‘Batman V Superman’ Set Images: LexCorp & Giant Superman Statue

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Superman in cape Batman V Superman Set Images: LexCorp & Giant Superman Statue

After Warner Bros. Tours hyped a big DC comics related reveal that turned out to simply be an exhibit of costumes and props from past Batman movies, fans who were hoping for a reveal of Wonder Woman’s costume or other Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice news were left feeling a little bit unfulfilled.

Aside from a set photo of Ben Affleck brooding by the Batmobile in his Batman costume and the announcement of Batman V. Superman‘s title, there’s been very little in the way of official information since the movie began filming. On the bright side, there have been plenty of rumors to make up for the lack of concrete information and even a glimpse of Gal Gadot on set – albeit wearing street clothes rather than her full Wonder Woman get-up.

Now some more unofficial set photos have emerged online, showing a building that will house LexCorp in Batman V. Superman and what looks like a giant Superman statue. The latter was most likely erected in honor of Superman, as a kind of thank-you to him for helping to “save” Metropolis in Man of Steel. If that’s the case then it’s a nice gesture, but you can’t help but wonder if the money might have been better spent repairing a few buildings. The LexCorp building is, according to The Bananadoctor, an old General Motors building opposite opposite Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac, and filming will take place there on June 12th and June 13th.

[Check out images of the Superman statue and LexCorp building here and here.]

Lex Luthor city Batman V Superman Set Images: LexCorp & Giant Superman Statue

A split-second glimpse of a LexCorp building in Man of Steel established that the “young and edgy” company run by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) did have some headquarters in Metropolis, though it’s highly possible that this LexCorp building was damaged – if not completely destroyed – during the battle between Superman and General Zod. If that’s the case then this new building could be where Lex moved his central operations to in the wake of the fight, or it could be some kind of lab or factory.

The statue of Superman is approximately 15 feet tall and is mounted on what look like steps leading up to a building, though since the statue was mounted in front of a green screen it’s anyone’s guess what the backdrop will be. Perhaps the two things are connected, and Lex Luthor is responsible for building the Superman statue as a gesture of friendship. Hey, it could happen.


Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for May 6th, 2016.

Source: University of MuscleThe Bananadoctor (via Batman News)

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  1. Stand tall, Supes! You and guys like Captain America represent the ideals that are the best in all of us in our great country!

    • Steroids and Illegal aliens? just kidding… :p

      • Hey, nothing is more American than cheating and cheap/free labor.

        • Americans don’t work for free.

    • Not the new Superman. They got rid of his boy scout ideals and behavior to make him “edgier, tougher, and more relatable.” Personally, with the new 52 and the MoS movie, Superman is not his old self with strength of character as strong as his muscles. Now he’s more like Superboy where he’s less controlled and less of an ideal for humanity to strive for. He’s more human, and it kinda sucks. He went from being an almost Christ-like figure, to being just an average and moderately moral guy with superpowers. I want the boy scout Superman back! Its one of the main things that makes heroes like Supes and Capt. America so interesting! To see their internal struggle as their old fashioned senses of morality conflicted with the ideals of modern society. Superman vs The Elite was the last good Superman movie I’ve seen.

      • I have to agree. DC characters in general have always embodied the ideal of something. From being the strongest and the most honest to fastest, greatest detective, etc. Marvel, on the other hand, always had heroes with crippling problems and tragic flaws. So it feels as if they are “Marvelizing” Superman.

        • I disagree DC characters morals are often their biggest weakness witch is exactly what a tragic flaw is. Supermans compassion for even those he hates, combined with his everlasting love for humans is the very reason half his enemies even stand a chance. Batmans inability to kill someone often puts others lives at risk. And roguedork19 I also disagree with you, he still had the same morals as in the past, if you watched the movie, it was an extremely hard choice for him to kill zods despite the fact that zods would have killed those people if he didn’t

          • Yeah he had no choice… He couldn’t fly away, turn to the left, put his hands over Zods eyes, etc… Nope, snap the neck! It’s been a running joke with me and my friends… Every time we are faced with a decision we always choose snap the neck…lol.

            • Are you kidding me? SUPES HAS KILLED ZOD BEFORE. No one complained when he mercilessly took away his powers and threw him in a bottomless pit in Superman 2. Not complaining about Superman 2, just saying that Superman killing (depending on the story and circumstance) has never really bothered me. For all the people that complain about Batman’s no kill rule because it puts people in danger (which at times, is a fair argument) I love how when Superman kills a homicidal maniac that almost wiped out humanity, THAT’S going too far.

