‘Batman vs. Superman’: Kevin Smith Confirms Affleck Costume Colors

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The Dark Knight Returns Comic Costume Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Confirms Affleck Costume Colors

Official Batman vs. Superman details are a welcome respite from the steady stream of rumor and speculation surrounding production on the Man of Steel sequel. Some days, it’s hard to know what we can believe. Director Zack Snyder has proven that he’s willing to go against the grain by casting young (albeit talented) actor Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor – not to mention the controversial choice of Ben Affleck as Batman. Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to the way Batman vs. Superman is shaping up, there’s no doubt that Warner Bros. has cast off the notion of a paint-by-numbers adaptation. As a result, some reports that the industry would normally brush aside are often given a second-thought because, at this point, almost anything seems possible.

Which is why it’s so nice to hear information from first hand sources – casting confirmations from the studio, behind-the-scenes reveals, and clarification from people with eyes-on knowledge of the production. Last week’s reveal of Ben Affleck in a Batman vs. Superman Batsuit was another contentious platform for debate but also an appreciated glimpse at how Snyder intends to depict the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel movie universe.

The costume was a major source of conversation in the latest Screen Rant Underground Podcast episode, as we gave our impressions while also debating the more mysterious elements of the reveal – weighing in on the ratio of padding to Affleck muscle mass, those infamous “lines,” and which color scheme we expect to see in a polychromatic version of the photo, among other topics.

Ben Affleck Batman Costume Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Confirms Affleck Costume Colors

Now, during his show Hollywood Babble-On, Kevin Smith reveals the Batsuit picture Snyder showed him last year was different from the black and white Twitter photo the Batman vs. Superman director shared with the public. According to the comic book writer, filmmaker, and Bat-fan, the photo he saw, the one that moved him to hug Snyder in appreciation, presented the new suit in full color – and is the exact outfit worn in The Dark Knight Returns, Book 3: “Hunt the Dark Knight”:

“[The black and white photo] is a very cool picture, but that is not the picture I saw [...] They put it on a fake rooftop, and they lit it up. But it was in color, and you could see every piece of detail. So I’ve seen some people online go, ‘Why is this f***ing suit any different than the Chris Nolan Batsuit, it’s all one f***ing color.’ It’s like, ‘Dude, that’s a monochrome photo. You know what that means, one chrome. That’s not a representation of what the suit looks like. So what the suit looks like, and I was always kind of keeping it quiet until they revealed it, but they’ve revealed it. And you can kind of see, and anybody that – you’ve seen some people take the picture and color it online. If you want to see what this f***ing suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight. It’s the exact f***ing outfit he’s wearing. That’s why I hugged that guy all those months ago.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s Dark Knight Returns miniseries, the story follows an aging Batman who once again cleans up the streets of Gotham – placing the Caped Crusader at odds with the government and, subsequently, Superman. While multiple Batsuit variations appear in the four part series, the outfit featured in “Hunt the Dark Knight” is grey with black highlights – a combination that many expected when they first saw Snyder’s teaser photo.

It’s worth pointing out that the suit varies from navy blue/grey to black/grey throughout the comic series, but the exact issue Smith refers to (home to an iconic showdown between Batman and Joker) features the black and grey prominently. Check out artwork from “Hunt the Dark Knight,” a fan photoshop of the Frank Miller costume, along with a rendering of the suit in Batman: Arkham City below:

Batman vs Superman Frank Miller Hunt the Dark Knight Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Confirms Affleck Costume Colors

Batman vs Superman Frank Miller Costume Ben Affleck Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Confirms Affleck Costume Colors

While it’s safe to assume that Smith’s description of the suit can be believed, he then goes on to speculate that multiple Batmobiles and Batsuits could be featured in Batman vs. Superman:

“I will put this to you. What if it’s one of a few Batmobiles? What if that’s one of a few outfits in the movie? I suspect that’s the case.”

