Rumor Patrol: ‘Batman vs Superman’ Batsuit Reveal Coming Next Month

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Batsuit Reveal Coming for Batman vs Superman Rumor Patrol: Batman vs Superman Batsuit Reveal Coming Next Month

So far, there’s been more rumor than fact surrounding the Man of Steel sequel, most commonly referred to as Batman vs. Superman. And one of the most talked about rumors so far is one of the most integral elements of any Batman film: the Batsuit.

To put it simply, there has been A LOT of discussion about what Ben Affleck‘s Batman is going to wear. Some rumors hint of a design resembling a look from the comics, like in Batman: Noel. Others suggest there will actually be two Batsuits. Kevin Smith has seen it and loved it. In fact, it was his gushing about the new Batsuit that prompted us to discuss five designs we’d like to see in Batman vs. Superman.

Very soon, though, we won’t be able to speculate about Affleck’s batduds. At least according to Forbes film blogger and Batman On Film‘s Mark Hughes, who tweeted that he believes the Batsuit reveal will happen next month.

Initially, Hughes was convinced the reveal of Affleck’s Batsuit, as well as an official look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, would happen any day. But he’s since changed his story, citing the film’s production being delayed as reason for the hold up. Now the reveal, which will supposedly happen via magazine covers, is expected either the first or second week of March. Hughes also said that the photos will come from official shoots, not fancy photoshop jobs.

Batsuits in Batman vs Superman Rumor Patrol: Batman vs Superman Batsuit Reveal Coming Next Month

While there isn’t anything concrete to back this rumor up, it’s not entirely out of the question for a costume reveal to be timed around the start of filming. Given how passionate everyone is about the look of the Batsuit, fans will be especially critical of the final design for Batman vs. Superman. Snyder will want to give the new design its best chance with a professional reveal, not some blurry, pixelated, leaked photo from the set.

Though if you’ll recall, the first image of Henry Cavill’s Superman was not universally loved – and that was an official photo! The washed out and shadowy image did nothing to help what, in the end, was a muted color scheme for the costume. Then again, Batman is by nature a more shadowy figure than Superman, so his costume will likely be better served by a dark and moody first image.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 Rumor Patrol: Batman vs Superman Batsuit Reveal Coming Next Month

And what of Gadot’s Wonder Woman? It was only a few days ago she shared a photo of her biceps from her Wonder Woman workouts. Would she really be at full Wonder Woman fighting shape already? We’ll have to wait and see what March brings.

What approach do you think Snyder has taken with Affleck’s Batsuit? Will it be more grounded and realistic or something more comic book-inspired? Let us know your thoughts below.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters May 6th, 2016.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. Since they’re delaying the reveal by a month they had better show several pictures; really eager for this.

    • Superman should have his kiss curl and his costume should have brighter tones of red, blue and yellow as well as a yellow S emblem on the cape, the chest’s logo designed to look like the 1944 version, the yellow belt and the red trunks while Batman’s costume should be grey with a yellow ellipse around the chest’s bat emblem, a yellow capsuled utility belt and a dark blue cape, cowl, gloves, boots and trunks and Wonder Woman should wear red, blue and gold.

      • no thank you… if you want those old style costumes please wtach the old movies.

  2. I think we’ll get a glimpse of the Bat-suit around June perhaps. Since this year is Batman 75th anniversary, similar to Superman’s anniversary short video of the history of Superman through out the years and at the end it showed Man of Steel’s Superman, it be cooled if it happened to Batman, at the end showing Ben Affleck’s Batman… That’s how I would picture it.

    • DC are trying to fast track a JLS movie without doing the groundwork that Marvel have done and if they are not careful it could blow up in their face….

      • You can argue that DC doesn’t have to or even need to do the groundwork Marvel has done. Superman is established, after BvS, Batman will be established and then Wonder Woman will most likely be set up for a stand alone or if they stay with team ups a WW/Supes movie. All they need are two other JL members which don’t have to be flash or Green Lantern necessarily. They have to choose characters that fit their universe, not keep morphing the universe to fit characters.

        • Flash is necessary, he is one of the original founding members no less important than Superman or Wonder woman. You have to have Flash and Green Lantern is also necessary.

