‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumor: Jason Momoa Has Signed On for a Role

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Jason Momoa in The Red Road Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Jason Momoa Has Signed On for a Role

It’s time for DC Comics fans to take a big heaping spoonful of salt with the latest rumor concerning Batman vs. Superman, since it not only follow months of speculation surrounding the Man of Steel sequel, but centers on one actor who has been rumored for the film for just as long. After prior reports that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian) had joined the cast of the movie as a possible Aquaman, the latest rumor claims he has, in fact joined the cast in an official capacity.

Since the report itself is far from official – coming from a “source” of Batman-News.com – it should be pointed out that the exact role Momoa has landed is a complete mystery. Since this rumor comes hot on the heels of news that Ray Fisher will appear as Cyborg a.k.a. Victor Stone in some form, there will be plenty who jump on this news as yet more confirmation that Batman vs. Superman is all but an official Justice League team-up.

If that was outright stated by either director Zack Snyder, writer David S. Goyer, or Warner Bros., then Momoa’s casting would be far easier to link to an iconic hero or villain. Prior rumors linked the actor to the part of Doomsday, the alien creature who once killed Superman (more or less). But according to many industry sources, Momoa had the part of Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy all but locked up, choosing not to play yet another emotionless killer; would he jump at the chance now?

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Jason Momoa Has Signed On for a Role

Khal Drogo does not appreciate unsubstantiated rumors.

If the most recent rumor is true, then it also means Momoa has been actively lying in interviews after he had potentially signed a contract with WB. It’s possible that Momoa would prefer to deceive as opposed to simply dismissing discussion, but it seems just as likely that the timelines have been confused. Either way, one thing is abundantly clear regarding this and all previous rumors: the role in Batman vs. Superman that he has been eyed for is still a completely mystery.

With Superman’s sequel being woven into the mythology of Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and even the gallery of characters that tend to accompany Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), the possibilities are endless. Given Momoa’s physical appearance and experience, expecting him to play a sizable hero or villain makes sense. But at this point, the likelihood of him playing Luthor’s lackey, Aquaman, or even a Martian Manhunter in disguise are all neck-and-neck. If this rumor proves to be true, that is.

It would seem that Goyer, Snyder, and co-writer Chris Terrio (Argo) have enough balls in the air without worrying about introducing a character like Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or any other past League member as fans know them. Since the arrival of any alien or Atlantean would tend to have a large impact on the film’s plot, it’s a safe bet WB is thinking long-term.

Jason Momoa in Conan the Barbarian Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Jason Momoa Has Signed On for a Role

What are your thoughts on Momoa’s potential in the world of Batman vs. Superman? Do you see him bringing some surprising nuance to an Atlantean king in future films, or a warmer side to a Martian mind-reader? Or – dare we say it – could his appearance in the film be limited to a post-credits tease as Darkseid himself? Only time will tell, but we’ll keep you posted as more substantial details surface.


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Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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Source: Batman-News.com

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  1. Metallo ?

    • Supergirl?

      • Mister Mxyztplk?

        • Krypto ?

          • Martha Wayne?

            • Jimmy Olsen?

              • Renee Montoya?

            • I love this username. I am dying laughing right now.

              • Brainiac

          • Hmmm, think you’re on to something there…!

            • Hawkman

              • homeless man

                • Chip ‘N Dale’s Stripper #2.

                  • I just got home from a s***** shift and from a night of expensive drinking that led to me not even being tipsy. You’ve made my night.

                  • I think that was Chris Farley’s designation, may he rest in peace.

    • Vandal Savage actually.

      • That is my guess as well.

      • I could see that, he has a cavemanish look to him.

      • Doomsday, Darkseid, Lobo, Vandal Savage, Martian Manhunter in disguise. All of those make sense. Aquaman doesn’t make sense at all. He would be totally wrong for the role.

  2. Someone posted a pic of him and Aquaman next to each other earlier and for the first time, I could see them going that route. A Hawaiian looking Aquaman to fit the kind of exotic nature of Atlantis works just as well as an exotic Middle Eastern woman portraying an Amazon.

    I’d still prefer him to be Lobo but still.

    • seriously… where are people getting lobo from??? you really think they are gonna get him in it now? lol, lobo will be a cameo villain at the begning of the movie and somehow help out in the end because the enemy of the JL is lobos bounty. lobo will not be in the movies until the sequels

      • I never said he’d be in this movie, I just said if they decided to go with Lobo in future, Momoa would be my choice because he looks the part.

