‘Batman V Superman’: Henry Cavill’s New Superman Costume Revealed

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Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header1 Batman V Superman: Henry Cavills New Superman Costume Revealed

The expectation is that the upcoming 2014 San Diego Comic-Con will bring with it some big news about the Warner Bros./DC film universe, not least of all concerning the next confirmed movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the meantime, the first image has been released from director Zack Snyder’s project, showing Superman (Henry Cavill) standing in the rain – with what appears to be Gotham City (“played” by Detroit) in the background.

A newly-published USA Today article, which includes the Superman pic, says that Batman V Superman takes Cavill’s Kal-El to “new environments” such as the urban jungle that is Gotham. It’s been well-documented that Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” comic book story is a guiding force for Snyder’s new film, so it stands to reason that Miller’s vision of Gotham – a more distinctly modern cesspool of crime unlike the “timeless” version featured in the upcoming Gotham TV series - will likewise be reflected in Snyder’s cinematic portrayal of Batman’s home turf.

Snyder told USA Today that he “was in no rush to put Batman in the movie,” so soon after the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s revered Dark Knight film trilogy. However, as Snyder has said before, he felt that pitting the Caped Crusader against Superman would be a natural progression of the story that he began in Man of Steel, while also giving Snyder the opportunity to adapt “Dark Knight Returns” (featuring an older Batman who comes out of retirement) as he’d long intended to do one day. As the filmmaker put it, “It’s cooler to see a crusty old Batman beating the snot out of guys.”

Get a sneak peek at Cavill as Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, below (click the image to enlarge):

Superman Henry Cavill in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice 683x1024 Batman V Superman: Henry Cavills New Superman Costume Revealed

Just for comparison, here’s a mashup of the Batman V Superman and Man of Steel costumes (CLICK for larger Image):

Batman V Superman and Man of Steel Superman Costume Comparison 1024x955 Batman V Superman: Henry Cavills New Superman Costume Revealed

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That’s not to say that Affleck’s Batman is strictly the enemy to Cavill’s Superman’s in Dawn of Justice either, as Snyder told USA Today that the reason it’s “V” and not “Vs.” in the film’s title is “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.” It makes sense enough, seeing how Batman and Superman are both crime-fighters, yet are generally polar opposites in their ideals and worldview. That’s allowed for previous Batman/Superman stories (in comic book and/or animated form) to really examine and deconstruct their dual philosophies – something that Dawn of Justice is likewise aiming to do.

Justice League Movie Discussion Characters Batman V Superman: Henry Cavills New Superman Costume Revealed

Of course, it’s no secret at this point that Dawn of Justice will introduce other Justice League members – who, similar to Batman, will challenge Superman’s outlook and (according to USA Today) “Snyer feels his [Superman's] convictions will be drawn into question as well.” Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is technically the only additional superhero confirmed thus far, though at this point it’s all but official that Ray Fisher will make his debut as Victor Stone/Cyborg - while Jason Momoa also looks to be all ready to portray Aquaman in the film.

Batman V Superman rumors Comic Con footage Batman V Superman: Henry Cavills New Superman Costume Revealed

Still, while many have joked that Batman V Superman ought to just be called Justice League, it sound as though this film is still a Batman/Superman movie above all else – as Snyder has admitted to having not even shot any scenes with Gadot in costume as Wonder Woman yet (Gadot has filmed scenes as Diana in “civilian” mode, though). Hopefully, the inclusion of other superheroes will only enhance the self-contained narrative in Dawn of Justice, rather than come off as extraneous shared universe building.

Jesse Eisenberg in Now You See Me Batman V Superman: Henry Cavills New Superman Costume Revealed

That shall ultimately depend on how well the Dawn of Justice screenplay manages to juggle all these characters, while exploring a story that also includes Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). On that front, however, there’s good reason to remain confident about the final product, as the original script draft by David S. Goyer – drawn from a story he co-created with Snyder – has since been revised by Oscar-winner Chris Terrio (Argo). If nothing else, this will certainly be one superhero movie to remember.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: USA Today

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  1. Wow!Cavill looks a lot bigger,imagine how much bigger batman will be?

    • Damn dude is huge! im glad they didnt change much i think this superman has one of the best costumes period as a superhero. so glad they didnt go with some cheesy spandex this looks like a tough material that doesn’t take much damage

    • 50% with 100% more WOW!

      I cannot believe most people are actually saying the minimalistic changes to the actual suit “nailed it”. It is Cavill who beefed-up for this shot. There are few alterations to the suit itself. With that being said, the suit was not the problem with the Superman movie, the terrible plot, story, and directing were.

      We hope they are going to be different for this one, but with the same person in charge, it is unlikely.

      • Dammit! Where is the upvote button!

      • Oh great… another guy who thinks he is talking for all Superman fans across the planet, do me a favor and stop thinking that, use I, not we, and talk for yourself only from now on.

        • When he says “we” he means those of “us” that didn’t like the movie. You’re implying that he said “everyone” which would include “you”.

          So… You’re just “another guy” who takes posts about how much they disliked “Man of Steel” as a personal attack on you when none of “us” have “you” in mind.

      • Yeah its an under suit prosthesis; Cavil’s a fit guy and he does well for this role but if you watch the ice bucket challenge he did on set you can tell when he is sitting down there is clearly foam pectorals and abs of some kind.
        Bens just as fit, and significantly taller I believe sohe will make for a menacing batman – one thats a bit more authentic as well.

    • i have no comments becuase i ,ve seen the strongest fight of the world with the Avengers when Thor fights with the Iron man and also thor fight very hard with Hulk so very SHOCKINg see them fighting very hard and very strong

  2. Did Rob Liefeld make these images?

    • Not gonna lie, but his name popped up in my head every time I looked at this pic. But in reality if liefeld were behind this, cavils chest at that angle and pose would be look like 2 giant tumors.

