‘Batman vs. Superman’ Looking to Cast Actor for Cyborg?

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Justice League Cyborg Batman vs. Superman Looking to Cast Actor for Cyborg?
As Marvel Studios blew some minds with the wide release of the full-length trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Warner Bros. and DC continue to remind us that their Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman exists, with a recent look at our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, training for her role as the Amazonian and the rumor that our first look at Ben Affleck in the Batsuit could be coming soon.

The fan uproar over the film’s various casting choices may never end, but we’ve come to a point where we know who our principles will be: Batman (Affleck), Superman (the returning Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), as well as Batman/Bruce Wayne’s valet/surrogate father Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons). Anything else is speculation.

The decision to include Wonder Woman and the various rumors about the presence of some of DC’s other characters (Josh Holloway as Aquaman? Denzel Washington or Dwayne Johnson as Green Lantern? Will we see Nightwing or Doomsday?) have led many to believe that Batman vs. Superman will also serve as some kind of back-door lead-in to a long-expected Justice League film.

A new casting rumor will likely add fuel to this rumor bonfire. According to Latino-Review, the producers of Batman vs. Superman are casting “a black actor in his early 20s who is also physically fit.” Now, this could be for any number of supporting roles – a military or police officer, any number of security personnel, or a member of super-villain Lex Luthor’s private army (if he has one… but wouldn’t we like to see that?).

New 52 Justice League Roster Batman vs. Superman Looking to Cast Actor for Cyborg?

However, LR elaborates that “the part is for a small role in the untitled Batman Vs Superman movie BUT will be recurring in other upcoming DCU films.” Not only that, but certain sources report that Zack Snyder has apparently met with Fox’s new Johnny Storm, Michael B. Jordan, for a role. (Which, if true, Jordan likely passed on, given his commitment to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four)

Could Warners and DC be adding Cyborg to the mix? Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has publicly stated that he’d like to see the character show up at some point, and among the many and varied Easter Eggs peppered throughout the Superman reboot, the references to Dr. Emil Hamilton (played by The West Wing‘s Richard Schiff) and S.T.A.R. labs are big clues that some version of Cyborg (not to mention Doomsday) could appear.

This (admittedly thin) rumor ties into Cavill’s remarks, lending the notion of Cyborg’s inclusion a bit more credence. After all, Cavill’s statements about wanting to see a Batman/Superman team-up turned out to foreshadow the official announcement that the movie was happening – are we looking at something similar here?

In the New 52 reboot, Victor Stone A.K.A. Cyborg is a high school football star who suffers a terrible accident as he visits his father, a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist. Desperate to save his boy, Victor’s father injects him with nanites, and along with other radically experimental technology and metallic implants, turns him into an all-too-confused character – one who could be an interesting addition to the DC cinematic universe, which is still navigating the terrain inhabited by the human and superhuman alike.

Stay tuned for more information as it surfaces.


Batman vs. Superman will be released on May 6th, 2016

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. I thought this was Batman vs Superman? This is what we get with Zach Snyder, we’ll get maybe a 10 second scene of batman and superman fighting, with a ridiculous amount of shaky cam. Then the rest of the movie is Justice League.


    • So you really think it will be Superman vs batman for 5 min then the rest of the movie Justice League for real?

      If they do show up it will be at the end for a cliffhanger leading into Justice League Movie. They would be in the movie in the end to show they exist.

      • I’d honestly just start ignoring anyone dumb enough to think something similar to what Wally and others have posted because it’d just bring our IQ levels down to theirs.

        • I must agree.

        • Yeah, I’m getting to the same place. I’d like to think most of them are trolls and not actually that incapable of seeing things reasonably.

        • While I don’t agree with such an extreme interpretation, the film has certainly gone beyond the point of being called a MoS sequel.

      • Really.. very interesting Batman Vs Superman… seems very attractive and thrilling

    • Why do people like you judge directors so strongly based on unfounded rumors? I don’t get it.

  2. Corbin Bleu.

    What team?!? JUSTICE LEAGUE!

    We’re all in this together, man.

    • I just choked on my coffee lol Thanks for that laugh.

  3. Well isn’t this interesting. This rumor has been around for ages. Cavill said he would be excited forrr cyborg. In mos there was the easter egg with doctor hamilton and star.labs.

