Zack Snyder Joining Kevin Smith for ‘Man of Steel’ Event; Will ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Details Follow?

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As Marvel rolls out its second big release of 2013, Thor: The Dark World, Warner Bros. and DC are keeping fan awareness high for their Man of Steel sequel – which we’re still referring to as Batman vs. Superman until we’re told differently. On the heels of a curious batch of rumors about the possible look of Batfleck’s new costume and Batmobile came the news that Jaimie Alexander – who plays the warrior Sif in the Thor films – has been talking to WB about an unspecified role (maybe Wonder Woman?) in the Superman follow-up.

If that weren’t enough to pique fan interest, it has also been announced that Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams will join moderator Kevin Smith for a live fan event/Q&A, courtesy of Yahoo! on November 9th.

You can watch Snyder’s introductory video above and visit the Man of Steel Facebook page for the details, which includes the following breakdown:

Join Director Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams with special host Kevin Smith on November 9th for a live fan event like no other on Yahoo.

The cast and crew will talk all things ‘Man of Steel’ and discuss what the future holds for the Last Son of Krypton and answer your fan questions! Submit your video questions here for chance to have them answered during the live fan event:

While the event is intended to drum up publicity in advance of the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Man of Steel on November 12th, the reference to “what the future holds for the Last Son of Krypton” begs the question: Will there be any talk from Snyder, Cavill and Adams on Batman vs. Superman?

Given the invitation to fans to submit video questions during the event – along with the presence of comic book mega-fan Kevin Smith, whose response to Man of Steel was resolutely enthusiastic, and who happens to be a friend of Ben Affleck – we can expect the questions submitted to focus on any possible story details of Batman vs. Superman. 

Superman and Batman Zack Snyder Joining Kevin Smith for Man of Steel Event; Will Batman vs. Superman Details Follow?

Despite the human filters in place to pick and choose the questions which Snyder and company are likely to be more comfortable answering – such as various aspects of the making of Man of Steel – there are a number of basic topics about the sequel which fans will want to hear about. Given the news that the next installment is surprisingly far along in development and pre-production, are there details on the plot which can be shared at this point? Will Lex Luthor play a role, as many believe, given the MoS Easter eggs alluding to his presence?

Furthermore, just how pivotal a role will the sequel play in advancing DC’s Cinematic Universe? Will there be teasers or references pointing toward the expected Justice League team-up? And will the small-screen universe of Arrow play a role in the larger continuity, or is it a separate entity?

Don’t expect everything you want to know about Batman vs. Superman to be addressed by Snyder and company, but be sure to tune in online November 9th with your own questions. What would you like to know about the sequel, Screen Ranters, and will you be submitting your own questions?


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 opens in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

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    • You can totally, um, tell he, ah, was reading off a, um, off a script. Um, right?

      • L um a ah o

        • damn I forgot the ‘m’.

  1. That´s a nice move… (Im staring at you! JJ Abrams)

  2. They need to incorporate arrow into the DCCU the one problem is that they have killed off a lot of great villains that would have made great big screen villains like brutale, Constantine drakon, deadshot, and firefly.

    • That’s why I’m still holding out hope for Todd Lasance as the movie Green Arrow where we’ll see characters used, killed and such get a realistic shot in the movies in some way but without their origins and powers nullified too much (for example, I want the pyromaniac version of Firefly in his full suit with flamethrower tank on his back and not the disgruntled firefighter version that was on Arrow).

    • Yep, and they can’t market toys without compromise to the intensity of those villains, so odds are Time/Warner won’t sway that way.

    • Dead shot isnt dead

    • I hope they bring Vandal Savage, he could be a good villain (owning a business rivaling Oliver Queen’s company) and a good main bad guy for upcoming seasons.

      Mirror Master might be a good villain for The Green Arrow, but I hope he lives so he can go to the Flash spin off.

      Lastly I want to see something interesting, like Dex-Starr.

  3. Ben Affleck has confirmed that

    • Is his wife going to play Lois?

