Ben Affleck on ‘Batman V Superman’ & Superheroes as American Myths

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Ben Affleck Batman Costume Ben Affleck on Batman V Superman & Superheroes as American Myths

Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is probably second only to Fantastic Four in terms of the amount of backlash it received before filming even began. Surprise castings like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and – most of all – Ben Affleck as Batman caused a substantial amount of backlash from fans of the comics, many of whom felt that the Argo director and star wasn’t up to the task of portraying Gotham’s most famous vigilante.

When Affleck first talked about the process of being cast, he explained that he had been forewarned about the potential response by Warner Bros. The studio had shown him some past reactions to other controversial castings in order to prepare him for the inevitable internet response to the announcement, but Affleck insisted that he wasn’t too phased, saying, “I’m a big boy.”

A year on from the initial reveal and tempers seem to have cooled off considerably, especially in the wake of the small piece of teaser footage from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that was shown to San Diego Comic-Con 2014 attendees in Hall H (and subsequently to the rest of the internet in a fuzzy bootleg format). Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, Affleck said that the outcry really didn’t phase him all that much.

“I wouldn’t have taken the part if I didn’t trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking. I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack’s a great visual director. And there’s an interesting take. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I could do it. I have the benefit of a lot of that understanding. But also, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s a big part of this international sport.”

Ben Affleck in Daredevil Movie Ben Affleck on Batman V Superman & Superheroes as American Myths

Affleck’s ‘Daredevil’ past was held against him during the initial backlash

Affleck is about the same age as Christian Bale, who wore the Batman ears throughout Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but the Bruce Wayne of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be older and more world-weary – in his mid-forties, according to producer Michael Uslan. As the beefed-up physique that Affleck showed off at Comic-Con can testify, however, Bruce hasn’t let himself go in his middle age.

“I’m right in the middle of shooting now. It’s a process that I’ll probably have better perspective on when I’m done. I can tell you that every time I do a role, it’s the responsibility of an actor to get their physical self as close to the role as possible. And Batman’s obviously got a set of expectations that are tough. So I spent a lot of time working out. And it’s a far cry from Gone Girl where my character is described as ‘puffy and hungover.’ I want you to know I worked equally hard at both!”

Gone Girl, a mystery thriller directed by David Fincher and based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, stars Affleck as a man whose wife goes missing under suspicious circumstances, and who finds himself becoming a suspect in the eyes of the police, the media and even his own friends and family. The film will release this fall, and after that Affleck’s next appearance on the big screen will be in Batman V Superman in spring 2016.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill at Comic Con Ben Affleck on Batman V Superman & Superheroes as American Myths

It certainly sounds like Affleck has a lot of respect for the significance of Batman, not only to hardcore comic book fans but also to mainstream audiences who grew up watching animated series and movies about the character.

“It’s great that people do care that much. They want to see the movie that much. And it is incumbent on you to honor the story. There are the Greek myths and these are the American myths. The American myths are these superheroes. People care about ‘em a lot. And it’s incumbent on you to do a good job and make it as excellent as you possibly can. At the end of the day, the movie’s all that matters.”

Superhero movies definitely are matching the Greek myths in terms of popularity right now; three of the top five highest-grossing movies of the year so far are comic book movies, and with Warner Bros. recently announcing that 10 DC universe movies will be released between now and 2020, Affleck could have a very busy future ahead of him.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. He’s going to nail this.

    • +1 LiamJames.

  2. Not surprised about the myth thing since the comparison has been used for years.

  3. You see! Ben doesn’t care about what haters say, so there is no point for the haters to keep on hating!
    God, I just hate that fanboys think they can change the course of the movie if they yell enough.

    • great point!! and its totally true, we have been yelling for a deadpool movie for years but FOX could care less about the fans as well.

      Personally, I think Affleck will crush this role and surprise everyone

      • If Hollywood ever listened to fans:
        Marvel would’ve announced Black Panther for 2017
        Adam Sandler would be out of a job
        Transformers would have stopped at three movies
        Peter Jackson wouldn’t have split the hobbit into a trilogy
        Shamylan would’ve looked at his airbender movie and said wtf am I doing.
        And WB would have made a Justice League movie 20 FRICKEN YEARS AGO!!!!

