‘Batman V Superman’ Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?

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Emily Blunt in Looper Batman V Superman Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?
Shortly after the big reveal of new Batman Ben Affleck’s costume and ride, we learned that the official title of director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The new title led to the question of whether or not the film can still be considered a direct Man of Steel sequel at all.

If the persistent casting rumors over the past six months or so weren’t enough of a hint, it’s becoming clear that Batman V Superman will serve as the latest chapter in an ongoing DC Cinematic Universe saga. Fans may have expected Warner Bros. to copy emulate Marvel and release a series of standalone superhero films before a big Justice League team-up, but it’s clear at this point that’s not the case.

We’ve seen the cast continue to expand, with Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, along with Holly Hunter and (possibly) Jason Momoa. Today we’re adding a couple more rumors into the mix, as well.

According to elmulticine.com (by way of Latino-Review), Emily Blunt, star of Looper and the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow, could be joining BvS in an undisclosed role. To go along with that, Batman-On-Film reports that Batman’s longtime ally in his personal war on crime Commissioner James Gordon could make an appearance in the film as well. Neither rumor is currently backed by any official, substantial source, so take it all with a lot of salt, as usual.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header Batman V Superman Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?
At this point, it’s difficult to be surprised by the frenzy of casting rumors whirling around the edges of possibly the most anticipated release of 2016. And while one can wonder how there’s room in Batman V Superman for the film’s title characters at this point, Blunt’s casting wouldn’t be terribly surprising. The upcoming Edge of Tomorrow sees her as the female lead opposite one Tom Cruise, and the advance word on the sci-fi thriller is sensational.

The main question becomes: who could she play? Another strong woman in a mainstream superhero film would certainly be welcome, and since we’re being introduced to our first big-screen portrayal of Wonder Woman, it’s entirely possible that we’ll also visit – albeit briefly – Princess Diana’s home of Themyscira.

Now that Emily Blunt seems to have established herself as an action hero to be reckoned with, after a dynamic turn in Looper and as a futuristic warrior in Edge of Tomorrow, could she portray one of Diana’s fellow Amazons, rather than, say, the Daily Planet’s gossip columnist Cat Grant? Will Snyder and company take a big dive into the DC universe and introduce Hawkgirl? Or perhaps we’re really going to meet Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl?

Commissioner James Gordon Batman V Superman Rumor Patrol: Emily Blunt Role & Jim Gordon Appearance?

Since Blunt’s casting has not been confirmed or denied at this point, your guess is as good as ours. The other piece of news, in the form of a possible walk-on (or otherwise) by Jim Gordon, seems like less of a rumor than a given: every Batman movie since Tim Burton’s 1989 original has included some version of Gotham’s top cop. The late Pat Hingle played the character four times, until Christopher Nolan’s rebooted Batman Begins finally gave him something to do.

Gary Oldman’s performance in The Dark Knight trilogy was easily one of the highlights of the series, making Ben McKenzie‘s inheritance of the role in FOX’s upcoming Gotham prequel series a potential make-or-break aspect for some fans. Since we’re getting a Batman who is “tired, weary, and seasoned” by the time we meet him in Batman V Superman, the notion of seeing certain long-standing members of the Bat Family aside from Alfred doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Still, even without knowing the actual plot, this is a big movie with a huge cast that needs to cover a lot of ground, story-wise. The Dark Knight Rises might have been the final chapter in an Elseworlds-type big-screen Batman universe, but we know the gist of what Batman does, who helps him, and how. Unless Gordon’s inclusion is pivotal to the plot, it may just prove a distraction – or just plain confusing, since Gotham and (maybe) Arrow or The Flash could potentially (though not necessarily likely) cross over with DC’s planned film series.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Who do you think Emily Blunt could play in this universe? And who should play Commissioner Gordon? Sound off in the comments!


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Latino-Review, Batman-On-Film

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  1. if true, its like, now they want to talk to Emily blunt? she was who I had in mind for wonder woman initially. good grief…

  2. I can totally see her in a suit similar to Kal-El
    So excited for Edge of Tomorrow
    Really hope I see the house of El on her chest in the future!

    • She does scream Kara, doesn’t she?

      • Yes. She absolutely does.

        I need this to happen… Maybe it is too much to hope for, but please oh please let her be Kara.

  3. Wouldn’t it be sweet if she was doin like a end credit cameo as Big Barda ? Like a spy for Darkseid type deal preview of things to come.

  4. Mercy Graves? We have Luthor so…
    If she’ll appear as Barbara, Hawkgirl, Zatanna or any other big name the role will be small but Mercy is everywhere with Lex.
    The only way she could play the big name character is if it would be Supergirl.

  5. Bring back Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon
    Emily Blunt as Cat Grant would do fine.. or maybe Zatanna or even Power Girl.

    • There is lots of talented actors to play the character. no need to bring him back. and officially it is not possible too. this is different franchise. that franchise is complete and closed.

      • Well I agree that they should recast the role and move on. Oldman did a great job but he’s not the end all be all of the Commish.

        However, just want to point out that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. Remember M from James Bond? She’s crossed over from Brosnan’s franchise to Craig’s.

    • She might play The Daily Planet News-Broadcaster Catherine Grant. How does that sound ? I think Cat Grant will be a great casting role for her.

    • He has the kudos. He’s already voiced him. Far as I’m concerned, Cranston IS Ol’ Jimbo Gordon. Watch Year One. If that’s how he handles him, he’ll nail it.