        • i wouldnt bet on it. im gonna wait till this movie to see if wb have finally done dc right… man of steel was a popcorn flick. the story is boring and hard to watch a second time. and for me thats annoying because the action is some of the best ive seen in a comic movie. reminds me of dragonball z and i think that why it appealed to me most.

          they probably wont go with him since he is sooooo 90s. they would change him a lot and people would get pssed.

          • Which is kinda funny because I wasn’t impressed with MOS at all but saw it a second time on TV last week and found it to be actually pretty damn good. Weird how people who liked it now hate it and people who hated it now like it.

            At this point, Lobo on the big screen is needed as much as Ghost Rider is, ie not really. It’s just fantasy casting at work.

            Have to give you a megaton more respect for the DBZ fandom.

            • A lot of movies do that. One of my close friends despised “The Incredible Hulk”, but recently he found more appreciation for it’s simplicity.

              He and I lock horns on a lot of things though: the damage done in MOS (they’re Kryptonians, it’s going to be of epic proportions), Ruffalo as Hulk/Banner (he thinks Ruffalo plays him with genius, I highly disagree),and whether or not MOS 2 is crowded (he can’t get over the fact that WW is in it. “They promised Batman vs. Superman”. Yeah…you’re still getting that, but let’s not make it as compelling as “Freddy vs. Jason”).

              Over time, things slowly sink in for him. That, and I’m constantly ranting in defense of my own views daily. That might help :)

              • Haha, yeah, I do the same as you but a lot of the time, I’m completely unaware I’m doing it until someone points it out to me (got into an argument because a high school friend stopped watching GOT recently after the first 5 episodes and said she didn’t like it but loved Dexter and Breaking Bad, both of which I thought were terrible).

                It’s just crazy though because I loved TIH, didn’t think Ruffalo was as good as Norton in the Bruce Banner role and have always seen the positive things about this DC movie.

                Maybe it’s time your friend and I switched places, lol

                • Yeah, I loved TIH as well. And, despite the reasons he didn’t return, I still to this day wish Edward Norton was around as Banner.

                  I feel like casting Ruffalo was intended to be an RDJ move: we assume this guy practically is the character so playing him should be no problem. Problem is, Ruffalo playing himself is about as compelling as Tom Cruise’s facial expressions in “War of the Worlds”.

                  • Haha, yeah, I know what you mean.

                    Ruffalo for me just gave off this feeling like he’s arrogant, cocky, unlikable and incredibly well fed for a guy on the run constantly looking over his shoulder.

                    Norton to me was scrawny enough and vulnerable enough in his mannerisms and speech to really bring the character to life the way it should be.

                    • Norton was like a modern day Bill Bixby. Which was good, since Bixby was a good David Banner in his own time and is still well-respected to this day.

                      Some people got tired of the search for the cure story, but I liked the fact that Banner never really embraced the power within him. It made him unique knowing he saw it more as a curse and, in some way, his own failure.

      • Most people never even heard of Lobo. It sounds like a name for a mangy lone wolf out for a run on the pampas.
        I would say maybe Black Adam (just a wild shot in the dark not based on anything other than he looks mean like a baddie in one of the pics above).

    • It makes sense from an ethnic perspective. Gadot as WW and Mamoa as AM I mean. But the comments will still flood with hate so no point in using logic.

      • Unfortunate but true. I mean, a guy who looks the most like Bruce Wayne physically than a lot of actors who played him gets hated on for being cast in the role. People complained about an English actor playing America’s favourite superhero. Lets not go there with Gal Gadot but the hate she got was ridiculous too.

        Common sense seems not to prevail here a lot of the time.

        • Wait…. Americas favorite superhero?? I don’t think so! I love me some Superman, I think Cavil was a great choice to play him, but since only us old timers really know who and what Superman is, Before MOS my kids had only ever just heard of Supes, and 20,14, and 13 they all hated Superman returns! So to say he is Americas fav. is stretching it just a bit Dazz.. At this point in time I would bet my house that more of America knows more about and cares more about Iron Man than they do about Superman! IF they are older than 40 Your probably right, but Superman was SOOOO far in the back of ppls minds that unless your a CB reader or born in the early 70′s there are many more Batman, IM, Hulk (for young kids) and even Thor and Cap because they are the most recent. NOT many ppl even count Superman Returns as a real movie let alone a real superman movie.

