‘Batman V Superman’ Rumors: Lex Luthor is a Monster for Facebook Generation

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Jesse Eisenberg in Now You See Me Batman V Superman Rumors: Lex Luthor is a Monster for Facebook Generation

Everything we’ve heard so far about the incarnation of Lex Luthor and LexCorp in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice points to a new kind of evil corporation based on the public images of companies like Google and Facebook. For starters, Superman’s nemesis will be played by Jesse Eisenberg, whose most noteworthy role to date is Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

Early rumors from the set of Batman V Superman described LexCorp as a “young” and “edgy” company with a “youthful clash of rock and roll, preppy, and nerdy employees.” Eisenberg, of course, is much younger than the Lex portrayed in the comic books and previous films, and now the latest details from on-set sources claim that he has a full and lustrous head of hair to complete his youthful, trendy look.

ComicBook.com and Batman News have received corroborating reports from the set of Batman V Superman, saying that Eisenberg has long, slightly wavy, dirty blond hair that’s very different to his usual tight curls. There are also some new details about his personality, with Batman News‘ source saying he “has spastic mannerisms, like a 20-something guy that pounds energy drinks all day.” ComicBook.com‘s source reports that Holly Hunter was on set, and that her character is a U.S. Senator (not Leslie Thompkins, as previously rumored) who visits LexCorp and gets treated very rudely by its CEO. The source elaborates:

“[Lex is] a slimy businessman we can all despise. You are going to hate this guy. You are going to root for him to be punched by Supes when he weasels his way out of legal trouble. He is cocky and confident because he is THAT good at what he does. He’s a billionaire who knows he is more powerful than the Senator and Congressman visiting because he’s a billionaire.”

Mercy Graves Batman V Superman Rumors: Lex Luthor is a Monster for Facebook Generation

We’ve already seen the outside of the LexCorp building in set photos, and the new reports indicate that the interiors match Lex’s personality. Multiple sources state that the building has a basketball court in the lobby so that Lex can shoot hoops whenever he feels like it (and presumably have the basketball taken outside and shot if he misses). We wouldn’t be surprised to hear the that LexCorp office workers who were recently cast are forced to wear ironic T-shirts and sit in beanbag chairs while they work.

Evil has to have a schedule, of course, and ComicBook.com reports that Lex’s personal assistant and bodyguard, Mercy Graves, is in the movie and will be played by Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine). In the comic books and animated series, Graves is depicted as being both highly intelligent and extremely adept at combat. In Superman: The Animated Series she wore a chauffeur’s uniform, but that look may not fit with LexCorp’s new “colorful and consumer friendly public image.

Of course, keep in mind that all of this is still only rumor until we see set photos or official stills confirming any of it. It does run counter to the much earlier rumors that Luthor would be a bald, tattooed, ex-street tough, but a hyper-caffeinated evil tech nerd seems like a much better fit for Eisenberg’s acting talents.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: ComicBook.com, Batman News

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  1. I hope they hurry up with finishing this latest bastardized franchise of Superman so we can relegate this steaming, greasy pile of crap to the Phantom Zone of obscurity where it belongs & get on with the next couple of decades trying to forget it ever happened.
    At least until the next attempt is made to reboot the man of steel & they can look back at this crap to reference exactly what NOT to do in the next incarnation.

    • Can you wait that long to complain about the next reboot?

      • Sorry if you’re too easily entertained & distracted by shiny things to know crap when it’s being fed to you.
        Apparently you’re just like Mikey & will eat anything.
        P.S.: Don’t talk with your mouth full.

        • I’ve always thought most haters in the Screen Rant comments reminded me of friends I had when I was 7 that refused to eat anything other than Mac & Cheese, Pizza, and Chicken Nuggets. This illustration really drives that home.

          I’m one of the people who wasn’t a fan when I first saw Man of Steel. I even wrote a fairly negative review on my own blog. I gave it a second chance in the theater, though, and most of the rough edges were not quite so grating and some of the subtleties were a little easier to appreciate.

          It is still a very flawed movie. There’s a lot of things that could be done better, but it didn’t earn the level of absolute rejection that it receives from the half of fans that didn’t appreciate it the first time.

          This movie is clearly taking a much more careful approach than Man of Steel did. It is clearly being constructed with a very specific vision, that unfortunately won’t be for everyone, but the refusal to even give it a chance is just weird.

          By give it a chance I mean wait until a trailer comes out at least. This movie is two years away and 95% of what we know is unconfirmed speculation.

