‘Batman vs. Superman’ Casting Rumors – Who Could Play an Older Batman?

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

It’s still hard to believe, comic book fans: not only will Man of Steel 2 include a brand new Batman, but screenwriter David S. Goyer let it slip that the dark knight and Superman will meet as opponents, not partners. While that announcement may have guaranteed Warner Bros. as much, if not more anticipation and buzz for their sequel than they enjoyed with Man of Steel, it also opened the door to brand new rumors and gossip surrounding potential casting.

Since the cat was let out of the bag, word has arrived that director Zack Snyder and Goyer are not looking to ‘reboot’ Batman in the traditional sense, but want to cast an older, more experienced Bruce Wayne to counter Cavill’s Kent. It was only a matter of time before rumors of a shortlist surfaced, with names now ranging from downright ridiculous to… fairly believable.

The early list of names being circulated around the studio comes courtesy of THR, although the sources themselves claim that Snyder is a long way from beginning the casting process. But the call for an aging Batman has apparently already brought Josh Brolin (Gangster Squad) to the forefront – among others.

While Brolin’s career has certainly seen a surge of activity in recent years, it seems highly unlikely for Snyder to cast a Batman who is only a few years younger than his on-screen Super-father, Russell Crowe. However, even if Snyder may be looking for a Batman close to forty, an actor pushing fifty is a long shot (even if Brolin’s Bruce Wayne being introduced to Diane Lane’s ‘Martha Kent’ would be interesting for… several reasons).

Man of Steel 2 Batman Casting Rumors Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Unfortunately, most of the names tossed out (admittedly nothing more than rumors at this point) easily fall into the ‘too famous,’ ‘too unproven,’ or ‘been there done that’ categories. Whether it’s Joe Manganiello (who previously pursued a role as Superman and remains hopeful for Batman), Matthew Goode (who worked with Snyder on Watchmen) or Max Martini (most recently seen as part of a father-son team in Pacific Rim), the rumored actors fail to grab our attention; not only are their resumes somewhat sparse, they’re unsurprising.

Taking a quick look at the trend in superhero casting – Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and now Chris Pratt on the Marvel side, Henry Cavill for Warner Bros. – implies that studiosare after actors who won’t break the bank for lengthy contracts, and directors are after leading men who aren’t (yet) well-known to North American audiences. In other words, not Ryan Gosling, who fails to fit any of the criteria for the new Dark Knight (older, rougher) yet continues to crop up in any fan discussion.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Yet in today’s film industry, casting an iconic hero like Batman seems to go against the studio’s usual rules to follow for building a blockbuster. He lacks star power to attract an audience? That’s fine, he’s playing Batman, in a Superman movie. Not in fighting shape? We’ll have him hit the gym and be unrecognizable.

All the director needs is an actor who sells the part, and while finding a proven-yet-unknown actor who passed his ‘heartthrob years’ long ago may be a challenge, a few can certainly be found (if not in America, then abroad).

It’s no surprise, then, to see our top pick for the next Batman Richard Armitage among those being discussed. As a seasoned British actor with his size and relative anonymity among American audiences (and currently sitting at the age of 41), he’s one name we’d list among real contenders. He’s currently in the process of turning heads as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy; next seen in The Desolation of Smaug (2013) alongside yet another of our Batman contenders, Luke Evans.

Batman vs Superman Casting Armitage Evans Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Having recently been signed to star in the upcoming reboot of The Crow, both Evans and Armitage are talented leading men who are not only being turned to as cornerstones of movie franchises, but remain relatively unknown to mass audiences. Both are young and physcially fit enough to pull off action convincingly, with the looks to make both the slick Bruce Wayne and grizzled Batman seem believable.

That being said, it’s unclear whether size and muscle mass is required to sell Batman as the fearsome protector of Gotham City. While Brolin and other aging actors may be able to throw a strong punch, Man of Steel proved that a hero who relies solely on strength may not captivate audiences in an extended fight sequence. Perhaps a thinner, leaner, faster martial artist would be more faithful to the Batman mythology than someone who’s simply ‘big.’

