‘Batman V Superman’ Comic-Con 2014 Teaser Description [Updated]

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Batman V Superman DC Movie Universe SDCC14 Comic Con 2014 Batman V Superman Comic Con 2014 Teaser Description [Updated]

[UPDATED: Scroll down for leaked images from the Batman V Superman Comic-Con 2014 Footage]

We expected Warner Bros. to bring something for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to this 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego, and the studio did not disappoint. Director Zack Snyder was on stage in Hall H to kickoff the WB panel and present new footage from the superhero movie; he was accompanied by cast members Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).

The Batman V Superman teaser footage shown at the event began with Affleck’s Caped Crusader standing atop a Gotham rooftop on a rainy night; his eyes then light up solid white, before he removes a tarp and reveals the Batsignal underneath. Following that, the camera track up towards the sky, revealing Cavill’s Superman hovering in the spotlight; he looks extremely angry, as his eyes light up red, preparing to fire his heat vision. Cue the film’s official logo.

As such, we can now confirm that Batman has multiple costumes in the movie, as the armor he was wearing in the Batman V Superman teaser was the full Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns-inspired outfit (read: much heavier-looking and thicker armor than in the image that had been previously released by Snyder). In addition, Gadot’s official Wonder Woman outfit was revealed; check it out below, alongside the official pics of Affleck’s Batman and Cavill’s Superman.

Batman V Superman and Wonder Woman Banner 570x273 Batman V Superman Comic Con 2014 Teaser Description [Updated]

CLICK for Larger IMAGE.

As for the panel – the following official pics of Affleck and Cavill onstage at Hall H have been made available (via the Henry Cavill News Twitter account). Have a look at the two men bringing DC’s icons to life – out of costume, that is – below.

batman superman cavill affleck comic con Batman V Superman Comic Con 2014 Teaser Description [Updated]

UPDATED: Check out leaked photos of the Hall H footage below – featuring the armored Batsuit, the Bat-Signal, and Superman in the sky (courtesy of Think Hero).



Batman V Superman opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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  1. WHAT??? 2016????? I´m DYING!

  2. Maybe it’s just me but does anyone else notice Ben Affleck’s facial expression standing next to Henry Cavill? In true Batman form he looks like he isn’t happy to be there or be the centre of attention. Meanwhile Cavill is full on Superman/Clark mode, smiling no matter what.

    If it’s on purpose then Ben will own his character.

    • It means nothing. Henry Cavill is a very friendly guy by nature. Even in SDCC 2012 when they had MOS panel, he was smiling and jovial the whole time, chatting with fans etc. He even read all main comic books in preparation for the role. But in the actual movie he was brooding and serious the whole time. It all depends on script. Going by Snyder’s previous movies, his heroes don’t smile that much. Even when Snyder made an animated movie the hero in that was serious the whole time. Lets see, hopefully Henry cavill gets to be more funny this time around

      • I just watchd Man of Steel in HD for the first time yesterday, making it the 13th time I’ve seen it, but Superman does smile more than anyone else in the movie. He doesn’t have a lot to smile about, the movie is basically about him discovering who he is and what his place in the world is. This isn’t stuff that’ll fill you with joy and laughter. You’re right though not a lot of smiling in the movie, but most of it is done by Superman himself, at least we have that going for him.

    • I noticed that 2. They are both like the real life versions of the comics :(

      • Ben is in black and Henry is, not blue and red, but it’s a brighter color than Ben. Maybe it’s not deliberate but it could’ve been an unconscious choice on their parts.

      • Except Affleck is taller than Cavill, and I always thought Superman was slightly taller than Batman? Cuban heals for the movie?

    • I think it’s actually both. I think he is being stone faced on purpose and I don’t think seasoned actors really enjoy being on stage at Comic-Con. So far so good in my opinion.

  3. Wonder Woman should wear the full hoplite skirt, like what we saw in Troy on Brad Pitt;

  4. It just cracks me up how, at first, everybody was like “Ben Affleck as Batman??? Ugh, this movie is gonna SUCK! Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman??? Ugh, this movie is gonna SUCK!”

