‘Batman V Superman’ Casts Ray Fisher as Cyborg

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Batman vs Superman Ray Fisher Cyborg Batman V Superman Casts Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Just when it seemed like Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman couldn’t surprise comic book fans any more than it already has, yet another bombshell has dropped. Reports are now claiming that stage actor Ray Fisher has been signed to appear as DC superhero Cyborg in the upcoming film, already introducing big screen adaptations of Batman, Wonder Woman, and potentially several more unannounced comic book characters.

While the actor’s resume may be a short one to movie fans, Variety reports that he has landed the role after weeks of testing. Besides confirming earlier reports that Snyder and co. were on the hunt for an African-American actor in his ’20s (a description all comic fans took as a clear indication Cyborg could be introduced for future films, given his integral role in the Justice League), Fisher’s casting confirms his status as an up-and-comer – having recently auditioned for Star Wars: Episode VII as well.

The casting comes as somewhat of a surprise given the relative calm and silence surrounding the film’s actual production or story, with director Zack Snyder warning that official reveals and details may still be a long way off. However, if Warner Bros. and DC want to start building towards a Justice League team-up (as seems to be the case), then the pivotal role played by Cyborg in The New 52 origin implied his presence at some point.

Cyborg Movie Hints Man of Steel Cavill Batman V Superman Casts Ray Fisher as Cyborg

We went into great detail explaining the problems – and promise – of introducing Cyborg when Henry Cavill hinted that the character was one he would like to see adapted to film next. If there were any doubt that WB was intentionally dropping these fan tidbits to gauge or build interest in their second-tier heroes, today’s casting should take care of it once and for all. For the record, here are Cavill’s thoughts on the matter:

“Cyborg I think would make a wonderful character and an incredible bridge between both superhumans and humanity in a different way to Batman. So I don’t know where he’s going to come in or if he’s going to come in, but that’s one I’m particularly excited about. Other references I’m not too sure on, but we’ll see where those lead. Those with keen eyes will see them.”

Although Snyder may have decided to return to casting a relative ‘unknown’ for an iconic superhero role – something he avoided by casting Ben Affleck as his new Batman, and Fast & Furious starlet Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman – the characteristics he was searching for are a bit clearer. Fisher’s most recent (and quite praised) performance was in the New York Theater Workshop’s production of Will Power’s “Fetch Clay, Make Man,” in which he played heavyweight boxing champ Muhammed Ali.

While Fisher’s appearance as Cyborg will likely be a small one, confined to the role of ‘Victor Stone’ (pre-cyborg enhancements, merely the son of a STAR Labs employee), his experience as both a soft-spoken, emotional and athletic icon will serve him well. How the writers will find a way of working a collegiate athlete into Batman vs. Superman‘s plot is anyone’s guess, but Snyder has previously claimed that he’s casting his roles based on the script’s demands, first and foremost.

Batman vs Superman Cyborg Actor Cast Batman V Superman Casts Ray Fisher as Cyborg

While he may not be introduced as a half-metal hero, the inevitable battle between Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and any other potential villainous powerhouses is sure to have some surrounding impact – if Man of Steel‘s climactic fight is any sign of DC-level destruction. Could an attack on STAR Labs leave Victor Stone clinging to life, ready to come into his own for a Justice League sequel? That’s speculation on our part, but the opening of a terrified cyborg eye is the kind of post-credits scene that would send fans spinning.

What do you make of the casting? Were you hoping to see an established star like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson bring the role to life, or a is younger, lesser known actor a wiser move? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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Source: Variety

Image Credit: Joan Marcus (via NY Post)

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  1. I agree with what most people are saying, but I was really hoping for a MOS 2, with only Supes. Develop his character, his relationship with Lois, and introduce Luthor. That is what should have been done. Leave Batman out of it, and I Love Batman, my favorite Comic hero. Plus Affleck should not have been cast as Batman period, I would have been satisfied with anyone but him, even Joseph Gordon-Lovitt as Batman. But what is done is done. I think Ray will do great as Cyborg, but I am not sold on the casting of Wonder woman though.