        • ….. Dude. Adam Sandler’s an American treasure……..

          “Is that what they call it? Where I come from we call it: doing the hibidy-dibidy.”

          “The Price is Wrong, b****!”

          “I like to eat turkey, because IT’S good!”

          • Yes, but he has been doing more crap films lately. He even kicked Guillermo Del Toro in the nuts( if you know what I’m talking about).
            At least that’s what I hear.
            Do you agree with my other stuff though?
            Marvel needs to make Black Panther NOW.

          • If Sandler is America’s treasure, can you guys please stop him from bothering the rest of the world? We don’t want him or his crappy films.

            Seriously, people in the UK haven’t liked the guy or been to see his films since The Longest Yard, maybe earlier than that. His movies tend to flop over here.

            • At least you agree with one of those things.

              • I agree with most except for the Transformers thing.

                Audiences would’ve had them ended after the first film, not torture themselves for another two after that before wanting it finished.

            • Do you insist on seeing Adam Sandler movies if they’re showing? If not, I fail to see how the guy is able to bother you. It should be fairly easy to avoid something you don’t want to see.

              I’ve succesfully avoided Titanic for 17 years. It’s been surprisingly easy ;)

              • Oh, don’t worry, I avoid him and his films like the plague. It doesn’t help when friends and family members insist on watching his crap while I’m still in their presence.

                His best film is Airheads but that’s only because Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi were so fantastic in it.

                • You should stand up right there and then, look straight at those friends or family with a look of both disapproval and disappointment (perhaps even some pity) (and maybe shake your head for some dramatic effect – or point your finger at them while your expression changes from disapproval and disappoinment to disgust) and then you utter some words that will make a huge impact (like: “You people sicken me”) before you march out the door with your head held high (make sure you’ve got a clear path to avoid the humiliation of a stumble) and if you feel like, you can slam the door. That should teach them ;)

                  Airheads was a great movie. Btw. you might like Funny People. He’s not his usual self in that one either.

              • Glad to know I’m not alone in avoiding Titanic. :)

                • I didn’t want to offent you two, but the fact that you could avoid watching titanic for 17 years makes me suspicious if you had no girlfriend since then ;-)

                  • So girlfrieds are for watching Titanic? I’ve been doing it (them) all wrong then ;)

                    • Not exactly, but most girls/women insist to watch titanic once in a year at least and they want to see it with you. It is not like you can say “yeah watch it I go to the other room and watch something different”, can you?

            • As an American, I refuse to take any responsibility for Sandler. He had one funny film, decades ago, called Happy Gilmore, and two mediocre ones on either side of it called Billy Madison and Little Nicky. If I have seen anything else he did since SNL, I’m not about to admit it…because it’s all crap. Okay, I saw Big Daddy and part of Zohan, but I’m not proud of it. I assume everyone in England loves, (and undoubtedly looks just like), Benny Hill and/or Russel Brandt. You can’t all be as handsome as Austin Powers.

              • I’ll watch him if the mood strikes me, but he’s not one of these actors I can watch over and over again.

              • I grew up on Benny Hill and The Two Ronnies and Kenny Everett and I loved them!!! Russell Brand is a twat! Happy Gilmore was fantastically hilarious!
                Austin Powers? No thank you!

                • No idea who those people are! Anyway, I’m no Benny Hill expert, and he may well have more than one silly, high-speed, girl-chaser sketch in his repertoire for all I know. However mr. Brandt is intentionally irritating right down to his haircut, so I’m not a fan. My point though was just to throw out a few very specific and dissimilar comedians, as if to suggest that we can associate whole cultures and continents accurately with such broad generalizations.

                  I kinda feel like watching Happy Gilmore now…

              • Humour is a funny thing. I thought Little Nicky was one of his most unfunny ones. That character just seemed too ridiculous to me. I think mediocre is too high praise of that one ;)

                I did like Zohan though. Sure, it was silly, but a kind of silly I found enjoyable. I guess humour is just something that can’t be quantified.

                But I’d probably consider the Wedding Singer his best movie. And I like Funny People because it’s so unlike him.

                But I’ll avoid Jack & Jill for the rest of my life. That looks very unfunny too. I also hated Grown Ups, so I’ll never watch its sequel.