          Me and my kids all realliy liked MOS (Not perfect, and had its flaws) but Personally I think it was a great MODERN version of the character, IF this movie BvS is truly a MOS sequel it will put supes back into the publics eye and maybe put him at the top again, but I would not say he is in Americas top 3 to be honest! MOS got him some much needed attention, and HOPEFULLY all of these other characters (Cyborg, WW, even Batman, and whoever else they throw in there DOES NOT overshadow the MOS) and again HOPEFULLY this will be Supermans movie with the others just cameos/nods as to what is coming! But if Batman has too big of a part in this movie he will completely overshadow Supes, I may prefer the Marvel movies more, but I WANT MOS-2 and a JL movie both to be very big hits so ALL of us CBM fans can keep getting what it is that I believe we all really want… GREAT CBM’s and a healthy MCU Vs. DCU competition so they both keep pushing each other to make better and better CBM for us all to enjoy, NOT for us to keep bashing one co. over the other!

          it is almost expected that kids (mine anyway) think these movies have been around always, or that they will always be around. As long as these Co’s keep making quality movies (whichever side you “root” for) they will keep making them… AND FOR ME THIS IS THE GREATEST TIME TO BE A CBM FAN and Im sure most reading these posts feel the same no matter where your allegiance lies! I really wish ppl would quite that bashing and just have a BLAST watching and speculating what awesome movie/character we will get next!! SORRY for the damn book guys, just trying to get it all out in one post instead of 20 =D

          • Yeah, that’s what I meant, people think more about the 70s Superman movies and the older comic book version, which bleeds down into younger people assuming that’s the only true version of Superman.

            Here in the UK, it was mostly Batman and Spider-Man until Iron Man became just as popular with The Hulk known of but not really that familiar outside of the 70s TV show. People here associate Superman with America and that’s not necessarily a good thing (there’s still a lot of suspicion and disdain for all things ‘Murican thanks to that little war thing a decade ago, even though most agree that US TV shows are the best, how’s that for hypocrisy, right?).

            I dunno, it’s a weird thing because US audiences are all “The Flash and Wonder Woman are well known, where are movies for them?” but it’s like “outside your own borders, barely anyone knows who they are”, which is kind of sad when you think about it but also really exciting when we find out they’re bringing those characters to any size screen, TV or movie. Gives them new fans and more attention.

            You know what’s cool though? Comic book t-shirts are becoming the new rock t-shirts where people wear logos they haven’t got a clue about usually but because it’s the latest fashion trend, they wear it. Before, you’d get fashion conscious “trendies” (those who are slaves to fashion) wearing stuff with the Motorhead logo and then not knowing what you’re talking about when you ask what their favourite Motorhead song is (one person even looked at me and said “wait, Motorhead are a BAND?!” when I asked that question while waiting in line and spotting his Motorhead shirt).

            Now you get people with Cap logos and 70s style Iron Man shirts.

            Plus you get the Dredd movie being a success in most countries and a cult classic in others, the Tank Girl Kickstarter project is the biggest and fastest selling project on the Kickstarter site in the “Comic Book” category and the whole genre has become completely mainstream.

            Considering I spent my youth buying 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine (those being the only two comic books on non-comic book store shelves in my city that weren’t based on animated shows), it’s great to see that they’re everywhere now.

    • For the same reason, I could see the Rock portraying Aquaman. I think a Pacific islander type of actor would be more than fitting for Aquaman.

  3. kinda convinced now that its gonna be some ending with batman, superman and wonder woman looking at a list and reading flash, green lantern, cyborg and aquaman and wanting them to join the team when they see an alien ship coming to earth.

    i pray thus guy is aquaman because i think it would take that image that the public have if him and it will be erased.

    • To be honest, all they have to do is follow what Johns did with The New 52 and he’d be a badass, even if Zac Efron played him.

      • im talking about hte image he has. people dont read comics but they knew aquaman is meant to be this character that is the most useless thing ever. the new 52 had one of the most badass characters, and that was aquaman. all im saying is that this guy plays badass characters and the puplic will think aquaman is badass based in that

        • Yeah but what I was saying was that they could have the Aquaman from The New 52 show up without advance warning he’d even feature and given the right material, he could be written as a total badass within just a short scene.

