Should ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Include Dick Grayson’s Nightwing?

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Dick Grayson Nightwing Batman vs. Superman movie New 52 Version Should Batman vs. Superman Include Dick Graysons Nightwing?

Lot of big movies coming in 2015 - Batman vs. Superman, Avengers 2, maybe Star Wars 7 – and since all of them are ‘shrouded in secrecy,’ it leaves a lot of room for some (fun or exhausting – depending on your outlook) speculation about what MIGHT be happening in these respective films. 

As of late, Batman vs. Superman has been producing quite a few big rumors – namely that the list of DC Comics superheroes included in the film may not be confined to just Batman and Superman. There have been leaks about multiple actresses who fit the bill of Wonder Woman being tested for the film – and today brings a rumor that a certain famous superhero sidekick could be making an appearance, as well.

In their latest guerilla-style scoop, Latino-Review is claiming that Dick Grayson (a.k.a. the original Robin, then later Nightwing, and later Batman II, then Nightwing again) could be making an appearance in Batman vs. Superman. However, it’s important to mention that even L-R source El Mayimbe is quick to label this one as a RUMOR, since even he has been unable to confirm that this Grayson angle is indeed happening.

The scenario Mayimbe lays out is this: Ben Affleck’s Batman is tired and weary (which has been confirmed), and he seemingly had a falling out with his former sidekick, whom he has not spoken to in years. Beyond that, the circumstances that bring Grayson into the Batman vs. Superman story and conflict are not explained – nor is it clear whether the film would feature Dick Grayson, or one of his costumed alter-egos as well.

Dick Grayson Nightwing Batman vs. Superman movie 570x294 Should Batman vs. Superman Include Dick Graysons Nightwing?

Dick Grayson as Nightwing

It’s been hinted by the cast and crew that this version of Batman will be unlike previous incarnations that have been onscreen. There are so many ways that BatAffleck could be distinguished from his predecessors – tone, costume – but one that hasn’t really been discussed that much is expanding the scope of his support system. Tim Burton and Chris Nolan’s Batmen relied mostly on Alfred or their contacts within the police dept. (Commissioner Gordon, John Blake); it was only Joel Schumacher who explored the idea of Batman’s iconic sidekick(s) on the big screen –  and he pretty much ruined the idea for everybody by the time Batman & Robin was throwing a neon-lit Robin and Batgirl at us.

The question is: has the time come to give Dick Grayson another shot at big-screen fame?

One thing that the skeptics have been worried about – besides the Man of Steel team crafting this sequel, or Ben Affleck being Batman – is that an imbalance of detail and attention could turn this SUPERMAN sequel film in the BATMAN show. (Out of the many early criticisms of this film no one has seen, that is pretty valid one.) We just got done with Batman ruling the big screen, and while I personally thought Man of Steel was a beautiful reintroduction to Superman, a lot of people disagreed with that sentiment. In short: the new Superman still needs to win over some folks. Hard to do if he’s taking a back seat to an overpowering Batman storyline.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 570x294 Should Batman vs. Superman Include Dick Graysons Nightwing?

However, the film also has to reintroduce us to a new version of Batman and establish not only who he is, but what his world is all about. Doing that right, without also over-doing it, is going to be tough; toss in some long history and a failed partnership, it gets even tougher. Think about this another way: sure, Dick Grayson could be used as  plot device – a way to provide quick expository background on who Bruce Wayne/Batman is (say, if a certain mild-mannered reporter came asking?) –  but would a quick cameo be enough?

And is there really going to be Wonder Woman thrown into this as well? Because at that point this all starts to sound more like a Justice League origin story than a  Batman vs. Superman movie… Seeing the ‘World’s Finest’ matching wits is juicy enough – do you really need all the extra bells and whistles?

It’s all rumor for now though, so let’s have some fun and discuss – before a statistical fraction of us end up disappointed by the actual answer to the mystery. Until then, how many “Make it Joseph Gordon-Levitt!” comments will we have to endure? A lot, I suspect.

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: L-R


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  1. I’m wary of the inclusion myself. The Diana thing could work imo if Goyer decides to do a whole Miranda/Talia like reveal. Now for all we know it might turn out to be a good move, but his inclusion does give me a bit of pause. I guess I would prefer Oracle or even Carrie Kelly .

  2. As long as they don’t put that annoying girl robin from TDKReturns in this. That’s the worst Robin incarnation ever.

    If Batman’s quite a way into his “career” then it’s not weird to see how it’s in a period between Robins, where Grayson left to become Nightwing. You can bet you’re ass it’s NOT gonna be JGL though. The people who want any form of crossing over or meeting between the Nolan run and this DCCU are living in denial.

