‘Batman vs. Superman’: Kevin Smith Says New Batsuit is Unlike Anything Seen on Film

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tdkr Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Says New Batsuit is Unlike Anything Seen on Film

With Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman vs. Superman both hitting theaters, summer 2015 may be the biggest season ever for superhero fans the world over (and should add a mountain of fuel to the futile Marvel versus DC debate). Last week’s release of Thor: The Dark World may have set the stage for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in the last week, the epic confrontation between DC Comics’ two flagship characters has flooded the rumor mill.

For months, fans have known that Batman vs. Superman will release in 2015 and feature Man of Steel star Henry Cavill facing off against Ben Affleck as the new Batman. However, recent buzz has indicated that the film could feature appearances from Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Green Arrow and other heroes in order to setup the inevitable Justice League film. While none of that information has been confirmed, we do have an update on one aspect of the new movie, namely the new Batsuit.

Filmmaker (and podcaster) Kevin Smith hosted a live Man of Steel event over the weekend with director Zack Snyder, and although no details on the sequel were revealed, Smith apparently got a look at the new Batman suit afterwards and offered a few tidbits on his weekly Hollywood Babble-On podcast. Here’s what Smith had to say:

“I saw the Batman costume. More than that, I saw a picture of [Ben Affleck] in the costume…I don’t want to give anything away ’cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this…I instantly bear hugged [Snyder]. You have not seen this costume on film before. For a comic book fan, it was mind-bending… Because every other movie does this Matrix-y black armor thing…There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit. I think everyone is just gonna be like ‘Holy S**t!’ It’s its own thing. We haven’t been down this path before. Even the hardest core [most skeptical] person will be like ‘Alright, I’m ready.’…It seemed like it was very [Redacted] influenced.”

Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Says New Batsuit is Unlike Anything Seen on Film

That last bit was bleeped out on Smith’s own podcast, presumably in an effort to avoid divulging too much information regarding the new Batman suit. However, given Smith’s admiration of Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, it’s fair to guess that Snyder’s film may be taking its design cues from that version of the character. After all, if Bruce Wayne is truly going to battle Superman head-on, he will need a more durable, fortified suit for the occasion, and if true, this would fit with previous rumors of the suit’s design as well as the “tired, weary and seasoned” Batman that we know Affleck will be playing. Moreover, the fact that WB used a quote directly from Miller’s work to announce the Batman/Superman film lends credibility to the thought that Snyder may be looking at The Dark Knight Returns for inspiration.

Regardless of whether or not Smith truly was referring to Miller, the above quote may alleviate fans’ worries about how this new Batman will turn out. We’ve long assumed that Snyder’s take on the character would hew more closely to the realistic take of Nolan’s The Dark Knight (at the very least, Affleck’s Batman should be able to turn his head) rather than the sillier design of the Joel Schumacher productions (i.e. Bat-nipples). However, Smith’s assurance that the suit is unlike anything that has been seen onscreen is particularly reassuring and will surely make yet another big-screen version of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego (especially coming so soon after The Dark Knight Rises) feel less superfluous.

Do you feel more confident in what Affleck’s Batman will look like, given Smith’s comments? Or are you still waiting to see the new suit for yourself? Let us know in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Hollywood Babble-On

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  1. Batman Beyond suit PLEASE! Replace Black with grey and replace red with black.

    • +1


  2. I never cared for the previous Batman or Superman movies to any great degree. However, I am pumped for this one, and will definiteluy give it a chance. I have not seen MOS yet (except trailers), but it looks good, and I will be buying it this week when it comes out at Wal-Mart.

    • If you didn’t like the other Superman movies, prepare to be infinitely disappointed by Man of Steel. It’s barely a Superman movie. No respect for the source material whatsoever

      • Nonsense.

      • Bullsh*t… i watched all Superman movies(animated, aswell as live action), and im a huge fan of Superman comics, and the movie was awesome!!

      • Oh c’mon Zach. NO respect for the source material? You do realize Superman HAS killed before, yes? (either you knew that and it’s not part of your agenda, or you truly don’t know the “source material” as well as you think)

        Man of Steel was an amazing Superman movie and will NOT dissapoint anyone who wants to see Superman actually exhibiting his powers in a way that you could only imagine or see in a comic book before.