          Sure, casting someone like Momoa helps physically but still, look at Vin Diesel. He looks like a badass but I just can’t take him seriously at all and that’s where good writing has its part to play.

          I think this article has your mind blown because you’re being unusually slow tonight, you’re a lot sharper than this. Misinterpretation all round is my diagnosis.

        • It’s because people don’t read comics that they think he’s the most useless thing ever. His powers aside. he commands a highly military-centric and technologically advanced civilization. I bet his scene is going to consist of him bursting into some session at the UN, flanked by armed guards, and demanding that the surface world control their “Superman” or he will be forced to take action. The events of MoS would have certainly disturbed the Atlanteans as well as the women of Themyscira.

          • Which is why I said they could throw in one scene showing him to be a badass and the public will be swayed, regardless who plays him.

            Where was the World Engine though in MOS? Indian Ocean?

            Boom, there’s your reason for Aquaman to get into it.

            • Yeah, everyone keeps complaining about how they keep introducing more of the JL, but, after the events of MOS, logically, how can you NOT have these characters start pouring out of the woodwork? Batman’s not just gonna sit idly and watch as this alien shows up out of nowhere and wrecks Metropolis. Wonder Woman isn’t just gonna sit on her island after seeing the first appearance of another superhuman. And like you mentioned, Aquaman isn’t just gonna sit on his throne after seeing the World Engine invade his domain.

              • Yup. I said the same thing about Batman in the Ray Fisher/Cyborg article. These heroes are not just around and be like, “Well it’s only his second movie, I think I’ll just wait until Justice League.” Batman especially. He is obsessive to the point of being militant when it comes to this kind of stuff. The reason Supes and Zod hit his satellite was probably because he was watching them. He had it positioned directly over Metropolis because he was already on the ball. the other hero’s are gonna do something similar. And I bet Dazz is right about the world engine. It probably killed Aquaman’s favorite Clown fish.

                • not just sit around*

                • Hah love the sattelite idea, it’s batman,of course he’d be using it to study the aliens fighting and everything else that was happening! I just thought it was cool, never thought about it being there on purpose. Tip of the cap to you sir.

                  • haha many thanks LazerBlazer. I’m hoping we get a cool Batcomputer scene in this movie with footage of a ton of different heroes.

            • Have him beat the crap out of someone with his trident and summon a great white to finish them off and I’d bet people will leave that movie feeling the same way they felt about Hulk in the Avengers.

              • Hell, I’d get excited if somehow, Superman was knocked deep into the ocean, regained his composure and flew back to the surface but before he does, you get a brief glimpse of a guy in orange armour behind him looking pretty surprised that this dude in a blue suit almost bumped into him that far down in the ocean.

                Then again, I got excited at the idea of Venom making his Spider-Man movie debut in a dark alley with just the whites of his eyes and teeth showing in the blackness so…

                I’m a big fan of the Jaws/Cloverfield school of thought that doesn’t show too much of something to the audience to help build interest.

  4. Oh God, Momoa as Aquaman? I hope that’s not the case… I sure don’t like the idea of casting a guy who thinks low about Drax and said something about not wanting to be typecast in a CBM, to just then hop on another CBM character. Please no…

    I previously said that if WB/DC brings Aquaman to this movie, I’d definitely see it as soon as possible. But if it they indeed cast Momoa for him, I might need to eat my own words immediately and avoid the movie at all cost, cause IMO that means WB/DC is screwing Arthur Curry, one of my favorite DC character once again. Bring someone who’s natural BLONDE, the likes of Josh Holloway, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, or Charlie Hunnam will do… NOT Momoa (even when I admit he looks badass) please >_<

    Cast Momoa as a villain, he looks better for such part

    • I agree. I don’t see him as Aquaman, but if he is cast then so be it. I wanted someone like maybe Alexander Skargard, Scott Eastwood, or like you mentioned Charlie Hunnam to play Arthur Curry. Momoa IMO should play maybe Hawkman, Metallo, Martian Manhunter, or a really good villain. But then again this is just a rumor, I hope. Because in all honesty I want Scott Eastwood to play the part.

  5. I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot. ( this means I think he is a new character.)

  6. i can only pray that he plays a superhero and not a villain, he sucks at villainy!! I wanna see him as a good guy superhero for once (well more than once)!!!

