‘Batman V Superman’ Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?

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Emily Blunt in Looper Batman V Superman Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?
Shortly after the big reveal of new Batman Ben Affleck’s costume and ride, we learned that the official title of director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The new title led to the question of whether or not the film can still be considered a direct Man of Steel sequel at all.

If the persistent casting rumors over the past six months or so weren’t enough of a hint, it’s becoming clear that Batman V Superman will serve as the latest chapter in an ongoing DC Cinematic Universe saga. Fans may have expected Warner Bros. to copy emulate Marvel and release a series of standalone superhero films before a big Justice League team-up, but it’s clear at this point that’s not the case.

We’ve seen the cast continue to expand, with Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, along with Holly Hunter and (possibly) Jason Momoa. Today we’re adding a couple more rumors into the mix, as well.

According to elmulticine.com (by way of Latino-Review), Emily Blunt, star of Looper and the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow, could be joining BvS in an undisclosed role. To go along with that, Batman-On-Film reports that Batman’s longtime ally in his personal war on crime Commissioner James Gordon could make an appearance in the film as well. Neither rumor is currently backed by any official, substantial source, so take it all with a lot of salt, as usual.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header Batman V Superman Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?
At this point, it’s difficult to be surprised by the frenzy of casting rumors whirling around the edges of possibly the most anticipated release of 2016. And while one can wonder how there’s room in Batman V Superman for the film’s title characters at this point, Blunt’s casting wouldn’t be terribly surprising. The upcoming Edge of Tomorrow sees her as the female lead opposite one Tom Cruise, and the advance word on the sci-fi thriller is sensational.

The main question becomes: who could she play? Another strong woman in a mainstream superhero film would certainly be welcome, and since we’re being introduced to our first big-screen portrayal of Wonder Woman, it’s entirely possible that we’ll also visit – albeit briefly – Princess Diana’s home of Themyscira.

Now that Emily Blunt seems to have established herself as an action hero to be reckoned with, after a dynamic turn in Looper and as a futuristic warrior in Edge of Tomorrow, could she portray one of Diana’s fellow Amazons, rather than, say, the Daily Planet’s gossip columnist Cat Grant? Will Snyder and company take a big dive into the DC universe and introduce Hawkgirl? Or perhaps we’re really going to meet Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl?

Commissioner James Gordon Batman V Superman Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?

Since Blunt’s casting has not been confirmed or denied at this point, your guess is as good as ours. The other piece of news, in the form of a possible walk-on (or otherwise) by Jim Gordon, seems like less of a rumor than a given: every Batman movie since Tim Burton’s 1989 original has included some version of Gotham’s top cop. The late Pat Hingle played the character four times, until Christopher Nolan’s rebooted Batman Begins finally gave him something to do.

Gary Oldman’s performance in The Dark Knight trilogy was easily one of the highlights of the series, making Ben McKenzie‘s inheritance of the role in FOX’s upcoming Gotham prequel series a potential make-or-break aspect for some fans. Since we’re getting a Batman who is “tired, weary, and seasoned” by the time we meet him in Batman V Superman, the notion of seeing certain long-standing members of the Bat Family aside from Alfred doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Still, even without knowing the actual plot, this is a big movie with a huge cast that needs to cover a lot of ground, story-wise. The Dark Knight Rises might have been the final chapter in an Elseworlds-type big-screen Batman universe, but we know the gist of what Batman does, who helps him, and how. Unless Gordon’s inclusion is pivotal to the plot, it may just prove a distraction – or just plain confusing, since Gotham and (maybe) Arrow or The Flash could potentially (though not necessarily likely) cross over with DC’s planned film series.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Who do you think Emily Blunt could play in this universe? And who should play Commissioner Gordon? Sound off in the comments!


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Latino-Review, Batman-On-Film

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  1. Maybe she’s Hippolyta?

    • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

      • Was just thinking that maybe Gordon is dead at this point and she is the commisioner

    • Hippolyta would have a little screentime and Emily is too big name for a small role like that.
      But maybe,I don´t know.

