‘Batman vs. Superman’ Casting Rumors – Who Could Play an Older Batman?

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Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

It’s still hard to believe, comic book fans: not only will Man of Steel 2 include a brand new Batman, but screenwriter David S. Goyer let it slip that the dark knight and Superman will meet as opponents, not partners. While that announcement may have guaranteed Warner Bros. as much, if not more anticipation and buzz for their sequel than they enjoyed with Man of Steel, it also opened the door to brand new rumors and gossip surrounding potential casting.

Since the cat was let out of the bag, word has arrived that director Zack Snyder and Goyer are not looking to ‘reboot’ Batman in the traditional sense, but want to cast an older, more experienced Bruce Wayne to counter Cavill’s Kent. It was only a matter of time before rumors of a shortlist surfaced, with names now ranging from downright ridiculous to… fairly believable.

The early list of names being circulated around the studio comes courtesy of THR, although the sources themselves claim that Snyder is a long way from beginning the casting process. But the call for an aging Batman has apparently already brought Josh Brolin (Gangster Squad) to the forefront – among others.

While Brolin’s career has certainly seen a surge of activity in recent years, it seems highly unlikely for Snyder to cast a Batman who is only a few years younger than his on-screen Super-father, Russell Crowe. However, even if Snyder may be looking for a Batman close to forty, an actor pushing fifty is a long shot (even if Brolin’s Bruce Wayne being introduced to Diane Lane’s ‘Martha Kent’ would be interesting for… several reasons).

Man of Steel 2 Batman Casting Rumors Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Unfortunately, most of the names tossed out (admittedly nothing more than rumors at this point) easily fall into the ‘too famous,’ ‘too unproven,’ or ‘been there done that’ categories. Whether it’s Joe Manganiello (who previously pursued a role as Superman and remains hopeful for Batman), Matthew Goode (who worked with Snyder on Watchmen) or Max Martini (most recently seen as part of a father-son team in Pacific Rim), the rumored actors fail to grab our attention; not only are their resumes somewhat sparse, they’re unsurprising.

Taking a quick look at the trend in superhero casting – Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and now Chris Pratt on the Marvel side, Henry Cavill for Warner Bros. – implies that studiosare after actors who won’t break the bank for lengthy contracts, and directors are after leading men who aren’t (yet) well-known to North American audiences. In other words, not Ryan Gosling, who fails to fit any of the criteria for the new Dark Knight (older, rougher) yet continues to crop up in any fan discussion.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Yet in today’s film industry, casting an iconic hero like Batman seems to go against the studio’s usual rules to follow for building a blockbuster. He lacks star power to attract an audience? That’s fine, he’s playing Batman, in a Superman movie. Not in fighting shape? We’ll have him hit the gym and be unrecognizable.

All the director needs is an actor who sells the part, and while finding a proven-yet-unknown actor who passed his ‘heartthrob years’ long ago may be a challenge, a few can certainly be found (if not in America, then abroad).

It’s no surprise, then, to see our top pick for the next Batman Richard Armitage among those being discussed. As a seasoned British actor with his size and relative anonymity among American audiences (and currently sitting at the age of 41), he’s one name we’d list among real contenders. He’s currently in the process of turning heads as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy; next seen in The Desolation of Smaug (2013) alongside yet another of our Batman contenders, Luke Evans.

Batman vs Superman Casting Armitage Evans Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

Having recently been signed to star in the upcoming reboot of The Crow, both Evans and Armitage are talented leading men who are not only being turned to as cornerstones of movie franchises, but remain relatively unknown to mass audiences. Both are young and physcially fit enough to pull off action convincingly, with the looks to make both the slick Bruce Wayne and grizzled Batman seem believable.

That being said, it’s unclear whether size and muscle mass is required to sell Batman as the fearsome protector of Gotham City. While Brolin and other aging actors may be able to throw a strong punch, Man of Steel proved that a hero who relies solely on strength may not captivate audiences in an extended fight sequence. Perhaps a thinner, leaner, faster martial artist would be more faithful to the Batman mythology than someone who’s simply ‘big.’

Since Batman’s strength is dwarfed next to the likes of Henry Cavill’s Superman, wouldn’t it be better to cast an actor who was noticably smaller than Cavill? These are all questions that Snyder, Goyer and executive producer Christopher Nolan will have to ask themselves, but with a script still a long way from being completed, it is far too soon for any actor – let alone some of the most famous stars in the world – to have an inside track.

Superman Versus Batman Movie Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors   Who Could Play an Older Batman?

We’ll keep you updated as the production progresses, but for now, we’d recommend every casting detail be taken with a grain of salt. At least until Snyder and Goyer know what the movie will be about, if nothing else.

Which of these names are you most hopeful to see land the part? Do you share our skepticism over the casting of a bonafide movie star, or think it’s a wise move for the sequel? Sound off in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015.

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Source: THR

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  1. Personally, my take is – Lex Luther will ask the Wayne Foundation for help to rid the World of Superman after the devastation in Metropolis. Lex’s line will be ‘Gotham is next’. Along comes Bruce Wayne with money and technical expertise, Lex & Wayne work together to discover Supes don’t like Kryptonite too much. Batman steals the Kryptonite from the Lex labs and goes to confront supes to find out he is on the wrong side, Lex Luther intends to take over the world with a newly acquired ‘Zod Suit’ and with Supes out of the way, there is no one to stop him!! Batman changes his mind, bats and supes are lovers and they kick the s*** out of Lex in his suit – the flash, Green Lantern, WW and aquaman show up mid credits – Job done!

