‘Batman V Superman’ Rumors: Wonder Woman & Villain Details; Comic-Con Plans

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Batman V Superman rumors Wonder Woman Lex Luthor Comic Con 2014 Footage Batman V Superman Rumors: Wonder Woman & Villain Details; Comic Con Plans

DC’s superhero movie universe is one of the biggest stories in the entertainment industry this year, starting with quite possibly THE most iconic superhero team-up of all in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But the building of the DCU is about to go from 0 to 100 (real quick), with recent reports hinting at an ambitious schedule of up to three films a year, stretching from 2016 to 2018.

With so much secrecy still surrounding the Batman V Superman movie – as well as some pretty big casting rumors – many fans expect that DC and Warner Bros. will finally be looking to tear down the house at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con – a venue that Marvel Studios has traditionally ruled in the era of shared universe superhero films. Last year, all it took was the announcement of Batman V Superman at Comic-Con to grab headlines; but this year is already shaping up to be something on a whole other level.

With big official reveals on the horizon, more and more rumors – which are more and more likely to be true – are starting to leak out to different websites, and today we start things off with updates on the following areas of the DCU:

Comic-Con Plans Revealed?Justice League Movie Batman V Superman Rumors: Wonder Woman & Villain Details; Comic Con Plans

We expect big casting announcements (or confirmations) like Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, or who might be fulfilling the roles of major characters like Flash or Green Lantern or even Shazam. With a Justice League movie expected soon after BvS, it’s not too much of a leap to expect DC/WB to follow Marvel’s 2010 Comic-Con campaign and bring their full Justice League cast on stage.

With production on Dawn of Justice having been underway for months now, it’s not too crazy to also think that some epic teaser footage will be screened at the ‘Con as well – and that seems to be exactly what the game plan is, if rumors are to believed. According from El Mayimbe over at Latino Review:

We got an early look at the new Batmobile in the first photo of Ben Affleck’s Batman in costume; but as this ‘Con veteran can attest, it’s always cooler when you get to see movie Batmobiles in the flesh, so to speak. There are a lot of questions looming over the Batman V Superman car design (is it too Nolanesque? A good mix of the modern and traditional? Etc.) so expect some more in-depth descriptions of it, come Comic-Con time.

As for the footage: OF COURSE it’s probably going to be shown. As we keep saying: it’s looking more and more like this is DC/WB’s official foray into a real, legitimate, shared superhero universe. They are looking to OWN the show at Comic-Con ’14 – and if they show even thirty seconds of just Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and/or Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) onscreen (hell, just standing there looking at one another silently) it’d be enough to bring the house down.

The New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Movie Costume Discussion Batman V Superman Rumors: Wonder Woman & Villain Details; Comic Con Plans

In a new video exclusive (which you can view HERE), JoBlo drops a roundup of Batman V Superman rumors, which could potentially reveal a lot about the primary characters (Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman), as well as the overall story. We’ll start with the Wonder Woman details.

It’s being said that Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) will appear in a “fair amount of the film” as her civilian alter-ego (Diana), with a vague origin that is likely to be explained in a later solo film. Diana will suit up as Wonder Woman for the final battle ( a la Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in Iron Man 2) – and when she DOES suit up, all fears about the Wonder Woman costume may be put to rest.

According to the report, the Wonder Woman costume is a variation of the classic look, with the blue bottoms, boots, silver gauntlets (the tiara!) and a variation of the traditional body armor. It’s said to be combat-ready in design and was described as “badass.” She’ll have four weapons – sword, spear, the golden lasso and a shield – and the shield she’ll wear strapped to her back like Captain America.

Batman V Superman Wonder Woman Costume 570x508 Batman V Superman Rumors: Wonder Woman & Villain Details; Comic Con Plans

All in all, it sounds like the New 52 Wonder Woman design with some classic elements worked in. Personally I tend to believe this description, as Ben Affleck’s Batman looks like a variation on iconic comic book designs – and Superman’s new costume is rumored to be more comic book-loyal, as well. For all the flack he’s gotten, Zack Snyder could be making the most faithful DC movie to date – at least on a costume level.


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  1. Paul dini should be writing this movie

    • You do know we would get three hours of Harley Quinn if Dini wrote this film, right?

      • The problem being…?

  2. Gail must hit the gym 2 hours a day and get a b00b job to pull this off.

    • Yeah, because a boob job determines the acting capability of an actress -_-

      • So Meryl Streep or Dame Judy could pull of Wonder Woman?

