Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Costume and Batmobile Revealed

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bvs Ben Afflecks Batman vs. Superman Costume and Batmobile Revealed

Those following Batman vs. Superman may have thought that today would bring a simple reveal of the brand new Batmobile as teased by Zack Snyder are in for a surprise, as the director has revealed the very first look at Batman’s new set of wheels – as well as the very first official image of Ben Affleck’s costume as an older, gruffer, and bulkier Bats. And in case anyone was wondering how large a role “The Dark Knight Returns” might play, the suit gives an even stronger hint of a Frank Miller influence.

The image comes courtesy of a rather anticlimactic Tweet from Snyder, who after months of relative inactivity seems to have jumped on the hype train, releasing some images to get fans discussing something more than what lies beyond Batman vs Superman in DC’s movie universe.

We’ve included a brighter look at the photo, which allows the level of detail in the actual suit to stand out a bit clearer (and show how much the design draws from a few suits we predicted). Take a look and click to enlarge:

Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck Costume 1024x681 Ben Afflecks Batman vs. Superman Costume and Batmobile Revealed

Zack Snyder Batman vs Superman Batmobile Tease 620x370 Ben Afflecks Batman vs. Superman Costume and Batmobile Revealed

It’s easy to see what comic book buff (and Affleck’s close friend) writer/director Kevin Smith meant when he claimed that the new suit would be unlike any previously seen on film. It’s entirely possible it was this image Smith was speaking to, and the decision to emphasize the actual muscle of Bruce Wayne’s body is a serious departure from past costumes in itself. Add in the choice to portray Affleck’s Batman as a broad, bulky, and slightly hunched brawler (as opposed to the slim, sleek Batman of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy) and the overall message is clear: Nolan may be producing the film, but this is Snyder’s vision.

The first thought that will jump into every comic fan’s mind is the similarity between the suit pictured here and the larger, more barrel-chested version typically associated with Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” costume. Since Snyder hinted that the comic series – featuring a more grizzled and world-weary Batman going toe-to-toe with Superman – would be an influence on Batman vs. Superman, that revelation isn’t all that shocking. Add in the practical style of the recent “Batman Incorporated” comic line, and you’ve got a finished product that’s a mix of old and new.

Even so, the simple choice of a close-fitting bodysuit over armor promises a more comic book appearance for Batman than ever before. Snyder is also placing his Dark Knight explicitly alongside the visual style and ‘realism’ sought after with Man of Steel; the similarities between Superman’s new duds and this suit are clear (from a material standpoint), even if the detail and pattern of the suit aren’t quite as elegant as those of Kryptonian elite.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill in Suit Ben Afflecks Batman vs. Superman Costume and Batmobile Revealed

That’s clearly part of the overall plan, with Snyder and David S. Goyer consistently speaking about developing a “cohesive” movie universe for DC’s heroes, now that the director has officially been tasked with bringing the Justice League to theaters after BvS. So those who feel Warner Bros. may be straying too far from comic book costumes elsewhere can rest easy with Snyder in charge of the films.

But before movie fans get too excited that this may be a sign of an extensive marketing campaign already gearing up, it’s worth pointing out that this image – and that of the tarp-ed Batmobile earlier teased – appear to be taken during the same photo shoot. It’s entirely possible that these may have been from early in the production process, but Snyder has at least hinted that a costumed Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have all suited up in one place already.

The suit will surely turn off some comic book fans (as nearly every costume reveal inevitably does to begin with), but we again warn that costumes shouldn’t be dismissed until they’re seen on set, in context. In this case, comic book artist Jim Lee’s style is obvious: the shortened ‘ears’ of the cowl, the tone of the suit (which appears more grey than black) and the sheer size of the silhouette. These could all bring something genuinely new to Batman on the big screen, but if that isn’t enough to keep fans optimistic, remember: Affleck may be wearing more than one.

Batsuit Reveal Coming for Batman vs Superman Ben Afflecks Batman vs. Superman Costume and Batmobile Revealed

What do you think of the suit and the Batmobile? Are you thrilled to see this new direction taken for The Dark Knight, or had you hoped to see a different adaptation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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For our part, we’re always fans of something different. Although we’d warn Kal-El that he might have competition with the women in his life from here on out…

Ma Kent Batsuit Meme Ben Afflecks Batman vs. Superman Costume and Batmobile Revealed


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Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for May 6, 2016.