  3. Hey, the new suit looks like it hides Ben Affleck’s va&ina really well.

    • Haven’t you been taught that only women have va@ginas. Not sure whats going on with you

  4. Please let it be the old school blue/grey suit, not chock a block full of body armour, Batman is a ninja, he doesnt need armour, Supermans suit was the best ive ever seen so im confident Bats will look badass, what I dont understand about all this tho is how the hell is Batman going to take on Superman, Supes could throw him to mars and not even break a sweat, its not even a contest, the crime fighting detective vs a super alien, I hope they team up together not fight each other, and one last thing, I want to see Doomsday!

    • “He doesn’t need armor.” Yeah, right. Go have a fight with a pack of non-superpowered goons, then watch Man Of Steel and say that again with a straight face.

      • I’d rather DIE than watch that POS, MOS again…abomination.

        • OK, die then.

    • If what Kevin Smith says is true, and it’s never been seen onscreen, that won’t be the costume, because the 1960s Batman film (based on the TV series) used the blue-gray spandex look.

      An a ninja would use strategic armor, a samurai would as well, a martial arts master would not.

      I think the only way for Batman to face Superman is to have a Kryptonite ring or something similar (Kryptonite body armor?)

      • Kryptonite is how he survived the fight in The Dark Knight Returns.

    • “Please let it be the old school blue/grey suit, not chock a block full of body armour, Batman is a ninja, he doesnt need armour…what I dont understand about all this tho is how the hell is Batman going to take on Superman”

      You don’t understand, because you don’t think batman needs anything but spandex. Have you read “The Dark Knight Returns”? That’s where this whole Batman vs. Superman idea comes from. In that comic Batman survives the fight because he wears badass armor of his own design, and he fights Superman using all kinds of tricks that wouldn’t really work if he was just wearing tights

      • Not even his badass armor lasted very long againt Supes and he would’ve bitten the dust if not for a certain sample of green meteorite… I had already mentioned that in the comment just above yours, Ken.

        • I didn’t imply the armor lasted forever

          Also, I was replying to the guy you were replying to. I wasn’t interested in other people’s responses at that moment. If you need really prior-art credit that bad then ok. Have it.

          • I don’t need any credit, cool down bro! Why is it that every little thing we say is so swiftly turned into a war around here? All I was pointing out was that 1) saying that his armor saved him is incorrect, 2) even that couldn’t protect him very long from someone as powerful as Supes, and 3) it can be useful to read what the others have already posted before hitting the “reply” button.

            • I don’t always want to read through every little thing. Normally I do but it’s alright for me to post something someone else already said. People do it all the time on this site.

              It was a turd move for you to say “hey I already said that” when no one cares and it’s not important than you already said it. You really wonder why I pushed back on that? Really? It’s pretty obvious why I pushed back on that. It was unnecessary and unwanted. That’s why.

              You could have chose to keep the “I already said that” on your side of the keyboard. You could have grunted it to yourself, or maybe just let it bounce around in your echo chamber brain case.

              • Unwanted, obviously. Unnecessary, not so much. It’s never unnecessary to point out the unnecessary. While I’m at it: instead of shorter, less space-consuming posts, you made us adlib on the subject for 4 more posts. Now, can we please bury the hatchet and leave it at that?

                • You did something dlckish. You didn’t even know it. So I helped you out by letting you know. Welcome.

                  • Nope. You only felt it this way. Now, enough of that.

                    *Shake hands*
                    *Part ways*

                    • Booty, you don’t have to yell and insult people for something that was over 4 hours prior. Also, singular please, not plural. I’m not the one who annoyed everyone by starting and dragging out a stupid fight over a mere detail.

        • I believe the kryptonite was synthetic in that case. He said something about it taking a lot of time and costing a fortune “luckily I had both”

      • He survives that fight because Superman didn’t want to hurt him badly, and yet the US forced him to take Batman out. SO Sups let him slam him around.

    • They’ll invent some kind of toxin to make supes 99% weaker, then it’ll just be a ‘fair’ fight between them. This will happen near the end of the film because it won’t take so long; there has to be another villain to distract supes, though. It’s gonna be a Batman vs Superman vs ????? film.

      • They don’t have to invent anything, it already exists. Hint: its name includes the name of his home planet…

        • Knowing Goyer, I can see them bringing other methods of Batman taking down Superman as well as the Kryptonite being revamped a bit.

          • Possibly. We’ll see.

    • Blue and grey WONT be it.

      • Based on?