It’s important to note that, unless Smith is holding back first hand knowledge, the latter part of his comments are merely conjecture and should not be accepted as fact – at least not yet. Still, it is possible that he’ll turn out to be right – we’ve already heard rumors suggesting that Batman vs. Superman could feature two Batsuits: one for everyday crime fighting (the grey and black one) as well as an armored variation that would be used to battle the Man of Steel (similar to the suit featured in The Dark Knight Returns, book 4 “The Dark Knight Falls”) or some other foe(s).

That said, this would be the first we’ve heard of multiple Batmobiles. As mentioned, it would be a mistake to outright dismiss the idea that Snyder might double-down on Bat-vehicles but no concrete information has surfaced to suggest this part of Kevin Smith’s speculation is actually happening. While it would certainly be fun to see multiple Batsuits, Batmobiles, Batboats, and Batcopters, Snyder is already working with a pretty full deck in his Batman/Superman mash-up.

batman vs superman dark knight returns Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Confirms Affleck Costume Colors

It’s unclear how big a role future Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) have in Batman vs. Superman but with confirmation of a Justice League movie in development, the director has plenty of time to wow us with new Bat-toys. After all, Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes in existence – and it would be a shame if Warner Bros. took a quantity over quality approach to Batman accessorizing in his first post-Nolan series appearance. We’ve got plenty of time for the kitchen sink, right now Snyder just needs to deliver one pair of unforgettable suit and Batmobile designs that can set a new bar in the public consciousness.

For many, the new costume reveal was a solid first step. Now, we just have to wait to see what else the filmmaker does (and does not) have planned for Batman vs. Superman.


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Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for May 6, 2016.

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Source: Hollywood Babble-On [via Comic Book]

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  1. My question is…who were these people who actually thought the suit was all one color…really people??

    • I don’t get that complaint at all. I mean, onscreen Batman costumes HAVE been all one color for practically decades.
      Or is black not a color?

      • Scientifically, black is not a hue (color); a black object absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them. This is sometimes confused with black being called ‘a mixture of all colors’, but that is not the case. In fact, an object emitting or reflecting all colors is perceived as white. Sometimes black is described as an “achromatic color”; in every day life and practice, black can be considered a color, e.g., the black cat or black paint. But not scientifically a colour.
        And yes, i am the saddest man in the world.

        • Science guys are awesome.

        • Why would you be lol. There are many of us in the field that can understand you just fine. I appreciate the explanation.

        • *Yawn*

        • NERD!!!

          • Thanks!

        • Sad are the majority of people on the planet who lack the mental capacity to comprehend a single syllable of intelligence you uttered. You’re my new best friend. LOL!

        • Salute.

        • or in easier terms; Black is the absence of color.

        • @All…

          I hate to chime in and sound like a nerd too but…

          I did remember doing some research in college on this and my brother was an Art minor in college so we have debated this a lot. There are various theories with different scientific and non-scientific opinions.

          depending on whether you are talking about the color of light or the color of a tangible object the answer about black as a color is different.

          1. When it comes to light, BLACK IS NOT A COLOR because there is no light.

          2. When it comes to actual tangible objects (this case the bat suit being discussed), BLACK IS A COLOR because it is the mixing of all colors (pigments) to use as paint or for coloring objects.

      • The quote said that people were complaining even after the picture came out , meaning that they couldn’t clearly see that the suit was lighter in comparison to the cowl and symbol

      • Well, the reason they were whining is because they thought they were going to get a 2-color suit on film finally, the way it’s been in the comics forever. I like all-black, and it makes sense in the stealth sense, but I don’t mind change either.

        • Actually black for stealth doesn’t make sense. It’s a long held belief, but a misconception. There have been tons of studies on it, and that’s the reason that most militaries don’t use black anywhere in their uniforms now, not even for the boots. Black literally makes you stand out against virtually any background under any light conditions, more than any other color. It is literally the worst color choice for stealth. Dark greens, grays, and blues are better. Gray and blue would work just fine for urban camo.

