‘Batman V Superman’: Emily Blunt Being Eyed For Catwoman?

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Batman vs Superman Catwoman Emily Blunt Batman V Superman: Emily Blunt Being Eyed For Catwoman?

Just when it seemed like director Zack Snyder had more than enough characters filling out his Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the most recent rumors imply that he could be adding yet another actress in a substantial role – if not in this particular film, then the ever-expanding DC movie universe. Currently preparing for the opening weekend of her action-packed, rumors that Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow) is being courted for a role in the film is less than shocking. But an actress of her caliber doesn’t seem the right fir for a bit part, so we have to wonder: could Zack Snyder be searching for his Catwoman? And if that’s the case, is it a wise move for the series going forward, regardless of who is cast?

There’s no doubt that the mere thought of Batman’s iconic love interest/ally/nemesis being added to the cast of Dawn of Justice will have some eyes rolling; the film has already grown from a Man of Steel sequel to include Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), and more. But regardless of how large a cast you may be handling, it’s rare for any director to turn away the chance to include someone with Blunt’s credentials – and in the world of Batman, a feline femme fatale is never too far from the action.

To reiterate: the rumors of Blunt being “in talks” with Warner Bros. for the film are still pure conjecture, so this is all speculation and spit-balling on our part. It makes sense to see her name put forward though, as Blunt is on the rise, attracting attention with dramatic, comedic, and now physical roles. Marvel has made more than one attempt to attach her to a superhero property, as we now know why she turned down a role in Captain America, later to be in the running for the role of Black Widow, and most recently rumored to be targeted to bring Ms. Marvel to life as part of Marvel’s cosmic universe.

Given the evidence, it would seem that Blunt’s casting in a superhero film is simply bound to happen sooner or later – a fact certainly not lost on Warner Bros..

Edge of Tomorrow Emily Blunt Pushup Batman V Superman: Emily Blunt Being Eyed For Catwoman?

Now that we’re just days away from Blunt and co-star Tom Cruise taking on the box office in Warner Bros.’ sci-fi action blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, and with Marvel chomping at the bit to find a spot for her in their stable of stars, it makes sense that Blunt being recruited for WB’s next superhero franchise should be discussed. The problem, though, is that a small role in an already well-established ensemble cast doesn’t seem to be the ideal course for capitalizing on Blunt’s rising star.

The question, then, is whether Zack Snyder has any room left for an actress of her experience this close to production (whether or not he’s intending to film two movies back-to-back, as rumored). To answer that means examining just what Dawn of Justice is seeking to accomplish. Comic book writer/superfan Kevin Smith has offered his opinion that WB is thinking long term, crafting a five-to-six film story built on all members of the Justice League; with DoJ, introduce Batman and Wonder Woman and merely tease other characters to come (Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, for example).

For the record, this isn’t the first time Blunt has been mentioned in regards to a WB superhero film, as past rumors suggested that she had passed on Captain America to potentially play Catwoman in Chritopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. The role went to the similarly-acclaimed Anne Hathaway; but could Snyder consider giving Blunt a second shot (as he did with his Superman, Henry Cavill)?

Lady Sif Jaimie Alexander Agents of SHIELD Batman V Superman: Emily Blunt Being Eyed For Catwoman?

At this point that we would remind readers of another actress who was, at one time, considered a frontrunner for the mysterious “leading woman” role in Dawn of Justice: Jaimie Alexander (Thor: The Dark World). Long considered a fan favorite to bring Wonder Woman to life, it was Alexander herself who confirmed that she had been having “conversations” with Warner Bros. about Batman V Superman. Given the actress’ stance on Wonder Woman (and experience as Lady Sif, herself a godlike heroine) it was assumed Diana of the Amazons was the subject of conversation until Gal Gadot nabbed the part.

It seemed odd at the time for one of Marvel’s heroes to openly confirm they had been discussing a role as iconic as Wonder Woman; but what if the role were actually a much smaller one, intended to be brief appearance with potential for more screen time down the road? Again, that is purely our speculation, but it certainly seems like the kind of discussion that an actress as experienced as Alexander would be willing to admit. And a role uncertain enough to keep her firmly placed in Marvel’s camp.

Whether or not Snyder placed the role on the cutting room floor as he prepared to launch the rest of the Justice League universe, could there really be room or reason to include Catwoman in an already-packed cast?

Batman v Superman Catwoman Rumor Batman V Superman: Emily Blunt Being Eyed For Catwoman?

We would immediately assume that were Selina Kyle a.k.a. ‘Catwoman’ to appear in Dawn of Justice, it would most likely be in her public identity, as a regular among Gotham City’s night owls. It’s still unclear if Warner Bros. or Snyder intend to spin off Affleck’s Batman into solo films (with the actor possibly also directing), or keep the Justice League franchise as the main event.

