‘Batman V Superman’ Supposedly Set Two Years After ‘Man of Steel’

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[Warning: The following article may contain mild spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.]


With a movie called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the list of potential directions that it could take is virtually limitless – especially with the knowledge that both Aquaman and Wonder Woman are going to be thrown into the mix. Even without the strongly rumored line-up of DC team-up and standalone movies, the presence of half the original Justice League members (not to mention that none-too-subtle subtitle) makes it pretty clear that Batman V Superman will lay some of the groundwork for Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie.

The other task at hand, of course, is dealing with the aftermath of Man of Steel. After set photos from Batman V Superman emerged showing what appeared to be a statue of Superman mounted on the steps of a government building, it was widely speculated that this will be a monument giving thanks to the Man of Steel himself for saving Earth from Zod and his soldiers.

Some new details have now emerged from the Batman V Superman set, explaining the context in which the statue is shown as well as a handful of extra details about the film’s story. According to Batman News‘ source on set, the statue is unveiled during a ceremony that takes place about two years after the events of Man of Steel. News trucks and helicopters from both Gotham and Metropolis were on scene to observe the Mayor’s speech as well as the reveal of the statue.


[Click to see photos of Metropolis and Gotham news vehicles on set.]


The Daily Planet in Man of Steel Batman V Superman Supposedly Set Two Years After Man of Steel

Helping to unveil the statue was a group of elementary school children all wearing “Superman Survivors” T-shirts (now there’s some loaded wording) and the celebration was capped off with the release of some doves. As seen in the previous photos, the statue of Superman was still missing part of his head along with some other body parts, but the statue will reportedly be completed in post-production.

Batman V Superman is currently filming around Detroit, Michigan, with one building in Pontiac currently dressed up with a LexCorp logo in preparation for filming. MLive reports that a casting call recently went, seeking actors to play “LC office workers” in a Warner Bros. movie that’s currently titled Sage and Milo.

Dismissing for now the possibility that Warner Bros. just happens to coincidentally be shooting a movie called Sage and Milo (it kind of sounds like a buddy cop comedy) at the same time and in the same location as Batman V Superman, we’re going to assume that the call is actually for extras to play office workers at LexCorp. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more snippets and details as they emerge from the set of Batman V Superman.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Batman News, MLive

Header Image Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. First to comment. I think they should turn the daily planet ball gold

  2. Only a date late lol.

    • day**

      • Snarky comments always fall flat when they contain typos.

        • That was the best response. LOL!!

    • Always a DERP late

  3. “the statue of Superman was still missing part of his head along with some other body parts”

    they are in that cesspool detroit, so it probably was already stolen.

    • very creative and bold of you to make Detroit jokes. your intelligence must be off the charts! congratulations

      ever been to Detroit? didn’t think so

      • Thanks! I’m actually very smart and can even detect horrendous sarcasm. Good job.

        And sadly, I have, and the bigger joke is that it’s all true. Stats don’t lie.

        I bet you are a hoot at parties!

        Ever been with a girl? didn’t think so

        Man this is fun!

        • What part of Detroit Metro? They look to be filming in Pontiac Mi. Which is about an hour and a half north of Detroit. Just ast Oakland County and right Near Auburn Hills, you might know that area as the most affluent county in terms of residential wealth other than Beverley Hills. Downtown Detroit is beautiful, from the MGM casino, Greektown, Ford Field/Comerica Park, Fox Theater, and Hart Plaza, to the GM headquarters, DIA, and Wayne State Law. The area outside of downtown is BAD! But have you ever been to Chicago and left the Sears tower to go visit Cabrini Green Projects? The movie is filming in Oakland County and I won’t assume that you can’t afford to live there but I will be honest and say I wish I could afford to live there. People will respect you more in life if you speak more from experience and less from assumption.

          • oh no, an internet troll doesn’t respect me? What shall I do?!?!?

            I’ve been to JNAP (where my car was built). And the city is a hellhole. And I won’t even get started on Dearborn and what that place represents.

