‘Batman V Superman’ Set Photo Reveals Colorful New Supersuit

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Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header Batman V Superman Set Photo Reveals Colorful New Supersuit

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that has certainly been the case with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Boasting a brand new take on Batman and Wonder Woman, it’s been known for some time that the film would also feature a change in color and style from the Superman suit debuted in Man of Steel. Despite Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill’s best attempts to keep the new suit under wraps, the first full-color image of it has appeared online.

Although Snyder has already revealed the full costumes for Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, it’s the director’s love of color-shifting, black and white, and sepia that has kept many fans in suspense. Although the first image of Cavill’s modified suit (par for the course when it comes to superhero films) possessed the most color out of the three, the first set photo shows that Snyder heard fan complaints loud and clear.

If audiences appreciated the change in comic book canon – Kal-El’s costume is actually traditional Kryptonian garb – but felt that the red, blue and yellow of Man of Steel‘s suit were too dull or muted, then Dawn of Justice will set those issues to rest. Take a look at the image that’s making the rounds online:

The teaser footage shown at SDCC 2014 seemed to show a more vibrant Supersuit, and that is definitely the case. With a red and yellow logo that can be seen for miles in all directions, and a brighter, more classic blue, Cavill’s Superman looks to be right at home next to Affleck; both seem torn right off the comic book page. And there’s a chance that the changes matter to more than just the costume department.

When considering what changes to the costume might be in store, we pointed to “Superman: Birthright,” a graphic novel which served as an influence on Man of Steel. In that series, the brighter colors were adopted in an attempt to earn trust from humanity. With persistent rumors that Dawn of Justice will include a theme of anti-Superman sentiment, is it possible that Clark will change up his colors in an effort to combat public opinion?

Batman V Superman and Man of Steel Superman Costume Comparison 1024x955 Batman V Superman Set Photo Reveals Colorful New Supersuit

It’s also clear that Cavill’s physique will be just as accentuated in the sequel, although the material looks to be a bit softer than the plastizicized-six-pack fans have come to know and love. And those fans longing for a return of his bright yellow belt may look on the set photo as a sign of compromise; the suit is still belt-less, but the brighter yellow certainly catches the eye more than the alien ridges of the suit’s previous incarnation. Perhaps the slicked hair is yet another peace offering to classic Superman purists.

What do you think of the changes? Is the choice to return to the brighter look of previous films and comics one you can get behind? Or will you hold off judgement until an explanation is given in the film itself?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016.

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  1. I actually liked the suit in MOS, I hope they have a good reason for the change as I can’t see how he could get a new one.

    • one good reason – Licencing. WB gets a kick back for every action figure, lunch box, party napkin etc. I remember the first Spider-man movie (2002). Sony signed the deal with Marvel for 50% of the licencing.

      This gives the studios motivation to change the costumes for each movie, and cram in more characters…but that never happens in comic book movies.

    • It’s just mainly the belt area that changed.

      • And with the cape, maybe it won’t be a CGI cape this time?

  2. Maybe Superman was offered a deal with Under Armour for $265 million?

    • HAAAAAAAA! Now that was funny…

    • Or Nike… Apparently they could match Under Armour’s 265 million dollar deal.

  3. Still miss the red trunks. It looks they put a bit too much padding on the forearms. I know the movie will be violent mess, but I will watch it. I will watch Superman stuff until I die … even though they are changing him for the worse.

    • I kind of like the “New 52″ look, it’s a different take on Superman that we as fans haven’t seen on the screen.

      • Yeah I never really understood having under-wear on the outside…..I think trading red trunks for the red belt was a good move for the new 52 version of superman. Would have been cool to see the new 52 look in the movie-verse. I like the kryptonian armor look from the current comics, with the red trim gauntlets and additional changes.

    • I don’t see what the movie being a violent mess has to do with the costume, but as far as superhero movie costumes go, it’s hard to argue that it’s one of the best efforts. The red trunks seemed like the most useless part of the costume, and the lack of them gave them a lot more freedom to design new suits. IMO, I don’t need to see the new 53 armor in the big screen just yet, but I don’t mind losing the red trunks. He looks more representative of Superman than most representations of him already.