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  1. I prefer Batman’s mask when it isn’t ‘chinless’. Looks so much better and more modern when it covers his jaw, like the new Flash mask… Plus it would conceal Ben Asslick’s bum chin.

  2. I LIKE IT!!! Batman is getting rough!!! I can’t wait to see Batman slapping Superman like the whinny little b**** he is :)

    • Everybody knows Metropolis is for sissies and Gotham is for tough guys :)

      You know what I mean, Superman is a boy scout and if there is kryptonite in the mix Batman can easily wipe the floor with Supes cape. Superman never got any combat training because he always got the powers.

    • The New 52 Superman beat the living hell out of Batman in their first encounter. Nothing Batman did even remotely hurt Superman except for annoy him. It appears they made Superman alot more aggressive. Smashing Batman through a wall. The only thing that made Superman stop was when Batman called him Clark, and then Superman told him he knew he was Bruce Wayne.

      I don’t know what it is about people. If you asked people “would you love the powers of a God who can travel the Universe, move at the speed of light and lift something the weight of the planet earth and be practically indestructible or would you rather be a super tough brooding intelligent ninja fighter in a Batsuit?”

      I think I know what people would say. Besides, if you can name me an issue where Batman beats the hell out of Superman go ahead. Superman has beaten the hell out of Batman several times. Kryptonite doesn’t kill Superman right away. Batman has a kryptonite ring. Which Superman gave to him.

      Batman takes on Gotham deviants. Superman takes on Universal deviants.

      Gotham is portrayed as a toilet in the Comics. Metropolis is the city of tomorrow. Superman being a whiny b***? Since when does Superman whine? Without kryptonite, Batman has zero chance.

      • Actually, batman beat the s*** out Superman in one of the comic books. Also, Batman stopped the universe from total annihilation by time traveling and making a batman army that then became a bunch of human bombs due to something with dimensions and he fixed that problem AFTER killing the Overlord of Evil. I don’t remember all the details but yeah. And I’d choose batman cause I’d rather be proud of my accomplishments then just be practically invincible

        • He didn’t “beat the s*** out of Superman,” he tricked him with kryptonite thrown by Green Arrow. Also, Supes was holding back like he always does when fighting powerless humans.

          • Excellent spot-on analysis, yet a shady no-life like Bats is way cooler than the ultimate boyscout. I mean, not to actually be, but to read or watch. That’s why I loved MoS, because in addition to finally showing the consequences of his power level and having a great knickerless costume, he still had cracks in his armor (metaphorically speaking of course), he had doubts and wasn’t yet the rigidly righteous hero that he was to become.

  3. Folks, Lets not forget… Theres still one more suit. Might not get a teaser for it but it could be the one he fights Kal-el in.

    • I hope so, that suit sort of reminds me of something Iron Man would wear. It looks so cool! Iron Bat!
      Also, is it confirmed there will be more than one suit? That would be awesome because they all look cool in their own ways!

  4. this costume not new, it looks like a dark grey military look. my son has an action
    figure of batman close to this costume, personally i like the captain america military
    look on the new batman.

    • “This costume not new, its LOOKS like a dark grey MILITARY LOOK”,
      Read that out loud to yourself.

      “Personally i like the captain america MILITARY look on the new batman”

      Really though, this costume is dark grey military(perhaps because the picture has no color) and you would prefer a captain america military look.

      I can’t begin to wrap my head your thought process. So you want batman in a red white and blue military suit? You batman in a all dark blue with white highlights military suit? You want batman in a ww2 era brown jacket with military suit on underneath?
      Perhaps your son has a toy of batman from The Dark Knight Returns?

      Either way, “not new, its dark grey military and I want captain america military’ sums the ignorance up.

      “This Miranda Kerr not new, she looks like brunette olive skin supermodel look. personally I like the red hair fairer skinned look on the new Miranda Kerr”

      • Krillin, buddy, ease off. Not taking a jab at you but his wording makes it appear English may not be his first language.

