‘Thor 2′ Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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jaimie alexander batman superman wonder woman Thor 2 Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About Batman vs. Superman

Marvel Studios unveiled its second release for 2013, Thor: The Dark World, in multiple non-U.S. markets this week, ahead of the film’s theatrical bow in the States. The superhero movie sequel has thus far earned solid reviews and is expected to reap more than enough box office treasure to ensure that Thor 3 will happen, as star Chris Hemsworth teased during our last interview with him.

Hemsworth’s Thor franchise costar, Jaimie Alexander – who plays the mighty Asgardian warrioress Sif – has also indicated that a third adventure with the God of Thunder and his friends is on the way. However, the far more intriguing nugget of information that Alexander dropped recently is the revelation that she’s been approached by Warner Bros. about the prospective DC Cinematic Universe – which begins its expansion in 2015, with Batman vs. Superman (a.k.a. Man of Steel 2).

Here is what Forbes blogger Mark Hughes Tweeted (hat tip to Bleeding Cool), about what Jaimie Alexander let slip during her appearance at this year’s Stan Lee’s ComiKaze convention:

Twitter misspelling jokes aside, this confirmation that Alexander is conversing with WB/DC – with the talk being serious enough for the actress to have received information about the plot for Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman crossover film – is yet another intriguing piece to add to the puzzle that is the project’s mystery female role. Indeed, the description of the character as someone who is tall and physically fit has fueled the rumor that Batman vs. Superman will also introduce Wonder Woman to the DCCU – something WB President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Greg Silverman has neither confirmed nor denied (and thus, encouraged fans to keep speculating to their hearts’ desire).

Superman Wonder Woman Batman Movie Rumors Thor 2 Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About Batman vs. Superman

Hughes, following his initial Tweet, later got chance to interview Alexander one-on-one, where the actress carefully expanded on her previous comments. In addition, she provided her own feelings about the potential introduction of Wonder Woman in Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel (or Diana of Themyscira getting her own solo vehicle down the line).

Here is what she had to offer (via Forbes):

“I would love for DC to put Wonder Woman in one of their upcoming flicks, either in her own movie or Batman vs. Superman, or just something even to introduce her. Being in the comic book world, we know a lot of the same people at DC and Marvel, so we hear a lot of things, but it’s all speculation right now. But I would absolutely love that [Wonder Woman appearing in one of the upcoming films]. Thankfully and gratefully, I’m appreciative to the people who ask my opinion of the character, and that’s been pretty amazing.”

Alexander was one of the candidates on our Andrew Dyce’s list ‘7 Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman’, be it in her own film, Batman vs. Superman or further down the line in the (for now, theoretical) Justice League film. While some fans might understandably have mixed feelings about having the same actress who plays Wonder Woman being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – even given the significant artistic differences between contemporary Marvel Studios and DC comic book movies – there are also a number fans who, like us, would be more than glad to see Alexander land the coveted role.

Wonder Woman Logo Thor 2 Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About Batman vs. Superman

Having said that: based on Alexander’s comments, it sounds as though there’s a reasonable chance that she’s been approached by WB primarily for her feedback on how to best bring Wonder Woman to the big screen; as opposed to, being in serious consideration to play the role herself. Therefore, it’s possible that the reason that the actress has been given more intimate details about the storyline for Batman vs. Superman could be so that she has a better understanding of what the state of things will be by the film’s conclusion (as the lead-in to Wonder Woman’s introduction in a later movie).

