‘Batman vs. Superman’ Looking to Cast Actor for Cyborg?

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Justice League Cyborg Batman vs. Superman Looking to Cast Actor for Cyborg?
As Marvel Studios blew some minds with the wide release of the full-length trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Warner Bros. and DC continue to remind us that their Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman exists, with a recent look at our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, training for her role as the Amazonian and the rumor that our first look at Ben Affleck in the Batsuit could be coming soon.

The fan uproar over the film’s various casting choices may never end, but we’ve come to a point where we know who our principles will be: Batman (Affleck), Superman (the returning Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), as well as Batman/Bruce Wayne’s valet/surrogate father Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons). Anything else is speculation.

The decision to include Wonder Woman and the various rumors about the presence of some of DC’s other characters (Josh Holloway as Aquaman? Denzel Washington or Dwayne Johnson as Green Lantern? Will we see Nightwing or Doomsday?) have led many to believe that Batman vs. Superman will also serve as some kind of back-door lead-in to a long-expected Justice League film.

A new casting rumor will likely add fuel to this rumor bonfire. According to Latino-Review, the producers of Batman vs. Superman are casting “a black actor in his early 20s who is also physically fit.” Now, this could be for any number of supporting roles – a military or police officer, any number of security personnel, or a member of super-villain Lex Luthor’s private army (if he has one… but wouldn’t we like to see that?).

New 52 Justice League Roster Batman vs. Superman Looking to Cast Actor for Cyborg?

However, LR elaborates that “the part is for a small role in the untitled Batman Vs Superman movie BUT will be recurring in other upcoming DCU films.” Not only that, but certain sources report that Zack Snyder has apparently met with Fox’s new Johnny Storm, Michael B. Jordan, for a role. (Which, if true, Jordan likely passed on, given his commitment to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four)

Could Warners and DC be adding Cyborg to the mix? Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has publicly stated that he’d like to see the character show up at some point, and among the many and varied Easter Eggs peppered throughout the Superman reboot, the references to Dr. Emil Hamilton (played by The West Wing‘s Richard Schiff) and S.T.A.R. labs are big clues that some version of Cyborg (not to mention Doomsday) could appear.

This (admittedly thin) rumor ties into Cavill’s remarks, lending the notion of Cyborg’s inclusion a bit more credence. After all, Cavill’s statements about wanting to see a Batman/Superman team-up turned out to foreshadow the official announcement that the movie was happening – are we looking at something similar here?

In the New 52 reboot, Victor Stone A.K.A. Cyborg is a high school football star who suffers a terrible accident as he visits his father, a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist. Desperate to save his boy, Victor’s father injects him with nanites, and along with other radically experimental technology and metallic implants, turns him into an all-too-confused character – one who could be an interesting addition to the DC cinematic universe, which is still navigating the terrain inhabited by the human and superhuman alike.

Stay tuned for more information as it surfaces.


Batman vs. Superman will be released on May 6th, 2016

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. … why dont they just go all out?
    its kinda ridiculous because its meant to be batman vs superman…
    those two should be the only ones in it really. i can understand wonderwoman and aquaman because they will be interested in superman because he is so powerful and they will wanna protect their land. but cyborg?

    • I think you are letting the size of the name trick you into believing that is the size of the role, for all we know Victor Stone could just have a part in the movie before his transition to Cyborg. They have not come out and said Wonder Woman will have a significant role either, I am thinking it will be a black widow plus role like in Iron Man 2. They aren’t doing that much with this movie.

      • Well, they did film that football game last December between Gotham U and Metropolis.

        • Wow- great point. Didn’t even think about that..

        • Which will likely be his only appearance. I really am not expecting anything bigger than a Black Widow in IM2 role for these characters in SvsB.

          • I’d say it’ll be even less screen time than Black Widow got.

      • Yeah WW might just have a cameo considering how much gal gadot is getting paid.

        • They did tell us it might only be a cameo, it was other people who thought she’d have a massive relevance to the plot.

  2. You should start adding a “LR” or something along those lines in the title of your articles for rumors from Latino Review. Just to save a bit of reading time.

  3. Too bad Dr. Hamilton got sucked through a vortex thing and is dead/in the phantom zone/eaten by Kryptonians lol. Also, boo Latino Review.

    • Do we all know for sure that he is dead?