          • Yep, correct. I was just speaking more in generalities, aesthetically the all-black looks cool, and lends itself to the concept of stealth, it just makes you think “yeah he’s a living shadow…” brings out the 12 year old kid who played ninjas with his cousins in the summer evenings.

            As for actual, practical stealth, yes. Everything you mentioned is basically true. I appreciate your helping others to understand it though.

    • Well, at first I thought that was what they were telling us, and I just about dropped my cookies in shock, because it looked like Dumpster-bin Alley. I am glad to hear that was basically a fake photo, and that we will see at least a little variance in color.

    • Wait… you mean that tweet was in black and white? I just thought Ben Affleck had a monochromatic skin tone!


    • Colorblind people XD

    • i never did, when they said costume was total reinvention i did not buy into it.
      i felt it was the colors of my son’s action figure with the black and grey in it which
      is more of a military look (ala captain america’s stealth suit). total reinvention for
      the bat would be white,red and blue costume or a yellow polka batsuit.

  2. Wait… it’s not really pink? :)

    • I saw one meme where batman was wearing hello kitty pink.

    • I was thinking more of a red and blue color scheme like Supes or Wonder Woman.

  3. Cannot wait. If you are a fan of comics and not just thrilled by this, GotG, Cap, Spidey, etc then seriously what more do you need?

    • Quality storytelling for one. I like comics but I’m not paying my hard earned money to see some dumb comedy about Rocket Raccoon grabbing his privates.

      • Pretty sure Guardians is more than that, Calculon.

        • +1

        • Right, I forgot that it features the incredible acting talents of Dave Batista. I’ll be there for the midnight screening.

          • So you feel like a movie that hasn’t been released yet and has only had a couple of actual trailers has already given you what you need to declare it deficient in story?

            I’m eager to see it as well as BvS. The Marvel Cinematic universe as a whole has had speed bumps but nothing I would equate to a complete train wreck yet (Iron Man 2 was about as close to a train wreck as we got and it still had passable value). Anyway, guess we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

            • That’s exactly what he’s saying. Because he’s just another ignorant troll like 90% of the internet.

          • You have to be a troll, you only mention “bad” things and neglect to mention the great things attached to GotG.

          • Why don’t you just stick to films like Ben-Hur or Citizen Kane if your looking for quality storytelling.

            • Yes f**k story telling,f**k themes and story arcs and all that horrible stuff.
              Me want shinny shinny boom boom.

              • So certain are you that GotG has no story arc or theme? Here is a thought, maybe if you read the comic then you’d have a better idea of what is coming, hmm..?

              • I don’t really know how you intrepted my post but really if you want deep methodical story telling then just stop watching summer blockbusters.

            • Finally, the Guardians of the Galaxy fans ADMIT that they don’t even want good storytelling and are only interested in this movie because of the explosions.

          • @Calculon

            If you are giving GotG, and Dave Batista flack, you must really mad over the Gal Gadot casting as Wonder Women.

            God forbid that Marvel movies are fun, use humor quite a bit, and have a lighter tone. I like MCUl has a lighter tone, and I am glad the DCCU will be going for a more serious tone.

      • Uh, Raccoon-poon?!

        • RaPoon.

          • ha! :/

      • Or ANY movie that features a talking space raccoon. I mean, really?

        So far the GotG trailers have been horrendous; bad like the taste of luke-warm farina in the mouth. This one was better left on the pages of the comic. It has no business on the big screen.

        • -1 Love how people judge something before they actually see it. It’s like having beer goggles on without drinking the beer

        • So by your logic, NONE of the comic book movies we’ve had since the 1940s (including the old black and white Batman stuff way before Adam West even entered acting school) should have been made then, yeah?

          • holy crap i agree with Dazz, the world is ending. jk Dazz.