        • Yes. Yes, they could.

      • No, but one’s looks partly determine one’s psyche. So in a sense, having a shapeless stick portray a sexy woman pretty much guarantees the character won’t be the same.

    • Are you kidding me with this, dude you need to wake up!!!

  3. As long as they follow the current trend in Comics and pair Supes with Wonder Woman I’ll be happy. It’ll split the internet in two and would be super fun to see.

    • I’m just hoping they follow new 52 rules for Wonder Woman period. Her origins twist was baller!

    • Nope. Not half. It will probably just satisfy 1/3 (or less) of the audience since 1/3 (and more) likes Superman paired off with Lois Lane, and the other 1/3 (mostly feminists) likes Wonder Woman to stand on her own as a warrior without being someone’s girlfriend.

      • I doubt that 1/3 of the audience for this movie will be feminists. I don’t even think 1/3 of the internet is feminists.

        Also, most feminists are not against people having girlfriends and boyfriends. They just want them to be equal partners. And one could certainly argue that Wonder Woman would be an equal partner to Superman.

        • I’m sorry, I have to laugh at the first part of your statement. Not to be insulting though. Just thoroughly amused because clearly you’ve not been exposed to much of the internet. If you have, you’d have known that majority of Wonder Woman’s supporters are feminists.

          Wonder Woman certainly is equal to Superman, no doubt about it. But I find that she’s more suited to be his friend than his love interest. Not opposed to it, but just not my cup of tea…

          What can I say? I’m traditional. I like Lois Lane better.

            • Yeahhhhh…I’m guessing you don’t have a Tumblr account.

              • Excellent guess. You can pick anything from the top shelf.

                • Then I guess you haven’t met a lot of Wonder Woman’s fans there. They’re the ones very vocal on WW having her own film and her not just being another love interest of Superman or Batman, which from their point of view I can understand. Part of the appeal of DC’s Trinity is that the three balance each other out. Having Superman and Wonder Woman (or Batman and Wonder Woman for that matter) as a couple sort of tips that balance. They can be heroes on their own without banging. Sorry, but I’m going to side with the two-thirds on this one.

                  • Huh?

                    I am not siding with 1/3 in this. I don’t even think it’s about sides. I am questioning the belief that 1/3 (and most of WW fans) are all (or mostly) feminists.

                    We also don’t know if she’ll be the love interest of anybody.

                    That article I linked to, has some pretty good points (and facts too) on why WW isn’t a feminist symbol and hasn’t been embraced by feminists. I could repeat them, but I thought it would be better coming from another mouth than mine, as I’ve already been tainted by the assumptions of who I am and what I side with.

                    I’d consider myself a WW fan too and I’d be very vocal about her getting a movie of her own, but that has nothing to do with feminism. I just think she’s a cool character.

                    • I’m not saying that all of Wonder Woman fans are feminists or that all feminists are Wonder Woman fans. I’m saying the ones who want Wonder Woman to not be paired off with Superman or Batman mostly are feminists.

                      As for Wonder Woman being a symbol of feminism, go and get a Tumblr account. You’ll soon find out enough just how many WW fans are feminists. There’s quite a lot of them so you can’t really turn into a corner without missing their posts. They’re pretty vocal about it.

                      The article you’ve linked me to has some interesting points, but my point is I don’t think Superman/Wonder Woman will satisfy a lot of the audience. Quite a lot would still want the Clark and Lois pairing, and then there are the outspoken ones who I’ve mentioned want WW to just be a heroine in her own right without being tied to another hero. She can stand on equal ground with Superman and Batman (and sometimes even beat them).

                      And there are those, like me too, who’d want Superman to show further growth on the big screen…The big guy really needs to get his character fully developed first before delving into another relationship. I love MOS, but I really need to see the dynamics of Superman/Clark Kent. Pairing him off with Wonder Woman is like entering into another level when the foundation isn’t even that solid yet. Plus, to be honest, I find Lois better suited for him

                    • I just realized I sound too stern and stubborn in my post. Don’t mean to appear that way. Apologies… a little tired at the moment…

                    • Don’t worry about it.

                      I am sure they exist and are vocal too. I just reacted to the notion of them being as many as 1/3 of the audience. And even if they were, I also wanted to mention, that not all feminists are against men. They just want to be equals. So that wouldn’t rule out having and supporting relationships with men.

