‘Batman V Superman’: Batman’s New Backstory Revealed?

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Ben Affleck Batman Costume Batman V Superman: Batmans New Backstory Revealed?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has – from day one of its announcement – been described as an adaptation of Frank Miller’s seminal Dark Knight Returns story arc. For all the mysteries about Dawn of Justice‘s story, it has become increasingly clear with each new revealed detail that the Dark Knight Returns influences are very direct. The Batman V Superman teaser had a version of the Dark Knight in an armored suit that looked like it was ripped right off the page of Miller’s book.

Today we have some new rumors regarding the film – this time concerning the backstory of Ben Affleck’s Batman. While this is all just rumor at this point, the discussion that follows should still be considered as a POTENTIAL SPOILER.




According to Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest, when Dawn of Justice begins, Batman will have existed for about 30 years – putting Bruce Wayne in his fifties, in terms of age (Note the grey temples in the set photo above). Batman has apparently operated from the shadows, and has never been actually seen or photographed; however, the Batcave and certain iconic objects (a Robin suit on display) will hint at the Dark Knight’s long history of fighting crime. (SIDE NOTE: The report also notes that Wonder Woman has also been operating in secret for some time.)

This description fits in line with early details that claimed we would indeed see an older, seasoned Batman in the film – while later rumors pointed to that same weary Batman having retired from active duty in favor of commanding an army of crime fighting drones. One wonders if that latter part is also true.

The obvious question in this scenario is: Where was The Dark Knight when Kryptonians threatened the earth in Man of Steel? Well, if Badass is on the money, it could very well be true that Batman did something during the invasion – only it was on a small enough scale (within Gotham City) or was clandestine enough that it was never acknowledged on a national or global level.

Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed Batman V Superman: Batmans New Backstory Revealed?

Indeed, it sounds like Superman’s emergence in Man of Steel may have been one of the late-game origins of a Justice League superhero. It would make sense: Superman and the Battle for Metropolis could easily be spun into THE milestone event that revealed the existence of metahumans to the world. After that, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern – all these characters who could have been operating in secret – would have a focal point (Superman) around which to gather and “out” themselves to the world.

Of course… that’s provided that any of this is accurate, and you never know for sure when it comes to the DC Movie Universe.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on May 6, 2016

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. I don’t buy it. I just don’t see how he can exist for over thirty years and still be so elusive from the public eye. I mean, I know Batman operates from the shadows and does his best to stay hidden, but you can’t tell me in thirty years no one has seen him or photographed him or seen him driving around in the batmobile. Especially when within those thirty years he’d more then likely have gone up against villains like Joker or Riddler or Penguin and they no doubt will have committed many public crimes forcing Batman to step out of the shadows.

    • Yeah Vicky Vale got a picture!

    • But he obviously hasn’t been a secret because in man of steel theres the sticker keep calm,so probably the world does know if they’re making merchandise and stuff..

  2. GeriBatric Man seems like another in the long list of unnecessary and questionable decision.

    I love Miller’s TDKR, but I see Snyder’s desire to incorporate parts of that classic into the forming of what should be a younger Justice League as counterproductive, among many other problems.

    I don’t hate Affleck, but I hate him in this role so far. Too much baggage and history.

    • If you don’t like the film just say so. Don’t make up stupid reasoning to justify how you feel. BTW this film is still in production so you don’t know anything about it. I was a huge fan of TMNT. Then I saw the trailer & said no thanks. I had something to actually base an opinion on. You on the other hand have NOTHING to base your unfortunate opinions on.

      • ? I know nothing about the film?

        I know Batman is in his 50s. I based my above opinion on that.

      • I based my opinion on the article above and the fact Batman is going to be 50.


        • No your making assumptions about something you know nothing about. Having a older Batman isn’t the end of the world. RDJ is in his fifties IN REAL LIFE but I don’t hear anyone freaking out about that! Ben Affleck IS PLAYING A CHARACTER IN HIS FIFTIES!!!

          • RDJ has nothing to do with this. in a movie, the actors real age doesnt matter its the age range that he could play that matters. also RDJ plays iron man. even if he is older hes in the suit or controlling it remotely so age ist really a factor. all im saying is if Batman is going to fight superman or being the justice league, he should be in his prime.

    • i can’t wrap my head around affleck either…it bugs me to death

  3. You said that maybe the invasion by zod wasn’t recognized globally but during the movie it showed zods messagd on tvs from different places around the world in different languages

    • The author wasn’t saying the Superman/Zod throwdown wasn’t globally known or acknowledged. The piece was saying that Batman’s actions during Zod’s invasion may not have been recognized on a large scale because they were either narrowly-focused in Gotham, or so clandestine that no one even knew Batman did anything.