Since Batman’s strength is dwarfed next to the likes of Henry Cavill’s Superman, wouldn’t it be better to cast an actor who was noticably smaller than Cavill? These are all questions that Snyder, Goyer and executive producer Christopher Nolan will have to ask themselves, but with a script still a long way from being completed, it is far too soon for any actor – let alone some of the most famous stars in the world – to have an inside track.

Superman Versus Batman Movie Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

We’ll keep you updated as the production progresses, but for now, we’d recommend every casting detail be taken with a grain of salt. At least until Snyder and Goyer know what the movie will be about, if nothing else.

Which of these names are you most hopeful to see land the part? Do you share our skepticism over the casting of a bonafide movie star, or think it’s a wise move for the sequel? Sound off in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015.

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Source: THR

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  1. Anson Mount x100

    I don’t even know why he’s not coming up more often, if not every rumor!

    • Exactly. Someone finally talking sense

  2. i vote for tom jane as batman

  3. I’d say Jeffery Donovan or Josh Holloway for Batman. Or if you want to go a little older, Bruce Campbell.

    • Kevin Durand, someone’s gotta start a dialogue about this guy, he’s the perfect choice.

  4. I don’t buy the older Batman premise either or the antagonistic plot. Unless it is done superficially for a brief period like they did in The Avengers. That’s just false conflict to try and trick people with a trailer.

    What’s wrong with tradition? Why does every screenwriter/director/studio have to put their stamp on everything? I liked the reboot of Superman. Batman too for that matter. But Superman and Batman has always been the ultimate team except for some gimmick stories.

    If they are seriously going to spend the majority of a movie with these two at odds then I’m not interested. I guess they feel like they got to do a “first contact” story between them so they can get all touchy feely about each other by the end and forge an unbreakable friendship. Yawn.

    Just do an unbelievable action story where Batman can finally show off his DETECTIVE and TECHNOLOGICAL abilities and where SUPERMAN CAN ACTUALLY BE SUPER!!! Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

    Side note: How about Lynn Collins for Wonder Woman? And don’t tell me she doesn’t have everything and I mean everything to play the part.

    • +1

      although I’m not sold on Collins as WW. She’s ok. Not the worst suggestion I’ve seen.

    • You hate the idea of the two being against each other but you want Batman to show his detective skills?

      He’d need them to find a way to take Superman down.

      • Batman is the one that discover’s supes is vulnerable to kryptonite. Calling it right now.

    • Why wouldn’t they want to put their stamp on things? This is Superman being relived on the big screen, it’s a big deal. I sure don’t want the same thing we always see in the comics or cartoons. They’re spending near 200 million dollars on this, with that kind of money, it’s silly to just follow ‘tradition’ and what’s already been done. Bring something new to the table.

      I like how all you want is an action story and not a meaningful movie.

      • Nobody has said it can’t be “meaningful” I just hate gimmick stories. With all the bad guys out there that these two have faced, we’re going to get the two of them going at each other? What’s meaningful about that?

        Why can’t they meet and get to know each facing a common threat? Batman can still figure out the kryptonite angle. Look, I’m not saying the movie can’t be good. I’m just not interested in the premise. It sounds like a waste of two hours. Essentially it will just be another origin type story of which I have had enough. Will I see it? Of course, but it is going to have to be truly spectacular to impress me.

        I was reading the comics of these two 50 years ago. I’m 60 now and well into geezerhood. I’ve seen them do just about every gimmick story in the book. I love Superman. He was the first super-hero I ever heard of. I respect the character of Batman and like a lot of the things about him.

        There’s nothing wrong with tradition and there’s nothing wrong with stirring the pot once in awhile either. I for one loved Man of Steel. So think twice before you accuse me of not wanting to see something new.

        But one day you youngsters out there just may come to realize that you don’t always have to stir the pot just because you can. Changes in superficial things don’t bother me. But how about not fixing something when it ain’t broke, hmmm? Warner’s? DC? Goyer et al?