            • +1000000000…

              He is so annoying.
              Here in Germany I believe, there are Adam Sandler fans on one side and Ben Stiller fans on the other (so I’m on the Ben Stiller side). I never met somebody who was a fan of both.

              • How about somebody who thinks they have both lost their appeal through diminishing returns? Stiller was extremely funny long ago on The Ben Stiller show sketches, and his whole movie career has been less and less funny since then. Walter Mitty might be okay, (despite appearing to repurpose a classic story in a way that utterly misses the point), but I wouldn’t risk my $ on his stuff in this Millenium. As for Sandler, he’s owed me money ever since “Waterboy”.

        • Actually if you look at the money, fans aren’t saying Transformers needs to stop at three movies (or now). People are voting with their money and the money is what convinces everyone to keep making them.

          • True, true.

            I still want Black Panther and for Shamalamadingdong to admit he done f**** up last airbender, though.

            • Is Adam Sandler playing Batman in the new movie? Oh, wait… I must be on the wrong thread.

  4. Yeah except for the fact that most MYTHS were thought to be true and Superheroes of that type have NEVER been considered “real”.

    • Are you insinuating that Batman isn’t real?

      • He is sadly mistaken, whenever Superheroes are seen by the muggles, their memory needs to be obliviated, thus it makes it a lot harder for those who are in the know. :(

      • I blame the Scarlet Witch or Zatanna… Mind wipe.

    • “The one place where Gods and Demons invariably exist… in all their grandeur and monstrosity… is in the human mind.” –Alan Moore.

      I think you are underestimating the importance of the imagination in the human mind. Myths do not have to be physically real in order to be powerful enough to change our way of thinking.

      One of the most wonderful thing about those myths was that it wasn’t understood the same way as, say Christians and Muslims understand religion, it was much more malleable and stories changed with every retelling. And people were okay with that. Euripides and Sophocles believed in the myths but they felt like they owned the stories enough to fit them to their own dramaturgical needs. Same with Batman and Superman.

  5. I personally have no problem what so ever with him being Batman, I look forward to seeing what he can bring! I’m just a little worried about the story and him being a Batman that hasn’t ever been caught on camera.. That bit, which is pure rumor at this moment I admit, seems stupid.

    That being said however, “I’m a big boy” should be replaced by “I’m an old boy”


    • I don’t think it sounds that far fetched.

      There’s a lot of investigative crime fighting he could be doing out of costume or even disguised as somebody else like another criminal or a hobo or some other individual that wouldn’t seem out of place if he is spotted.

      The costume would be for the actual action when he stops something big from going down and just as the criminals would usually plan such operations in advance, so could he, so he’d know the location and where all the security cameras are, and he’d know where to hide and how to strike from the shadows.

      That could minimize the risk of being caught on camera.

      And the few times it happened, he could perhaps make those pictures disappear before they go out. He’s not following rules so to steal or break somebody’s phone or to break in somewhere and destroy footage wouldn’t be out of the question for him if he wants to remain a mystery.

      Maybe he could even have technology that fries that sort of equipment around him.

      • I hope we get to see him wearing that old woman disguise from The dark knight returns:part ii.

  6. Just you wait and see, BvS is going to come thundering hard come 2016. If it is indeed as good as the script is, expect the film to overshadow every other film in that year, like Avengers, and Dark Knight did.

    • I agree. We have so far simply regarded this as a sequel to MoS but come 2016 this will have the most hype surrounding it, and let’s not forget the appeal for Batman. This is a character who makes money and draws critical attention. Come 2016, whatever the quality of the film is (and I hope it will be great), the numbers will certainly outweigh the production.

    • very doubtful…they have no proven method to make anything so great. Especially trying to pull off multiple big name DC characters all in one movie. Biting off more than they can chew trying to out do Marvel which is a mistake. They need take time to develope their characters not throw them in a pot for more effect. They should just do their own thing.

      • Isn’t that exactly what they’re doing? Instead of doing several standalone hero movies and building up to Justice League, they are going to release Justice League and then expand into standalone films. How is that not them doing their own thing?

      • “They should just do their own.”