                      I totally agree that a majority of the audience would prefer Superman and Lois Lane, but I think that’s all about the tradition, like yourself, and not really that much about feminism.

                      I don’t think WW will be the love interest of anyone in BvS. I am not even sure she’ll play as big a role as the other two. I think she’ll only have a supporting role. It’s just as much about introducing her and establisg the DCCU. That’s what I think.

                      I agree they should be building the relationship between Superman and Lois. That’s what they’ve started.

  4. Cavil said that he’d like to see batman and cyborg on screen with him. You seem to forget that what he wants he gets, and that he knows the game plan. Him saying he’d like to see doomsday most likely means he’ll be in a film. Maybe this next one or in the real sequel.

    • I’m not understanding what you’re saying. Are you saying that Henry Cavill has direct creative control over everything that goes on within this DCCU? Because if that’s the case then no. He’s an actor. His job is to listen to what the director tells him to do, he has absolutely no say in anything that goes on within this universe. He said he’d like to see Cyborg in a purely speculative manner at a time when even he didn’t know what the story was going to be for the sequel. Of course he could have simply been lying and wanted to tease people, but that’s besides the point. The actor has absolutely no say in what the creative process is (nor should they).

      • Unless the actor is Tom Cruise who also produces his own movies, but that’s another story.

        I totally agree with you that in the case of Henry Cavill, he is simply a hired actor.

  5. I still want a different wonder women

    • I still want to be an intergalactic explorer. Deal with it.

    • Can I ask why?

      • Why regarding the WW thing not the space thing lol

  6. I have FULL confidence that WB/DC will blow this opportunity & that this movie will be terrible. That will throw their whole alleged movie scedule into a tailspin & we’ll be stuck with more re-boots & empty promises.

    • Although I applaud your clairvoyance I need some proof that this movie will cause a tailspin, must be the scientist in me.

      • I think the scientist in you has been subsumed by the mindless brute.

        • I respect your opinion and understand that this and other movies like this are not for everyone but, just like you, I think that or rather hope that this movie will change people’s minds. I am a realist and know that some people will never be swayed no matter how intelligent and groundbreaking this movie MAY be. I am not praising this move just giving it a chance and I believe that there is nothing wrong with that.

          • It’s still written by D S Goyer, who seems determined to make his characters give exposition speeches and monologues for the whole movie (and not even relevant speeches).
            Also he seems to think that superheroes suffer from inherent problems that only he can fix by making them all copies of Batman πŸ˜›


    I have to agree with Phil here. Everything from the casting to the rumored story & everything surrounding this movie just doesn’t seem very well thought out & convoluted. I hope this movie turns out good, but based on WB-DC’s history of cbm’s, I would say the odds of this movie living up to the hype & being good are very long indeed.

    • These are all subjective opinions just like yours and mine but I think that if the movie is good or bad it still will get customers in theaters. I agree that WB/DC does not have the best track record when it comes to CBM’s but hopefully they will learn and evolve from past errors and bring something substantial to this genre.

      • SuperHulk…

        I agree, almost completely, with your above-stated comments. Personally, I am liking all of the choices the filmmakers are making and how production seems to be progressing. I canNOT wait for BvS:DoJ. As for the one thing you said I do not agree with, it is more the degree than the actual content: True, WB/DC has released some stinkers, BUT when they’ve been on point, they have been utterly amazing…and often brilliant.

        On a side note, I appreciate how casually you handle obnoxious twits (like Thee Swillblo, above). I, myself, am WORKING toward such moderation…Bravo! :)

        • Thank you for your kind words as they can be hard to come by in these comment sections. I think my point is that every studio is capable of extremely entertaining movies while also producing some bad ones. Each movie should be treated as an individual project even if they connect to other films. All I ask is that people at least give it a chance and reserve their judgments until they have seen the final product.

      • Why does everyone day they have suck
        Such a bad track record? The first 2 Supermans are considered classics the tim burton batmans are classics. The Nolan batmans are classics. Man of steel got mixed reviews but in my opinion it got a raw deal because all of the negative reviews said things like not enough joy and humor, too dark, and to much destruction. All of these basically say that they either 1) wanted it to be basically a Thor/marvel movie or 2) they wanted it to be like the original superman movies. I no WB/DC has put out a few bad ones but so has marvel

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one more villain in the fray. Somewhere to the end of the movie, seeing a silhouette of Darkseid looking down on the final scene and gathering of heroes, maybe surveying his own handiwork as himself bringing about the other surprise enemy, almost the way Thanos was brought in. But DC could make it way cooler.
    With a glimpse of Darkseid toward the end, having his hand in things, it would definitely start the set up for the JLA film.