        • Been with all of yours, the whole bunch of ya! Now I just hope this “stumpie-rot” clears up!!! Hee-hee!

      • If he hasn’t, then he gets extra intelligence points for knowing to stay away.

      • I live on the other side of the state and everything bad remark of Detroit is true. That place is the leftovers off gods a**

        • Everyone ragging on Detroit needs a swift kick in the ass for being ignorant.

          • Seriously. Detroit is probably the nicest, safest city in the US of A. Totally not full of homeless and rampant with squalor.

            • ^^^ This. lol

              • yes, your so accurate that Detroit is so ungodly horrible, that one of the biggest movies to be made in a comic franchise chose to shoot their movie there. In Oakland County, where I grew up proudly. Also happens to be one of the richest and nicest counties in the country. Go ahead and keep bashing Detroit and using your 50 year old jokes to show how unoriginal you are.

                typical internet tough guy

                • I’m from Chicago, so I know it’s not fair to paint an entire region with a broad brush, but my understanding was that there were basically 2 reasons it was being filmed in Detroit…

                  1-Budget. Detroid needs money so bad, so they gave WB price incentives to do production there.

                  2- We all saw what happened to Metropolis at the end of Man of Steel. they needed a location where they could show the fallout of some of that destruction. Also, Gotham slums.

                • What about one of the biggest movie franchises to be made into a comic franchise based IN Detroit? That’s right… ROBOCOP. A franchise based around how ungodly horrible the city is.

                  We’re talking about Detroit, Michigan not Detroit, Maine.

                  Have YOU ever been to detroit? Didn’t think so…

                  • I am originally from the Chiagao, Ill. suburbs, and Detroit is just Chicago spelled different. Both probably have some good points, but both have some really bad areas as well. I now live in Upper Michigan (Detroit is in lower). I wish this was filming up here, and you can bet I would try to get in as an extra, to show all the rest of you my big sexy schmoo when I save the day!

          • Detroit, it could be worse.
            You could be Cleveland.

            • Could be Camden, PA

              • Or jacked up Gary Indiana

              • camden is in new jersey

            • Actually even in Cleveland we say thank god we aren’t Detroit. Detroit is an absolute mess with gigantic swaths of the city completely uninhabited, property so worthless you can buy a lot for like $20, the highest illteracy rate in the country, massive gun violence and homicide rates, and just generally a horrible place. They recently mowed an abandoned park’s grass and found dozens of dead dogs in the park that had been there for months in some cases. Name another city that has that happening in its metropolitan area!

          • Hm…. You like Detroit, or maybe you live there or are from there, so you feel the need to defend it. But pointing out that it’s a ghost town with bad crime problems is not being ignorant. It is fact. Maybe you don’t like people making fun of it, but your feeling about it has ZERO to do with what is true/untrue.

      • People tell nightmares about Detroit. Is where they send war criminals to spend the rest of their lives overseas.

        Silent Hill and its horrifying monsters are based on a night the game’s creator Keiichiro Toyama spent in Detroit.

        The “Escape from New York” remake is being reworked to be a film set in current days called “Escape from Detroit”

        Man, those are jokes. Don’t take them seriously.

        • Come on guys, Detroit jokes have been old since the 80s. Houston is the new crap hole of America. People from Houston move to Detroit to get away from it all.

        • My youngest graduated from CCS the best art school in the Nation. He lived there for 5 years and it is located downtown. In 5 years he never had a problem, rode a bike and worked next to the Fox Theatre. Every visit we had never a problem. Like any major City there are places and areas to avoid. It is wrong to bad mouth this City is you have never experienced it.

          • It’s nice to see that on a Superman/Batman article, everyone is focusing on the important things. Like whether or not Detroit sucks. Good job, guys. Good job.

            • That’s how you can tell there’s so little real news to discuss about this movie.

        • that was way too good alex, +10

  4. I really don’t see why this movie is NOT being released next year(and I Don’t care for any valid reasons that are out there right now).. This is crazy.