    • http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/04/24/gal-gadot-rocks-a-classic-wonder-woman-costume-1370153 I think this looks ok what do you think

      • Agreed she is Hot, but I am still not sold about bringing all of these heroes together for this movie……

    • I can’t say I disagree too much, I don’t mind them introducing another hero into the mix but it feels like they might be going overboard with it. Maybe a story focused on Supes and a villian with Batman in the background towards the end just monitoring things as a set up for MOS 3 would have been a good idea.

      • To be honest, the Sups/Loise story was done too many times and would have ruined a MOS2. This is LOOOOOONG over due. Honestly, Sups should have been introduced in a news report in the last Batman movie as a misterious guy saving people (like the “Blur” lol)with Batman sitting in the Bat Cave watching the news reports. Superman has had weekly TV shows, numerous cartoons, and about 6 movies already witht he same story except for the last one which did an AWESOME job with the story of Krypton. I say keep moving forward, Zack Snyder should follow some of the animated movies to develop the characters. They do a great job with those animations. The best so far is the Flash Paradox. Very dark, just what DC need.

  2. I’m glad they cast this unknown. I wish the same had been done with Batman…I too am not sold by the casting of Gal as WW. She just doesn’t have the look. Even if she bulks up…she still is somewhat “OFF” to me. Can’t put my finger on it. They could’ve cast all unknowns for the Justice league Movie

  3. wuich .. I’ll wait to see it

  4. I won’t!! I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!! I still want to know who the other villain will be. I hope its Doomsday or Metallo

  5. Everyone should just shut up about the casting choices and give their opinion when the trailer comes out in the far future. How can anyone speculate on something you know nothing about? Details on the script have been minimal. Basically at this point all we know is who is playing what. When Heath Ledger was announced as the Joker, everyone was all butt hurt about that casting choice? Remind me again how that one worked out!

    • Amen brother. Amen.

    • And no one liked jessica alba when she was cast as sue storm and she ended up sucking hard

    • We know that snyder is a moron. We know that affleck can’t act, on top of that we know snyder some how manages to get bad performances out of even the best actors, so yes there is lots of scope for speculation.

      • …and yet you keep coming back to comment. What does that say about YOU? ;)

      • Affleck is actually a pretty good actor…..but he shouldn’t be batman.

  6. Captain America 2 started with Black Widow, Nick Fury, Captain America, Maria Hill and introduced Falcon and Agent 13 as well. They were able to pull it off with a good story, so I don’t see what’s the fuss with adding Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg into the mix.

    It all depends in the story – and we’ll know once the movie gets realeased in 2016.

    • Thank you!!! It’s nice hearing someone else say! It seems everyone is an expert nowadays. Gee maybe DC should come to this website and start hiring directors/writers from here.

    • Not sure if this is a valid point…Batman in a Superman movie is more along the lines of Ironman in a Captain America movie..2 major characters for both marvel/dc. What you mentioned are tier 2 characters in the marvel universe.

      • True, very true, and it is a valid point. However, since many indications are that Batman will be the primary antagonist for most if not all of the film, adding him is more like adding the Winter Soldier to Cap 2, despite the fact that he is a hero and eventual ally of Superman. I’m sure Lex will be pulling some devious strings in the background and maybe they’ll even have to confront him at the end, but he could just as easily have as big of a part as Fury or Alexander Pearce in Cap 2 and WW could have even less of a role. Booyah is correct in saying it all depends on the story. We’re not sure what they’re going to do yet.

        • @Oneiros
          I don’t agree that there are many indications Batman will be the MAIN antagonist, there are indications that the Dark Knight Returns is inspiring his role in the film.
          My guess is that he’ll probably have that same “frenemy” (man, I hate myself for using that word) relationship w/ Superman he had in TDKR comics. The whole, “I respect you, but I will destroy you if I have to” type feeling.
          And the first MoS just established that Superman is nigh indestructible, there’s nothing pratical that Batman could do even with Kryptonite or it’s equivalent.
          If you recall from the first film, Superman’s reaction to unfamiliar atmosphere was nausea and muscle weakness, but we don’t know if he was more vulnerable to punches and kicks from a normal man and Zod said he just needed to acclimate himself and he’ll be fine, so the most Bats will do is smack him around and that’s only good for one sequence. If Bats debuts a robot suit, we’ll wonder why he doesn’t use it in every movie where the threat is stronger, so we probably won’t see it.
          I imagine Batman will show up, throw some threats around, rattle some cages, maybe hit on Lois Lane a bunch (so that it’s Bruce vs Clark AND Bats vs Supes), discover Clark and Supes are the same, ALMOST start a deal with Lex Corp, then realize that Lex is the bad guy blah blah blah. Someone else (Braniac ver 1? Doomsday?) will come in and Bats and Supes team up.
          I can see Braniac and Lex teaming up. The technological angle makes Batman’s brains apparent and Supes has someone to punch. WE ALL WIN!