  9. I agree with the author that Bizzaro makes a lot of sense. It’s Batman vs. Superman…what could Superman do to want Batman go up against him? Turn bad…that’s why Bats has always taken him down in the past. If it’s based on the DK2 comics when Supes was under Lex’s control…what makes more sense than a Superman clone under his control?

    Makes a lot of sense to me…

    • Where would Bizzaro fit in? it’s WAY too soon for him. Why would Batman come after Supes? Most likely from all the Destruction he caused in the First Film.

      • Why do so many people assume Batman is coming after Superman?

        And why are people so fixated on the destruction? He saved the entire planet.

        • It’s a source of constant surprise, curiosity & frustration to me that people talk full on demonising of Superman in MoS, have him crucified without any kind of trial & zero acceptance of the facts. After a selfless surrender to the US Militrary, Kal escapes from the Kryptonians he had been delivered to & saves the planet by making a plan with Lois, Jor-El & the US Military. He destroys the World Engine (Indian Ocean), stops Zod (in the Scout Ship) at the Black Zero (Metropolis) & then faces a Zod frothing with murderous rage.

          He is then given the worse kind of ultimatum possible:
          “kill me”, Zod says, “or I will kill everyone you love & then kill the rest too”.
          SO he kills him. A Superman with just 3 or 4 years more experience, allies & resources would NOT have needed to Kill Zod. Is what it is.

          And, other than a grain silo, Superman didn’t cause any destruction. Of course, there are some that are responsible for the atrocity, deaths & destruction; The Kryptonians led by a man who actually relished wiping all of humanity out. Still, some ppl range anywhere from not seeing how they’re responsible to a full on Stockholm Syndrome; they actually side with them, with Zod.
          It’s unfreaking-believable to me!

          It’s like the entire world is pulling a joke on me & tomorrow’s News Headline is: “Ha! Karmick! We all know Superman isn’t a death machine in MoS. U just got punked!”

          The only thing I’ll say is that there are some good reasons why we often fail to get stories that challenge us, and that’s because subtlety, distinction & logic are simply lost on some. Unlike in this case, where it’s simple facts that some ppl don’t get.

          lol πŸ˜‰

          Cant wait for BvS. It WILL be epic.

          • Yup.

            I think people are jumping to conclusions based on all the wrong assumptions. For example the title with the “V.” or “Vs.” is a quite common cross-over phenomenon in the world of comic books.

            We’re never discussing who’d win in a fight between cross-over heroes and villains. We pitch the heroes agains each other. Like Superman or the Hulk on strength. The Flash or Quicksilver on speed. And so on. We all know they’re supposed to be on the same side, but we love the idea of seeing them go head-to-head.

            And we’ve gotten a few cross-over comic books like Superman vs. Spider-man and Batman vs. Hulk. So it’s almost tradition, that when you join two solo heroes, it’s starts with a clash.

            Also, and we know this from comic books through out the years, Superman and Batman have plenty of reasons to disagree on things.

            So there are plenty of good reasons not to assume that one of the heroes has gone bad or has been tricked into thinking the other one is bad, just because the title is Batman V. Superman.

            • Man, that wackiness with the title, the V…it’s Asylum worthy hand wringing!

              Like you say, team up books, with or without the “V/vs.”, have been around since the early 70’s, actually moreso with Marvel than DC. And it’s one of the best formulas the art of comics has ever come up with. The fact that there’s a superhero flick coming out with that title format, with the 2 best known superheroes in the world, must be making some Marvelites pop happy pills (my advice to them is watch Man of Steel, the best superhero film ever, over & over. Then imagine Batman, WW & Aquaman join Clark at his Mom’s place for a Shwarma supper. Ethnic food’s good for lubrication of our social parts).

              Did that come out weird? Whatever.

              Supes & Bats have THE quintessential Icon-Clash partner/friend-ship. The Sun-Moon contrast of their nature, image & methods sets up so much potential for great stories, dialogue & moments. And the Bromance. Oh, the Brohmo! Sorry Lois, Lana, Diana, Tim, Dick & Todd, when in costume, these titans only have eyes for each other. lol hehehe

              So yipper, you’re right Shoveler, these guys may get into each other’s faces but I can guarantee 2 things; it’ll be insanely cool & compelling & they’ll discover the Superpower of Team Ups! DC style. Dawn of Justice.