      • Well, nothing in certain in the comic book universe, but he did fall out of the back of a plane into the collision of some alien space crafts which sucked said space crafts into oblivion…so there’s maybe like a 30% chance that he’s dead :)

        • They arent dead, merely frozen at a point in space time ;) so says comicbook logic should they ever want to revive the characters. I say just gimme more Faora and I’ll be happy.

  4. lol @ Warner Brothers…they’re such losers. They do not realize that the value of a cross over is derived from the merging of different franchises into one. What that means is that they FIRST have to give each DC character their independent film and THEN you consolidate the characters into one. This generates excitement and anticipation to watch the cross-over movie.

    If you just cross-over right away then every subsequent film using one superhero will be merely a shell of the prior film.

    I guess they need Chris Nolan to tell them that.

    • So where’s our independent films for each of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

      • Very good point, people will probably argue that the JL is full of characters with rich backgrounds that cannot be explained in one movie but I’ve seen JL: War and I think they can use each character and reveal their origins in their solos.

        • The flash didn’t appear until almost 45 minutes into justice league war. They did a very poor job of introducing the justice league if that was their aim.

      • Or X-Men for that matter? So many cats have become Marvel sheep. Marvel could have Banner crap a giant green turd onscreen for two hours and they’d love it lol. Marvel Studios has been awesome at building their universe THEIR way. It is NOT however the ONLY way. And trust me, Batman and Superman sharing the same screen together for the first time live action (not to mention the big screen debut of WW) is a pop culture event. There will be no shortage of excitement for this film. Once that train officially leaves the station late next year there is NOTHING (no amount of fanboy rage etc) stopping it. Hell it will get endless amounts of FREE publicity. Anyone that thinks otherwise is quite delusional.

        • Are you guys friggin kidding me!?? This is warner brothers we’re talking about here; the studio that is making THREE films out of the frickin Hobbit!

          The Hobbit for crying out loud!

          The last thing they want to do is rush into justice league; they want to make a film for each character first. I respect the Batman v Superman vs Wonder woman shortcut, because it saves time and they can use wonder woman as the central villain but that is all. But now they are breaching their limits and the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor tells me that they are inferior. Chris Nolan is what made Man of Steel good, and now without him they are fumbling.

          • Well given the first two Hobbit films have grossed 1.8 billion dollars I’m not quite sure what your point is……

            You seem to have SO MUCH insight into the ongoings over at WB and what’s going on behind the scenes with this film. Please do tell us more…

    • I agree with the idea of doing solo films first makes the team up film have that much more of an impact. Would Justice League still be huge? Sure, but not as huge if a few members of the league had a film first. Giving people who don’t necessarily care about Justice League a little familiarity with each character and why they’re interesting by doing a solo film first, I think, will make a big difference.

      In the end, I don’t know what Warner Bros’ plan is and I won’t act like I do. You’re judgmental post says much more about you than what you are actually saying.

  5. Martian Manhunter > C-list borg

    • Cyborg is not really C-list any more, but i agree I would rather see MM

      • Who are his great villains then?

        • Adonis, Deathstroke, Dr. Light, Atlas, Billy numerous, and Cinderblock. No one real major but most of his villains come from the Teen titans.

          • Exactly, those arent his villains, those are teen titans villains.
            Theres no villains that complement cyborg, no great singular story or even possible multiple stories, there could be but im not really interested in comic weaponized robocop being on the main justice league.
            At least Martian has White Martians.

            • And shapeshifting, would love to see that on film, changing into alien beasts, his mind reading, his intangibility, such a loss.
              If replacing him was about adding diversity, they should use John Stewart, no one really cares about Hal Jordan anymore.
              Or how about a asian female Flash.

              • Who said they weren’t using Martian Manhunter. The only heroes confirmed for sure are Superman, Batman, and a Wonder Woman cameo.

                And thats just for Superman vs Batman not Justice League.

              • They would be silly to use an asian female as flash, thin of all the high speed accidents that would occur in said universe. And if you didnt show that then it wouldnt be plausible.

            • Blame DC and other comic book writers for giving Black superheros the lackluster treatment, and secondary roles.

    • I’d rather see a Cyborg right now, and if they go with a team of seven they can add Martian Manhunter into the movie by using the white martians as the villain similar to season 1 episode 1 of Justice League.

    • It was never said cyborg would replace martian manhunter and we could have them both in a JL.MM really doesnt take action in the field of combat unless he is really needed he mostly overwatches in the watch tower cyborg could take his place in the field and can be useful when theres tech involved

    • +1

  6. Trainwreck :/

  7. As I said before, the so called “Batman vs. Superman” movie is becoming “Justice League” movie.

    • Not really.

