Gary Oldman Says ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Brings Everything Full Circle

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gary oldman commisioner gordon Gary Oldman Says Dark Knight Rises Brings Everything Full Circle
It’s difficult to think of a more anticipated film than the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga – The Dark Knight Rises. Now that we know who the Caped Crusader will be squaring off against, fans have feverishly been seeking out answers to the next burning question – what will the movie actually be about?

As we continue to theorize how characters like Bane and Catwoman will fit into Nolan’s version of Gotham City, the occasional swell of misinformation sometimes makes it hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Comments from the cast and crew have been predictably vague at this point in the project’s development, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get some sense of the direction that The Dark Knight Rises is headed in.

Gary Oldman recently sat down with MTV to discuss his new film Red Riding Hood, but took a moment to share his thoughts on how The Dark Knight Rises is shaping up. Although he has yet to see the script, Oldman insists that he is aware of what Nolan is planning – and the end result could be a sequel that’s even better than The Dark Knight:

“I haven’t seen the script yet. I know the story though and it’s a great story. I mean, you look at The Dark Knight and you think how’s he gonna top it? But I think he has.”

Cinematographer Wally Pfister expressed a similar sentiment several weeks ago, but both he and Oldman have been sworn to secrecy regarding any further details. However, Oldman does reveal that’s he’s particularly excited about Nolan’s approach to The Dark Knight Rises:

“It’s the scope of it and the way he sort of brings it back to Batman Begins. And really what Bruce Wayne discovers about himself and what he learns about himself by the end of this one.”

batman silouhette Dark Knight Gary Oldman Says Dark Knight Rises Brings Everything Full Circle

This obviously isn’t any sort of confirmation that those recent rumors we heard regarding the plot of The Dark Knight Rises are true – but there’s now an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests the film will feature a fairly substantial connection to Batman Begins.

Although the specifics of the plot are still anyone’s guess, I think it’s interesting to receive some indication of what sort of ground The Dark Knight Rises will be covering, thematically. Nolan has made it clear that there will be a degree of finality to Bruce Wayne’s story and if you’re wondering how exactly he plans on achieving that – it sounds like there may be a few clues somewhere in the first film.

I thought that The Dark Knight did a great job of forcing Bruce to re-examine the ethos that he forged in Batman Begins and I’m excited to see how that evolution continues in The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, 2012.

Source: MTV.

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  1. Maybe Bruce realizes the only way to save Gotham is to pretty much empty his own pockets. Now that’d be a way to save the town.

    • LMAO thats awesome

    • lol

  2. The “Bane, Talia and League of Shadows vs Batman and Catwoman for Gotham” rumors is probably getting more credibility now?

  3. I sometime forget about BB because of TDK, but it was really good too !
    I am going to watch BB again and look for clues héhé !

  4. Yup, you could also count the Falcone rumors in. There’s probably gonna be some Arkham in this one like in Batman Begins for sure with Bane, the Falcone rumors and Batman Begins refferrences. Now that’d be sweet.

  5. What’s ur gonna say? “The movie sounds like crap to me”? Of course he’s gonna say it sounds better then TDK

    • *He

  6. IMO, both BB and TDK felt like stand-alone movies, and I was hoping this film would be the same. Oh well, it’s still my most-anticipated film of next year.

    • it can still be a stand alone, yet tie the 3 together.

  7. Well, Selena Kyle/Catwoman could always be revealed to be Talia Al Ghul in disguise… kinda like Ras in Batman Begins, no?

    • As a nearly life long Batman fan, I would throw stuff at the screen if that happened.

      • i would throw my tv at stuff if that happend.

  8. I hope this confirms Talia and the League of Shadows.
    I don´t see Nolan bringing the Falcones.
    Maybe only Alberto.
    But I think Talia Al Ghul will be in this.

  9. Wonder if this means that Bruce will be center stage again — seems that in TDK he was more a piece of the ensemble, although that may have been the movie’s stregth.

    • @Greg, The story will obviously be about several characters and more than one story “arc” but Batman WILL be the center piece because he is now being hunted down by multiple characters….and will be broken. He’s going to need help but ultimately he will be redeemed.

  10. I want more Batman films after this but with the same actors and crew :( ah well…. It sounds as if its really THE END. Gotta wait and see, if Gary Oldman says it has topped TDK then imsure it willbe as good if not better than TDK.

  11. I really think this will be good and worth the watch, but I highly doubt it will top ‘The Dark Knight’.

  12. I liked Batman Begins little more than TDK & so far after reading about what the 3rd film will be like, I think i will top TDK since it ties to first film. Can’t wait to see how Nolan concludes the trilogy & hope Batman is again rebooted differently years later down the road.

  13. I like this movie already, for starters no more Maggie Whats-her-name as Rachel Dawes, Aaron Eckhart was wasted as Two Face. Too bad Heather Ledger died, would have LOVED seeing his Joker one more time.

  14. @”for starters no more Maggie Whats-her-name as Rachel Dawes, Aaron Eckhart was wasted as Two Face”

    I have to disagree. Maggie wasn’t great, but she was at least a step up from Katie Holme’s “acting”. I also disagree that Two-Face was “wasted”. Nolan’s take was never meant to be a major villain. He was there for one reason: To be The Joker’s “ace in the hole”.

  15. I have doubts. Love bane and tom hardy, but I’ve never liked catwoman. Although I like that it will actually focus on… BATMAN. finally.

    I hate the title, from the beginning. The Dark Knight Rises? Ugh… not very inspired Nolan.

  16. these guys (oldman + pfister) are jst hyping up the movie so at the end of it all they’ll get this big, fat check from all the ticket sales. i know im beginning to sound like a broken record, but this is spiderman 3 all over again.

    • I dont think so.

  17. Would someone please explain to me why the reverence in which TDK is held? Seriously, seen it 4 times JUST to make sure I’m not imagining my utter dissatisfaction with it on many levels and it just got worse with each viewing.

  18. Maybe Bruce will finally realize that Ra’s Al Ghul was right about Gotham :p

  19. It would suck if the only connection of TDKR to BB would be Bruce reverting back to his Nomex survival suit and the sub-par made-in-China graphite headgear

  20. Well Ra’s did have the Lazerus Pits and he did come back many times – so if they are bringing back the league then you know he will make a cameo and if it all comes full circle then you know he is there.

  21. This probably confirms Talia and the return of the League… so… yeah.

  22. Maybe Bane will be to the league of shadows what Bruce was meant to be in batman begins…

  23. I’m pretty sure this one ends with batman as a parapalegic. Bane is after all, the man who broke the bats back.