Rumor Patrol: ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Costume & Batmobile Details

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Batman Noel Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

First, the facts: director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s Man of Steel sequel – currently known as Batman Vs. Superman - will feature Ben Affleck as the next big-screen incarnation of the Dark Knight. This Batman will be “tired, weary and seasoned,” and given Goyer’s assertion that Man of Steel‘s controversial ending was a direct setup for the sequel, Batman is presumably positioned as an adversary for the returning Henry Cavill’s Superman – in case the working title didn’t spell that out.

While Warner Brothers and DC allowed the public to believe they were waiting on Man of Steel‘s box-office performance and reception before announcing any follow-ups, it turns out that plans for the sequel were always further along than anyone knew at the time. In hindsight, it makes sense, given that production is due to begin in early 2014 (not to mention past hints dropped by MoS star Henry Cavill). With this in mind, it was only a matter of time before talk shifted towards what Affleck’s Batman would look like, and what overall tone this version would have.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

A slew of rumors have popped up over the past few days, with a few different unnamed sources providing information on what the new Batman’s cowl, costume and Batmobile might look like – as well as the possible comic book inspirations for these new outfits and accessories. We need to stress that these are all RUMORS, with nothing in the way of official confirmation from Batman Vs. Superman‘s studio or filmmakers… but let’s speculate wildly, shall we?

We know perfectly well going in that the look and feel of Affleck’s Batman and all his wonderful toys will be significantly different from what came before – in this case, the highly-functional Batsuit design of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy starring Christian Bale, as well as the tank-like Batmobile of that continuity. Batman’s costume and cowl are among the most iconic and easily recognizable superhero accessories, and every film version of the Dark Knight features a new look and feel of his symbolic outfit.

CBM brings us some unconfirmed information on the look of Batman’s cowl:

My source tells me that current cowl designs resemble the Caped Crusader’s look in ‘Batman: Noël.’ Which is a 2011 graphic novel written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. They also explored concepts that looked like ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ designs, but ultimately passed on those because they were too similar to Nolan’s costume. 

Christian Bale Batman Batman Noel 1 Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

Batman: Noël, like many Batman graphic novels, is a self-contained story featuring the Joker as the primary antagonist and includes a visit from Superman. At first glance, the Bat-costume design in the artwork is similar to that of Nolan’s costume, but offers some sharper angles on the cowl and what appears to be a looser fit on Batman’s frame.

Also, the graphic novel’s costume adheres to the comic book’s relatively traditional gray-and-black color scheme, while Bale’s Batman was always clad in black, save for the yellow accent of the utility belt. Given Man of Steel‘s makeover of Superman’s costume, there’s a good chance that whatever the final Bat-suit design, it will reference its comic book origins while bringing a new, unique look to the table.

New 52 and Earth 2 Batman Rumor Patrol: Batman vs. Superman Costume & Batmobile Details

New 52 and Earth-2 Batman

It also wouldn’t be surprising if the film incorporated some of Batman’s “New 52″ outfit design - a source Snyder tapped for the look of Superman’s Man of Steel costume. The “Earth-2″ version of the New 52 Batman also incorporates similar elements as the Noël version of the character, so that’s on the table as well.


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  1. Ha beat Screenrant to it!

    • You did call it. I like both the suit and the car. RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  2. Mind you I didn’t have to write an article about it.


  4. YeThe new 52 look with the white eyes! Yeah!

  5. I’m all for a gray suit with black cape & cowl this time. The all-black costume is WAY overdone. Can’t see any detail on those. Gray armor would look nice.

  6. The one in Batman: Arkham Origins looks very good. I would choose that one!

  7. This movie needs to come out now!!!!! 2 years……ugh.

  8. i hope its not a big tank like in nolans movies but i bet it is. i hope it takes inspiration from the earlier moves and from the comics.

    • Read this earlier, Batman On Film reports that the Batmobile will adopt a far less military design than Nolan’s Tumbler, and will appear as a car in the more traditional sense.

      • that’s how it should be. Im all for bats having a bat tank too , I just don’t see him using the tank every night

        • right, poor mpgs with the bat tank!!

          • that’s what I didn’t like about the bat car in the last movie. it was so cheesey and fake that batman would use that on a normal basis . But its just one of the many things ppl over look from those movies.

  9. As the biggest Bat fan I know, I’m pretty indifferent to this movie. It’s a title, not a film. Having said that, I hope they prove me wrong. I just don’t think Snyder is the man to handle the Bat.

    It would be great to see Batman actually look like his comic book counterpart for once. Adam West is the only Batman to be true to the comics (of that time); and the Michael Keaton suit was also pretty faithful (save for the rubber and the all-black finish).

    Nolan’s suit was by far the worst. Instead of looking like some high-militarized combat armor, it looked just like what it was: shiny pieces of foam latex stitched together. The Batman Begins suit was better, but that cowl always looked hideous and might have been the reason Bale kept doing a Napoleon Dynamite impression while inside.

    If DC can take the Marvel approach, where they celebrate every aspect of the character, even the corny bits, and make it all work together and actually have fun with it instead of being ashamed by certain elements, then we might finally get something special. But that’s not WB’s style…

    • “As the biggest Bat fan I know, I’m pretty indifferent to this movie.”

