‘Batman vs. Superman’ Delayed to 2016; Will Go Up Against Unannounced Marvel Movie

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Batman vs Superman Delayed to 2016 Batman vs. Superman Delayed to 2016; Will Go Up Against Unannounced Marvel Movie

The rumors surrounding Warner Bros.’ unofficially titled Batman vs. Superman movie have been at a fever pitch lately. Rumors (and “speculation”) ranging from a Kryptonian Wonder Woman to Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor (or Green Lantern) to Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

For clarification, the only things officially confirmed about Batman vs. Superman is that Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) will direct the film from a screenplay written by David. S Goyer (Batman Begins). Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburne are reprising their roles from Man of Steel. Joining them are Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Batman vs. Superman was expected to release in the already crowded summer of 2015, but now it’s been delayed.

Today, Warner Bros. announced it would be moving the release date for their untitled Man of Steel sequel to May 6th, 2016. That’s nearly a year after its initial release date of July 17th, 2015.

Here’s the official press release:

BURBANK, CA – January 17, 2014 – Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that the release of Zack Snyder’s untitled Superman/Batman film has been moved to May 6, 2016, allowing the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story. The decision was made following the shift of the start of production to second quarter of this year. The Studio has also set a July 17, 2015, worldwide release date for its as-yet-untitled all-new Peter Pan adventure. Joe Wright will direct the epic live-action film about the boy who would nevewouldr grow up, created by J.M. Barrie. The dual date announcement was made by Dan Fellman, President, Domestic Distribution, and Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, President, International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

In short, the start of production was unexpectedly delayed and pushing back the release date is to ensure the filmmakers have the time required for what will likely be a demanding shoot. Earlier today Batman-News ran a story claiming Ben Affleck had been injured on set and it was because of this production was pushed back. Deadline has since reached out to a Warner Bros. studio exec who debunked the story, saying, “We just want to do it right and need the time.”

bvs 570x294 Batman vs. Superman Delayed to 2016; Will Go Up Against Unannounced Marvel Movie

Moving Batman vs. Superman back actually does more for Joe Wright’s Pan, which, had it stayed in its original release slot of June 26th, 2015, would’ve almost certainly been crushed by FOX’s Fantastic Four and Paramount’s Terminator.

The juggling of Batman vs. Superman‘s release date changes the competition the film will face upon its release. No longer being pitted against Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman will now square off against FOX’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which releases the following weekend. Then, the weekend after that, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is expected in theaters.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Batman vs. Superman will go head-to-head with an as-yet-unannounced Marvel movie. After all, that May weekend has been staked out by Marvel for years. Without an Iron Man or Avengers movie in that slot, will Marvel blink and change the date of their unannounced film? Time will tell.

What do you think about the delay, Screen Ranters? Are you disappointed that you won’t be able to see Batfleck for another year? What Marvel movie do you think will go up against Batman vs. Superman? Let us know in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

Source: Deadline

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  1. If anyone saw SAG awards today, Affleck was there presenting an award. He looks VERY HEALtHY. So reports of him injured was bullcrap. What are Vegas odds of Affleck dropping out as batman? Any takers ?

    • Legenary Pictures is no longer working with Warner Brothers on their DC movies, so money for the movie’s budget was a factor. Fan outrage at Affelick playing Batman was another, and most likely.

      The David Goyer script is so bad that it needs rewrites. Lots of rewrites.

      • Affleck isn’t dropping out, so odds are zero. “Fan outrage” isn’t going to change a major casting on a film. Most outrage at Baffleck, when explained why they are outraged, comes across as preposterous and/or hilarious. Affleck had a couple bad films over 10 years ago, has since had a lot of great roles and some great directing, his overall body of work is good. So I never understood the so-called outrage.

        Besides, you don’t know what a movie will be like until it comes out, regardless of who’s in the cast. For some reason this particular film has a large chunk of vocal observers who declare how bad it will be without any evidence. Every bit of “evidence” they bring forth is actually not objective evidence, it’s all “here’s what I think or feel about this bit of information.”