        Wait, what? You just criticized them for doing exactly that lol smh

      • “They should just do their own thing.”

        Wait, what? You just criticized them for doing exactly that lol smh

        • LOL yep.

          self-awareness isn’t a strong suit among some of the folks.

      • “…no proven method to make anything so great.”

        But they do.

        Zack Snyder has already made several movies with a big cast (300, Sucker Punch, Watchmen) and one of them in particular (Watchmen) share so many similarities with this project that it almost makes the choice of him a no-brainer.

        Think about it. Who better to make a superhero team movie than a guy that has already made a superhero team movie?

        They got plenty of time to develop the characters. All the latest superhero movies have introduced a bunch of characters and told us everything we needed to know to understand their motivation. Don’t make it harder than it is.

        David S. Goyer was also the co-writer of The Dark Knight trilogy and those movies had a huge cast of characters.

        I’d say they got a proven method because they’ve pulled of similar movies before.

        • Exactly.

          People worry about large casts of characters but forget that films have been doing just that for decades.

          How many characters were in The Godfather? Dead Poets Society? Unforgiven? The Avengers? Ghostbusters?

          Those are just 5 examples, there are many, many more.

      • You don’t need a stand-alone movie to introduce characters effectively. Guardians of the Galaxy proved just that – Drax, Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Groot – they didn’t need to have solo movies to create a “team/ team-up movie”.

        It’s all perception.

        And I don’t think they’re doing the Marvel at all; they’re actually doing a “reverse-Marvel”. So I’m not sure what do you mean by “doing their own thing”.

  7. Cant wait for this and Avengers 2, so many good flicks coming. Hopefully Ben knocks its out the park, i trust it.

  8. It’s absolutely diabolical that this movie is still a year and a half away.

    • It’s all part of my dark purpose, Terran.

    • I just wait for the days till a trailer drops which is summer next year/comic con footage. From there it all gets easier lol.

  9. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Badass
    I so wish this movie was rated R.

  10. Honestly, I believe Gal Gadot will have more to prove to me than Afflect. Ben has proven over time that he can do a worthy job and has the chops to show some range. Physical stature is there as well. First choice? Nope. But I’m willing to take the ride and see.

    • Saldana impressed me in GOTG so Im hoping Gadot do the same.

      • The difference is Zoe Saldana can act. We already knew that so it wasn;t a surprise that she did well. Gal Gadot on the other hand hasn’t proven that she can .

        • Saldana isn’t “that” great just ok imo and well Gadot hasn’t had many big roles so we’ll see what she does. Im hopeful.

          • Honestly?

            Until Guardians, I never really noticed Saldana as an actress. She wasn’t bad but she wasn’t memorable either.

            • See what I mean lol.

        • To be fair, Saldana hasn’t done anything memorable other than Star trek and Guardians. I think the two women are about equal on the “can they do this?” scale. The only difference being, we have to wait longer to Gadot.

          • I hate the movie, but did you forget about Avatar? To call that ‘not memorable’ is just striaght up ignorant. she’s the only one to pull that hat-trick…Star Trek, GotG and Avatar.

          • Colombiana was quite memorable.

  11. I just hope that in his solo movie he get’s a Robin for a sidekick. I know it sounds stupid but Robin is just plane cool… Even if they don’t use Dick Grayson they’ve got at least three other robins to choose from who have their own unique histories, personalities and abilities. Robin can be as dark as Batman and besides, every bad cop needs a good cop.

    • I’d prefer him to be at least a tad stone-hearted after having lost one or several Robins and be at odds with Nightwing before – who would have guessed it – a threat too big for each of them unites them.

  12. It appears that most of the controversy surrounding his casting has died down. Quite frankly most of the controversy surrounding this movie has died down. It started out with some people going so far as to call for a boycott of the movie because of the casting choices. Now, people have jumped on the BvS train and changed their tunes. Sometimes it seems the defenders of this movie are so feverish in their defense that any assumed slight is met with curses and accusations of Marvel Fanboy. In the beginning all you heard was “Affleck is going to suck” “They’re adding too many character” “Galdot Sucks”. Some of those same people are now saying “Affleck is going to rock” “I can’t wait to see Auquaman”. People still seem to be on the fence with Galdot. Hats off to WB as they’ve done a great job of staying the course and changing the minds of many. I’m not a huge fan of Snyder’s style, but I am looking forward to this movie and all this build-up and anticipation is worth the wait.