      Do you know any Bat fans? The first time Batman and Superman are going to be in the same film and your indifferent? You want DC films to be more like Marvel films? WOW

      • Ignore Waldo.

      • the batman vs superman movie will be great. Im hoping that ba ends up putting on the show of his career . I was pissed about him getting casted as bats. Lets hope they don’t make superman in to a serial killer in the next movie. if the new superman was more like the marvel movies it would be a good thing. mos wasn’t even as good as im3. It showed potential but had a crappy bad guy in it even though the guy playing him was a good actor. Humm I hope ben flips this trend with a crappy actor who turns in a great performance .

    • +1

      • …as for you…

        …we’re still cool…

        you sir, I know for a fact to be a separate entity.

        • Ah so that’s who were talking about! no further replies from me!

          • you*

  10. Really can’t wait to see they’re new interpretation of the Bat. Snyder is one visionary dude and I’m sure he’s going to bring the best out of the comics all the while giving a spin on it to differentiate it from several other versions.


    This isn’t Batman’s movie!

    I don’t want to see more than 20 minutes of Batman on screen.
    No more than 2 minutes of Bruce Wayne on screen.

    This movie’s going to be horrible.
    This is first time I’ve said this.

    • Well, considering that the 1st Man Of Steel was nothing more than an over hyped piece of special effects dependent crap, I see no reason for the sequel to raise the bar other than to be worse than its predecessor. Especially given who we’ve seen in their choice to have play the next Batman.

      • bravo

      • its wasn’t that bad even though super shouldn’t of kill gz. kevin kosners roll was good but they shouldn’t of killed him off in the first movie. Its funny how all these dc fan boys hate on the marvel movies fdor x,y,and z reasons and love the dc movies for the same things they hate about the marvel movies. dc wishes their movies were marvel movies. or else they wouldn’t be trying to do the same thing that marvel is doing. man of steel was far from a piece of crap but at the same time it wasn’t as good as iron man 3. But you can say that for the last two batman movies too. I can’t wait for dc to figure out that they need way better bad guys in the movies. it is even more important then having a good hero

    • if its not Batmans movie then why does the title have his name in it? ok so its a working title, but this is the start of a shared universe (or so we are led to believe) so yes he will have more then 20 mins of screen time and yes there will be a bat mobile (and god i hope they don’t use some lame car) but get over it, batman is going to be kinda crucial to the story line.

  12. I love both DC and Marvel movies! The Bat suits are never done right though.I’m looking forward to this!

    • Which one is the right one?

      • The Grey New 52 one definitely. Its my favorite! Again though they are going to do all black. Which I don’t like.

        • I actually liked the all black one though one problem I have with it is how you can never see the details on the suit lol. This time around, I’m hoping they go with some dark grey and black. The New 52 definitely looks great as well.

          • I agree with ya, dark grey just fits him.

          • I like the arkham origins suit. I feel like they do a more armored look because the average person would be wondering how batman can take bullet hits with what looks like spandex. Personally i like the new 52 suit. In a movie i think it would be cool to have a grey undersuit of say kevlar or something with the black armored parts on top so you get the grey accents in there

        • Read the article! they are basing it on Batman: Noel which is grey with a black cape/cowl which is very similar to the New 52.

          • I think that Batman Noel thing would translate well. Like he’s wearing body armor beneath the fabric, which could be torn in battle and look great on screen when armor is shown beneath. Kind of like the Templar Knight’s tunics stretched across a breast plate. Whaddaya think?

            • no stupid voice though. I don’t get why batman doesn’t have some teck that changes his voice. it would be way cooler then sounding all stupid like in the last three batman movies(that was the only thing I didn’t like about the last batman)

              • That’s a great idea. I’d love to see something like that.

                • just get Kevin Conroy in to do the Bat voice and have Affleck do the Wayne dialogue.

                  • that would work . I hope this batman is all super tecked out

  13. Oh and Supes costume was the best supes costume yet! Besides the crotch-ular area…He doesn’t have balls of steel ya know.

    • well actually, not to harp on this point but…I suppose his balls, like everything else on his body would in fact be virtually indestructible – just sayin’ lol

      • I feel sorry for his underwear then

    • *does*

  14. All right Eddie, first, it’s “you’re” not “your” and second, I’m allowed to my own opinion.

    I’m not excited because of the creative team behind the project. If you’re going to have Superman (SPOILER) murder someone, then you really don’t understand his character. If the guy who let Supes break another guy’s neck is directing Batman in a film – count me out.

    Not all DC movies should be like Marvel, but they could definitely benefit from a touch of lightness. Batman can be dark and brooding, but he can also be a very uplifting character. Think of The Animated Series. Yes, it’s dark, but it has fun with the premise and doesn’t get overly-serious or pompous like the Nolan films.

    But Batman can afford to have different interpretations of his tone. Why does his tone have to be shoe-horned into a Superman film? That’s WB’s biggest problem, I guess, they think “Oh it worked for that movie, it’ll work for this one!” And they’re wrong.