      • Yeah, I haven’t heard that Affleck dropped out either. Hey other Joe… where did you hear this?

    • I am a little disappointed to hear any of this – rumors or not. I was/am looking forward to this sequal either way. If it is true that the film is being pushed back due to not wanting to risk quality then I fully support the decision. There are a lot of variables in play that we hear, read, do not read, hear, do not hear about. If this will help make BvS a better movie and setup The Justice League vision properaly then it is the right decision. I know I am not saying anything new here or anything that we are not all thinking/have not thought. I do want to show our support and place it on record. We at Supernatural-Entertainment.net are in it for the haul.

  2. Not sure why everyone is thinking the delay is due to another superhero film being released the same summer, fanboys see EVERY superhero movie so long as it’s not universally hated on in comments boards. let’s just hope they take the extra time to produce a film that doesn’t crap on the source material.

    • Fanboys don’t make the studios a billion dollars, though. You need the mainstream and they may not want to watch a comic book movie every other week in the summer.

      • They are giving themselves more time to realize the bad decisions they have made about this.

        DC is no match for Marvel.

        • Joe…

          I’m really not sure WHY you made such a bizarrely wrong statement. DC and Marvel are both doing quite well so far with their CBMs…at least, the current crop. They ARE taking different approaches and presenting different characters and other aspects of their respective comic universes in a variety of mediums. To say one CANNOT match the other ( no matter WHICH side you ultimately prefer) is silly at this point in time.

        • There is a doppleganger me in here! THIS Joe definitely does not agree with the above Joe!

          • 😀

  3. With so few super-hero movies to watch this comes as terrible news. Oh wait…

  4. the thing with WB is, they start rolling out these official releases, making casting announcements, announcing shooting locations like Detroit, having Snyder and Goyer go on about how their work on the sequel was further along than many realized, now this. Snyder and Goyer would not have been making that sort of noise without the ok of WB.

    the studio simply comes off as ill prepared and dragging its heels, as there is not much else coming cinematically for the foreseeable future. plus their TV properties might not tie in to the films, so WB can’t sell that line. MOS was the success they were looking for, non batman related and post green lantern and superman returns.

    when the hell did they start orchestrating the DC cinematic universe? wasn’t man of steel also delayed, and yet it released to mix views critically and publically? it’s also as if they held out that Christopher Nolan would be much more involved with this universe, already have ushered in a successful batman trilogy, and WB not planning out DC’s film universe should he bow out, as he pretty much has done.

    I could be wrong on all of this, but they, WB, had two of their guys talking about being ahead of their MOS2 schedule. I’m guessing an exec spoke the same words elsewhere. this is like watching air grow and ice thaw.

  5. Smoke and mirrors they knew their plans were bunk. They blinked at the threat of avengers 2.

    • You wrote with a straight face? REALLY?


    • no

      • what if they just realized that 2015 was just too soon and they need more time. How bout that? It could be that simple.

        • There has to be a mistake somewhere in the line. Two years is more than enough time for a film of this size if they were as ahead as they said they were.

  6. So, in the time it takes DC to make one movie we’ll see Spider-Man 2 & 3, 2 X-men movies , F-4, Avengers 2, Gaurdians, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Captain America 2 & maybe 2 other Marvel movies. DC sloooooooooooow down!

    • plus I found out just now amy adams was on jimmy kimmel at the start of this month going on about shooting sometime soon, and how she liked the script. what, WB realized they had issues this week? when one of your film’s stars went on live TV recently partially promoting a movie heading into production shortly? are you now leaving your talent in the dark, twisting in the wind uninformed and set to look like buffoons, along with WB and the creative staff? signals crossing to this level makes everyone involved look sharp and steady?

      as I said before, as a fan I am speculating and offering my sole opinion on all of this, but man WB looks like the mess the cartoon network also is in handling DC’s properties. whatever their reasons, publicly they look awful.

    • You do realize all the movies you named are made by three different companies right?
      In the time WARNER BROTHERS (NOT DC) make one movie….

