. Maybe later, but not now.

    • Amazo is a no go in my view.

      The android is based on the technology of a “earth human” by the name of Professor Ivo.
      In this universe, there is no evidence of humans having the ability to create an seemingly omnipotent android.

  8. Please, Snyder. Can we just stick with this current line-up and not waste Doomsday in the middle of this potential clusterphuck.

  9. Well, since WB has already hired an actor to play an obnoxious Lex Luthor and a Weary Batfleck, anything can happen. Bring them all. At this point, they should also include the Joker as well. What a lost opportunity to a sequel to MoS!

    • The sequel to mos is slated for like 2018-2019. This is not a direct sequel this is an expansion of the existing story and the impacts of mos in a broader worldwide context for that DC movie universe. They’ve been pretty clear about that.

      • +1 to lazerblazer for actually reading up on a month-old piece of news before commenting on the film. Always annoys me when people say “boo hoo, MOS sequel ruined” when we’re 4-5 years away from the MOS sequel, which WB and DC said themselves.

        • WB/DC have not confirmed that a MOS sequel will come out 2017-2018 that was just rumor but you are right that BvS is not a direct sequel

          • Well… I mean…

            Sequel: “an event or circumstance following something; subsequent course of affairs.”

          • Depends on definition of sequel. A sequel could follow up on 1 characters storylin, or follow up on the over-all storyline, so both MoS 2 and BvS could be considered sequels to MoS. Think of it as a sequel to the expanding universe and not just Superman.

            After all, Superman isn’t alone in the DCU.

            Semantics aside, I’ve thought for a long time that the apparent death of Superman would inspire the Justice League in his memory, and then he returns to lead. Doomsday would be ideal for this. This would also explain the rumor that they are shooting BvS and JL back-toback- to make a single storylin for 2 movies(like Zod in the old Superman movies, or something like the Matrix 2 & 3)

            I get why people don’t want him to be prematurely used, cause he’s an awesome villain on paper, but as a character he’s pretty shallow, and functions more like a plot device than anything else.

            If Doomsday turns out be the threat they have to unite against I wouldn’t mind, cause he can always be used later(cause he’s a plot device :P). Personally I would be more unhappy if they made it another alien threat like Brainiac or Darkseid. That would be too early imo.

            My top 3 supporting villains (lex being the main) would be:

            1. Bizarro
            2. Doomsday
            3. Metallo and/or Parasite

  10. Im still going with lex using zods dead body/tissues as the basis for experimentation and thus creation of a doomsday-like entity. They can call it doomsday but for the comicbook people freaking out this is not the classic alien interpretation from that 2006 death of superman run. Honestly though doomsday is a boring character and will exist (or some other powerful variant/enemy) to force the heroes to work together just as this article speculates. There only so much u can do with story, given the needs for action etc and the power of a superman/wonder woman combo u need a enemy able to give them a hard time… So using my idea of doomsday.. And in snyder fashion I dont think well be seeing just one of them come out of lex’s labs.. But a small army. Also ties in with the rumors and possible third act payoff of batman’s drone army.. No way u can show them early in gotham and not have that payoff at the end of the film (if the rumors are true).

  11. Bringing Doomsday might trigger the death of superman story and with Soups dying in this movie would open a pretty good reason why there has to be a justice league, which will then have the victory over doomsday as its plot

  12. Hahhaha Doomsday too early only means desperatism, this coming from a DC and Marvel fan. Smh DC is playing Catch throwing all these major characters in only the SECOND movie in their DCU. Might as well introduce Teen Titans, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, And Aquaman and the Atlanteans and the Amazons having an allout war, plus don’t forget some cameos from a young Bruce Wayne and Commisioner Gordon plus Arrow and Barry Allen! Hahahaha should make for a great 5hr 32min movie!

    • dude, are you bleeding down there fanboy? dc have tons of good villans they can do this, marvel in the other hand not so much..lol

      • Did you just say DC has better and more villains than Marvel? Are you high?? Marvel has the best villains in all of comics save for 2 (Joker and Darkseid). These 10 villains are better than any DC villain….