        • What’s meaningful about that is that it is a way in establishing their relationship. In my opinion, those who go through fights end up being closer by the end. Missed opportunity if they’re just going to team up off the bat. Also, in the span of 2 hours or maybe 3, I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to cover the conflict between Supes and Bats as well as them both teaming up to take down a villain, so both of us can be happy.

          How does Batman not trusting an alien who’s alien race destroyed a good part of the planet a gimmick? One of the ideas running through Man of Steel was first contact and trust, it only makes sense to continue that way of thinking for the sequel. Plus it’s Batman, one of the main issues with his persona is his lack of trust in others.

          I’m not really understanding how you’re thinking it’s an origin story, other than the fact it will be the first contact between Batman and Superman. While it will be a new Bat, from the looks of the rumors and what’s already been said is it will be a grizzled Batman already established, skipping his origin.

          I don’t think this will be a waste of 2 hours at all. While we pretty much already know they will most likely be a team by the end, it’s all about the how that get’s people interested and willing to invest 2 hours into the film.

          They ain’t fixing what isn’t broken, their taking a different route to keep those who are already familiar with the source material on their toes. There’s a difference. Also, Snyder definitely isn’t a so called ‘youngster’, neither is Goyer, I believe they’re both almost 50, not old but definitely not young. They’re both trying to re-invent the wheel, something Superman is in dire need of. Sometimes things get worn out, you gotta keep going with the times.

          • they’re*

          • To ColdSc….

            I very much appreciate your thoughtful and articulate response to my post. You make a lot of good points. Perhaps I am suffering a bit from knee-jerk syndrome.

            As I said, I will see the movie. I’m still a bit of a fanboy even at my advanced age. Lord knows there is nothing I can do about their plans and nobody else cares what I think. Rightly so.

            You talk about missed opportunities. Boy do I wish I had a dollar for every movie I’ve seen that fit into that category. Especially including the ones I’ve see this year.

            Chalk that up to studios slavishly trying to cater to the lowest common denominators in the movie going public. Silly me…I keep forgetting movie making is all about business and fooling people into thinking they like something. It’s never really about giving people quality art or entertainment. If it happens, its an accident. Then they copy the crap out of it without trying to do something original. The worst? Movies based on excellent novels or stories. Almost all of those I’ve seen have been the ultimate hack job, which brings me back around to why do movie makers have to put their stamp on everything.

            I guess I was just hoping for something else than what has been announced. I have no problem with it having both characters in it.
            And to your point about people investing time into seeing the film, that fact alone will be worth the price of admission for most.

            As far as the trust issue..why wouldn’t Batman trust him? He just saved the world from total destruction from his own race. Yes, there was tremendous collateral damage, but blame the writers not Superman. They wrote Superman into that corner. Not that I personally have a problem with it within the context of the story. Same for Zod’s fate. I liked the “realism” such as it was.

            Actually, if anyone should have a trust problem, you’d think it would be the other way around. After all, Batman is the vigilante.
            Working beyond the normal bounds of the law and all that. Superman is made fun of for being a “boy scout” for crying out loud.

            That said, for me personally, vigilantism works. Most if not all super-heroes are vigilantes to some degree or another. In fact the same goes for almost any heroic character you can think of in movies or literature. Sometimes you just gotta do something yourself if you expect it to get done right.

            Yes the “first” meeting between them begs some kind of origin story I must concede. Just don’t spend too much time on it. But I can’t concede it has to be a fight. Some verbal sparring maybe which could lend itself to injecting some humor into the story. That was a big complaint for many with Man of Steel. Not for me, however.

            This has run way too long. I hope the movie will please us both. It will be what it will be. Thanks again for your response.

            • Yeah, this has gone on for too long lol. Let’s leave it with both of us just wanting a good movie. Hope to see you commenting on Screen Rant more often and hope you enjoy the sequel as well!

              Great response too!

          • What would u think about Kevin Durand as batman. Look him up

    • I’m pretty sure they will be at odds with each other for the majority of the film. But in the end I would think they would become allies, and then we would be able to see that amazing team in future films. And remember, Batman and Superman DID fight in the comics before they teamed up. Just putting that out there.