    Victor stone is one of the most recognizable dc heroes. His ties with the titans and the heavey pressence in the new 52 has made him a priority character in dc eyes. Geoff johns has even said he intended for cyborg to have a big role in dc uninverse.

    If you are unaware he’s an ex producer for this.

    As for others saying train wreak clarfication so far the only confirmed characters are superman, batman and wonder woman

    Cyborg, green lantern, aquaman and flash are just rumors so far. We know some actors who have been approachedfor roles but it could be as the rumors suggested for the justice league movie they may or may not be filming after bvs.

    • exactly you can’t call the film a train wreck based on rumors. This early in what i believe is still pre-production with not even a photo released and people are acting like they saw the movie already.

  4. Well since it’s Michael B. Jordan that they are looking at, the logical answer is The Flash…

  5. MAn, Michael B. Jordan would be great.

    • Michael B. Jordan can make a great casting role playing Cyborg/Victor Stone. Remember this save it for the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

      • Yeah obviously I think he’ll mainly be in the full JL film, but I don’t discard Victor Stone being in Batman V Superman.

  6. These rumors have been conceived upon a website that merely reports rumors instead of fact. Stop getting all of your fanboy panties in a motherf*ckin bunch.

  7. If Micheal B Jordan did pass on being Cyborg to be the Human Torch I think he will see real soon that was a mistake. Especially with Fantastic Four movies track record.

    • LMAO, I totally agree with you. I mean not only does Fantastic four movies have a bad movie track record, but hes going to get a lot of criticism and hate for playing a white comic book character.

      • Yea I hate when they change main characters (heroes or villains) race or gender. That’s like making Lex Luthor or The Joker female? Why do that when they both have daughters in the comics just make the daughters.
        Or making Oceanmaster black when you can just make Black Manta.

  8. Damn, this sucks. This most likely means that we won’t get Martian Manhunter.

    • I know it really does suck, I lOVE Martian Manhunter. I hope they do have him, because I think his Origin Movie will be awesome!!

  9. Wait, if he is playing Victor Stone. Whomever they want to cast, wouldn’t they have already cast him for the football game scene, which was already filmed. Then, that way they could show some humorous interview at halftime, then later show the accident. It would establish him to viewers, no matter how minimal.

    • They only had a 20 minute window to shoot some scenes of walking onto the field, grouping together to decide on a play, tackles and passing. That’s all they filmed.

      I imagine they’ll have whoever gets cast in the role film a separate interview in like a locker room area after the game without his helmet on so that it can appear on a TV screen in the background.

  10. My main issue with just a small Wonder Woman cameo is that it under utilizes the impact of her first big cinematic appearance.

    In terms of this 2016 Justice League movie structure, a small part makes sense. Something akin to Black Widow in IM2 where she has small scenes and a big fight sequence. But for me Wonder Woman is too iconic, too big a character for such a small involvement as an introduction.

    If the Man of Steel / Justice League back to back rumours are true, then Wonder Woman would still only have a diminished role in the 2nd film, as she cannot be a dominant character in a movie where a new Flash /Aquaman / Cyborg possibly are introduced as well as a powerful villain. By the time you get to her own movie, the freshness and novelty will be gone.

    Wonder Woman first deserves an epic solo outing first that fully concentrates on her warrior nature, Thermyscria origins and how she adjusts to the present day world. There is so much rich storytelling potential there for such a dynamic character. Instead she’s going to be shoe-horned in with a group of other heroes for her first movie appearance.

    Thor and Captain America didn’t need small cameos. Marvel had the balls to go straight with their own stories first. Wonder Woman should be getting the same treatment.

    • Well she could use that cameo to whoop some major a$$ like Black Widow did in Ironman 2 except it would be on another level because its Wonder Woman, so don’t get too discouraged.

    • Time is not on the side of the DC Movie Universe. They are playing catch-up to the Marvel Movie Universe.

  11. just to engage in this discussion, it would make sense to employ cyborg in the follow up even in a small role. there will probably be a focus to countering the superman issue, and it’d make sense for star labs to come into play.

    as for the whole cyborg/ manhunter issue, I’d rather see cyborg just to diversify the power sets.

