5 Batsuits We Might See in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Batman vs Superman Interview 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

[Update: Check out the official costume to see how our guesses fared.]

It’s the dawn of a brand new age for DC Comics fans: Man of Steel has given audiences a modern take on Superman, and Batman is next up for some reinvention. With Batman vs. Superman, director Zack Snyder will attempt to do what no longer seems possible: bring something new to a live-action Batman.

Despite Christopher Nolan’s incarnation still being fresh in everyone’s mind, Snyder’s apparently found a way to do it, with comic book guru Kevin Smith more than elated with the new Batman costume. We think we know what’s in store for fans, but let’s take a look at a few Batsuits that the filmmakers may be turning to for inspiration.

Here are 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman.


The Dark Knight Returns
Dark Knight Returns Batman Costume 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

Designed By: Frank Miller

The first Batsuit that has to be addressed is the one concocted by Frank Miller for his landmark “The Dark Knight Returns.” Since Snyder chose to unveil that Batman and Superman would come to blows in the Man of Steel sequel – via a famous monologue pulled from Miller’s story - many assumed that the film, like the comic book arc, would feature an aging and weary Batman.

Those assumptions were confirmed when Ben Affleck, 41, landed the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. So will the costume be taking a similar inspiration? The blockier Bat-logo seen in the BvS image revealed at Comic-Con seems to suggest it…

Although Affleck is certainly not as old or worse-for-wear as Miller’s Dark Knight, he does possess the size and stature required to do the bulkier look justice – provided he adds some more bulk of his own, of course. Kevin Smith’s claim that the costume would be unlike any seen before in live-action makes this one possible, since it adheres to the fabric-only aesthetic of the comic books.

This basic style has since been iterated upon by artist Jim Lee, but the main differences between the two are more than skin-deep; will Affleck’s Batman be an older, rougher, utilitarian crimefighter? Or will he embody the sleek, mysterious grace Lee is known for? We’ll have more on that later.



Batman vs Superman Flashpoint Suit 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

Designed By: Andy Kubert

The Geoff Johns-scribed comic event dubbed “Flashpoint” may have focused on Flash’s reality-altering superspeed, but the alternate-reality version of Batman threatened to steal the show from beginning to end.

In the story, the man dubbed ‘Batman’ by authorities was not Bruce Wayne fighting to avenge the deaths of his mother and father, but Thomas Wayne, driven by the loss of his young son. Understandably, Thomas’ antihero was an embodiment of violence and anger that Bruce never approached.

Using glowing red eyes and horned shoulders to become even more terrifying than normal, there’s certainly a few cues for the Dark Knight to take for his next big screen appearance. The red eyes and firearms likely wouldn’t play with most audiences, but the more utilitarian gear and intimidating style would be a welcome change.

We’ve made our case for the serious need to make Batman scary again, and now that DC fans have had the chance to see the Flashpoint suit on the page and in motion, we think they’d agree that burning eyes and sharpened shoulders would do the trick.


Batman: Noel
Batman vs Superman Noel Suit 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

Designed By: Lee Bermejo

Written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, the comic book Batman: Noel casts Batman into a strange re-imagining of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” and into a new leather suit. The reinforced leather outfit is not only a step closer to the fabric suits of the comic books, but genuinely distinct from anything Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy ever attempted.

Reports have already hinted that the new Batman cowl being crafted for Batman vs. Superman bore a strong resemblance to that of “Noel,” so why would they stop there? Especially if bright yellow accents are deemed ‘impractical.’

Sure, one might argue that leather isn’t as effective at stopping bullets as full body armor; but we’d remind casual fans that Batman hasn’t survived this long thanks to the clothing he chose.

Besides the fact that the suit looks fantastic, it attempts to cast off the need for a bulky armor (that means the result will bear almost no resemblance to the Batman of the comic books or animated movies). But if Snyder wants to pursue a faithful suit, we say: go even farther.

Image Credit: ArmachamCorp on DeviantArt.


Batman Incorporated
Batman vs Superman INC Suit 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

Designed By: David Finch

Live-action Batman movies have always featured costumes that reflected the cutting-edge of body armor (or at least a fictionalized version of it) – but in today’s world, mobility is just as important as toughness, and fabrics are far more advanced than ever before. If Snyder’s team wants to emulate the cloth feel of the comic book while still giving an impression of cutting-edge technology, the “Batman Incorporated” suit is a well-balanced design.