    But now, with the teaser and Gal’s pic released, everybody’s like “OMG, FREAKING AWESOME!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2016!!!”

    Haha, just goes to show how you need to be patient. Wait and see how the images look, how the trailers look, the costume designs, etc. Before you march into the WB offices on a mission of death…just WAIT.

    Speaking for myself, I had doubts about how this movie would turn out. And this movie is STILL TWO YEARS AWAY so I’m not completely optimistic yet. I wasn’t angry about the casting of Affleck and Gadot, but I wasn’t thrilled either. BUT, I must admit, the teaser and WW pic got me excited! Still early though, let’s just wait for more footage, story details, etc. Let’s just WAIT…

    • I love that Zack Snyder is making Batman v Superman, but seriously Ben Affleck seems to be much more qualified as a director for the next Superman movie. This is the guy who co-wrote Goodwill Hunting and directed Argo, if human characters and a journalistic look towards politics is what you want in your superhero movie, you go to Affleck. I’m pretty sure that he’s well-versed in science fiction to pull off whatever Kryptonian awesomeness Zack did. Affleck should direct a Superman movie!

      • Ben was actually offered to directed Justice League back when that was planned for a 2015 release, he turned it down because he said he wasn’t experienced in directing big special effects movies and the script being bad.

        • Yeah I remember that he was in talks for directing Justice League. I still think that Snyder, with his experience on Watchmen and Sucker Punch, is better fitted for a JLA film that surely bridges several genres together. But for a stand-alone Superman film, Affleck does have the sensibilities to make it work wonderfully. What I hate about Snyder is his Michael Bay-moments, which isn’t surprising since he had shared classes with Bay back in film-school. Affleck would bring something more mature to a Superman movie, methinks.

          • MOS was Snyder’s most mature work in my opinion. He picking up new tricks along the way so let’s see what he surprises us with.

            I’d rather Affleck do the next few standalone Batman movies (if thats anytime soon) with Snyder producing.

  5. Can anyone confirm or deny if this actual live footage or 3d concept art? I heard it was the latter but no one has confirmed this… The images look a little wonky and I wonder if this is why…

  6. Just seen the BvS teaser and WOW… Batman and Supes look absolutely badass! Batman looks like he’s straight out of the DKR, I love it, his night vision looks sick, it’s just unacceptable there making us wait 2 years for this!

    • You are right. but the delay is good for the films quality. That is important.

    • The bat logo semms goofy and awkward to me, but it is only a minor setback. for just a small tease it does its job.

      • You’ll get used to it. Took me a while too when Affleck’s costume was released but this is a whole new type of Batman.

  7. Saw a leaked trailer for this. Amazing amazing jnfinity

  8. The pupil-less, glowing white light and the eye design does remind me of the Batman in LEGO Batman the Videogame.

    • Cheers mon amie!

      Well done, thk U & respect! Much appreciated.

      That was sanguinated badassery at it’s world’s finest…lol


    • Thank you for the link. And Bvs is going to biggest work in superhero genre. Forget Avengers 2,1 etc. Those are kidstuff!

  9. hahaha!!!!! its blows !!!

  10. I finally got to see the teaser today and two years is just too far away. Thanks to all of the leakers but hopefully WB just release it to everyone so we can get a little better quality.

  11. Just a thought, seeing Ben Affleck all grown standing next to Cavill made me wonder…

    I think that Ben Affleck should be given the task to direct at least one Superman film; his writing skills (Goodwill Hunting) is perfect to reflect the sort of middle-class American values that Clark Kent grew up with, and seeks to establish, not to mention his phenomenal directorial precision in films like Argo and Gone Baby Gone — to me, Superman is a journalist first and foremost and an alien from outer-space second, his existence as a superhero hinges on the media and his greatest villains are all political foes: Lex Luthor, Moghul, Darkseid, Brainiac, Zod, they each manage to represent some sort of oppressive political extreme that only a champion of the Earth from the genres of science fiction can oppose. Every great science fiction story has had some grounding in the political-social climate it’s made from, and comments on those concepts, why should a Superman movie be any different? Zack Snyder did a decent job with Man of Steel, but even seeing his work on Batman v Superman it is apparent that the man is more concerned with the iconography of the characters and comics rather than the narratives.