              Goosebumps. Ohhh, yeah!

              • I am with you all the way πŸ˜‰

                The sun-moon contrast is an excellent analogy.

                Even the lighter material understands the nature of their relationship. I was watching that Lego Batman movie on Netflix a few weeks ago, and those moments where Superman was ΓΌber-boyscout-like and for example held the door to Batman with a cheerful “After you” to which Batman responded with a headshake and a grumble, really made me laugh. I thought it was great fun to see the characters caricatured like that.

                • The LEGO movie rules! And yeah, Bats & Supes on screen in cartoon style has me in stitches. Pure gold.

                  You hit the nail on the head; the LEGO movie works so well in part because they set up such faithful caricatures of the characters & stay within the lines of what they establish.

                  In a sense, DC/WB could learn something from LEGO movies. AS silly & crazy as they are, they establish conventions & stick to them beautifully while being creative, clever & wild. I’m hoping Snyder packs quite a bit of wild in BvS. Show the super in a way that makes the audience scream with approval. Celebrate all of Superman’s powers, Batman’s fierce intelligence, crazy physical mastery & awesome tech/gadgets. WW is magic & gods; freakin’ show us! If anyone can flesh out all that stuff, it’s Snyder.

                  As much as I love Man of Steel, I want BvS to be more about fun & exploration than the deep introspection of MoS.

                  Nice chattin’ with you Shoveldude! lol πŸ˜‰

                  • They certainly have the opportunity to add some fun too. After all the Superman in Man of Steel was a guy with no roots and purpose. No wonder he was a bit gloomy. But he found both roots and purpose, and Lois Lane too, and that could certainly push him towards better and happier times.

                    They would also lose the contrast if Superman and Batman was just dark and darker. So hopefully you’ll be right.

                    Nice chatting to you too πŸ˜‰

          • First off, let me say I loved the movie. In its first half it hit all the right beats in terms of character moments and delivering pure emotion. Then however, Snyder went overboard with destruction porn for more than 40 minutes. Calling it that may come across as a tad harsh, but that’s what it is, and quite frankly, I don’t see anything wrong in that. What else was supposed to happen in the course of a fullblown confrontation between one rookie Superman and a whole army of Kryptonians possessing the same level of power and then some (considering their military background and knowledge of martial arts techniques). All in all, the utter devastation of Metropolis was the only half-way realistic outcome. Superman was outnumbered and out of his depth and simply couldn’t do anything to reduce collateral damage to a minimum.

            Of course, they could have easily steered clear of all the critical flack they got by either polishing Goyer’s script (exactly what they’re doing to guerantee a quality script for DoJ) or replacing him with a skilled screenwriter altogether. Let me just list a few commonly known flaws of his script that would have made for less cringeworthy moments overall:

            – Lois: it was great that she figured out Clark’s identity, but there shouldn’t have been any romance yet (let alone the inappropriately placed kiss), why exactly was she forced to get on the Kryptonian’s ship as well?, also that moment where she has to step back twice before Clark can take off safely, coupled with a really weird grin on her part (which makes me think of that scene at the end where the military chick risks being demoted for calling Superman “sexy” infront her superior)
            – Jesus: I could get behind Clark being 33 years of age and sporting a beard for a while, but why did his conversation with the priest had to take place right infront of a ‘Goyeresque manifestation of subtlety’ and why did Clark have to float out of the spaceship in crucifixion pose? That was just laying it on way thick.
            – the glasses: just a minor nitpick and probably to be taken as a hommage more than anything else. Then again, seeing as it’s Goyer’s brainchild, I’m not so sure he wasn’t completely serious about the efficacy of that particular ‘disguise’

            Just to be clear: I don’t take issue with the killing of Zod in the slightest. It had to happen due to the off-the-cuff ultimatum and so we can see Clark specifically reflect on how to deal with threats in the future, which will eventually bring about the boy scout so many among us seem to adore so much.

            • You’re forgetting his super pheromones. This is probably the first movie that gets his effect on women right πŸ˜‰

              But seriously, I agree on most of those points.

              I am not sure what you mean about the glasses being Goyer’s brainchild?