On that note, here’s a telling excerpt from Alexander’s previous comments about how to present Wonder Woman in the 21st century:

“If you’re going to make Wonder Woman, make it like The Bourne Supremacy. You know, let’s do something awesome like that. Alias was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that?…”

Indeed, a Bourne-esque version of Diana would feel right at home in the Man of Steel universe. It may very well be the approach that WB has been mulling over, while demand for a Wonder Woman movie continues to grow louder and louder. One last bit of food for thought: Ben Affleck ‘had conversations’ with WB about him directing Justice League almost a year before he was officially cast as the Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman – so this might not be the last we hear of Alexander circling the DC movie-verse either…

UPDATE: Here’s yet another Wonder Woman tease from Alexander (courtesy of our readers):


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 opens in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Forbes, Mark Hughes [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. She would need to train a lot to get a body of a fitness woman like oksana grishina

    • I hope not! That Oksana chick looks nothing like a woman anymore… A little more muscle would fit the role, but not to that extent! Wonder Woman, though a warrior, remains very feminine.

    • Ha, I went ahead and added that image to the end of the article. :-)

    • Talia al Ghul.

      What I find most interesting about this, is the part about WB/DC lending plot details to Alexander. Almost makes you wonder (ahem) if she was deliberately given misinformation, considering her current studio ties.

      • Nah, I don’t think they would do that to her haha but you never know Hollywood is extremely good at deception

        • I kinda think the timing of all this is actually just WB/DC trolling Marvel/Disney.

          • Yeah, I think so too. Considering everything that has happened within the past few months, my guess is that WB and DC already had the cast picked out by the time they announced the movie…or something like that.

      • Thalia, Catwoman, Lady Shiva even would all be good choices in my opinion. That would honestly be pretty funny if WB fed her the wrong information aha.

      • i was thinkin something around those same lines.
        now this may sound ignorant and stupid, but what if they lured her over and started telling “plot details” of their movie and than casually making questions about marvel’s plans to introduce their female supers, you know, to not resemble their process.
        and then she starts giving her opinions, ‘well, that works/doesn’t work and what if you try this/that’ and in one of opinions she accidentaly spills marvels plans and/or the way the will or might introduce their female superheroes. e.g ms. marvel
        this is all hypothetical.

  2. she’s sexy but isnt she a little short for WW…imagine her standing next to Cavill

    • I thought that, shes 5″7 so 5 inch heels and boom you got yourself a WW!

        • I know what your saying, whoever ends up playing WW is going to have to have some serious screen presence. I don’t think any of the actors mentioned have that? its a tricky role to cast.

        • This is why I feel Bridget Regan is the perfect actress to play WW. Just to give you an ideal of how perfect her size is for the role, on youtube their is an interview she does with The View. Not only is Bridget beautiful and a good actress, she can handle the fight scenes. Bridge is also tall enough, and she can stand up next to Cavill and Affleck without a problem.

          • She’s the exact same size than Jaimie Alexander, 5’9″ or 175cm.

      • Jamie Alexander is 5’9″ tall.

        Henry Cavill is 6′ 1″ tall.

        Ben Affleck is 6′ 4″ tall.

        I think Alexander is tall enough. Put her in 5″ heels and she’ll be looking down at Cavill.

        • Alexander is 5″7

          Cavill is 6″2

          Affleck is 6″3

          Having said that I haven’t personally measured them so this argument is redundant (plus their Hollywood actors they all lie about height apart from Tom Cruise he’s 7″9)

            • Get your facts straight

              • Eh?

              • @Ant-Mad Care to elaborate?

            • im 7’5” and im black so that means there is no way you could beat me in a fight ill sit down in a chair and smack you in your knees from across the room 8’11” wing span bro

              • Well my dad’s 3 miles tall and he’ll wipe his ass with your wing span.


          • No, she is 5″9″

            • You measured her?

              • No, I google it….

                  • You’re a goon.

                    5.7 feet is not 5 feet 7 inches.

                    • why does how tall some one is have to do with anything. there have been movies with danny DeVito that make him seem to be normal sized. In real life he is about as tall as my belt. Hollywood’s “magic” will take care of this

                    • Hollywood tricks only work to some extent. If there’s a scene in which the camera shows her full body at once, her real size has to be consistent with how tall she’s supposed to be.

  3. Oh my gawd she would be awesome! Her or Gemma Arterton.

    • I’ve been tirelessly campaigning for Gemma Arterton!

