‘Batman V Superman’ Producer Reveals Batman’s Age

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batman v superman bruce wayne age Batman V Superman Producer Reveals Batmans Age

Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been described by director Zack Snyder as someone who “bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter.” That description nonetheless doesn’t reveal just how old, exactly, Affleck as Bruce Wayne is in the film. Indeed, given the acknowledged influence of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns comic book, Affleck’s Mr. Wayne could already be in his mid-50s.

Recent Batman V Superman set pics and videos showing Affleck with grey temples (coupled with rumors about Batman’s history in Snyder’s new movie) have indicated that, in the film, Bruce could indeed be showing the signs of wear and tear from his longtime battle against crime in Gotham City. The other possibility, of course, is that the 42-year old Affleck has simply been made up to look more befitting of a character who’s a decade (or so) older than the Oscar-winner currently is.

Batman V Superman producer Michael Uslan, during an interview with Asbury Park Press, touched on the controversy over Affleck being cast as Bruce Wayne – and, in the process, revealed the character’s age in the film:

“So, this [controversial superhero casting] has happened time and again, and it happened with Affleck. To go back to the original thought of Bruce Wayne in his mid-40s, I think he’s going to be extraordinary.”

So, by the sound of it, Affleck will essentially be playing his real-life age in Batman V Superman. Why the aforementioned changes in his appearance then? Well, it could be to better emphasize, the age difference between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent (Henry Cavil) in the film (visually, rather by means of dialogue); and thus, highlight the differences in experience and clashing outlook of the dual costumed heroes. The grey sideburns could also be Snyder’s homage to the grey-haired Batman depicted in The Dark Knight Returns.

dark knight returns batman v superman Batman V Superman Producer Reveals Batmans Age

Batman vs. Superman in ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ animated feature

Rumor has it that Affleck as the Caped Crusader will get his own solo vehicle (said to be tentatively titled The Batman) in 2019 – possibly arriving on the June 2019 date that Warner Bros. has reserved for one of its multiple upcoming DC movies. That would put Affleck’s Bruce Wayne pretty close to 50 by that time, assuming the film picks up close to real time after the events of Batman V Superman (and probably Justice League a year thereafter, by the sound of it).

Will The Batman (or whatever Affleck’s Batman solo movie winds up being called) see Bruce Wayne undertaking one last mission and/or handing over his cape and cowl to a younger person? That may sound a bit too similar to The Dark Knight Rises for some people’s tastes, but it’s still feasible.

Another possibility is The Batman ends up being a re-imagined version of the Batman Beyond film adaptation (in that ’90s cartoon series, Bruce trains Terry McGinnis to become the new Batman) – a project that was rumored to be under consideration at WB, shortly before Batman V Superman was announced. Feel free to let us know in the comments section what you imagine the future will hold for Affleck’s Batman in the budding DC Cinematic Universe.

Batman V Superman arrives in theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Source: Asbury Park Press

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  1. Big deal captain america is in his 90′s
    and it doesnt matter what batman’s age is because “he’s BATMAN!!!”

    • Haha +1000

  2. All of this talk of the physical condition, and comparing Batman to athletes, is really a moot point. Any peak human condition will never match Superman, so its is not Batman’s physical condition that really matters.

  3. Most men in their 40′s have quite a bit of gray hair.

    Hollywood age and “real life” age never look the same,so they are more than likely just going to stop putting the Just For Men in his hair so that he can look like a real 42 year old.

  4. Eventually I want to see Superman with grey side-hair, ala Kingdom Come. Make it happen Zack.

  5. If DC is making their Justice League brand separate then their other films I feel that Man of Steel 2 in 6-7 years might have an old superman in the future. who knows? this universe doesnt seem destined to have future plug-n-play compatability with tons of heroes like marvels film-verse

  6. This is all cool and what not but where are the Flash rumors?! That’s what I’m really interested in!

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t batman somewhere in his thirties when justice league was formed and weren’t the others also in they’re thirties when the league was formed?? Cause if this movie is suppose to be the beginning of the league then that’s one flaw already right?? Unless u count snyders attempt to make Wonder Woman a kryptonian origin.

    • flaw? this is a different universe bro.. Comics are comics, cartoons are cartoons and movies are movies.. its not a direct adaptation of something, just based.. Its like saying in the first ironman movie where tony stark is kidnapped (in Afghanistan) is a flaw coz in the comics its in Vietnam..

    • There was no attempt to make WW Kryptonian, that was one possibility fans and sites were speculating about.