    • I’ve always liked Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman but I still wonder if she’ll be able to carry her own movie if they make it. In BVS she’ll be a supporting character, but in her own movie she’ll be the main star of the film and so far I haven’t really seen anything to say whether or not she’d be able to pull it off or not.

      • That’s exactly how most cbm fans are. Something happens that isn’t to their liking and they go full on nug). Then when they see footage of it they shut up about it regardless of how mediocre the final product is.

        • *Nuts

        • I don’t see how we can say if this film will be mediocre or not because we don’t know what the final product will be because it hasn’t been filmed yet. All we can do is speculate as to whether or not the film will be a success or a failure.

        • lol @ full on nug…it gave me pauly shore flashbacks!

  13. Afflect is still a very poor casting choice for Wayne/Batman no matter how he or WB spin it. He needs to shut up & prove people wrong with his ‘acting’, not his B.S. talk. All he did by these silly comments is give the Internet more ammunition to shoot him with. I don’t know what they’re going to do when this film bombs. With the poor casting all around, the well reported in fighting on the set over story direction, Snyder’s documented temper tantrums & storming off set, this movie needs a lot of help.

    • Right….right…. >_>

    • Where, I can get the reports about fighting on the sets. Please,

      • Don’t hold your breath cause I can assure you he’s full of horse manure.

        • + 1000

    • For whatever reson I can’t post a link on this silly site. Go to or any of the Detroit local newspapers. The extras on the sets are reporting it. It’s legit. They shut down production for 14 hours the other day because of it.

      All of this won’t matter once Disney buys WB & DC. That story is at Comic Book Maybe then we’ll get some decent DC movies.

  14. I just hope Affleck wears a better Batsuit in Justice League than in this film.

    • From what I’ve seen so far, I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the suit, I prefer longer ears. And I definitely don’t like the bulky, mech suit from the comic-con footage, but it’s too early to write them off completely.

      • Uh His suit was Bulky like that because he will be fighting Superman Duh lol didn’t you read the Frank Miller Dark Knight ReturnsVol 1 Graphic Novel which the film is Drawing it’s inspiration from…

    • We haven’t seen it properly yet tbh. I was a little taken aback by it at first but it’s grown on me.

  15. Since some people came in here to talk about Marvel…. Can someone please go on KICKSTARTER and get this 2011 Deadpool movie started! with the amount of time spent hating on DC, writing paragraphs claiming ” DC is just trying to out do Marvel”, you gals could’ve whipped up a DP script by now. With that being said ” theres too many people in this movie” Its just KAL-EL/WW/BRUCE/ & CYBORG !!!!!!!!!! AQUAMAN is supposed to have been shooting a tiny part for the end of the film… A teaser for things to come. SOOOoooooo I counted 4 characters right there… HOW MANY DID AVENGERS HAVE!? 6!!!!! sorry if its overwhelming that WW & Cyborg didnt start off with SOLO movies but if they did I guarantee some of you @$$#oles would just complain ” they’re copying Marvel! they did it first!” Enough we’ve had it.. “Casting problems!” Go b!tch at disney about casting problems. No more Iron man movies because the face of the franchise wants more money ( theyre going to recast RDJ’s IM before it gets rebooted) Chris Evans only has one more CAP left in him… (wants to direct or reprise his role for Johnny Storm, who knows) and Scar-Jo is sexy as hell but not worth 20+mill. for a film. Thanks for showing us a pic of DareDevil.. who designed that bomb!??? MARVEL ! imo Ben played a decent blind guy though…Ben is going to do amazing! Lets just hope we get a solid story. Its time to start hating on haters

    • Actually, Daredevil was produced by FOX. Marvel didn’t get the character rights back until a few years ago.

    • @E thank you

  16. Look at those 2 side by side. Cavill looks big on his own when he’s got the costume on. Ben is going to look massive next to him. Biggest BADA$$ Batman ever!

  17. “Zack’s a great VISUAL director.”

    Funny bit of diplomatic strategy there.

