‘Batman V Superman’ Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

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Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumor Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

For those who haven’t been keeping count, it’s an understatement to say Zack Snyder has plenty to accomplish in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Besides growing his Superman from the events of Man of Steel, introducing a brand new Batman and adapting Wonder Woman to the big screen, he’s also rumored to be laying the foundations for Cyborg, Aquaman, and more for a future Justice League universe. Even for a superhero movie, that’s one full plate.

So is it possible that on top of all that, Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer will be adding Doomsday (the creature that brought about “The Death of Superman”) as well? While most casual comic fans would take the stance that a story and villain as that would demand an entire film to itself, rumors surfaced months ago that Doomsday would, in fact, be playing a significant role.

Of course, that was all before fans realized that Batman V Superman would not be just a simple sequel to Superman’s reboot, but the launching pad for an entire shared movie universe of DC Comics’ heroes. But the latest rumors once again surround the alien bruiser, as BleedingCool reports that their sources have seen Doomsday “designs” related to the upcoming film.

Superman Doomsday Movie Rumors Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

Don’t expect any more insights though, since that is the beginning and end of the rumor. So as those suspecting that Snyder intends to kill Superman take this as further evidence, we would warn that the mere inclusion of Doomsday (or simply designs exploring a film version which could be completely unrelated) doesn’t mean his most iconic story will be adapted as well.

For starters, it’s hard to believe that either Snyder or Warner Bros. would want to kill off Superman just as their Justice League universe is getting off the ground. And with the world in on the secret that Doomsday doesn’t really kill off the big blue Boy Scout, such an ‘iconic’ scene wouldn’t carry anywhere near the weight on film that it did in the comics (a fact that Snyder and Goyer would most certainly be aware of).

That being said, Doomsday’s presence in the DC universe hasn’t been limited to a single arc. Whether rebuilt, re-imagined, or simply recreated to bring up nasty memories for Clark Kent, the Doomsday design has been surprisingly versatile. Including an army of said creatures concocted by Darkseid, who has also been rumored to appear as a villain in BvS:DoJ.

Batman V Superman Doomsday Plot Batman V Superman Doomsday Rumors Refuse To Die

It’s also worth pointing out that the most reasonable expectation for Batman V Superman (as we’ve said from the start) is that Batman will seek to challenge Superman on moral grounds, with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) handling the physical threat. Since a literal Batman/Superman fight would be a short one, it’s been expected that Lex would release some threat – be it Metallo, a mechanized monster, or some other villainous powerhouse – that would force Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman into combat (and into uniform) together.

Could that monster be Doomsday, or some variation? Since Superman’s ‘death’ brought about scorn from some comic fans (forever cheapening a superhero’s ultimate sacrifice), and was already used for suspense in Superman Returns (2006), it would always have been a risky move for Snyder to attempt the same trick. But unleash Lex Luthor’s ‘Doomsday Weapon’ bearing a similarity to the comic book villain, and fans would be nothing but pleased.

That’s obviously just our speculation, but with the already sizable cast, it has always seemed that the physical threat in Batman V Superman would simply play its role of uniting DC’s ‘Big Three.’ That sells Doomsday short, but if the character was never going to appear at all… it’s simply a nod to fans.

We’ll keep you updated as more information arrives, but what do you think of Doomsday’s chances? Could a big screen death of Superman really work one more time?

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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Source: BleedingCool

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  1. i think lex is going to try to make a clone of superman to protect the world and then accidentally makes bizzaro

    • Mister Mxyztplk and Bizzaro are two villains that you can bet won’t be making it to the big screen any time soon, which is for the best.

      • Bizarro that is based off New 52 sure why not? Mxyztplk is still tricky yes but possible.

        • Well you can be certain he won’t be called Bizarro considering Goyer’s stance on Martian Manhunter’s name. Honestly I have no hope for this movie either way.

          • Martian Manhunter is a stoopid name!

  2. I think Luthor will create a Superman clone with cadmus that someone will summon somehow. Since it won’t hold back it’ll require the big three to fight it

  3. Woow, so many rumors and disinformation surround this movie. I mean, who is in charge of the marketing of this film? Hideo Freaking Kojima?