In many ways, this take on the suit is one of the most faithful updates on Batman’s look in recent years. With a suit – a grey suit – constructed from material not too dissimilar from Man of Steel’s Kryptonian counterpart, and the return of the yellow utility belt and chest badge, it straddles the line between classic and modern like few others, while maintaining consistantcy with the Man of Steel universe.

However, it must be said that the suit owes much of its core design to a preceding look – a look we think fans are most likely to see in live-action…


Jim Lee
Batman vs Superman Jim Lee Hush Suit 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

Designed By: Jim Lee

Dozens of artists have made their mark on Batman over the years, but ask a serious fan, and they’ll tell you that when Jim Lee touches pencil to paper on a Batman project, the results will usually be staggering. The mixture of raw power, intimidation and a ‘less-is-more’ mentality makes Lee’s design stand above just about every other.

It’s this design that we’re convinced would elicit the reaction from Smith the director claimed (spontaneously bear-hugging Zack Snyder), since no previous film has stuck to a simple grey suit and slapped it on a musclebound man (or a large actor aided by a silicon muscle suit).

Enormous cape, form-fitting cowl, blunt horns, possibly even artificially-brightened eyes and the freedom to execute martial arts and gymnastics that Bruce Wayne should have mastered? This would bring something genuinely new to a live-action Dark Knight while staying truer than ever to the comic books.

Image Credit: Kotobukiya ARTFX Statue


Batman vs Superman Delayed to 2016 5 Batsuits We Might See in Batman vs. Superman

We’re merely making educated guesses, but if Snyder has chosen to mimic Jim Lee’s design for his new Batman, fans will have the chance to see something they have never before been shown: the Batman from comics and animation adapted completely into the real world.

What are your favorite variants on the standard armor? Are they ones you know you’re not likely to see anytime soon? What do you think of our top pick?

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Batman vs. Superman will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. First before the Batsplosion!

    Like the old school grey/blue suit.

  2. Noel and Inc are the most grounded looking ones.

    • i completly agree they should combined them

  3. Jim lee’s one is my favorite

  4. Considering what Kevin Smith said, I really so hope it’s a good cinematic version of the Jim Lee new 52 costume. Man of Steel was fantastic and I’m warming up to Affleck. Can’t wait to see this. I’d love it if they went with the white eyes actually.

    • How dare you say MoS was fantastic? Words like these can get you in big trouble around these parts, Sir. Joke aside I agree with you.

  5. Last 9be for the win. Wonder how long we have to wait for Batman Beyond.

    • One*

  6. I would probably burst into (happy) tears if it ends up being Jim Lee’s. I’m also totally ok with Noel and Inc. Just, no more black body armor. Been there, done that.

  7. Looking likely it will be an amalgamation of Noel and Jim Lee new 52. I wonder what gadgets will make their way on to his utility belt?

  8. Why not combine them all?

    - Bat-symbol, gauntlets, and boots of The Dark Knight Returns,
    - Cowl from Noel,
    - Cape from Flashpoint,
    - Colors taken from Jim Lee’s design (I prefer the New 52 color scheme), and
    - The utility belt from Arkham games.

  9. Well, we know we are not going to see his underwear on the outside. But, it would be awesome to see the whited-out eyes.

  10. I favor the Jim Lee design. I really hope they’re going for it, and make it work in the cinematic world.

  11. I want to see a mix of Noel and Gotham by Gaslight… I like the Jim Lee design, but the pants on the outside and its minimalist design is a little to bland for me.

    • I don’t think the pants will be on the outside. Snyder said that he removed them from Superman’s outfit because the reason for them being there was so outdated and no one could give him a reason why it should still be relevant.

      • Good. Although a “We might as well wear our pants over our trousers” from batman would make me chuckle.

  12. I would love to see jim lee’s batsuit , it reminds me of the batsuit used in the animated series with glowing whites and big cape

  13. For a DCCU, I hope it’s something close to #’s 3, 4, or 5.

  14. You already gave away a massive spoiler with the DARK KNIGHT RETURNS reference: Bats fights Supes in a powered exosuit. That’s the spoiler. Duh!

  15. Agents of Shield tonight

    • Yeah, this is an article about something watchable. Thanks anyway though, giving people a heads up to watch something else when that crap comes on TV.

      • I lol’d. Watched it one time with this chick I’m into, and we both decided to move to AHS Wednesdays instead.