    • Everyone is allowed there own opinion, and I’m entitled to voice my own opinion of your comment. If you didn’t want a reaction you wouldn’t have posted in the first place.

      Superman doesn’t kill? Superman rips out the jokers heart in justice undone. In Death of Superman, he killed Doomsday with his final punch. In Superman 2 he kills Zod (the original version).

      But I don’t understand Superman? I take it you based that on the vast knowledge of what I have read or watched in my life?

      • “Their” not “there”.

        I did not say you don’t understand Superman, so stop taking it so personally.

        Superman does kill Doomsday, but he also dies. Injustice was a game – not canon. Yes, they made comic tie-ins that were also not canon. Nor is Superman II canon. And while Zod does fall to his death, he isn’t brutally murdered like in MOS.

        • OK so everything that invalidates your point is not canon?

          • I’m not the one who decides what is and isn’t canon. Generally speaking – the comics are canon.

            • Then, you must HATE most comic book movies…and yet, you keep watching and commenting on them.

              • Not the ones that stay true to the character.

                • Luckily MoS stayed true to the character in every regard, and we even got to see a “rookie” side to the character that had never been displayed before.

                  You can say “Superman doesn’t kill” until you are blue in the face. You’re wrong. That’s all there is to it.

                  • Yep…Exactly.

                  • it was dumb to kill gz in the first superman movie. they should of kept him alive for one of the jla movies

                    • Faora and the gang are still alive.

                      When SHE comes back, it’s gonna be HUGE! (like what I did there?;) )

                    • @Dr

                      I was actually thinking about that. Weren’t they just sent to the phantom zone? That can leave them making a reappearance in a future installment or even a Justice League film.

                    • but that was a giant plot hole in the first superman movie. every one cried were was shield in the iron man movie but we saw gz’s crew just sit their and watch while sups and gz went one on one. That was such a bad decision of that movie. I liked the actor that played superman. I hope they don’t come back because there are way better bad guys then this in the dc vaults . I hope they learn that bad guys make the super movie . Im hoping we get a bad arse version of lex in the next one that would make up for batfleck

                    • “gz’s crew just sit their and watch while sups and gz went one on one. That was such a bad decision of that movie.”

                      ^^This never happened. Try watching the movie before commenting on it.

                    • ^^This never happened. Try watching the movie before commenting on it…. you need to watch the movie. I saw it on the big screen and when I downloaded it on my hard drive. when they first came they could of took him out and at the end too. that was suck a bad plot hole in that movie. You just watch it threw fan boy glasses

        • Joey – You can’t discount all the references to Superman killing people as non-canon and then complain that in a non-canon film Superman killed someone. This argument against the MoS is actually kinda silly. I’m not defending MoS as a great movie – just saying that this is simply not a strong criticism of the film. Furthermore,complaining about the killing of Zod in MoS while being okay with the killing of Zod in Superman II is just plain strange. In MoS, Superman struggles desperately to stop Zod from murdering an innocent family. Ultimately he makes a choice to kill Zod to save the family. Killing someone to prevent them from killing another person is not murder. Now some may argue that maybe Superman could have flown off somewhere or whatever, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. In this version, Superman makes a choice to kill a SUPERPOWERED (this is important later) Zod to prevent Zod from murdering innocents. After killing Zod, Superman displays tremendous anguish at being forced to do what he did. Now contrast that with Superman II. Here Superman crushes the hand of a relatively powerless Zod and then tosses this same POWERLESS Zod into an abyss. All the while he has a big smile on his face. Lois finishes off the last henchman and they all have a good laugh about killing their powerless enemies. Honestly – there is no comparison which is the better scene. In this light, complaints against Superman killing Zod in MoS come off as just plain silly.

          • I’m not saying I’m okay with one Superman killing as opposed to a different Superman killing. All I’m saying is that at their base, these characters don’t kill. It’s part of their makeup. And I would like to see that transferred over to the film world.

            • Joey, in Superman #22 (like 20 years ago) superman executed General Zod with “green Kriptonyte”.
              We understand what you are trying to say. But you have to give this movie time to develop into the story that Majority of the people know and love.

              • Well sir, you are the first to actually bring up something that makes sense. Thank you. I did not know about Supers #22, thanks!

                • No he isn’t. Several people brought up points that made sense, you just chose to ignore them.

              • zod came back to life though.

            • Well if you will only be satisfied with a movie if it has complete fidelity to every nuance of the character from the comic books then I imagine you will be disappointed with just about every comic book movie – Marvel, DC, or otherwise. Personally, and I’m only speaking for myself, I love Superman, but the fact that I know he doesn’t kill removes all dramatic tension for me. If I go in already knowing what will happen because the character must fit specific norms of behavior then the character becomes dull. Sure it may be a fun nostalgic romp, but it will always lack dramatic tension. Rules are made to be broken, because only then can you push your character and see them grow. Why does Superman never kill? Where does that strong moral conviction come from? A couple of chats with Pa Kent while out in the fields? That’s not very interesting character development. I want to see he character grow and change and evolve. I want this Superman to BECOME Superman. I can’t grow with the character if he starts out perfect already. Only through the character’s growth can the audience develop an attachment to the character that is lasting. Again, do I think MoS is perfect? No, I have my own thoughts on its limitations. However, the killing of Zod is not a particularly strong criticism. It represents a single-minded and narrow viewpoint of who Superman is and denies the character the ability to grow and evolve into the Superman we know and love. Enjoy the journey of Superman growing, maturing, and evolving into the character you love and I think you will fall in love with the character all over again. But you have to give the character a little space so he can grow – don’t smother him with the fact that he hasn’t already fully matured.