    • That is up to WB when to release it & they want to release it in 2016, my guess is the back to back filming, getting the score done and visuals done

      • According to the new DC Universe film rumors, it was pushed back so they could cast the cameos for the rest of the movies (Cyborg, Aquaman, Shazam, etc.).

    • Four words – Avengers Age of Ultron. The Marvel movie is coming out 5/1/15 and WB does not want any serious competition for its cast of super-thousands movie.

      • Their original release date was July 2015, so Avengers wouldn’t be affecting it at all.

      • Oh dear… you have no idea at all do you.

  5. The statue is missing pieces and will be completed in Post Production. So they’re using CGI because they’re too lazy to build the rest of the foam statue?!

    • It’s because the want the statues face and other minute details to be more Henry cavil like

      • Or maybe the statue will be destroyed during a battle?

    • …..or maybe because they’re going to make the statue explode at some point during the movie?

  6. Thanks Superman for leveling my hometown with little regard for ANY citizen you happen to come across. SHEESH!

    • That’ll probably be Lex’s stance as well. The majority of people will just be grateful that the planet wasn’t terraformed and a few will see it all as his fault. He’s probably been repairing his image for the last 2 years. I bet the movie will start with him saving a kitten from a tree or maybe Lassie will run up to him and bark to which he’ll respond, “What is it girl? Did Timmy fall down the well?”

    • Yep, he saved the entire planet and destroyed the World Engine which was causing wanton destruction in Metropolis!


    • You can’t be that ignorant, right?

    • So u live in Metropolis ?

    • Oh man. You made a Man Of Steel destruction joke. I get it. You’re so original.

      However, had you spent more time paying attention to the movie and less time thinking of a snide comment to post here, you would have noticed him save:

      -Lois from the robot in Antarctica.
      -Chris Meloni from Faora
      -The army man he caught that fell from the chopper
      -The family in the subway station
      -All the kids on the school bus
      -All the workers on the oil rig

      • Superman BROUGHT the invaders to earth. The whole scenario and destruction was caused by him and his presence. Be nice if more than a few commenters saw the movie. Bwaha haaaa!

        • he INADVERTENTLY brought them. there is no way he would have known Zod was still out there. Jor-el was killed before Zod got sent to the phantom zone, so he couldnt have warned him.
          be nice if more people paid attention to what they’re watching…just sayin’…

        • And the Avengers brought us all a lovely tea party.

    • Yeah cos the Avengers didn’t do that did they?

      • Lol. What do The Avengers have to do with this?

      • “Yeah cos the Avengers didn’t do that did they?”

        it’s helpful, especially when there are so many replies, and to those of us who like to follow along with the comments, if you could copy/paste part of what u are replying to. just a suggestion.

  7. Boo to the stupid title!

  8. This is off-topic, but the Photoshop job on the banner of Supes and Bats look awesome. Can’t wait to see them on-screen together.

  9. The statue won’t have a head because nobody knows what Superman looks like. Everyone is too distracted by his cape and costume. That’s how his disguise works.

    • Highly doubt that.

    • You know I actually like this idea. In the first film only a handful of people actually got a chance to see his face. Non of which were civilians except maybe 2, 4 counting his mother and the priest. The rest were all military, science guys, and cops….most of which died fighting Zod’s forces. So the idea that no one has seen what he really looks like beyond a blue and read blur could very well work out if done properly.

      • A good amount of people saw his face. People from his childhood. The time he fought in Smallville. Also, the family that was almost killed by Zod. They probably didn’t get a good look at him, but they’d remember the face if they see him again.

        • The childhood point is flawed because people change as they get older. I’ve caught up with people just two years after graduating highschool who look almost unrecognizable. Even more so with those I went to grade school with. Besides the former bully who was perfectly placed because the plot said so, I doubt anyone could see his face in Smallville due to all of the explosions, smoke/debris, and just how fast they were moving. They weren’t exactly standing still for very long. Sure he said get inside, but then people were scrambling like fighter jets to get out of the way. Also consider how no one came outside to look when the fight was officially over. It’s safe to say that they all at that point had gone out of the backs of those stores and gone the hell home. I mean would you stay in a hot spot that’s getting rained on by bullets, missiles, and super powered aliens JUST to see what they looked like? With all that happened, you’d be lucky to even remember him saying get inside by the time you got a block away let alone his face.