          • You’re not very familiar with their relationship, are you? First of all, in most modern iterations, they have fought before they became friends. The 90′s cartoon, The New 52, even non-canon stuff. I also think you need to rewatch that scene on the ship. The atmosphere alone brought him to his knees and he split up blood and then passed out. The effects of Kryptonite have been likened in the comics to radiation poisoning.

            Here’s that scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf2PTpqtH6Y

            After that, he gets strapped down to that table and can’t break the restraints so I think it’s safe to assume he has the normal physical ability of a fit man. Batman is leagues ahead of a guy who just works out or something. He would crush Superman without his powers in seconds because this Superman has never learned to fight. He just hits things hard.

            I’m not even going to get in to the lunacy of adding Doomsday or Brainiac to this movie. They are Justice League level problems. It’d be a waste to use them in the second DCCU.

            Here’s Zack Snyder’s last interview talking about having Batman in the film.

            “I gotta be honest, it definitely was a thing that… after Man of Steel finished and we started talking about what would be in the next movie, I started subtly mentioning that it would be cool if he faced Batman. In the first meeting, it was like, “Maybe Batman?” Maybe at the end of the second movie, some Kryptonite gets delivered to Bruce Wayne’s house or something. Like in a cryptic way, that’s the first time we see him. But then, once you say it out loud, right? You’re in a story meeting talking about, like, who should [Superman] fight if he fought this giant alien threat Zod who was basically his equal physically, from his planet, fighting on our turf… You know, who to fight next? The problem is, once you say it out loud, then it’s kind of hard to go back, right? Once you say, “What about Batman?” then you realize, “Okay, that’s a cool idea. What else?” I mean, what do you say after that? …But I’m not gonna say at all that when I took the job to do Man of Steel that I did it in a subversive way to get to Batman. I really believe that only after contemplating who could face [Superman] did Batman come into the picture.”

            Notice often he says “face” and “fight” and words like that? I think it’s fairly evident that for the majority of this movie, they are not going to get along.

            • I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, I did say that I expected Batman to lay his hands on Superman, but I don’t believe that Batman will be the MAIN ANTAGONIST/NEMESIS of the film. Nothing I said contradicted their relationship from the comics, I actually reference the Dark Knight Returns.

              I did remember the scene from MoS incorrectly, you got me there, however, Zod did say that he expected Superman to recover given time. It was the fact that he wasn’t used to the enviroment, not radiation poisoning like comics Kryptonite (which is literally radioactive remains of his home planet… which for some reason is fairly abundant on Earth…).

              Also, having Batman and Superman “face off” and “fight” can take many forms, not just physical combat. I mention seeing Bruce hit on Lois (a reference to the animated 90s World Finest storyline (don’t know if that happenend in the comics but I do have some familiarity with their characters, their relationships and the sources you mentioned)) as well as have Batman use Kryptonian remains of some sort to weaken Superman during a fight.

              I reiterate, that that can only work once, Batman will not attempt to kill Superman and I akin their fight to Thor vs Iron Man in Avengers (although Thor did seem murderous a few times in that fight), it was due to a misunderstanding. Batman and Superman’s relationship will be more like Captain America and Iron Man’s from the same film; they don’t quite understand each other, and they wouldn’t be friends in their normal lives, but they realize that they need each other because the outside threat is bigger than whatever animosity exists between the two of them. I know they won’t get along for a substantial amount of the film, it’s made fairly apparent in the working title “Batman vs Superman” (lol)

              And Braniac has evolved as a threat throughout the years, coming and going more powerful and different (almost) each time. I used the caveat (ver 1) as a way of saying a weaker version that can grow into a larger threat for an eventual JL movie.