    • Fury, I thought it too the second I read it. But second guessed my reaction right away – he’s trying to highlight the best parts in his mind about taking the role. Doesnt mean Snyder sucks at everything else it’s just his best attribute is really visual storytelling (not to be confused with simple explosions and shiny stuff as with – we all know who).

      I have an open mind about Ben Affleck, about 90% of the stuff Ive seen him in is pretty solid (only heard about but never seen Gigli and Daredevil) and seen a few interviews with him, he seems like a good guy overall and works hard at everything. Performance wise I cant complain, I never felt an urge to shut off a movie he’s in, quite the opposite.

      Im pretty sure between his own fears to make him excel and his peers and the viewer community at large he’s not going to poorly. Worst case it’ll be average, hopefully. Heck I just wish him well and we get a good movie to watch.

  18. Some people grumbled about the Daredevil movie, but frankly, it was not that bad and should have started a franchise. You have to remember, at the time we did not have much for super-hero flicks, the genre was just testing the waters, getting it’s feet wet, trying to find it’s way. It was pretty much all we had, and no fool-proof blueprint to go by. In fact, there had been some talk of a sequel where DD would face kingpin and Mr. Fear (too bad it never came about…I would like to see that). Even later, we had more technology and more studio courage, and went ahead with, for instance, green lantern. Again critics flapped their lips to a psychotic degree…but you know what, folks, it is the only GL we have so far, it was actually not that bad (except for a weak script and dumb humor), so you’d best love you some GL and shut you some mouths, or you’ll scare studios away from this franchise, too! Just like the critics who grumbled about the TV show The Event, and scraed them out of a second season. Well, I have The Event, Daredevil, and Green Lantern all on DVD and enjoy them, so hike your critical booties outta here! (Gosh, I love to vent…I’ll probably come back reincarnated as an air-duct!).

  19. Not to go off on a crazy old man rant here, but back in the day, “Baaack in the dayyy..” before Batman became a feature length box office raking in millions all those comics being published from DC and the off shoot Batman stuff like Dark Knight to Gotham By Gaslight which was Batman in 17th Century England during the time of Jack the Ripper, it became was rather sacred. Especially in the face of the campy as hell 60′s show and Superfriends.

    You kind had your imagination before you with the Killing Joke. How good would it translate on the big screen? Gotham By Gaslight, what would that be like on the big screen? Then Jack Nicholson happened. A parody. But Ledger fixed these things. The flood gates are now open and the third time around, it doesn’t feel so fresh anymore.

  20. If Affleck really cared about the character of Batman as he says he would be BEHIND the camera on this film, directing another actor being Batman, not in front of it playing Batman. I’m not a Marvel Studios fan by any stretch, but I will say they know how to cast the right actors for roles & get the best writers & directors. They have managed to corner the market in Hollywood on getting the most talented people at every position & their casting is spot on, something WB & DC have struggled with for years. I guess WB & DC are only left with cast offs & scraps like Gal Gadot, Snyder & Goyer.

    The more I hear about this movie, the more my optimism fades. I think we might be looking at a complete DCCU reboot in a few years. This movie MUST be better than MoS & it just doesn’t look like its going to by all accounts, even though MoS is a very low bar.

    Btw……what is with Aquaman being in this movie? Aquaman? Really? He’s kind of a throw away joke character, why put him in this? Why waste Momoa on him, & why would he ever get a solo movie? A superhero that talks to fish, really? He was funny joke on Family Guy though.

    • @ Roy


      Great assessment of the whole situation. Ben is a better asset for WB behind the camera than in front. Marvel does seem to have better casting and talent but I like the darker tone of DC’s stuff. I wish the Marvel brain trust could make DC’s movies. Marvel does seem to get the better writers and directors and they seem more cohesive as a studio.

      True, MoS wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible either. It certainly should have been better than it was, especially from a writing and directing point of view. It really was disappointing on many levels and not something I would build a universe off of for sure.

      WB can’t afford to reboot in a few years, although with the age of Batman in this movie, I think this whole DCCU is designed as a short run type of thing. Face it, Batman is the centerpiece of any DCCU, and he’s already 45-50 years old in this. That doesn’t bode well for a long term franchise, especially for a character like Batman that is so dependent on physicality. Iron Man being in his late 40′s isn’t as bad since he relies so much more on his tech and his suits. Batman, not so much. He needs to be in top shape and top physical form to be formidable and to be able to intimidate. A 50 year old Iron Man is far scarier than a 50 year old Batman.