              • Good one indeed.^^

                Sorry for being unintentionally vague about the brainchild aspect. I meant since it’s his script and he’s universally known as Mr. Subtlety I’d venture a guess that he seriously considers the glasses to be a clever disguise (instead of just hinting at the mythology by introducing them, maybe even … dare I say it with Goyer in mind … ironically?).

                • Ah…

                  I guess that’s just the one detail that every moviemaker taking on Superman must learn to embrace. They can strip him of his red panties. They can spill his secrets to Lois. They can even make him a killer. But the glasses stay.

            • Thx for the reply & some good points. I think where Goyer fails is in what seems to be an inability to write moments of stillness in his scripts. WHen heavy stuff goes down, be it action or emotional beats, you have to find the right setting & allow the characters to breathe in what’s happened. He did it a bit in the car before the Tornado but in general he’s rather weak on that front. He’s fairly good at doing BIG & “meaningful/significant” but then he doesn’t allow what he’s done to breathe, decontract.

              The kiss I’m torn about; right idea but done poorly.

              Oh yeah; why did Zod want Lois aboard the ship along with Kal? He knew she was important to Kal & his main goal is to extract as much info from/about him as possible, so it’s obvious to want to interrogate Lois as well. How did he know Lois & Kal had some connection? They may not overtly show it but it seems kind of obvious that the Kryptonians monitored global & local news (so Lois’ article on mystery super dude -Clark) & Zod was likely monitoring the Military Camp where Clark & Lois were, enough to notice there’s some connection between the two. It’s weird; I didn’t even flinch when I first saw it (Lois asked to board ship). Seemed ok to me.

              Anyway, despite liking Goyer on some levels, I was very happy & relieved to find out Terio being brought in for DoJ & JL script duties.

              Whew! Films like BvS & JL are exactly the kind of scripts I do NOT like Goyer to be involved with solo.

  10. Sean bean is my favorite actor and I think he would make a great green arrow but he’s to small to play this version of batman

    • He is?

      He’s 5’11 and Henry Cavill is 6’0 so they could easily work around that.

      • Too small in overall stature. He’s supposed to be a bulkier brawler type of batman that’s closer to the built from the dark knight returns. Affleck is 6’3 and and has a broad uper body. Don’t get me wrong, if they were going for a different version of batman, like an older version of the ones we’ve seen on film before then I’d be all for bean playing him. But seeing how that’s not the case, why not cast him as green arrow, he’s got the looks if they wanted an older version of him as well.

        • You’re probably right. I am just picturing Sean Bean as Boromir, plus he’s got a great square jaw. Also I remember him from more action based roles than Affleck, so I wasn’t thinking he’d be too small.

          • Haha he will always be 006 and boromir to me! And hopefully he does find his way onto the DC universe

  11. I really cant wait for this movie now that Cavil has hinted Doomsday. I hate when they save villains. The Original Doomsday story would be a good live action movie with the different Superman or Luthor’s clone.

    I just hope Dawn of justice shows how Batman and Superman develop their friendship. Thats the main thing that made me like the Superman- Batman stories was their friendship.

  12. Tom Welling could play Bizarro.

    • To make him a good villain they need to make him more than a one dedimensional character. They need to make him as strong as superman but based on what lex teaches him, he doesn’t have an understanding of life or death in the concept of other people. Meaning that he doesn’t understand is wrong to kill to achieve a goal. As the movie goes on we see lex tormenting him and we begin to see him struggle to comprehend what he is doing and what he is after seeing superman in action more and more. Perhaps seeing how everyone hates him won’t help either. By the time the movie gets to an end, we will feel bad to see him die either by the hand of superman or by the hands of lex.

    • @Matt Your version of Bizarro is the best I can imagine. I definitely don’t want the animated version he was a buffoon saying and doing the opposite.

      If they did make Bizarro I want a badda$$ one.

      But I think Doomsday would be a better villain for this movie.

    • Bizarro is like a Frankenstein’s monster. He is usually not that bright, but it doesn’t automatically make him a stupid, as in ridiculous, character.

      They should lose all that opposit stuff. He is bizarre because he is an imperfect clone. He doen’t need to mirror Superman in every little and reversed way.

      I also like Matt’s idea.

  13. Chewie…

    I thoroughly agree that MoS has been the best Superman film, to date. Personally, I also find it to be the best superhero film, as well.

    • I feel the same way. People seem to forget It was his first time being Superman.