              • I agree with you mostly, Red. And honestly, I know much much more about Batman than I ever could about Superman. As a screenwriter I understand the need to see a character grow and not limit them, but I don’t think you can only chalk it up to nostalgia. If Superman killed Zod in the comics – okay, I’ll let it go. All I’m saying is – you can adapt and change characters all you want, but if you change their core, what makes them who they are, why bother? Work on a different character. If you can’t update the character without changing who they inherently are, then you’re just not that good. And I’ve never found Snyder to be anything more than eye candy and slow-mo punch porn.

                • Well that I can agree with. I suppose where I disagree generally is that this killing of Zod in MoS is a changing of Supes core. I view this as the foundation of why Superman will refuse to kill in the future. I view this a Superman growing into that hero we all know. If the character continues killing in sequels – then I’ll see this as a divergence from the character’s core. But for now, I see this as building his foundation so I’m comfortable with it.

                  • I understand what you’re saying, and I guess we can agree to disagree. It makes sense, in a Snyder film where there’s no room for subtlety, that that has to be the way he learns “killing is bad.”

                    I just don’t understand why anyone, especially Superman, needs to learn the “killing is bad” lesson. I’ve never killed anyone because I understand the difference between taking a life in a video game as opposed to gunning someone down in the street, or the violence in film vs. the violence of war. I guess what I’m saying is, how moral can the dude be if he needed to learn that lesson in the first place? Does that make sense?

                    • ^^The “I don’t need to kill something to know that I shouldn’t” argument is paper thin when applied to the situation that Kal-El was in.

                      How many times in your life Joey have you had to make a decision between one life or another?

                      Spinning the “aversion to killing” critique in this manner is lame.

                    • Okay, I’m sorry, but isn’t the character named Superman? Could he not have figured out a different way?

                    • Yes, the character’s name is Superman. The character known as Superman was the only person on the planet capable of stopping the person who just promised to murder it. Last I checked, saving the entire planet falls directly under the Superman title.

                    • Joey, Its what’s awesome about Batman coming in the next film. An Individual who is known to be intimidating and darks yet he basically will teach Superman that there always is an alternative to things, especially about dealing with living beings.

                      About superman, yes there could have been ways to change things so that he grew up already knowing not to kill. But the director is trying to connect superman to the audience. And help US undestand that killing should not be our first choice if the circumstance were to ever present itself.
                      In the beginning of the Movie it shows a bullied Clark wanting to attack his bully but holds it in (bends the fence). When he fights Zod he feels that these “monsters” wont stop at anything and therefore doesnt hold it in and does what many didnt like. (im sure his father in the film would not approve either).
                      But here comes a seasoned Batman to REMIND superman of always doing the right thing. (just like his father tought).
                      Hope I made sense.

            • That was the point of killing Zod in MoS. So that he wouldn’t do it again. He intentionally took a life and will probably vow to never do it again.

          • I didn’t like MOS but not because he killed Zod.

            But just to weigh in, comparing the death of Zod in MOS to Superman II is like comparing a concussions in the NFL to concussions in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

            Some movies are more “It’s a movie” type movies more than others. Superman II was much more loose and lighthearted. I’m old enough to remember that movie and there was absolutely no serious mention of the “deaths.” If it was, people just shrugged it off. “It’s a movie.” Rest assured Superman retained a squeaky clean image. Honestly, it’s never really communicated “death” so much as leaving what happened to them vague and unanswered.

            If you can’t understand and see the difference, I really can’t explain it to you.

            • I think you worded that well.

              • He worded it well but it never put paid to any argument, it just validated the fact that Superman II was made in an era when movies were light and fluffy and MOS was made in a more violent world where terrorist attacks and brutality are shown live on the news and we as audiences prefer movies that are reflective of the world around us.

                If nobody understand why Clark made the decision that he did regarding Zod and the family of innocents in MOS then sorry but you’ll just never understand why it was important and relevant, not just for the movie but for the character’s future and the possibility of him branching off from that experience and refusing to kill again.

            • Except for the fact that both MoS and Superman II are movies, while the NFL is real life and Tom and Jerry is a cartoon. I get what you are trying to say, but the analogy is terrible.

              • The NFL is real?

                • Am I real?

                  • The whole thread has screwed my perception of reality and whose really posting what and why?

                    Thanks Dr you truly have bent my mind! ha ha

                  • Dr Mindbender 18 hours ago

                    Am I real?

                    no your a comic book bad guy/cartoon/really cool toy

                • Nostelg-O 19 hours ago

                  The NFL is real?

                  no its not

        • superman flat out executes a version of general zod and co. in superman v2 #22 canon, he also killed hank henshaw in superman v2 #82 also canon.
          supes killed on a few occasions when absolutely necessary.