      As far as Aquaman goes, all I can say is I think they are trying to make him a tough guy. Why, I don’t know. Why a lame character like Aquaman gets a solo movie but a great character like the Flash is confined to the small screen on TV next to ‘the Arrow’ in my view is a complete miscalculation on WB’s part and one I really think they are going to regret long term. Aquaman, no matter how cool they try to make him, will always be the butt of jokes, its unavoidable, because its been a part of the culture since he was first introduced. He’s just not a good character or superhero and certainly not as good as the Flash.

      • I disagree that a 50-year-old Batman isn’t scary. Frank Miller showed us just how scary an older Batman can be.

        Also, we’ve already seen the physical Batman in more movies than any other superhero. Why should we want film makers to just keep repeating that formula? I welcome a version of Batman that does something different.

        I don’t think the running time of this universe will depend of Batman’s age. I know he’s a big character, but I also remember a Justice League performing without Superman and Batman in the comic books. Those two never seemed to be full-time members anyway.

        I think they will try to avoid a reboot for as long as possible. People generally think that reboots are ridiculous if they come too soon. I think they’d simply retire Batman before they reboot the whole universe. And they can keep Justice League fresh by adding new characters.

      • They confirmed he’s the age range is mid 40′s man thats about 40-45 so Im willing to bet they’re just gonna use Affleck’s age of 42. And Batman modifies his gear to fit the situation even his suit, he does it a lot in the comics, he also uses quick strategic planning then there is the physicality. So even if he was 50 you forget this is a man hellbent on fighting crime in his city, he’s psycho like that so believe me he will keep himself in shape as long as he can.

      • I would think that Batman would be much scarier to deal with in his later years then in his earlier years because you not only have a man who is in peak physical conditioning from years of training his body, but you also have a man who is not only a genius, but has years of experience under his belt that make him even more formidable.

    • Hey I’d be inclined to agree with you if they were under old management still. You make the point about Marvel Studios, hey they are solely there to get there comic book properties into film format.WB makes other films besides cbm’s. With Robinov they were solely concerned about making a ton of Batman and Superman films. Tsujihara took over and the flood gates opened, this is the most news we’ve ever been getting about DC’s comic book movies because they’ve realized the gold mine they have. Before we were only promised and got nothing.

      Oh yes this movie is doomed, how dare we get Snyder a director who is passionate about these characters and getting them the film treatment they deserve.Aquaman was a joke, pick up the new 52 incarnation of the character and you’ll see how far he’s come. Need I remind you Captain America was a joke before too ( a guy dressed in the American flag colors trying to uphold old moral values? absurd lol).

      Lastly, yes Gal has to prove herself here and Affleck to me has always delivered the goods, he’s not a “great” actor by any stretch but his recent films have been great. Also give Snyder a good script and you’ll get a great movie, MOS while I loved it still had too much Nolan touches for my taste. Goyer did indeed do the story again but Terrio rewrote the screenplay.

    • Wow, Roy…

      NO bias from you…nope, not one bit.


    • Roy, that statement you made about Aquaman just completely invalidated your post, come back when you pick up Geoff Johns new 52 run on Aquaman. Until then stop making silly comments about a character you have only seen on Family Guy.

  21. @Roy

    If Affleck really cared about the character of Batman as he says he would be BEHIND the camera on this film, directing another actor being Batman, not in front of it playing Batman.”

    Well I think he loves the characters too much. He’s a comics fan and wants to play Batman, as would most of us. Hard to begrudge him for that. You don’t win an academy award for directing, and then go play a superhero in a Zack Snyder film unless you’re a fan of the character, that’s for sure.

    He just comes with history, baggage, and a face we associate with other things. Those associations can take the viewer out of the moment. I like him and I’ve never disliked him in a role. I just think it a questionable decision that WB would cast such a recognizable face to play against the previously unknown Henry Cavill. I think it would have been cooler to pick another unknown.