      Some people focus too much on the destruction. The World Engine caused most all of it and the armies missiles and planes crashing into building caused the rest.

      Now if buildings are exploding and crashing I’m sure people left the buildings. Superman and Zod did’t fight until after the world engine was destroyed.

      I don’t know many people that are going to go back to work after all that,so I’m sure the buildings were still empty when Superman and Zod fought.

      But the Scout ship crashing in the city that is on Superman. But it was his first day on the job.

      I would have liked to have heard Zod say kneel before Zod at least once though.

  14. I’ll add my voice to this:

    MoS is the best Superman film to date.

    It’s also my fave Superhero movie, period:

    Man of Steel
    The Avengers
    X-Men: DoFP

    • It is so hard to choose. So many of them are awesome for different reasons.

      You’ve got the classics, that are just forever great because of the memories and nostalgic feeling that comes with them. But also you have to acknowledge, I think, what they accomplished in their day.

      In many ways Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. I do love MoS. I can’t wait to see BvS and JL. But I’ll always enjoy good old Christopher Reeve too.

      And Tim Burton’s Batman. We might not have superhero movies today, if he hadn’t redefined what a superhero movie could be.

      The first two X-Men movies also did their part and they’re still enjoyable to watch.

      And I’ve always been a huge fan of Spider-Man also so the first trilogy, especially 1 and 2, will always be special to me.

      I love Robert Downey’s Iron Man. I agree that each of those solo Avengers movies did need the climax that is The Avengers, but I also doubt thhey would have gotten to that point if Robert hadn’t been such a succesful Iron Man.

      X-Men: DoFP is awesome, but I still think First Class is equally strong because of The Professor and Magneto. I think they really nailed those guys and their relationship.

      Oh, and then there’s Watchmen. In many ways that’s in a league of it’s own. It has so much going on that many of the other ones simply doesn’t.

      I could go on and on πŸ˜‰

      • Dudes (Archaeon, Shoveler, any & all interested…;-), let’s try to make it to the next SR Open Thread & have fun making up some fave CBM lists. Deal?

        Kool, kool, kool! lol

  15. Those are some decent picks, except for Lautner. I could be wrong but aren’t all of his performances about either abs or cheese or both?

    How about Penn Badgley? He’s got the same level of physicality, plus there’s that womanizer devil-may-care charm about him that practically screams Nightwing to me.

  16. When I can’t present my case logically, properly or honestly, I confound the issue with facts, figures &/or anecdotes that no one can possibly refute because they are all my own hearsay & barely truthfully sounding stories. That way, I back ppl into a corner where they either begrudgingly accept my “facts, figures & anecdotes” or call me a liar.

    Yo know I like you, Shoveler, so you know the above paragraph is NOT about you & I’ll let you decide whether it’s really about me. I’m pretty sure you know how it was intended. Arguing against those whose discourse gives conspiracy theories a bad name is a waste of our time. Best thing to do is simply finish it quick armed with your truth & as quick a wit as is humane.
    Lastly, don’t feed the trolls (or the pathologically delusional).

    Cheers & peace out dude lol πŸ˜‰

    • I’ll admit that I’ve been known to feed a troll now and then. Sometimes they are harder to spot. Especially on topics like this because people can be very passionate and opinionated.

      I do what you do. I try to apply logic and facts, and when it’s all oppinions based on personal taste, I’ll try to point that out and let it be.

      I don’t think the dude above is a troll. It feels like he is truthfully invested in his words. Or maybe I just have a really bad troll radar πŸ˜‰

      If he is not a troll, I think he is just one of those people who thinks that everybody else is just like them. Meaning, what they think, must be what most of the world thinks.

      I agree that one has to know when it’s time to move on.

      Cheers & peace to you too πŸ˜‰

      • You’re a pretty cool dude, Shoveler. lol

        You inspire me towards greater empathy, compassion & beneficence.

        Unless they’re already on the waterboarding schedule, then my hands are tied. πŸ˜‰

        L8r Vader!

        PS: Next SR Open Thread, CBM lists…?!

        • Sure, lead the way πŸ˜‰

  17. With these various casting decisions and the bits of story/plot/setting we have been getting, as well as the people supervising/revising the project, I canNOT wait dor BvS:DoJ to release. It seems to be coming together beautifully…

    • Sigh…FOR, not DOR…butterfingers.

    • On that ride, Clyde.

