Rumor Patrol: ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Costume & Batmobile Details

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Batman Noel Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

First, the facts: director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s Man of Steel sequel – currently known as Batman Vs. Superman will feature Ben Affleck as the next big-screen incarnation of the Dark Knight. This Batman will be “tired, weary and seasoned,” and given Goyer’s assertion that Man of Steel‘s controversial ending was a direct setup for the sequel, Batman is presumably positioned as an adversary for the returning Henry Cavill’s Superman – in case the working title didn’t spell that out.

While Warner Brothers and DC allowed the public to believe they were waiting on Man of Steel‘s box-office performance and reception before announcing any follow-ups, it turns out that plans for the sequel were always further along than anyone knew at the time. In hindsight, it makes sense, given that production is due to begin in early 2014 (not to mention past hints dropped by MoS star Henry Cavill). With this in mind, it was only a matter of time before talk shifted towards what Affleck’s Batman would look like, and what overall tone this version would have.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

A slew of rumors have popped up over the past few days, with a few different unnamed sources providing information on what the new Batman’s cowl, costume and Batmobile might look like – as well as the possible comic book inspirations for these new outfits and accessories. We need to stress that these are all RUMORS, with nothing in the way of official confirmation from Batman Vs. Superman‘s studio or filmmakers… but let’s speculate wildly, shall we?

We know perfectly well going in that the look and feel of Affleck’s Batman and all his wonderful toys will be significantly different from what came before – in this case, the highly-functional Batsuit design of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy starring Christian Bale, as well as the tank-like Batmobile of that continuity. Batman’s costume and cowl are among the most iconic and easily recognizable superhero accessories, and every film version of the Dark Knight features a new look and feel of his symbolic outfit.

CBM brings us some unconfirmed information on the look of Batman’s cowl:

My source tells me that current cowl designs resemble the Caped Crusader’s look in ‘Batman: Noël.’ Which is a 2011 graphic novel written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. They also explored concepts that looked like ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ designs, but ultimately passed on those because they were too similar to Nolan’s costume. 

Christian Bale Batman Batman Noel 1 Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

Batman: Noël, like many Batman graphic novels, is a self-contained story featuring the Joker as the primary antagonist and includes a visit from Superman. At first glance, the Bat-costume design in the artwork is similar to that of Nolan’s costume, but offers some sharper angles on the cowl and what appears to be a looser fit on Batman’s frame.

Also, the graphic novel’s costume adheres to the comic book’s relatively traditional gray-and-black color scheme, while Bale’s Batman was always clad in black, save for the yellow accent of the utility belt. Given Man of Steel‘s makeover of Superman’s costume, there’s a good chance that whatever the final Bat-suit design, it will reference its comic book origins while bringing a new, unique look to the table.

New 52 and Earth 2 Batman Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

New 52 and Earth-2 Batman

It also wouldn’t be surprising if the film incorporated some of Batman’s “New 52″ outfit design – a source Snyder tapped for the look of Superman’s Man of Steel costume. The “Earth-2″ version of the New 52 Batman also incorporates similar elements as the Noël version of the character, so that’s on the table as well.

NEXT: The New Batmobile?

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  1. I’m someone who really liked the suits in the Nolan movies, but I do agree that we should be done with the all black suits. Make it grey and black. If they can get the suit to look like ones from the Arkham games, that would be prefect. 😀

    • (+1)

    • I really hope that if they use the grey and black design, that it still looks like it could take bullets without bringing down the bat

    • Arkham game suits would be epic, we should be going away from the Burton influence, not keeping it around

  2. I hope Superman and Batman fight Lex Luthor, but then they find out that he was really Waldo all along.

    • *hands Zod “where’s Waldo”*

      Zod: I WILL FIND HIM!!!!

      • lmao

  3. You can also see the Noel suit in Batman: Arkham Origins. Just in case you wanted to see a three dimensional version of it instead of looking at 2D drawings.

  4. Seriously,
    I don’t like all the changes to batman from Nolan’s version. To me personally the tumblr was excellent………way more believable than an ole’ Cadillac decked out against super villains…….I mean REALLY?

    • Yeah but we have to leave Nolans version of Bats in the past and see it as the stand alone trilogy it was. It wouldn’t be good if they recast Batman and tried to carry him on from Nolans.

      I actually think it’s a good thing that Bats gets rebooted so quickly as there is such a rich plethora of source material offering differing incarnations of the character the story’s can go on and change for years.