      Sony will make 2
      Fox will make 3
      Disney will make 5+

      • Yes I do know that, my point is all the other companies are on top of their game with their properties. Each company that you named has its’ own shared universe with 2 or more movies lined up between now and 2016, in the same time frame that WB/DC is putting out 1 movie. WB/DC is still trying to figure out their shared universe and still playing catch up. How many movies have they delayed or canned? Batman Beyond, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern 2 and Justice League twice just to name a few. So you see WB/DC movie universe could have already been set and they would not be playing catch up right now.

  7. Here in India, we just love the superhero movies and they are huge here too. But even we out here, are really angry and disappointed that DC cannot make movies faster like other studios. When Nolan is not directing for them, They are just so slow and weak. Marvel offers speed and quality in movie delivery. DC is doing huge mistake by this move. If anything they should spend more money and prepone the movie instead of postponing it.

  8. Very big mistake from DC. They are slow like a 100 year old. Marvel rocks in terms of production. Marvel rules.DC is left behind and rightly so. I am sad cause Nolan is part of DC and he should leave them and come to Marvel or anyone else but them cause he is wasted there sitting. DC is slow and slow.

  9. Event with production starting in January 2014, 1.5 years always seemed a little short to make such a huge movie. Most other blockbusters take at least 2 years to make. So the surprise was actually going to be if they can make a quality movie within such a short time frame. Now we know they can’t. I loved Man of Steel and I’m just hoping for an awesome movie, but in the meantime I’ll also be entertained watching Marvel, Fox, and Sony movies.

    • Except it wasn’t one and a half years. It was two. They announced it at last year’s Comic Con and went on about having it planned out and such already.

  10. Gutted its been delayed but I think there is a soiled reason for it. Gives them more time to find cast members for justice leaguers, either as cameos or as a full fledged JL movie. Im hoping for big things but I just don’t think wb really grasp the idea of comic book live action movies which is a shame as there animated movies and what they are doing with Arrow right now is out of this world

  11. Its kinda hard to write a story when they keep introducing new characters. At least that seems to be the case. Everytime you turn around they’re talking about a new character addition.

    The writers probably said a big WTF ! Then called for a break.

  12. I don’t understand why everyone is in such an uproar about the date change. Seriously, you think that major studios put out movies and do it on our time schedule. As much as I love all the coverage we get n screen rant and other sites to keep us informed about the progress a production is making, which in most cases is everyday, we have all gotten jaded because of it. We just think that because we hear all this info, that in our minds we see either the movie heading along at a fast or a snails pace. IT takes time to put out a quality movie, from any studio and e aren’t always privy to every little thing each studio is doing. Its easy to put out a not so good movie in a very short amount of time, such as The Lone Ranger, which didn’t take any time at all. But MOS took a while, because it was Zack Snyder doing it. HE takes an huge amount of time and money to put out a big picture and it shows in it.
    look at other movies that we have waited for for a long time, you’ll find that those movie are usually the one that are fun and great movies. once we see the movie, the fact that it took so long to come out vanishes from our minds, until you get into a discussion about and look back at it. Look how long it took Iron Man to come out after e first heard of it.
    No, I don’t think for one moment that Warner/DC ha any worries about Marvel. They have their own concern about putting out the productions they currently have now and up coming ones in the future. Its not a race for them, its bout putting out something that I going to work and be good. Marvel got a jump on them, but so what. I watch movies from both companies as I’m sure that many of you do. How many of you out there actually say your not going to go see movie because warner or Disney put it out. If you want to see a movie, you’ll go see it no matter what.
    Warner/DC is doing what they think they need to do to put out the films they want to tell the right story. Marvel does the same thing. And after the movies come out, I know there are tons that will slam any move they don’t agree with as to the way it should have been made. Marvel is no exception.
    SO there, it takes time to put something like a movie out, we just don’t have patience.

  13. If they are indeed shooting two movies, back to back, then this makes all the sense in the world.

    On a seperate note think I’ll completely ignore any rumors about this movie(s) until 2015 lol otherwise I’ll be so tired of talking about it that there’s no possible way it could ever live up to the anticipation built up.