However, rumors have suggested that Holly Hunter may be playing a minor Batman character with knowledge of Bruce Wayne’s dual identities, so Selina Kyle teased as an old friend or love interest – in or out of the Batsuit – would fit with the older version of the hero.

Even if the character is meant to play a larger role in bringing the new take on the Dark Knight to life, there is no doubt Emily Blunt would be up to the task. Her past roles may not have cast her as fearless or deadly, but her turn in Edge of Tomorrow has changed all that. With both the screen presence (and physique) needed to make the character more than just a titillating femme fatale, we would say if Warner Bros. is in talks, then they’re making a wise move.

edge tomorrow tom cruise emily blunt1 Batman V Superman: Emily Blunt Being Eyed For Catwoman?

It may also be wise to include a character who is every bit as famous as Dawn of Justice‘s leads, yet willingly removed from the battle of morals and world-ending supervillains the franchise will presumably feature. Obviously, keeping Selina Kyle to the fringes of the main Dawn of Justice story will help keep the plot focused on the Herculean task of launching Justice League, but it could also warm audiences up to the idea that not everyone in DC’s movie universe has to be interested in their colleagues’ personal battles. Some just have to worry about their next theft or cocktail party.

It’s impossible to tell when all of these discussions and rumors will be completely confirmed or dismissed. Again, it becomes clear that Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer’s plans for the future of DC Comics on film is still a complete mystery. But if the studio continues to add Academy Award-winning talent to their roster, seeing names like Blunt bandied about may become commonplace – and that is good news for comic fans everywhere.

What do you make of all the recent rumors and reports? Do you think there’s a chance that Snyder could be filling Dawn of Justice with even more signs of things to come, or does it all seem too hard to believe? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know what you make of our own theory.


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Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for May 6, 2016.

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  1. well i think this is a good cast. i think she would be nice for the role

  2. I’m not normally one for conspiracy theories but the timing of this “rumor” is a bit suspect.

    Edge of Tomorrow isn’t tracking well and could it be WB planting rumors to drum up interest for Blunt and therefore the movie that opens tomorrow???

    Cue Blunt being cast tomorrow and I feel like a dumb dumb. ;)

  3. isnt Emily Blunt too young to be Catwoman. Shouldn’t Catwoman be a sexy, mature woman closer in age to Batman, if not older??? I nominate the following:

    -Amanda Peet
    -Claire Forlani (Mallrats mini reunion!)
    -Eva Mendes
    -Heather Graham
    -Jennifer Connelly
    -Kate Beckinsale
    -Lena Headey
    -Monica Bellucci
    -Parker Posey

    • Give Catwoman to Jennifer Garner already ;)

    • First, please feel free to textually slap me if I am incorrect; but, I thought that Catwoman was a little younger than bats. Wasn’t it Black Cat who was older than Spidey? I always get those two confused, so I apologize if I’m all mixed-up.

    • Who told you this? Catwoman is supposed to be either the same age or younger. The Selina in TDKr was a deccade younger than Bruce.

  4. I like Emily but I don’t think I am interested enough in a CatWoman movie to go see it.

    • But what if it was Hathaway?

      • Anne Hathaway was to Cat Woman, what Lindsay Lohan is to good life choices…bad!

        • Yau, I hope this is a joke. Hathawayw as terrific and got very good reviews for her performance. Perhaps you were expecting a rehash of the nonsense Michelle P and Burton gave us in batman Returns. Plus, Hathaway flled out that suit perfectly.

    • It won’t be a cat woman movie.

      It will look pretty one dimensional if Batman arrives on the scene without coming from an established world and that world has other characters.

      Given that it makes sense to cast actors who may get a bigger turn in a stand alone Batman movie later on.

    • All of those are plausible with the exception being Big Barda. Barda is nearly 7ft tall.
      (At least that’s how her character has always been portrayed)

      Bit I do expect Emily to play as an antagonist to Diana in some form or fashion.
      Who knows..

  5. What if Emily Blunt is in talks to play Barbara Gordon? And I’m not talking Batgirl here, but seasoned, cop Barbara Gordon–like from the Frank Millar Dark Knight Returns.
    It WOULD give gravitas to someone of her caliber, role wise. AND would also line up with all those rumors that Jim Gordon is going to appear…
    That it’d be a Gordon, correct. A cop, also correct, but just not the one we think…

    • When was Barbara Gordon a seasoned cop in Dark Knight Returns? Pretty sure we never saw or heard a mention of her in that story.