    Despite its awesome visual spectacle, BvS could have simply become one big “who is stronger” movie if people like Affleck, Goyer and the writer from Argo was not involved.

    Don’t get me wrong, Snyder is a visual maestro, but his scripts and dialogue always leaves a lot to be desired. At least for me. Watchmen and 300 would’ve been completely different films under a different director’s lens.

    Which brings me to Ben Affleck. He seems to understand the sort of meticulous effort it takes to get the job done — this is what Superman has always lacked in his stories, that central struggle. As a god-like superhero, the drama always falls short because he can physically tackle the greatest of threats without any worry, even if it’s an invasion from Zod, you are immediately swept away in the spectacle of things and it’s more about punching than thinking. But Clark’s greatest struggle, against his humanity, is articulated with his role as a journalist. The work Perry, Jimmy, Lois and Clark put in to bring down an untouchable media figure like Lex Luthor, especially on the political-arena where he is invisible, makes for excellent drama. Superman is all strength, but when it comes to bringing down a wealthy, Wall-Street, Corporate-King like Lex, his only power lies in his ability to write the truth. It’s a meticulous struggle that no super-speed or super-strength can solve: a political one.

    Similarly, when he is faced against Darkseid, his greatest struggle has always been to convince the people of Apokolips that they are oppressed — the people have no concept of “freedom” or “free-will” and again the struggle is an ideological one for Superman, one which only his experience as a journalist can solve.

    On Kandor it is much the same, again it is his role as a mediator between truth and perception is something that he has to balance: the tables are turned with Kandor and he is the one in charge, and must make the politically right decision to save this entire city. With Zod, we have an enemy who represents militarism, and it is up to Superman to stop him.

    I think that Affleck will approach a Superman movie through that journalistic lens, and the movie will be all the more better for it. Also, does anyone think that Superman’s unconditional altruism is due to a possible abberation in his genetic make-up? He’s a damned boyscout coz he’s got some sort of Kryptonian gene that makes them one-dimensional or something? Zod had machiavellianism going for him, Jor-El was “science by any means necessary” maybe for Clark it’s “Truth and Justice” ?

    • All of the above of what you said is awesome, legit and potentially very true. That’s definitely the layered aspect that Superman deserves. I wonder if they can get onto that once they get the Justice League build-up/trilogy out of the way.

    • Oh I don’t doubt Snyder’s ability as a director, in fact despite my comments I do love the work he has done — the scene you describe, as well as the shots of Superman hovering over the desert in the sun (classic Alex Ross pose) is something that only someone who respects comics like Gospel can bring to the screen, and Snyder is no doubt that person. He is perfect for a Justice League movie, in my opinion, and BvS (which seems to be far superior to MoS thus far) is quite possibly the movie he is perfect to make: an ensemble of superheroes.

      Having said that, he does fall short, as you’ve mentioned, in the story department. And no, a comic-book itself cannot be all script and narrative, that’s ultimately a novel. But for film? No a film cannot simply exist without a good story, even if it’s short. The story in a film is just as important as the cinematography, and this is the same with comics where both artist and writer should be given equal importance. This is certainly so for Superman stories like For All Seasons and Death of Superman.

      I wouldn’t say that simply because Affleck never made a heavy special-effects film makes him incapable of making one. And where he would fall short, I think he’d be able to cement the film with a humanity that would compensate for it. I don’t doubt that MoS is a visual masterpiece — I do love it for its action, but it didn’t have any focus on Clark Kent the journalist, and it had enough story-elements to be that.