  6. its KARA Has everyone forgotten about the PREQUEL Comic to MoS??? KARA crashed on Earth WAYYY before Kal did

    • The storyline is there for consideration. The DC universe has mountains of characters and stories to tell.

    • I agree that it could be Supergirl/Kara based on the comic prequel but having read through the other posts, she would make a fine Mercy as well.

  7. Fans may have expected Warner Bros. to copy emulate Marvel and release a series of standalone superhero films before a big Justice League team-up, but it’s clear at this point that’s not the case.

    Well if Green Lantern had been a hit.

    TV Tropes Franchise Killer

    Green Lantern was supposed to launch the DC Comics equivalent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and eventually lead to a Justice League film. The movie was panned by critics and had lukewarm box office results, which led to these plans being put on hold. WB hoped that Man of Steel would kick start their movie universe the right way.

    • tv tropes is a hot mess of shoehorning, disorganization, half-truth, stretches, and opinions pushed as fact. it’s in dire need of streamlining. i would not take it too seriously.

  8. Emily Blunt should be Commissioner Gordon.

  9. Don’t care what character she plays as long as she wrestles Gal Gadot w/ Snyders style of close up, slo mo action scenes

    • You dirty little boy..

  10. Selena Kyle would be my guess.

    • Yep, she is another candidate, Vicki Vale or Cat Grant are least likely but possible too, She could even be Barbara Gordon.

  11. Well they’re just about cramming every DC character in, so why not.

  12. I always love the idea of Bryan as Gordon. He also work with Ben in Argo. And their relation in DCCU really will be great to see. He is perfect for the role. And if he joined (i am 90% sure WB will cast him) then another brilliant,experianced and extremely talented actor will heavy and give more depth in acting department. I am so happy with Irons as Alfred. He will deliver strongly i am sure. Just imagine Cranston as Gordon,Ben as Bruce Wayne and Irons as Alfred stand in front of Wayne palace and talk about that alien’s (Superman) incidents with his planets people! :-) Wow! Just shoot the scene Snyder! 😀

  13. I would love it, if she was Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman! I would actually prefer the name Hawkwoman, but that would be so awesome!

  14. Bryan Cranston as Gordon would be perfect.

    • Bryan Cranston can make an awesome Jim Gordon casting.

  15. Crazy thought. What about Mercy? Lex Luthor’s cyborg bodyguard. He is going to be in the movie. Although, I admit this is really far-fetched. Could make for some cool battle scenes against Cyborg later down the road.

  16. Bryan Cranston would make an awesome Jim Gordon. I would like to see Emily Blunt as the new girlfriend or love interest of Bruce Wayne.

  17. If Emily Blunt is cast, and cast as a superheroine, I see her more in the role of Hawkgirl than Supergirl, Though Gemma Arterton still would remain my preferred choice to play either of the former or Wonder Woman, but well.

  18. Mads Mikkelsen- Metallo
    Emily Blunt-Supergirl
    Zac Efron- Superboy
    Bryan Cranston- Commissioner Gordon
    Zooey Deschanel- Zatanna
    Kiera Knightley- Hawkgirl
    Idris Elba/Denzel Washington- Jon Stewart
    Ryan Reynolds- Rebooted Hal Jordan
    Benedict Cumberbatch- Martian Manhunter
    Charlie Hunnam- Aquaman
    Ryan Gosling- The Flash
    Ian Somerhalder/Adam Driver- Dick Grayson
    Jensen Ackles- Jason Todd/Redhood
    Gemma Arterton/Gina Carano/Olga Kurylenko/Thandie Newton/Kerry Washington/Sigourney Weaver/
    Maggie Grace/Michelle Rodriguez/Uma Thurman/Rila Fukushimi/Linda Hamilton/Kate Beckensale/Milla Jovovich/Elsa Pataky/Camille Bell/- Wonder Womans Posse
    Yeah yeah a lot of these are unoriginal, but

  19. Just read that MOS prequel comics article, and if they make that comic into film, it will clearly mean Kara is dead, since the freaking scout ship was destroyed in the movie, I hope thats not the case, I hope they don’t make her thousands of years older than Kal, she should be her real life cousin in the live-action verse, not like in DCAU where she pretended to be his cousin but was not, which was the (I think) only problem I’d with DCAU.

    If Emily Blunt is not Kara, I hope Laura Vandervoort is cast as her, I wont mind Jennifer Lawrence, though she maybe Mystiquing then too, but wont be Katnissing, so.

    • why you are stuck in Kara? and how do you sure that kara is exist in this dcau?

      Important female characters are catwoman,zatanna,harley quinn etc. they are more important characters than kara.

      • The empty pod in MoS points to the fact that someone else from Krypton got out of the scout ship alive. The most logical choice for who that Krypton Ian is, is Kara. There’s almost a 100% chance that she exists in the DCCU.

        • Kryptonian*

  20. If Emily Blunt is Super Girl I will be a happy bunny, it will be interesting to see what her actual role in the film is, no reason to assume she will even start out as a hero, I could see Lex having an interesting role here which might might be why they choose a younger actor.

  21. Damn… I really wish they follow the route of MCU! This convoluted cram it all characters in one movie is just…meh!

    On another note:
    Can someone tell me how come Gotham series land on Fox? I thought it was supposed to be in CW since the properties are owned by WB?

  22. How about the rumor,the entire dc characters appearing in mos2,with 5 seconds screentime for each one…I mean,people better stop listening to this rumors if they want to stay sane…

  23. Micheal Ealy for green lantern