‘Batman vs. Superman’ Casting Rumors – Who Could Play an Older Batman?

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

It’s still hard to believe, comic book fans: not only will Man of Steel 2 include a brand new Batman, but screenwriter David S. Goyer let it slip that the dark knight and Superman will meet as opponents, not partners. While that announcement may have guaranteed Warner Bros. as much, if not more anticipation and buzz for their sequel than they enjoyed with Man of Steel, it also opened the door to brand new rumors and gossip surrounding potential casting.

Since the cat was let out of the bag, word has arrived that director Zack Snyder and Goyer are not looking to ‘reboot’ Batman in the traditional sense, but want to cast an older, more experienced Bruce Wayne to counter Cavill’s Kent. It was only a matter of time before rumors of a shortlist surfaced, with names now ranging from downright ridiculous to… fairly believable.

The early list of names being circulated around the studio comes courtesy of THR, although the sources themselves claim that Snyder is a long way from beginning the casting process. But the call for an aging Batman has apparently already brought Josh Brolin (Gangster Squad) to the forefront – among others.

While Brolin’s career has certainly seen a surge of activity in recent years, it seems highly unlikely for Snyder to cast a Batman who is only a few years younger than his on-screen Super-father, Russell Crowe. However, even if Snyder may be looking for a Batman close to forty, an actor pushing fifty is a long shot (even if Brolin’s Bruce Wayne being introduced to Diane Lane’s ‘Martha Kent’ would be interesting for… several reasons).

Man of Steel 2 Batman Casting Rumors Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Unfortunately, most of the names tossed out (admittedly nothing more than rumors at this point) easily fall into the ‘too famous,’ ‘too unproven,’ or ‘been there done that’ categories. Whether it’s Joe Manganiello (who previously pursued a role as Superman and remains hopeful for Batman), Matthew Goode (who worked with Snyder on Watchmen) or Max Martini (most recently seen as part of a father-son team in Pacific Rim), the rumored actors fail to grab our attention; not only are their resumes somewhat sparse, they’re unsurprising.

Taking a quick look at the trend in superhero casting – Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and now Chris Pratt on the Marvel side, Henry Cavill for Warner Bros. – implies that studiosare after actors who won’t break the bank for lengthy contracts, and directors are after leading men who aren’t (yet) well-known to North American audiences. In other words, not Ryan Gosling, who fails to fit any of the criteria for the new Dark Knight (older, rougher) yet continues to crop up in any fan discussion.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Yet in today’s film industry, casting an iconic hero like Batman seems to go against the studio’s usual rules to follow for building a blockbuster. He lacks star power to attract an audience? That’s fine, he’s playing Batman, in a Superman movie. Not in fighting shape? We’ll have him hit the gym and be unrecognizable.

All the director needs is an actor who sells the part, and while finding a proven-yet-unknown actor who passed his ‘heartthrob years’ long ago may be a challenge, a few can certainly be found (if not in America, then abroad).

It’s no surprise, then, to see our top pick for the next Batman Richard Armitage among those being discussed. As a seasoned British actor with his size and relative anonymity among American audiences (and currently sitting at the age of 41), he’s one name we’d list among real contenders. He’s currently in the process of turning heads as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy; next seen in The Desolation of Smaug (2013) alongside yet another of our Batman contenders, Luke Evans.

Batman vs Superman Casting Armitage Evans Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Having recently been signed to star in the upcoming reboot of The Crow, both Evans and Armitage are talented leading men who are not only being turned to as cornerstones of movie franchises, but remain relatively unknown to mass audiences. Both are young and physcially fit enough to pull off action convincingly, with the looks to make both the slick Bruce Wayne and grizzled Batman seem believable.

That being said, it’s unclear whether size and muscle mass is required to sell Batman as the fearsome protector of Gotham City. While Brolin and other aging actors may be able to throw a strong punch, Man of Steel proved that a hero who relies solely on strength may not captivate audiences in an extended fight sequence. Perhaps a thinner, leaner, faster martial artist would be more faithful to the Batman mythology than someone who’s simply ‘big.’

Since Batman’s strength is dwarfed next to the likes of Henry Cavill’s Superman, wouldn’t it be better to cast an actor who was noticably smaller than Cavill? These are all questions that Snyder, Goyer and executive producer Christopher Nolan will have to ask themselves, but with a script still a long way from being completed, it is far too soon for any actor – let alone some of the most famous stars in the world – to have an inside track.