            Im tired of these kids that come to this site and whine about stuff that either isnt out yet, or say how they are not going to see it because it had humor or a talking racoon or the suit is not 100% like the comic. Clearly CBM are not your cup of tea so why troll this site and comment about how GotG should be left on paper or how bautista is a bad actor? And i DOUBT it will matter much of his acting skills, read a GotG comic, Bautista isnt going to be talking all that much, he is going to be fighting, thats his character.

        • i assume you’re a fan of star wars? if so, then, chewbacca is ok, but rocket raccoon is unbelievable?

          • What about TMNT. Anyone else remember the TMNT RPG? Raccoons were one the best animals in that game stat wise.

            • Ironically, not being a comic book nut myself and therefore usually only displaying a passing interest in these films, the talking Raccoon angle is the precisely the reason why this is an opening weekend deal for me…

              Go figure.

  4. it seems like his suit is made of the same material supermans suit is made up of, which could mean that batman studies the material that makes supermans suit and uses it for his own suit, granted how superman suit is fire, explosion and bullet proof (as seen in man of steel).

    and i think the rumoured plot of lex and bruce teaming up (or appearing to team up) yet both wanting different things for superman is pretty cool: bruce wants to nurture and teach supes morals etc where as lex sees him as a threat (i think he will be like he was in the comic ‘luthor’ by brian azzarello).

    • Supermans suit in not bullet or bomb proof, he emits a protective aura wich protects his suit. A sort of short range forcefield, the suit its self has non of these properties.

      • no dude it’s the suit, it’s kyrptonian so it can withstand a lot of damage, if this film was going with the idea that superman emits a protective aura, than why did his clothes get ripped to shred at the start of the film

        • The same reason they get ripped to shreds in some of the comics, because there not skin tight, not being pedantic, swear to god thats the reason they have been giving for years, its why his cape always gets it.

          • wait is that the excuse that they gave? I know the film was pretty clear on showing that only his earth clothes got torn up, and Superman Birthright showed that his suit didnt get damaged until Luther launched this Kyptonite wavelength on the city (which is complete BS if you ask me, the story was perfect until that part). But really only skin tight clothing doesnt get damaged?

            • Supes should talk to Iron man and Spidey. Cripes, their suits get trashed every movie! They might as well fight crime in a barrel (beware of splinters and knotholes, tho, boyz!).

            • I don’t know about any of the physics or lore behind Superman’s suit but Jor-El does get shanked at the start of the film so either Superman or Earth has some effect on its durability.

              • Kryptonian blade. Kryptonian underarmor suit. Think of it as chain mail.

              • Look at when zod levitates for the first time during the final battle, you see the “aura” of sorts. But yeah, overall why some clithes get ripped while ithers dont is just down to “does ut look cool” or not. Been tgat way in film and comics for decades. Sure tgere are pseudo reasons and efforts to visually represent battledamages without having to disfigure their protagonusts but in the end .. It get torn cus it looks cool… And somewhere in the shadows Micheal Bay nods in approval.

                • Typing on an iphone sucks. My spelling mistakes make me look like an 8yr old. Sigh. Sure i could “review” my post prior to sending.. But aint nobody got time fo’ that.

            • In the comics (well depends on what version of Supes we’re talking about) he emits a skin-tight forcefield which protects his suit. That was never introduced in the films, and in Man of Steel the case is that the suit is very tough and durable.

            • Love it or hate it, thats the reason.

            • Gotta love comic books.

        • I thought it was his body, not his suit.

      • MoS had the suit coming from home planet. And as Krypton is vastly different than Earth in many aspects it is only natural to assume that the suit is a little more robust. But seeing as how this is a movie about a comic book hero I say don’t get too worked up about it :)

      • Highly depends on a version. Nowadays its a self restoring armour and the cape is indestructible.

    • thast what I was thinking on the suit part. he steals or pays for general zods suit and remakes his out of it somehow since superman appeared and batmans need for something more sronger

    • Jesus Christ man, did you forget everything you have been taught in school? Use capital letters for names. I feel like I am reading something written by a 8yo.

      • What is school.

