‘Batman vs. Superman’: Kevin Smith Says New Batsuit is Unlike Anything Seen on Film

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tdkr Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Says New Batsuit is Unlike Anything Seen on Film

With Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman vs. Superman both hitting theaters, summer 2015 may be the biggest season ever for superhero fans the world over (and should add a mountain of fuel to the futile Marvel versus DC debate). Last week’s release of Thor: The Dark World may have set the stage for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in the last week, the epic confrontation between DC Comics’ two flagship characters has flooded the rumor mill.

For months, fans have known that Batman vs. Superman will release in 2015 and feature Man of Steel star Henry Cavill facing off against Ben Affleck as the new Batman. However, recent buzz has indicated that the film could feature appearances from Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Green Arrow and other heroes in order to setup the inevitable Justice League film. While none of that information has been confirmed, we do have an update on one aspect of the new movie, namely the new Batsuit.

Filmmaker (and podcaster) Kevin Smith hosted a live Man of Steel event over the weekend with director Zack Snyder, and although no details on the sequel were revealed, Smith apparently got a look at the new Batman suit afterwards and offered a few tidbits on his weekly Hollywood Babble-On podcast. Here’s what Smith had to say:

“I saw the Batman costume. More than that, I saw a picture of [Ben Affleck] in the costume…I don’t want to give anything away ’cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this…I instantly bear hugged [Snyder]. You have not seen this costume on film before. For a comic book fan, it was mind-bending… Because every other movie does this Matrix-y black armor thing…There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit. I think everyone is just gonna be like ‘Holy S**t!’ It’s its own thing. We haven’t been down this path before. Even the hardest core [most skeptical] person will be like ‘Alright, I’m ready.’…It seemed like it was very [Redacted] influenced.”

Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman: Kevin Smith Says New Batsuit is Unlike Anything Seen on Film

That last bit was bleeped out on Smith’s own podcast, presumably in an effort to avoid divulging too much information regarding the new Batman suit. However, given Smith’s admiration of Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, it’s fair to guess that Snyder’s film may be taking its design cues from that version of the character. After all, if Bruce Wayne is truly going to battle Superman head-on, he will need a more durable, fortified suit for the occasion, and if true, this would fit with previous rumors of the suit’s design as well as the “tired, weary and seasoned” Batman that we know Affleck will be playing. Moreover, the fact that WB used a quote directly from Miller’s work to announce the Batman/Superman film lends credibility to the thought that Snyder may be looking at The Dark Knight Returns for inspiration.

Regardless of whether or not Smith truly was referring to Miller, the above quote may alleviate fans’ worries about how this new Batman will turn out. We’ve long assumed that Snyder’s take on the character would hew more closely to the realistic take of Nolan’s The Dark Knight (at the very least, Affleck’s Batman should be able to turn his head) rather than the sillier design of the Joel Schumacher productions (i.e. Bat-nipples). However, Smith’s assurance that the suit is unlike anything that has been seen onscreen is particularly reassuring and will surely make yet another big-screen version of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego (especially coming so soon after The Dark Knight Rises) feel less superfluous.

Do you feel more confident in what Affleck’s Batman will look like, given Smith’s comments? Or are you still waiting to see the new suit for yourself? Let us know in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Hollywood Babble-On

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  1. I’m guessing grey suit that looks like a cross between Batman:Noel and Captain America’s WWII outfit.

    • I’m thinking something like Batman:Noel with mixed integrated with some of the Krpytonian tech.

      • I can’t wait to see what designer suits Bruce Wayne decides to wear. Will it be pin-striped or maybe even a skinny tie? Oh, the possibilities are endless. He’ll look quite dapper no matter what.

        • Haha

  2. Im guessing it’s more cloth than armor, maybe even blue and grey…

    • Yes, definitely more cloth. I’m guessing a three-piece suit and a pin dot tie. Baller!

      • If it’s to be any kind of realistic, it just can’t be cloth, it needs to be armored to protect Bruce’s weak human body, especially against someone as powerful as Snyder’s Superman.

  3. Im guessing Noel with blue cape/cowl but its the non armor bit that gets me? Maybe I’m just being sucked in to Smith hyping it up but that has made me extremely excited to see the suit.