      • In the Silver Age comics he was pure good guy and pretty nice, not dark or mean or bitter or anti-hero. Same with Green Arrow and Batman before more recent writers after the 60s jazzed up and angered out the characters, making Batman psychotic, Green Arrow bearded and liberal, and Aquaman one-handed and bearded and grim.

        • actually Batman started out psychotic, they cheesed him up in he 60s and 70s, and brought him back to his darker roots in the 80s

          • Well, maybe a little bit dark in the sense that by dressing up as a bat (symbolic), he created fear in the hearts of men as a prowler of the night crusading against those who did wrong, so i could see a bit of that interpretation, but it was not the total insane asylum inductee he is portrayed as in the recent movies. He was pretty emotionally grounded in those early early days by comparison.
            Who I would really like to see get either a movie or TV series that was respectful of the 60s TV series version would be The Green Hornet. That show had all the right actors in all the right places, I felt, and was pretty good for what they were trying to present at the time. I wish whoever has the rights would put out the whole series on DVD, and I would buy it. (Actually, you can get it in kind of an inferior copy mode bootleg version a number of places on the internet, but the quality is sometimes less than ideal.). I would also like to see Doc Savage as a period thing (period thing as well for Green Hornet), either in a movie or TV, that is respectful of the old Lester Dent/Kenneth Robeson novels. Shane Black of IM#3 fame is supposed to be working on a Doc Savage movie, but I have not heard much about it in a long while. If anyone has an update if that is still in the works, I’d be pleased to see any news or updates here!

            • OK, now I am nostalgic and getting way off topic, so I will be brief: I’d also like to see a Dark Shadows series on TV or another movie respectful of the 60s/70s TV series (I do not count the Johnny Depp mess)(or the Seth Rogan mess for my above GH comment). And I would also like to see another Solomon Kane movie or a Solomon Kane TV series as well. The first movie was tolerably decent, I thought.

            • I don’t mean a little dark, he was a total psycho in his original iteration. He routinely pitched gangsters off of rooftops, when he dropped the Red Hood into a vat of acid( which turned him into the Joker later) Bats said it was a “fitting end for his kind”. In the 50s he actually carried a gun, shot people. he wasn’t conceived as a little dark he was a sociopath with revenge fantasies against the criminal element. The whole “no killing” thingmwas adopted later.

          • Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neil were actually responsible for changing the campy Batman tv show version of the character and making him dark again in the comics in 1970. Adams was also responsible for changing Green Lantern and Green Arrow in their comic, as well, after that.


    -Says every person without a life

    Seriously I can see these guys just laughing their A$$ off with the hysteria each new member is cast LOL… And they should!

  8. The Rock as Hawkman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman

  9. If the rumor is true…and he has signed on; I hope it is Aquaman. Moama is badass…what he did in Game of Thrones with very little dialogue…was great. He is a physical performer…and he can act if directed properly.

  10. The hysteria that comes with every casting choice is so ridiculous… Some of you guys need to get a real life. Its just a freaking movie! I like Momoa I’m sure he’ll be great as Jimmy Olsen:p

  11. Also, technically Momoa didn’t lie because the question was about him joining the MOS sequel. He’s not going to be in MOS 2 because he’s going to be in Justice League, which it is becoming more and more obvious they’re filming back to back.

  12. I’m totally down for him as Martian Manhunter.

  13. If The Rock and Momoa would play as Hawkman and Aquaman, respectively, I think it would definitely make up for some great banter. Bird and fish :D

    • I’d rather see “Cow and Chicken”! (Remember them??)

    • I’d like to see some bird and fish…like chicken and lake trout…right there on my plate next to the mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh corn, crisp salad, and dinner roll!

    • Channing Tatum for Shazam/Captain Marvel! As for Billy Batson, I don’t know.

      • I would like to see Armie Hammer for Shazam. If you have ever seen him in interviews he really reminds me of Shazam from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. He really gives off that excited childlike vibe. I think he would do great in the role.

    • Honestly, any kid can land the Billy Batson role. As for Shazam himself, I’m guessing someone like Joe Manganiello. I mean he was up for Superman before Cavill. He’s got the physique to do it. But really thinking out of the box, I would cast Derek Theler. He’s very tall, you can bulk him up, dye his hair black, and a really good trainer works wonders. Not to mention he’s got that chiseled, good boy from the 1950′s look that Shazam has going for him.