      I guess what I mean is because its rebooted it will never take anything away from that trilogy, which can only be a good thing?

      • For me, TDK trilogy was an excellent series of movies that gave us a grounded, realistic approach and tried to make the science and tech as realistic as possible (giving Batman a proper suit that would protect him from attack, making the cowl easy to twist from side to side, the armoured tank as his personal vehicle etc).

        This one seems to be more based in the comic book realism of The New 52 and Goyer’s MOS.

        Both are to be lauded on their own merits and neither one is bad. I prefer the all black suit because it’s better for working in shadow where the importance should be placed on concealing him in darkness and protecting him from attack rather than showing up minute details on the suit but as long as we get a decent Batman, I’m all in regardless.

        • I agree that the suit in all black works for Batman to hide in shadows. But we’ve seen from Batman 1989 to The Dark Knight, the suit is always black. I like Nolan’s Bat-suit, but it’s hard to see the symbol in The Dark Knight. It’s time to see a gray and black suit.

          • See, I’m a huge Batman fan (my large collection of Bat memorabilia is testament to it) but I honestly don’t mind not seeing the symbol on his outfit.

            I only ever saw it as a marketing tool DC use to quickly identify a character without having to name him and thought the idea of Batman putting it on his suit was rather silly.

            It’s not like he has to advertise himself with logos all over his costume if it’s meant to protect him from harm.

            • The chest symbol was something commonly seen in the 30’s pulps. Many of the characters that Bab Kane drew from to create Batman had symbols on their chests. He also came out just a few years after Superman who has the big S. It’s just something that stuck with the characters.

              • Yes, but in a realistic movie setting, it is rather silly. I’m with Dazz on this matter as well as on the all black armored suit. It’s the most logical option.

                • I like to think Batman uses it as part of his psychological assault. You’re a bad guy in Gotham City, and you see that symbol while you’re “working,” you’re very likely to piss your pants and The Bat doesn’t even have to be there.

                  Everyone knows it’s his symbol–hence The Bat Signal. Ironically enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if Batman brings up the meaning of both his and Supes emblems in the films. The House of El symbol means Hope. The Bat means Fear.

            • Dazz,
              If you’re such a large Batman fan you know just as well as anyone why he puts it on his suit. See The Dark Knight Returns. “Why do you think I wear a target on my chest? Can’t armor my head.” Come on man, you’re a Batman fan. At least know what you’re on about before making silly posts. You’re better than this.

    • I do!

    • Ugly and too old fashioned.

      • What are you talking about!? That car looks awesome as it is! With a bit of customization I can definitely see how this car can become the new Batmobile, something that’s relatively low-key but has the type of design that could fit in the aesthetic world we saw in Man of Steel, and maybe to a further extent, the aesthetic world in Watchmen. Considering the fact that (I think) the Watchmen choreographer is gonna be on board for this, I think it something to take into account.

    • that cars pimpin

    • Honestly, if I were a bad guy and I saw that Batman was driving a modded Cadillac Sixteen I would interrogate every rich old man in the city. “WHERE IS HE?! BATMAN ISN’T AN ORDINARY CITIZEN OF GOTHAM!!!”

  5. Given that the Man Of Steel costume was based on the New 52 Superman costume, I would put it as highly likely that Batman’s costume will be based on the New 52 as well.

    • The Superman suit in MOS was not based on the New 52

      • It kinda was if the New 52 suit dropped the red belt thing around the waist and was a slightly darker blue. Otherwise, they’re an exact match for each other.

          • I dunno man, I looked at both before I made my comment and it seems like it could be similar to Brian Azzarello’s Joker book that gave the character the same look he had in TDK, despite neither party knowing they were gonna use the same design if they were developed independently as you said.

  6. Considering that Snyder managed to make Nite-Owl’s costume look badass, I’d trust his vision in this.

  7. Sounds like GM tie-ins aplenty. Get ready for street shots lined with GM product. I always look forward to new bat vehicles, keeps the eye candy factor high + new toys for the kids.

  8. I hate it when people call this a reboot of Batman. It’s not a reboot. It’s Batman in a Superman movie. Rebooting a franchise means starting at ground zero and redoing his whole back history. This movie is about Batman in much later years and is in no way a reboot. Nolan’s version was a reboot of the franchise to bring Batman into a more up to date world. I consider Nolan’s version a true origin story and a stand alone trilogy. I consider these new movies as a continuation of the Batman mythos.