        • I think they do need the ground work, Nolan’s Batman has nothing to offer Superman, Batman out of the comics is like DC’s Tony Stark, he’s a genius, Nolan’s Batman is just a guy in a suit, what can he possibly offer Superman, why would Superman need him at all, its bull, they are attempting to fast track a Super team movie and they could seriously screw it up.

  3. It is not so much the look of the Bat suit but how Afleck looks in the Bat suit.

    • My guess is he will look like a mouth and a cleft chin in a Bat-Man outfit, or like Daredevil dressed like Bat-Man.

      • eh maybe more of a five o’clock shadow and lips in a dark knight uniform. or the one guy he played in that one movie with a mask on

  4. Damn, from which comic is that panel? The one with the multiple Batman.

  5. I don’t understand the rush. The movie won’t be out for 2 years and whatever they show next month probably wont be the final version. .

    • Actually, whenever they reveal the suit (however soon) it will be the final version. The new bat suit is one of the few things already completed, I don’t see any reason to wait more than another month to at least give fans this.

  6. not related but the guardians trailer practically ripped the cash out of my wallet.

    I can’t wait for Batman vs. Superman, they can reveal the suits whenever I really just want to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume.

    • Same here. The trailer blow me away. Best trailer for 2014.

      I’m more looking forward seeing what the Wonder Woman costume would be like. We’ve got minor details of what the Bat-suit would look like, I wouldn’t be worried on that than Wonder Woman’s.

    • Ditto on the Guardians trailer! It went from a movie which didn’t sound like it would work at all to being so strange and entertaining, it is now a must see!

      I think Ben Affleck is going to be great as Batman, and I’m looking forward to the reveal of the suit. I do think they are cramming a lot into this film. What if I was someone who LOVED Man Of Steel, and couldn’t wait for a sequel where I could focus on this new reboot of Superman? And now we have Batman, Wonder Woman, and who else?!

  7. I hope its pink.

  8. I hope Batman’s costume is great & better than Nolan’s 2 latter Batman film costumes. I hope Superman’s is brighter colored atleast as a improvement while WW sticks to the eagle & stars for her costume.

    • I dunno, I liked the last two Nolan suits because they had practicality and allowed him to turn his head.

      Id love the New 52 costume for WW and for Superman to keep the slightly dark suit he had in MOS.

    • I hope the keep Superman costume the wya it was in MoS… nothing wrong witht he current colors and brightening Superman up would not be an improvement. Don’t get me wrong.. I love Reeves and his old costume but.. side by side…. there is no contest, the new costume is so much better and more bad ass. And Cavill’s physique is much more “super” than Reeve’s ever was. I suggest you get some popcorn , put Superman 1 and 2 on your DVD… or dust off those Linda Carter VHS’s from your garage and watch the old costumes that way.

  9. The upcoming bat-suit had been hinted several times during the past few months. Either by this site or some other sites.

    It’s based on the now-classic Frank Miller’s TDKR. One will be the dark Grey suit. The other one will be the Exoskeleton suit for battling with Supes.

    Unless of course, Snyder wants to surprise the fans by revealing another bat-suit.

  10. All this back-and-forth is driving me nuts! I want this movie be out now, but if I have to wait until 2016 then I can wait another 6 months for the first Batsuit pics. I think.

  11. I’m thinking his “main” suit is going to be a clever mashup of the Noel and classic Jim Lee blue and grey, and have the sort of fabric aesthetic that Cavill’s suit has, that kind of “chain mail”-ish pattern, and if the rumors are true about there being a second suit, its indeed going to be an armored type of suit, i’m thinking something like the “Super Alloy” action figure. It would make sense too, that it be powered like an Iron Man suit, and that kryptonite will play into it in one way or another.

  12. I remember not liking the Superman suit very much when I saw the first image. Then it grew on me, and now I love it and how it worked in Man of Steel. Whatever the Bat-Suit looks like, I’m sure it will work perfectly in the film.

  13. Hopefully it’ll be a reveal and not a tease. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t actually see WW in costume at all during the film with the exception of maybe a post credits scene.