              • What he said^^^

              • You must not have seen the version of Superman 2 that was SUPPOSED to have been released. You know, The Richard Donner cut or some s*** like that. Superman yes killed Zod and his Cronies. BUT he changed history again afterwards and erased the events of the WHOLE movie to as if it never happened. Zod and his henchmen very much still are alive in the Phantom Zone.

                • I’ve seen the Donner cut. And I prefer that version. BUT, it’s still just an alternate cut. My point was that theatrically released, Supes killed Zod. And everyone was fine with it. Fans didn’t complain about that then, why should they complain about that now?

                • @Methos

                  Just for the record, turning back time doesn’t make you less of a murderer. Superman throws him down the crevasse, then blows the Fortress up for good measure.

                  Later on he decides, “Y’know what? That wasn’t cool.”

                  Then he rewinds time… but HE STILL THREW A MAN DOWN A CREVASSE. That’s still murder, bro. Lol, it’s no big deal but I always hear the defense, “It’s okay because he undid it!” but… he DID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

            • Do you honestly think that in that kind of high-pressure, under the wire, out of time situation, Supes really had a choice? Especially since Zod made it perfectly clear that Zod would. Not. Stop until all humans or himself were dead. He had no choice.

              • And what he said^^^

                • Superman killed Doomsday, back in the day.

            • Oh yeah, you & your friends are absolutely right; he could’ve flown off, turned to the left, put his hand over Zod’s eyes (of course that would’ve burned his hand, & after less than a minute thru it).

              Oh, but wait, after that, what then? Dance all over again with the same result? Could it be?

              Of course that’s what would happen!!! The whole deal here isn’t how he could mitigate a dire situation in the moment, but what to do about Zod as a permanent solution. That’s the problem. This isn’t a Superman who’s got the kind of resources & allies ready-set & go; the whole point of the specifics of him having to kill Zod is he didn’t have any alternatives about how to deal with Zod in the long term. That’s always been the issue, not little nitpicks about a bait & switch understanding of the immediate situation he was in with Zod at the train station. It’s about Zod in the world; A world he wanted to destroy, all the ppl he wants to kill (ie: everyone!)…etc.

              • And just how was Supes even able to go toe to toe with Zod and his army that were genetically engineered to be soldiers. Supes has never thrown a punch or had a fight… There is no way he could have gotten close to breaking Zods neck… Lazy story telling…

                • I’m not sure you know what “lazy storytelling” is. The pieces are there, ppl are just so concerned with the fact that they watched Superman break someone’s neck onscreen that they seem to be ignoring everything else leading up to that point. While there are issues w/ the film, it does it’s best to explain itself w/o spoonfeeding us like we’re children

                  On the topic of being bred as warriors, Supes has the codex w/in him. So he’s ALSO born w/ the warrior’s abilities. The only thing he doesn’t have is technique, which is why he seemed lost in the Smallville fight while his opponents were barely concerned with him and the military. But before throwing my first punch I understood the basics: ball up fist.. throw fist into face… punch achieved. So I’m sure that explains his ability to punch throughout the film.

                  In the last fight versus Zod, perhaps he was on equal footing, having had a few days worth of flying experience before engaging in an aerial battle for the first time against Zod, a better trained warrior who learned to fly 35 seconds ago and is also in his first aerial battle.

                  Additionally, u don’t need a class to learn how to break a neck. You turn the head further than the neck naturally allows.. and considering that Superman has both strength and a headlock on Zod, whose descent into grief, mania, and inexperience with his newest abilities is probably what allowed him to lose positioning, breaking his neck was probably the most conceivable option. You don’t exactly need a great storyteller to explain a fight.

                  For true stories of underdogs winning fights two of MMA’s greatest upsets comes to mind: Matt Serra beats Georges St Pierre and perhaps you can include Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman I, Weidman is no chump but Silva’s arrogance is what led to the knock out

                  Of course, MMA is different, but the point is, the underdog comes out on top sometimes. It’s not as easy to crunch numbers and say “Zod should win 100 out of 100 times”. Remember, they’re just testing out their newfound strength, speed and flight, while Clark has had all his life. On the other hand, Clark is an inexperienced fighter, and the mistakes that he makes are clear.