          • I liked Man Of Steel but I didn’t love it because of Goyer’s writing which in my opinion held the movie back, Snyder wanted to show off superman’s godlike powers and make the fight scenes similar to old ancient greek mythology fights, but Goyer’s writing didn’t have good build ups to them.
            Zod: You killed Krypton and now I have no purpose!
            Superman: your a monster! 😛

            • That’s similar to my feeling. Goyer is good for story treatments, but not so much at screenplay. That’s why I’m excited to have Chris Terrio in the mix now.

          • … and what a trailer it’s going to be. Batman and Superman on screen together. I’ll bet the internet will go mental for this and even those that, seemingly, are opposed to this film will be eating their words from just the trailer. Just the fact that they will be on screen together for the first time is going to create enough buzz to put The Avengers well and truly in the shadow. I enjoyed The Avengers, don’t get me wrong, but Supes and Batman are much more anticipated characters than your Iron Man or Thors so this is going to stomp all over them with big red and black boots.

            • YES!! That’s exactly what I have been saying for so long!

        • Nerd Smash!

    • I second that one. From the description they are giving of Lex, it’s so clear to me they’re writing the character to suit the actor, not the other way around. What is Jessie E but a spastic, overly nervous, shoulders always by his ears, annoying voice, plays-the-same-person-in-ever role, actor.

    • Come on Chad !! Stop beating around the bush and say what’s on your mind. How do you really feel about this upcoming movie ? Take a chill pill ! We’re talking about comic book movies, not the high cost of health care. Relax and have some fun !

  2. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor makes Ben Affleck’s Batman a breath of fresh air. I’m still hoping Zack is screwing with us and that at the very least Eisenberg is just the Origins and his part is set back in the 80s or something. That we’ll see an older and more intimidating Lex – business man, genius, menacing and threatening foe.

  3. The Lex Luthor vs Superman rivalry is played out. They need a doomsday story.

    • They’ve only just reintroduce superman on the silver screen, it’s too early for Doomsday and the Luthor/Superman rivalry was never put to full use in the old films especially with Superman Returns being a rendition of the Donner films. Parasite or Mongul could work though.

    • Or Brainiac. As far as Luthor not looking like Luthor, while I am pumped for this movie, not sticking to certain icons of canon is more likely to hurt than contribute positively to the movie.

      • However, Lex has been ret-conned several times
        — Smallville had him young and Bald, only 6 years older than Clark
        — Several versions of Superboy opted for a Lex with Hair, who Goes Bald in-story and Blames Supes for said hair loss
        — Making LexCorp a Tech company in 2016 is no more drastic a re-imagining than the shift from “Greatest Criminal Mind of our Age.” to Billionaire

        so I think like everything a Wait and See stance is best

        • LexCorp is not going to be just a tech company, the LexCorp logo was on the side of a railroad car. Lex will have his grimy hands in all types of business.

    • Since I’m a betting man, it’s going to be Metallo and they already cast Callan Mulvey to play him. He looks just like John Corben and it’s a perfect way to introduce kryptonite.

  4. Wow. I usually wait until I actually SEE a movie before I decide if it’s amazing or a steaming pile of crap.

    Anyone else?

    • where’s the fun in that? lol

  5. I can’t stand Jesse Eisenberg. He gets type-cast because he actually IS a cocky, rich boy know-it-all prick. Obviously, that’s what they are going for with Lex, but I actually enjoyed that Gene Hackman brought a charm to him, you almost rooted for him at times and Michael Roseblum on Smallville really humanized Lex and made him a sympathetic character at times, within his typical flaws. I hate that they are going for the Facebook generation Lex prick. That’s exactly what this stupid movie is being made for, the dumbed masses of the entitlement generation. Stimulate them with no more than 3 second long shots, quick pacing and loads of CGI. They will come in droves like the sheep they are. Eisenberg is a symbol for that sorry sack of a generation. Give me an old Lex any day.

    • Just shut up for christs sake. Troll

    • Think out it- typical film trope/juxtaposition…big, muscled Clark, versus tiny skin and bones Lex. Kind of like what they did with Trask in DoFP; the man with the small man complex was actually a dwarf that created gigantic ‘bots to kill mutans because he felt he got shafted genetically while mutants are ‘special’.
      It’s filmmaking genius /s

    • You seem angry! Get laid much?

    • Or with one of the more classic superhero/villain combos – Unbreakable & Mr. Glass.

      And finally, the fact that you hate him and hate the generation he represents and hate the things he does and hate him and hate him, sounds like he’s evoking the exact emotions from you that they want to do.