    • Kevin Durand is batman… Check the dude out

    • Harley Quinn (Mila Kunis)teams up with Riddler (Jim Parsons) to seek revange on the bat for joker and Riddler plans bringing in Lex Luthor (Bryan Cranston) to help get Bruce Wayne a.k.a. batman and he will Help with superman because he knows about kryptinite.. superman and batman struggle over loving same girl causing a one on one of wits causing there own battle with each other letting there enemy’s getting ahead of them on each turn until both decided to work together BM smarts SM strenght

  2. JENSEN ACKLES……deserving cadidate…

  3. This article has a few confusing/incorrect statements.

    You say they would be unlikely to cast a Batman who is only a few years younger than his on-screen super father Russel Crowe. Russel Crowe played Jor El, Superman’s father. We are talking about Batman. Also the Diane Lane comment is interesting to call up how their split in real life might affect filming and all but it is unlikely that they would have to shoot scenes together/meet within the plot of the film since again we are talking about Batman, not Superman.

    You say its “unclear if muscle is required to sell Batman as the “deadly” protector of Gotham City.” – Batman doesn’t kill. It is his whole MO. So he is not deadly.

    • Check out Kevin Durand, please!

  4. I am ALL in for Anson Mount from “Hell on Wheels”!

    To me that guy SCREAMS Bruce Wayne/Batman!

    He’s 40 years old and not tied into any other major blockbusters like the “Hobbit” or “The Crow”! So it’ll give us a fresh enough face and it’ll give him a clean enough slate to really SELL us a fresh vision Batman/Bruce Wayne since most people really don’t who he is.

    If they’re looking to hang the Cape and Cowl on another actor….wouldn’t it be wiser to hang it on someone NOT tied to another similar blockbuster franchise?

    Or am I just an idiot? That could totally be it lol!

    • I am with you. The actor who plays Batman has to have a native dark side and Anson Mount definitely has one. I like him better than Josh Brolin because as a lesser known actor there wouod be greater freedom in the character development. It is either Mount or Brolin for sure.

      • Kevin Durand! Check him out ya’ll

    • Kevin durand

  5. josh hartnett, i haven’t seen a comment so far discussing him. he would make the perfect bruce wayne. it’s a shame though that they aren’t looking at him.

  6. If done well, then I really think Matthew Fox will make a great batman … he has the brood, Lost already placed him as that accepted leader amongst equals even without him asking for, his personality is also commanding yet not over bearing on someone like Superman … he will not diminish in front of anyone and still hold his fort … Matthew Fox … deserves a look!!!

    • Kevin Durand is batman!!! Look the dude up

  7. I wish people would consider Jensen Ackles. He seems like the perfect part for Batman to me. In Supernatural, his character had an awesome scene where at the end of defeating the bad people he said “I’m batman”. Jensen’s got the low, rough voice and he’s in good shape for the part. He’s in the lead of the poll that the LA Times has on their site. But, I guess that’s not enough.

    • Kevin Durand guys! Come on!!!! Perfect batman

  8. I’m sold on Jim Caveziel as Batman/Bruce Wayne. After watching two seasons of Person of Interest on CBS, he seems to be up to the challenge, as well as a great candidate for the role. “Wait…the guy who played Jesus…?” you say? Yes, one and the same. If anything, it proves he can absolutely get his butt kicked, and still be the savior at the end of the movie… And don’t forget that Christian Bale also played Jesus…and Darth Vader’s mom was Mary.

  9. I think Josh Brolin fits the bill of an older batman, rough looking, deeper voice,bigger guy then the others, looks like a total bad ass, I see him fitting the bill of batman more then yhe other actors.

    • I think Matthew Fox would fit the bill as Batman in Batman vs Superman. His build and sort of rough look plus he still doesn’t look as old as the other considered actors and really as a fan I don’t wanna see Batman dating Supermans mom. We know there not equal in power but they should at least be standard in age and looks. So maybe Bruce Wayne could push up on Louis Lane and become more of a rival to Clark Kent before they team up to take down Lex Luthor. But the fact is I don’t want an old Batman cause if that’s the case they should just get Michael Keaton to pursue Dianne Keaton on screen.

    • Kevin Durand is a taller and younger brolin…

      • Kevin Durand looks like a pedophile. So maybe if he starred in a Batman and Robin: Plundering the Batcave porno flick he might be appropriate. Otherwise stop spamming us with your obsessive ravings.

        • That’s the stupidest f•^€_•g thing I’ve ever heard…he looks like a pedophile???!?’ Lol your right, we shouldn’t be pushing for a guy that’s 6’6 and built like a tank, we should be screaming for Ryan gosling or a lil’ b••ch like Matthew fox….. F.U. Ya clown, I’d ‘spam’ in your s••t talkin’ mouth

  10. I think that Brandon Routh is mature enough to act as a playboy like Bruce Wayne. The former superman playing as the next batman maybe a good choice.

  11. Kevin Durand is batman, check the dude out. Tall, built…. He is batman

    • Stop talking about Kevin Durand. We get it you like him. You don’t need to spam the comment section.

    • Kevin Durand as batman? LOL. Cheers for the laugh, almost took you seriously.

  12. Jeffrey Dean Morgan


  13. Why not Liam McIntyre?! He’s more emotionally involved and his role in Spartacus was amazing, considering the shoes he had to fill! I bet millions of other would agree, let the bringer of rain, rain down on Superman!!!

  14. Wow! Ben Afflek as Batman and Justin Biebers as Robin. What the hell is Hollywood thinking? I don’t think a Dare devil should get a chance at Batman and that little teeny bopper as robin, you might as well kill off all the DC comics, this is a disgrace to the batman world. I will not watch it.