New ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Production Budget & Michigan Shoot Details Revealed

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Batman vs Superman Interview New Batman vs. Superman Production Budget & Michigan Shoot Details Revealed

2013 closed out with many big rumors swirling around the Man of Steel sequel – which is still tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman – but in 2014 production will actually get underway on director Zack Snyder’s ambitious buildup of the DC movie universe.

Today we have some initial details on the Batman vs. Superman production, which is gearing up for a stint filming in and around the Detroit, Michigan area. That info includes where (and what) in Michigan will be utilized for the film, as well as some initial figures on the budget that Warner Bros. has set for the movie.

The Inquisitr reports on the details of the BvsS Michigan shoot, which should bringing much needed revenue and job opportunities to the city of Detroit, whose economy is failing at the moment. Apparently there will be a combination of soundstage work at the Michigan Motion Pictures Studios in Pontiac, as well as exterior work being done in and around the Detroit streets, which could serve as the new Gotham City or new areas of Metropolis (or something else entirely, we don’t know yet).

Gotham City in Batman vs. Superman Detroit Michigan New Batman vs. Superman Production Budget & Michigan Shoot Details Revealed

Gotham City

The other aspect of the report worth mentioning is that Michigan Film Office PR Manager Michelle Grinnell claims that the budget for the film is set at $131 million, the most expensive production to date in the state. Of course, the initial report on the shoot in Michigan claimed that Warner Bros. agreed to that location in part because of “an incentive of $35 million on $131 million of projected in-state expenditures.” In other words: it’s unclear if $131 million is the total production budget, or simply the portion attached to the Michigan shoot – and of course, that figure does NOT include reshoots or post-production or marketing costs. With the way things are building up, a $200+ million movie is what we would expect, as the studio will likely not be shy about chasing that coveted billion-dollar box office.

Superman Batman Cavill Affleck Fan Art New Batman vs. Superman Production Budget & Michigan Shoot Details Revealed

While this info about the production is the only real confirmed info we’ve had since the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, in my opinion it’s really more fun to focus on the rumor side of things, where discussion is much more lively:

Yeah, to all those who claim they are SO SICK of hearing endless rumors? The rumors are definitely more fun than the facts, at this point. We’ll see what happens as production gets underway in Michigan.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: The Inquisitr via Coming Soon

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  1. It’s official. Michigan is DC bias.

    • I bet Screen Rant are financing this too, those bastards…

  2. Hope that money gets put to good use.

    I wonder what the total budget for this Mini-Justice League film is.

  3. Further proof that Hollywood has run out of ideas. Its one super hero film after the next.

    • We can also say it’s proof that the audience is only interested in these types of films. Why do you think they keep making them? Because they make money, and for it to make money, people must be buying the tickets. Either way, I’m happy there are these superhero films, why wouldn’t I be?

      • +1

    • oh my god! comic book studios making comic book films about comic book characters! somebody lock them up!

      Go watch Frozen or Mandela or American Hustle or literally any other film if you dont want to see a superhero film.

      Other poeople do.

      • +1

      • +10000

    • I could think of many other super-hero movies I hope they would make, could not list them all here, but there are lots. Anyone want ideas, let me know!!!!

    • Phil Hollywood has run out of ideas, for a few years it was an endless string of reboots and remakes of classic or cult films. The comic book medium is one that has close to 100 years of history, iconic characters, and storylines that are engaging audiences today, and truth be told, they haven’t even scratched the surface of some of the best storylines.

      I’d rather see another great and iconic comic book property come to life, than another travesty like Fright Night, Lone Ranger, TMNT, or whatever other cash grab Hollywood puts out

      • I’d rather see another great and iconic comic book property come to life, than another travesty like Fright Night, Lone Ranger, TMNT..

        You do realize TMNT is a great and iconic comic book property not just a remake or a copy of a cartoon….

        • +1

          And I don’t think it was a travesty. It wasn’t a GREAT film, but it was an alright one, and definitely better than part 3 (which was barely a ninja turtles film ).

          • Ohh geez, the third one was just plain bad. Even when I was little I thought it was terrible, and when I was little I thought everything was awesome lol.