          • but didn’t zod come back to life ?

        • Not brutally murdered? Supes crushed his hand after taking his powers and then threw him into the abyss of the Fortress of Solitude. Who knows how far down that chasm goes?

      • +1

        As for the tone, I don’t think it was trying to be exactly like The Dark Knight Trilogy. It’s what comes from basing the character in a realistic world. It’s also much more hopeful and uplifting than I find people give it credit for. I thought the scene that kept switching between Perry White and his associate getting Jenny Olson out of the rubble to Superman struggling to stand up and fly into the gravity beam showed what Superman was all about.

        Also if you’re saying WB is doing the same thing with all movies, than it’s only reasonable to say the same about Marvel. They have a jokester flick, it worked for the audience, so now they’re filling the rest of the films with the same comedic ‘charm’.

        • My main difference, I feel, between DC and Marvel, is that DC only knows how to adapt Superman and Batman. And not very well for that matter (with a notable few exceptions). They own a wealth of characters but have no idea how to adapt them to film.

          Marvel’s films all share a lightness, you’re right, because it’s one shared universe. Their characters were all created around the same time (except Cap, who was brought back around the same time the Marvel heroes we now know were created) with a similar tone.

          The same cannot be said about DC. They are a company who is made up of a bunch of different companies with vastly different characters and tones, who were bought or incorporated one way or another.

          MOS may not have been a direct rip on Nolan’s DKT tone, but it was close enough. And that tone is not going to lend itself generously to an expanding cinematic DC Universe.

          • “My main difference, I feel, between DC and Marvel, is that DC only knows how to adapt Superman and Batman. And not very well for that matter (with a notable few exceptions). They own a wealth of characters but have no idea how to adapt them to film.”

            ^^^Waldo being completely full of it, per usual.

            DC adapted A Road to Perdition, A History of Violence, Watchmen, and V for Vendetta. Last time I checked, all of those films are well regarded, don’t pander to a PG-13 rating, and none include Batman or Superman.

            • Why am I Waldo?

              I’m talking a DC super hero universe here. I doubt Road to Perdition, A History of Violence, or the characters of Watchmen or V for Vendetta would be in a DC Universe movie. Those characters never come into contact with each other or other DC heroes, so why would they on film?

              Watchmen is pretty polarized, I wouldn’t list it as a well regarded film.

              • If your talking about DC superhero shared movie verse, then you have a weak argument against things being done so wrong against just one movie.
                Why can’t MoS start the shared universe, “Joey”?

                • ;)

                • Oh my god, he actually talked? =O

                • Okay, did everyone on this site flunk grammar as a child? It’s “you’re” as in “you are,” Jesus. And yes, Joey is my real name, no need for quotation marks.

                  When a character who has vowed not to kill kills, that’s pretty big “wrong.”

                  • When did Kal vow not kill in MoS?

                    • He didn’t, that’s my point. It doesn’t need to be a vow. Are you a writer? Do you know about adapting material to something else?

                      A good example of adapting one form of media to another is Heath Ledger’s Joker. Did he look like the Joker from the comics? Not at all. Was he the same CHARACTER? Absolutely.

                      If you take a character who does not kill and have him do so, you’re undermining the character. Change whatever you want – put him in a pink spandex suit with a rollerblade up his ass, if he still stands for truth, justice and the American way – you’re good.

                    • He DID stand for all three of those in MOS as he showed when the military regarded him with respect after the Smallville battle (among a number of other examples). You didn’t like the film? Fine. You, however, did not see the same MOS I did, because I found the essence of Superman presented beautifully in MOS.

                      Look, I even wrote grammatically correctly.


              • Well if your (sic) not Waldo, Joey, who is? Can’t answer that question?

                Just as I suspected.

                • “grammatically correctly?” Hope that was a joke.

                  You’re right I can’t, I have no idea what this Waldo stuff is all about.

                  • And that’s exactly what Waldo would say.

                  • No, it wasn’t a joke. It was English.

                  • Actually, if someone doesn’t like that Superman kills, it seems like personal taste and not really an argument that can be “destroyed.”

                    But what really get’s my cape twisted up in my cod-piece is that you have to go all Waldo about it.

                    What kind of sinister name is “Waldo” anyway? Assuming that is your real name, Waldo… or Joey… um…


                    • ‘Actually, if someone doesn’t like that Superman kills, it seems like personal taste and not really an argument that can be “destroyed.”’

                      Actually, if someone makes the statement: “Mos is bad because Superman doesn’t kill!” The statement is inaccurate because it is wrong, and there-fore “destroyed.”

                      If somebody says ” I don’t like the idea of a Superman that kills” then that is someone who isn’t completely familiar with the character.

                      Having an idea that isn’t accurate about something does in fact, make it wrong… not a different opinion.

                      If I say “The sky is purple” that doesn’t mean that I have different opinion on the sky, it means I’m wrong about it.

                    • my problem with the mos is that they shouldn’t of killed off gz in the first movie. lets not talk about the fact that zod had a bunch of other supermen but chose to fight superman one on one for some reason

                    • “lets not talk about the fact that zod had a bunch of other supermen but chose to fight superman one on one for some reason”

                      ^^^This is what I mean when I say “eventually trolls just eat themselves.”