              What physical threat do you foresee for Superman then? The whole 2.5 hrs of movie won’t just be about Superman and Batman going at it. Superman will need to fight a legitmate baddie that he can go all out on.

              • He posted a freakin quote from the director that all but flat out confirms Bats is the main antagonist.

                What more do you need?

                • I’m not sure why what I’m saying is confusing.
                  All the quote says is that Batman was mentioned in a brainstorming session and it such an awesome idea that they couldn’t let it go. Does not say they are writing a film in which Batman is on a mission to kill Superman.
                  My guess, like I said earlier, is that Wayne goes to metropolis to get closer to this whole alien threat deal, probably fights Superman once, discovers his true identity (being a detective, plus Lois did it so it can’t be beyond him), but realizes that Lex is up to something sinister. Bats has to use his intellectual and technological edge while Superman punches sh*t. This showcases their respective skill sets practically which they’ll remember in a JL movie. Then at the end, Batman can paraphrase the speech from Returns. Something along the lines of, “Nice working with u, but don’t forget that I totally could’ve killed u earlier! So if u ever think about turning evil…reconsider.”
                  That would make the main antagonists Lex and _____.
                  Eddie Murphy is not the main antagonist in 48hrs, or a better comparison is Luke Cage and Iron Fist, they fight when they first meet up but Iron Fist isn’t the main antagonist. Prince Zuko is not the main antagonist of Avatar, its Fire Lord Ozai.
                  So I guess all were debating is how long Batman and Superman will be focused on each other than the greater threat. My guess? Not more than the first half of the film.

                  • Nowhere, in anything I said, was the statement “Batman is going to try to kill Superman.” Again, you don’t know these characters very well, do you? Batman doesn’t try to kill anybody. Why would I suggest that he would? I doubt they’re going to fight once and then, because of some evil Luthor plot, team up and save the day. It isn’t going to be that mundane. If/when they go after Luthor, it probably won’t be as a team. They might help each other out in a final scene, like Batman stopping Luthor from killing Superman even though he’s conflicted about letting such a powerful being run around Earth. I’m sure Luthor will spout the usual, “You know we, humans, can’t just let this alien have free reign of our planet,” and then Batman will ultimately choose to stop Luthor and keep an eye on Superman. Your Guess of “Not more than the first half of the film” is too simple. I’m pretty sure that Chris Terrio can write a more interesting plot than that.
                    Bottom line, they are going to be at odds for the majority of the film. It’s too big a moment, seeing these two iconic heroes fight, to limit it to one scene or just an hour of the movie or something. Two big fights I’d guess. I can see it going either way. Batman outsmarts Superman first by getting the drop on him, saying something like, “Just so you know, there’s someone on this planet who can beat you.” Then round 2 and Superman manages to come out on top and has some smart line about not being a killer and shows Batman he’s good. Or vice versa.
                    But personally, I think that the final fight will bring Superman back to the same dilemma he had with Zod: do I kill this man? Batman could be the first person with whom he makes the conscious decision NOT to kill. Batman could even threaten an innocent life and force Superman to find another way. There’s a story about their first meeting in which Batman tells Superman that he has rigged an explosive to an innocent person somewhere in Gotham and that if Superman comes within like 20 yards or so of him, it will explode and kill an innocent man. The whole story concludes and Batman reveals that he had rigged himself with the explosive. This whole movie could be Batman testing Superman to see if he’s actually a good guy.