          The Family spent most of their time either eyes closed or looking at those lasers that were about to split them in half. Once those were gone, notice how they seem to disappear. Not only are they no longer in the shot, but there was also an absence of frantic cries of relief of some sort. No “is everyone okay,” no, “he saved us,” “thank god,” or even so much as an out of context fart. You could hear them over the heat vision and Clark yelling “STOOOP!!” But we can’t hear them suddenly when Lo Lo & Supes start talking quietly amongst themselves? Chances are as soon as the heat vision stopped, they booked it the hell out before anything else had a chance to happen. Screw getting a good look at it, or even a glance RUN!! I’ll check to see if you need medical care when I’m sure that we all won’t need caskets. If there was anything about his face they could remember it’d probably only be that he looked like he could possibly be a white guy, if that.

    • I’ve actually started getting into the older superman comics and in one issue he was being followed by some drone thing so he vibrated at a speed so his face would come out blurry. And I see Clark Kent as the disguise tbh

  10. Why would they give Superman a statue when he’s partly (or even mostly) responsible for all that damage? Batman delivers with minimum to no casualty and he gets to be chased around by the police?

    • Superman is a more kind person than Batman. Also, it’s just the Gotham police that wants him and he doesn’t have to save the world if you’re talking about the Dark Knight trilogy. Cops don’t like vigilantes anyway.

    • I think that is the statement trying to be made. As fans have shown some of us see the destruction as supermans fault, some see it as superman defending the world from destructio . Some in metropolis saw him defending the people in the train station, the family he saved could see him as a hero,. The people who were not could see the damage done and be scared. In a way its a statement that we are glad you saved us, while some, like lex will see him as a problem.

      In a way its something different that will make the film more interesting, are people for or against superman and the other emerging heroes.

    • Are you forgetting g that superman was young and inexperienced. He’ll learn from it and be less of a brute. In Nolan’s films Bruce also had to learn this lesson. He had Alfred to point out his destruction. Clark will also learn and the destruction will play a part in the films story. It’s an ideal way to introduce other characters aswell

    • Because Batman isn’t human to the people of Gotham. He’s been a myth, a demon, a shadow monster. No one is sure what he is because he’s secretive and works on his own. Pops out when you least expect it.

      Superman was all over the news showing off who he is and what he was trying to do. The world has faith that he is on their side. Batman, however, is a mystery.

      • @ACW007 – Batman wears a mask. He’s hiding something!

        @Jackoff H’ghar – the statue ceremony is an obvious trap set-up by Luthor. Here Superman, come accept this special medal of valor I made you.

      • Thannk you! This is the aspect that we miss as the movie audience, as we know the actors and get to see Batman as Bruce Wayne, etc.

        But the citizens never see “behind the scenes” or follow him as he goes through the city. All they see is that dark, huge shadow, swooping in at their most fearful moment (about to get robbed, about to get raped, etc.) and violently and brutally kicking a**, then disappearing silently in the next moment.

        I would actually compare him to the Phantom of the Opera in the book.

    • Which version of batman r u referring to? In nolan films he damaged a lot of property. Mostly cars, drove on a roof.

  11. Yeah they probably don’t I’m sure they’ll try to downplay the clark kent part of Supes and since he is super fast it will be hard to catch a glimpse because he’s disguise is SuperStupid look you’d have to be retarded not to notice

  12. this movie has been hyped for way too long now…will prob be either way forgotten by the time it comes out or a major disappointment..i dont see how they are going to incorporate these big name superheroes together in the first place..it may work for the comics but a movie with superman and batman has the makings of a huge letdown..or possibly a great success..Avengers did amaze me as i didnt think they could pull that off either but they managed to do pretty good…guess we will just have to wait 5yrs and see…

    • If people were able to remember that Batman/Superman logo from “I Am Legend” at an instant last year, I seriously doubt this movie is going to be forgotten.