      Gemma, Gemma, Gemma!

      HOWEVER, I think Jaimie Alexander can pull off WW too.

      • I vote for Gemma as well.

  4. Oh yesss !!! like the news hopefully is true

  5. As long as she’s not playing pathetic Catwoman I’m ok with whatever she plays. If they bring in that stupid prostitute Catwoman I’ll hurl she’s so overdone and overrated, hardly worth the paper she’s drawn on let alone on the screen.

    • Hathaway’s Catwom was great and i would love to see a spin-off of the catwoman incarnation.

      • +1

        Hathaway did an incredible job with Catwoman.

        • In my opinion, she was one of the better parts of that movie, and I usually hate Anne Hathaway. On topic though, I’m all for this casting for Wonder Woman, if that’s what is actually happening here. I think she would do a great job with the role. And if you look at any interviews in the past with her about WW, she seems to genuinely care about the character and how Diana is portrayed.

          • Agreed on both counts.

          • Hathaway was criminally under-used in TDKR. IMO

            • +1

    • Is there a Pathetic Catwoman? I’m only familiar with the various good ones. Never ran across a pathetic one.

      • Halle Berrys Catwoman was pathetic!

        • I don’t know a single person who considers that movie to be in existence. We all pretend it never happened.

          • It is though, however unfortunate. I would be surprised (pleasantly if portrayed well) if Selina Kyle appears in the next film.

    • Prostitute?

  6. I don’t understand why so many people want Jaimie Alexander to play Wonder Woman when she’s presently in the role of another comic book character. It doesn’t make sense. There are many other actresses available. And I’m sure if more thought was given, the list of ‘7 actresses’ could have been made without her name.

    Moreover, for those of the general audience who are not aware of the separateness of the two universes, wouldn’t Jaimie Alexander playing Diana be a bit confusing? Look how easily a poster of her as Sif was made to resemble Wonder Woman.

    • Ryan Reynolds played Hannibal King, Green Lantern and Deadpool and fans have been willing to accept him as all three comic book characters (the less said about the quality of the latter two of those movies, the better though) so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

      Plus Idris Elba is Heimdall and some people want him to play the John Stewart Green Lantern too (even though, lets be honest, that GL is a pretty boring character and I’d rather see Alan Scott or Kyle Raynor instead).

      • Yeah I never understood this claim that “some people” don’t want a Marvel Studios actor playing in a DC movie. I’ve never heard that from anyone, and I am friends with a lot of comics/movies nerds. Normally the problem people have is that they don’t want an actor playing 2 characters within the same universe.

          • Don’t forget Ben played George Reeves in Hollywoodland so he played Superman too. And the obvious one Chris Evans as Human Torch and Captain America.

            • The Fantastic Four movies aren’t related to the Marvel Studios films, so the Cap/Torch thing isn’t really there. Evans didn’t play 2 characters from the same fictional universe because the FF movies were off in their own little pocket.

              • Yes, but Marvel Studios movies and Fox’s FF both originate from the Marvelverse, so it was odd that Evans played Cap in the first place. But then he nailed the role (even if the 1st Cap movie was really not that good) and we all know how terrible the two FF movies were. I doubt there are many people in the general public that still remember he was Johnny Storm before being Steve Rogers.

                • Which comics world they originated from doesn’t really enter into it. From a “films” point of view, you have to take into consideration how the settings are constructed. The FF films are completely separate from Marvel’s shared universe films, so there’s no conflict if you stop and think about it.

                  It’s the same thing as saying “I can’t work for Intel, I used to design shoes at Nike!” Walk up and say that to someone and they’ll blink and say “Oh…okay?”

    • They are in separate universes so it does make sense…good WW actors don’t just pop outta their invisible jets and say, “I’m your Wonder Woman!”
      Plus Wonder Woman doesn’t resemble Sif, and especially the fact that if everyone was told she was Wonder Woman it wouldn’t be hard to tell the two apart, I had no idea whether you just hate Jaimie or if you hate WW, but either way your wrong.