    • When people say “Reboot” they mean its going to be a completely new Batman as in not Nolan’s Batman in any way. I think you’re taking the term a little bit too literal.

    • It’s a reboot of Batman. They’re going into it as if Nolan’s Batman and the previous Batmans didn’t happen and didn’t exist. They don’t have to show all the origin stuff for there to be a new interpretation.

      • If the others did not exist, as you say, then yes they do need to show all the origins stuff.

        • Not to the extent that Begins did.

          Flashbacks during a nightmare sequence and throwaway lines will suffice.

        • No, not really they don’t have to show any origins stuff. If there is anything different in the way this Batman became Batman then they should show it, they know in the minds of viewers they will somewhat be thinking about Bale’s Batman which is inevitable

        • Burton’s Batman didn’t show his origin extensively (just a glimpse of the back alley murder) and it was perfectly fine. Don’t expect to be spoonfed everything!

  9. Its still a Superman sequel. And I cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!

  10. The TDK movies were just good action movies with an action star wearing a bat mask… No Batman, not the feeling, not the tone.

    I LAUGH SO HARD of the people who say Nolan´s Batman was a a realistic one..
    I mean, REALLY?.. Batman was never meant to be REAL..
    He belongs to a realm called FANTASY.. there is where he inhabits and where he dies.

    A real batman in a real world?.. He would be viral for some time, then he would become everyone´s joke on twitter, youtube, facebook.. come on. just stop it.

    • So fantasy can’t become reality now? Do you laugh at the scientists who make the fantasy seen in the original Star Trek show a reality in today’s world? I mean, NASA are working on warp drives right now but it was never meant to be real, was it?

      Why can’t movie-goers see something that looks and feels realistic so they can better engage and become absorbed into the world on the big screen and relate to aspects of it?

      • Unless humans evolve and become super-humans, it will never be possible to be the Batman seen in comics.

        • Batman has superpowers? I thought he just had athletic ability, extensive fight training and lots of money, all of which have existed in the real world for centuries?

          • There’s not enough time in the day to be at peak physical human condition like Batman is in the comics. You kinda need to focus on specific areas.

    • i swear i saw him at a red light yesterday

    • That is so true, The Dark Knight was Heat, featuring Batman and the Joker, even Nolan said it himself he was inspired by the movie Heat in the making of the Dark Knight.

  11. I have always felt he needed more sequins and needs to ride a unicorn.

    • That was the movie they planned with Liberace that never took off.

  12. I say arkham games design. And build. I do fear though, we may get exactly what we want (badass genius, amazing physicality) of batman, yet it’ll fall flat when it comes to quality and lasting impression. Because honestly, that’s what Snyder does. He makes it awesome, but falling short. The way I’d imagine a real fan and geek of the mythos actually directing a film, yet with no real grasp of classic storytelling in film and no directing experience

    • I agree with you.

      Then again, with Watchmen, Terry Gilliam was attached as director first, passed after a short time by saying “This will never work as a movie, make it a TV serial instead” then his replacement being replaced by Snyder as they’d just started principal photography so as much of an over-long, panel-by-panel recreation that movie was (save for the ending), not all the blame can go on Zack.

      Sucker Punch though? Blame him for that.

  13. Bit more curious to see Affleck do Batman stories. I’d love to see him try to do Victor Fries in a movie where Daniel Day Lewis plays a very sympathetic Fries and the storyline from the animated series with his wife. I could see that being a really good story that’s updated for modern times and added cerebral elements such as ethical and moral dilemmas involved in the corporate world, if any.

    • That could be good, although I’d also love to see Peter MacNicol reprise his role as The Mad Hatter in live action form too. Or hell, I’d go with Bryan Cranston as Dr Kirk Langstrom (hope I got that right, just going off memory here) in a Man-Bat story.

  14. I think it would be cool if they used the batmmobile from the first batman with Keaton.Its the most iconic one and fans would stand up and appluad if they saw it on film again.In my opinion it should be a continuation of batman returns.makes sense but half these kids never saw the real Batman..aka Michael Keaton

    • Keaton’s the real Batman?

      Wouldn’t say that. Bale is his equal in that respect (with Bale being a better Bruce).

      • +1

    • Maybe as a base for the design, but I’d like to see major modifications.