    • How do you enjoy any movies at all when your so caught up in the technicalities of realism. It’s a movie, chill out.

      • Haha good response

        • OMG !! I loved your comment..

  8. Batjoke is going to be in his 40′s and Batjoke Fan girls still think he would match Superman? Please tell me what you’re smoking because I want a hit of that as well.

    If they ever fight in this movie it would be one sided. Did you see what Superman did to Zod? With out Krytonite Batjoke would die a painful death if that is Superman wants.

    Superman’s powers are absolute and I don’t see how a 40 yr man is going to stop him.

    This movie will be a fail if they show Superman and Batjoke to be equals which they’re not.

    And I want Superman to be the leader of the team as he should be. Making Batjoke the leader would only make me laugh.

    • Heard this one before.

    • I already can’t take the film seriously because they are planning an origins Justice League but yet they have an old, um Batjoke? LOL

    • Maybe they won’t actually fight. Maybe the “v” represent a cold war between them. A conflict that makes them work against each other. That would be perfectly possible.

      They aren’t equals if you only think of their physical powers. But they can certainly be equals if you think of them as a couple that can compliment each other.

      This version will most likely be emphasizing the detective and strategic skills of Batman. These are areas where he is Superman’s superior.

      And of course he can be the leader of Justice League. He’s the perfect leader.

    • Buddy, read or watch “The Dark Knight Returns”.
      A real good superhero story and an example of Batjoke…(??) kicking supes blue steel ass!


        • What… could happen? That an alien from another planet can exist? Or that if Superman existed in this world he would be used by the US govt. to fulfill their political agenda? Or that superheroes would be politicised to the point that they could no longer function the way we expect them to in our Silver Age fantasies? I don’t think DKR is a book for 10-12 year olds, I read it back then and I disliked it severely. With its overly dramatic representation of sensationalist media, myth-making in the modern world, and Batman generally occupying a “gray” border between justice and crime, it took a while to appreciate it.

          And by the way………….. Batman DID NOT WIN in the battle against Superman in DKR.

            • This is a character whose greatest enemy is Lex Luthor. Superman can be taken down with Kryptonite, it isn’t that big a deal. Superman isn’t omnipotent, the myth surrounding him makes it so.

              Going back to the fight. No the K simply slowed him down, it wouldn’t have killed him. It would’ve weakened him to the point where the B-man can defeat him and give him a beating, but this is the same character who survived a nuclear blast, is in a sunless Gotham, and has Kryptonite all around him. He still isn’t shown to die. So no, Batman doesn’t win the physical battle, he wins the pyrrhic war to inspire people into challenging the sort of oppressive society that Superman and the US govt. upheld.

              The victory is far from physical. It’s the 300 ending.

              • was waiting for someone to mention Lex Luthor. first off, none of this is real obviously. even in fantasy DC world one of Supermans biggest enemies is Lex Luthor, who essentially has the same skill set as Batman, only Bats is even better.

                also, bragging (lol?) about how no one can beat Superman reinforces the point that he is a lame and OP character. cool youre fav comic character is basically a Demi-God. wow whats your favorite football team, Patriots? Marvel owns DC and underdog chars RULE!

        • Imagine for a second that you are Superman. You’re the most powerful being in the known universe. Nobody could kill you or even do that much to harm you. You have nothing to fear. Especially not from a human.

          So why would you use your super senses to see what your enemy is preparing for a fight with you? It’s not because you have an IQ of 65. It’s because you’re super self assured.

          Superman doesn’t think Batman can do anything just like all his fans in these threads so he doesn’t use his super senses to prepare for the fight. He doesn’t even think about it because he doesn’t think he needs to.

          That’s why Batman stands a chance. It’s not a big chance, but it’s there. Batman is a strategist. He plans series of attacks. He uses distraction. He anticipates his opponents moves and plans what to do next, so while Superman is still reacting to attack #1, attack #2 and 3 is coming.

          I think the sequel to TDKR illustrated this even better. There is a scene where Superman attacks the Batcave and Batman almost destroys him. Because he’s been planning how to respond to such an attack from Superman for decades. He knows Superman will do his usual thing and just break through because he can, no planning at all, but Batman is prepared to hit him with everything he’s got, when he’s inside.

          I think this has been demonstrated again and again in comics and other daptation. Superman charges in without a worry. He fears nothing. It’s his way. And it can be used against him.