      You’re getting played, brother. You’re getting played like a puppet. All I ask is that you don’t get too…

      *puts on shades*

      …strung out.


  6. I want Lobo in a future film.

    I hope, something drastic happens to him and superman be a partial reason and he loses his dirty blonde hair, like in ‘Smallville’ but obviously much later in life or he simply can decide to go bald.

    I like Tao Okamoto as Mercy, she was cool in Wolverine, I would love if Tess Mercer or Lutessa Luthor debuted outside of ‘Smallville’, and love it more if Cassidy Freeman plays the role.

  7. A character that has spastic mannerisms that pounds energy drinks all day in his 20 somethings is basically every character Jesse Eisenberg has ever played. A bit monolithic in his performances, with very little variety, I don’t think he can play anyone or anything else.

    • It’s kinda like Robert downy jr. or Johnny Depp. Depp has been playing the same character over and over again since those pirate films. Downy on the other hand at least managed to play Sherlock holms and not be exactly the same as Ironman. Luthor does seem like a character Eisenberg was born to play but…guy needs to get rid of the hair in my opinion, just no hair, only actor on the big screen to boldly go bald for a lex luthor role was Kevin Spacey, even though Gene Hackman was a more interesting and charming Lex I couldn’t take him seriously with the hair.

      • Oh? I didn’t realize that was Jack Sparrow in Public Enemies, The Tourist, Rum Diaries, Dark Shadows (which put me to sleep honestly) and 21 jump street. Must be good acting to fool me.

        • If you can’t see the Sparrow Tracks in Dark Shadows and Rum Diaries then You’re not paying attention…
          — as to Jump Street are you talking the Original Series, that he walked away from because ‘it stifled his creativity’ or a Mythology Gag Cameo in the Movie?… again Hardly the yardstick by which to measure his career

  8. Some of you people are clueless about acting. Not every actor can pull off a Daniel Day Lewis performance. Sam Jackson, Dicaprio and Brad Pitt all use the same formula to bring their characters to life so why can’t Jesse.

    I honestly don’t see where Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook fits into the picture.

  9. How else would they get a painfully mediocre actor like Eisenberg to play one of Supes’ best rivals- have him portray a character he’s already portrayed. Duh

    • Yeah, cuz Bryan Cranston or whoever else everyone else wanted was going to act SO FAR outside their range…

  10. “has spastic mannerisms, like a 20-something guy that pounds energy drinks all day.”

    so…basically the same as every other role he’s ever played then? right, good to know. I truly think I might skip this one.

  11. Sounds like an interesting character, for sure, but will he be Lex Luthor In Name Only?

  12. Yeeeeeeaapop! I don’t get why movie makers think Lex Luthor can’t be this imposing presence plus smart. Lex is the better man,rich, fit, intelligent. All should envy him except Superman which in turn causes Lex to be jealous and spiteful. Hackman, Spacey, and now Eisenberg…I don’t think they’ll get it right in movies. Shows have though!

  13. Such a stupid trope for Lex Luthor in movies, “We need to show Lex is weaker than Superman but smart” HE’S SUPERMAN MOST ARE WEAK AGAINST HIM!
    Tony Stark is surrounded by super strong beings outside of his armor. But he still mingles, did physical training and can charm the pants…or dress off of anyone. WB/DC doesn’t have to copy the MCU. But Lex Luthor could wipe the floor with Stark in hand to hand combat… But what we get is Hackman, Spacey and *blek* Eisenberg. hmmm
    You know what?! F**k that! I would like them to copy the MCU. An evil Tony Stark like character cutting down Superman and Batman. Then using his resources to back up any threats.

  14. I’d love him to start off with this long blonde hair and then for him to lose it due to Kryptonite poisoning, from his ring or armour suit or something. It could be cool for his hair to start falling out and he realises he’s been poisoned from prolonged exposure to Kryptonite radiation. Yet another reason for him to hate Superman, plus a pretty cool dramatic reveal where he pulls off a wig/hat to reveal his bald head to the Man of Steel.

  15. One can only hope. There’s a chance the trailer will look terrible. That’s sort of the point.

    Anything that comes out that isn’t a trailer or the film itself is not what you are intended to see. Specific camera angles, physical effects, CGI, colorization, sound mixing, music, and editing all go into making a finished product. Anything that hasn’t gone through those steps is not fair to judge, because it’s not what will be seen on screen.

    There’s literally a difference of over $100 million between a leaked set image and a final product or a character description and a final portrayal.