  14. “Batman vs. Superman delayed”


    What’s the matter WB/DC, affraid of the Avengers?

    2016? The public will forget all about Man of Stupid by then!


    • People forgetting about MOS is, no doubt, something they would want. As much as sold out ScreenRant wants to make people believe that MOS was almost DK quality, let’s face it it was very flawed. So people kind of forgetting about the reality of the film is something they want, and they also want what happened this year: a “by default” best superhero movie of the year. Plus, making a 100 cameos and easter eggs to build up hype about the next movie (not THAT will flop) and just building tension in this one by making it past the first half or even two-thirds of the move before Bat and Supes share screen time. WBDC is predicatble, and i thank Nolan for not being a sellout and just leaving the whole thing alone to the execs.

      • +100

      • Right, WBDC is so predictable that first they announced a Batman/Superman film would be produced, and then this news that the release will be delayed a year. Oh and Ben Affleck cast as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonderwoman. But I’m sure you “predicted” all that.

    • Ah, Chuck…

      Yet another brilliant comment. Could it be YOU are relieved that no relatively immediate (if artificially perceived) contest will occur? Now, you have some extra time to bite those fingernails in nervous anticipation… :)

    • Can always depend on the Marvel fanbabies to come act like children over on Screenrant. That’s for damn sure.

  15. Well, this if anything proves WB’s incompetence and just reaffirms my stance that they don’t know what they are doing or what they want to do with DC movies. First you release MoS (which was a financial success, with mix response, still successful though), than you have all the people involved with the project talk about wanting to do MoS2 to iron out the kinks and all the MoS problems; but instead of giving us MoS2, we get BATMAN vs superman, we accept Bvs; than you say Wonder Woman will appear, we accept that as well, now you say it’s not coming until 2016? Seriously? What happened to all the talk about already having a script? And being farther along than people thought? Was that just a lie? Do you even have a plan?

    I wasn’t planning on making a single comment on this movie until 2015 when it comes out, because I was so hoping to God my initial feelings about his would be proven wrong. Oh how I wanted to eat my own words! But my feelings about it were on the dot. WB has no idea what they are doing. None what so ever. DC should not belong to WB, the great properties at DC are being wasted there. What a shame.

    • it freaking pisses me off man. and all these people keep on saying it is a good thing for this movie to gey delayed because they were rushing things? they said they finished the fkn script and it was good. they said they was going to start filming next month. ben affleck’s trainer posted a picture of him working out. we was gonna see the batsuit! and now they just rip it out of our freaking hands! this is wrong man.

      • You’re completely right man. My problem really isn’t hat they delayed this film. It’s that they didn’t plan on doing this film in the first place. They just announced it to rival Marvels Avengers 2. It was completely impulsive of them to announce this when they were not ready for it. IF the director of your film says he wants a sequel to that character (MoS2) before introducing any other heroes into that universe, then I think you should let him do his sequel. Snyder said that like 2 weeks before comic con. 2 weeks. But no, WB wanted BvsS, even though Goyer/Snyder weren’t ready for it. So they all lied and said they had already completed the script, and were further along than we all thought. My bet is WB also forced them to bring Wonder Woman in it(I don’t care what anyone says, the Trinity is more popular than all the Avengers). And because Goyer is such a magnificent screenplay writer, Affleck had to bring in his writer Chris Terrio to fix (more like rewrite) the script. That’s what I see as the reason for the delay.

        Anyway, since BvsS isn’t coming out in 2015, the only terrible thing left for WB/DC to announce this year at comic con will probably be that BvsS is Justice League. It wouldn’t make since for them to say JL is coming in 2017, that’s way too far; and since BvsS is already delayed an entire year, they might as well make it JL. They already have three members confirmed with 2-3 more rumored (Flash, GL,Nightwing). This is just terrible news. WB is ruining DC. Being 2.5 years away now, I expect this movie to b really good, but if this fail, then it probably will spell the end for the DCCU.

