New ‘Assault on Arkham’ Clips; ‘Aquaman’ & ‘Batman vs. Robin’ Animated Films in 2015

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Batman Assualt on Arkham Clips Images Suicide Squad 1024x576 New Assault on Arkham Clips; Aquaman & Batman vs. Robin Animated Films in 2015

The DC Animated Universe continues to put out fan-servicing animated feature films, the latest being Batman: Assault on Arkham, which hits DVD/Blu-ray on August 12th.

In the film, The Batman Arkham Asylum game universe meets the DC comic book universe for a story where Batman (with fan-fav voice of Kevin Conroy) tries to thwart The Joker’s terrorist scheme at Arkham. Only, when Batman’s infiltration begins, he quickly finds that he’s not the only hunter in the mad jungle; a mysterious team called The Suicide Squad is running their own mission – one in which The Dark Knight is fully expendable.

Check some clips from Assualt on Arkham, below:



Upcoming DCU Movies

In addition to new materials for Assault on Arkham, DC Animated also released the official announcements of some projects they revealed during Comic-Con 2014Justice League: Throne of AtlantisBatman vs. Robin and Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

Aquaman Throne of Atlantis Button Scene Justice League War New Assault on Arkham Clips; Aquaman & Batman vs. Robin Animated Films in 2015

Button-scene lead-in to ‘Justice League: Throne of Atlantis’

Throne of Atlantiwill of course continue the DC Animated Shared Universe storyline started in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and continued through Justice League: War. It also marks another clear step where the DC animated universe is synching with the comic books, as “Flashpoint,” “War (or Origin)” and “Throne of Atlantis” are consecutive major story arcs from the last few years of DC Comics. This is the total synergy approach that the New 52 reboot was created for – and for better or worse, it’s the style of universe we could see across all media platforms (read: in the movies too).

A Justice League: War post-credits scene revealed Ocean Master (Aquaman’s half-brother) coming to the surface with the dead king of Atlantis in his arms, declaring war on the surface world. Presumably the Justice League will try to stop him. If the new animated film is like the comics, the movie will involve Aquaman having to make some hard choices about which side of the conflict he’s on.

The Justice League Justice League War 1024x576 New Assault on Arkham Clips; Aquaman & Batman vs. Robin Animated Films in 2015

Justice League: Gods and Monsters will NOT be based on the 2001 comic JLA: Gods And Monsters; instead, it will be an original work written by Alan Burnett (Batman Beyond, Batman: TAS) and directed by Sam Liu (Batman: Year OneAll-Star Superman). It was originally misreported that DC Animation legend Bruce Timm was directing; Timm is officially credited as having “developed the original story and many of the character designs.” He is also producing the film.

In our eyes, having Bruce Timm involved in a DCU animated movie in any capacity is an advantage. With Burnett and Liu involved too, we expect great things from Gods and Monsters  – whatever it is.

Son of Batman Preview 2014 New Assault on Arkham Clips; Aquaman & Batman vs. Robin Animated Films in 2015

Finally, Batman vs. Robin has fans mystified by its title (and all the implications that go with it), but another detail also got them excited: the film will feature the first animated appearance of The Court of Owls (a clandestine Illuminati-type group running Gotham City – as featured in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s 2011 New 52 relaunch of the Batman comic).

There was, again, some misinformation that came out of Comic-Con 2014; while Batman vs. Robin will feature the Court of Owls, the film is NOT about the Court of Owls – as confirmed by DC Animation producer James Tucker:

Between Batman V Superman and Batman vs. Robin, it’s like The Dark Knight needs an intervention or something. All this lashing out at friends, it’s not good…

But in all seriousness, it is very curious what the nature of Batman vs. Robin‘s story is – but we have a good while to wait before trailers and other promo materials begin to reveal more.


NEXT: Assault on Arkham Opening Scene


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis will be released in early 2015.

Batman vs. Robin will be released in the first half of 2015.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters may premiere at Comic-Con 2015.