            • If Superman really fit your description, he would never ever be in any kind of trouble against anybody. You are describing a Superman that would always be able to see everything coming by using his super senses or by using his genius level supercomputer brain to calculate millions of outcomes and know what to do.

              But when did that ever happen? Superman has been in trouble again and again and again through the years. His biggest enemy is just a smart human (Lex Luthor). You can’t assume that Superman also has a super brain.

              You call it a stupid contrived situation by a comic book writer. Are you forgetting that Superman is a character created by comic book writers? He’s only as super as they make him. And from a story writing point of view it doesn’t make any sense to make him so super that he can’t get into trouble. Because then there’s no drama left.

              And it sounds like you haven’t read the comic books I mentioned, because I never said Batman fought Superman with his own fists when Superman attacked the Batcave. I just said he hit him with a series of attacks. First he showered him with a rain of smaller bombs, then he brought 90 tons of rock down on him and finally he hit him with kryptonite napalm.

              Superman didn’t anticipate any of this. Much like you he just expected to show up and get no serious trouble from this puny human.

                • I have to point out again that Superman is created by comic book writers. He is only as strong as they make him. He only has the powers they give him.

                  Dumb him down? No, they’re just not “supering” him up to the levels you expect. There isn’t one true version of him that they must stick to. You can’t describe the powers of Superman without describing how they’ve changed over the years. You’ve probably heard of the ages: Golden Age, Silver/Bronze Age, Modern Age.

                  Your description fits the short times where his powers have peaked, but you can’t say that the peak is the one true version and that everybody else is dumbing him down. One might just as well argue that the few writers that made him that powerful and God-like for a time, are the ones that did wrong.

                  But there really is no wrong and right when you’re talking about fictional characters. So it doesn’t really make sense that you are stuck with a definition of Superman that only existed for a little while and was still also only a product of some comic book writers.

                  Of course Superman can be hurt by bombs and 90 tons of rock. It only depends on the story. It may not rip him apart or squash him. But think of it as equivalent to the punches of another superhuman. He is still gonna feel it. It can knock him down or out.

                  And there really is nothing moronic about it. Again I must point to Lex Luthor. A genius human who’s been a huge threat to Superman over the years. That shouldn’t be possible if Superman had always been the smartest one. Obviously he hasn’t.

              • Superman holds back, and is at all times hoping his opponents surrender or give up. This is what is used against him. Trouble is, everybody knows this and ignores it when it’s Batman in the equation.

          • “I don’t underestimate anyone.”
            That’s a quotation from Michael Jordan, when he was found in the locker room during the 1992 Olympics watching tape of Portugal playing instead of being out partying with the rest of the Dream Team. The greatest basketball player in the world, on the greatest basketball team in history, still making sure to watch out for friggin’ Portugal. Being self-assured doesn’t mean you don’t concern yourself with opponents.

  9. Man you made every bat-fan cream their pants with that pic.

  10. I still wonder who Scoot Mcnairy is playing? I also wonder if there will be another villain or if it will be Lex.

  11. Playing Daredevil to Batman…

  12. Wake me up when we get to Batmite v Mxysptlk.

  13. I’m assuming that a large portion of the Batman spin-off movie will be treated the same way they treat the Wonder Woman spin-off movie. This whole universe is turned upside down from the comic-world now that we have superheroes emerging OUT OF a JLA movie instead of MOVING INTO the JLA.

    But it’s a brilliant way of going past the origin story though. Maybe treating origin beats like they do in the comics or how they did it in MoS.

  14. Your has old has you feel.

  15. Being beat doesnt have to be physical.. Batman knows he cant exchange punches with Superman without some kind of armor.. Batman can beat Superman psychologically… and in the words of stan lee it is up to the writer if comic book writer in who will win in a fight between two heroes

    • Very true, also Batman has built armor comparable to early Iron Man armors, actually, I’d say even the Mark 40-stuff because his armor could take some pretty heavy punches from Superman. So it’d be like a Hulkbuster-armor, I’d say.

      I’d put money down that we get an armor that’s similar to the TDKR-armor but sleeker, a bit more 21st century in the robotics, and we’ve seen his regular suit. Which looks similar to the Arkham-suit. I kinda hope we eventually get a suit like the “Arkham Knights” suit which I’d kinda put as somewhere between taking the best aspects of the robotics behind the Iron Man suits, the stealth needed and concept behind T’challa’s enhanced abilities and nearly-invulernable suit, and the need for Batman to have something on that level. It’s long-overdue and I’m glad the New-52 (and earlier comics, but not to the same degree) are finally adopting that.