  3. I have no idea what the finished product is going to be with this movie but to see Knightwing on the big screen with Superman and Batman would be awesome. Tyler Hoechlin from MTV’s Teen Wolf would be a great Dick Grayson. If this is true this is just another step towards Justice League in the big picture!

  4. Should ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Include Dick Grayson’s Nightwing?

    I think yes only if he is made badass, unlike the Batman and Robin version

  5. I’d prefer Oracle, at least to provide intel for Batman. She can just be a voice, doesn’t have to make an actual appearance.

  6. Nightwing in a cameo would be awesome but only for a second with him and alfred at the batcave talking to bruce/batman while he is at metropolis

  7. I’ve heard it’s a neck and neck battle between Matt Damon and Joseph Gordon Levitt…

  8. As long as they do cameo roles I’m fine with Diana and / or Dick Grayson being in the new movie. But I agree they do have to establish Superman more as a follow up to MoS. With Batman also entering the picture I hope any other potential superheroes appear as their secret identities and not as their superhero selves. Cramming too many heroes is a recipe for disaster.

  9. i dont want nightwing, not yet. dick as robin or just as dick thats fine but i want to save nightwing for a later movie.

  10. QUESTION: Should Nightwing be in MOS2?

    ANSWER: Of course! Isn’t everyone in it? The movie should be 7 hours long too.

  11. Justin beiber for night wing
    I knew it

    On the serious side: batman vs superman not looking good right now

  12. Well, you need somebody to help the weary Batman walk down the street.

  13. If its not a cameo or an allusion to him, then we’re gonna have the annoying grown up robin again from batman and robin

  14. My knee-jerk reaction (AKA “my reaction”) is that including WW, and especially Nightwing in this movie is a terrible idea.

    But I had similar feeling when I kept hearing all the announcements for new characters in the Nolan Batman movies, but that worked out. So it could turn out that WW and Nightwing will have very brief roles in this movie.

    The difference is that these are and will be major characters in future movies, and even casting them is a huge decision that should follow a lot of time and deliberation.

    It’s like they’ve decided that by including Batman they’ve made the task too easy for themselves, and now their looking to handicap themselves.

  15. So, Superman is still going to be in this yeah? How about introducing Supergirl or Superboy, someone a part of the Superman Universe. I mean this is supposed to be a MOS sequel is it not. Enough with Batman already.

  16. Batman, Superman, now maybe Wonder Woman and Nightwing in there? Hhmmmm, if they don’t mess it up, this is sounding better and better!

    • Eh, sounds alright. Still prefer a straight up sequel, maybe with a villain we havent seen on the big screen before.

  17. That’s what happens when you choose an actor and let him be involved in the filming process. Let’s have as many characters as they want. I wonder if that is the reason why Christopher Nolan Left.

    • And what about Krypto, the super-dog?

  18. I want Robin! I’ve always thought he a cool character.

    But if they do go the Nightwing route, I expect to see Jason Todd/Robin in the future.

  19. If we are supposedly also going to have wonder woman and Nightwing with superman and batman the villain better be one of dc’s best. Lex luthor would be ok but someone like Brainiac would probably be better for this.

  20. If Dick Grayson is to be Nightwing, then id like to see Jason Todd take up the mantle of Robin. I wanna see both Nightwing & Robin on the big screen aswell as Batgirl. The Bat-Family would be nice to see on film once they get into Batman’s solo franchise.

  21. Yeah why not…
    But I´d like to see those characters (Nightwing and Wonder Woman)just as an introduction for future things to come.

    Cause if the title will be Batman vs Superman, then its BATMAN vs SUPERMAN..

    Too many characters in the movie..I dunno. Its not Avengers, or Justice League for that matter.

    • I agree.

  22. They should just call the movie justice league since they want every hero and they grandma in it

  23. I’m all for it. Isn’t WW already pretty much a sure thing to be in this? I say bring in Nightwing, and I wounldn’t mind a current Robin either, to help a seasoned Batman. I really want as many DC characters jammed into this thing as possible, the more the better.

  24. I guess id leave Nightwing out.

  25. NO ! a millions times

  26. I wanna see Nightwing & Robin/Jason Todd. down the road. But if the movie is gonna have WW cameo in it, imo I think it could do without Nightwing. Only other person should be in there by Bruce/Batman’s side is Alfred.

  27. Seriously…… F*** this movie

    • HA



      It’s too bad really. I liked MOS. I even collected the square enix and mattel toy lines, not to mention all of the authentic movie posters.

  28. Have you heard Arrow is in this too!

  29. It’s amazing to me how many people are losing their minds over groundless rumors. Why don’t we wait to hear some actual facts before losing our minds?