  4. Sure they should release a Man Of Steelbook Edition of the movie, right?

  5. I don’t wish the Arrow universe to be fused with the cinematic universe. Not one bit. It would be the worst decision ever. However, what I hope we’ll hear about is maybe some of the plot of the sequel, or maybe to hear about some characters(and fingers crossed; cast) to be involved in the sequel.

    • Arrow and the Flash show could be a grounded, realistic but almost powerless version of the universe while the movies show powers but are also grounded and realistic like MOS was.

      • I’d like them to eventually (and by that I mean it could be decades from now) embrace the multiverse idea that DC is so great at… It would be so fun and blow so many fans minds, if during a movie version of Crisis on infinite earths they showed split second peeks into other DC worlds. It would be cool because it would validate every live action version of every character by making everything cannon…. Instant massive expended universe for unlimited story potential:-

        Can we get to 52?

        Earth 1: Man of Steel, Batfleck, Justice League
        Earth 2: Arrow, Green Lantern, The TV flash
        Earth 3: Nolanverse Batman
        Earth 4: Watchmen
        Earth 5: Smallville, the JSA, green arrow
        Earth 6: Halle Berry Catwoman
        Earth 7: Jonah Hex
        Earth 8: Tim Burton’s Batman
        Earth 9: Joel Shumachers Batman
        Earth 10: Richard Donner and Brian Singer’s Superman and 80’s Supergirl
        Earth 11: Wes craven’s Swamp thing
        Earth 12: Adam West Batman
        Earth 13: George Reeve superman
        Earth 14: The Batman serials
        Earth 15: the flash 90’s TV show
        Earth 16: shaq’s Steel
        Earth 17: Keanu reeves Constantine.

        Ok, maybe not 52… But I’d definitely enjoy a comic where Clooney’s Batman gets pulled from his reality into the Watchmen universe or any number of insane variations on that.

        • That would be epic.

          Stephen Amell coming face to face with the movie version of Green Arrow? Rorscach making a cameo and being mistaken for The Question?

        • That’s a damn good idea and enable sthe Nolan Batman to come back despite this reboot…but obviously you’re pushing beyond human limits when you insist to have ALL that. i.e. Halle Barry and Adam West.

          But definitely would love to have Nolan Batman back in some form.

          • @dude. Sometimes you’ve gotta take the rough with you smooth man :) that’s why I INSIST Shaq is part of the DCCU

          • That’s a good idea,but remember how we comicbook fans were getting confuse w/all those Earth 1-etc. Just think the GA will get totally confuse w/this + w/the MCU characters.

    • Arrow got lucky in that 10 seasons of Smallville set the stage for the Arrow following. If CW (WB) had tried to get it right they would have never hit the mark. Arrow was luck. (Smallville was genius up to Season 8 and tolerable for 9 and 10).

      • Really? The first six seasons of emo mush were genius to you? I watched all of it as well, but it only got bearable around Season 7 when a shift in tone towards more mature issues finally took shape, don’t you think? Although, the way they kept building up anticipation for the showdown with Doomsday and the final product we got out of it turned out to be sub-par, to say the least.

        • I agree man, seasons 1-6 of Smallville were utter crap but when I was asked “who’s Doomsday?” and found out he was on Smallville, I started to watch and even though it was still cringe-worthy and horrible to watch, it was at least a vast improvement over the Dawson’s Creek With Powers that it was before.

          Arrow though?

          It would’ve found its audience. I don’t buy into the “oh, it’s on The CW, therefore it sucks or has limited appeal” argument either because here, it airs on Sky1, which has given us great shows over the years like Strike Back, Mad Dogs and seasons 3-8 of 24 (after the BBC lost the rights to air it once season 2 finished).

          That’s why I zone out when networks are accused of being “what’s wrong with shows”.

        • I found Smallville enjoyable for the first 2-3 seasons – as a teen oriented show about Clark Kent in high school. After that, it got progressively unbearable for me, and I bailed somewhere during Season 9, after hanging with it for a long time.

          • Don’t jump out so soon now….