  14. Chuck Hunnam for Aguaman, James Badge Dale for the Flash. They really should get Reynolds back for Green Lantern. He really was the best part of that movie. Aside from Mark Strong

    • I’m still hoping for David Lyons (plays Sebastian Munroe in Revolution) as The Flash. No idea who I want to play Hal Jordan but I’d prefer if Ryan Reynolds stuck to Marvel and became the Deadpool we all want him to be.

      Todd Lasance (Caesar in Spartacus: War Of The Damned) is my perfect Green Arrow casting.

      • Yeah I really want him to play Deadpool too but I doubt Marvel/Fox will do the character justice. And I say Marvel/Fox because even though Fox owns the rights I don’t think Marvel wants their logo plastered on a R rated film that could upset their primarily younger audience.

        • I dunno, it was plastered all over the Deadpool videogame and that dropped a lot of F bombs and other things. As long as they marketed things correctly, we could have another Dredd situation on our hands where the commercials only aired at certain times in the day and only adults were allowed to buy tickets but still hitting the #1 spot on opening weekend as it did here.

    • RR is OK for Hal Jordan, just get rid of the dorky humor and make him more serious.

      • I dunno, I read my Justice League book again recently and Hal was pretty goofy in that too.

        I loved when he transported himself and Batman to Metropolis in one of his hard light creations and Batman complained that everyone will see them inside a glowing green fighter jet, to which Hal responded “Well how would you get us here? By talking in a deep voice?”.

  15. I could see him being Aquaman. Might make Afleckman tiny in comparison I think.

    • I dunno, they’re about the same height and from what I heard, Ben’s looking as huge as Henry Cavill these days since his prep for Batman started.

      • Don’t go making sense Dazz.

        Affleck must be slandered at all costs! To hell with your “facts” we have OPINIONS!!


  16. Why would Momoa, or anybody, be cast as Lobo after just one Man of Steel movie? He’s a Bounty Hunter, and who would he be looking for? No one! Aqua-man is a good role for Momoa. He should be super strong, and fast, from living below crush depths. If Supes can have laser beam eyes, then Aqua-man can talk to/control marine life, and have some telekinetic powers to control water, like Aqua-lad.

    • Aquaman is fine with just his link with marine life, no need for water control. Just explain the science behind person being strong enough to withstand deep sea preasures and temp. That will establish how strong he is when you put him along side Superman.

      • I dunno, man, I think one of the most badass scenes from Aquaman’s first New 52 arc was him and Mera threatening to pull the water molecules from a guy’s body and kill him.

        • Bet that made him wet his pants!

        • No, for me the most badass issues ever were when Aquaman is fighting this giant sea monster, Mera forms up a jetstream to launch him into the earths atmosphere, and they had to do the math and make sure the angle of his fall would be near the creature, Aquaman slams into the creatures skull and they fight, at one point the guy just grabs a car in each hand like the hulk and lobs it at the kaiju.

    • Did you really assume people thought Lobo would be in this movie just because of fantasy casting?


      People say Lobo because that’s who he most resembles, doesn’t mean he’ll ever be cast in the role or the character will even show up in any movies whatsoever. Don’t ever try and use that argument ever again because it makes you look stupid. Don’t ever assume people say “Momoa as Lobo” and mean “OMG, Lobo in this MOS sequel” because they don’t. It’s like my desire to see Michael Fassbender play The Riddler, would you assume it would ever happen and go on a ridiculous rant against me for it?

      • You’re ranting at me for making a valid observation? Don’t be calling anyone stupid based on inacurracies. And to think that I was going to give you props on your prior post.

  17. Here’s how NOT to make a billion dollars from the next DCU movie. Cast any of these guys: Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, Armie Hammer. Green Lantern = BUST, Lone Ranger = BUST, Jupiter Ascending = BUST. No way DC is going with any of these choices you guys are throwing out there.

    • Jupiter Ascending hasn’t even released yet so no idea where you’re getting “bust” from, unless your name is John Titor.

      Also, Ryan’s a bankable star, GL was just a terrible film and people saw the trailer and rightfully stayed away from it.

      • Jupiter Ascending = Speed Racer = Cloud Atlas. Enough said.

        Ryan Renolds as Green Lantern would not deliver the same tone as what’s needed for the character in a Zack Synder Justice League. Not a good fit. He won’t be cast for it.