    • Actually, batman is know to possess several battle suits, just for the purpose of taking on heavy hitting foes. He used a battle suit in Dark Knight Returns to fight Superman [and win]; And yes, there was a bit of krytonite involved to round out his arsenal. lol

      • I thought I read that Kryptonite didn’t exist in the re-imagined MOS universe. If so, Bats will have to come up with other weapons to aid his super-human exosuit in fighting Supes, like sonic cells that emit unbearably painful ultrasonic sound waves and ultra-high intensity light projectors built into his batsuit (while wearing special goggles to protect himself). But even these would only serve to distract the Man of Steel. Wayne/Batman might have to develop some sort of red-sun energy spectrum device as well to take the place of kryptonite and reduce Supe’s powers. It would indeed be a welcome change. Kryptonite is kind of “played out” and lazy writing.

  5. I wonder if they’ll use the Batman/Azrael suit design (though hopefully not the colors) or the Batman Beyond suit

    • Considering the grounded nature of Goyer’s approach, Batman/Azrael probably is out of the question. Batman Beyond looked cool and since Bats will already be weary in BvS, we might see a replacement donning the Beyond costume at some point in the future, but just not now.

  6. One thing I really want about the new Bat suit, (and if it really happen then I will even go the distance and pull back my decision to NOT watch this movie on the theatre on premiere day). What’s that?…

    They need to cover Batman’s eye with WHITE when he wears his mask… just like the Animated Series version. I’m really tired of seeing the actors’ eye in the live action movies, it somehow loses Batman’s mysterious persona and just making him look like a guy wearing a high tech halloween costume.

    • The reason they always show the actor’s eyes is because eye contact plays a big part in an actor’s performance, and the audience seeing their eyes plays a big part in identifying the character as someone you sympathize with instead of being a faceless entity.

      • lol tell that to DREDD (2012) your argument is invalid, sir. ;)

        • So you feel empathy for Dredd, Nicholas? Huh!

          • Who’s shouting?

      • +1

        Plus they kinda already did that in The Dark Knight with the sonar vision. Similar to what you said, intimidating someone is much more frightening when you can see the person’s eyes just glaring at you instead of a white piece of glass or plastic lol.

    • Didn’t they do that in The Dark Knight in the scene where Batman is fighting the fake doctors and the SWAT team?

    • Same here. Like they do with Spiderman. Ken just mentioned the “faceless entity that we can’t relate to”…how is that not perfect for Batman? The villains are supposed to be freaked out by Batman and it would be great if we were too. He’s an anti-hero. We should be like:

      “Shoot, this guy’s beating the crap out of everyone…geez, he’s making even me uncomfortable. And thank Jesus he’s on OUR side. He’s like an animal, some kind of bat-man creature”.

      Cuz somewhere along the line the normalcy of “Batman”s name lost the scary effect it should have had – he’s supposed to be an unrelatable semi-monster bat-man that instills fear in the heart of criminals by being seriously disturbing. None of that “we must relate to him, by the power of eye contact” crap. No.

      Also the scarier and more unrelatable Batman is, the more awe-inspiring Bruce Wayne is for being able to transform into that.

      • I remember when Batman’s sonar system kicked in during The Dark Knight, I said “hell yeah he has white eyes!” Not very loud though, I didn’t want to interrupt the experience.

      • Also, one would think a “normal” (as in powerless) dude like Bats would want to protect his eyes from dust, projectiles etc…

        • At the very least he would want some kind of durable transparent lens material, that would turn opaque when there were danger-levels of light or other threats. Or they could just be opaque to begin with of course.

          it’s an interesting question though…eyes are important in a film, and when a face is covered it’s hard to fully convey emotion. when you remove the eyes from that equation, it amplifies the problem. On the other hand, in the real world, in his situation, he would need eye protection. I wonder how they’ll approach it.

      • ^^^

      • I honestly believe they did a good job in “Batman Begins” at giving a balance between a High-Tech Suit and a suit that instills fear into the heart and minds of the one wearing it’s enemies. The second one was more realistic and flexible but took away a little bit from the “creature of the night” vive I got from the first one.

    • Cover his eyes? While I understand that, I have to agree with Ken. Think back to TDKR: Bane usually has a full on Luchador mask. In this movie, since his mouth was covered, his eye brows and eyes were completely in the open so you could see his emotion. Without any of that, it’s really hard to connect with the actor and understand what they are feeling as the character.

  7. A costume with whole face covered would be awesome. That way we don’t have to see a cocky smile that almost never leaves Afflecks face and will most certainly ruin the portrayal of Batman’s deadly serious, focused persona.