    • I just saw both costumes side by side, they nothing alike, the texture is very different.

    • i think that ghost jor-el had the ships (for lack of a better term) 3D printer make the suit as soon as he used his “key” to fire everything up. the same tech that the key was made from. and i think the materials may be stronger than anything found here, hence it’s seemingly indestructible.

      i wonder what happened to zod’s body. did the gov’t step in and take it, or did kal get rid of him?

      • The suit was in the ship, for thousands of years. It wasn’t printed up when the key was activated. Keep in mind that it was a House of El colony ship, and that the suit is standard garb for Kryptonians. There would probably be even more suits in the ship.

        • Except it did have the Superman family crest on it though. But in all honesty I thought these people lived hundreds if not thousands of years. So that ship being there could only have been Supe’s grand-dad’s for all we know.

        • well, i was stating a theory. where in the movie does it say that suit was there for thousands of years? or that the ship happened to belong to his relatives? i dont recall seeing the crest on the bigger ship, only on the one that brought kal to earth.

      • I would say it could be S.T.A.R. Labs that took Zod’s body to study it, but idk.

    • It doesn’t really seem like it’s made from the same material at all (to me, maybe it does to you). It seems like it’s made from some kind of durable, protective material like flexible kevlar or something like that, perhaps created by Wayne Industries. It’s textured, sure, and the amount of texture makes it seem like it’s not just tights.

  5. “What’s the bat stand for?”

    “On my world it’s not a bat. It means trauma and depression.”

    • Loooooooooooll

    • High five to you, sir.

    • OK dude, you DID actually make me laugh out loud at that one.

    • *stands and applauds
      that was excellent

    • “Why a bat Master Wayne?”

      “Guano Alfred, guano.”

    • Best comment I have read on this site, hands down.

    • Brilliant!

    • lolol +1

      That one got me. haha

  6. Now, in an interview with Hollywood Babble-On

    A small correction there. Smith wasn’t interviewed by Hollywood Babble-On. Hollywood Babble-On is a podcast that Smith hosts with his co-host and buddy Ralph Garman. They casually talked as equals about geek news when that topic came up. There was no interviewer or interviewee. ;)

    • Cheers, thanks for catching that one. I actually listen to Hollywood Babble-On but must have been on auto-pilot when I was typing that part ;)

  7. Personally I think Ben affleck could pull off a good Bruce wayne/Batman but the bat suit looks rediculous. Frank millers design looks good in comic book form, but on live action screen, Terrible! I was looking for something on the vein of the dark knight/arkum series design but much more advanced. Keeping in mind Bruce wayne/Batman is older in the iteration more experienced and he’s had time to study super man, you would think there would be some serious R and D on his behalf to give him self the ability to combat that kind of power.

    • I am with you on that, not so much the aesthetic of the suit, that i can just about live with, but if its constructed anything like the man of steel costume, its not going to move well.
      But to be honest i was never a massive fan of the tdk or tdkr batsuit, looked like he was designed by apple.

      • Your right about tdr suit designs, but at least simething more then what looks like a rubber suit. I think given the currant calibur of comic book based films I like o think we’ve moved well beyond that.

    • The next movie will be taking place just after Superman showed up, so Bruce didn’t have much time to study Supes. Still, expect the Dark Knight to have some armor and some new tricks. Older, wiser.

      As to the suit, which one of the on screen versions do you think is the best? I am holding my judgement till I see this one onscreen.

      • well so far just looking at this picture of Batfleck it’s already my favorite suit. I’m probably only saying that because the designers have finally moved away from the all black rubber suit.

        • I agree, the suit looks truer to the comics than any before and no nipples! :)

          • People who complain are sometimes bringing up the fact that the suit is not practical and won’t protect him, but looking closely at the picture and you can tell he’s wearing something underneath that fabric. Maybe its supposed to pass off as kevlar or maybe it was just put there to emphasize batman’s ripped body, either way I like. I just wan’t to know if the cowl and neck are one peice or if it’s made to look that way and Ben can still turn his head.