                    • The Batman on a mission to Kill superman statement was hyperbole. I’m saying that that is definitely NOT going to happen so… we’re agreeing and again, I’m familiar with the characters. And for the record, that last post was a response to YoureAllCrazy

                      I’m unfamiliar with Batman’s bomb plot that you’re referring to, I will admit that.. but it seems like a fairly poor idea, especially after the events of the first film, Kryptonians have proven themselves resilient enough to take 30mm rounds and being thrown through solid buildings, flying around the globe in short amounts of time, etc.
                      And I don’t think Superman would have to consider whether or not he should kill Batman, at least not in this cinematic universe. Batman, being an established figure, will have the urban legends of his existence. A ghastly, dark figure that breaks down criminals of Gotham’s underworld. Cops for the majority probably won’t like him, but as an intern or whatever the heck he is at the Daily Planet he’ll be aware of his results, which speak for themselves. Superman will probably take issue with his doctrine of threatening and inflicting bodily harm to achieve the same goals that Superman is after by being nice and using violence as a last resort.
                      Lastly, after the first film, I would expect Superman to go toe-to-toe with a stronger opponent. The producers of the film will want to, at least, up the ante with another villain as powerful as Superman that he wont have to hold back in order to fight him.
                      If your theory is that there is no other villain, Batman and Lex both devise a way to take down Superman on their own w/ Batman realizing that Lex was just focused on being malevolent, or is out to kill Supes or maybe used him if they worked together at all, then that’s your theory. It’s not a bad one. It’d make a great movie, and I’ll throw my money at the ticket vendor to get in there and watch it.
                      All I’m saying is, it’s my opinion that there will be another villain who can challenge Superman physically, and the quotes that Batman will be in the film and will play a significant threat do not necessarily prove me wrong. Sure, I could still be wrong, and that’s fine, I just haven’t seen anything that says, “Yeah, so this film will only include physical conflict btwn Bats and Supes with an appearance by Lex. There will be no other big villains to interfere.”
                      I do like the idea of Lex pitting Superman and Batman against each other to distract from whatever his end-game is. I don’t imagine that a strained partnership btwn the two would be mundane. A bit of a cliche, sure.. but it’s Batman and Superman so I’m sure people could get past it and there’d be nothing boring about it.

                      Sorry for the long post but one last thing. I read your comments over again just to make sure I understood what you were saying and in your first comment that I responded to, you said that you expect Batman’s role to be more similar to the Winter Soldier’s role. I know the Winter Soldier’s general story and the future of the character but not the specific role he plays in Cap 2, having not seen it yet. Don’t tell me! I’ll find out later, but that is why I mentioned it.

              • actually there are far more places where brainiac can be put to better use, and i mean to say in a solo superman movie without any other super hero’s, because in the recent comics he is portrayed as a collector (the one who kinda literally collects cities or countries (replicating them actually with all the life on it) miniaturizing it and then stores them in his showcase on his huge ship and in the comics he even collected kandor the capital of krypton where superman’s parents lived, so this guy can be used to explore krypton in a more deeper and different way can be used to explore much of the superman mythos, which will be beneficial for a solo superman movie rather than a cross over movie, so now let me explain what kinda a legitimate threat superman can face in batman vs superman,
                we all know Lex Luthor will be behind the scenes shadowy villain, so a imposing physical villain can be Metal Zero (Metallo) a sincere military officer and patriot who volunteered for a defense project, which was aimed to develop dedicated weapons against superman if he ever went rogue or against America’s interests, so the entire Metal Zero armor is physically durable enough to withstand superman’s punches and strong enough to hurt superman with its attacks and on top of it the armor has kryptonite based weapons, there is only one purpose for the creation of this guy to kill superman if necessary ! so that kinda sums it all for you i guess

      • Forgot to add that Batman, being who he is, is impossible to leave out of this movie. He would not let the destruction of part of a city, the threat of the extinction of humanity, and the realization of the fact that we are not alone in the universe go unanswered and investigated. He HAS to go to Metropolis because it’s who he is. If they waited to introduce him, the overwhelming question would be, “What was he doing during MoS 2? Just sitting around? That’s not Batman.” He’s a necessary and inevitable inclusion.

        • Agreed. Ive heard many people calling it a stunt, but even if it is, it fits the universe and it isn’t necessarily being forced. Can’t wait for the movie
          Also, sudden thought…if this whole debate is coming from a misunderstanding due to my not having Cap 2 yet, then my bad. I’m in Afghanistan so part of my spare time is avoiding spoilers and counting the days until I can watch Cap 2, GoTG and Spiderman 2 in one day when I’m back.