    • I really don’t want a 45 year old Batman, especially if he’s going to sign on for a 10 year run in the DC Universe. Batman is already mortal, he should at least have most of his youth left. I think he could be well established, been on the beat for 3-5 years, so he’s in his early 30s, not old, but has still been in enough fights to become somewhat wise and gritty. So if Batman and Superman are roughly the same age, their eventual connection would be less like a father-son relationship (which we saw twice in MoS) and more like a brotherhood (something Clark never had). Batman may be wiser, but they can still find the right balance and grow as character’s together. Batman has always worked alone so he will need to learn to trust others by movie’s end, which might explain why he isn’t friendly right away.

      At first I didn’t like the idea of Batman Vs Superman movie, but then I thought about it. Perhaps Bruce Wayne shows up in Metropolis, possibly alongside Lex Luthor with the intent of helping to rebuild Metropolis, but Batman has secondary plans while he is in town, and there is the movie premise.

      Imagine Batman sees Superman as a threat, which would fit well with the themes set in the first Man of Steel movie. They could first meet on the top of building at night. Superman looks through Batman’s mask and discovers he is Bruce Wayne. Batman is the ultimate detective so he has already figured out that Lois Lane’s notable “Mystery Man” and new co-worker look exactly the same. Imagine a movie that features these two as rivals, not just in a fight, but in social situations.

      Everyone is wondering how Batman could possibly compete with Superman, but how can Clark Kent compete with Bruce Wayne?

      You have to remember that Superman has just learned hate for killing. Why would Superman want to hurt Batman, he can’t think Batman is a real threat? Which would mean that Superman would be holding back on some level, at least until the finale when Batman dawns a mech-suit, (possibly laced with Kryptonite) and the two could truly square off. I’m so intrigued about Bruce Wayne VS Clark Kent. We never got to see Clark fit into society, we saw him not fit in, so it makes sense that he still has trouble fitting in. Though Superman may rule the world of fighting, Bruce Wayne rules the world of the social. Imagine Bruce attempting to steal Lois away from Clark? Money can buy almost anything, why not the attention and affections of your rival’s star reporter girlfriend. I’m not suggesting that they make it a drama-bomb movie, but that would sure stir up Superman.

      Maybe Batman is biding his time until he can finish his mech-suit, maybe he planned the whole thing out so he could tug on Clark’s strings and really mess him up without throwing a punch. Batman could easily outsmart a jealous superman. This would be a side of Batman that I think we all know he has, but the movies never show it, because he’s never been shown in the anti-hero light. I would love to see this. The tension between these two would build like crazy. Superman could easily stop Bruce Wayne, but what would Lois think if he hurt a billionaire who she may not even know is Batman? They could easily expose each other’s identity, but who is the world going to believe, a billionaire or a nobody farm boy wanna-be reporter who is really trying to keep a low profile? Superman is powerless against Batman from this perspective, and Batman will most likely have Kryptonite, Superman is truly out of his league. Perhaps Wayne gives some Kryptonite to Lex Luthor while he still believed that Superman was a threat, only to regret it later.

      This will probably all end in an epic battle that may not destroy Metropolis again, but will sure cause some damage. By battle’s end the two would have developed a new respect for each other and Batman has somehow learned that Superman is not a threat. The two have met and are now on the same side ready to build a League of Justice.

      While, we may prefer Batman and Superman meet and become allies instantly, why not set them at odds for most of the movie and make a ton of box office money in the process. It would be a lot more interesting then the two comparing notes on how to deal with a new villain, there will be plenty of that in Justice League anyway. Lex Luthor still has the kryptonite, the key to destroying Superman, a power hungry man has a key to getting more power, MoS-3 groundwork laid.

      • Thank u!!!! Someone with a brain!!

      • Kevin Durand as batman? What would you think about him in the title role? Like what u posted and wanted what u thought if my first(only) choice is bats’?