            • Haha! I didn’t even care enough as a kid to see it. I could tell it was a bad movie, and only saw it when I got the BR box set with all 4 films.

    • I think its pretty much safe to say CBM’s are a separate genre in movies by now.

    • they ran out of ideas when they made a tv show about arm wrestling

    • Let me know when you have a “fresh idea”. When you make your fresh new movie, I’ll go see it. Plus you must’ve missed all the other non-superhero movies that have been made.

    • WHAAAA!!! cry somewhere else about CBM other than on CBM articles

  4. With the Budget, Rumors, and speculation swirling around this movie the script better be amazing…

    • LOL I Agree

  5. Too bad they aren’t filming in Upper Michigan, where I live. Then they could film a real hero!

    • Lol who says Goldilocks can’t be in a DC film!

      • With everyone they are casting I wouldn’t be surprised a derpa derpa derp. trollolololololololol

        • No troll or trollop or anything like that here. I am looking forward to this movie.

  6. Another useless story from Kofi “WB/DC” Outlaw to promote this pile of crap movie.

    Anything to get your name tied to WB, Batman, or DC on Google, eh Kofi.

    What’s your next big story Kofi, where the actors are going to have lunch during the shoot?

    • Chuck reminds me of the little kid on the playground who punches the girl in the arm that he secretly has a crush on.

      • HA! Right? Thats hilarious Dr. Mindebender. And to throw some facts up in here, Kofi has written Marvel articles and how can call you him DC bias when he criticized The Dark Knight Rises and gave Green Lantern 1.5 stars? Yes, I dare evoke the Green Lantern movie. I smell a butthurt Marvel fanboy Chuck.

      • +1

    • Just shut up please…

  7. It’s great that they’re doing this in Detroit, great way to provide a short, but large, burst of cash influx in the economy there. Kudos to the production team of BvS for that.

  8. So because film studios like Sony Fox and Warner Brothers are running out of ideas because they keep making superhero films basically every year it two? You want to know the truth why that’s the stupidest and most crapiest excuse to use! The audience will only and ONLY go watch film they are familiar with and because of that the studios will keep making those films until they stop losing the publics interest in them. Yes granted frozen made a lot of money and still is but it’s films like DM2 Iron Man3 Thor2 The Hobbit The Hunger Games! It’s movies that the audience know and recognize by heart are the films the studios will keep making because they make money off of them and that’s the way it is.

  9. “Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2013.”
    s***. I already missed it, huh?

    • You beat me to it.

  10. “Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2013.”

    Looks like it’s time to bust out the DeLorean.

    • Great Scott!

  11. So if Gotham is Detroit, does that make Metropolis New York?

    In the comics, wasn’t Gotham supposed to be New York City and Metropolis was in Delaware (or Ohio).

    • Metropolis would be in Kansas because it’s seen from Smallville at a good high distance barely. Gotham I think 30 miles from Metropolis.

    • I think Michigan will be Metropolis. I have a feeling they wont show Gotham too much in this film.

  12. Im dying to see the first still of Affleck in a Batman suit. As far as the “new” Superman suit, I thought it was very minor changes that were going to be made…

  13. When did you say the movie will be in theaters? It seems we’ll need to go back in time to see it :)

  14. I definetly think that $131 Million is in Michigan only. This movie is too big for that to be the entire budget for the whole film.

  15. Remember how the Incredible Hulk began with Banner already the Hulk..
    This film could already feature an established Justice League. Batman and Superman after having fought side by side for years have a falling out.. I like the idea of Bats, Supes and Wonder Woman already knowing eachother but their relationships are more estranged. Kind of how it was reported that Nightwing will make an appearance. . Wutta you guys think

    • that’s cuz the incredible hulk w/ edward norton was supposed to take place after the old tv series ended.

    • As I’ve been saying for a while; THIS is the Justice League movie being filmed. Warner Bros will shock everyone but me cuz I saw it coming.