          • Not sure why you’d think this has to do with you not seeing Cap 2, but Afghanistan sucks. I was at Bagram for a bit. The temperature swings are brutal.

  7. what a cluster this film is going to be. this batman isn’t the same as Nolan’s we know nothing about the Affleck bat. Man of steel was extremely weak all around. Now throw in WW, Cyborg and Lex Luthor with zero back story. All in a 2 1/2 hr run time. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • I disagree with everything you’ve stated in your above comment.

      Feel free to visit the “Jem” movie thread…it might be more to your liking. You going to whine there will certainly be more to OUR liking.

      • +1000

  8. I can’t wait to hear him say his catchphrase, “BOOYAH!!!”

      …wait a min

  9. My main problem with Batman Vs Superman at the moment isn’t the casting (although some of it really doesn’t help), it’s the premise: BATMAN VS SUPERMAN! Sure, they fought in the Dark Knight Returns, but that wasn’t canon. In actuality, Batman carries the utmost respect for Superman. They would never choose to fight each other. But really makes it worse is that they’ll want to have Batman winning because they’ll want to appeal to the larger audience. Yes, he won in Dark Knight Returns, but there are three things about that. One: It WASN’T CANON (I can’t stress this enough). Two: Superman was holding back. Three: Batman had the assistance of Green Arrow. Quite frankly, I feel that this film is being far too rushed, coupled with the fact that their introducing Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, and (maybe) Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern.

    • You feel this is being rushed? it had a 2015 May release date originally and it got pushed back another year.

      first thing’s first. They need to dump the pending Batman Vs superman title. For us who read the comics we can undertsand how Batman MAY put a dent in Superman. But let’s be realistic here. Superman doesn’t need the Justice League. He can crush Bruce Wayne in .2 seconds at any moment if need be. Dumb title. Call it Man of Steel “Inset Dark Knight title here”

      • I agree with what you just said. Being a huge Batman fan, and reading his comics, you are correct in your statement, but I don’t even think Batman would last .2 seconds, more like 1/2 of .1 seconds. What people are missing, is that Batman has no idea who Superman is, what his weaknesses are, if he has any, or how does he fight him. Granted he probably saw what he did to Metropolis, but Batman nor Bruce would have the weapons at his disposal to take him out if he wanted to. I was just hoping for a MoS 2 is all, no Batman, just Supes enemies. I still stand pat, on saying Affleck is a bad choice for the role of Batman, makes Clooneys Batman look good, and we all remember how bad he was….

        • Yeah, I just had a whole conversation about what Batman could even do. Classic Kryptonite doesn’t seem to exist yet, just the Kryptonian ships and the “atmosphere” inside of them, and in the first MoS Zod said Supes just needed time to adjust to it and he’ll be fine. So I don’t know what Batman could even do.
          So I imagine, at most, that Batman might have one piece of Kryptonian ship remains in a plastic baggie or something and then punch Clark in the face while he’s holding it. lol The rest of the film will be Bruce and Clark doing their respective investigations and pissing each other off.
          “Don’t get in my way.” “This is my city.” “Dang, Lois is hot.” “Stay away from her” type stuff. It can’t and won’t be physical fighting too often.
          And if he uses a mechanical suit people will cry out that they’re ripping off Iron Man, AND we’d wonder why he doesn’t use it ALL the time (like Iron Man) so they’re better off not including it.

        • Why do you think Ben Affleck is a bad choice? I do not think Clooney is solely to blamed for that take on Batman as it took many involved to mess those movies up.

  10. Like Man of Steel was bad, this movie (Batman Vs. Superman? Man of Steel 2? Can we have a name already?) will be bad.

    D.C dropped the ball. Man of Steel was missing, quite frankly alot! I really wanted it to be good but it wasn’t. I could not feel any of Clark’s emotions, his character had no depth. Louis Lane was just thrown in there. Amy Adams, sorry your part in this script was done so wrong. IF MOS was what Iron Man 1 was to the avengers, than I feel bad to see DC’s future products.