  5. So, rumour has it that batman is going to be older and wiser yet DC are trying to get to a justice league?? Makes no sense, so justice league will have an even older batman in it?? Ok, so early 40′s isn’t too old and hopefully Bale will take the part (he will be offered it IMO) but 3 years later, by the time a JL2 comes out Bats will be using a Zimmer Frame haha.

  6. I think it would be amazing to have Kevin Conroy take the part as an actual actor, not just a voice, he definitely could beef up his frame to look a bit more imposing as he’s pretty lean. He’d def. make a GREAT older Batman if indeed they can’t get BALE back. But Bale is still my first choice and always will be, they’d be particularly stupid to not use him.

    • First, I totally agree that Kevin Conroy should eventually be given a shot as Batman on screen. Maybe this isn’t the right time but I’d definitely love to see him play Bruce if they ever did a Batman Beyond movie. Second, why even bring up Bale? Everyone knows it’s not happening and it’s only partly because the studio isn’t using him. The other part is that he doesn’t want to do it.

    • i totally agree, rewatching The Dark Knight trilogy, i would have preferred hearing Conroys voice over whatever the hell Bale was doing. It’s so hard to believe the live action movie voice was cheesier than a cartoon.

      • Because Bale “says” he doesn’t want to do it, just like he wasn’t sure if he was coming back for TDKR, same story. Just PAY THE MAN! I’m bringing up Bale because he’s the best choice still, regardless of his voice. He obviously did it to better conceal his identity, it made sense.

        • @ Ian

          Everyone involved has said that it’s a stand alone work. There is also no amount of money the studio could conceivably offer him that would trump his desire as an actor to do other things or beat what he’s being paid for the 3 currently in production films that would conflict with filming Batman/Superman. He has moved on. Christian Bale did a decent Batman for that type of film but that Batman doesn’t fit in with this universe. He’s not the best choice out there.

        • Yep, I’ve never understood the complaints about Bale’s voice, neither did I understand the complaints about Bane’s voice.

          Bale said he’s done though so why bother? Offer him as much money as possible, I bet he still won’t do it. The guy’s been acting his entire life since Empire Of The Sun and seems like the kind of guy to hate being typecast as a certain kind of actor or stuck in a certain kind of role so lets just respect his wishes and leave him alone as far as casting Batman.

          • +1

            I always enjoyed Bale’s Batman voice.

            Both Nolan and Bale have a lot of integrity in my opinion, so I highly doubt they’d take a truck load of money to do a movie they’re not even very interested in.

        • Kevin Durand…. My only choice for batman….. No more bale

        • Kevin durand

    • What if he doesn’t want to do it…?

      • Kevin Durand my only choice

  7. Okay, I’m not a HUGE massive comics fan, but I watch all the Marvel and DC movies, and I really like some of them, but can someone tell me, how it could be interesting to see Batman vs Superman? Like,I already found Man of Steel (and Superman overall) quite boring, because you know, he’s almost impossible to kill for anyone, so how would Batman ever be able to be a threat to him?

    • It would take way too long to explain to you. I think the easiest thing to point out is that, in the comics and animated features, they are two sides to the same coin. You’ve got the boy scout and the vigilante both fighting for the same ideals but in different and often opposing ways. As for an actual fisticuffs fight, Batman usually prepares well in advance for a fight with Superman. He’ll bring Kryptonite or set up traps or build a suit or something like that. The interest for fans is because of the history between these two characters and what they represent to the overall story arcs. Watch some of the animated movies like The Dark Knight Returns, Under the Red Hood, Justice League Doom and you’ll get a better sense of how they interact together. Superman isn’t in Under the Red Hood but it does show some very personal things about Batman. I’d also point you to the 90′s cartoon Superman The Animated Sseries and watch the 3 part World’s Finest episode. It’s not really a versus but they are at odds for a good bit of it. As for MoS2, I feel like Superman will be somewhat scarred by the fact that he snapped Zod’s neck so when Batman confronts him physically, he’s going to hold back and Batman will absolutely exploit that. But watch some of the animated stuff and get a better sense of the characters. Also Batman/Superman Apocalypse.