Sources: WB Animation & Twitter (via Digital Spy)

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  1. Well to be honest, JLA: War was in my opinion the worst Justice League origin story I’ve ever had to endure. The dialogue was one-dimensional, the animation mediocre, and the cast of characters felt like they came from a cheesy superhero film from 2004. Comparatively, Flashpoint was at least emotionally more resonant. We need a proper JL animated film, and I hope that Gods and Monsters is better than the rest.

    As for Assualt on Arkham, and Batman vs. Robin, they should just devote an entire DC Animated wing to Batman DTVs because SHEESH.

    Btw – wasn’t Under the Red Hood essentially Batman vs. Robin? Or do we need to re-adapt DK Strikes Again?

    • WTF are you smoking sir?

      • Why, the ashes of your burnt wings ol’ chap.

    • Most of the voice cast for Throne of Atlantis will be different than the one we got for War, so hopefully that will help.

    • I do agree that JL: War was one of the worst animated movies so far, right up there with All Star Superman that butchered the comic.

  2. Looking forward to the Aquaman film, one of my personal favorites. Batman vs Robin has me perplexed.

  3. I completely lost interest in the Batman Vs. Robin when I read it wasn’t about the court of owls.Is as disappointing as finding out that Justice League War didn’t include Aquaman. Hopefully Throne of Atlantis will be good and maybe someday they will do a Court of Owls movie.But for now I’m not really that impressed. Still DC animation is in a far better place than the Marvel animated universe for now.

    • I’m still dying to see Batman: No Man’s Land in a full length animated feature. I am getting chills just thinking about it.

  4. Assault on Arkham was really enjoyable, but it goes out of its way to be awkwardly adult too often. It’s one of the most sexualized DC properties I’ve ever seen.

    Outside of that, it was awesome and Deadshot is badass.

    • I agree about the most sexualized DC animated film sometimes it kinda pulled me out of the film but only because i wasn’t expecting it to be like that

      • Yahtzee!!

        • Yeah, that scene was kind of funny, but I was also just like 0.o dafuq?

          • Yeah, I enjoyed the movie and even liked the more mature tone, nudity and sexual nature.
            But it was a bit awkward while watching it with my kid brother.

  5. I’ve seen Assault on Arkham, and Arkham batman (game or cartoon) is the definitive one for me. Wish we were getting something closer to that in live action rather than a ‘weary’ dark knight.

    I must say these animated movies are really not geared towards young children, especially the last two I’ve seen, Flashpoint Paradox and Assault on Arkham. How are they allowed to get away with exploding heads and near-nude scenes of Harley and Killer Frost? Not that I’m complaining of course. Keep em coming.

    • +1 for your second point.

  6. The Joker was the highlight of this movie but I’m really disappointed with the language and sex they are bringing to this medium now. Some of you young guys with no kids may not get it but when you have kids it sucks that you can’t share in the fun with them. Not appropriate for kids at all. Under the red hood is a perfect example of having edge without the gratuity. Sadly that is the way theses shows are going now, too bad.

    BTW it’s nor really a Batman movie, should have been called a hit squad movie but than they probably won’t make as much money with that.

    • Kryptonian Knight – I like the adult version, it makes it more realistic. Batman getting shot up and damaged instead of being able to unrealistically dodge bullets like under the red hood. Also for the not sharing the nudity and profanity with children, I disagree. They are gonna be exposed sooner or later. Might as well start them off with DC animated Movies. Just tell them, “hey kiddo, dont do this until 18, 17, etc.”

  7. Throne of Atlantis is the only part of this lineup I’m looking forward to. Batman is my favorite superhero, but even I have to admit he’s getting overused. With the exception of Justice League movies, it’s time to give the character a break for a while.

    The only animated Batman movie I REALLY want to see is an adaptation of The Killing Joke, with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill doing the voices (but because Hamill doing the voice again is unlikely, at LEAST make the movie with Conroy and Troy Baker). Under the Red Hood, Year One, and The Dark Knight Returns were all fantastic adaptations (Son of Batman was a let down, but was still OK). Once a good adaptation of The Killing Joke is made, I’ll be happy :D

    Point being, movies like Batman VS Robin sound like a waste to me. Hopefully it will surprise me like how Assault on Arkham did, which I also thought was going to be a waste of time.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand why they went with books like Under the Red Hood and Batman and Son when they still have masterpieces like The Long Halloween and Killing Joke to adapt. It’d be very curious to see how they approach the animation in those pieces.