      Visual iconography is great, and it’s an important part of comics, but Snyder’s movies LOOK better than the story they are telling (except for maybe Watchmen).

      • With all due respect, you’re accusing an orange of not being an apple. It doesn’t bode well for your logician skills.

        MoS had nothing to do with Clark Kent the journalist. Zip, nada…The only aspect of the Clark explored in MoS that relates to hio journalist persona was all implied in his self imposed exile, hopping from job to job in his mission to do good in secrecy. Doing that requires many skills that lend themselves very well for a PI, Detective or journalist. Many say that those things needed to be shown more. I’m fine with piecing the puzzle together myself. Like a journalist (see what I did?)

        If you want a conversation about Snyder’s treatment of Clark as a character in MoS, you need to focus on him as a wandering knight on a quest of self discovery. The Fisher King archetype might also be appropriate, as his ignorance of who he is makes him severely disabled. Only once he finds Home (mix in scout ship, hope & conviction, a stepfather’s sacrifice, decades old key, a little privacy & presto!) does his injury (not knowing who or even what he is) find a cure (knowledge & connection – AI Jor-El) by gaining insight (connect knowledge to context) & finally takes off into the skies.
        That’s quite the journey of self discovery, where on the way we discover lots about him, & how what he is & knows nothing about, impacts & shapes him thru the years. I found it engrossing, is an understatement.

        As someone who knows a little something about feeling apart & being an outsider, MoS was far more to me than just a CB superhero movie. It’s powerful on a personal level for me. That happens not only because of storytelling, but how he uses cinematic tropes to further solidify that story. Here’s just one example; next time you watch the film (if), pay attention to the soundtrack (not just the music); notice how he plays with sound levels, editing & mixing. It plays on you, working exactly as a soundtrack should be adjunct to story, even becoming a character in itself. Ask yourself; “why is the sound of the surveillance drone crashing in front of Swanwick’s car so loud & obnoxious?
        It’s like that for a reason. Figure it out. It’s not THAT hard. Be a reporter.

        • I had to say something bout your MOS soundtrack comment, i agree 100%! It was brilliant, made the experience much better.. More emotional, i jus love it!

    • +1!

      I’ll just add that IMO many ppl are blind to Snyder’s narrative abilities.
      Whether it be Watchman or even Sucker Punch, he puts a lot of detail into what’s going on & why, it’s just not rendered & delivered in a way that ppl expect or like. And that’s fair enough. For me, for instance, I see things in Sucker Punch that blew me away story-wise. I know that there are others out there who get it, but we are in the minority. Lastly, I suspect & hope that with BvS & Justice League, Snyder’s ability as a storyteller will sell itself more universally that it is now.

  12. I cannot stop watching the terrible quality leaked on line version of this teaser.

    WHY did this have to come out at 2016?

  13. does anyone have a link to the teaser they keep taking them down

  14. See people, this just goes to show that you all need to shut your freaking mouths and wait to say anything until you see the movie. Everyone hated the idea of Heath Ledger as the Joker, and then he nailed it in “The Dark Knight” and now everybody loves him. It just goes to show, that this happens every single time. Everyone is upset because they don’t do what you want, and then you end up loving it after it comes out anyway. So, I think you should all relax and wait to see this movie before saying anything. I personally was very excited when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman, and seeing him above makes me even more excited that he’s going to nail it as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I was worried about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but seeing these photos makes me hopeful. I think she still needs to beef up more, but she looks stunning in the costume. I cannot wait for this movie, and just watch. You’re all going to be going back on your word and singing it’s praises when it comes out just like you always do. So shut up and be patient.