Superman Versus Batman Movie Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

We’ll keep you updated as the production progresses, but for now, we’d recommend every casting detail be taken with a grain of salt. At least until Snyder and Goyer know what the movie will be about, if nothing else.

Which of these names are you most hopeful to see land the part? Do you share our skepticism over the casting of a bonafide movie star, or think it’s a wise move for the sequel? Sound off in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015.

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Source: THR

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  1. MoS2-
    Luthor-Bryan Cranston/Woody Harrelson/Daniel Day Lewis
    Brainiac-John Malkovich/Antonio Banderas
    Doomsday- Terry Crewes/jason momoa
    Wonder Woman-Gina Carano/Lake Bell/Ana Alexander
    Bizzaro – Milo ventimiglia/Matt bomer
    Batman in reboot/MoS2/JL-Anson Mount/Leo diCaprio/Armie Hammer/Wes Bentley

    As long as we r dreaming, here goes:
    Batman Beyond… Old Bruce Wayne-Stephen Lang from Avatar/Jeff Bridges/Liam neeson/Kurt russell
    Terry McGinnis-Rob Stark guy from GOT/Liam Hutcherson

    Rest of Batman reboot trilogy cast-
    Robin-kid from Ender’s Game/Logan Lerman
    Zsasz-Dexter guy from Dexter/Guy Pearce/benicio del toro
    Deathstroke-Karl Urban/Jason Statham
    Mr.Freeze- John Cusack/Jason Clarke
    Riddler-Leo DiCaprio/Giovanni Ribisi
    Killer Croc-Vin Diesel/The Rock
    Alfred-Anthony Hopkins/Hugh Laurie/Bill Nighy
    Hugo Strange- Stanley Tucci/Paul Bettany
    Joker-Sharlto Copley/Benedict Cumberbatch/Neil Patrick Harris
    Hush-Mark Wahlberg/Stephen Dorff/Michael j fox
    Harlequin-Emma Stone/Jena Malone/Eva Green/Anna Kendrick
    Poison Ivy-Chloe Mortez/Rose Leslie/Christina Hendricks

    • extensive list there, i have a few ideas tho.

      Superman – Hendry Cavill as is…
      old batman – Jeffrey Dean Morgan
      wonder woman – hilary swank (muscular, athletic) or Alexandra Daddario (lacking a bit in experience – but there is nothing i wouldn’t do to her)
      cyborg – idris elba
      green lantern – Chris Pine or jake gyllenhaal
      The Flash – Ryan Gosling
      Aquaman – Alexander Skarsgard or Jensen Ackles if he beefs up a bit

      I think that no other actor on this planet BUT Scott Adkins would make a better ‘DeathStroke’… nobody

      • Well, you’ve rounded out the JL lineup then :-)
        I have tried to exclude ppl alredy committed to other movie universes [aaron johnson, jennifer lawrence, dominic cooper, sebastian stan]

        Hilary Swank is just too wiry, same reason i didnt choose Milla jovovich/Kate beckinsale/zoe saldana. How about Erin Cummings/America Olivio
        Totally agree with you on Alexandra Daddario though… ;-)

        I’d like to add Liam McIntyre – Aquaman; Manu Bennet – Deathstroke [already palys the part beautifully on Arrow]; Aaron Paul – Flash; Donald Glover – Cyborg

        List of actors i really wanna see in a DC CBM but cant decide the roles – Alison Brie, Madeline Zima, Jodie foster, Alec Baldwin, steve carrell

        • Vote- Karl Urban as Batman. I agree, Karl Urban would be perfect.

        • Kevin Durand as batman… Check the guy out

      • I like your list dude! No criticisms, only a question…. What do u think of casting Kevin Durand as batman in snyder’s next film? He would bring an almost nostalgic feeling to batman I think (as he kinda looks like Keaton) , yet he’s 6’4 and built like a tank. He wouldn’t dwarf Cavill but would def be taller which would help the comic source material hold up a little bit more, he was always taller than sipes. And the dude can act too!!! Whatcha think?

    • Sorry. You lost me at… Jesus, Everything. Terry Crews? Leo Dicaprio? WTF

    • Although he would do well in the role, I would not want to see Cranston play Luthor, but only because I want him to play Commissioner Gordon.

      • Commissioner Gordon? Did not think of that, awesome idea. Maybe he can play both? aha

        • and hell, if the Green Lantern movie is not a part of the continuity of the DCCU, we could have Mark Strong play Luthor. Although the film was a let down, I feel that he nailed the role of Sinestro and WB should snatch him up before his schedule gets tight.

  2. Karl Urban.

    That is all.

    • He truly is the best choice.