      • you do understand that there is a little thing called wardrobe and make up?

    • On the contrary, it makes perfect sense as both are warriors, and she was most probably approached for Wonder Woman precisely because she was good as Sif. Plus, unlike Chris Evans, who went on playing Cap after having portrayed the Human Torch, Sif and WW don’t belong in the same universe, so there’s no conflicting issue here. She’s an actress and even if it’d be better for her career to avoid getting pigeonholed into warrior roles, she’s totally entitled to play both. Many actors play similar roles over their careers. You don’t go telling Bruce Willis to avoid action hero roles under the pretense that he’s already John MacClane, do you?

      • it makes me sad that cap and the ht aren’t in the same movie universe

        • Yes, especially since Fox are about to botch the FF property once again…

  7. I think she’s a beautiful, athletic and honorable choice for the role of Wonder Woman. I’ve been secretly hoping they go with her. She still is relatively unknown and has shown her woman strength in Thor very well. She very much conveys that inner strength without being cheesy and you can tell she could hang with the boys. She’s obviously got the look and the fact that she doesn’t have a ton of star power yet is only going to help I think. Casting someone like Olivia Wilde would be a bad choice, plus I wouldn’t believe her physically. Jaime can easily pull this role off and seems to have a great deal of respect for it. Done and Done!

  8. Whatever this is really about, it seems positive.

    In a perfect world (ha!) WW and Sif would not be played by the same person, BUT I like Jaimie Alexander and if she can play WW well then I am all for it. Whatever it takes.

    As far as the specifics of physique, I personally am not too terribly concerned that whoever plays Diana be as tall as Henry Cavill or really muscular, etc. As long as she is not short, fits the complexion and can get fit and train in fighting, it will be fine by me, because I am most interested in acting ability. Story is everything, and acting is an important part of story coming across well.

  9. I guarantee you that she’s probably gonna just be one of the leading male’s love interest or something to that effect & not wonder woman

  10. If Jaime Alexander becomes WW, she better get her own solo film.

  11. They should cast Zoe Saldana as Wonder Woman…
    I mean there’s nothing that says Wonder Woman has to be white
    I mean it’s not like they’re going with the silver age Wonder Woman where she has a black sister named Nubia even if they’re going with the silver age route, Wonder Woman can still be black
    3 white person headlining one movie ??!!!
    This is not 21st century America… Today’s America is more diverse than this and it’s time for hollywood to acknowledge this…
    For batman vs superman, a black woman is necessary as Wonder Woman
    Zoe Saldana or Paula Patton or Angela Bassett can play Wonder Woman
    Kudos to fox and josh tank for casting Michael b Jordan as the human torch and therefore enter the 21st century
    Warner bros. should join the rest of us in the 21st century by casting a black or mixed woman as Wonder Woman

    • I disagree with everything in that statement, I don’t think the world is ready for a black Wonder Woman…why not bring in a black character like Vixen, Amanda Waller (new one), or maybe even Bumblebee (former Teen Titan)

      • doesn’t have to be black….i think a native american actress would have the look of her origin

      • Vixen wouldn’t make sense
        She has nothing to do with batman and superman and she’s in Africa or the suicide squads … So It won’t make sense
        Amanda Waller is a villain in green lantern world
        Are you trying to say that black people should only play villains like Jamie foxx in the new Spider-Man movie???
        I guess they can introduce her as lex Luthor assistant or whatever

        Just the fact that you bring up bumblebee highlights why we need a black Wonder Woman
        Not enough black superhero in DC universe

        • @Drool Monster

          You are very correct in stating that it made no sense for Vixen and Bumblebee to be in this particular movie but I was just suggesting that before changing some prominent white characters to black (i’m all for it but the fan backlash would be insane) I was stating that we need to establish some other black character and you can tell from the lack of black female heroes that i had to bring up Bumblebee haha. I’m all for race change but if they do I’m afraid the movie will fail and that we won’t get a shared universe because lots of people will feel like the character are out of place. Once again i’m all for race change as long as it doesn’t jeopardize future movies in the DCCU

          • Good post
            I agre with everything you said

          • Race change is fine IF it fits, but to do it for the sake of doing it is very lame!