      • why is that? There’s already Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, and now Cyborg? Come on now

        • Yea Superman , Batman, and a Wonder Woman cameo, and most likely a Victor Stone appearance before he becomes Cyborg.

        • I wasn’t aware this rumor was confirmed. In any event, I hope they cast somebody that meshes well with Adam Driver’s Nightwing. And personally, I’m really looking forward to Rock’s portrayal of John Stewart and Cranston as Lex. Oh wait….

    • With some of the casting rumors and all, I have wondered if Will Beal’s script actully was scrapped and perhaps WB/DC is going to have the last laugh when the first trailer says Justice League and not SvB.

      But I doubt it.

  8. LOL!


    • I do.

    • I care too

    • I do.

    • 4 vs 1, Bob. Still fancy your chances?

      • Well at least there’s a few of you out there that still care. That’s more people than actually liked MoS at least. You’re still out numbered though.

        This movie is a trainwreck about to happen. Read the web, you’ll see most people just don’t care anymore about this movie after all the bad casting choices.

        Good luck.

        • Most as in a handful of your friends?

        • The web makes up for a timy fraction of what makes up the gen audience. And most are in the dark about all these developments since they don’t read movie rumors. Most have no clue batman will be in the next Mos movie.

        • LOL! You are pretty delusional if you think a bunch of fanboy internet chatter is representative of the masses. You’re also delusional if you think that the first onscreen live action pairing of Superman and Batman and the big screen debut of WW will not do gangbusters. No amount of fanboy rage is going to change that. You cats need to realize that this film is a POP CULTURE EVENT.

      • 4 users? oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap!

        • Hey, you can finally count past 3. Lets see if you can reach 5, champ.

        • Plenty as interested, and im a fan of CBM’s so no matter what ill go see it. Hell i think superman is a crap hero in general since he can do it all, with barely any flaws, but ill go see every movies that has him in it. Because it will be a good movie. Might not be great, but it will be good no matter what. People that hate on MoS need to get a tampon out of their purse and quit crying.

          • +100000000

      • And all from the same person, probably.

  9. They way it sounds Victor will appear in Superman vs Batman and turn into Cyborg in Justice League. It looks more and more like they will all show up at the end for a cliffhanger to Justice League.

    I am all for it. I don’t want to wait till 2025 to see a Justice League movie. Hopefully they will have them fight Darkseid and his followers so it will be epic.

    I hope they have each other make appearances in their solo movies too. I would love to see Green Lantern make an appearance in a Flash movie, or Aquaman show up in a Wonder Woman movie.

    I am just ready for WB/DC to get the ball rolling.

    • You’ve spelled out exactly what I want even though it might be a stretch to go straight into Justice League after this. I hope they make appearances in each others’ movies as well it would give them a truly connected cinematic universe unlike Marvel who sometimes seems connected and sometimes doesn’t, in solos of course. I am hoping for a Flash and Green Lantern team up movie, and a Superman/Wonder Woman team up movie. I could even see Zatanna appearing in a Batman movie.

      • Not if Darkseid invades at the end of Superman vs Batman or they show a Parademon coming out a boom tube at the end.

        It only makes sense if they are going to film the movies back to back like they rumored last month. I wont mind a straight cut to Justice league if they do it right.

        • The more DC the better, I’m not the expert on Marvel so their announcements and films don’t excite me nearly as much as DC’s.

    • for it would be cool if all that happened plus Peter Jackson was directing a JL trilogy. Seeing what he did with LOTR and the hobbit films bringing Darkseid and apokolypse to the big screen should really fun .

  10. Ok, DC. You have to have Dr Hamil escape from the Phantom Zone, along with Faora and the giant Kryptonian. All the others got killed in the Zone by Doomsday. She teams up with Lex for a round two with Supes, but they all have to fight Doomsday. Oh, it’s on now !!

    • I could see maybe in the zone they see Sinestro who was banished there for subjugating Korugar with his ring. The Guardians could’ve used some Kryptonian technology for their own phantom zone that someone left behind when they were pioneering other planets. They have lots of ways to connect this universe, I’m just hoping they use them.

    • Faora forcing Dr. Hamil to create a phantom drive sounds like a nice idea, cut to scenes where doomsday is hunting down each and every one of Zods remaining soldiers would be cool too.