  2. I got it, she’s Selina Kyle. Speculation over

    • No way Selina Kyle.
      She has nothing to do there,she would be a fish out of the water in the movie.
      Just to serve as Bruce´s girlfriend?

      • Unless the plot takes note from Batman Hush, where Batman follows Catwoman to metropolis only to defend himself from mindcontrolled Superman, and Batman orders Catwoman to kidnap and throw Lois off a building to snap Superman back to his normal self.

  3. Too bad, Blunt could’ve been a more fitting Wonder Woman. Still it’s just rumor, with all those many talents already in place, are they really gonna add more? Hmmmm

    • “No! Her boobs aren’t big enough either to be Wonder Woman!” Screams every idiot meatball comic “fan”.

    • “No! She isn’t busty enough either to be Wonder Woman!” Screams every idiot meatball on the internet.

  4. Hawkgirl or Talia Head(CEO of Lexcorp)are the most likely for her to play in my opinion. She fits both roles perfectly.

    • +10000000000000000 Yes if they want to do this right they would play the Talia Lex Corp angle.

  5. Cranston for Gordon, please!!!!

  6. This is completely my own personal fantasy, but wouldn’t Emily Blunt look fantastic in the Zatanna costume?

  7. Who cares. I sickens me that adults care about Batman/Superman news. Anyway I hate you.

  8. Emily looks fantastic in anything lol.

    Dunno about Barb’, but I would absolutely love to see the Bat family in a proper movie – as in, Batgirl, Nightwing (when he occasionally comes to Gotham), Robin (or Red Robin) and top off the final film with young Damien as Robin. Red Hood would make an appearance ofc.

  9. Oracle!

  10. I thought she didn’t like comic book movies..Marvel has been trying to recruit her for years for both Black Widow and Peggy Carter. She claimed comic book movies have no substance and no room for development. Maybe she’s just a DC fan girl

    • Maybe…maybe it’s school girl fascination with Batman and superman who knows, its just rumor after all.

  11. Hawkgirl would be cool.

  12. Wasn’t she cast as Black Widow in Iron Man 2, then WB pulled some contract BS and made her be in that Jack Black Gulliver’s Travels movie? Anyway, Hawkgirl would be an excellent role for Blunt. Been a fan of the character for years. Highly unlikely that’s who she’ll play though. Mercy Graves, perhaps? In the comics she was an Amazonian before joining LexCorp, so it would make sense for Wonder Woman to come to the mainland in search of her. But if she played Barbara Gordon what would be amazing. Batgirl or Oracle, just a great character anyway you shake it.
    And off topic, but someone brought it up. For the love of God, no Damien in this or any other live action movie, please. He’s without a doubt the worst Bat-family character ever. And I’m including Bat-Mite in that list. I’d love to see Nightwing, Oracle and Tim Drake as Robin alongside Batfleck. If ya couldn’t tell I’m a fan of the 90s Batbooks :)

    • She was the front runner to play Black Widow. She couldn’t take the role because of Gulliver’s Travels. And it wasn’t WB, it’s FOX.

  13. Mercy Graves possibly

    • Emily is a too big name for a role like MEHrcy Graves

      • For whatever reason, my first instinct was Mercy. But, I agree I think she is to obscure of a character.

  14. Emily Blunt in batman v superman would be pretty good. I woudn’t mind if she played Kara

  15. Since Kara Zor-El/Supergirl was teased in Man of Steel, what about her playing that role? Plus, if the rumors are true about the Clark Kent stuff and Superman being ‘exiled’ and all that, he would need an ally/friend at some point, right? Plus another female lead/superhero would be a pretty great move for DC to go alongside Wonder Woman.

  16. She’d be perfect as Talia or Barbara Gordon/commissioner. After her dad passes the mantle down to her. Either way, she’s perfect for any role

  17. I don’t think Latino Review has been right about anything regarding this movie. Nothing I can remember anyway. Emily Blunt is a good actress and seeing Gordon would be a cool addition, but it’s LR. All I care about now regarding this movie is what Wonder Woman’s costume will look like and if Jessie is going to be bald.