  4. Why the big rush for nitpicking speculation? We’re going to get 10,000 other images, videos, rumors, casting announcements and on set videos between now and when the release date.

    These “spoilers” are getting ridiculous. Sometimes, I do like finding out a few surprises, facts and easter eggs before I see a movie, but there has been dozens and dozens of minutia spoilers for BvsS:DoJ already, and the movie doesn’t come out for another 19 months!

    By then, every detail, every scene and every surprise (if not the whole freaking movie) will be on the net. We don’t want to be entertained, we want to know everything and argue about details about Superman or Batman that we like, forgetting that those have changes countless times in the last 10 years alone.

    So, Superman’s colors brightened up since MoS. Details like that change in EVERY sequel. X-Men, Spider-Man, both Batman series – every single subsequent movie had different costumes. But why is Superman’s suit brighter now? Remember, it was stored in the scout ship, under ice, for several thousand years. Maybe it just needed time under a yellow sun to show it’s brighter colors…. or he just left it soaking in the washing machine too long.

    • What if it actually is Kryptonian nanotech as in the new 52 which allows his suit to adjust and change over time. Would make sense too otherwise how would he hide that under his regular clark kent suit.

      • Or he hides it in a duffle bag. He’ll just change with superspeed ;)

  5. Thunder Thighs!

  6. I really love the Man of Steel suit, and this one. But I’d be very excited to see some Kryptonian nano-tech up in here…

  7. The pictured costume looks brighter because post-production hasn’t muted it yet. By the time we see the movie, I’m sure it’ll be close to Man of Steel colors.

    • I’m not sure why everyone is getting so excited here, because you’re right. Just look at the promo pic. That is the new suit, and when that picture was released, no one said “omg look how bright Superman’s suit is now, awesome!”

      • But it does seem to be brighter compared to the original MoS’s set photos. And of course it would appear darker in a photo set in Gotham City.

  8. the costume is BVS is lighter because the movie is darker.
    you dont wanna see superman in black costume.
    the reason that is lighter because of the details(muscles cuts and costume details).

    im crossing my fingers that the reason superman’s costume is changing like the details,belt,etc
    because the costume is alien and its evolving or something..

  9. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Kal-El in kryptonian Armour when he fights batman?

  10. He looks more supier than he did in MOS. Which is a good thing.
    #Bring back the trunks!

  11. Godzilla thighs!

  12. If the promo image that they released of Superman used in the article above is any indication, the suit’s colors look like they’re bolder, but they don’t look all that much lighter to me.

    I’m guessing that they’re going to let Snyder be a little more Snyder in this movie with the visual filters and stuff, so I think the higher contrast colors are because he’s going to make the movie look a little gloomier in post, especially in the scenes with Batman.

    Plus, making the suit a little more colorful differentiates the character better visually from Batman and Wonder Woman with her bronze armor.

  13. I still want a red belt like the New 52 version has to break up the unitard of blue.

    (And I still hate the silly assed filigree on the waist and down the legs)

  14. I want to see the ‘S’ curl of his hair at some point in the movie. As a kid that’s how I recognized him, I completely ignored the House-El crest over his hair curl.

  15. So is Superman going to be a villain in this one? Or what’s with the spooky evil cloak?

    • Yup, that’s the first step towards the dark side. Get an evil cloak ;)

  16. Looking forward to the movie,one thing I don’t like.Change the release date,because it conflicts with Marvel’s release of Captain America 3.I don’t want to see both movies on Saturday,one movie one weekend and the other movie the next weekend.Don’t release this movie the same day as Cap 3.We don’t need movie competition.

    • They already changed the release date. Batman V Superman is March 25, 2016. Captain America 3 is May 6, 2016.

  17. I like the new costume as it has original elements.I wish the producers would look to the original Fliescher cartoons as they were more in line with the character. Those cartoons were the best adaptation of Superman where he struggled to win. Cavill is by far the best actor to have played Superman. Even better than Reeve. Please treat the character as he was originally meant to be. Again, look to the Fliescher cartoons.

  18. He has big defined legs.