      It’s impossible to really tell much about BvS until we see it, but the sense I get has me more & more excited. BTW, if you’re one of the ppl on the fence about Afleck as Bats, Can I suggest you have a look at “Runner, Runner”? The movie gives a glimpse of where Afleck can dig into to become Batman.

      I hope/don’t think the film will have any Batman villains. THAT would be overcrowding the movie, not just character-wise, but location, setting & function-wise. It would pull too much focus.

      If it was me doing it, the film would have a lot of quick edits, little to no slo-mo (if anything I’d speed things up, like in the MoS Smallville fight) & have a plot with a few twists. And color! I want this film to have COLOR. Or imagine if they had all the Gotham footage in Black & White, Smallville a Rainbow of color & the rest have the same kind of color palette/filters as Superman Returns (whatever else, that movie looked beautiful) lol πŸ˜‰

      • Personally, I’m fine with Affleck as Batman…I think he’ll do a great job. As for the rest of your points, although some slo-mo will be a valid choice considering the speed at which a number of the potential battles might occur, I agree that speeding up the actual combat, for the most part, can add an urgency and that element of being “super” to the fights. In terms of color…YES, please! The visual representation of the interactions between such beings (yes, I’m including the very human, normally shadowy Batman here) SHOULD be vibrant and interesting. A little black and white or gray scale or shadowing of the Batman scenes (and/or the man himself) would still be wholly appropriate and expected…

        …and now, we wait.

    • Also, David S Goyer script will be rewritten by a real writer so, this time, the dialogues and characterisation might be compelling.
      It’s when I heard those news that I decided I’d give the movie a chance.

  18. @GamingFeuds

    1. I was just curious because he’s never played a villain before, so I was wondering how you came up with him. I am not saying actors can’t have that range, I was only wondering.

    4. I agree about the booming voice. And Darkseid is probably not showing all sorts of emotions anyway, so I’ll agree :)

    5. I have the same hesitations about Affleck, but I’ll wait and see.

    As far as Bale goes, I think Nolan’s Dark Knight universe is so rooted in authenticity (with a touch of Hollywood action movie physics of course, but no more than so many other action movies) that, at least to me, powered heroes wouldn’t work with his Batman.

    6. We’ll agree to disagree :)

    8. I agree they probably won’t. But I think they could have. Even if they re-cast him, it could still be that same Hal Jordan. I think they got the whole Green Lantern Corps and mythology right, and I was kind of surprised they went that far because it could be pretty out there for the regular moviegoer, but it’s all faithful (or at least very close to) the comic books, as well as I remember it right now.

    And if they include it, they can also easily explain other Green Lanterns like John Stewart or Simon Baz without having to do it all over again.

    9. According to IMDb it’s announced, so I was just going by that.

    10. Okay, I won’t :)

    11. Yup, and I agree that Ron has got a killer voice, but not really the physique.

    12. I’ll admit I don’t know too much about him.

    13. He may very well be. I just didn’t have Ryan :)

    14. Doomsday then.

  19. I personally think they will only introduce her in some kind of smaller role to establish that they are building a cinematic universe.

    Just like Black Widow was in Iron Man 2, but not really part of the main story.

  20. Interesting pick. Could be fun to see what Snyder could do with Arnold. I don’t think Metallo is quite as robotic as The Terminator. He was still a man once. There’d have to be some emotions left.

    Another pick might be Dolp Lundgren if we’re going down the path of old musclebounds πŸ˜‰

  21. This entire thread just seemed to be a steadily gradually devolving cacao hint of trolling and “being a sugar infested 13yr oldness”

    May the universe have mercy on you all

  22. There are so many other actresses who could fit the whole role perfectly as Wonder Woman. There are also UFC fights who are woman who could do the role and some of them already have the body, fighting skills, and acting ability to play Wonder Woman. Why we have a woman who have a body of 10yr old girl and we only remembered her playing in one movie that she played two Fast and Furious roles. Why not the girl from the show Two Broke girls “Max”? Why not Katy Perry who have the perfect body, face, and voice for Wonder Woman? Maybe Gal Gadot will be able to pull it off but I’m sorry but I just can’t see her playing as Wonder Woman for so many reasons.

  23. Marvel/DC Troll-Prime…

    Your buffoonish, pointless threats continue. You CAN’T do anything to me, no matter how much smoke comes out of your ears. Please, reactivate your higher brain functions and try to return to an intelligent discussion. Try.