      • Still loving this pic though. Lol, can imagine if liefeld were behind photography? Cavil would have like 20 pouches all over, a giant back pack and 10 different guns sticking out hahah and he’d make a weird face

        • And a glowing eye?

          • Don’t forget the bits of super villain between his teeth.

            • I thought Liefeld quit DC comic a few years ago. If I remembered correctly, he quit because of the way DC treated their staffs badly. Also because of the last-minute-editorial-changes.

              • Last thing that guy did was deathstroke

    • @bio, BAWAAHAHAHAAHA!!! I was thinking the same. ;-) reminds me of that Cap pic LOL

    • Feet are too big. Though maybe they were photo-shopped in, too.

  3. So glad Cavill beefed up for this. If there’s one thing superhero movies seem to do it’s not add enough muscle to their male leads; if you want someone to look intimidating your typical ‘Hollywood hunk’ body isn’t going to cut it – you need some real muscle mass. One thing that bugged me about Captain America for example was that I always imagined he’d be massive, the peak of human but Chris Evans looked more like a male model than a super soldier. At least this Superman looks like he could do some serious damage.

    • I’m not quite sure where your head is at, but superheroes like Captain America & especially Superman don’t inflict serious damage because of their body type &/or extreme muscle mass but because of their superpowers…go figure, right?

      That aside, it boggles my mind even more that you would think that Evans looks like a “model”; I mean did you see him as he got out of the Erskine Compartment that turned him into a super soldier? He was & still is huge. And Thor? More huge! And Superman in MOS? Just as huge. So honestly I don’t see your point. Unless what you dream of is a team or world of superheroes that all look like wrestlers a la The Rock or like a Mr. Universe lineup of body builders. lol

      Sorry, smh

      • Actually Cap’s strength does come from his muscle, he doesn’t actually have super powers. The serum took him to peak human condition, he doesn’t have strength beyond human possibility.

        • However I do agree with you that he is plenty big enough to look thepart of Captain America.

        • Well, yes and no.

          They may label it the peak of the human condition, but he is doing stuff that no human could do, and he does have a strength that couldn’t be obtained by regular training, so I’d label him a superhuman.

          But if you by super powers mean that he doesn’t have any abilities that are non-human, he just has enhanced human abilities, then yes.

    • Yeah, like I was saying in another comment, I PROMISE you that Cavill is not actually that big. It’s kind of sad that people actually believe that. If that photo was real, Cavill would be 250+ lbs and would be on his way to competing as a bodybuilder in Mr. Olympia. Those arms in the picture (if they were real) are probably in the 21-inch range (which is massive – and I mean ACTUALLY massive, not just massive compared to the average comic book nerd’s body). And to say that you are disappointed at Evans’ physique in Captain America just shows that you know nothing about weightlifting or bodybuilding. You probably take it for granted that it takes alot of work to gain muscle, and it’s impossible to get HUGE without going the steroid route. People look at the comics and the cartoons, and they see all these huge and ripped superheroes, but forget they are FREAKING DRAWINGS. With the stroke of a pencil you can give a superhero 24 inch arms. Well, in real life it doesn’t work that way. And you say, “at least this superman looks like he could do some serious damage.” Well, like I said, that picture is not real. I PROMISE you he is not that big. I know what I am talking about.

    • Yelling sarcasm tends to fail.

  4. @ Olsen. Superheroes don’t look ‘super’ anymore nowadays. Guys like tony stark can get away with it but most heroes can’t. Even Henry Cavill said most of the stunts require that heavy training in order for the super-powered actions scenes to look badass.

    • I think they look more super now than ever.

      Nowadays? When do you think they looked more super and why? Just curious.

    • Throw of the dice & I get a …Troll!

      Perfect throw, rock & troll.

  5. Cavill’s Superman Costume & Affleck’s Batman Costume are Awesome !!
    Can’t wait to see the movie and another heroes wearing their state of the art costume.
    Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman…

  6. Affleck couldn’t carry DareDevil so I have no hopes of him even coming close to Bats, that was strike one.
    Then Gadot as WW? Seriously?
    Not even going to waste my money on this film. And that’s a shame because I felt Cavill did a damn good job in ‘Man of Steel’. Tough luck on the inferior casting this time round.

  7. Looks great. Cavill got even more ripped. Both he and Affleck look like they came straight off a comic book page. If they can get these 2 guys ripped like this, I’m sure they’ll have no problem putting Gal Gadot through the same “workout regimen”. And with Christopher Nolan producing, I’m confident this movie is gonna be outstanding . Unlike Marvel, these are the most popular superheroes of all time, and they’re finally gonna do it right. Can’t wait.

    • Lol.. It’s the suit padding…

      • Lol yeah suit padding sure. Henry’s muscle aren’t fake just like they weren’t fake in MoS. It came from heavy weight lifting and dedication. There are videos of him online training at gym jones.

  8. Still miss the stonger colors and a real Krypton utility belt, to name a couple. The wist-a-cuffs are fine but I just don’t like the unessesary threads all over the suit. I’m sorry, I’m of a Superman snob.

    And could thay not think of a easy red design that covers his private area that breaks up the blue?

    But I guess it looks a little better I suppose?

    • I think they saving the new 52 costume for the Justice League movie.

  9. By the next Man of Steel he will be facing directly at the camera

  10. This film is gonna be a huge mess.

  11. True Superman looks great, but that’s the only good thing I can say about this upcoming piece of garbage

  12. Sorry. The casting is by far the worst ever. This is clearly being made just for profit.