  11. They’re just rumors people lets not get all worked up

  12. If I remember correctly isn’t MM when he shapeshifts into his human form an African American male whose physically fit? Thought I know he’s older in the comics but could look younger in the movie universe since shapeshift doesn’t mean you have to look your age.

  13. Sooo this is basically the justice league movie…

    • Nope cause that would imply they all team up in this movie instead of just being introduced in some form (which is most likely….you know, Victor Stone is playing in the football game they filmed last December, Wonder Woman appears after finding out about Superman, John Stewart is helping the clean up crew in Metropolis and however Flash and Aquaman arrive).

  14. First time I’ve heard the rumor of Josh Holloway as Aquaman….I personally would love that!! I’ve been a huge fan of Holloway’s since Lost and want him in any Superhero flick ASAP

  15. I hope they add Cyborg as long as they have him as badA$$ as he was in Justice League War. I don’t see why Martian Manhunter can’t be in the movie also.

    I think they are just establishing that each character exists in Superman vs Batman.
    The next movie will have them in action.

  16. Well…clearly Chris Tucker was born to play this part. Get on it WB.

  17. Ever go to a public restroom at a restaurant or airport where the previous user just had explosive diarrhea? Yeah, until WB starts squashing some of these rumors, this movie is starting to look like that toilet bowl. And no one is going to want to sit down in that seat.

    • Actually read this while on the Bowl…coincidence??? I think not. lol

  18. People calm down this is not a justice league movie just think about it before saying stuff.Gal gadot is getting paid $300,000 thats not much considering how much this film will make so its likely she will have a small role as for other characters their just rumors nothing official.This is still Man of steel 2 just like Iron Man 2 they will tease and show other characters so we know they exist in the same universe.Batman will have a role in the movie but just like black widow in iron man 2 in the end you will still know who’s movie it was.

  19. Laz Alonso has a Denzel-esque quality to his better-written performances and fits the Affleck/Cavill age dynamic. He isn’t a name, but he’s a solid actor. DC could use a leg-up by introducing a character of color in the earliest stages of its rebranded universe too. The character’s been part of two of the last three JLA animated films, too.

  20. 50 cent = cyborg and Justin Timberlake = The Flash

    • hahha mumblin a$$

  21. Ill take the job as Cyborg, Thanks.

  22. I am going to fall over dead laughing if they cast an actor who is anything but black.

  23. Has Dwayne Johnson been confirmed yet as GL/John Stewart ?
    No disrespect to Mr. Washington but he’s too old (60s). They should go with a 30s actor.
    I prefer Martian Manhunter as a core member of JL. Josh Holloway as Aquaman will be cool.

    What about the villains casting choices? So far only Lexenberg has been confirmed.

    • I have been waiting for them to announce the other villains also. You know good villains can make or break a movie.

      I think it will be Doomsday, there have been Metallo rumors also.

  24. My idea was that they could put him one of the Gotham or Metropolis college football teams and just show someone in uniform like an easter egg

    • well you can’t introduce Vic with out his father, who works at star labs, which ties in with T.O Morrow and Will Magnus’s metal men. I guess Vic can be one of the football players Bruce Wayne is giving scholorships to. Cuz really they can’t just show Vic stone in football uniform at a game and then thats it, that’s all the film will show of him.

      • I was hoping Denzel Washington would be Victor’s father, or Martian Manhunter.

  25. Why don’t they just go ahead and call the movie what it is?

  26. I’m calling it. The official title is going to be Justice League.

  27. I dont really understand why people want Cyborg and Green Arrow in the movie so bad. They are both incredibly lame and they bring absolutely nothing to the table.

  28. Guys for those of you that dont know, There is a Justice League Movie coming out in 2017 along with a Batman Vs Superman in 2016 along with a Green Lantern 2, Aquaman movie, Shazaam movie, Wonder Woman movie, Flash movie, and a Lobo Movie so each Character is gonna have there own movie just like they did with all the Marvel Characters which eventually lead to the Avengers

    • Where did you hear these lies?

  29. Ok either all these rumors are junk, or they are casting for the entire new 52 JLA. If all the casting rumors are substantiated then I’m of the opinion at this point that they will be shooting two movie back to back. One being the MOS 2 (bats vs supes) and the other being the JLA movie that is setup directly from the event of Mos2. They could then release mos2 in 2015, JLA 2016.

    • Fack meant Mos2 in 2016, JLA in 2017..

      • I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!