      Anyone who doubts that Karl Urban isn’t the best choice need only watch his performance in “Dredd” and you will doubt no more. He’s also 41 years old which would fit the part.

      • How did Dredd do at the box office again?

        • Pawn… that comment is so irrelevant that this comment isn’t worth finishi…

          • How is box office draw in a movie he headlined irrelevant? Also look how much Star Trek 2 has done since release.

            • Karl Urban was not the reason Dredd failed at the box office (most if his head was covered from view so most casual moviegoers didn’t even know who he was). What was responsible was the bad taste left in everyone’s mouth from the Stallone version, tainting people’s understanding of what kind of movie Dredd was. It was predominantly well received by critics and Urban was universally praised for his performance. The movie has since found a cult following on DVD thanks to word of mouth and was alsonumber one in sales on the week of it’s release.

              • True but which one made a profit? And the fact they pretty much copied the movie plot from The Raid: Redemption.

                • It did rip off The Raid, I won’t argue with you there, but there is no denying that Dredd is a better movie than the Stallone movie. It’s kind of funny, because basically, the ’95 movie was a financial success because of the box office draw of Stallone himself. Meanwhile, everyone ignored the remake, only to learn too late that it was a great movie (and a visually and stunningly beautiful use of 3D). And I would like to reiterate that none of it’s underwhelming financial performance had anything to do with Karl Urban. It was a brave risk to undertake the role knowing 90% of his face would be concealed the entire movie.

                • Kevin Durand is batman, not Karl Urban

    • Full agree, the best “jaw” actor around lol

      No seriously Karl would be fabulous as both Batman and Bruce.

      He’s got the looks to pull off the whole handsome playboy thing and as shown with Dredd, is there a better jaw on screen at the moment.

      Plus he can do hard, gruff and intelligent.

    • 100% Hes the best

      • Kevin Durand….. Leaves urban in the dust….

  3. I hope they ask me to be in the next Batman film. I would shred that ass to bits!

    • I don’t think Catwoman’s in this one.

  4. I don’t think Luke Evans can do it, he doesn’t have the right look, and while Batman does need to be a quick, agile Martial artist, he must also be muscular. Batman, in the comics, is one inch smaller than Superman, and has the strength and physique of an Olympic level athlete. He must be very strong, very fast, and very well-conditioned compared to other humans. This is part of why, despite having no powers, he has been able to face down supernatural beings — Batman works and practices every day to keep himself in peak physical condition, including strength, reflexes, and skills.

    Besides, Batman has never beaten Superman in a straight-forward fight and never will. His greatest asset is his mind. He has, and always will, use that mind to out-think and out-strategize a physically superior opponent. A scrawny Batman is not scary, a slow Batman is soon to be dead, but a dumb Batman is not Batman.

  5. How bout george cloony as old batman?

    • They tried the gay version of Batman. How old are you?

      • Calling George Clooney’s Batman “gay” without seeing him engage in any homosexual act throughout the movie…probably older than you, maybe.

        • maybe he meant “gray”….

        • maybe he meant merry.

  6. I could see Richard Armitage in the role. Hadn’t even thought of him.

    I also agree with everyone saying that Karl Urban would be awesome.

    • I loved him in spooks (MI5 in America)he played a brooding damaged man, who you always doubted, was he good or bad, could you trust him. His fractured relationship with his boss harry is perfect for if he is to be trusted by supes and/or gordon IF he plays a role in the new film

  7. Really, they should Just cast Kevin Conroy as Batman, yes he’s Pushing 60, but he IS the voice of Batman in many books. Why not give us nerds that at least.

    • just posted the very same thing. So completely agree with you. His voice gives depth to batmans character.

  8. Get in Kevin Conroy to play the Older Batman. He has been the voice for the animated version like forever.

  9. Karl Urban look this video

  10. Unless you are a strange bird, a hater, a troll, a criticizer, a complainer, karl Urban is the man.

    • Anson Mount. I am a strange bird though…but not a robin.

  11. Karl Urban would be ultimate Batman. Vote Karl Urban. I could see him making 3 movies as a Batman in late 30′ to 40′s.

  12. i think james franco would be a good batman

    • James Franco is the white Donald Glover!!!

  13. Just did a quick tally for Karl Urban and it’s around 35. That may not seem like a lot when there 383 comments (at this point), but considering his name was not on Screen Rant’s list and no other actor that was NOT on SC’s list comes close to 10 votes, I think it should be noted.

    Having just seen Dredd as well, he’s got my vote… unless he’s working on Dredd 2.