              • I think the finale will be the KO punch. The Darkseid ‘fight’ was just…wow

  6. Please, stop making Superman films Time/Warner. You can’t get it right and you won’t let DC get it right. And by the gawds don’t even try to put WW and Batman in,…. it took you three decades to get Batman somewhat correct but boring, please don’t slide backwards and put him into the Superman travesties. As a life long DC fan I knew the day Time/Warner bought DC it was the day my childhood heroes would be systematically destroyed. I’m not wrong. It’s so bad that yes, I’ve jumped to the X-Men and Avenger’s franchises, because they are getting their cast, their stories, and they’re films CORRECT. Please Time/Warner we’re begging you – Stop Destroying DC Characters.

    • That sounds serious. Would you like a razorblade?

      • Sounds like it.

        I don’t see how Batman became boring with Nolan’s movies. They became more exciting I thought. Hell, a respected movie critic over here and lifelong comic book fan declared that Batman Begins was “the Batman movie I’d waited 30 years to see” and described it as “Hollywood blockbuster action mixed with art house stylings”.

        WB/DC got Green Lantern right, they just had a terrible script. Man Of Steel (despite not being very good) was still the best Superman movie I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen them all).

        Constantine was a decent attempt at a supernatural horror based on a Vertigo character, as was Swamp Thing.

        Marvel self-financed the terrible Man-Thing movie in 2005 and that movie certainly didn’t get anything right with the character. It didn’t even show Man-Thing from hat I recall.

        • Green lantern was a good first attempt, despite some flaws like too much stupid humor, a poor script, etc. We NEED Green lantern #2…how about combining it with Flash? Green lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (barry Allen) versus Sinestro and Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash)? Now you have introduced a major player from the JLA, saved money by making one movie instead of two, and an even bigger tent-pole one at that, introduced yet another vilain (Prof. Zoom), continued the investment in Green lantern as a major franchise player, and showed all the people who went overboard bad-mouthing GL #1 the mneaning of “park it in your deep tunnel” with a successful continuation of a great storyline (ie: Sinestro turns evil). Also a stellar sci-fi thing with Zoom coming from the future, and both heroes and villains are evenly-matched. You can’t lose! DC/Warner would be crazy not to! And this brings you closer to JLA!

          I am anxious for Supes versus Bats to come out, and wi8ll buy MOS when it comes out on DVD as well, and put it on my shelf next to Green lantern (I put my money where my mouth is, boyz!).

          So much potential out there, DC/Warner just has to quit being deer in the headlights guys and get off the Supes/Bats kick, although MOS might be a step in the right direction. Where are Doctor Fate, Hourman, Spectre, Dr. Midnight, Deadman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, The Atom…maybe even the Legion of Super-Heroes? DC has a huge cabinet to draw from…they just have to find the shelves with the boxes marked courage and intelligent writing!

    • You were reading DC Comics in 1969? I bet you really did think WB buying DC that year would be the end of your childhood characters when DC just finished the Adam West Batman series with FOX.

      • Fox wasn’t around till the late 80’s the adam west batman was on cbs.

  7. What they REALLY should have done is this:

    1. End Smallville at Season 8.
    2. Have Seasons 9 and 10 of Smallville be “Metropolis”
    3. Take the Cast of Smallville Seasons 1-8 and make a film.
    4. End Metropolis and made a second film.
    5. Introduce Arrow as a series as the first Smallville film hits
    6. Introduce Aquaman (with the original actor) into his own series.
    7. Transition Arrow, Aquaman, and the Smallville leftover cast (Clark and Lex) into a Justice League TV series, add Flash, etc.)

    Similar to Star Trek TOS,… then Star Trek TNG,… when the transitioned the films from the old cast to the new DURING the middle of the television production run of TNG pulling plot points and characters from TNG into the last three films.

    THAT’s how it should have happened, and Paramount should have been empowered to do it (because Time/Warner can’t do DC justice, they never have, not since the day they purchased DC, and they never will). They undermine the stories and screenplays, they make horrible cast choices, and they can’t figure out what decade they are in for any given film. It’s ridiculous.

    Superman is 75 years old. I’m pretty sure sticking with any of the thousands of stories in the span of those years instead of trying to remake or reboot or recreate the Reeve films would be well worth investigating, just ask the DC writers of those stories who are alive today. Let the art be art, stop trying to sell something that should not need to be sold.