    • @Brittany Loffand (what a stupid name) (IN MOJO JOJO’s VOICE) Aw shut up! (in normal voice) Do you want to know WHY fans ALWAYS do this?! Because WE HAVE AN OPINION! Hello there’s a thing called freedom of speech! Learn it! And does EVERYONE have to play the Heath Ledger card EVERYTIME fans doesn’t like a casting in a comic book movie?! Stop playing that darn card already! Matter of fact stop playing his card, the Michael Keaton card, and Anne Hathaway card! ALL OF YOU! WE don’t want to be reminded everytime! WE(the fans) may not be the ones working on comic book movies BUT WE have a right to an opinion when something we don’t like like for example casting happens. Bottom line is this Brittany WE have an opinion show us some respect little girl! And don’t reply back to me because you will NOT win this argument.

      • Yeah, shut up Brittany! We (the fans) have the freedom of speech, but you don’t! I don’t like it when you bring up your “cards” because I hate it when you point out that I’m technically wrong! So next time you open your mouth show some respect when we’re busy disrespecting all the people who made them movies possible! And no, please reply so I can show you how wrong you are! lol

      • You already lost. Your opinion can’t be taken seriously.

    • listen people some of us like marvel and DC you dont have to like one or the other.

    • Some if us like BOTH Marvel & DC not everyone is a fan boy.
      NOw on to the choices for actors.. yes heath ledger was an AWESOME joker. yes most people including myself HATED him for it and ate crow( including myself)
      HOWEVER ben affelck seems to be a disaster , he bombed daredevil already ( blame it on plot all you want, he carried that suit like an idiot) and he is not a person who seems to be able to pull off batman & wayne.I hope im wrong I really do but I think the decision to make affleck batman was a real bad choice. now all the wonder womnan bitching I dont understand she looks good so what if its not red white and blue.. she looks good unlike affleck in the stuffed pillow suit.

  15. Lame. wtf is Batman wearing? Still going to suck in comparison to Avengers: Age of Ultron : )

    • omg you are so embarrassingly wrong.

      Been there done that, no bigs.

      That said, AOU will rock, just not like BvS will…be better!

  16. It’s interesting that Batman is wearing some kind of armour. Maybe it’s developed from the armour of Zod’s lieutenants in the first movie. In fact it looks similar to the male one’s armour. As superman was seemingly unable to penetrate that armour when fighting with Faora etc, perhaps this means Batman will be able to fight superman. As I recall in the first movie even though Faora didn’t take off her helmet like Zod, thus not gaining superman like powers, she was still able to go toe to toe. Was that because of her armour or were the aliens super strong even without superman powers??

    • I think kraptonian gain superman like power on earth. helmet only control there senses.

    • its almost identical to Frank MIllers the dark knight returns armor- a 30 yr old story made into cartoon that looks good on tv but in live action that suit looks like batman stuffed a bender with pillows.. he looks ridiculous.

  17. I’m just glad they did white eyes Batman.

  18. Batman v Superman :Dawn of Justice will make 1 billion plus dollars at the box office in my estimation. It’ll probably gross huge dollars in the same way that the Michael Bay “Transformers” films make.

    • And now presenting the ending scene to bvs:
      Batman: Superman, the way you kicked Lex’s ass was awesome!
      ( WW and the rest of the league jump out of nowhere)
      WW: Hi! I’m Wonder Woman and these are my friends. Let’s form a superhero team!
      Superman: Lady, I can fight crime just fine by my self so you should..
      ( WW takes her top off and performs an epic lap dance.)
      Superman: HELL YEAH LETS DO THIS!!!
      ( cut to title card)
      Justice League : Justice will be served coming may 2018.
      Roll credits

  19. when I heard Affleck was batman I shuddered, when I saw him I threw up a little in my mouth. now that I see the frank miller DKr armor I feel dumber having witnessed it. the costume was practical for a 30 yr old story but that suit look silly and outdated for a 2014 movie. the actual clip did excite, but aflck will remain a problem, I only hope that im wrong.

  20. I’m probably in the minority in thinking that the Batman armor looks clunky and unconvincing. It’s another example of Synder’s inability to create anything original. His thinking seems to be: “Hey! That looks so cool on the comic book page. It will look ever better in my movie!” As Watchman showed, just taking images and words from the page and putting them on the big screen is not enough. Not looking forward to this crapfest