                      Comments like this suggest that you have an idea of what MoS is about from reading about it online, when the reality is you haven’t seen the movie.

                    • Comments like this suggest that you have an idea of what MoS is about from reading about it online, when the reality is you haven’t seen the movie.

                      one you act like your nerd opinion matters. two I did see the movie. im sorry im not gay for dc. they sould of never killed kk off and I really thought crows part on krypton should of been longer. he was great as a “ghost” on the ship. I thought that it was so dumb to have ll go out in -130 weather looking all hot and find sups hide out. she would of died way before finding it. That’s just another plot hole in that movie. plus black cant out run falling buildings . Oh and that chick who had a building fall on her and she just had a couple scrapes.

                      face it there were major plot holes in man of steel. it still was a good movie. just not a great one

                    • black ppl cant out run falling buildings

                    • Avenged…

                      That was just a stup!d thing to say…not surprising considering the speaker, but still…there ARE boundaries.

            • i thought I was waldo

              • Zod fought him one on one because his “supermen” were sucked into the phantom zone at that point. And whoever wrote should of is should have.

          • They’ve had their fair share of terrible films lol but they also have their fair share of excellent ones. So far, they’ve nailed Superman, Batman and Arrow. On to the next ones soon enough is my guess.

            The Dark Knight Trilogy may not be connected to Man of Steel, but it does not mean they shouldn’t carry on few aspects that worked. When they tried something totally different, they ultimately failed (Green Lantern). When they brought over similar tones (Arrow, Man of Steel), it’s a success. While it isn’t what people expected from a Superman film, I still think it showed exactly what Superman was about.

            Whether it will or will not lend itself generously to the rest of the DC characters is a matter of opinion at the moment until WB eventually bring the other characters to the big screen. So far, they tackled Superman in a realistic context, I have no doubt they can do the same for several other characters.

            • Also, I’m not saying the realistic tone is the only tone that works, but it IS one that works so why not use it?

            • Have they really nailed Superman though? I mean, if the character inherently doesn’t kill but he does in the films, is that nailing it?

              Same with Batman – I would have agreed with you before Dark Knight Rises reared its underwhelming head.

              All I’m saying is – make these films true to the characters. And they’re not doing that. Superman doesn’t kill. Batman doesn’t take time off to mourn an ex.

              But as far as tone goes, can you really picture a Flash movie set in the hyper-realistic world they’ve modeled after Nolan? I just can’t see it. I think the tone of the film should reflect the character.

              • I’m guessing your problem with the films is because it doesn’t fit exactly what you imagine in your mind? I think I’ll carry on bud.

                • Again, if it’s true to the characters I’ll be happy. But they haven’t been.

                  • How’s that?

                    You’re argument about killing that has been destroyed?

                    • didn’t zod come back? So did he really kill him. just like superman died at the hands of doomsday but then came back to life or what ever it was.

                  • Joey

                    ‘If its true to the characters’ – quite a subjective phrase, would be better if it wasn’t used in a manner that implies that your interpretation is the only correct way
                    Being true to the characters in your mind might not be the same as someone else’s, you are of course entitled to feel agrieved that the movies don’t follow your view of the characters and their world or that you would have done it differently. But those differences don’t make those movies bad, just different, but MoS is still true to character in many ways

                    So far based on the success of TDK trilogy and now MoS (and Arrow) DC feels it has found a general tone that works, sure it is not as obvisiously light and uplifting as the colourful ‘every other line is witty one-liner approach’ that marvel/Disney has gone for, but the ‘realistic’ tone does work and does celebrate aspects of the characters

                    Personally I found MoS to be more light and uplifting than people give it credit for, I also had very little issue with the climax
                    Also I can picture Flash in the ‘nolanesque’ world they have created, Aquaman and Wonder Woman as well, GL is the one I think struggles at this point

                    • I think Green Lantern can definitely be done in the same way Man of Steel was done. Sure, several different creatures are in Green Lantern, that’s the abnormality that they can just embrace and say, ‘Well it IS a different planet” lol. They just need to make all the creatures three-dimensional instead of simple ‘creatures’ and I’m betting it’ll be believable enough.

              • You do realize Superman executed Zod in the comics right

                • did he come back to life?

              • Yes, they really HAVE nailed the character of Superman.

                …asked and answered.

                • Seriously. Also Joey, haven’t you any appreciation for a little thing called “character development”? MOS being an origin story, you wouldn’t necessarily expect Superman to be the exact character you think of right off the bat. Unlike Batman, whose aversion to guns and killing was instilled in him at a young age, Clark did not have the same tragic childhood. Therefore, it takes a desperate situation and a choice to show him the consequences of power. It’s because of the type of character he is (the boy scout), that he will struggle with what he chose to do instead of brushing it off as necessary. Next time he finds himself in a similar scenario, he will do everything in his abilities to find another way. Killing Zod wasn’t a deviation from the character in my opinion, it was a window into why Superman is the Superman we know and love.