    • Good lord that all sounds horrible to me! Didn’t enjoy what I’ve seen of smallville at all.. But that’s just me. People seem to really love that show.

      Is there a good place to start with smallville to get you hooked in or do you have to suffer through some poor seasons to get to the good stuff?

      • The first seasons are very strong. As it goes on there are filler episodes to the main plots and the primary sub plots as character’s relationships change. When the two original creators leave, it goes weird and very outside of any sort of plausible range,.. but by the end they pull it back together. If you skip or fast forward through the “one-off” filler eps and stick to the Clark/Lex relationship, and Lex’s path to doom, you’ll see the appeal.

      • +1
        Really terrible if you ask me. I liked Smallville but even I have to say, there were entire seasons that were just plain bad.

      • @Mark

        Honestly, the season with Doomsday onwards are the only seasons worth watching but even those are completely terrible. Like, Agents Of SHIELD bad.

        Seasons 1-6 were even worse.

        • I wouldn’t even bother watching any of it, bad acting terrible story lines, actually that’s the thing that got me, when they started blatantly ripping off movie plots from Saw,The Cell etc I just thought if the writers cant even be bothered to come up with story lines I cant be bothered to watch it!

          Having said that it was clearly popular as it ran for 10 series.

          • True but then again, Two And A Half Men has lasted around 10 seasons hasn’t it and I question why that show got popular too.

            • it got popular because charlie sheen was/is hilarious in it. now that he’s gone off being a winner and drinking tiger pi$$, the show really suck$ @$$.

    • As much as I loved Smallville, it’s not – in my opinion – a good interpretation of Superman’s story. I would rather not have any of it adopted to film. The Arrow-show is decent, and I look forward to see Flash appear and to his spin-off. I wouldn’t mind seeing other characters in there as well. However, keeping this universe seperated from the cinematic universe that they’re now forming is essential, and nevertheless it’s what they seem to be doing too – fortunately.

    • Smallville should have lasted four season if you want to get technical. Clark graduates high school, then it turns into Metropolis. Basically, what they took 10 seasons to cover could have been done easily and IMO better in 5.

      • Smallville held small to no interest for me.

  8. I would put money on Affleck walking out on stage during this. Too much of a coincidence that Kevin Smith’s moderating. Can’t wait for some concrete info.

    • On a recent edition of Comic Book men Kevin explains the percent of people angry, the percent of people so/so, and then him saying “this is awesome” online for hours. It’s pretty funny. When they announced it my first thought was “Kevin Smith is going to be so happy.” LOL

  9. I really hope Arrow is connected. It’s probably the best thing DC has done. So much depth to it and nobody knows because of how terribly it’s advertised. It is amazing. It absolutely needs to be connected.

    • *one of the best things obviously…not the best, but it’s up there!

      • It’s a decent tv-show, yes. I like it a lot. But I have to disagree with you strongly; connecting it with the cinematic universe would be a big mistake, creating a mess for the future films and scripting. In any case, they will never actually do this, so it’s merely wishful thinking for the proponents of a connected universe. The tv-show must and will be left alone with its own course.

        • I was reluctant to watch Arrow, I thought it was going to be like Smalville which in my opinion was weak to say the least. I have however been proved wrong and I’m currently half way through the first season and whilst I’m enjoying it, crossing over to the films would be a very bad idea. There simply is no way of hiding the production differences in Film/Television. If you introduce Arrow in future DCCU movies it will take something away from the film and the television show.

          • I’m tired of waiting..I want to know the title

            • Man of Steel 2 – The Batman Chronicles

              • Man of Steel too – The man with the iron panties !

                • Man of Steel 2- Ben this is your last chance

                  • Man of Steel: Knight Fall

                    • I really like that title.

                    • Oh! That’s really, really good!
                      ‘Man Of Steel: Knight Fall’ – probably the best title for this movie I’ve come across so far.

                    • Cool title but that’s already been used and also batman is returning to the superhero game remember? He’s old and tired and technically Clark’s existence is bringing him back.
                      How about Man of steel 2: A New Dawn
                      Title encompasses that a new world has formed where aliens exist and also implies that Batman is going to be a new man after his encounter with Clark.