  12. Donald Glover for Cyborg!

  13. I dont think Michael B. Jordan is a good choice for Cyborg. Every time I have seen Cyborg (in comics, cartoons, and animated movies) he has always been depicted as really big and buff, and Michael B. Jordan is is just skinny and tall. I rather see Dwayne Johnson as cyborg, because he has the build to match the character well.

    • I totally get what you’re saying in regards to Cyborg’s physique, but what is also rather important to his character (as far as I have read in a few comics) is his age. I have only read a few comics with Cyborg in them, and he shows a vary self doubt, like he knows he has a responsibility to help, but along side Batman and Superman he still feels like an unsure kid. I think a young Cyborg is a must, and that’s why I’d rather not see Johnson in the role.

      • You are right, I forgot all about his personality and age. I cant really think of any black actor (or an brown skinned actor) that has the age and body type that can fit this character.

        • You should have better since by now to judge an actor by his/her current appearance. Michael B Jordan is ideal for this role with some training.

  14. When do you think this film will take place..? It would be awesome if it was some, 10, 15 years after MoS. And the Justice League is already established. Actors, including Gadot, would only be needed for like a team round table to discuss the Supes/Bats conflict. I think that would be awesome. Who said each character needs to be introduced in their own personal origin film?

    • That is a really good Idea, instead of doing it like Marvels format, they can make a Justice League movie after Bat/Super, then do origin movies for each character. I would just hate to wait for each JL Member to have a origin movie in order to have a Justice League movie, I mean thats like what 5 or 6 origin movies then a Justice league movies, thats way to long of a wait, like maybe 5-10 years (depending if they release each movie a year or 2 years apart.).

  15. Oh for god’s sake just call it Justice League already.

  16. I will wait till the movie comes out instead of listening all the to rumors about the film it happens it happens as always say

    • meant to all the rumors

  17. Marvel did the movies the right way: they introduced the characters in their own movies, building them up for the Avengers film.

    Instead of doing the same thing, DC made one single movie and then is going to dump EVERY single character they can think of into ONE single movie. No back story for any of them (non-comic book fans won’t have reason to like the characters), not enough time for any of them to become interesting or developed, and it’s just going to be one huge, jumbled mess.

    • DC characters are not Marvel characters. It isn’t DC’s fault that each character doesn’t require a solo movie to establish who they are.

      …and lets just pretend for a minute that these DC characters are not globally recognized icons…

      …you still don’t need an entire movie to establish what a character is about.

      “No back story for any of them (non-comic book fans won’t have reason to like the characters), not enough time for any of them to become interesting or developed, and it’s just going to be one huge, jumbled mess.”

      So are you describing Guardians of the Galaxy then?

      Sorry, but this line of thinking isn’t just flawed… it’s downright ignorant.

      • +1000000

  18. Did anyone notice the polar bear on MOS?And also the Kryptonian key slot looks like a bears paw,what does it mean?just curious

    • I am pretty sure the polar bear scene was an inside jab at the fact that producer Jon Peters forced Kevin Smith to write a scene into his Superman Lives script where Brainiac fights a polar bear because polar bears are “the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom”, according to Peters anyway.

      As for the key looking like a bear claw, that’s either a coincidence or you’re making an association that isn’t there.

  19. I don’t mind the way they are doing it. With Supes vs Bats then Justice League. Doing solo movies first would take too long there wouldn’t be a Justice League until 2021 or later, who wants to wait that long.

    Plus most origin movies suck. I hope they have other heroes make an appearances in the solo movies. Like Flash and Wonder Woman show up in a Aquaman movie or vice versa.
    And introduce new heroes in the solo movies like Shazam and Black Lighting in a Flash or Cyborg movie.

    But I hope they do a Green Lantern Corps movie with all the Earth Green Lanterns fighting the Yellow or Red Lanterns.

    Its so many new ways they can do it instead of coping Marvels format because there phase 2 movies were terrible so far. Their villains are too weak. it seems like the same old same old.

  20. Whew, for a while I thought the rumor mill had run dry.

    • +1

  21. I think they’re using marvels formula by introducing characeters as easter eggs or at the end after credits. I’m pretty sure that’s how dc will come about introducing the justice league. Just my opinion.

