‘Batman vs. Superman’ Casting Rumors – Who Could Play an Older Batman?

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

It’s still hard to believe, comic book fans: not only will Man of Steel 2 include a brand new Batman, but screenwriter David S. Goyer let it slip that the dark knight and Superman will meet as opponents, not partners. While that announcement may have guaranteed Warner Bros. as much, if not more anticipation and buzz for their sequel than they enjoyed with Man of Steel, it also opened the door to brand new rumors and gossip surrounding potential casting.

Since the cat was let out of the bag, word has arrived that director Zack Snyder and Goyer are not looking to ‘reboot’ Batman in the traditional sense, but want to cast an older, more experienced Bruce Wayne to counter Cavill’s Kent. It was only a matter of time before rumors of a shortlist surfaced, with names now ranging from downright ridiculous to… fairly believable.

The early list of names being circulated around the studio comes courtesy of THR, although the sources themselves claim that Snyder is a long way from beginning the casting process. But the call for an aging Batman has apparently already brought Josh Brolin (Gangster Squad) to the forefront – among others.

While Brolin’s career has certainly seen a surge of activity in recent years, it seems highly unlikely for Snyder to cast a Batman who is only a few years younger than his on-screen Super-father, Russell Crowe. However, even if Snyder may be looking for a Batman close to forty, an actor pushing fifty is a long shot (even if Brolin’s Bruce Wayne being introduced to Diane Lane’s ‘Martha Kent’ would be interesting for… several reasons).

Man of Steel 2 Batman Casting Rumors Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Unfortunately, most of the names tossed out (admittedly nothing more than rumors at this point) easily fall into the ‘too famous,’ ‘too unproven,’ or ‘been there done that’ categories. Whether it’s Joe Manganiello (who previously pursued a role as Superman and remains hopeful for Batman), Matthew Goode (who worked with Snyder on Watchmen) or Max Martini (most recently seen as part of a father-son team in Pacific Rim), the rumored actors fail to grab our attention; not only are their resumes somewhat sparse, they’re unsurprising.

Taking a quick look at the trend in superhero casting – Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and now Chris Pratt on the Marvel side, Henry Cavill for Warner Bros. – implies that studiosare after actors who won’t break the bank for lengthy contracts, and directors are after leading men who aren’t (yet) well-known to North American audiences. In other words, not Ryan Gosling, who fails to fit any of the criteria for the new Dark Knight (older, rougher) yet continues to crop up in any fan discussion.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Yet in today’s film industry, casting an iconic hero like Batman seems to go against the studio’s usual rules to follow for building a blockbuster. He lacks star power to attract an audience? That’s fine, he’s playing Batman, in a Superman movie. Not in fighting shape? We’ll have him hit the gym and be unrecognizable.

All the director needs is an actor who sells the part, and while finding a proven-yet-unknown actor who passed his ‘heartthrob years’ long ago may be a challenge, a few can certainly be found (if not in America, then abroad).

It’s no surprise, then, to see our top pick for the next Batman Richard Armitage among those being discussed. As a seasoned British actor with his size and relative anonymity among American audiences (and currently sitting at the age of 41), he’s one name we’d list among real contenders. He’s currently in the process of turning heads as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy; next seen in The Desolation of Smaug (2013) alongside yet another of our Batman contenders, Luke Evans.

Batman vs Superman Casting Armitage Evans Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Having recently been signed to star in the upcoming reboot of The Crow, both Evans and Armitage are talented leading men who are not only being turned to as cornerstones of movie franchises, but remain relatively unknown to mass audiences. Both are young and physcially fit enough to pull off action convincingly, with the looks to make both the slick Bruce Wayne and grizzled Batman seem believable.

That being said, it’s unclear whether size and muscle mass is required to sell Batman as the fearsome protector of Gotham City. While Brolin and other aging actors may be able to throw a strong punch, Man of Steel proved that a hero who relies solely on strength may not captivate audiences in an extended fight sequence. Perhaps a thinner, leaner, faster martial artist would be more faithful to the Batman mythology than someone who’s simply ‘big.’

Since Batman’s strength is dwarfed next to the likes of Henry Cavill’s Superman, wouldn’t it be better to cast an actor who was noticably smaller than Cavill? These are all questions that Snyder, Goyer and executive producer Christopher Nolan will have to ask themselves, but with a script still a long way from being completed, it is far too soon for any actor – let alone some of the most famous stars in the world – to have an inside track.

Superman Versus Batman Movie Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

We’ll keep you updated as the production progresses, but for now, we’d recommend every casting detail be taken with a grain of salt. At least until Snyder and Goyer know what the movie will be about, if nothing else.

Which of these names are you most hopeful to see land the part? Do you share our skepticism over the casting of a bonafide movie star, or think it’s a wise move for the sequel? Sound off in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015.

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Source: THR

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  1. Luke Evans!!!! He was awesome in Fast 6. But I’d go with TV Icon “Sawyer” Josh Holloway

    • Whatcha think about Kevin Durand?

  2. although it would never happen, It would be cool to not know who plays bruce/batman until we see them in the movie.

    • I wish!