        • We ought to just change the name of this website to “Screencry” after all you guys.

  16. well can we get something untill then? a flash movie?, wonderman woman, hell even a freaking lobo movie! Something! i know they dont expect us to go to years without any dc movies.

    • What we will get mostly, are four DC tv shows to keep us occupied till then- Gotham, Arrow, The Flash and Constantine. Especially if all these become full blown shows it will more than enough to occupy you till then.

    • Yes they do.

  17. That’s likely Thor 3 on that date so either Thor takes another November slot or WB delays even further to the fall.

    It would be epic to see them both stay and see every theater screen occupied only by comic book movies.

    • If it is Thor 3 (I doubt it) they will move it.
      Thor would get slaughtered by BvS.
      Thor’s SEQUEL made less than the Man of Steel ORIGIN.

      Anybody who knows how these things usually go at the box office knows that the origin is almost always the lower gross. Bigger numbers only come in once the public has been introduced to the character (or just the current version thereof) and some hype has been drummed up for its sequel.
      Only the original Spider-Man bucked this ever present trend, it actually made LESS with each subsequent movie! Still is too, TASM was the lowest grossing Spidey flick yet. TASM2 changes this trend or Sony is screwed.

      So Yeah, Thor moves or gets run the F*** over! So would Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain America, or basically anything not named The Avengers. Even the Avengers would take a huge hit going against BvS, although so would BvS in that scenario.

    • Thor 3 would get crushed by BvS.

  18. Did Affleck break his leg? I read that he did. Maybe thats just a rumour. Not sure what is going on really.
    They say it is delayed because of the “complex visual nature of the story”. What does that mean exactly. Is it to do with the effects side of things? As long as they get it right. If anything delaying it means they have no excuse if it goes wrong. They have so much time to get it right.

    • the explanation given, that noise about ” visions ” and ” complex nature ” and ” fully realizing ” sounds like code for ” ben affleck and chris terrio are reworking a flawed script “. something they might have realized some time back when they brought these guys on and they started reworking the material, as was let out recently with chris terrio. these suits would never publicly own up to it, so they craft lip professor press releases where they yap on and on about fan excitement, but make no mention of fan disappointment or words like delay, being that this is what it is. when there was talk of the previous JL script and it’s holes, the same suits that publish and approve these press releases likely let it out that the holes in the script were will beal’s and will beal’s alone. this crops up again, to a sequel for movie where they have laid a fair amount of ground work, and it reads like some esoteric sorcerers diary.

      the talent for the sequel, at least from the first movie, were on board. they had cast two major players for the film. snyder had his comic con presentation and the words relayed to the public were that the groundwork for the sequel had pretty much been laid some time before then. ben affleck himself said he had started talks with the creators sometime in the first quarter of last year and had been presented with the blueprint and material for not just the MOS sequel, but the DC cinematic universe.

      the talent from the first movie are also busy and in demand, so I can’t get the whole filming two for one or not rushing as the studio is contradicting themselves. with the will beal situation, the delay of the first MOS film, another delay for the sequel, and the contradictions involving official news, stemming from comic con presentations, official casting news, and from the mouths of the actual talent involved, and not some dude that’s a producer for WB, or fan chatter and unsubstantiated rumors, WB is tripping over themselves publicly while wearing the emperors new clothes.

      they look like ill prepared micro managers, ready to take public bows when things work for the best, or hide behind press releases and likely blame guys like will beal when the crap hits the fan.

  19. It’s simple – DC Ruled the Movies in the 70’s & 80’s when Marvel could only make cheap Tv versions of their characters…

    Now Marvel Rules in a way comic book fans could never have imagined back then.

    Make Mine Marvel 😉

  20. Here’s the thing, DC has three icons they are putting on the screen: Superman,Batman and Wonder Woman, that’s complex itself especially when Wonder Woman’s origins is either going to be shown or not?! It’s a lot hard work than the Avengers, you want them to appear like their comic counterparts but reinvented (again Wonder Woman is the one whose the one with the most prove). If it takes them two years to do that then let them have it.