    Let’s get to the facts that the homers don’t want to admit. Batman was throwin in this script to SAVE Superman’s sequal. Then they started thinking to spawn it out to a semi JL movie because they are behind Marvel by a few hundred miles while dragging a flat tire. Add Wonder Woman, now adding Cyborg and potentionally havin a Flash cameo? I don’t know how this creative team DC has can even REintroduce Green Lantern after that Ryan Reynold’s flop and AquaMan.

    In this “Batman Vs. Superman” film, coming out in 2016 because they need a few years to actually think about this now (is the script even finished yet?) they also have to REINTRODUCE the other main character, Batman.

    My opinion on what will happen? It will be a cool movie, not amazing by any means and we’re all going to leave the film not having any connection to the character’s that are now thrown in (Batman, WW, Cyborg, LUTHOR) and it will feel like Spiderman 3 mixed with Man of Steels 40 minute dragout “let’s crash into every building while fighting scene” confusion.

    • I understand what you’re getting at. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I personally hope that Man of Steel 2 turns out to be bad, as it then might put the DC universe and the quite frankly inevitable Justice League movie on hold until (hopefully) Warner Bros realise what they were doing wrong in order to beat Disney/Fox/Sony/Marvel.

      • For real? Just because its getting done different from what you think it should be you hope it fails! So you don’t want to see a Justice league movie in our lifetime, because that’s what will happen if Mos2 fails. I liked Mos by the way.

        It cant all be marvel this and that. Without competition those Marvel, Fox and Sony movie will get real stale real quick.

        You don’t think if their wasn’t a DC. Marvel would have just let the Mandarin fiasco stand. Their attitude would be deal with it what else are you gonna watch. With competition Neither studio can afford to make their fans unhappy.

        No one has seen any script, so no one knows what the movie is really about but you hope it fails, Man I hate to say this but you come off like a real hater. I have no interest in Antman but I don’t hope it fails.

        And by the way how would you have them do it. Do solo movies and a JL movie by 2026.
        Not everyone wants to see things dragged out with solo movies, If that’s the case wheres the GOG solo movies.

    • F*ck you man some of us are looking forward to this movie and enjoyed MoS I know it’s not my place to say this and I’m probably asking for too much but can you all not diss this movie so flagrantly?

  11. Man of Steel 2 will be a great movie. I loved the first one and the second one will be epic. I would like them to introduce most of the league in this movie. I mean they don’t need any lines jus say hello and goodbye. lol

  12. Hell, YEEEEAH! This casting encourages me even more than all of the previous news has so far. He looks the part…and seems to have the acting chops to pull off a great Victor Stone. After the fantastic “Man of Steel”, I see this sequel carrying the DCCU to the next level.

    I cannot wait.

  13. I think there’s a good chance that there will be references or maybe even some short scenes with most of the rest of the League, either via Batcomputer files or Daily Planet headlines or possibly a speech by Lex Luthor about the threat these “supers” pose to humanity. I don’t think it’ll be crowded at all. They can give 3 seconds of film time to Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, anyone else they want and it would just be easter eggs and cool ones at that. I can picture Batman combing through files on everyone from Green Lantern to Billy Batson to Doctor Fate in this movie.

  14. Oh Poo! Just introduce Metamorpho, why don’t you? He is all different colors, and will satisfy everyone!

  15. what an awful picture they used of Ray Fisher

    • It’s a gritty reboot of the “BOO YAH!” call.

  16. When are just going to be front with this and just admit that this faux ‘ Man of Steel’ sequel is a ‘ Justice League’ film. I want to see it but just call it what it is already,lol.. I feel bad for Henry Cavil in all this, he might just be taking a backseat to his own franchise… I’m ‘tapping out’ on this until it comes out…

    • Superman is the cornerstone of the Justice League so I think Cavill will be OK.

  17. If i could ‘destroy ‘ words … Gritty, fantastical , and reboot would be the first three..

    • Why would you bother?

      Grimy, fanciful, and Re-start would just replace them?

  18. I’m sure he will, but not really the point..

    • So what is your point?

  19. So, let me get this straight:

    Superman and Batman – Main Characters
    Wonder Woman and Cyborg – Supporting Characters
    The Flash – Cameo

    That’s the majority of the New 52 Justice League roster. And all but one has been officially cast.