      So my guess is even his most modest armor, which would be the one with the Catwoman (or sword?) scratches on it, has some nano-biweave watcha-ma-hookie-doos in and around it, all over it.

      Fun Fact: Here in Utah Spider-Goat-Silk-Milk is being created, it’s bullet and bomb proof and could be made into clothing and armor that is the same. So hypothetically The Bat could be going to the Spider-Goat to get what he needs in a comic one day.

      PS: The goats do have spider-dna in them, but unfortunately they don’t grow giant spider-legs

      PPS: I haven’t gotten to drink a glass of the milk, which as we all know, if I add some yellow-cake uranium to it and stir it thoroughly, maybe use a Ninja, the blender, not the badass throwaway characters, then drink, I’d be, y’know, the power of a Spider-Goat.

      anyway, it’s 4-40x stronger than the strongest of steels, so I’d be very strong, and bullet proof, it can hypothetically be used to replace tendons, isvery malleable. So I could be like a super-soldier.

      and if your body is a weapon, why not have Batman use spider-goat-silk-milk tendons and whatnot? Bane breaks you back? No problem! Here are Spider-Goat-Silk-Milk Tendons, Clothes & Toys Inc. We can serve the folks at Batman Inc. a whole new dish, both main and side, of gadgetry and pageantry, clothing, and masquerading, all bullet and bomb-proof, of course!

      Need to stand up to Superman’s punch? Try our 5″-layer Batsuit-chest-piece. (No refunds if actually punched by Superman)

  16. Everyone complaining about batman being told old or not strong enough clearly doesn’t know much about the batman comics or how he beat superman multiple times. As for him being to old to be In justice league, I can shatter that disbelief with two words. Lazarus pit. If u think the writers don’t know that batman is old and is gonna get the s*** kicked out of him at some point In this movie your just dumb. I imagine at the end when it’s all said and done Bruce will find the pit, take a dip and come out feeling and looking much healthier and youthful. Why has no one else thought of this??

    • Because it would out Bruce Wayne as Batman. How do you explain Bruce Wayne suddenly looking so much younger?

      It doesn’t have to line up perfectly with the comics. It’s its own separate universe. I can see Dawn of Justice setting up the characters to band together in Justice League to fight Darkseid, and the followup being a “Kingdom Come” style story where old heroes fight each other.. Or something. I don’t really remember much of Kingdom Come, I read it over ten years ago lol

  17. If they were going with an older more seasoned Batman. Why not have Michael Keaton come back and have this be a direct sequel to the original Tim Burton films. Even have Jack Nicholson back as the Joker. Work out the script where he lived. Really make people feel more connected to the story line. A Batman we have known for decades.

    • As awesome as that sounds, it’s really ridiculous. Burton’s style Batman wouldn’t work as well today. Also, why recycle old ideas when Affleck’s Batman could truly shine? We won’t truly know until we see it..

    • If anyone should be in support of an older Batman, surely it would be the world’s oldest immortal! Methos. For shame…

      -Joe McLeod, age: 420

      fan of Methos since that groovy event in ’69, the thing with the acid and the Kurgen’s wang getting cut off by your broadsword….*sigh-laughs* good times, good times.

      Anyway, I think we should give this bloke a chance, eh?

      Michael Keaton would own it, somehow, he’d own it, I’m glad you know it. You are wise, my fellow Immortal-guy.

  18. Why not establish the Bat Family in this film (Mention Robin and Nightwing), and in Dawn Of Justice let Final Crisis play out with Bruce “dying.” The Batman opens with Nightwing as Batman and the film centers around Bruce’s struggle to regain his proper place in time. By the finale, he returns, but tells Dick to continue on, and he takes a secondary role as an “Oracle” like character, similar to what he did in Batman Beyond. That way Batman Beyond fans are satisfied, and people like me who actually enjoyed Nightwing’s run in the Batsuit could also be satisfied. And that doesn’t mean Bruce can’t retake the cowl at anytime. It’d be fun! And also, since this is an “older” Batman, probably with an established Bat Family, why not introduce the Red Hood and give him his own film? DC Could flesh out their universe with the Bat Family alone, and since they insist on putting Batman in everything to get people to fill theater seats, using the Bat Family this way could do that without over-saturating the market with Bat films. Just saying!

  19. Who cares? The movie is going to suck whatever the character’s age is. The last good movie DC backed was The Justice League: The New Frontier.