    • Actually, he didn’t say it would be non-armor. He said it won’t be the usual “Matrix-y black armor,” which is very vague. It could very well be blue/grey armor for all we know.

      • I wasn’t just basing my comment on the non armor piece of the sentence it was just as much to do with ” ‘Holy S**t!’ It’s its own thing. We haven’t been down this path before.” Now you are right it is very vague but if it comes out and it’s blue/grey armor then I have been well and truly sucked in by what Smith said.

        • It will be armour, but it won’t look like armour, a ‘la the Nolan suit.

          It’ll have a comic book look which is why Smith is having a geekgasam. From which book I dunno, the popular opinion seems to Batman: Noel

          I imagine it’ll be a bit like Burton’s Batsuit but Grey and Blue instead of Black… bit like the padded look from Arkham City

  4. I want to bear hug this comment! Kevin Smith understands the fan perspective and wouldn’t say anything unless he meant it! Good things are coming!

  5. Really curious to see what the suit will look like, though I don’t think we’ll be seeing a glimpse of it until next year in February or March or something.

    Snyder did a great job with Superman’s costume, I have no doubt he’ll do just as well with Batman’s. I’m betting this time around it will have dark Grey running through it, a huge cape and a cowl similar to the Noel incarnation.

    • ^^^This description sounds amazing.

  6. It’s probably going to look like the suit in the Rocksteady games (Arkham Asylum etc.).

    • That’s what I was thinking too. That would be cool.

  7. After seeing those pieces of artwork that were released, I really wanna see the blue/grey scheme.

  8. Two words: Batman Noel.

  9. Is it 2015 yet?

  10. When I first his podcast, or at least the part where he announces his reaction to the suit, my first thought was that we are definitely seeing a more comic-book adaptation of the suit. Perhaps more grey, militaristic feel but with all the mobility and flexibility needed.

    I did not really gather a possible Miller inspiration but rather a mixture of the Jim Lee New 52 design and the Arkham video games. Black and grey, militaristic, high fabric utility. Perhaps some ideas from Bale’s Batman will crossover such as the idea of the cape.

  11. hope batfleck seriously beefs up, wanna see a ripped batman not covered in silly rubber abs

      • Yeah, he’s got the size at this point. As long as he focuses on the toning and the cut, he should be good to go. It does sound like we’re going to see a gray and black suit, probably very similar to the Arkham Asylum and City games in that it will be very flexible, not necessarily cloth, but a material that gives the impression of lightweight, high flexibility armor that molds to the body. I doubt we’ll see trunks, which I can quite well live with.

        • Thinking the same thing, all he needs to do is cut down at this point. I think we’ll be seeing a very Dark Grey suit similar to Jim Lee’s, with a tad bit of armor molded into some hard cloth. I’m also hoping they take inspiration from the cape in Jim Lee’s costume.

          • I keep hearing people talking about Afflecks physique needs to bulk/cut to get in shape? If you watch The Town (or even just google images) it shows the kind of shape he will be in when it comes to filming.

  12. Im guessing its going to be more comic book-y. Like the classic grey and black with the yellow utility belt

  13. I’m praying for a rainbow colored suit

    • Ooh yeah, baby, Rainbow Batman! I saw that in a cartoon the other day and I laughed my a$$ off!

  14. What if its similar to Owlman’s costume in watchmen

    • When I heard the inspiration for the costume or at the very least the cowl might be from the Noel graphic novel, the idea of the overall costume being similar to the Night Owl suit from Watchmen seemed like a possibility that had some sense to it.

      • Considering Night Owl was blatantly Moore’s version of Batman, it would come full circle.

        • No, he absolutely wasn’t. There were elements of Batman, but he was more Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) than Bruce Wayne/Bats.

          • I was talking about the Watchmen’s Dan Dreiberg, not the Minutemen’s Hollis Mason. Yes, the original Owl was just a simple cop-turned-vigilante a la Beetle, but Dreiberg’s fortune, tech, outfit recalling the nocturnal predator (including a cowl and a cape that could wrap around him like a mantle) and plane all point to Batman.

            • I’m talking about Ted Kord, who was an inventor of all kinds of tech and owner of Kord Industries (it wasn’t until Giffen’s Justice League that he was portrayed as being short on cash). Both Nite Owl and Beetle have similar personalities and airships – the Owlship in the case of the former, the Bug in the case of the latter.