                    • Thats Good! +1

          • Season 2 is sooooooooooo much better…so far.

        • I love the character of The Flash, don’t get me wrong…but I think connecting it to Arrow could be a heck of a risk and is likely to implode. Especially when they are using a young kid for Barry Allen. I would rather keep them separate, but will continue watching Arrow and Flash and hope for the best.

  10. Oh how cute, Zack gets the only guy who is openly supporting Affleck’s casting as Batman to host. Uh yeah, I respect Kevin Smith a good bit, but this is just obvious and it makes Snyder’s asinine casting no less idiotic. Have fun stroking each other’s egos boys, I won’t be tuning in.

  11. They better not merge Arrow and The DCCU that’s a disaster waiting to happen

    • You have failed this continuity?

    • Sounds about right.

    • Nah, I think WB has been pretty smart about Buzz creation so far with this. In my circles, it’s still the most talked about future CBM along with Xmen DoFP.

      I bet they drop just one new bit of news about the flick. Maybe not as big as “oh by the way, Batman is going to be in it” or “almost forgot, Ben Affleck is playing Batman.”

      But more than mere conjecture.


  12. How about Brainiac for a villain?
    I am really excited to see this flick, but wish it were a team-up between Flash and Green Lantern (Barry Allen, Hal Jordan) or Doctor Fate and Hourman (Kent Nelson, Rex Tyler), or even a 3-fer team-up between, say, martian Manhunter, The Atom, and Hawkman.

  13. Part of the frustration for us news-and-rumor-seekers is that WB/DC just does not have a film coming out in 2014. Marvel, Fox and Sony logistically have more to work with in terms of updates and teasers for their upcoming films.

    But WB/DC definitely has our attention, so if they can come up with some good websites, viral gimmicks, progressive reveals and maybe even some intermediate tie-in content (Supergirl?)…

    • That could be a good thing though.

      That way, they let Marvel’s products become over-saturated then when a DC property is ready to be revealed, people who know the difference between Marvel and DC will lap it up.

      • Marvel lose steam? Never.
        Went and saw Thor 2 a couple days ago and there were actually a few lines of dialogue between the punch lines… and people ate it up.

        I too predicted a Marvel fall off in Phase 2 and 3, but never underestimate the level of azzes in the masses.

        that said, only 20% of a full theater stayed for the first credit scene, and 0% stayed for the second. I left and I knew it (the second one) was coming. I Just didnt care. That NEVER happened in phase 1, most people stayed to the end of the credits when I went to see any Phase 1 movie. So maybe its a trend for Marvel movies, or maybe people are just sick of being held hostage through the credits. does anybody care who the Key Grip was other than the Key Grip him/herself?

        • Maybe the end credits didn’t do well because more people than just me realize Marvel has 0 big announcements to make until they retain the rights to either Spider-man or X-Men.

          Ant-Man? Yawn
          Scarlett Witch? ZZzz
          Quicksilver? Slight twitch… back to sleep.

          They have NOTHING left that interests me. I do realize I am not as much a Comic Book nerd (said with affection) as some, and that is why these announcements bore me. To some, the reveal of the A2 villain being Ultron was AWESOME! For me? It was uninteresting, just like the rest of Marvel reveals. I never delved into the second tier Comic Characters let alone third and fourth tier.

          Not saying this means I wont like the movies, I never cared for Iron Man until RDJ was cast and that first flick came out. So maybe Hank Pym will be my new Tony Stark.

          Correction, Marvel does have two properties I would go Ape sh** over, Punisher and Blade. But being that they are now owned by Disney, even that excitement might get squashed. A PG-13 Punisher or Blade? No thanks.

  14. “But then all of the sudden, like this giant ****ing spider shows up!”

    • Stephen King is writng the script?

  15. Someone has to ask (and this is a question that might actually be answered): How long will Batmans ears be?

    • Ha, I’m just hoping for the grey and black suit.

      • ^This.


  16. Why did Zod’s personality completely change from a ruthless but principled defender of Krypton’s legacy into a psychopathic mass murderer in one scene? Was it because you wanted to shoehorn in another poorly shot fight sequence or because you wanted to contrive a scenario where Superman would have to commit murder for trumped up drama?