    Secondly, are WB afraid of Marvel. Um no, they were the highest grossing studio of 2013, that’s right they had one superhero movie and they still outgrossed Disney. People are turning this into a Marvel/DC war when there isn’t one. To be fair I would argue that Marvel is following what DC did in the 1990s, make films, TV and animation and see what people react to.

    And why can’t we be happy that we are finally getting a Batman/Superman movie with Wonder Woman coming in 2016?! Seriously stop complaining and let’s see how this movie pans out!

    • Laura…

      Be very careful…you’re applying logic and remaining calm and composed.

      That is a dangerous combination in the eyes of a lot of these fanboys.

      VERY well stated, however… 😉

      • Careful Laura,

        A lot of lonely fanboys will try to butter you up to flirt with you

        • LOL!

        • Clay…

          I do not recall the two of us having any particular animosity toward each other…that grade-school attack was the best you could do? Really? Sad.

          Of course, at least Joe found it funny, so you KNOW you made a clever remark…heh-heh.

          • @ Archaeon…

            Lol! Damn dude… you are really sensitive and defensive. I was just bustin your chops a bit…Geesh…Just trying to play. Thought you would laugh.

            You opened yourself up to it….the signs of flirting were all there…

            1. You winked at her
            2. You gave her a compliment about her writing and her intellect
            3. You said “VERY, well said…” emphasizing the VERY
            4. You, like me, are a passionate nerd on the internet on a site generally known to have nerds instead of watching an NFL game. (Now come on, what do people usually think of that)

            You put all that together and, where I come from, that is called flirting…whether you were or not.

            Don’t get so defensive and heated. It seems you get that way with a lot of people on screen rant. I apologize for hurting your feelings.

            • Archaeon was legally tackled. Play on!

            • Clay…

              After looking at it again, I realize I DID overreact. Fair enough…I did set myself up.

              Sorry about that. 😀

      • *holes* not *wholes*

      • Joe…

        You did NOT seriously try to turn “Pacific Rim” and Hobbit 2 into superhero movies just to support your view??? You’re kidding, right? That initial inaccuracy makes the rest of your response VERY difficult to read without cracking a pitying smile…

        Just so you know…

        • You can have your own made up view of what a superhero is but I go by actual definitions.

          There is no way you cant tell me that Pacific Rim is a superhero movie. If you say “No” then by your rationale then Iron Man and Batman are not superhero’s cause they are just guys in suits.. What are the Jaegers? Guy’s in suits with good technology, weapons, and good fighting skills… same as Stark in his armor and Wayne in his suit with his gadgets.

          And if you actually read my entire post you saw that I said, “If we don’t go by the “definition” then we at least have to agree that Pacific Rim should be considered super hero genre.”

          • yes, and 0.5 people out of a hundred would agree with you too!

      • Gangster Squad? A superhero movie? Pacific Rim? You are out of this world Joe. You’re insulting everyone on this site with your foolishness.

    • “Disney’s second-place showing was even more impressive considering the Mouse House had less than half the number of releases as Warners.

      In 2013, the Mouse scored $1.68 billion domestically (through Dec. 29), thanks largely to record five $200 million-plus grossers — “Iron Man 3,” “Monsters University,” “Frozen,” “Oz the Great and Powerful” and “Thor: The Dark World” — all in the same year.

      Internationally in 2013, Disney totaled $3 billion, the first time the studio has done so.”

      So Disney made more money comparatively with less (WB made 5 billion globally) If you are going to present “facts”, please try not to omit important information to further your own ends. 😉

      Of course I really don’t know what this comparison has to do with anything. I could just as easily say that Disney/Marvel made more money from Superhero movies last year than DC (from a whole TWO movies). It’s still meaningless to this discussion.

      • but it is relevant to her point that Warner Brothers is not afraid of Disney.
        Even if Disney had made a little more than WB, one of the biggest movie companies there is does not need to fear other blockbusters. Just create their own as well.