    • I agree, that would be the BEST way to go with the studio. Keep it as secret as possible. Secrets, Secrets, Secrets.

  3. Man, Brolin looks like Indy in that picture!

  4. Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels would be a perfect older Batman!

    • Straight up!

    • +1

  5. Joe Manganiello! He is the best choice!

    • Yeah! He is the man! He has the features of both bruce and batman, plus snyder was considering him for superman. He is the man.

    • Joe Manganiello’s range is limited by the fact that he has never
      in any role played thus far radiated an IQ above his temperature.

      • +1

        Though, his True Blood gf, Kelly Overton, would make a curious Oracle, to my way of thinking.

        • Interesting idea about Kelly. I think you’re on to something there.

          • I’d like to think so.

      • Get outta here! Manganiello for batman!

      • And the fact that he looks Puerto Rican lol…. Mono no… Check out Kevin Durand dude

  6. Tom Welling as Batman. :P

  7. zac efron

    • Absolutely not, leave now.

      • + 1000

    • He gets my vote for Terry McGinnis

    • I would like to see a physically imposing Batman as well.
      An area where Bale’s Batman fell short. No pun intended.

      • Kevin Durand bro, check him out. He wouldn’t dwarf super but would clearly be larger

    • Couldn’t agree more, that’s why I want a guy like Kevin Durand to be batman. He’s 6’4 and built like a brick s***-house!!!

  8. I agree that either Luke Evans or Richard Armitage could pull off Batman, especially since they’re both British. I would really like to see WB cast Charlie Hunham as Flash on the small screen and teamed with Idris Elba’s Green Lantern on the big screen.

    • NO NO NO NO

      • I’ve never seen Sons of Anarchy, but in Pacific Rim, Hunnam did not have IMO enough charisma or presence for the lead role he was in. So I also say no.

        • Sons of Anarchy is absolutely ret@rded. I grew up around bikers, and they all hate it, calling it a soap opera with Harleys. Every single line that those pampered actors spew seems forced and totally, ridiculously unbelievable.

  9. Richard Armitage would definitely be my pick.

  10. Jim Caviezel is whom I would like to see, however television commitments and a
    shooting schedule which starts fairly soon might rule him out of any consideration.

    Screen Rant’s top pick of Richard Armitage could be an authoritative new Batman.
    Richard is a fine actor and flying below the radar a little too long and is due
    for his breakout role and I think he could convincingly wear the cowl.

  11. sorry christian bale for batman ,the biggest mistake warner ever did was not making the contract bigger enough for christian bale to stay as batman. therefore he would have no choice but play a his part for the batman and superman movie as a fan boy i am so excited but disaponted at the late start and rushed decision making warner have got them into the fanboys are happy but just not escatic for the movie

    • Bale’s done with Batman. He’s said this multiple times.

    He got the chin and the toughness. Badass!

    • +1

  13. Andrew Lincoln as Batman/Bruce Wayne! He’s definitely got the acting chops to play the role.

  14. I have been informed by an inside source five minutes ago that the new batman will indeed be portrayed by Joe Manganiello.

    • Of course you were. Thank you. We can all relax now that that’s settled.

      • If you think im joking, wait until the eleventh of august when they announce. My inside source is a head at warner brothers.

        • Yeah. Sure. Right.

          Check please.

        • You’re friends with Bugs Bunny?

        • Warner Brothers has alot of “heads”. That’s why they have not done Green lantern #2 or Flash yet!

      • August eleventh, just wait.

        • I’ll be there. And when the day is done…

          Retuuurn the slaaaaaab.



        • We’ll all be waiting thanks just to you, Gary. We are all so grateful.

          • My friend (who is a head at WB no less) told my cousin who told me that David Lyons would play The Flash and will appear midway through Batman Vs Superman during a scene when Superman saves a group of children during a game of jump rope that goes horribly wrong.

            Trust me guys, wait until August 32nd, this is real.

            • :D :D

  15. What about Patrick Wilson from The Conjuring, he’s also worked with Snyder on Watchmen, and I think could be a perfect Batman.

    • He is gonna be the flash hope

    • Why is no one talking about Kevin Durand as batman?

  16. Anson mount for bats

  17. Jon hamm.

  18. Luke Evans and Joe M are both pretty good choices. As far as the size thing goes, they’ve always been drawn so that Batman is shorter and smaller but not enough so to warrant a “slim” Batman. I think a physique like Bale’s in TDK would be good. Smaller than Cavill, but still impressive. Maybe even a little bigger than that (no I’m not vying for Bale to return lol).


    • Batman never displays his junk in public.

      • Are you referring to ‘Shame?’ I hope so. Hard to say what celebs are doing this days.

        • Yes, yes, Me. Just a little shameless Shame humor.

          • Fassbender is a perfect Riddler though. That grin….

            • Oh boy, you are on to something there, Dazz. Now that I can see.

              • “shameless Shame humor,” haha I like it. And you know what, Fassbender would be a good fit as a villain. That grin is pretty sinister.

  20. How about Hugo Weaving? Judging him by his “Mr Smith” role on The Matrix series, I think he would do a good job.

    • Kevin Durand!!! Kevin Durand!!! Kevin Durand!!!