  8. So, in 2015 we’re getting:
    Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice
    Batman V Robin : Justice R.I.P.
    Batman V Aquaman : Justice at Sea….
    But no seriously, I’m in a weird relationship with DCAU movies right now. They keep dangling interesting really cool ideas and concepts in my face and then just disappoint with the execution and subpar animation. But if Timm is coming back, I’m in!

    • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was pushed back to May 6, 2016 not 2015. So yeah.

  9. The last good DCAU movie was Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Flashpoint was a decent adaption, but they have all been really bad since then, like Marvel Animation bad.

  10. I wish would expand the DC Animation Universe – and do some more other Characters. I think there’s enough of just Batman ones.

    I would love to see Origins on Martian Manhunter. Or maybe Birds of Prey Animated Film. Or even a Batgirl or Batwoman one. Supergirl Film. (and even with batgirl) They need to mix it up a little more!

    • I can’t believe there aren’t more people agreeing to you. A Martian Manhunter piece, with the same tone as something we’ve seen in The New Frontier or a BoP film like Assault on Arkham are waay past overdue. It’s only now that they went with Flash, but even there you had Batman as a major supporting character. It’s as if studio execs at WB are reluctant to use any other character aside from Batman. glad to see Arrow, the Flash, and now Aquaman getting SOME push.

      Aquaman should be a shoe-in in a world where LoTR gets a prequel trilogy and Thor’s brother stays as a pop-cultural icon.

  11. DC is withouth a doubt the king of animation in comics. Fantastic stuff they do with their material. Removing the Nolan trilogy, they have no idea what they’re doing with live action movies :v

  12. Dazzler.. DC don’t make the movies Warner Bros does, anyway MOS was awesome and I reckon “Dawn of Justice” will be even better..

  13. I just want other superheroes and superheroines to get solo films in this new DCAU, only Batman has gotten them so far.

    Love all the DC animation I’ve seen, and hopefully will keep loving them, even when the DC Live-action universe will thrive.

  14. Finally Amanda “The Wall” Waller is back in her TRUE form. Not this hyper sexualized BS that DC has been doing. Waller was always this big woman who was a bad ass she could make Batman stand down. Then DC decides to sexify her just cause Angela Basset portrayed her in Green Lantern then some thin chick plays her in Arrow. The current Amanda Waller isn’t Waller. Chuck the FENCEPOST and bring back THE WALL in all things.

    • Yeah I still remember her from HUSH and when she was giving President Lex Luthor a run for his money. But here’s the thing, despite being an older “M.” type figure from 007, the original Amanda Waller faced a lot of criticism for being a stereotypically obese black woman. The fat-lady, essentially. And maybe it had some validity. I don’t know. Thing is, Angela Basset in Green Lantern was anything but sexy. The New52 Waller IS sexualized, no way around that, but then again I think that can be solved by just making her more of a veteran, Nick Fury type character rather than a Maria Hill figure. Or an older Maria Hill. Wow, this really makes me sound like I hate fat people doesn’t it?

  15. Direct to video is the home of the new DCAU. If the rumors about another 2016 reboot to to the comic side of the business are true then we could see adapatations of New-New 52 stories as soon as 2018! Can’t wait. Another idea: Rupert Murdoch gets his grubby paws on DC Comics and Time Warner, he can actually advertise the characters the original way they were meant to be marketed towards young people with new shows on Cartoon NEtwork. No Ted, no problem!

  16. So.. basically Cyber City Oedo 808…

    • The premise anyway that is..

      “I accept your most generous god damned offer, like I got any f*cking choice”

  17. The movie is awesome.
    The sex part is totally unnecessary and can totally be removed without affecting the movie.