        • Laura’s conclusion is correct but making more money than Disney neither proves nor disproves the idea that WB is somehow afraid of the Mouse House/Marvel. It’s simply a non sequitur.

          Both studios have more to fear from bad reviews than each other.

    • It is complex indeed and delaying the movie IS certainly good news because the final product will be better (i.e. they will have more time to re-write the script, calmly make the final casting choices, etc). We all will benefit from that, so I am happy that the movie is delayed.

      Once that’s said, in my opinion the reason why people make it a Marvel/DC thing is because now in retrospective it sures feels like DC rushed the announcement at Comic Con, and the most obvious reason why they did that is probably because they wanted to steal Marvel’s thunder and gain some momentum themselves (a proof of that is all the news they have been getting on this site alone with casting rumours and anything related with the movie). Why would you tease the show down Avengers vs. sort of Justice League in 2015 if it is not gonna happen?

      So basically, I do understand the comments around DC following Marvel’s steps, even if they are not 100% accurate. DC should do their own thing and not be reactive to what the others do. They should have announced 2016 from the very beggining rather than saying 2015 and then delaying it. That’s called managing expectations and I think they did a poor job this time. They new it was complex upfront, that’s not something they have discovered all of a sudden.

  21. i know this is out of topic but will batman and wonder woman be in a relationship in batman vs superman and come on guys it will be awesome if they became in relationship in batman vs superman

  22. Wow.I was really dissapointed.But does it mean possible Justice League was push back to 2018 too?

  23. I don’t understand the nerd rage at WB delaying the release date. It’s more time to get it right. The only thing I can think of, if is people are so fixed on “I want to see it as soon as possible!” that they don’t consider the advantages of having more time.

  24. Here is a little tidbit for all claiming WB is scared of the “Superhero box office champ” Disney. (BTW, you have no sense of history or knowledge of inflation)

    This is a list of top grossing comic book movies all time adjusted for inflation, the company that made them, the year they came out, and each movie’s overall rank (meaning once non-comic book movies are considered)

    Marvel’s The Avengers Disney 2012 27
    The Dark Knight WB 2008 29
    Spider-Man Sony 2002 36
    Batman WB 1989 50
    Spider-Man 2 Sony 2004 55
    The Dark Knight Rises WB 2012 63
    Superman WB 1978 65
    Iron Man 3 Disney 2012 102
    Iron Man Par. 2008 127
    Batman Returns WB 1992 171
    Superman II WB 1981 173

    So 6 of the top 10 grossing CBM all time come from WB and are about either Batman or Superman. Now they are putting these two together and you think WB is scared?
    There is no question that Batman is STILL box office champ with 2 movies twenty years apart in the top 4! 4 movies total in the top 10! THAT MEANS ALMOST HALF THE LIST IS BATMAN!!! And you think BATMAN is scared?

    • Hmm I doubt that list is correct… Iron Man 2 made a lot more money than Iron Man 1 and the inflation figures between those years do not compensate it. How do you explain that absence?

      By the way, Batman might not be scared, but Ben Affleck sure is…

    • As many have said, your numbers are wrong. Why stretch the truth to prove a pointless point to nobodies?

      • mongoose already settled this, but let’s leave DragonArcher23 and Joe discuss their sources and categories for their rankings. I am sure it will interesting LOL

        • Ahhh a new tag-team perhaps? The Straw Graspers.

          • If they combine their powers we might get to a point where we discover that adjusted by inflation there is one town in the US where Gangster Squad is the highest grossing super hero movie of all times. Forget about worldwide box office or conventional super hero definitions. Enter the Matrix!

        • LOL!…Alright, Alright, I concede about the stupid Gangster Squad remark…I deserve the bashing…

          But…I will stand by my thought about Pacific Rim being comic book genre. I mean, the guys in the robot have to have special fighting skills, a rare special link to the other controller, special training, they have specialized armor and gadgets, and they are saving mankind. To me, there is very little difference from that to Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne in their suits. Oh well, I guess in the end its all perspective.

          In my opinion, superheroes aren’t just confined to comics.