        I can see where he is coming from, the suit does resemble the captain America suit in some aspects. It will be nice to see more images in a different light and other positions to get a better grasp of its design. Certainly does feel like a darker, dingier look to me from what we have thus far.

    • Well it’s new to live action film, for many people who don’t collect toys or comics this will be the first time they see the Frank Miller Batman suit.

  5. Snyder haters be like, “chaning tatum is gambit”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • ^Facts

    • Waffle haters be like, “blueberry muffins are a thing”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Why do people say Henry Cavill’s outfit might get an upgrade? Upgrade to what? How would it be explained in the film that his outfit has changed? Keep it the way it is please.

    • upgrade the collar so that Henry’s chest hair don’t stick out soo much like before. Put a gold or Black S on the back of his cape, make blue just a bit more light so that it contrast well with batman’s dark grey and black.

      • I dont mind the changes, actually I would like to see the new 52 look with the collar and stuff.
        But it does bother me if they dont explain that in the film.

      • Henry’s chest hair?! Wow, you’re really looking for it!

        • Uhh… where’s the rest of my comment? It wasn’t offensive in any way.

      • his chest hair stuck out of his costume?! what movie were you watching?

    • They always make at least small changes in every new movie. Hollywood believes that they have to. So there is no doubt there will be some small changes to the Superman suit. They won’t bother to explain them.

      • It’s mostly out of the need to make the suit more flashy and eye popping then before. Also some adjustments are required so that the actors are more comfortable wearing whatever costume or make up they’re putting on.

  7. I get why they had to release it on their own terms, but 2016 is sooo far away…

  8. Why is everyone assuming that there is going to be a physical fight between Superman and Batman. I don’t think that’s the case at all.

    • the sillyness of skeptical people is that they think a fight between Superman and Batman would appear dumb, boring and pointless to the story and not the other way around……Let them fight.

      lol srry i had to.

      • Godzilla reference? (:

    • They’ve fought many times in the past. Usually it’s breif, but after the events of MoS, you can’t deny that Batman will at least try to prepare for a physical confrontation.

    • Remember the Comic-Con news? Zack Snyder took the stage to announce the project AKA Man of Steel 2, AKA Batman VS Superman. He then handed the microphone over to Harry Lennix, who recited the following quote from the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns“, “I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.” Thats why some of us are pretty certain Kal and Bruce will be going at it.

      • I think it was more or less to describe what side of Batman they’ll be playing with, remember in that book it was told from one person to another that they knew for ages

    • zack already said that. they will be in physical fight. i think they fight two times. first fight win superman. second fight win batman. second fight will be big,brutal.

  9. It´s by far the best Batman suit on movie… Ever!!! (sure… still from a single photo shot). Look´s like Jim Lee´s and F. Miller´s Batman. It´s all we need to know!! All we ever wanted!!

    • Umm, no. The best look on film for an actually powerless hero would be less form-fitting and more armor-like, just like what Nolan did. How the hell would you expect a regular human to hold his ground for a second against any thug with a basic gun in this outfit? Even more so against a guy who tears through buildings like they’re made of paper.

      • bfg666 you have no idea what we are talking about…this is batman.. no more nolan vigilante that isnt a detective or cant fight or that needs body armor. go read a batman comic. he was saying this is faithful. it is.

        • So lemme get this straight: you’re willing to sacrifice suspension of disbelief for the sake of your sacrosanct faithfulness, yet I’m the clueless one… Right. As I said before, what works in comics doesn’t necessarily work in movies.

          Here’s an advice for you, pal: why don’t you wear this suit then go get yourself caught in a crossfire to see how you fare? Even if it’s made of kevlar, odds are you’re gonna end up very much dead.

  10. whoops! wrong post
    thought this was the Days of Future Past article. my bad
    ** teleports away**

    • LOL.

      Dammit Blink!

      Be more mindful of where you toss those portals!!!

  11. Best. Batman. Ever. Period.

    Now THAT is how Batman should look!