    • But isn’t it like RDJ and Samuel L amongst others being “too famous for comic book characters” until they played comic book characters and became the definitive versions for a lot of people?

      If they’d cast an unknown as Batman rather than Affleck, I’d have honestly worried.

      • Maybe.

        But while Batman is going to rely heavily on action and punching, his character is also silent and brooding. A really great actor like Bale can convey a lot more with silent acting than can a lesser actor.

        So while I like Affleck and am not rooting for him to fail, I just worry that he lacks the acting chops necessary to do the character justice, in addition to my concerns with his baggage.

        Would you put Affleck in the same acting skill category as Robert Downey Jr? Or does he have the same screen presence as Sam Jackson?

        It’s all BS speculation at this point. We won’t know until we see him on screen. And so much depends on the writing and directing too. I’m sure there are things we’ll find enjoyable and things we’ll definitely b*tch and moan about. Like a lot of movies.

        • Um he did share screen time opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Changing Lanes…..Duh

  22. Ben is going to do a great job as Batman! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  23. I have no problem with the acting I’m just waiting for the Bat voice.

    • As long as he doesn’t sound like he just smoked a pack of cigarettes I’m good. While I enjoyed the TDKT that was one thing that killed me with Christian Bale’s voice.

      • I think it was Kevin Smith himself who suggested a voice Modulator. I for one would buy into that. It’s in keeping with the grounded approach to the DCCU.

  24. WTF is up with that killer whale pop up on every damn post. I am on my iphone and it totally freezesthe screen and makes screen rant unreadable.

  25. Ben Affleck will do a fine job as Batman. It’s not as if Christian Bale’s Batman performance was great (though I do think Christian Bale is a great actor and miles ahead of Affleck). But I think Ben Affleck will do no worse than a solid job.

  26. I love his involvement in the DCU. as seen with the addition of one of his past screen writers, his involvement extends to beyond the role he’s playing. his behind the camera work in recent years has been terrific, and it shouldn’t hurt that he and those associated with him and his lauded work of recent would be pouring over and working on the oncoming DCU projects. from what’s said, the higher ups, namely kevin tsujihara, at WB tend to check material by him as they trust his judgment, so it’d figure they do the same down the line regardless of whether he or his people have a firm hand in a project.

  27. Both Batman & Superman are in very good hands with Snyder & Co., along with the whole cast of characters that will genuinely launch the DCCU. MoS is much more a DCCU Prequel (& let’s get this straight) plus a landmark masterpiece, however divisive, superhero sci fi flick whose most important quality – in restrospect – was to instill an overall tone of fear & discomfort attached to a character (Superman) & a world (that of the DC Universe) that have too often in the past been derided for being too happy sweet & rainbow colored superhero cotton candy. The Nolan trilogy seems to have banked to the limit the often desperately dark & tough world of The Dark Knight but it was also understood as too dark & realistic to support & adjunct a wider world of superheroes. It did help to open the door in pop consciousness to a place where the DCCU could be very interesting, as in worthy of some fear & thus respect.

    Even if MoS is hated by some, whether they admit it or not, MoS has instilled a sense of a burgeonning world of the DCCU with the potential to incude & deliver characters that are equal parts vastly powerful & yet morally untested &/or unproven. So you have a visual palette that adds fear & discomfort (read insecure) to a world that’s also a certain measure of cotton candy and you have something very new & exciting in the world of superhero movies. Imagine the feeling you had when you read “Kingdom Come” or “Vice & Virtue” or “Earth 2″ by Quietly; all of them mixed elements of the powerful & dangerous with the “Cotton Candy” of Superhero action & drama. It’s a combo that dominated the Original Graphic Novel market of the 90′s (it’s too bad they stopped). From everything I’ve seen of what Snyder & Co. are doing, that’s the easthetic & story tone they’re going for & that makes me very happy & excited for what DC/WB have in store for us starting in 2016. We’re gonna get iconic superheroes looking incredibly cool doing awesome stuff in a story I hope will kill & murder it.

    That’s the one thing I’m not sure of yet: The Story. The B***ch needs to be a Trampoline, if ya know what I mean…!!! :-)

  28. people seem to forget. beatlejuice was batman and he crushed it. they cast someone for a role and they just get it.