    • How often did he have a cocky smile in Argo? And that was him being stressed-serious, not menacing-serious.

    • cocky smile, says it all.

  8. Oh shut up Smith. Quit with your praise for your girlfriend. Batman was cool, now he’s a smurf.

    • wat.

    • Would you prefer swapping Matt Damon for Ben Affleck? Or how about Meuse?

    • While I don’t agree with your statement in the least, I’m largely going to refrain from any remarks save for this:

      Geez dude, at the very least you could have called him “Batsmurf”…

    • Hilarious. Lol…They won’t even promote the fact that Ben Affleck is even in this movie. His name is pure “poison”. At most this film will be revered as “BatSuit vs Superman. As for Smith ….. let’s just say don’t fall asleep after a few beers on that guys couch!

  9. Damn I need to see this….

    • Grey and Black would be nice… it’d work for stealthiness as well.

    • You know what they say about hearsay…

  10. Should’ve added a poll Screen Rant.

  11. I think the Batman should be having a well built suit like the one in Frank Millers version and he should be having some shades of beards around his face to look more weary and aged kind of batman. The suit will do its work, that is something else entirely, but the main thing is Ben Affleck, seriously have got some sort of long chin with timid expressions which is bothering me. I just can’t get over this part of reimagining him as the George Clooney batman with that grin over his face all the time. If that happens, all is lost and the entire work and the upheavel going on for the sequel of MOS would go down to the gutters .

    • They have already said this Batman will be “tired and weary” so I wouldn’t worry about Affleck grinning like Clooney.

  12. There is a post of the recording of Babble on that a fan attending recorded. The bleeped out reference was “Jim Lee” influenced.

    • Link please.

  13. “There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit.”

    Grey-black with eyes covered with white -> that would be cool. You can identify man by the eyes, cover them.

  14. I wonder how much of the comic will make it to the film?

    Will Batman be doing Robin, and Robin be a girl? (or more controversially, a boy…)

    Is Supes hooking up with WW?

    Will the Prez be the big boss to be taken down?

  15. So in other words, Bats wears a powered exosuit for the Superman battle? This is a fairly big spoiler. You guys stink.

    And the more Kevin Smith gets involved in this film the more my anxiety increases. Please keep that walking, talking special olympics athlete far away from this film please please please.

    • No idea where you got any of this from. Serious or a troll?

  16. very excited to see this suit!

  17. The blue-black and grey Neal Adams batsuit should be used and it should be made from spandex, underpants and tights. The cowl should be made from rubber.

  18. Might as well put my thoughts out there.

    New 52 is dope. But really want it to be like Arkham Asylum. Or origins. Basically no billionaire high-tech stuff, no cartoony molded rubber stuff. Purely functional, a few pieces of armor on there for the more vulnerable parts. Like someone said, much like a combo of Captain America’s gear – the armor from Avengers. And then cover it all with some kind of high-quality material. Honestly only something a little better quality than UnderArmour’s winter gear. Maybe even closer to The Amazing Spider-man 1′s material. All dark grey.

    Then a hard cowl covered in leather-like material (so it looks visceral and nearly like bat skin/wings) that flows down into the cape. And I’d really like to see it fall over his shoulders often – protecting him, hiding him better in the shadows and making him seem half-shadow himself.

    Kind of high-tech boots and gloves. Truly armored here, like black ops-grade stuff for the boots and gloves. Some kind of integrated forearm gauntlets for the blades. Matte black for everything.

    But besides these, everything else should look like it was made by a very resourceful genius and smoothed over, not something that was pre-ordered by a billionaire playboy (with no assembly required).

    • My thoughts exactly. I think it is REALLY important to show that Batman/Bruce Wayne is ingeniously resourceful and can fabricate his own gadgets and suits. This is something that Tim Burton’s version hinted at even though they didn’t show the actual fabrication aspects. If they could do it like that but of course take the cartoon-ish aspect out of it. Again it should go a few steps further than Burton’s version as we should see Bruce Wayne fabricating his own gadgets from scratch like Tony Stark did in the first Iron Man film. Showing Wayne as a master detective was also something Tim Burton’s version was really good at when he deduced Jack Napier’s (Joker’s) chemical formula. The military-ish, functional, less cartoon-like look of Nolan’s Batman and his weapons were also a great and more realistic feature, but they should show the devices being designed and created by Wayne himself, not by a corporate factory. The master scientist and detective aspects of Batman’s character were what I thought were missing from Nolan’s vision. I figure Bats will develop some type of powered exoskeleton/exoframe to engage Superman in the new film. This too should look gritty and functional for maximal strength, power, and agility (still allowing him to flip, leap, and dodge Superman’s power-packed punches) and maybe fit over his normal suit rather than just being a DC Comics version of Iron Man’s armor.