    • @Mark X
      That leaves Jason Momoa or The Rock.
      There’re rumors that one of them will be Aquaman

    • Where did you get a Flash cameo from?
      Did I miss some big news?

  20. I luv’d MoS but for this movie, you can sign me up to Captain America 3. I just can’t handle Batfleck. Even if he kills it. Just a nope,nope,nope,nope casting for me.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


      That is all.

      • Yes. It is. :D

        Why do these people keep wasting the space and the effort?

  21. I think this guy is rock the roll of victor stone. We might not see cyborg until the justice league movie. But look at his workout for the ali play he already in shape for the role.


  22. Why.

    I was fine with this being a Superman sequel.
    I was pumped about this being Batman Vs. Superman.
    Unless all of these Justice League Members show up in the last 5 minutes to establish the Justice League movie then this may be a bigger flop than Spiderman 3.

    And if it turns out good, I will be the first to admit I was wrong. I want it to be good but every time I hear news about the “Not Justice League” movie, I keep losing hope.

    • Why have you lost hope? If you are “pumped” about Bats and Superman then you are getting what you want.

    • @NotSoSlimShady

      I still don’t understand why you people keep complaining about this being a JL movie. You haven’t read the script, you have no idea in what capacity these characters are serving in the film, and there’s no way to tell how much screen time they’re getting. For all we know he may not even become Cyborg in the movie. He might just play on the Metropolis football team and that’s it. Save his transformation for another movie. Wonder Woman might just be a 2 minute scene with her being the ambassador from Themyscira to the UN or something and same goes for whichever other characters they cast. All of their roles could even be reduced to footage that Lex is compiling or files that Batman keeps. All this “Woe is me, it’s a JL movie,” talk is getting ridiculous. If you’re losing that much hope, don’t read the articles and go mope elsewhere.

  23. How about a white Cyborg? If people are fine with a black Human Torch….

    • … to explain, I think race-changing superheroes is a bad idea. Black Cyborg = great. White Human Torch = great. Just don’t change it.
      Anyways, I’m looking forward to DC’s steps toward the Justice League and the inclusion of Cyborg.

      • Yeah, I’ve always thought that changing a character’s race was acceptable to studios if their race wasn’t an important part of their history and characterization. So like.. in The Fantastic Four, I’m sure Jordan got cast because he honestly fits the bill personality wise and Trank has worked with him before, but an easier character to change (if you really think you HAVE to add in a new demo) would’ve been Ben Grimm.

        So Cyborg, I’m not too familar with the character but I don’t think his race is that important to his history so, in theory, it should be up for grabs but the other issue is that characters were originally portrayed as white by default. So, modernizing comics, it makes sense to add more minority characters or change a character’s race to one that isn’t as prevalent to represent the new times and appeal to more people.
        Most black characters were specifically created black to appeal to people of color because they didn’t have representation.
        Nightcrawler was specifically German.
        Black Widow (although she’s missing an accent in the movies) is still a Russian.
        These are specifics that shouldn’t be messed with because they were made to appeal and represent more than one type of person

        Johnny Storm is a … idk… American…white dude… so… is his being white really important? Will it make blond white men feel as though they lost the one character that made them feel accepted? Probably not. It’s a bit annoying and unnecessary but it’ll attract more people than hurt or offend people.

        That’s why studios do it, I’m not arguing it’s right, but think about whether or not it really matters to the character’s history and personality.

  24. For people who keep asking “why they keep changing the races of characters” its because when a lots of these stories were written no one who have accepted anything but a white superhero. when they reboot a story or “re tale a story” they make it reflect what every is going on in the real world not what was going on when the story was written. when they try to tell comic book stories they want to make them reflect the real world around you. In the real world a lot of the super hero’s would not have be white. They would be all races. You can tell a lot of people never really read the comic books just seen the new movies or cartoons. In the pages of comic books characters change all the time they are never fixed. People stand in for them and play their roles and use their identities(they don’t even have to be human).

  25. I want to see a second superman movie !! Not a justice league movie, yet. We also need
    a batman -, flash-, wonder woman-, green arrow origin……… I don’t get DC !!??
    Marvel is doing such a great job ! whats wrong with the DC management !?