  14. I agree with whoever said Jeffrey Dean Morgan for an older Batman. He’s a great actor who needs more exposure.

    Also, who agrees that David Tennant might make a good Joker? (Obviously, his take would have to be TOTALLY different from Heath’s. Maybe something along the lines of bringing to the screen Mark Hamill’s animated Joker.)

    Oh, and Matt Smith for Riddler, PLEASE?

    And call me an idiot… but but bring back AHNULD for Mr. Freeze. I know that movie was terrible, but I really liked AHNULD’s Freeze.

  15. Anson Mount from “Hell on Wheels”. Older, gruff, fit. Good jaw and makes for a good Bruce.

    • Exactly. Someone finally talking sense

  16. Batman-colin farrell, jim caviezel, gerald butler or keep bale….dammm
    Aquaman…charlie hunam
    Liam hemsworth
    Wonder woman….gina carano
    Green lantern….keep reynolds…with a new design…mark strong as sinestro still rocks
    Flash- bradley cooper or chris pine although they most likely go with whomever plays him in arrow.

    • Exactly. Someone finally talking sense

      • lol. what do you mean finally? lost of people have been suggesting those names.

  17. I’d see Luke Evans as Namor.

  18. I think they should definitely get Jensen Ackles or Jeffrey Donovan to play Bruce Wayne. Both of them are perfect fits and will make a good Batman. They also are both a little older. Personally, I want Donovan to play him. Watching him in Burn Notice with his spy experties is awesome so I feel like that would traslate well into a detectove Bruce Wayne.

  19. Anson mount hands down

  20. Matt Bomer.

    He has the perfect look and presence for the “playboy” Bruce Wayne, and he has the action back ground with shows like Chuck and White Collar. He’s a known actor but no on a grand scsale and he’s in his mid to late 30′s, so that helps. He’s smaller than Cavill, so he won’t dwarf Superman, but have him put on about 15 lbs of muscle and I think you have a guy with the look of Bruce the facade, and the ability to BE Batman.

    • Except they aren’t focusing on the playboy Bruce Wayne for this iteration. The rumor is that they’re looking for an older, more experienced, and probably rugged actor to play Batman. Bomer is a pretty boy and has no intimidation factor at all. I can’t see him grabbing a henchman and beating some info out of him. He’s just a typical handsome guy. having someone smaller than Cavill is probably a bad idea. Superman isn’t super strong because he’s got huge muscles. Batman’s stature should be very similar to Superman’s. Karl Urban or Joe Manganiello are still my picks.

  21. What the F are they thinking and considering at WB? Just go with Anson Mount. It is really important this guy is big, muscled, smart and intimidating and has a good darkend voice. I don’t want Karl Urban as Batman. Cause all I see is Karl Urban as Batman. Not Bruce Wayne as Batman.

  22. Lol the only reason people want karl urban is beacause of his preformance as dredd and his voice as dredd before that most didn’t even consider him it’s like an actor shaving his head and then being wanted for Lex Luthor

    • Not just Dredd. I think he does an outstanding job as Bones on Star Trek. I’m convinced he has the chops to play a perfect Wayne/Batman.

      Karl Urban as Batman!!!

      Pass it on!!!

  23. Manganiello would be great but I hadn’t thought of Karl Urban. Urban would be the right height, build, age and gruff. He’s got a great skepticism hat his characters usually carry too.

    I’m sick of all these tiny wimpy superheroes. Batman was built like a linebacker and tall. Bale was tiny and didn’t have black hair or blue eyes. Can these GOSH-DARN studios just cast the right GOSH-DARN batman??

    I’m still not sold on Cavill either.

  24. So the battle for the role of batman from the fans view is karl urban the front runner josh brolin and.i would also say thomas gibson of criminal minds is that right regardless of who they choose this will be an awesome movie!!

  25. So the battle for the role of batman from the fans view is karl urban the front runner josh brolin and i would also say thomas gibson of criminal minds regardless of who they choose this will be an awesome movie!!

  26. So far the only ones I can picture as the Dark Knight are Joe Manganiello, he is older than Cavil and he’s about the same height. Josh Brolin, he’s much older but just picture Batman with his voice… yeah, wouldn’t that be awesome! I guess Karl Urban would work too, didn’t even think of him.

  27. http://www.batmanreboot.blogspot.com

  28. Karl Urban/ Dredd


    Scott Adkin/ Undisputed as Boika.

  29. karl urban or jensen ackles.. i would rather see jensen but if not him then karl.. i hope that they do this movie right..