  4. I like Ben Affleck i still believe they should have someone young also as bruce for solo movies…idk i just liked watching batman movies of when he was young even though its already been done by nolan…old batman crawling around seems weird unless he’s with terry or nightwing/robin

    • Not for nothing but they can cast a younger guy and revisit Batmans past in solo films. Could be cool.

    • If JGL could join the cast as Terry down the line, I’d be ecstatic.

    • What is so popular about young/teen Superheroes? (Christian Bale is about 40, in the movies he was about 35, btw)
      I read comics when I was a kid/teen between the 1985 and 95, but now I’m 38, so bring on the mature and experienced superheroes (i would die for a Spidey in his mid 30′s).There are plenty people who read comics as kids and are now comic-hero-loving-grown-ups who can even more identify with mature and experienced heroes. Best examples IMHO are the Avengers, most X-Men, Batman old(Burton) & new films(Nolan)& even The Expendaballs.
      So what is the problem with older heroes?

  5. I don’t know if this is just people’s speculation that this is the story because the story sounds exactly like The Dark Knight Returns, or if it’s actually true. The back story of Batman could work well with the movie though even if it requires tweaking here or there. The movie just isn’t long enough to introduce the origins of a new Batman all over again. He would almost have to exist already and (if he were retired) the events of what took place in Man of Steel would result in his need to return. I’m not a huge fanboy of either DC or Marvel, but I got to say that I’m more excited for this movie than I was for Avengers. I just hope it’s as dark and gritty as TDKR.

  6. It’s why im gonna see Captain America 3 first before this. I prefer a younger Bruce Wayne accompied by Robin,Batgirl & Nightwing. The whole Bat Family. But good luck on that happening.

    • Well this movie comes out a few months before CA3, so good luck with that…

    • They moved the movie forward so I guess it works out for you

  7. I find it awkward that they are making Batman so old. so that means in the jl film and any other film after this we will be getting an old batman. it’s tough enough explaining how he could hold his own with metahumans but now he’s in his 50s

    • @ Dave

      I agree. A 50 yr Batman going up against the likes of Gorilla Grodd, Darkseid, Clayface, Killer Croc + so many DC villains the Justice League faced. Im lost for words.

      • @WallyWest
        Also how old will villains like the joker be,he is human so he’ll probably be old like other non meta villains,also commisioner gordon nd catwoman unless they change it like she hasn’t been around all this time and is younger.it will be interesting to see how they handle the ages and stuff if any of this is true…

        • @ kza95

          Who knows how old villains like the Joker in Batman’s rogues gallary there will be. Few are metahuman. It will be interesting how WB/DC is gonna handle this cinematic universe.

    • If memory preserves itself, then I remember reading about the most bad-ass Batman in the comics being written in Frank Miller’s DKR and Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come. Batman is a driven character, an older Batman makes him desperate and thus even more dangerous. Old-Bats was by far the greatest idea for the Modern Era of comics, something that Snyder has always alluded to since 300 and Watchmen.

      • I wonder how he’s going to stand toe to toe with superman. in the comics, yeah he outsmarts him but he also has bat armor with kryptonite. Zack Synder said while making Man of Steal that kryptonite will not exist in his world. i wonder if they changed their mind

  8. Btw, i could care less about Bruce/Batman’s backstory. The death of his parents has been told enough that it’s no brainer. If it has flashbacks throughout like Batman Begins & MOS, then i can expect that in every DC solo movie from now on.

  9. The 50′s thing has already been debunked.

    And I’m gonna call bs on the whole never been seen shtick. It’s already been established that Bats drives a batmobile (kinda hard to hide from the public in a gigantic bat themed car) and there’s the bat signal in teaser.

    Although, the Wonder Woman thing could work. After returning Steve Trevor I could totally see the government using her for covert missions.

  10. The worst casting i ever saw… It will go well for much publicity, but it will be crap

  11. I think this would be a terrible idea. I mean the potential for a good story is there for this movie and maybe one more, but how long can a 50 year old Batman support a movie franchise? I don’t mind the idea of a somewhat older Batman, but by the time they give him another solo film then you’d almost need to redo the character again. And a solo Batman film better not go back in time from the Batman v Superman film.

    • dont worry, there will be time travel at some point thanks to the flash and we’l get batman at afflecks current age or something similar..no fuss no buss..
      ppl stop worrying, jus let it ride and enjoy it, stop complaining!

  12. Is that Bat Romney?

  13. If they wanted an old batman the should have go Michael Keaton to play him

  14. I feel like people are forgetting something…Like this is a movie…based on comic books…about superheroes……where is the impossible factor in this?