  21. Not a fan of Joe as batman, maybe i need to see him in something other than true blood though.

    • I agree. I haven’t seen any evidence that he has the acting chops to portray Bruce Wayne and Batman.

  22. Just do a justice league movie with Starro as the villain with the green lantern corps sending abin sur to look for superman help but he fail to do so and pick the green lantern. Green lantern goes to space and train to save the planet because humans are the only alien to survive sun radiation… Introduce batman suiting up to capture the black mask… With Wonder Woman coming to earth to look for Circe and Aquaman being jailed for contact with the man s world where he helped an aborigine tribe or something while a scientist brought Martian manhunter on earth and Martian manhunter has to figure out if he’s back to the past or if he’s in the far future ( because mars is dead and earth has lives ) then flash trying to keep his power in check
    They have to join forces together when starro come to conquer earth
    I wrote this script 20 years ago… Warner brothers read it and they never never got back to me

    • In an earlier draft, I also had lex Luthor and vandal savage teaming up with North Korea to launch a rocket towards the us and blaming superman for it … But I scratched it and went with starro as villain in the first movie
      I would have gone this way for the sequel

      • Starro may be a bit of a bizzare villain for a film that is trying to establish a franchise. I think a more grounded gvillain like the legion of doom or doomsday

        • 1st film Starro main villain vandal savage, the black mask, lex Luthor

          2nd film lex Luthor, black mantra, metallo, gorilla grodd, despero and ares

          3rd film darkseid, lex Luthor and Aquaman turned over to the dark side and Ares

        • Darkseid, Doomsday, Time Commander, Sinestro, Psycho Pirate, Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash).

          • Oh, and Brainiac.

  23. Karl Urban for Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Idris Elba for Green Lantern/John Stewart
    Jaimie Alexander for Wonder Woman
    Bradley Cooper for the Flash
    Henry Cavill for Superman
    Djimon Hounsou for the Martian Manhunter
    Rose Leslie for Hawkgirl
    Charlie Hunnam for Aquaman
    and Gemma Atkinson for Power Girl

    I know I added Power Girl in and she may not fit … but dang it we need more women on the team.

    • oh wait this is just Batman/Superman… oh well. For the Justice League movie see above… for Batman/Superman … see appropriate above

      • Not bad. I would change just a few.
        Anson Mount – Batman
        Bridget Regan – Wonder Woman
        Common – GL/ John Stewart
        Vin Diesel – Martian Manhunter

    • Alexander and Hounsou are both now part of the MCU, which sucks

      • Technically so is Idris Elba. None of them have really main title roles though so I think we can let them slip over to DC for a bigger name. Reynolds played a bad version of the Green Lantern and is Deadpool. It’s ok ;)

  24. Luke Evans or Billy Crudup would be my choices, though I’m not going to object to someone like Jim Caviezel or Anson Mount landing a shot at the cowl. Armitage, though he’s surprisingly watchable at times, has the same problem Duchovny had when he lost out to Clooney: The cowl wouldn’t look right with his nose.

    • You had me laughing, Jason, on Armitage’s nose and wearing the cowl.
      I never really noticed, to be honest, and I would not say his honker
      in the Duchovny class which is more like a Buick than a nose.

      • Speaking of, Joe Mangniello has a bit of a honker on him. I just can’t see him as Bruce/Bats folks. Sorry.

        • @Robert Palmar Thanks, I try. :) Seriously, though, I do recall Duchovny telling the story (on Leno, I think). Armitage is a great actor, I just have trouble seeing him as Batman or Bruce Wayne.

          • I never really thought of Richard for this before
            but he is growing on me and I think he could work.
            Armitage is certainly better than some other names.

            I had no idea Duchovny relayed his experience on Leno.
            At least he has a sense of humor about the “situation” :D

  25. Christian Bale. Period. They’re nuts if they don’t make it happen.

    • Dude, get off the internet. Christian Bale will never play him again. Karl Urban ftw.

  26. ” it seems highly unlikely for Snyder to cast a Batman who is only a few years younger than his on-screen Super-father, Russell Crowe. ”
    I think you need to replace “his” with superman/Clark kent. This makes it sound like your talking about Batman.

    • “his on-screen Super-father, Russell Crowe” is clearly referring
      back to Snyder in that sentence and it is correct as written.

      • Then by your interpretation of the sentence it is still wrong as Russel Crowe isn’t Snyder’s father.

        • No. The sentence is correct.

          It refers to Snyder’s casting of his Super-father, Snyder’s Super-father
          Russel Crowe, just as Snyder’s casting Henry Cavil was his Superman.

          • Hmm. It may be technically correct, but it is still poorly written. It doesn’t flow well and is a little unclear in first reading.

            • Calling it poorly written is unjustified and out of bounds.
              It’s a style point, some may have issues with it, that
              is the nature of style, but grammatically it is correct.

              • First reading for me was perfect. I saw no complaints with the grammar or flow of the language in this article.

                • For me as well, Dazz. First reading was perfect. It was well-written.

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