    • You obviously weren’t paying attention to the dialogue, or the character development, or the scene that follows… so here let me help you-

      Zod: “Look at this, we could have built a new Krypton in this squaller, but you chose the humans over us. I exist only to protect Krypton. That is the sole purpose for which I was born… and every action I take… no matter how violent, is for the greater good of my people. And now… I have no people.

      *sucker punches Kal-El*

      I’m going to make them suffer Kal… these humans you’ve adopted… I’m going to take them from you one at a time.”

      ^^^ What follows is a brilliant fight scene that depicts Superman doing everything he can to bring Zod away from Metropolis, including trying to swat him away with Super-punches (failed) and swatting him into space (also failed). And before Superman finally makes the decision to end it, he tries immobilizing Zod in a head-lock.

      Look cDog… if you want to troll MoS ’round these parts, better bring your ‘A’ game.


      • I don’t think people actually listen to the the dialogue O.o. Sure there’s hell of a lot of action (I didn’t think the World Engine’s defense mechanism was needed) but if you actually you know…pay attention to the story, there’s reason for all of it.

        • Well… you needed some way for him to get tossed INTO the beam, otherwise there wouldn’t be the dramatic need to summon chris reeve. 😀

          • The gravity beam scene has to be my favorite scene from the movie! Aha very true, Reeve had to make that grand yet very subtle entrance (grand but subtle? Makes no sense but you know what I mean lol). Instead of the tentacles, I probably would’ve been cool with some vacuum effect coming from the center of the world engine.

            • Vacuum effect? Why not simply being dragged down into the crater by, I don’t know, (tentacles?) GRAVITY? Would make sense.

      • Bravo Doc, well said.

        • What he said.

          The good doctor bending cDog’s mind right there.

      • Sorry Dr Mindbender, I wasn’t asking the script’s “justification” for Zod acting out of character. That was pretty obvious. I was aking about the actual real-life REASON for Zod acting out of character. I can see that reading comprehension is not a strong suit around here.

        • The only one with no reading comprehension around here seems to be you, cDog.

          Zod tried to use the World Engine to terraform Earth and turn it into the new Krypton. Superman helped put an end to that. Everything Zod was trying to accomplish failed and with his army killed off too, it left (as far as they knew) Superman and Zod as the ONLY Kryptons left alive in the entire universe.

          Except that Superman told him that Earth was his home, thus shirking his Kryptonian heritage to stand up for his adopted home and making him a human in Zod’s eyes.

          Meaning that because Superman helped kill Zod’s people, he was angry and upset enough to want to kill Superman’s people as retaliation. Let him know how it feels to lose those he considers “his people”.

          If you still can’t understand after TWO people spelling it out to you pretty clearly then I’m sure someone will come along with a “Man Of Steel For Dummies” book for you to read soon.

          • After I specifically said I was interested in the behind-the-scenes real-life reasons for the scene in question you tried to give me a lecture elaborating all the in-story justifications for said scene. Then you tried to make it sound like I’m not smart enough to understand the plot just because people like you and Dr Mindbender keep subjecting me to unsolicited retellings of this particular sequence. Then, to top it all off you accuse ME of lacking reading comprehension. You must really be gunning for that “Troll of the Year” award, Dazz.

            • “After I specifically said I was interested in the behind-the-scenes real-life reasons for the scene in question”

              That is not at all what you said. The point of your post was to suggest that there was no reason for Zod to ‘lose it,’ that way you could diss the ensuing fight sequence and what followed it.

              This was your question: “Why did Zod’s personality completely change from a ruthless but principled defender of Krypton’s legacy into a psychopathic mass murderer in one scene?”
              Which isn’t a difficult question, as you can see… anyone who watched the movie can explain it rather easily.
              The question you presented suggests you missed entire parts of dialogue, plot, character development, and script… so that is what I provided you.
              Also, Zod didn’t change into a psychopathic mass murder. Zod was planning the genocide of the planet BEFORE Kal stopped the World Engine.

              I can read just fine. I suggest you re-read the part about bringing your ‘A’ game.