  22. Wow! Another unfounded Batman/Superman rumor. Who’d a thunk it. I am so sick of hearing this bollocks. I would love if Screen Rant wouldn’t just post stuff that has no basis in fact. You know like Lebron James starring in Space Jam 2. :)

    • If Screen Rant only posted articles about confirmed facts and not rumor and speculation, you’d be reading about one article a week.

      • Well there is that. :)

        • :)

  23. I’m just wondering if they’ll cast the role of Cyborg with a white actor since the industry seems caught up these days with their bizarre (& somewhat racist) fixation of playing ‘ethnicity swap’.
    Or is it just established ‘Caucasian’ characters whose ethnicity gets swapped out?
    Ah who cares. This movie -like so many others I’m seeing covered around here on Screen Rant lately- is going to bomb. Affleck as Batman pretty much insured that, despite the fact that the 1st Man Of Steel sucked a$$ as it was & had already guaranteed a failed franchise. Everything reported so far about this sequel (regardless of being fact or fiction) have just been nails in the coffin lid.

    • Superman vs batman will be epic. And MOS was a good movie to me. As far as your racist comments leave that talk over there at your Marvel Johnny Storm section. Its a comic book movie who cares !!

      I don’t care about the Fantastic Four. There movies are weak and boring.

    • I don’t know why people fail to see this completely obvious fact that the time these characters were created was a time when african-americans (i hate calling people black,white, brown etc.), were not treated with much respect nor given a place in the upper echelons of society. This is why almost all the comic book characters from that time are caucasian.

      Now things are changing, so african-americans are getting the chance to be seen equal to their caucasian counterparts, hence they are being chosen for big roles like these to bring in some much needed diversity. If they do so in a balanced way, why should there be any problem.

      This does not mean that they should cast a caucasian actor in the role of cyborg, since that would take much away from why the character was created in the first place,i.e., to add diversity to the JL and to give Af-am people equal footing, in a caucasian dominated world.

      So none of this is racist, it’s just the consequence of the course history has taken. So please relax, and stop trolling this space. I don’t know if other people agree with me or not, but this is as objectively as a I can see this situation. Oh, and i’m from India, with an outsiders perspective, if anyone was wondering.

  24. A physically fit black guy for a movie? wow.

    talk about being desperate for hits, lol. What a joke.

  25. Bradley Cooper. He can act and is built


    • He would be a better Black Manta

  27. My idea, In BvsS Victor Stone is introduced NOT Cyborg, an accident occurs either at the end of BvS or at the beginning of JL that turns him into Cyborg

  28. ……evertime I read marvels way is better I ignore the post. I swear the trolls just go to everysite repeat the same marvel reterict and move on.

    The fact that the next avengers movie is introducing 4. New heroes and 3 maybe a thanos scence too to make 4 new villiansand they have the stones to say we need orgin and solo films every movie? How many times must we hear that peter parker was bit by a spider or bruce waynes parents were killed. I mean for a hero like ms marvel or black panther who a general audiance will not know dc characters are pop icons.

    Flash: most people have seen or heard of the big bang theory were the flash is often a referenced name. One of the main characters dresses up like him several times on the show. Heck he where’s a flash tshirt on the show in many episodes.

    Wonder woman: has been spoken as the iconic female hero. Girls know the name boy had sick fanats6ys about her but she is an icon many people use to show a strong woman.

    Green lantern: jlu introduced us to john stewart in fact many people feel he is the green lantern. But remeber the movie can out in 2011 staring hal jorden and for all its flaws we see a solid orgin.

    Aquaman: enough said.

    These are pop icons. You know the names and the powers most have. Cyborg is a bit out there and I think if they do cast him we will se his orgin unfold over at least 2 films.

    The way this looks we see vic stone in bvs and if they go new 52 route see him become cyborg in justice league. Since geoff johns is a producer on this film I can see new 52 being utilized.

    Also to naysayers. The film was delayed to relize a vision….I really foresee this being a set up for a jl movie. Introduce the big 3 cameo a young hero. Mention the other 3 well knows and boom.

    2017 justice league

  29. Also to make matters worse we are seeing that people are indeed saying he met and signed on to the film already…..I’m laughing and my co workers are staring at me.

    Rumors folks are that rumor.