    Your arguments are invalid

  12. Isn’t it pretty obvious why Zack Snyder digs the muscles-in-rubber look? And also why he is drawn to stories about characters who grow up feeling ‘a little different’ to others, and are a little angst-ridden about how they have been blessed/cursed with their induvidual personality? In fact, his movies nearly all follow the same arc of outsider finally being accepted. Must be very cathartic, I think is the word.
    The studio may try to sell the look as ‘bad-ass’, but it’s all getting a bit too Blue Oyster Bar now.

    • Such a wonderful piece of trolling. Very well done.

      • What, I can’t mention the elephant in the room? I think it’s interesting when a director has the balls to interpret a story or character from a different angle, especially when done so subversly through a comic book adaptation. I do think he’s hammering it into the ground now though.

        • Unfortunately for you professor: this particular mind-trick is too advanced for those whom mind-tricks actually work on.

          Nice attempt though. The force is strong with you…

          …but you are not a Jedi yet.

          • ^This

    • How low the trolls will sink….

    • …So? Who cares if the guy is on the flipside?

  13. The batsuit and the batmobile both look great the shorter ears are much better I hope snyder shows pictures of some gadgets like detective vision for doing forensic stuff at the crime scene or tracking things back to the source or the batmobile driving up the side of a building or taking off into the air like a plane.

    • I hope you eat your words when the film comes out lol.

    • I really hope you’re not talking about the dude from “true blood”. If you are, no………….. just no.

      • I concur. Joe MANGANIELLO (and not Matagnello) really doesn’t look like Batman one bit. Affleck has the chin and the build and if he delivers a performance akin to Argo, that’s fine with me.

        Fun fact: Joe played Flash Thompson in Raimi’s Spider-Man and was in the competition for Superman’s role in the current Snyder version.

        • He can, when he cares to (cf. Argo). Granted, he apparently doesn’t care often but I think he loves the character enough to do him justice (no pun intended). I used to be an Affleck basher just like you, but then I saw Argo. I’m certainly not in love with the guy but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

          Also, skinny, seriously? The guy was bulky even before beginning training for the movie!

        • An Academy Award winning director, screen writer and Actor that is worth $75 Million. People that can’t act don’t get Hollywood film roles. Regardless of what you think. You can’t act right? You don’t act for a living. So based on your logic you could get a job acting right?

          • That’s not true either. There are more than a few Hollywood actors who act no better than my left foot. Schwarzie for starters.

  14. Joe Manganiello definitely DOES look like Bruce Wayne!!!!!! I

    90 % of fans do not want Affleck. They have to be
    convinced against all readon and eyesight. Compare Joe to Affleck is like comparing a Hercules appearance to Pee Wee Herman
    And Jesse Eisenberg is even worse. Just choose midgts to fill iconic roles lol

    • “Joe Manganiello definitely DOES look like Bruce Wayne!!!!!! I
      A HELLOVA LOT MORE THAN AFFLECK .” No, he doesn’t. Not in this universe.

      As for fans, 90% of them are stupid, unthinking sheep who wouldn’t know good from bad even if it was right in their faces.

  15. You’re unthinking to insult fans WHO buy
    The tickets making a film successful.
    As for Affleck , hes all paid up for his propaganda,piece
    So now he gets illuminati reward

    • Truth is not an insult. Also, it’s not the fans who make a film successful but the general public. Fans are only a small part of the total audience. And what’s that crap about illuminati stuff?

  16. I hate Ben Affleck. No matter how much they polish his charisma, he looks like a babyface d**k.

    After Christian Bale, it would be funny to watch him.

    As for the Superman vs Batman debate, Batman would definitely beat Superman with a piece of kryptonite; Batman is much smarter than Superman and he is better trained. Superman is just an alien farmer with god-like powers.

    But of course this is never going to happen. Because Superman is the embodiement of US symbolically. He was used that way in WW2 propaganda. Captain America will always beat everybody else because of that too, even with some strength, that shield wouldn’t be protecting him if he wasn’t named America. I am not even mentioning he was a US soldier. These were the reality.

    When we come back to the discussion.

    I always loved Batman because it is more realistic. I love Gotham city with it’s gothic look; as it is the case with Batman series overall. I loved the old Batman movies and had some hard time digesting the Nolan movies. But I don’t think I can see Affleck as a Batman ever…