        Dr. Doom
        Mr. Sinister
        Red Skull

        I could probably go on. But other than Joker and Darkseid, who would easily be top 10 villains in all of comics, there is nobody in DC that makes the top 10 list. I would consider Deathstroke, Sinestro and Doomsday all close, but no way are they as good as the guys on that list of Marvel villains.

        Clearly this is opinion based, but its the right opinion…….lol

        • Please Magneto is an anti-hero not a villian so count him out, unless it’s 6160 ultimate Magneto.

        • I’m Chris

        • rolan lord gimp!

        • I hope that’s a joke. 90% of people who have only seen comic book movies may not know them, but any real comic book reader knows exactly who every one of those characters are.

        • LMMFAO @

          Mr. Sinister
          Red Skull

          OOOOKKKKKAAAAYYYYYYYY Man! Fanboy much?

    • I normally don’t say this but you sound like a troll there, Lee. You should refrain from posting again until you’ve grown up and matured a little.

  13. This might now be Snyder’s decision but the studio’s executives. By checking comments on the first film, you can see that Snyder’s objective was to continue Supes story and establish him as a hero among humans. Ergo, I said it is a missed opportunity.

  14. doomsday or metallo ,got to be some one worthy ,is the jl not the avengers they need a good reasson to team up.. what do you want a loki type character.
    (lame and weak)

    • This kid sounds like an ex who was just dumped.
      It’s OK buddy, did mean old Marvel hurt you?

  15. You know what else refuses to die? Reporting of rumors and overreaction to rumors by stupid fanboys.

    • Cmon know, there’s no room for logical statements like that in the midst of fanboy rage. :)

  16. I think it makes a lot of sense. They are building up a universe, and while I’m still against the concept of a DC shared cinematic universe, for the Man of Steel franchise it would make sense to hint at Doomsday for an upcoming feature. Snyder and co. are adapting the Modern Era of Superman’s comics, and Doomsday is the biggest threat he faced in the modern comics, without Doomsday the franchise will feel left out. Good on them.

  17. Where is trollin? I mean rolan?….

    (looking through the chat room)

    OH THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!

  18. Don’t you think it would be in DCs best interest to introduce kryptonite into the DC movie universe before Doomsday can come around? Metallo just makes sense bc Lex could come across some kryptonite, power a terminator-like machine and have a serious awesome movie that makes sense.

  19. You know what else refuses to die? These boiling genital warts on the tip of my member.
    But yeah anyway, I’ve already seen the movie and Superman only faces Batman for 7 minutes then they meet wonder woman and roll a doobie and sing “Kum-by-yah” around Gotham bonfire for 123 minutes . Lex and Mercy make sweet love for 44 minutes and she gets preggers than the last 2 minutes of the movie she names the baby Justice

    Dawn of Justice refers to Lex’s baby boy

    CAUTION: Take This Comment Seriously At Your Own Risk

  20. I think using Doomsday for Man of Steel 2 would be more appropriate.

  21. Supermans’ death was seen in Superman Returns? What?

  22. With all of the set-up of Kryptonian AI in Man of Steel you would think we’d finally see Braniac on film. Would make sense that Lex would capture remnant tech from debris left behind from Zod’s ship and the World Engine – and maybe discover and release Brainiac to destroy Superman. Of course he breaks from Lex’s control and seeks to destroy Earth.

    • They can totally pull a Winter Soldier with this and make Brainiac and A.I that was secretly leading Krypton towards it’s destruction beginning with artifical breeding.

      • NO! I mean, with all due respect, may it please the court (HI, I’m Ultron!) but enough with everything tying back to freakin’ Krypton ffs!