      • good point….

      • ” that Batman/Superman logo from “I Am Legend”” it’s too bad they didn’t use THAT logo. it looked much better than this version. just my opinion.

    • Bruh it’s superman and batman. In the same movie. Keep in mind these are the two most iconic and popular characters in the history of comics. There is no way that people wouldn’t see that or be forgotten as you say lol. Even if it is a let down it most definitely will strike big at the box office.

      • yes i have no choice but to agree but i am still a little weary how they will make it work..and have a memorable storyline..but as you say i will see it prob no matter what bc im a big superman fan but like i said prob keep postponing it tryin to perfect it for many years (thats what i meant by forgotten by the way, the hype..shouldve cleared that up but i recognize ur opinions..)

  13. This is what the WB-DC movie list should look like, Bat Man V Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Justice League, Bat Man, Aquaman, Flash – Green Lantern (team up ) with Reynolds, Man Of Steel II, Bat man II and Justice League II.

  14. nice

  15. No ways will this movie be a disappointment. They’re putting a lot of time an effort into it. Maybe the title is a little off and there’s many characters in the movie. This is something never done before, it will generate a lot of money! At least it sounds like the Justice League movie will be released a year after BvS and we don’t have to wait to long… We’ve been waiting so long for a JL movie and now it’s finally being done. That statue of Superman is probably to honor him. If he didn’t fight Earth was going to become Krypton. He deserves that much

  16. My guess on the 2016 release is probably because Marvel/Disney are both releasing Avengers 2 and Star Wars 7 next year (2015). So, yea. Say what you want about Avengers, but even Batman.v.Superman would have stiff competition against Star Wars.

  17. so…release it in 2016 ..when also avatar 2 is coming out …best selling movie at the box office of all time

    • Right. Say what you want about Avatar but JC seems to have something when it comes to drawing audiences to see his movies. Personally I think we will see a moving of dates in which it doesn’t go up against Cap 3 because everyone looses and also because BVS needs a couple of weeks to pull in some nice profit to consider this movie a success(based on WB execs). You have Cap 3 the same day and X-Men: Apocalypse at the end of the month with TASM 3 in June, ID 2, Planet of the Apes 3 just got green lit for July 29 2016. I think Avatar 2 is scheduled for December 2016 or around that date. I think August is such a prime spot because there is nothing really out until December. This will be interesting

  18. If you notice on the pics of the statue, the left lower leg is on the right leg. You can tell by the curvature/placing of the tibia. Someone done an gone mestup…

  19. I have a great idea fire snyder bring paul dini and bruce timm

    • I have an even better idea: No.

  20. There must be something I’m drinking, because I am just trolling today and ripping these articles a new one.

    2 years after… that sounds familiar. The Dark Knight Rises pulled the same stunt and guess what, IT WAS TOTALLY POINTLESS.

    Their big time gap established sweet &*#% all. In fact, it made trying to piece together the plot more complicated than it already was. Go figure.

    I like MOS, even with all of its flaws. I really do. I even bought the Square Enix toy line. Kinda cool in a ‘non-related anime’ way. Again, MOS was far from perfect and no offense Goyer, but your writing scares me.

    We all understand you can’t give two &*%$s about us minions that will line up aimlessly in theatres to watch whatever drivel you’ve been able to muster up, but I certainly hope Chris Terrio turns your dog &^*# into gold my friend.

    Please just try something new Mr. Goyer. Yeah, you know what I mean.

    • It was 8 years after, you pessy. And if he did it immediately after, then he would be copying after EVERY SEQUEL EVER. So I may suggest trying another beverage today.

    • On your two year gap point, it’s not really the same thing between that and the eight years in TDKR. That movie had an eight year gap because Bale Wayne was so depressed about bland Dawson’s death that he moped around (rather pointlessly) for that long – probably another Goyer stroke of genius. The two year gap in BvS, if true, seems to be more of a piece of exposition that sets up the idea of “do we or don’t we trust him?” – a far more interesting narrative thread in the sense that it sets up a world that, like our own, is divisive over its views on the Man of Steel.