          • I’m all for Jamie being WW, even though I don’t see why we need the same actress to be in a Marvel Movie and then in a DC movie. Now as far as the “Race” comments go. Real life Earth only has 1 Race living on it. It’s Human and Earth’s Humans have a bunch of different cultures and none of them are Native to America. Walking over a land bridge into America doesn’t really make you Native to America does it?

            • Logic on the intrawebz? Who’da thought?

            • Yeah, we’re all african, except maybe some asian people who are of mixed blood, as it seems a second origin of migrations has recently been identified somewhere in China.

    • Who said Black Panther had to be black? Who said Cyborg or John Stewart had to be black? Who said Shang-Chi had to be Chinese? Who said the guy who plays Steve Jobs in that movie had to be white? …

      I’m getting tired of this.

      • Me too, Luthor, me too.

      • I’d ignore his posts. He’s simply a person who’s still butthurt about Michael B. Jordan potentially being Johnny Storm.

        • I could say the same about Drool Monster too (the ignoring his posts bit I mean).

          • Get over yourself LOSER! keep the F-ing race card out of your posts…NO ONE here is racist to my knowledge EXCEPT YOU!

          • Paula Patton is too short and too old for the part (she’ll be 40 by the time MoS2 comes out). By the way, WW isn’t amazonian (as in “south american”), she is an Amazon of the greek mythology.

      • yawn, bore off

        You obviously don’t understand Racism? This definition describes every single post you make

        Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that consider the human species to be divided into races with shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics, and especially the belief that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others, or that members of different races should be treated differently.

        • That clearly didn’t end up where I wanted it to @Droolmonster obviously.

      • Well, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. The whole concept that you’re referencing is really stupid…why would they change a character of an extremely under-represented race to white how would that make sense? In this case its a one-way street.. and Black Panther would only make the most sense to be black are you kidding me? Just the fact that you said that blows my mind.

        • I’m not being racist here. I think you guys are misunderstanding what I am saying. With the Black Panther part, I am referencing the fact that I read an idea on the internet that has an American tourist family visiting Wakanda, with the parents dying and the child being brought up as T’Challa. I was pissed by that story as well. If we’re turning all of these iconic characters to a different race, why can’t we do this for everybody. Hey, Harry Potter can now be an Indian!!! Gandalf can now be Chinese!!! And the very fact that people solely talk about converting these characters to the black race. The black race is far more represented in these kind of movies than say, Orientals, Indians, Native Americans, etc… I’m all for diversity, but instead of turning existing iconic characters to a different race, why not introduce characters who already are part of that race. We have Cyborg and John Stewart, for Pete’s sake.

          /end rant

          • Now someone. Please. Tell me WHY my views are wrong.

            • Please stop race baiting. You’re ignorance is very annoying.

              • your* (before you become the Grammar Nazi also)

            • Your views are wrong because there’s only one human race, that’s homo sapiens sapiens.

      • Drool monster
        Somebody is really hung up on race, in your mind do black people only watch a movie if there is a black character in it?
        ‘then each race gets a turn’ – haha, a turn at what, the swings? The whole idea of ‘giving a race a turn’ is so silly and childish (and a bit racist) and makes the changing of white characters to black characters seem more like just putting a ‘token’ minority in for a really superficial reason in a quick attempt to silence the people asking for more black characters, rather than actually using the characters that are already there

        I agree that superhero films in general could do with more diversity but I do think there is a better way of doing it – not just changing white characters black for the sake introducing colour
        There are good black characters there already that could be used in films – Black Panther, Cyborg, John Stewart, Luke Cage, Blade – seem to be some of the top choices, why not focus on getting these characters out there before we start changing the race of white characters just to bring in some colour