  6. I do not know if anyone else has said this but I think she could be up for the role of Natalya Trusevich. With the film getting constant comparisons to New 52, and Natalya’s storyline already doing so well on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D., with the Cellist, it just seems like a good idea for Batman v. Superman or a solo Batman followup film.

    • I couldn’t agree more

    • I literally just read the comments of rumor stuff like this to laugh at people complaining.

    • People can cheer and complain equally as much as they like, its not up to you to take away the freedom of speech or the right to express yourself….. Unreal….

      • Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone misinterpret a comment so poorly in my entire life. The point was that while they are free to rant and rave all they want, they need to remember that at the end of the day anybody who is in a position to actually do something about it is not paying any attention to what they are saying, and such it is not worth getting so worked up over. I hope that clarifies things for you.

  7. Well this does make some sense. The film is supossed to be a lose adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns in some respects and Selena Kyle is a part of that story.

  8. Batman News has already confirmed that this a false rumor. They are a very reliable source for all Batman related news. Besides there are already way toooooo many characters that are being crammed in the Superman “Sequel”.

  9. Hawk girl. That is all

  10. Wow, I just can’t look at Jaimie Alexander without wondering what could have been if only WB/DC would have let her be Wonder Woman. I mean she’s a PERFECT Diana, absolutely perfect. As she herself indicated, she wanted the role but WB/DC cheaped out and went with the cheap poor-mans terrible choice of Gal Gadot. That is so so sad. We finally get one shot a WW and they give us Gall Gadot. Is it really any wonder that fans have so little faith in this movie?
    Not really.

    • Funny…

      I’m a fan, and I have great faith in how wonderful this film will be…BECAUSE of all of the casting and other news being (and that already was) released.

      Perhaps, you are speaking for yourself.

  11. I don’t even know about wanting to bring Hathaway back as Catwoman…but I do know that I want to see Hathaway moving around in that catsuit again. Man..

  12. Ok, now i’m concerned, what are they trying to create? What kind of movie is this. This is not the movie called ‘Batman vs Superman’, i really don’t know what are they are going to show us in 2 years in cinemas. WB are trying so hard to catch up with marvel universe and i’m afaid that the results are going to be really bad.

    • That’d be awesome.

  13. She is Ms/Captain Marvel, don’t see as any other CB fem hero.

  14. I didn’t read through all the comments so maybe someone else already suggested this but:

    With Lex Luthor being in the movie for sure, perhaps his driver/bodyguard “Mercy Graves” will be introduced as well. She has been depicted as a sophisticated kick-butt character similar to Black Widow, and as a weaponized cyborg(rumor is someone else will be equipping similar tech in this movie or the next. A collaboration between Star Labs and Luthor Tech?)

    The role of Mercy is someone that would show up anytime you’ve got Lex in a film so it could be a role that expands over time and would be worth casting Blunt for the role in the long run.

  15. Blunts just not hot enough for Catwoman. And enough of Brits getting all the good super heroe roles.

  16. How soon we forget the powerful witch Zatanna. If Avengers can have Scarlet Witch, JL can have Zatanna!

  17. Shes going to be Lex Luthor’s girlfriend…… Pretty obvious.

  18. She might be a good Catwoman. I’m glad she’s not in the MCU

  19. When are they going to confirm that Callan Mulvey is Metallo? It seems obvious to me, it’s the best way to introduce Kryptonite.

  20. YES! I’m all for it.
    If this is all happening in Metropolis, then she could play Selina who goes as Bruce’s arm candy.

  21. What if because of the Chris Terrio rewrites , the character of Wonder Woman became more fleshed out and well written that they are actually recasting Wonder Woman as Emily blunt instead of Gal Gadot? What if Synder decided to keep it quiet so it won’t cause negative press for the movie. IDK. I just want to see the role recast. Not because she doesn’t fit the “size” Wonder Woman should be; which is the usual complaint but because simply she can’t act.

  22. I like Emily Blunt, but she doesn’t really strike me as Catwoman material.

  23. I like Emily Blunt for Catwoman but why crap even more non-Superman characters into this. I smell desperation.

  24. If the Wonder Woman character is in these films, why have Emily Blunt play Catwoman? She should be the Cheetah! Barbara Minerva, the current Cheetah’s alter-ego in the comic books, is British so no new accent for her to learn. Blunt would look sizzling in a dark gold bodysuit with dark spots and Godot could learn more about the acting craft from her on set and make a solo Wonder Woman project the spectacular motion picture extravaganza we all want it to be!!!

  25. I dont like the idea of Emily Blunt as Catwoman she simpy isnt hot or cute, Catwoman is suppose to be a very sensual character and Emily Blunt doesent play that kind of character.