  25. All this other speculation aside, if the rumored 130 million dollar budget reported here and elsewhere is correct that might have something to do with the delay. If they are adding other characters and this is morphing into some Justice League lite I doubt they can put a film together with that many actors and still pay for the amount for Special Effects needed to make the film look high quality.

    • The $130 mil budget was for the shoot in Detroit alone. The film itself is expected to cost $200 mil or more. I doubt it was a factor. It’s standard these days.

      • The 130 million is just for the Detroit shoot, makes me wonder if adding all of these rumored characters is gumming up the works and causing the budget to get out of control. And after watching Part Unknown the other night on CNN it seems like Warner could buy the city for that much money. As it stands they are going to have to foot the bill for all types of emergency services and other infrastructure because the Detroit city government has literally let many parts of the city rot.

  26. Wonder why they’re still not ready to release this film on 2015?It is clear that WB was squeezing the filmakers(Snyder and Goyer) to fastrack MOS 2 in order to catch up with Marvel.They are not really planning to make a DCCU out of MOS if it was not from the Avengers success back in 2012.If they are already planning this one from the beginning,then they should be ready to film the movie now.So dissappointed with WB,hoping DC properties belonged to other studio.

    • “Fasttracking” creates its own set of problems. I’d rather take the required time to do it right, than push as hard as possible to hit and earlier date.

  27. pre-production for two films back to back is more than enough reason for a delay, plus the extra time can only benefit the development of something great that isn’t rushed into production…

  28. Ok I’ve been relativly quiet the last few days to wrap my head around this.

    We can can throw figures and numbers at each other all day. The fact is cbm sell. Be it wb sony or disney. Now people are saying wb is scared of avengers 2. Films tend to remain in thearters domestically for 8 to 9 weeks I’ve observed if it is making a profit. The avengers comes out may 1 a full nine to ten weeks prior to july 17. By then it would have been out of thearters. Ant man opens two weeks later on july 31. That is the direct competition it had.

    Looking at it that way we know that the combination of batman,superman,and wonder woman will make easily $668 mill. Regardless of your feelings of alfleck or gadot it will be a hit. Now personal feelings and veiws aside the name sells.

    Now to the reasons why they moved…it could be many things. In any movie unexpected issues arise…injuries rewrites ect., but it may not have been either of issues stated. The fact iswe may never know.

    Nowto the issue with the new date. Its steep. The fact is that many see that as marvels date….even though noething has been announcced. In movie production set dates can be changed. It may be that wb will change the date again.

    We have 2 years right now….

  29. I don’t understand why a company like Warner would even be concerned about what Disney/Marvel does with their comic book movies. They have no need to be afraid of them. Both companies as well as tons of other film companies are in the business of making entertain for ‘US’! These companies make money off their sales and other venues for each product they produce. WB knew about what Marvel was doing years ago before Iron Man came out. They had years to “compete” providing that’s what they wanted to do. WB are not slouches. They have been making movies for years. Whatever the reasons WB didn’t start making superhero movies the way Marvel did at the same time, it had to be in whatever play book they were looking at. But Warner has been concentrating on Arrow and other small screen production as well as other non-superhero movies.
    Competeing with Disney doesn’t make sense. So everyone here is making up all their own ideas about what’s happening because they don’t like the fact they pushed the date back on MOS2. We’ve all waited longer for moves to come out. Years ago, it took forever and ever to make a movie and get it out on the screen. At that time there was no such thing about hearing about how a studio is even thinking about making a movie. Everyone had to wait and then be totally surprised when they saw a trailer on the big screen at the beginning of some movie. By then the wait would be a lot shorter when you saw a trailer, and the move was probably virtually in the can at that time. Now the minute we all hear about an idea in some persons mind about a movie its all over the web and everyone begins to speculate. That’s what makes everything seem. All you have to do is wait and before you know it, the movie will be ready to come out.
    But, studios as big as Warner and Disney and Sony and others have no reason to be scared of anything since they all do what they want on their own time frame.
    And besides, for a film like Batman vs. Superman, waiting for it is half the fun.