                  Sorry for the long response… lol

                  • Great point about not spoon feeding us. I thought the movie was written pretty well, not perfect but good for the amount of things this film had to achieve. People hate this movie claiming there are a these plot wholes combined with bad writing. But I felt that they feel that way because like you said they didn’t spoon feed us everything and when movies don’t constantly tell you what’s going on people get lost because they are to lazy to follow along. I felt that the reason I personally didn’t like the The dark knight returns as much as it’s predecessor is that it spoon feed us the whole way via Alfred. Also on a side note, I know a lot of people didn’t like the flash back scenes in man of steel but I personally loved it because they showed us something about superman at the right moments to let us know how his past shaped him without spending 30 or 40 mins of the film as a kid because we no his origin story for the most part. It felt very batman begins to me

                    • I felt that the reason I personally didn’t like the The dark knight returns as much as it’s predecessor is that it spoon feed us the whole way via Alfred.
                      Your personal feelings aside, id have to disagree on the Alfred bit. While he might have revealed some plot points in correlation with Bane, the guy was practically in the movie. In fact one of my personal beefs with The Dark Knight Rises is the fact Alfred Abandons Bruce right when he needed him the most. Hell had Alfred been around it would orsorta e

            • Okay, Supes flies Zod away. Then what? No Phantom Zone. No Earth Prison strong enough to hold him.

            • Man i just had to get on here say, “Nope. snap the neck.” Is the funniest s*** i read all day.

          • @Joey

            I doubt anyone feels that Superman’s characterization is the reason that Returns failed.

            It was Brandon Routh (I didn’t mind him but I know that the general consensus is that he was lackluster) and the fact that the big threat was an island… Superman was pitted against an evil real estate plot… that’s kind of dumb and I’m sad that Singer was so blinded by his love for the old films that he didn’t realize that the film he was making was absolutely stupid.

        • @mongoose

          I agree, I read a good article called, “DC, Marvel and ‘The Problem'” that describes the subtle moves DC has made to integrate some of Marvel’s storytelling into their own.

          I’m just hoping that Superman can be flawed and conflicted (which makes for interesting stories) AND represent the non-negotiable ideals he “traditionally” represents. I’m expecting him to grow into the Superman of old like in the movies, which is apparently what Snyder is/was going for

          • Yeah. A balanced approach to characterization. I wanted to see HC develop more in the role but with team film using up the remainder of his 3 film deal we won’t get to see that happen. I’ve already seen spec as to who will replace him in the role after JL. Its a shame he didn’t get to do one real sequel.

      • Oh don’t worry for those who like boyscout Superman there is Superman Unchained series. I like new one much better, he actually thinks in the fights, he was natural at the very start so we could actually see him reshaping from boy attitude to a man one, he is more mature. And yes he is still looks like ideal to most humans(even immortal ones and they’ve seen alot) but not because he was that from the start but became like this.

      • I completely agree.

  2. So wait, I’m confused. I though speculation so far was that Lex and Bruce Wayne were trying to rebuild Metropolis and that Batman was going to come in and try to reign in Superman because of all the destruction and people not being happy with Superman..

    Building a statue of the guy doesn’t scream “the people don’t like Superman” to me..

    • That was fan-made speculation but it was never confirmed to be the actual story.

    • The thing about speculation is that it’s invented theories that fit with what little bits of info are available. But your post is written as if speculation is a solid, unchanging thing that only has one state. Speculation is basically “whatever people come up with,” so the previous fan speculation, and this speculation, can co-exist just fine.

    • That was just speculation. I’ve read online that this film could go the “years down the road” route in which Bats and Superman had already met and thus are in alliance in fighting against Lex. I suspect this will be more of an intro to WW and the set up for the JL movie instead of a “sequel”. Again, this is also speculation but one that seems more viable at this point

    • Why would they need Lex and Bruce to rebuild Metropolis, It’s not Cambodia man or some third world country.

  3. There will be some people who likes superman and some who hates him.
    I think Lex Luthor Built that statue.

    • If that’s the case, I can see a story line where superman gains a friendship with lex. batman, being a great detective, may already know that lex is no good and this is yet another reason why supes and bats will face off. perhaps lex manipulates supes into being is banner man so to speak and convinces him that batman is crazy and dangers. batman in tern has to convince superman, likely in the middle of a big showdown between the two, who lex really is and what he has tricked superman into doing. perhaps lex tricks superman into stopping lexes enemies while also doing community serves type stuff all in the name of lex.

      • Great! another story where Batman is the smartest one, how original.

        • He’s not the smartest he’s just a great strategist and a great detective. That’s literally what makes him batman, how else can he compete with superheros? Btw we have yet to see batman as a great detective in any live film adaptation so Idk what your talking about. And also lex would be the smartest in the plot I purposed because he is the one that basically tricked a god.

      • The Statue is probably erected by the City of Metropolis, thanking Superman for saving the WORLD!!!