  18. Barbara gordon it be nice to see more of the bat family since we have a batman thats been batman for years in this new universe, so who could play nightwing or tim drake or maybe jason

  19. So this is where we wait to see how long it takes before Bryan Cranston is announced as Commissioner Gordon after all the speculation of him taking that role over the past 12 months?

    Blunt….I could honestly see her playing Mera if Jason Momoa’s cast as Aquaman.

    • Wouldn’t have thought of that, if she really is involved i’d cast her as Lanna, or Catwoman, Zatanna or Hawkgirl. I’m gonna say she looks too mature to play Supergirl.

      • I thought of Catwoman too (though more an appearance as Selina Kyle than dressed up in her costume) but figured we might have too many Batman characters and tried to think of the other cast rumoured or announced, while throwing out Superman and Wonder Woman characters (mainly because I can’t see another Superman supporting cast member added until he gets another solo film and I’m still under the assumption that Wonder Woman will only be a short cameo to introduce her before exploring the Amazons in her own film).

        Can’t see Hawkgirl or Zatanna appearing this early either, yet. I also can’t see her as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, they’ll cast someone else for her.

        If not Mera then how about Carol Ferris or Iris West, just to hint that The Flash and Green Lantern might be out there somewhere?

        • NO CATWOMAN!!! Seriously she does NOT have to be in everything that even remotely has to do with Batman. Let Talia have a proper amount of time in the spotlight. TDKR was NOT Talia, she would never have been in love with Bane.

          • Talia was NOT in love with Bane; she viewed him as kind of an adopted brother.

          • Agreed in almost everything you said,but she was not in love with Bane. She saw Bane as a friend,a protector,not a lover.
            But I agree that TDKR´s Talia was awful…that´s not a bit close to Talia from the comics. Talia is not a straight villain and doesn´t hate Bruce like she did in TDKR.
            She was poorly portrayed in the movie and bad acted by Marion.
            That death scene was an epic huge facepalm!
            Nolan did not do the justice the character deserves. Snyder can fix it. I can see it.

        • Carol Farris already camieod at the end of Man of Steel.

      • You should read comic on movie verse. Supergirl aint that girl in MoS universe, more like a young woman.

    • Matthew McConnaheuy+Emily Blunt FTW

  20. She’s the super girl.

  21. Well, if you read the MoS prelude comic, Supergirl is in fact apart of the DCCU. So I’m hoping it’s her.

    • Hmmm, Supergirl..I was gonna flap my lips and just say “Hawkgirl”, but then I saw the article actually speculated on that, so I would not technically have been the first to say that. I never even thought of Supergirl!

  22. If this is true…Emily could be…

    Kara – too small role?

    Oracle/Batgirl/Commissioner (she could have a complete arc through JL universe and Batman franchise, but do we need a Gotham commissioner in BvS?)


    Wonder woman major support role

    Talia (CEO/Assassin), could be too soon, but Marion Cotillard didn’t bring her A game so…

    Don’t think she will be Hawkgirl or Catwoman

  23. “Talia (CEO/Assassin), could be too soon, but Marion Cotillard didn’t bring her A game so…”

    I believe that Snyder can do justice for the character that Nolan did not do.

  24. Why not cast Gary Oldman again? He could be the Dame Judi Dench to Batman, a la Bond, carrying over with new actors.

    Scratch that. Cast Dame Judi Dench as Commissioner Gordon.

    • if not the people you mentioned, then Bryan Cranston or Daniel Craig for Commissioner Gordan.

  25. Hawkgirl, an Amazon or Zatanna…or The Question?

  26. Put me down as another one for Hawkgirl.

  27. Also all for Hawkgirl here. Big fan of her in JLU, and after watching Maleficent, they could really make that work.

  28. Que the “crowded” comments from the Marvelites.

    I really think y’all wanted this to be “Castaway” with Supes and Bats.

  29. On the topic of Gordon, am I the only one that can see her as Oracle?