  15. What if this was all just Bruce retelling a detailed story in his 50′s of how he co-formed the justice league with all these great superheroes after witnessing the events of metropolis and how he went to metropolis to confront the man that took out his satellite with all hell breaking loose to therapist Harley Quinn…. But on a serious note there could have been a better way to continue off the events after man of steel to start the DC universe.

  16. So Batman’s been doing this for 30 years and yet there’s still crime in Gotham?

  17. Batman doesn’t like Supes for destroying s*** and being an alien. Decides to stop him. They fight, get’s his ass kicked. Goes to Lex, gets Kryptonite. Probably kisses Wonder woman, builds new suit. They fight again, crashing into the ocean floor awaking Aquaman, Batman ‘defeats’ supes, tells him ‘remember my hand around your throat..that quote’ Lex has evil plan, must band together to stop him. Wonder woman gets involved, they defeat him, Cyborg cameo, justice league founded. Lex founds the Legion of doom. Post-credits scene shows Green Lantern asking where the hell’s his sequel

  18. Obvious to me…. Superman sees old batman and feels sorry for him (also possibly feels that Ben Afleck is wrong for the roll) so flies around the world at supersonic speeds making the world turn backwards on its axis and turns back time… Once done, Caesar Romero, Burt Ward and Adam West are having a dust up with Ertha Kitt looking on…. Superman then thinks things are too camp, flies the right way around the world speeding up time to Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton on the church tower and decides that is where to stay. This scenario is more likely than the ‘drones’ that Bruce Wayne now operates :)

    • @ChrisTypeR close but naw he instead thinks that Tim Burton almost ruined Superman forever with Nic Cage. so he speeds up to rehire/Brainwash Chris Nolan to be the Joss Whedon of DC,keeps Heath Ledger alive nd replaces Ben Affleck with Christian Bale but tells him maybe the voice isn’t the best idea….

  19. So I guess Alfred will be 150 yrs old. Highlander.

  20. Batman has always been more legend then fact. The key to him being so badass is the myth surrounding him. He is ten feet tall, he is the devil, he is the thing that goes bump in the night. The myth allows him to be what he was meant to be a detective, a vigilante (what vigilante is eager for a press release detailing his every move. Why hasn’t he been photographed? Because he is that f*cking good, that’s why! Why aren’t there articles in the Gotham newspaper? What cop wants to admit that he didn’t catch a rapist, serial killer, drug lord? “Um no I didn’t catch him, he was tied up in my squad car. How’d he get there? No idea? What’s that Commissioner, my badge? Sure here it is!”

  21. I don’t understand why we need to worry about Batman’s backstory, new or otherwise. Don’t we know the basics at this point? Hasn’t Batman permeated pop culture to the point that a person who only has a passing knowledge of Batman already knows his story (orphan, insanely rich)? It’s kind of the same reason we don’t always need “origin” stories. How many times can you possibly tell the beginning of a story?

  22. I would have preferred if Bruce Wayne is in his 40s .. Still old and seasoned, but not old enough to be standing on a cane by the time Justice League 3 comes..

  23. I’m growing on the idea of a seasoned Batman. One of my favorites Batman story comes from ‘Kingdom Come.”. I really hope this becomes a “Great,” Batman story for years to come.

  24. http://batman-news.com/2014/08/05/batmans-backstory-batman-v-superman-dawn-justice-revealed/

    they’ve had an update to the original report about him being in his 50′s saying he’s in his 40′s now. That makes a lot more sense now. Also I hope him and WW haven’t been secret for so long, possibly in hiding maybe.

  25. Stop judging Ben Affleck as Batman. You guys cannot say he is bad as Batman because of one reason: YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE YET!!!
    The main thing people keep bringing up is Daredevil. People, that movie came out ten years ago! Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? I’m not and this guy certainly isn’t. I’m keeping a positive attitude and I am going to see this movie on opening night.

    But I have one thing to say to Warner Bros: Please learn how to promote characters other than Batman. I think we have had our fill of this character.

  26. I hope this is not the case. It would be hard to make a DKR movie with the idea of starting spin-off movies. Now if they are going to somehow talk about how all of the JLA went their own way after they had formed the JLA and now Superman is an agent of the government and Batman is just a tad bit fed up with it and now decides to come back out of hiding; then I can see the story line.

    I just would rather wait until the movie comes out and we go from there. DC is really dragging its feet while Marvel is jumping all over this wave and reaping the success before folks get superhero burnout. DC really should have answered Marvels Avengers with the JLA movie. I for one would have paid Christopher Nolan a mint along with Christian Bale to reprise his role and went from there.