      On the rest of your points, I pretty much have to agree. Goyer seems to have sh*t for ink because I can’t think of any movie that he mainly wrote actually being well-written. For me, all the faults in Man of Steel rested on his piss-poor writing. The film as a whole was elevated by Nolan’s hand in the story-writing process and Zack Snyder’s oft underrated directing skills. Hopefully, as you said, Terrio’s Oscar-worthy skills aren’t a one-off and he wipes away all of the crap from Goyer’s draft (or rewrote it as a whole) so that Snyder finally gets his hands on some well-written material (which he has been starved of for most of his career, I might add).

      • Fair argument. I do get the sense that the whole ‘do we trust Supes or not’ from all of the countless destruction is somewhat of an after thought story arch.
        Am I the only one that feels that way?
        I just don’t believe that the city’s destruction was written in such a way that the impact and aftermath would be a catalyst to the future plotlines.

        Goyer and DC powers are not that smart. They did not foresee this kind of backlash on the chaos. Snyder expected the demolition to come across as cool, not depressing.

        So, maybe I just have a problem with this 2 year spacing as more ‘story cushioning’.

        I wonder how much more cushioning is coming up.

        • I wouldn’t put the blame on DC execs. It’s more WB and their lack of foresight and Goyer’s inability to leave a thread in the script that foreshadowed the public backlash that would come in the sequel. I think if guys like Dini, Johns, Scott Snyder, or any other major DC writer got a say, they would certainly make sure that future conflicts were properly seeded in the first film. Unfortunately, WB seem to think Goyer is a great writer, but there’s a difference between industrial efficiency and actual quality. Goyer’s efficient, and that’s as high of praise he deserves.

  21. *enter troll*

    Man of Steel was IDENTICAL in format to Batman Begins.

    Also known fact, Goyer recycles ideas.

    Go back to school, junior.

  22. Well, if they’re filming the Superman sequel in Detroit, then it’s only apropos they film a piece of crap franchise in a real life $hit-hole city. Adds to the realism & aids in the suspension of disbelief.

  23. I survived Superman v Zod and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!

  24. How About Supermen Vs Doomsday?…Unless Batman is wearing Krypton Underoos, he’s about to get his Ass Kicked!

  25. How About Superman Vs Doomsday?…Unless Batman is wearing Krypton Underoos, he’s about to get his Ass Kicked!

  26. The biggest question that I have for this film more than anything else is how they will cover the aftermath of the events in Man of Steel. Though there were a lot of complaints with Man of Steel, it is still only the first film in a new trilogy and series of films involving this shared cinematic universe. It is difficult to picture a follow up to Man of Steel without some kind of major response from certain characters in regards to the devastation left from the invasion of Zod and his soldiers; not to mention the discovery of Superman’s existence on Earth. Man of Steel was the beginning of a story and a set up for what will happen next. I’m hoping they use this opportunity to build on all of the major concerns with beings on Earth capable of the mass destruction that was caused by the kryptonians. Maybe this could factor into what might be a serious conflict between Batman and Superman? We’ll see. This is exciting stuff!

  27. Supes was 33 in MAN OF STEEL.So he will be 35 in BvS. Isn’t it bit older when you start a start a shared universe?We don’t want to see a 40 year old superman in MOS sequel after JL.He must be around 30 IMHO.

  28. Now I really want to see that buddy cop comedy titled “Sage and Milo.” :-)

  29. Whatever movie that comes after JL is a prequel then. Just like how Stephen Strange mentioned in Cap 2, his origin story would probably happen before it.

    • the stephen strange mention was in response to cap questioning agt sitwell about zola’s algorithim, that it can predict who WILL be a threat to hydra in the future. it knows somehow that he will be the sorcerer supreme one day, but isn’t at this point in the MCU