      • @ Martin

        This is from the Dark Knight Returns part 2. The suit he’s wearing is all hydraulics or something to augment his strength.

        • Thank you for the reply! I hope I didn’t come across as ignorant, because that wasn’t my intention :) I watched the animated Batman series as a kid and a lot of Spiderman as well, but nowadays it’s more just the live action movies, but I’ll definitely check out The Dark Knight Returns. Interesting read as well, thanks again!

          • No problem. You didn’t come across as ignorant at all. I’m glad someone at least asked as opposed to just saying it’s a dumb idea. Just be prepared with TDKR. The comic was written in the 80′s and is full of Cold War references and political commentary. It’s also very graphic. Not something to watch with kids.

      • “I feel like Superman will be somewhat scarred by the fact that he snapped Zod’s neck so when Batman confronts him physically, he’s going to hold back and Batman will absolutely exploit that.”

        I really like this idea and i think it will be at this point that kryptonite will be introduced in the story.

        I also like the idea of having a “fairly” older Bruce Wayne/Batman which can help explain and connect the arc from TDKR as to why there was no Superman to help save Gotham.

        If the writers get this plot point, i believe we will have a superhero movie with a good story.

  8. All Nolan will have to do is make one call, but I would like a little different take on the Dark Knight. A quicker, brooding detective exuding tons of talent. I would hope the Batman does not get too old before the Justice League comes along.

  9. No amount of special suit or special training is ever going to put Batman on the same level as Superman. Unless Batman uses Kryptonite he has no chance at all and one punch from Superman would not only kill Batman it would dismember him. The problem here is that Superman is Super powerful and invulnerable. When they invented Superman they put themselves in a box creatively and need super powerful enemies to create any believable antagonist.

    • @ Jerry


      watch it. it’s funny.

      • That was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My brother and I discuss this sometimes. We’ve come to the conclusion that Superman would win in a fight, how could he not? But if they were fighting to the death then Batman would win because he would probably be the first to be okay with killing. I think there’s something to explore with them fighting. Also kryptonite hasn’t been introduced yet so they could make it normalize him and not kill him. It’s a possibility.

  10. I am really starting to warm up to richard armitage. He looks like Bruce Wayne to me

  11. I think Jensen Ackles would be a great Batman/Bruce Wayne.

    • Kevin Durand is the batman….WB just doesn’t know it yet

  12. Anson Mount is the best choice for Batman. Even if you’ve never seen Hell On Wheels just pull up the man’s IMDB page and look at him. The man has a look that’s tailor made for both Batman/Bruce Wayne, along with the confidence/intimidating presence needed to pull off the role.
    Viggo would be a great second choice even though he’s getting a bit older but Mount is still my hands down choice.

    • Kevin Durand beats all choices for batman by leaps and bounds

  13. That would be interesting if they had the physical actor play Bruce Wayne and then have his lines as Batman be dubbed over by Kevin Conroy.

    Never going to happen, but I would be first in line if it did.

    • Sort of like the Silver Surfer and Darth Vader?

      That could be cool.

  14. Kevin Conroy is great and all, but let’s be honest here. The studio isn’t going to cast someone as… humble in the looks department as Batman. They’re going to cast handsome.

    So I’ve been saying Bruce Greenwood every chance I get. He’s probably my second favorite actor to have ever voiced Batman, and he’s one of those actors who is old but still really handsome. And his turn as Commander Pike shows he can pull of authoritative and intimidating really well. Audiences will certainly recognize him from Star Trek, but he’s not a big name yet. He’s been my choice for a Dark Knight Returns movie for a while now.

    That said, it would be a big mistake to cast an actor of his age (mid-50s) if they’re looking for franchise material.

  15. I don’t see Brolin as Batman if WB is trying to reboot Batman and have an actor that will play him for a few years. If Batman vs Superman is a one off then great. For building another franchise then an actor in the their mid 30′s would be best.