  4. “Life the biggest troll but the jokes on us
    Cause the jokes showed up”-Childish Gambino

    But yeah, Aquaman will appear in end credits with one of his servants announcing they have pinpointed Supermans location and plan to act

    • There wont be any end credits scenes.
      I’ll bet heavy against it anyway.

  5. Wouldnt it make sense to do what Marvel and Fox are doing with X men and Avengers and tease him at the end of this film in maybe a post credit scene? Set him up as the big bad for the Justice League movie or Superman 3.

    • This isn’t Sprite vs Montain Due , or Pepsi vs Coke.

      This is a universe of heroes with vastly different origins than Marvel’s Avengers. And why should DC model it’s introduction of these characters on Marvel’s anyway? I don’t want DC to be like Marvel! I want DC to do its own thing.

    • No, just no.

  6. I don’t know what everyone is so upset about. Doomsday flat out denied the rumor earlier today on his Twitter account.

    • LOL tee hee :-)

  7. The superpowered threat needs to be Bizarro. It makes sense since Henry Cavill could arguably play both roles and Bizarro was created by Lex both in the Golden Age comics and the New 52. Doomsday should remain the finale of the trilogy, saving the most earth-shattering superman story arc for last. The same way that Knightfall became the basis for The Dark Knight Rises.

    Also, imagine giving Bizarro a kryptonite-powered edge, making him lethal in both strength and touch to Superman. Batman and Wonder Woman could provide ground support while Superman uses the resources around him to take down Bizarro in a different manner than he did General Zod, this proving that he can protect the planet from alien threats without leveling an entire city. If the whole movie is about humanity questioning Superman’s tactics during the Battle of Metropolis and Lex wants to prove him fallible once and for all, that type of victory would solidify him as a hero. Smallville did something in this manner, using kryptonite to strengthen Bizarro while the Sun proved deadly to his skin.

    • “this proving that he can protect the planet from alien threats without leveling an entire city”

      I am just wondering how people like you even watch movies?

      • They don’t, really. They spend their time making as many jabs as possible, losing at least half the film for all their glug glug bla hohahe. That’s when the real fun begins cuz they’ll whine bloody murder at all the stuff that makes no sense (aka the 60% of the movie they paid zero attention to cuz they’re…).

    • @ Tyler
      You watched too much Smallville didn’t you? This sounds like a terrible plot.
      Also, your lack of grammar is sad.

  8. Would love to see a twist on Doomsday down the road. Not this moive though. Would like to see him be the barbinger for Darkseid.

  9. Save Doomsday for a future movie its too soon to introduce him. Instead Metallo should the villian he would be a threat to all three heroes.

  10. “But unleash Lex Luthor’s ‘Doomsday Weapon’ bearing a similarity to the comic book villain, and fans would be nothing but pleased.” Please NO! if i want to see Doomsday on the big screen please try to make it look just like the original story from the 90´s. No lex´s weapon bull****t!!! in fact i think that an option to bring Doomsday to this cinematic franchise could be that ZOD´s body will become DOOMSDAY, that would be a good twist to introduce Doomsday!

  11. If they kill Superman in this sequel then how will they make Justice League coming up ?

    • if they do kill superman in this movie, you would think they would have to follow the animated Movie ‘Doomsday’. there is a clone in that movie who after doing lex’s bidding takes over as the original superman later on. also had the statue in that one aswell.
      I think they may have a hint towards Doomsday but not use him, I think Metallo will be the first of many working for lex, but as reported Morgan Edge will make appearance in this movie aswell. I think adding doomsday in a major role would be too much. JMO

    • A. Why not Bizzaro?
      B. Who ever said there was no such thing as Kryptonite?
      C. What does time have to do with Doomsday’s appearance? People equate Doomsday to Superman’s death, but from my limited knowledge Superman has won more often than he has been killed by Doomsday, and Doomsday is the type of creature/villian that evolves after defeat, making it plausible to use him in several movies.
      D. The blood would most likely have been sucked into the Phantom Zone with the rest of the ship.