  20. Let me guess, you’re telling me I’m invalid because you don’t want negative comments about this movie. Oh well.

  21. My guess is they will depict him closer to what we’re seeing in “Arkham Aslyum-Arkham Knight” clearly a Batman in his middle-40s. Nightwing is fully-grown, Robin is older, Jason Todd is nearly as old as Nightwing. Joker is dead (in the “Arkhamverse”). “The Batman” will likely deal with fallout from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I would LOVE to see Green Arrow from “Arrow” make an appearance and have Arrow and perhaps Nightwing introduced. Arrow could have a fight with the decade-and-a-half older character and get schooled, of course. Personally I’d love “The Batman” to have Deathstroke as the main villain, he’s the only guy who can out-Batman the Batman. Calls into question a regular person dealing with meta-humans.

    A Batman that uses a suit made of robotics and nanotechnology, we saw in “Arkham Knights” trailer that the Batsuit there is clearly bullet-proof, it had indepedendant moving interlocking plates and what looked to be built-in stealth technology. Tony Stark himself would feel inspired by Bruce Wayne’s designs, and I think we can agree Bruce would need Stark’s help to build a specialized Batsuit that would be built-to-last against the Wonder Woman and Superman-level hitters.

    Anyway, I foresee Affleck playing a very-relevant and active Batman for at least 3 movies, while they might have him questioning whether he should even be Batman, I think that should e resolved in “Dawn of Justice” and he shouldn’t question it further. “The Batman” should expand on Batman-family and related characters. I’m so very for bringing in members from Arrow because he’s established, the actor who plays the Arrow would be a great physical match for Batman as the guy who’s almost there but not quite, and could really use Batman’s guidance. Deathstroke is the guy who has Batman’s experience and he’s also a super-soldier. Batman could also use an early version of venom to battle Deathstroke and we could get the venom-addiction storyarc which leads to Bane and possibly to Joker..

    Joker/Bane should be a team-up for the third Batman-oriented movie. IMO

    Deathstroke should become an anti-hero and the leader of the Suicide Squad, the anti-Batman if you will.

    David Cain as a master assassin on the run from Ra’s Al Ghul for the second Bat-movie, with some backstory to go alongside it. Showing Cain as the prized student a decade before Wayne appeared. He and Slade having a longtime rivalry. Lady Shiva, and their 10-15 year old child, Cassandra Cain, aka Batgirl 3. We see Oracle and Batman take her in at the end. Boom. Lady Shiva as Batman’s final trainer and the one person he’s never been able to defeat in a fair contest would be epic.

    Final movie could involve Oracle going after the Joker and deciding to put him down for good, using Deadshot from the Suicide Squad, Slade intervenes, Joker pulls some jokes on Slade, madness ensues, Batman comes in. Possibly Bane intro for a final 4th movie, maybe a Batman/Catwoman or Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman: Trinity (Captain Marvel, Black Adam, Bane, Ares and Ras al Ghul as the secondary characters perhaps)

    I dunno, I’m just talking a lot from a hospital bed, bored and geeking out :P

  22. Placing batman in his latest 40s is risky and not a good idea because if they make batman to be in his 50s for the justice league movie I am done with DC they have truely ruined a lot of peoples childhood he is more or less dead at that age (no offence) and now way possible could be getting smacked around and fighting superpowered villains at that age plus around that age he finds his replacement that wimpy batsman bring him in the mold and u have lost a lot of money no1 wants to see “Terry” McGinnis as batman is so great Cud he is more than the mask we buy into him because of Bruce and bats

  23. What people fail to realize is that Batman has the superior intellect and more than likely has kryptonite put back in case Superman gets out of control.

  24. I am just going to say, I personally think that they should make Batman a little younger than in his mid-forties, because I think being that old is not so convenient and likeable (in my opinion), so it is better to make him 38 years old instead. It is a decent age because if they do create a Batman and Wonder Woman romantic dynamic in Batman vs Superman (which I really hope they do), making Batman in his forties or fifties is simply creating a terrible age gap between Bruce Wayne and Wonder woman. Bruce Wayne being thirty eight years old is suitable because it still shows that Bruce Wayne has been Batman for over a decade considering he became Batman at 25 years old, and he would possibly have enough time to train both Nightwing and Jason Todd, and he is not so far in age from Wonder woman, so therefore, it is beneficial possibly for all angles to make Batman thirty eight years old.

    I would love it if Zack Snyder would read this.

    • Well, technically Wonder Woman is immortal and much, much, much older than Batman no matter his age ;)