            • In the SR podcast they discussed the cowl. Their guess is that he can turn his head, I think they are correct. Otherwise it would be a step back, not forward.

            • Hey guys. Put on a hoodie. Even take a step further and put on a leather hoodie, like Kanye! Can you turn your head? Yes?

              Wait…*even with the hoodie on???* WOW, what an amazing advancement mankind has fostered!

              In other words, just because the incredibly thick, stiff one-piece rubber cowls of the past didn’t allow past Batmen to turn their heads doesn’t mean the next one won’t, just because it’s a one-piece. The vast majority of material out there is flexible, especially thin rubber/pleather.

        • Movie away from all black rubber is a good change, but the armor look of the last movies was good, in a realistic way. This upcoming suit actually looks like a giant step back to rubber sculpted muscles. They might as well put nipples on it again.

  8. I do hope theres multiple bat costumes he would wear in this film & Justice League. I dislike The Dark Knight Returns costume design as I prefer Arkham Asylam costume or bring back the yellow oval.

    • I agree. I would have liked to see an ‘Arkham’ style suit for ben affleck. That would work. He needs to be more like the Arkham Batman to make him way cooler. But I am fine with the suit.

  9. It should be obvious by now that Warner Brothers & DC needs to shop out their comic book characters for MARVEL studios to make into movies.
    At least then they’d actually make a DC movie that didn’t suck a$$.

    • They already have made those kinds of DC movies that didn’t “suck a$$”.

      They’re called Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Returns and Man Of Steel.

      • Don’t forget Donner’s Superman the Movie and around 30 minutes of Superman II. Superman: The Movie with the John Williams soundtrack was incredible for its time and it still holds up today.

        • Those are too old and you could add Burton’s Batmen to that list as well. New era of superhero movies starts with X-Men.

          • Age, like a great many things is entirely relative.

          • Let not forget DC’s very very deep resume on Animated features. Their animated department for years has been nothing less than stellar. But I’m sure many people on here and across the internet only thing Live Action counts. Well I’m a CB fan, and I didn’t start buying CBs until I saw and explored all of Timm’s DCAU. But here’s a list of fantastic films DC/WB animated have made in case you missed any of them:

            -Mask of The Phantasm (Arguably the best Batman story to date)
            -Under the Red Hood
            -New Frontier
            -Gotham Knight
            -Public Enemies
            -Infinite Crisis
            -Wonder Woman
            -GL: First Flight
            -All-Star Superman
            -Dark Knight Returns pt 1 & 2

            But I’m sure on Live Action counts right? Because DC hasn’t built up a massive following around their animated features right? I mean dude you’re on screenrant. DC can make movies and has been for years. I hope they continue. Good on them.

      • except the dark knight rises (not returns…unless you did mean the animated flick) did suck @$$.

      • You would have been right if only you stopped before getting to Man of Steel. That movie was awful in every possible way that a movie can be awful.

      • *The Dark Knight Rises.

        Also, so basically make a Captain Marvel is what you’re saying?

    • Hellz yeah!

      Then we could finally se a serious movie about these characters!

      No more constant stupid jokes or candy coated kiddie tone to the movie!

      Oh wait….

  10. Ive never understood the fandom over batman, but then again I just watched Adam West and later all the movies. That is, until I saw a batman cartoon (a couple actually) which were far better and grittier than the movies, including Bale’s stuff.
    I saw the one where some immortal guy gathered up the baddies and pitted them against the Justice League and pretty much kicked the JL’s butt, picking them off one by one – come to find out it’s because the bad guy stole Batman’s secret contingency plans he made against his own allies. Until that cartoon I never saw Batman so anti social and down right brilliant. Loved it.
    The movies never delved in to his sheer intellect.

    The other cartoon he was really old and teaching an apprentice. And still grouchy as can be – but very old. Different cartoonist even, he was really trapezoidal faced. That was better than the movies too.