              • What this conversation would have been like if we were discussing Dark Knight Rises…

                CDog: I wonder why Christopher Nolan didn’t feature Joker in Dark Knight Rises. Was he unwilling to recast the role after Heath Ledger’s tragic death, or did he simply not want to return to the themes he had already addressed in The Dark Knight.

                Troll: The Joker was in Arkham during DKR, you idi*t. You’re too dumb to understand the plot.

                cDog: I understand the in-story reasoning behind it. I just wanted insight into the behind the scenes reasons for that decision.

                Troll: He’s locked up in Arkham, you dumb*ass!

                Troll2: Joker is in Arkham! Are you stoopid!

                Troll3: Joker is locked up in Arkham during Dark Knight Rises! What don’t you understand about this!? How many times do we have to explain it!?!?

                • The “behind-the-scenes” reason is quite simple: To create a scenario where Zod could not be reasoned with (going on a maniacal killing spree) so that Kal-El would be forced to kill him. Zack wanted Superman to kill him, to set up his no-kill approach for later movies. Is that good enough?

                • Fail troll is failing.

        • Revenge and anger, his whole race was just annihilated.

          • That’s it in a nutshell.

            THREE people have explained it to you clearly now. Surely you can’t be that much of a dumb*$$?

          • Wait Cdog? Doesn’t that mean ‘c*nt’? My friend called me that once lmao.

            • That’s the slang word for it over there?

              Wow, I’ve heard people call each other “James Blunt”, per the Cockney rhyming slang but for the most part, I’m surrounded by fellow Brits and a few Aussies who just use the regular word in regular conversation. It’s kinda funny when someone outside our family and friends circles hear it being said so liberally.

              Aussies are the worst for cursing though. Every other word is the F bomb. The C word is also used as a term of endearment by them so if you have an Aussie friend and haven’t been called the C word, they don’t like you as much as you thought lol

              • I live in Montreal and we just say the ‘C’ word, but my friend went on vacation, came back and just starting tossing around ‘cdog’, it was kinda weird. Though the ‘C’ word over here is an insult instead of a term of endearment.

                I use to know an Aussie, and yes he did swear quite a lot aha. Now an Irishman does all the cursing.

      • *golfclap* Well done sir.

      • My Ninja!
        Well said, I’ve nothing to add.
        Get em Good Dr, I saw the reason for the change as well.

        Wait, one thing to add….

        Poorly shot? Did you watch the same movie I did? The one I thought had the best CBM fights ever?

  17. brap!! brap!!

  18. Are we sure Zack Snyders not Mark Ruffalo, they both look and sound so similar

  19. I don’t see how they can merge arrow and man of steel because arrow would hav mentioned the disaster on metropolis already…say wat wat u want to say about agent of shield but that’s the Show that knows how to bridge movie and tv albeit slowly

    • How does AOS bridge the tv/film universe? I’ve seen nothing from AOS that says it has anything to do with the film universe.

      • Then you haven’t watched a single episode of the show.
        You’d have to be fast asleep if you didn’t catch all the references and story lines that directly tie in with what happened in the movies.
        Not to mention the same characters showing up.

        • I agree, dude if you didn’t see nick fury, extremis or agent Maria hill then you need to watch ad play close attention. The show even made a thor reference when the team was on mission in Peru. I also think that it could be possible that the events of arrow could have taken place before man of steel but they would mentioned someone like Lex Luthor having a business arrangement with Oliver Queen( thus mentioning the existence of metropolis). Then superman comes in after Zod destroys Metropolis.

    • Star City has its own disaster to think about.

    • Nah. Who says the current timeline in ‘Arrow’ doesn’t take place years before the events of MOS?
      If the sequel will have a Batman that’s been doing his thing for a few years, it stands to reason there are other heroes out there as well.

      Actually, tying Arrow to the DCCU would be incredibly easy to write imo.

      Back during season 1 I’d have hoped they wouldn’t do something like that, but now with season 2… It might actually be pretty cool to see ‘Arrow’ be part of the movie verse.

  20. The top question (or rather request) that I have is: For Zack Synder and Co to release at least a 30 second Trailer of Man of Steel 2 before the year is over 😀

    • In your dreams

  21. Where can we see the video now that it has been removed?