‘Batman V Superman’ Set Report Teases ‘Anti-Superman’ Theme & More

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batman v superman henry cavill1 Batman V Superman Set Report Teases Anti Superman Theme & More

[This article contains POTENTIAL SPOILERS for Batman V Superman.]

There is no longer any pretense that director Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t part setup for a Justice League movie (hence the subtitle), though at the same time the film will build on the plot developments in Man of Steel, as had been indicated by co-writer David S. Goyer. That includes addressing the fallout from the destruction inflicted upon Metropolis in the Superman movie reboot; as Goyer and Snyder have made perfectly clear, that was the plan from the very beginning.

Batman V Superman set videos, like the one that is linked below (or this one from a couple days ago), teases even more city destruction in the film, albeit with a key difference from similar material in Man of Steel – now Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is involved.

The below clip was filmed at the Batman V Superman set in Corktown, Detroit and shows what appears to be Affleck’s stunt double, clearly rescuing a young woman from danger. A related report by Batman on Film suggests this scene being filmed here takes place during “some sort of attack on Metropolis.” (Bruce is apparently in a Wayne Enterprise Building in the city, when this happens.)

Batman V Superman Set Video

That same report (per usual, take it with a grant of salt) indicates that Batman V Superman will indeed have “a very ‘anti-Superman’ theme,” with people marching in the streets to protest the Man of Steel. (For related, see these set images that show the statue unveiled in honor of Superman having been forcibly torn down.) Again, this is in keeping with the longtime expectation that Batman V Superman will take a Dark Knight-inspired approach and show the tide turning against Henry Cavill’s Kal-El – especially if it’s Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) who’s orchestrating the attacks on Metropolis and/or the public opinion campaign against Supe.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Movie Discussion 620x350 Batman V Superman Set Report Teases Anti Superman Theme & More

In addition, the BoF report asserts that Aquaman will indeed appear in Batman V Superman, as film tests were conducted on a “water set” very recently. The character’s role is described as being “very small”; according to the rumor mill, he will show up as a direct response to Superman “outing” himself to the world. It’s believed that this is also the reason that Jason Momoa playing Aquaman hasn’t been confirmed, as it’s meant to be a “surprise” – though, not a very well maintained one, if so (see these photos that appear to show Momoa working out in the same rock climbing area as Batman V Superman star Gal Gadot).

Likewise, the expectation is that Batman V Superman will establish that Aquaman has been operating under the radar (no pun intended) for quite some time, prior to Superman’s “noisy” emergence on the scene – as have Wonder Woman (Gadot) and Ben Affleck’s Batman, among other superheroes. (Ray Fisher as Cyborg is also expected to play a “very small” role in the proceedings, at most.) On paper, that reads as being a natural continuation of the themes and subtext introduced in Man of Steel, progressing the issue of how the modern world reacts to discovering that beings with extraordinary abilities exist.

Justice League Movie Members New 52 Batman V Superman Set Report Teases Anti Superman Theme & More

Of course, this is also building towards the Justice League movie, which Snyder is lined up to direct and Chris Terrio (who rewrote Goyer’s original Batman V Superman script draft) is being courted to write. Still, assuming these rumors and speculatory claims are on the right track, it suggests that the building of a DC Movie Shared Universe doesn’t, per se, have to come at the expense of the meaningful storytelling that has characterized the best DC films made to date – and that is an encouraging thought.


More: Joss Whedon on DC: “I Like What They Do.”


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Batman on Film, Samuel Otten

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  1. i bet the Rock will be the Green Lantern………. and Man of Steel is BEST Superman movie yet !! they are doing a great job bringing these characters to life in a way apart from how marvel has.

    • The Rock as GL? That doesn’t seem right. He wouldn’t be a fit for Hal, Kyle, Guy or John.

      • I think he was trolling.

  2. So it has been confirmed BvS moving to march. Lol, wb/dc blinked! They have no confidence in their terrible product. MoS was awful and wb/dc is afraid of Marvel.

    • Yeah no confidence which is why they announced 2 Dc movies a year starting 2016, be gone troll.

  3. grrr…

    “Superman vrs. Batman” is a damn illegal immigration commentary?

    I will skip this movie.

  4. Dark Superman was already done before. It sucked really bad, “that” movie.

  5. I like both Marvel and DC movies both are satisfying…. Although I much prefer the gritty dark semi-real tone of the DC movies over the camp wink and nod at the camera style of Marvel….it’s a lot like beer I’ve rarely met a beer I didn’t like. I like the micro brews and the macro brews as well. Since the 4th of July it’s been old style,Hamms,Bud,shlitz,stag and miller high life dominating the humid summer months….light drinkable pilsner/lager styles or Marvel movies just kick back don’t think and guzzle.

    Now while I drink and enjoy them my favorite beer is Guinness ohhh give me a pint of the black stuff…. dark and full flavored with body and taste. A beer that is born to be savored and thought about…. A DC movie is much more like that it has depth and grit and reflects reality.

    • Superman The Movie was the 1st major superheroe movie – and had lots action and fun – which Marvel have done with their movies now – and as a Marvel Fan – I love !
      The ‘Dark’ stuff has been done to death over decades now.

  6. Can we keep the prostrating oneselves at Joss Whedon’s feet at ever opportunity out of the Zack Snyder articles please???

  7. Love seeing Marvel vs DC comments on here, hating from one company to another that do not care in the slightest about you so long as you pay up when instructed…. Apple Vs Android, Microsoft Vs Sony blah blah…. Making assumptions about a movie that’s no where near finished, saying its going to be horrible…. I would bet money that all you ‘Marvel’ campers will be in the cinema watching this movie if the reviews are majorly positive and the same for the DC campers and Avengers 2….. Cant you just sit back and enjoy the fact that comics that you all have been reading for many years (some since the 60’s) are now being put onto the big screen?? Jesus, there is no pleasing some people who just complain for the hell of complaining!!

  8. IF this movie is done right, it could possibly be the greatest superhero movie ever..IF

  9. Jason momma doesn’t look like aqua man at all. I think it’s best of all if we can get a different actor to play the king of atlantis.

    But I think Liam hems worth should play aqua man instead. How does that sound ?

  10. I’ll take it with a GRAIN of salt 😉

    But of course it could be a theme of the movie. It would make sense that you have people who are both for and against this newcomer. There will always be people who are afraid of the new and different – or that which they don’t understand.

    It would also be a twist of the theme in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns in which the public debate is both for and against the old crime fighter.

    But I still don’t think it will be the main theme. After all the statue also indicates that his rescue of the entire world has been acknowledged. Everybody involved in the fighting also seemed to understand this at the end of MoS.

    To blame him directly would be kind of like blaming the NY Fire Departement for the events of 9/11. He didn’t cause it or help anyone do it. He was just not able to stop it without anybody getting hurt.

    It would also be more like a sundown of justice, if everybody is saying nay already. So I suspect it’ll be a theme and perhaps a plot device of some sort, but it will soon pick up on a real issue against a real wrongdoer.