  14. really eager for this.

  15. i wouldn’t mind seeing a dark blue version

  16. So a “story” about how there “might” be an actual story next month.


    • @ DragonArcher23

      You noticed that too, eh?

      They’re doing anything possible to keep DC relevant in a world owned by Marvel.

      Why is this news? After all the bad casting thats happened this whole movie is just old news.

      • So don’t report it and have people wondering why it’s not mentioned or report it and have Marvel fans making ridiculous claims.

        Lose/lose for SR it seems.

        You also mention bad casting. Did I miss something? The last I heard, they’d cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Have they cast other people since then?

      • Hey Chris, do me a favor.
        Don’t try agreeing with me anymore K?

        “World owned by Marvel”

        You sir are a joke of a movie fan.

      • also, do me another favor and remind me which company took in the most box office $$$ last year?

        All you clowns who think its a DC vs Marvel thing make me laugh. If there is any competition in movies it has nothing to do with comic book producing companies.

  17. I think that her role will more than just a cameo appearance

  18. I just mournfully watch while Snyder and his bunch of miscast tools F*** this movie, and the entire DC universe, up. Bring on Guardians of the Galaxy :D

    • Would you like some toast to help you sop up your whine? It might help to stop the vomitous blather pouring forth from your mouth. Go, BvS! :)

      • Not as many tissues as you’ll need to mop up your tears when this patched together rush job hits cinemas and proves to be as sh** as man of Steel.

        Thanks for the offer though.

        • Patched together rush job? It’s not out for another 2 years lol smh

          • Leave Justin alone, guys. Didn’t you know that trolls stick around if you feed them? They’re like bears in that sense but less cuddly and lovable.

      • Archaeon. Just admit you’re getting paid to back this joke of a movie…

      • Face it, the movie will blow chunks

    • Escuse fair Marvelite I think you are on the wrong thread.

      I didnt see any casting announcment here. Its to say we will see the batsuit in a few weeks.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
      Finally, someone with common sense!!

  19. What comic is that from where the panel with all 3 Batmans in this article?

  20. Of course they had to tease releasing the suit, can’t let Marvel climb further ahead with the “RISKY” GOTG now that the trailer is out and every comic book fan, and all the non-comic Sci-Fi fans are salivating. Heck my wife who is not a fangirl, is STOKED for GOTG. DC/WB gotta try and turn attention back. ;)

    • This is pretty much irrational thinking lol

  21. There have been numerous different pics of bat suit online and they all look awesome! How can they top it? SEE THROUGH BAt SUIT? LOL!!!

  22. Come May 2016 when we have all the BvsS trailers, I’ll just sit back and watch all the negative people jump on the BvsS bandwagon. Like they’ve done with every comic book movie.

    • @kevin. I agree with you Kevin. This is a BvS article. I understand there is so much excitement for GOTG but come on Marvel fans. Really? There are so many articles for GOTG. Throw all your comments on those pages. It’s like they want Man of Steel 2 to fail. I really want this film to succeed way beyond expectations. Go Man of Steel 2!

      • Marvelites have a tea party kind mentality

  23. I think that Batman’s suit should incorporate soem of the kryptonian’s armour, I mean come on, that stuff could take a real beating! Use the kryptonians armour to create a design similar to that in the new Arkham Knight or even the Arkham Origins suit would be amazing.

  24. I would like to see this batman use more gadgets instead of just hand to hand combat. i would like to see him use his batarangs and etc. like batman does in the animated series

  25. I have been a fan of the caped crusade along side iron man since I use to watch them back in the 90′s on fox (the animated series). I want smaller ears, blue cowl, and a no nipples and non armored GREY! suit. possibly make the bat sign cover the whole chest, and a yellow more versatile utility belt. Long cape for gliding like in the dark knight trilogy and actually military styled combat boats. I know this request is high to demand, but I’ll settle for a few of these or whatever I don’t know I don’t care just GIVE IT TO US ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  26. I just go in my pants! Go Batsman versus Super duper man!

  27. Since when does anyone gotta be a fan of Marvel to know this movie will be horrible?

    It’s going to be bigger a bomb than Steel!

    Accept it!!