    One thing to consider is Batman would have a few years on Superman doing the hero thing if Superman starts at 33. Batman would be doing this for at least a decade. They don’t have to have an older Batman to have more experienced.

  16. No actor seems as good as Bale at this point, it’s very hard to feel comfortable with anyone else ya know.

    • Wadya’ think about Kevin Durand?

  17. jim caviezel I’m someone said him plus there was an article not too long ago about him as one of the suggestions. I think he’s a great fit and there is so much u can do w/ an older Batman not to slight a younger 30+ year old but this can be different. I like the idea. Please check out my fan cast comicbookmovie.com/fansites/ultimatefan

  18. Latino Review is also saying Gerard Butler could be in the mix. I could see him. He was great in Olympus Has Fallen.

  19. I also think Bale did a good job, but for an older Batman I would say Karl Urban would be great, I also like Luke Evens and Anson Mount.

  20. jensen ackles!

  21. Anson Mount as Bruce Wayne/Batman…

  22. It’s an odd choice but I’m starting to see Andrew Lincoln as a great choice. Looking at Walking Dead, it seems he has the acting chops. He may not look exactly like a Bruce Wayne but I think he can pull off being the grizzly and experienced Batman, as for Bruce Wayne, he may need a little work. Not so sure he can do the playboy aspect but he can surprise us. He’d also need to beef up.

  23. Completely unrelated but I just had a thought: Ben Foster as Barry Allen in a Flash movie.

    • Ben Foster always plays creepy characters I just think he`s too serious for the part (Barry Allen)

    • I’ve read somewhere the suggestion of Chris Pine for The Flash. Probably wouldn’t or couldn’t do it because of Trek.

  24. Just bring back Michael Keaton….trust me..he will be happy to do it..the man needs work!!!

    • Michael Keaton works plenty. He’s been doing a lot of comedy. He had supporting roles in The Other Guys and Toy Story 3, and a guest appearance on 30 Rock. He is also playing the main antagonist in the upcoming Robocop reboot.

    • Kevin Durand has a very ‘Keaton-ish’ face. Especially his mouth an chin, plus he’s 6’4 and built like a tank…. I think he’s the best candidate for sooooo many reasons. Red a little about him, and then tell me he’s not perfect for he direction WB I’s trying to go……only person for the job as far as I think

  25. of the current list of contenders Armitage would be my pick to don the cape and cowl. I was really impressed with him in the first Hobbit movie and it seems he would have both the physical presence and the acting chops to pull off a really good Batman…

  26. Going with someone that hasn’t been mentioned: Eric Bana. Hes 44, hes a pretty damn fine actor.

  27. I think they should give Russ Russo a look. He is an indie actor who has done some TV and bears a resemblance to Bale. He played Batman in a YouTube music video that got 1.7 mil hits and was featured on websites for MTV, Ryan Seacrest, Oprah, etc.

    Very intense and gritty actor. Granted, this is the same approach that they first took with Bond after Connery and Superman after Reeve – use an unknown actor who is cheaper and resembles the previous star – but I think Russo is at least worthy of a screen test just for the hell of it.

    Look him up on IMDb or http://www.russrusso.com

  28. I think they should give Russ Russo a look. He is an indie actor who has done some TV and bears a resemblance to Bale. He played Batman in a YouTube music video that got 1.7 mil hits and was featured on websites for MTV, Ryan Seacrest, Oprah, etc.

    Very intense and gritty actor. Granted, this is the same approach that they first took with Bond after Connery and Superman after Reeve – use an unknown actor who is cheaper and resembles the previous star – but I think Russo is at least worthy of a screen test just for the hell of it.

    Look him up on IMDb

  29. I think they should give Russ Russo a look. He is an indie actor who has done some TV and bears a resemblance to Bale. He played Batman in a YouTube music video that got 1.7 mil hits and was featured on websites for MTV, Ryan Seacrest, etc.

    Granted, this is the same approach that they first took with Bond after Connery and Superman after Reeve – use an unknown actor who is cheaper and resembles the previous star – but I think Russo is at least worthy of a screen test just for the hell of it.