                • superman was the best part of the mos. the cgi saved it from the bad plot holes in that moive. I liked that movie but mos 2 superman vs batman should really be called zod kills batman. gs had all of those supermen and chose not to use them. I was like wtf , why are they all just standing there. Then later in the movie I was thinking , ok now sups will do battle against all of them and its going to be bad arse. nope we got a one on one fight when the bad guys had like 5 supermem not in the fight. lmfao. thank god it was a origins movie so it gets a pass on these god awful plot holes in that movie

                  • You really don’t know how to use that pinkish-grey lump inside your skull particularly effectively, do you, Avenged?

                    The “plot holes” you keep mentioning aren’t. They are simply very obvious, explained plot elements.

                    • He’s also talking complete nonsense about the story. It’s just some kid on a computer who has read a lot about MoS.
                      “Why do the other kryptonians just stand around when Zod is fighting?”

                      ^^LOL. Seriously… obvious kid is obvious.

                    • Yep.

                      On that Ben Kingsley thread I just told him that his level of Dumb was my limit for the week but that his racist buffoonery on THIS thread was the nail in the coffin, so to speak. I’m done with him.

                    • Unfortunately, it seems to be under moderation…sigh.

              • When you say “nailed it” which version of the characters are you talking about? Silver age, Golden age, New 52, the animated series? There are so many variations that it’s personal opinion which is best. The movies are just another version. If you don’t like it that’s your opinion.

    • ok just to point out a few mistakes in your post.

      1) superman has killed someone before in the comics.
      2) DC movies should never be like Marvel films. the 2 comic universes are completely different. DC is very dark through out (Dark Justice League as an example) whereas Marvel is lighter, yes it has had it moments in recent years, but over all they are very different and the films should reflect this.

      • You clearly didn’t understand what I was saying about DC and Marvel. All I was saying is that DC should take a cue from Marvel in their execution and the way they celebrate all the aspects of their characters.

      • blade , ghost rider, the punshier are all light hearted romps .

    • OMG this SH*T again?? GET THE F**K OVER IT!! and understand WHAT they were doing in the movie, It was his FRST day on the job, he needed to learn WHY he wont kill people!

      And how the F**K else was he supposed to handle a GOD? there was only one way to truly take care of the ZOD problem…to kill him! AGAIN it was his 1st day on the damn job, He did not have the luxury of years of training before he got to really test out all of his powers, HE only learned he could fly a few hours before he had the big throw down… So QUITCRYING ABOUT SUPERMAN KILLING ZOD, IT WAS 5 MONTHS AGO! Let go of the anger and your life will be so much happier!

      GEEZ, I cannot believe ppl are still whining about that ONE stupid scene!

      • That’s what I’ve been saying!

    • Well, I don’t think it was necessarily bad to have Superman kill General Zod, In the movie he had only been “Superman” a “savior” to an entire race for a couple of hours so it was necessary to set up why he doesn’t kill villains. Henry Cavill did a good job showing the emotion with that scream thing at the end after (SPOILER) snaping Zod’s neck and ending it all. He will forever remember that moment and cease to kill his enemies (intentionally) ;). – count me in 100x

      I agree with your whole second paragraph, they have to establish balance in the tone of their movies, I think that you should leave the theater inspired after a HERO movie. But that always depends on who the character is.


    • Superman killed Zod in the comics Joey.

    • ohh please again with the superman killing thing? still? he either had to kill zod or let the family be burned alive and have zod arrested or something. There was no superhuman facility mentioned so supermans options were very limited plus zod gave him no choice by not standing down, he had nothing to lose so superman had to stop him. obviously he didnt enjoy it and thats what possibly spurs his motivation not to kill. to me it makes more sense then someone just deciding not to. Batman doesnt kill or use guns cause of what happened to his parents.

  15. can’t wait til the set shots begin leaking!

    • no black batman love?

      • Idris Elba?

      • Batwing? the only argument I have heard for changing a white character to black (or any other ethnic origin for that matter) is that there aren’t enough roles to fill.

        • batwing is raw. I hope we see him some were down the line. It would be cool if the gotham show stared bat girl, bat wing, robin , and nighthawk. like they are dealing with the bads in gotham while bats is doing his jla thing.

        • Im geeked for the bat teck in this one. i hope bats has all kinds of cool state of the art toys in the new movie

          • It’s tech. No one in the comments seems to know how to spell tech, there, their, they’re, to, too, somewhere, etc. Basic grammar people. That’s why literally had to have a second definition undermining the first.

      • What the hell are you talking about?

        • I was just messing with dude from the human torch thread. I have no problem with batman being black as long a bruce isn’t black but that’s just fun from a different thread

          • If Batman is Black, Bruce Wayne will be black…yet another brilliant (and racist) observation from the brilliant Avenged.

  16. Im getting more excited as the news comes in. Im glad theyre not going with the military look of the new batmobile. Even though Nolan’s batmobile was pretty badass. I dont think I was too fond of the look of it. Get back to the sleek, modern batmobile. Im also excited to see the new Bat suit.