  15. Excellent! These are the kinds of articles I’ll readily read about 😀

    I’m sad to hear the Tumbler design go though. What I liked about the Batman vehicles in the Dark Knight Trilogy was that they were sensible and realistic for an urban environment. But whatever XD

  16. “…..I wonder what your doing with The Bat in your Pink Cadillac, Pink Cadillac…..!”

    How about Brainiac for a villain?

    • How about Doomsday and Superman can Kill again and everyone can go nuts about it and incorrectly state its not canon! ha ha

      Seriously though I think it will be Lex as the main antagonist, if for no other reason than there are about 3 references to Lex Corp in MOS. Some people might say Lex is boring or played out but I’m looking forward to seeing a serious, intelligent Lex than the previous incarnations.

      • Doomsday should be saved for Man of Steel 3

  17. Arkham Asylum suit!!

  18. I really want to see a grey and black, fabric suit. They could make it look like durable material. Something with the look of the suit from Batman: Arkham Asylum (video game).

  19. No bat nipples ? Sure ? Good.

  20. I really think the Cadillac they’re talking about is going to be a marketing plug for the city of Detroit. Not that I’m against that. They aren’t doing so well right now. I just don’t think the Batmobile will be a suped up Cadi. I think Bruce is gonna ride around in one as Bruce, not Batman.

  21. It will obviously be a retro costume for Affleck BUT he will also have a trimmed lame hipster beard. It will be a vintage logo, and there will be a vintage photo filter over the whole movie. The bat mobile will be so g*dd*mned vintage it might as well be called a Hipster mobile. The hipster mobile will wear Zooey Deschanel glasses and superman will ditch the red white and blue plastic costume for a red white and blue flanno. The bat-lair will probably be a vintage cafe with cool contemporary kids sitting around reading books in foreign languages with the smiths playing ever so softly in the background.

    Okay a little far fetched I know.. but really, you know thats exactly what it will be like. Instagram that bitches. #INSTAGRAMTHATBITCHES

    • Red WHITE and blue?!

  22. WB and everyone over there are clearly on autopilot.

  23. The Batmobile sounds like a great idea. I like to see The Man of Steel team up with the Dark Knight in a conflict battle with each other as long they finish up their arch enemies Lex Luther, Metallo, Parasite, Joker, Riddler, and Harley Quinn.

  24. Arkham Origins suit? It’s still recognisable as Batman, but looks different enough to stand out.

    • I like the idea of using an Arkham Origins styled suit. Or at least the idea of it when he shifts to another suit to fight Superman. I think we’re going to end up seeing two bat suits in the movie. One that he normally wears ala Arkham Asylum and City and a modified one he wears later that has tech built in to help him fight Superman directly and helps him withstand direct impacts. Both suits are a form of armor and situationally practical. If the suit(s) stay all black, I’m cool with, I actually think it would a good contrast to Supes. But if the black and gray is done, it should be a dark gray, so as to keep the shadow blending properties and contrast. As long as they don’t put trunks on either character, I’ll be happy (never did see the point of those things in a 21st century iteration). I do think the cowl ears should be a little longer. The really short ones kind of remind me of the Daredevil costume. There have already been plenty of comparisons, don’t think we need potential new ones. The bat mobile: I liked the Tumbler, but I can understand a change. I do hope they keep some tumbler elements so as to have a blend of style, power and practicality.

  25. you don’t stray away from anything Nolan did. You pick up where Nolan left off with the dark knight rises. You have too keep the costume the same. Remember batman is considered too be dead. Now Remember fox had the bat suits made its not like he’s back at Wayne enterprise building new suits with a big bat on them for someone he believes too be dead. You keep the suit you make Bruce Wayne what he appears too be at the end of the dark knight rises, that is living abroad with less resources less money and trying too determine if batman is worth bringing back. Don’t stray away from Nolan’s batman he was a genius in making batman believable and Bruce Wayne said it best,”Batman is a symbol he could be anybody”. Don’t make a joke out of Batman like the guy who made batman forever and batman and robin, he will and always will be the only super hero that could really exist. Please Mr.Zack Snyder get as much advice as you can from Mr. Nolan before taking on Batman because he nailed it!!

  26. I’m just happy WB took off their dresses and finally got the real superheroes together on the BIG SCRREN. PLEASE DONT MESS THIS UP!!!!

  27. Cool idea for a comic or movie but there’s just one problem: Batman is ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ (Sherlock Holmes can suck a… well, you know). So why doesn’t Batman ever just, you know, figure out that Superman is a good guy? You’d think all the running around saving people all the time would leave behind some kind of evidence.