  16. I really hope they go with Batman Arkham Origins in grey and black. That would look sick!


  17. Almost all these suits would be awesome to see on the big screen, but I disagree with the statement that a large, more vibrant chest logo would be impractical. It’s explained perfectly in The Dark Knight Returns: it’s designed (just like the Punisher’s big white skull) to draw gunfire to his armored chest rather than his more vulnerable head. Seems pretty practical to me.

  18. They actually might go with the White Eyes seeing at how Rorschach’s mask turned out

    • I’d so love that, I wonder/hope that’s partly what Kevin Smith was refurring to when he said “they haven’t gone this route before at all in the films”.

      When I see this I can so picture Affleck in there (big last picture of the page):

    • That’s why I don’t get why so many so-called fans of Batman aren’t excited Snyder is doing this. Just about anybody else and we get an all black Batman again. You know, the not in any comics. I think most “batman” fans are really just Batman movie fans, and that’s all they have ever known. All black emo Btman.

  19. Favorites have to be Incorporated and Jim Lee’s but I’d much rather have Snyder do his own. Sure take inspiration from other suits but in the end, I’d like it to really be Snyder’s take on it.

  20. you can’t go wrong with Batman’s suit, his outfit has been updated more then Adobe reader

  21. OP I doubt we’ll be seeing the Jim Lee design you posted for #1 unless they lose the black panties

    • Bruce Wayne’s personal brand (“Batman’s Secret”)

  22. I just want them to give us what they did with Ka-El costume and i’ll be fine with that.

    • You mean like Bruce discovered the Batcave, wandered inside & found the ghost of Thomas Wayne waiting to give him the suit, which had been waiting there for him for thousands of years

  23. from 5 of those, maybe batman inc suit. still i prefer arkham origins suit. please no outside panties for batman, it just silly.

  24. I actually desgined and sculpted the cowl Bermejo uses for his batman. I originally made it for
    A failed fan film in 2005 and Bermejo saw it in 07 and used it for the first time
    At the end of his joker book. So I’m rooting for the my cowl ;)

  25. Kevin Smith will do anything to get attention these days I guess, except go on Weight Watchers.

    I wonder how many Screen Rant “employees” actually work for WB/DC? How many commenters actually work for WB/DC? Something tells me this sight isn’t “independent” anymore.

    Anyway, go for the blue suit.

    • You must be so wise, especially when you can spell that tricky word ‘sight’ right lol.

    • If this site worked for WB/DC, then why would they give Thor a 3.5 stars, saying it was very good? And did you see the coverage they have given that movie over the past few weeks? They say it on the podcast all the time, they say good and bad things about Marvel and DC.

      Why don’t you go take your own bias to another “sight”.

    • I wish I could work for WB or DC but yeah, you’re wrong so go away you silly man.

  26. Has there ever been a logical explanation to the “underwear on the outside” trend?

    Was it just a color/style call for artists?

    • In movie terms, I suspect it was to highlight the package/codpiece of the actor. Suspension of disbelief is everything etc…

    • Originally it was part of superhero garb due to it’s prevalence with late 19th/early 20th century circus strong men. It stuck for quite a while after that and the point a lot of people make is that the reference is so outdated it’s time to let it go.

      • And it is. Although some designs can somewhat get away with it still, like Arkham City’s Batman.

        To be honest, there’s no rational reason for him not to be dressed fully in black. Unless he wears some armour that actually can’t be painted black, but I find that hard to legitimise.

      • +1 (as I am wont to do)

        Just waiting for someone to make that statement.

        Also can ScreenRant PLEASE format the website to not reload the entire page every time a comment is submitted? Yahoo! and Cracked both do it and as enthusiastic as this site’s commentators are, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. [Goes to more recent post to re-post this]

    • Well before the joke question, “What are you eating under there?” came along, it was perfectly acceptable.

  27. I’d like to see dark blue/grey suit make an appearance, short horns also. Something different than black.

  28. I think they should combine the suit from batman noel and batman incorperated that would be more modern and stays with the newer comics aswell,

  29. Less convinced it is going the route I wanted it to (that of a political ideology engineered by Lex himself. He blackmails Batman and puts the Bat up against Superman in a “Who do want to to aspire to be? An alien or a human?” context). But, for all the faults I had with ‘Man of Steel’ (and I had a quite significant amount), the action was the best of Snyder’s career.

    So, have at it…

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