  4. LexCorp looks like they sell used cars.

    Hopefully this is a lab in the middle of nowhere, where LexCorp can do any immoral experiments they want, and not the main headquarters, because of the budget cuts due to the salary of everyone involved and cost of special effects.

  5. It’s probably erected in front of an empty spot where a few buildings once stood. Statue is place in front of where some destruction took place during the battle of Metrolpolis. It’s to honor Superman and his sacrifice to protect the world and city. However, he did cause a lot of destruction so maybe the statue is shown late in the moie for another heroic effort.

  6. I think its too early to introduce a statue, if the movie will handle the aftermath of MoS, its more wrong than ever, Superman (who is my favorite superhero) did destroy a lot of Metropolis and Smallville to save the masses, should not be considered a hero this soon, let him save more lives, avert more disasters, than consider erecting a Statue, probably in the JL movie.

    Also, if DoJ is shooting back to back with JL, the statue could be for the big team-up film.

    • He IS a hero though, not perfect but still a hero and that could be why they are giving him a statue.

    • He saved the human race from the world engine dude. He can’t get a statue for that!

      You are worried about some destruction in one city.

      • Well, he brought the kryptonians to Earth. Unwillingly, but he did it. I don´t see he acted much as a hero. He solved a problem that he helped to create.

        • Jo-rel created this problem not Supes he was sent here by his pops, if anything he fixed his fathers problem.

        • Clark turned himself over to Zod to save the Earth, knowing that Zod had orchestrated a coup on Krypton and couldn’t be trusted to keep his word, that’s heroic. Supes also fought against a machine that he believed would weaken him. He risked a lot “to solve a problem”. Regardless of fault he acted heroically.

          • +100!

            Preach hit da street.

      • I know man, but Batman stops some cheesy clown and he’s the greatest ever.

    • How bout when Godzilla won against the MUTOs, the people considered him as savior of their city 😀

      • lol Godzilla!

      • Godzilla V Superman: Come on! Second billing again?

    • Save more lives? More than mankind? are you ignorant or what?

  7. For all we know the statue could be erected towards the end of the film. If not, it really doesnt matter. I’m sure not everyone in the movie will be pleased with such this gesture. I’m also sure the people of Metropolis are just as divisive about this new Superman as us fans are.

  8. May be The Lex Corp is the company which builds the Sups Statue. May be Lex is on to a some kind of game to destroy Sups… Don’t you think so?

    • The bigger they are the harder they fall

      • Not this one brother.

  9. Dear WB,

    You’re lucky BvS is going to sell itself.
    I just got back from Edge of Tomorrow, and I have to say, that was the worst marketing job I have ever seen.

    A better trailer and this would have been one of my most anticipated movies this summer.
    You screwed the pooch on that one.

    A concerned fan

  10. What a waste of two clicks. SMH…

    • Yeah, all we get is a giant torso with a giant green screen behind it.
      What a let down!

  11. I think the statue is going to be a part of a dream or a vision (what’s with the green screen). Maybe it’s Luthor’s nightmare.

    • The green screen doesn’t indicate anything, they could use green screen for something as simple as putting a building behind that they don’t want to (or can’t for whatever reason) build.

      • Knowing Snyder, the green screen will most likely be used for some crazy visuals. Hey, everyone is free to speculate, right?

  12. [Pre-looking at the picture thoughts:]
    Lol, Superman and Zod killed like 500,000 people in their fight, and then he killed Zod. Wouldn’t people be looking for someone to blame?

    Hey, I could be wrong, maybe he saved a cat from a tree a few months after the fight.

  13. You guys must be mentally deficient or something
    He didn’t save metropolis
    not just some American city.. Obviously
    the areas damaged were no larger than
    say your average metropolitan financial
    district 99% of which was caused by the
    Black Zero prison ship
    the only damage caused even inadvertently
    by kal was to the Sheraton hotel (vertical zod/kal impact)
    which was already damaged by the engine beam
    a string of (abandoned) 40th floor offices (when he was thrown
    through them via cape catapult) and grand central
    station on his crash final stand sleeper hold

    then half dead flew back across the world to stop a
    Half mad blood lusted genocidal maniac from personally
    murdering a city then countless others in revenge for
    stopping his plans.. simultaneously damning his race
    to extinction (a choice kal had to literally make in 3 seconds)

    Take all those facts and even the most lazy backward hack
    could write up a sufficient hero piece but take a Pulitzer Prize
    Winning journalist &instrumental cog in the effort to save humanity
    AKA Lois Lane? What you have there is on a different level entirely

    a statue in city hall is literally the LEAST they could do

    • I will agree with some fans to an extant that the final battle in Man of Steel was too long and maybe they did knock down a few buildings too many… BUT, HE SAVED THE WORLD! I’m not justifying all of the collateral damage, but he literally saved the entire human race for crying out loud!