  12. Batman Vs Superman….. That says to me either of 2 things. 1. Batman is pissed at Superman wrecking one of his satellites and goes after him using Gerenal Zod’s armour which Lex happens to find on his building site or 2. Superman is cloned using the genetic material within his skin / blood and hence the title…. Superman gets a beating off evil supes (Bizarro), Batman steps up, nicks Lex’s/Zod’s battle suit and fights with the cloned evil version with Wonder Woman making the tea… :)

  13. Ladies ladies ladies there will be no Metallo or Bizzaro or Braniac. This is Goyer were talking about. Lol the next villain will either be Darkseid or a fantastically dumbed down version of Parasite

  14. I hope they do use Doomsday for this movie. I hate it when they try to save villains like they did with Sinestro. If Green Lantern would have used Sinestro instead of the evil cloud it would have been a better movie.

    Its never too soon to use a great villain. Besides I want to see Brainiac for MOS 3. I hope they use Metallo and Doomsday. Doomsday would be a powerful enough villain for Batsman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Metallo would just be a deadly villain to Superman.

    They have to make a big splash with this movie and Doomsday would do it. I don’t want to see Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman take on Lex Luthor and Toyman that would be boring. I expect to see top notch action in this movie. Doomsday, Metallo and Lex Luthor would provide that.

    • I hope they use Doomsday also. Superman has plenty of villains to use. I am personally tired of Lex Luthor as the villain.

      I would love to see Vandal Savage or Brainiac. Plus Doomsday always comes back from defeat even more powerful and dangerous.

      How many MOS movies do you think they can do? Four at the most if they are lucky.

      I hope to see Doomsday, Metallo, Bizarro, Parasite, Solomon Grundy, Vandal Savage, Mongul in future MOS movies.

      I hope the villains for Justice League are
      1. Justice league 1- Darkseid. With all his soldiers besides Parademons
      2. Justice League 2- Injustice league (Legion of Doom) With Amazo
      3. Justice league 3- Crime Syndicate or Justice Lords

  15. zod, lex, doomsday

    that’s the way it should go.

    Doomsday is Superman’s Bane.

    Superman needs to either get messed up or “killed off” and then start to slowly reappear in Justice League to fill in the gap left by Superman’s death. His death should be the kicker to starting it.

  16. I’m not really a fan of Doomsday really I like how he always comes with a great action packed brawl but other than that he doesn’t entertain me as much as other super villains do. I think from a story aspect it might work if done a certain way I could picture them having Superman struggle with the burden and weight of being Superman by trying to convoke Arthur Orin Curry and Diana princess of the Amazons to take a stance as heroes but then Batman comes along with his very different view of things and causes Superman to feel down on himself and not feel like a hero anymore then Arthur and Diana feel as though he is also less of a hero than he claims to be and the climax of the film is an ultimate showdown with Superman and Doomsday in Gotham City and Superman is forced to push himself beyond physical belief and stop Doomsday… however although superman slays the creature he is unfortunately beat to death shocking the whole world and inspiring the other heroes to form a league of heroes to battle injustice and in the Justice league movie the league discovers that Superman has been brought back to life. This is how I would do it I don’t know if it would end up happening but we’ll see Doomsday does make for good action scenes and I wouldn’t mind him being a creation of Luthor at all, Luthor can make a real menacing villain if done in a way that it needs to be done and thats really the case with any character in any kind of story… In all seriousness I don’t mind Jesse Isenberg in the part in truth I do not hate any of this casting I just feel as thought the movie is overcrowded and a lot of it feels forced and also I didn’t even care for Man of Steel that much so that doesn’t help me out at all. But hey it could be great we’ll see what happens.

    • I always thought this film should of had Mongul as the big physical threat. He could of been informed of some transmission zod and/or his crew while they were looking for superman , which gives him the location of earth , in which he decides he means to rule over it.

      Mongul and Lex for Bats vs Supes would of been my way. Then you can save Dooms for later film and still can mess with a load of other supes villians while introducing a very underrated DC villian in Mongul.

  17. I don’t know whether the rumors are true or not, but I thought it was odd that there was a scene in Man of Steel where the Kryptonian female villain knocks Superman into a pancake house and, as he’s getting up, starts monologuing …the camera cuts to a close up of her face as she stops ominously and says the line, “Evolution always wins.” And Doomsday’s power is … super evolution.

  18. I think lex will have zods body and trying to find supermans weakness he activates the doomsday genome in zod and beats superman to death

  19. it’d make sense for batman and superman to initially fight each other (as we’ve seen many times) , lex luthor tries to intervene but fails, then creates doomsday in an attempt to stop them, then they have an enemy in common thus creating a partnership that will lead to the justice league sequels, boom