    Im betting the best Batman version are animated or in comics, the movies pretty much make me yawn.

    • Justice League: Doom was the movie you saw.

      And you now know why Batfans are losing their minds over the fact that Snyder is doing the next Batman.
      Because the comic and animated character IS superior to any live action version to date.
      But say what you will about Snyder, but he is usually quite true to the source material.

      Which means the Batman you described will finally be making his way into a live action movie!
      Go watch the animated “The Dark Knight Returns” and you’ll really see why it is about to get good.

      Good times!

    • Yeah, the comic book/cartoon Batman is an idiot. He makes a bunch of contingency plans that can be used to defeat his allies(What could go wrong!?) and then he promptly lets the bad guys steal them. Much dumber than the movie version. The comic book version even let a 10 year old kid be his sidekick(Again, what could go wrong?!) Guess how that turned out?

    • Batman is the world greatest detective. The JL plot line comes from the comics. Batman is a BA in the comics. Batman has enemies who are stronger or faster, but none more determined.

  11. The Superman symbol stands for hope. The Batman symbol stands for pain and broken bones. I hope that all the negativity Disney and Marvel are putting out about this movie blows up in their faces.

    • Broken bones and pain go with his choice of nightlife. The symbol is a symbol of remembrance for him and fear to those who do evil to the innocent.

  12. I’m so psyched for this!!! Ben doesn’t just look menacing, he looks hard to the core. Definitely not the type to knock criminals out & tie them up.

  13. *yawn*
    Still 2 more years to go. Curb your enthusiasm Batfleck fans.

  14. kevin smith sucks balls.

    • It was one time and I was drunk.

  15. Does Kevin Smith feel important or cool with all his swearing? What has he been doing lately? Oh, that’s right, getting kicked off of planes.

  16. Poor Superman. He can’t have his own movie anymore.

  17. i feel before there is so many batmobiles. and we heard he wear two suits.

  18. How about trying green or red and blue like super woman? Really guys what is with you’ll? *sigh*

  19. So, based from this article, he didn’t really confirm multiple suits. He just confirmed the one Snyder posted in colour. He then went on to speculate maybe there will be multiple suits and batmobiles. I hope he’s right! :]

  20. Dear Overreacting Comic Book Nerds on the Interwebs,

    Thanks for making Kevin Smith look like a genius. You have proven yourselves once again.

    Think about what you have done.

    A nerd on a higher level of logical thinking

    PS. The WORST fanboys on the internet, of all the fanboys of anything that one could be a fanboy of, are hands down the comic book fanboys, and more often than not fueled by horrible comic bloggers.

    • Dear Condescending ScreenRant Bait Post:

      Deal with it.

      The Doc

      PS: Kevin Smith is damn cool. He’s made some funny movies and is a passionate comic book fan. He has done more for movies and comics than any cowardly keyboard warrior such as yourself could ever dream.

  21. I have to say I am proud of WB for going a different direction with the suit. As long as they do not go with the tired retired Dark Knight returning to clean up crime. Batman was seasoned when he joined JLA but not some jaded old man. And if Ben Wayne/Batfleck says; “I’m too old…” or “getting too old…” SO HELP ME!

    guess I will read it in the spoilers or when the Russians get it…

  22. Didn’t this already get confirmed by this photo? http://i.imgur.com/bpCTMuE.jpg

    • That was photoshop. And a damned good one at that. There’s a slightly darker one though and I like that better.


  24. I called it. There is no MOS2 right now. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has just been officially released. This is a continuation of the story after Zod’s invasion, and the introduction of aliens in the universe. Perhaps a MOS2 will come AFTER Justice League.

  25. I want whatever Kevin is smoking. Hook me up

  26. 129 comments and still no page break, huh? Hmmm…

    *scrolls up*

    Oh, I get it!

    Here I can help too!

    Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters Aug 1 2014!

  27. Suit look like creepy….why don’t make as Dark knight?