      • you ppl need to watc the whole movie again especially the end fight, one building got knocked over and that was zod using his heat vision, you guys keep over exaggerating the fight

    • +1

    • I sincerely agree with you. Anyone that says Superman is responsible for the damage caused in MoS is in fact, mentally deficient (and that is the nice way of saying it)

      • Superman, in part, is responsible, but Metropolis knows this. At the same time, they have to look at the fact that Superman did it all to save the future of mankind. Sure it caused a lot of property damage, but he saved mankind from extinction. People praise soldiers for taking lives for the greater good every day. This is no different: Superman is the world’s one man army.

        • Agreed

    • Get a life.

      • You can’t tell anyone to get a life when your here in this forum.

      • I already have a life, i’m just visiting this website on occasion…

    • What about the ihop what about the ihop where will people turn to for their need of pancakes

      • U know… I can completely understand Lex now.
        Okay, sure you saved the planet and that’s great blah blah blah… but pancakes… you… hurt… pancakes…?
        You have to die now, there’s no way around it.

    • Man, i wna copy and paste your comment all over the place.

    • Well said, such ungrateful earthlings.

  14. Nerds. Let’s sit around and discuss the moral features of a fictional character. Don’t you have your mothers basement to clean?

    • Like we said: mentally deficient.

    • And going on the Internet just to troll is less pathetic? You probably typed that in your world of warcraft pajamas while jacking off to Mel Gibson posters

  15. Movies are never shot in order, they usually shoot the end of the film first. This statue most likely appears at or near the end of the movie.

  16. This franchise was butchered from the beginning & its become patently obvious they intend to carry over this hatchet job trend into the sequel.
    DC simply needs to pimp out their characters to Marvel studios so they can turn out at least one or two decent DC movies before the next century rolls around.

  17. Yawn!!! I am more excited to watch grass growing than I am in seeing this movie. In a couple years, I guess if it’s a rainy day and there’s nothing else to watch on cable, then I might watch it.


      • Times are getting tough because people are refusing to pay the toll to cross his bridge 😛

  18. I dunno, I kind of miss the L shaped building of the John Byrne era. That was when I first started reading Superman comics and that’s Superman to me. Guess it would be kind of cheesy in a movie but I remember the Metropolis skyline in those days dominated by the Daily Planet planet top and that L shaped Lexcorp building the two tallest buildings in the city. :)

  19. The statue looks like a play on the myth of atlas.. Now repurposed as superman with perhaps the dailyplanets globe on his back. Just a thought, the way the statue is positioned seems like hes lifting something heavy yet at same time reaching out to people below him? Meh.

  20. To be honest.. Lex himself is cheap villian and I think he is bored villainous.

  21. No, not Batman vs Superman, it should be Superman vs Godzilla.

    • Godzilla fires green kryptonite atomic breath, snaps MOS neck.

      • Godzilla and Superman become the best of buddies and procced to take a dump on Lexcorp and Wayne Manor, with “Don’t stop Believing” playing.

        • lol

  22. Even if the people of Metropolis don’t acknowledge Supes the rest of the world has a lot to be thankful for.

  23. this film crashed before it even began.. not watching.. and die snyder. u runed a great series..

  24. I am guessing the movie takes place a few years later and Superman has become a symbol of peace and justice in the world/Metropolis, then the movie kicks into gear with the introduction of Lex, Batman and WW.

  25. MOS is seen as a hero for saving the world, gets a statue.

    Batman must stop MOS for reasons.

    • Because he feels under valued, thus we get Ben Afflecks sad batman.

    • Lmao! “Reasons”. That’s my explanation for everything now.

  26. Meh, you lost me at Jesse Eisenberg. If DC is lucky I might rent it when it comes out on DVD. My money will be wisely spent on Cap’n 3 that weekend.

  27. People keep saying they won’t watch this but they always… always take the time to open the article & comment. What a waste of time and effort for something you have zero interest in.

    • Lol how can they bash a film without watching it? They probably will watch it multiple times (i.e. more than a general audience) so they can pick up more points to criticize.

      So much for “I won’t watch this crap and give my $$ away”

      Unless trolls just like to bash films they don’t watch and base their opinions on RT.

  28. Statue of Superman? I’m not all that well-versed in the comics, but didn’t that happen after Superman… died?