              I think you’re thinking of Dan Garrett, the original Beetle – he was the police officer. Another thing the Owls and the Beetles had in common (mentors who were police officers).

              • Oh. I stand corrected then. I must admit that with the exception of Batman, I don’t know the DCverse that well (Marvel characters have always felt closer, more relatable and, well, more human; also they had cooler costumes, DC’s were just a bit too cheesy for their own good – Moore’s work is a special case, I only discovered it as an adult). Bats being the only DC hero I read on a regular basis, you can understand how all the similarities had me persuaded that he was the inspiration behind the Owl.

  15. Old school grey suit would be cool.

    And I’m in before this thread hits the hundreds.

  16. dope…i wanna see a dark blue and grey

  17. so it has grey armor

  18. So happy Zack Snyder was chosen for Man of Steel, DC is doing everything right!

  19. Matrix-y black armor thing… he must be referring to Nolan´s batsuit.
    But I dont see any matrix influence on that suit…

    Anyway, let´s hope the best.

  20. I don’t really care about seeing a costume that’s “like the comic.” I’m most concerned that the suit will look right and make sense in the context of the movie.

  21. Hope the ears are long and not short like in Miller’s “Returns”.

    • Yes! I’m hoping for a “scary” Batman, who will make even Supes feel tense. Longer ears will give a more “scary” design, short ears will give a more tanky look.

  22. The suit will be armored based and practical. I cannot see Batman fighting crime with a cloth suit. It will be gray and black but of similar style to the new Superman suit. Expect for it to be a sleaker look.

  23. I really doubt a material suit will be the case, its illogical on film.

    • Wouldn’t provide ample protection though. Granted he’s a peak efficiency and performance human, but he’s got to be able take some impact as well (blunt force trauma, some gun shots). Cloth really isn’t going to help him with that. It’ll probably be some kind of flexible material that covers all bases.

      • It’s a movie they can make a super strong fabric…besides I hate battle armor and stupid pads that outline bones and muscles, it looks derpy.

        • In the book Batman:Fear Itself(good book), Bat’s suit has micro fibers that tighten automatically on impact. To protect him.

  24. I’m thinking leather or some type of military fabric, kinda like a SWAT uniform. The Noel suit even resembles this. Nolan’s trilogy is gonna look pretty outdated with floppy black rubber.

  25. The Nolan films used advanced infantry armor with Kevlar bi-weave, not floppy black rubber? are you sure you weren’t watching Batman Forever?

    • Granted, that whole movie kinda just fell apart towards the end. Go back and watch the massive brawl between GPD and Bane’s men, pay close attention to the extras in the background.

      That suit didn’t look so bad waist up. I kinda wanna see Batman fight though, all rough and tumble.

      • I know, I know I have seen them flailing around in the background. I have seen it in a lot of different films, terrible extras jostling around.

        I still don’t think the legs are as bad as you are making out and to say the whole suit will feel dated seems a little harsh.

  26. grey suit, and that bluish cape,kind’a like the animated series cape, more traditional, the believe that black is more nondescript is foolish, anyone who knows five mins about ninjas knows this

  27. Oh my god, I cannot wait for them to stop calling it ‘Batman vs Superman’.

    • A robotic suit like IRON MAN, Bruce better use it he`s not gonna fight Bane

    • Why? What if that’s the title? Goyer is already on the record as saying it’ll either be Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman – and the former makes the most sense. At this point, it would be semi-confusing to change the name.

      • The so-called name was actually spontaneously made-up by internet users. Internally, the film’s been called something like “unnamed Snyder movie.” Got any sources to back up that Goyer statement?

          • That’s not a source. That’s a report that may or may not be accurate. A source would be the recording of the statement itself.

              • It’s not that I can’t admit when I’m wrong. I need proof and sorry but hearsay is no proof at all. Life has taught me not to trust everything people say, especially on a largely gossipy speculative site like ScreenRant. I’m a cartesian, I believe in what I can see by myself. Thanks for the video.

                • Then again, Goyer having said that doesn’t mean it’ll stay true. We’ve seen movies changing titles just weeks before release, so a pinch of salt would do no harm.