  19. i work with the crew, i saw the suit … was there when they took the photo.

    Black, Gray, and some dark blue (something about giving it a shadowy feel)
    materials used were some fabric (similar to supes in MOS), leather, and plastics
    if you want to imagine … batman akrham origins.

    • If true, that’s actually a bit surprising, especially given that its an older more experienced Batman. The idea in Origins was that Bruce wore heavier armor due to being relatively experienced (it only being his second year as Batman and what not). By the time Arkham Asylum and City he was using a suit (and I’m quoting the Arkham wiki) that was made from military-grade spun para-aramid fibers molded into the batsuit chest piece to provide greater protection from attack. In addition, the outer shell was made from super lightweight nano-engineered polymer plating. The undershell (layered between the regular armor and the undersuit was made from ultra strong micro plating with the overall suit being soaked in a top secret prototype formula. It was how he could get away with a much lighter suit that was significantly stronger than the previous iteration. And when you think about it, nothing about that suit looks clothlike, you can see segments and nodes and the overall suit looks a highly flexible skin tight form of armor, which makes a lot of sense, especially when dealing with gunfire and metahuman opponents. It actually compliments his agility and training very well and seems like something a seasoned, broody veteran crimefighter with means could come up with. I’m cool with the suit looking the Origins version, but if I saw a suit like the Asylum and City version translated to screen (sans the trunks and translates from the wiki description) with dark grey and black and maybe the New 52 versions of the gauntlets and boots with perhaps the Noel cowl, that would rock.

      • My bad, meant to say inexperienced.

    • No details on the actual design? Just colors and fabric and “imagine Arkham Origins?” Sounds like somebody needs attention.

    • Batman Arkyum origins is a pretty damn good suit…thanks for sharing.

  20. Considering how Bruce Wayne normally invests his money into better ways to improve his suit I’m not surprised that it will be something that we haven’t seen before. This is an aged Batman we are dealing with. Therefor, he must have some experience invested a hefty amount into cutting-edge technology before. Now we’ve never brought up the destroyed city of Metropolis now have we? I’m guessing Bruce will team up with Lex Luthor in rebuilding the city along with sharing a one-sided,negative viewpoint for Kryptonians. Bruce or Lex may invest in research into the Kryptonian technology left over from the Invasion. This leads me to believe Bruce is going to have a suit based off of Zod’s suit (Which Zod discarded at a construction site during a fight-scene in Man of Steel). Kryptonite, if exists in this retailing, may or may not have some involvement in the suit. I will not make to many guesses because I honestly do not know how Zack will play it off. But hey! I love Surprises, so I can’t wait. :D

  21. They should dispense with the yellow for sure. Maybe go for a worn out leather utility belt a la Batman Noel?

  22. Still not sold on Ben Affleck in anyway. Snyder ain’t that talented either. We’re going to see some big budget, bombastic action, coupled with bad “who farted” acting! I feel awful for Henry Cavill; he is very special and I hope he will put this blunderous series behind him as soon as he collects his paychecks and return to legitimate material. Now let us pray.

  23. First it’s the movie, now they wanna reboot the suit? Thank god it coming out in 2015…and probably for a reason!!! :-(

  24. Why wouldn’t Supes build a suit similar to Iron man’s of lead to defeat Kryptonite? His one weakness would be eliminated and it would be end of story for all bad guys.

  25. I think we can actually take something out of the general color of the new suit by looking at the Bat symbol in the poster. Notice how it is a glossy black?

  26. First off, I just read the best gothic book ever called DAMASTOR!!! Check it out if you love dark fantasy!!
    That said, I want to see a Batman who can stand beside Superman as an equal. Not equal in strength, but in the skills that he excels in. He has to be a legend. He has to be not only the physical embodiment of terror amongst criminals, but also the world’s greatest detective. I’m getting good vibes from this so far. I’m going to give Ben a chance.

  27. Who will play the new Superman?? Has he even been cast yet?? They need someone who can really fit the suit and play the role this time!! Ben Affleck is an awesome choice for Batman/Bruce Wayne!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

    • Umm, Cavill is still onboard…