    Claiming this movie is going to be terrible is the equivalent of saying that an apple pie is going to make you puke, because flour is gross, eggs are gross, sugar is too sweet, apple’s are boring, raw eggs could give you salmonella, and salt doesn’t belong belong in pie.

  16. I hope Lex is really bald , but its not a deal breaker, I’m just glad it’s not a 60 year old Luthor.

    I want to see Lex in the armor. The armor Zod was wearing looks exactly like the armor Lex wore in the comics. And he did come out of it at the Luthor construction site.

    I hope its a real heartless and evil Luthor, not the goofy version we have been getting in the movies.

    And who are the other villains in this movie.

    • If not Zod’s armor, a reverse engineered version, which would allow them to do a Green/Purple color scheme (if only on a prototype as a Mythology Gag)

      — also Untested modified alien tech would be a reasonable/logical way to cause his Baldness, which he could justify to himself as ‘the Alien’s Fault’ while still making him delusional to others

  17. think of man with the power and resources to bring down NORAD or the CIA, proficient in just about every science and quantum mechanics, and is incredible threat to the world that only and unsual team like superman, batman, wonder woman could stop this guy, thats the guy i’m expecting eisenburg to bring.

  18. Am i the only one who thinks that this is the best casting out of batman, luthor, and wonder woman? I really believe that he can pull off lex even though he doesnt look anything like the part. I think he can be one of the best parts of the film just like quicksilver was in days of future past and everyone thought he was gonna fail.

  19. I know that at one point in the past, the story went that, Superboy (while saving a young Lex) accidentally caused him to lose his hair…Which caused Lex to have a lifelong hatred of the, Man of Steel (God that always made me laugh). Maybe they’ll use that as inspiration for this film…A bald Jesse Eisenberg by the end.

  20. We have seen Luthor so many times in movies and TV it’s like he’s the only enemy Superman has. I was really hoping for Brainiac – Geoff Johns’ version would have been fantastic. If they have to do Lex again I hope they show us something we’ve never before seen in live action: his mechanical battle suit. The way they could work it in this: at the end of Man of Steel the ancient Kryptonian scout ship crash-landed in Metropolis. LexCorp has the resources to get in there first and start grabbing stuff before the government/military shows up and confiscates the ship. Being an exploration vessel it might have armored suits designed for survival in hostile environments (inside volcanoes, deep underwater, etc…).

  21. Let’s just pray that Jesse doesn’t drive himself insane to do a better role

  22. Sometimes I’m at awe with the level of ridiculousness people can exhibit. I may have missed the memo as Lucius Fox would say, but this movie is being released to US theatres on 16 July 2016. Just over two years from today. For various reasons, the script and story has not been publicly released. The next issue is, apparently they hired various experienced A list actors and actresses as well as a world class writing teams. It’s only a rumor but actors like Ben Affleck and Jesse so and so have been critically acclaimed in their acting careers. Apparently the only official details have been that Batman will be antagonistic hence the title. The role of Lex Luthor is unknown so I hear. Obviously, by common observation, it is desirable and logical to pass verdicts such as”this movie is already doomed because the script is ridiculous” or “look at what Marvel did. They genetically engineered the exact comic book replica of Tony Stark and Captain America and made them suitable actors. This hairy/hairless version of Luthor is unheard of. Now they have 3 new characters as confirmed by the rumors of so and so dot com. Which means it is now clear to everyone that each single one of these characters has been alloted one hour of screen time as per unreleased script. Oh the movie will fail

  23. This movie will blow. No script will be able to save this joke of casting choices!

  24. Everything about this new Lex Luthor sounds fine except for the fact that he may be sporadic and twitchy looking like he pounds red bulls all day… That has got to go. I understand that this will be a contemporary Luthor to fit with this age and to differentiate him from previous incarnations but really, don’t go overboard here. Plus the age makes sense because we are going to need him be nearly the same age as the Big Guy so that he could potentially return for I am guessing at least four more features. Him starting off with hair is totally fine, in fact I support it. Have it fall out in the actual MoS sequel due to Kryptonite poisoning. Or have there be a huge explosion caused in part be Supes, half of it is singed off and he decides to shave it all to symbolize him turning a new leaf that leads down a darker and more villainous path that leads into the stuff he would normally do. Like aside from being a spastic hipster why hate on Jesse till we see a trailer or hear more? Remember when they previously stated he would be a street smart tough gang member? That changed, and there is still more time to sort things out.

  25. Has anyone else heard that the author of that novel In Our Veins was called for consultation on Batman v Superman? Does that mean bio-terrorism will be involved?