      Worry not young Danielson – the answers are coming :-)

    • Opps dont*

  16. … To the people that keeps saying Hollywood is running out or has run out of idea. You are wrong. There is an absolutely vibrant and rather massive community at large writing some excellent new,fresh, poignant material every year. The scripts exist. But the studios arent about to throw 150 million on projects that have no built in following, that have no history or some pre-existing cultural impact. If anything, one could say the studios lack the balls to gamble on unknown properties.. But is it really their fault? New big budget properties consistently underwhelm at the box office and yet properties based on pre-existing source material overwhelmingly do better. We create this reality everyday by deciding with our wallets.

    • + 1

  17. I’m really excited about this opportunity for Detroit. But Kofi is right, the rumors are much more fun :)

  18. I think we are getting the DC Universe confused with the Superman/Batman Sequels and their Secret Origins are tight in with the members of the Justice League. I think it’s better off seeing Superman meet face to face with Batman before they get acquainted with the Justice League. Before, these solutions are brought up. What I’m saying we need to get the Supporting Characters to get casted first and then the villains last.

    Here are we go
    Taylor Lautner as Nightwing/Dick Grayson
    Jake Abel as Jimmy Olsen
    Christopher Plummer as Alfred Pennyworth
    Hugh Laurie as Commissionar James Gordon
    Jennifer Love Hewitt as Vicki Vale
    Reese Witherspoon as Catherine Grant
    Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
    Sam Neill as Morgan Edge
    Bruce Greenwood as Lt. Daniel Turpin
    Cameron Diaz as Capt. Maggie Sawyer


    Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luther
    Sofia Vergara as Mercy Graves
    David Boreanaz as Metallo/John Corben
    Casper Van Dien as Joker/Jack Napier
    Elaine Hendrix as Dr. Harleen Quinzel

  19. Yeah, there’s no way the entire budget is $131 million.
    MoS was reportedly $220 million (not counting marketing) so I have to believe the sequel will be at least that and maybe up to $250 million.

    Maybe it’s just because I’m a bit older but I remember the days when if a movie had a budget over $100 million it was considered insane. When Titanic was in production and rumors were circulating that the budget was running up to and over $150 million people were freaking out and claiming that Cameron was out of control and with a budget that large the production must have been in trouble and there was no way it could make it’s money back.
    That was also during a time when the ultimate bench mark was a movie grossing $100 million. If a movie made that it was considered a box-office smash. Now we are in a time when Man of Steel makes over $650 million and people question it’s validity as a hit.

    • They probably haven’t added cast salaries to the total yet.

  20. Wow this movie is all over the place….

    • what are you talking about

      • He means the filming locations being in different places, like the Gotham vs Metropolis game being filmed in LA last year.

  21. I wonder if Lex will make his power armor from the Kryptonian armor/tech left on earth.

    • Again, pretty sure I said that on this site back when MOS released in July. Seemed the obvious way to go once he’s seen for himself how powerful Superman is in this sequel (the battle armor debuting sometime after of course).

  22. I just hope this dosent become another spiderman 3

    • It won’t and honestly, I’m getting tired of reading that about movies with multiple characters. It’s like a broken record. Did anybody say “I have a feeling it’ll end up like Spiderman 3″ before The Avengers released? Because The Avengers turned out to be a big, dumb, campy, poorly written movie like Spiderman 3 was too but I doubt anyone had that “worry” beforehand.

      • I agree all this crowded nonsense is bull…months ago everyone was saying this willbe the only way dc can succeed release jl then spin off solo movies…now that they are getting their wish they change their minds…how sad.

        I really can’t wait for this movie.

      • @Dazz, how can you say that about Avengers and then say Pacific Rim is your favourite of the year?

        Big, dumb, campy and poorly written. Check, check, check and check.

        Just playing with you but… glass houses.

  23. Yeah well i like dc comics im just worried there going to mess up and ruin this cinematic universe before it even starts

  24. Avengers poorly written… get out

  25. How was the Avengers poorly written?

    • Well,I don’t see it as poor writing and think it amazing with what marvel pulled off with lose story threads from other films and now it success caused wb to rethink there property’s and now fox and sony are doing that as we’ll.

      • I think wb’s films could have more interconnection story then marvels has in my I oat least over a course of different films.

    • He always trashes the Avengers but never gives any reasons.