    • Tumbler has to be my favorite version of the Batmobile, so I’m hoping they go for something similar. While I would be up for a sleek Batmobile, one problem I have with it is if it’s too sleek, I don’t think it’d make sense in it carrying artillery. Sure have it stylized a bit but I still want it making sense in an artillery filled vehicle stand point.

      • You have a good point there. They could make it sleek & modern but also be combat ready

    • yes and without any ridiculous neon on it please

  17. An all black suit makes sense, you have to be invisable at night. To much grey makes you visablei certain aspects. Also spandex comic book suit doesnt make sense. Batman needs protected from nullets and other weapons he isnt immortal. A plated suit is the way to go, like nolans but with a diffrent color scheme. Old batmobile sound cool tho

    • batmans comic book suit has all the bullet protection built in. But that is why I was saying that in films they give him the armored look so people arent wondering how hes taking bullet hits with spandex on

      • His suit gets ripped up all the time in the comments. Why not have Adam West spandex back and maybe some shark repellant to top it off?

  18. The Noel costume would be cool. Shorter ears on the cowl. Maybe take inspiration from multiple costumes to make theirs.

  19. Whats the difference between Nolan’s Batman and Snyder’s Batman….”Im not wearing hockey pads”

    • Hurawl?

  20. I’d like to see a nice blue & grey costume! Done better than the TV Show of course. But I fully believe it can be done!

  21. the Batmobile from the Keaton films was based on a old GM chassis like a Cadillac, maybe they bring it back or something similiar, i just hope GM doesn’t use the film as advertising like Bumblebee

    • jakco = best joker ever

      • No.

  22. So I am more of a Marvel fan and thus have more knowledge of those comics and movies (released and upcoming)

    Question to you Supes-nerds and Bat-nerds out there…

    Is this movie in the same universe as Nolan’s trilogy? Is this an extension of that movie? ( I guess I should ask “Is the new Superman incarnation in the same universe as Nolan’)

    Don’t mean to sound ignorant. :(

    • It’s supposed to be different but the universes are very similar.

    • Nope, new Batman in the next movie bud. Dark Knight Rises was the last of Nolan’s Batman and trilogy.

    • No, these universes are COMPLETELY seperate, Nolans Batman was a standalone film and isn’t associated with Batfleck so you have that and yeah Nolaverse is over with :(

  23. The biggest question I have, Is who the villain will be? A believable villain make the struggle of our hero’s have a real sense of purpose. Contrary to Marvel’s Credit teasers, I hope the movie starts with us looking over Lex Luthors Shoulder (Bald Head) as he discusses plans with a another person out of screen. Scene end’s with Luthors Offer being LAUGHED @ by our favorite Clown. Then let underlying events in the movie build an EVIL Group as Bats and Sups compare capes.

    • 1. Lex Luthor

      2. Themselves (internally or physically, they could be establishing a bond which may require them to balance each other so they will have some sort of conflict).

      3. Any Batman villains that would set up his next movie like Joker, Black Mask, Hugo Strange

      4. Sinestro or Star Saphire- To set up green lantern

      5. Flash’s Rogues (this is far fetched but everything is possible when trying to set up DCCU)

      6. Mercy Graves- could bring in Wonder Woman (if you don’t know the character you should look her up she’s an amazon that works for Lex Luthor) Diana could be sent to come after her and blam meets Batman and Superman and then Man of Steel: Trinity could happen.

      tons of possibilities

  24. I just hope they choose to use the exact Adam West costume and batmobile!

  25. To the people complaining about MOS, I think it’s a pretty close adaption to what we have in the New 52. If you’re argument is the whole “That’s not what Superman should do or should have done” you’re right. Although this take on Superman and the movie is very similar to the direction of the new 52 or even the recent Superman: Earth One series. This is a brand new Superman, in different time with a slightly different take. Keep in mind this was his first outing, he had no idea what he was doing the entire movie.

    Personally, I got everything I wanted out of a Superman movie.
    1)Lot’s of villains/action
    2)Some nice subtle set up for future threads (Lexcorp/Waynetech references)
    3)A Superman who wasn’t corny and taken seriously.
    4)Winks and nods to all eras of Superman, even Smallville

    I think the problem is most of us grew up with Dini’s Superman: TAS/Justice League cartoons or reading the post-crisis John Byrne/Dan Jurgens era and that’s the one we usually think of or relate to without even really thinking about it.

    • Agreed, but I’d take it one step further and say MOS is the best comic-book movie ever because of all the points you’ve mentioned.

      • I’d put it in this order for my favorites

        1. The Dark Knight

        2. The Avengers

        3. Man of Steel

        4. X2: United

        • no thor 2 love?

  26. Regardless of what his suit looks like or what car he drives, this Batman will be in more action scenes than any other Batman ever. That’s a given for a Snyder movie. I, for one, am looking forward to Batman actually kicking ass. Something no previous Batman has ever done well.

  27. The farther away from Nolan´s Batsuit, the Better.
    As for the Batmobile… something ´a la´ Batman 89.

  28. The Noel suit is one of my favorites!

  29. will love to see a futuristic suit just like what Bale used but with a little change to it perfect example, the INJUSTICE game Batman suit he needs a stronger suit to battle against Superman. It sucks cause they already change their mind