        There are other planets out there, a larger friekin’ Multiverse (not just Universe) and to be successful especially in this day & age you have to embrace a large map instead of homogenizing things for the sake of simplicity & SFX budgets. The true original Brainiac, for instance, hails from the planet Colu & is a renegade organic computer life form with a 12th Level Intelligence & that’s it that’s all…Oh, & he’s into really, really small things. He even invented a big shrinking (hehe)ray to fuel his villainous addiction, no matter how tiny it may be. Maybe The Atom can end up helping him with that. Only time’s small hand can count the minutes…lol ;-)

        Your idea is good Big Boss but I find it lessens the weight of a world’s design (Krypton) if we then tie all sorts of things back to it, just to be simple (they also did in the comics, which only halfway worked for me). Anyway, your idea would still work even if Brainiac isn’t the Kryptonian Computer version.

        Up, up & oh Wow!

  23. Wow! I doubt if this is true. Reason this is excatly what happened in the fake script. Zsaz, cain, doomsday, ect, should be taken with a grain of salt. Fact we know superman,wonder woman, batman and lex luthor are 100% confirmed. Aquaman is a rumor. Vic stone is said to have a small part…not cyborg…vic stone the boy who becomes cyborg. Also this is not a mos sequel. Wb confirmed it is the start of a shared universe leading to a justice league. So we have 3 heroes, one villian, and a ton of extras like alfred, ma kent, perry, and lois confirmed. Everything else is just rumor. Please I keep waiting cfor the green arrow tweeted a pic of green arrow and batman…..green arrows in batman v superman…..or oh look grant gustin is hanging with so and so who said I wanna be nightwing…..he’s in flash as nightwing wait that means nightwings in batman v superman. Unless wb or zach announches it I take all information as rumors.

    • Agreed unless it is absolutely confirmed by DC/WB take everything as a rumor and nothing more.People are judging this movie already by some of the rumors and that is just wrong.

  24. Oh no a troll on the internet somebody call Superman
    anyway yea this movie is recieving plenty of backlash but thats to be expdcted thats like expecting everyone to love the president

  25. I agree they should save Doomsday for the MoS sequel. Metallo would be a much better fit for this movie. Oh and by the way BvS is going to be huge you just wait and see these guys know what they’re doing!

    • Hint at Doomsday ( maybe a failed experiment as a result Krypton’s baby factory, I mean that alone can be tied to the Doomsday’s origin), and introduce either Metallo and his kyrptonite heart, or Bizarro using blood samples from both Superman and Zod.

  26. I keep hearing that some big announcements are going to be made at Comic Con not only concerning Batman/Superman/WW but that they will also made some additional annoucements concerning the villians in this movie.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if they had more than 1 villian in the movie with maybe the 2nd villian being introduced at the very end

  27. If they do Doomsday right,and it works well for the story,I’m fine with it.Personally,I would like to see Vandal Savage who would make a good adversary for Batman or maybe Soloman Grundy.

    For Supes,I would LOVE to see Bizzaro played by a bulked up Brandon Routh or Tom Welling,just for the meta aspect of it.

    Whoever they add,they absolutely have to find a way to bring back Faora.She’s the single best female comic character EVER!

    • Routh and Tom Welling can play alternate versions of Superman if they if want to introduce the multiverse

      • I’m a big fan of ideas like this, if only WB/DC got around to pulling the trigger on it…Dare to dream lol ;-)

  28. @Doom Thanos and Apocalypse are Darkseid knockoffs. I hope this isn’t true seems very rushed and they should build up a major villain like Doomsday

  29. Man Doomsday will be in Man of Steel 2 June 2019 the same summer of the Batman reboot plus I think that fall we should be expecting a Agassi origin movie for he will be teased at the end of the Justice League movie. Foesnt anyone else think that Lexs baby will he named Justice as the result of his lovemaking with Mercy Graves and why is it so unbelievable that Superman and Batman would role a doobie and sing Kum-by-yah around a Gotham campfire! Who’s the real troll I mean a fan can dream right?

    CAUTION: Take This Comment Seriously At Your Own Risk