      • I like Ryan Reynolds and I thought he did Hal Jordan/Green Lantern justice, but the script didn’t do him justice.
        As for Channing Tatum, I can’t see him in any superhero form because I can’t get past seeing him as Danny McBride’s b**ch in “This Is The End”, LOL!!!

        • Even though I too thought Reynolds was a good fit for Hal Jordan, I agree that he might not be the right fit for the tone in this universe. I really, really think John Stewart is the right version of GL to show up first with the military connections, his personality – everything just fits this universe perfectly.


          • Hard to argue there.

            I guess we could introduce him and them say “Oh, by the way, Hal’s been out there this whole time but we had this new Lantern” in case anyone’s confused by Hal being recast.

            • Actually, it would make sense in a way. The Green Lanterns are supposed to protect their sectors, not only Earth. So Hal could easily been a pilot that just “disappeared” some time ago, but in reality his been watching out for the rest of his sector which would explain why no one knows about him at Earth.

              According to MOS, Superman was the “first” hero, and this concept actually sets the Justice League up. Because the Batman who’s been around for a while could just be a legend to the people, Diana’s been “hiding” on Themyscira, Aquaman’s been minding his own business in Atlantis, Cyborg and Flash aren’t “made” yet and GL’s been out in space. The existence of Superman affects all of these guys, which would explain why they would show up so suddenly. Batman out of the shadows, Diana sent to investigate the alien, the world engine or whatever damaged the sea in some way so Aquaman is pissed and GL needs to go back to Earth to look into this strange situation occurring at his home planet. IMO, it really sets it up quite nicely.

  18. From that top picture,he looks like a perfect Vandal Savage.

    • I have thought that from the first rumors about his casting, and I’d really like to to see Savage be the villain for the first JL movie, but I doubt he’d be in BvS. Maybe a small role, like on the news or the subject of a Daily Planet interview or (as always) Batman has a file on him and has been watching him. A Justice League Doom scenario for the first team up would be a great way to go.

  19. Dwayne Johnson- Black Adam
    Jason Momoa- Mongul

  20. ending to man of steel 2
    Batman to superman
    Batman: ive been keeping an eye on around the world just in case a a big threat like you or zod shows up.(pulls out computer files with videos and pictures of the other jl members)
    Superman: so theres more people like me?
    2nd after credits includes darkseid.

    • (cues “Strangers Like Me” by Phil Collins)

    • no, No, NO after credits scenes!
      Leave that jazz at Marvel. 3 damn studios doing it is enough!
      WB has there own thing: title at the end, credits roll, movie is over.
      Any foreshadowing can be done IN the movie. Like BB with the Joker.

  21. If this turns out to be true, I’d really like it to be Vandal Savage. Momoa would fit that character perfectly, and Savage would be a perfect Justice League villain, if that is WB’s direction.

  22. i was really hoping for Peter Dinklage to be Aquaman

    • Naah, he would be a better Hawkgirl.

      • Bet that made him wet his pants!

    • How about The Atom. He is so short, he would not have to shrink much; in fact, he might have to grow!

      • My comment re: Atom for @emma-frost, re: peter Dinkylarge.

        • Oops, “Peter” should be capitalized; did not mean to have a “little peter”.
          (Ooh, another Dinkylarge joke!).

  23. I don’t think so, he should play a villain like Bane

  24. I hope he looks good in orange and green.

  25. Please be Ares, masquerading as a human. Maybe an arms dealer in a business suit. The gods are known for hiding amongst humans to achieve their goals.

  26. idk After everyone getting each & every casting decisions wrong I’m kinda worried. If he turns out to be none of the characters suggested above, all the fanboys will probably get angry.

    • Probably?

  27. I personally see him being an interesting choice for Martian Manhunter. Plus I really want to see J’onn J’onzz on screen. So I would really like to see MM be in BvsS. If Jason isn’t playing MM then he could be a great pick for Hawkman. So I really hope both of these characters are in the movie too.

  28. Batman-News is crap. Don’t quote them for hits, SR seem to do this quite a bit this year, eased off recently now that Fisher has been casted everyone is trying to get more hits.

    • I wouldn’t say Batman-News are crap, personally. Then again, I used them as my source of daily Dark Knight Rises news, rumours and behind the scenes footage.