        Wouldn’t mind Paula Patton as Wonder Woman but Jamie Alexander would be preferred in my mind though – mostly due to the fact that she seems to be both well suited (good actress and has shown some skill in action as well) but she also seems to have a high level of interest in playing the character and seeing it done well, I doubt she would take the job if the portrayal wasn’t decent
        It’s that interest in seeing Wonder Woman done well that leads me to see the news in the article as very positive news, even if WB/DC are merely getting her opinion on the character at the moment and how they might bring her in looking forward (Jamie’s role as Sif could be finished by 2016/2017 – rough estimate I would put for Thor 3 – so they could look to have her as Wonder Woman cameo in BvS (2015) then possibly solo or trinity film after Thor 3 is done filming)

        • Good post
          But hey a black Wonder Woman is a goods tart to a more diverse dc universe

          • Good place to start *

        • What about an Asian Wonder Woman? Maggie Q anyone. She’s gonna be pretty free soon.

    • you do this on every article.

      • Not true
        I’m just giving my opinions on who should play who
        Like everyone here

        • No @Drool Monster you troll…a LOT

          • Lol
            I’m just stating my opinion like everyone else here

        • @Drool Monster – I’ve read through every comment you’ve ever posted on SR and you’ve become more and more trollish. I’ve given you some leeway to be sarcastic but you’ve crossed the line into annoying.

          Time for you to drop this subject and move along.

          Thank you,
          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Will do
            I’ll be more sarcastic and less of a troll

    • Drool Monster…You put similar posts in every thread you leave a comment, ever since that whole Michael B. Jordan dust-up. Seriously, no one finds your comments particularly worthwhile, and you are starting to come across as a rac!st dunce (admittedly, ALL RAC!sts are dunces, but your constant harping on the matter adds that EXTRA touch).

      BTW, we ARE in the twenty-first century, so THAT part of your comment was just dumb.

      I think Zoe Saldana could do great as an Amazon warrior…maybe even WW, though I’m not sure she would work size-wise. Jaimie Alexander does seem to resemble more the look we’re all used to, but that’s not as big an issue as: Can she play WW’s warrior/diplomat/naive/hero mindset(s) and character? I think so…

      • I also think she can do it
        How the hell am I a racist ????
        I don’t get it
        I’m against whites so that automatically makes me a non-racist !!!!!
        Did I miss something ?

        • ‘I’m against whites so that automatically makes me a non-racist’
          Are you serious? That’s not how racism works
          That statement is basically a blatant admittance of being a racist

          • Of course, you have to make yourself sound even dumber than before.

          • Why is this guy still allowed to post here??

          • Calm down drool monster
            I wouldn’t call someone a n*ger lover, but I was simply trying to draw your attention to the fact that you can’t claim to be against one race then in the same sentence claim to be a non-racist – it doesn’t work

            Racism is not just whites against others – one can be racist against whites
            I’m not for white superiority either – equal opportunities please, race being no object or issue – however if there is going to be a movie made based on a character for literature, video game, whatever I would like it to be done with a level of accuracy (white comic character why shouldn’t they be white in film – don’t like the amount of representation for certain races then use different characters in your film to change that, don’t just change the race of white characters – it suggests that the black characters aren’t interesting enough to warrant their own movie and they are)

            • My Jamaican neighbour is incredibly racist towards Asians in the neighbourhood and wants them to (and I quote) “go back to India and Pakistan instead of taking all our jobs”.

              It’s both hilarious and shocking to hear.

              • Its funny because if I took all of drool masters posts and changed white with black . he would be crying like a little b@#$h. the idea to change a supers race to appease a bigot like dm makes me kind of want to see less of what ever he wants to see. I want to see every black super played by a white actor just for the posts in this thread. ppl who are bigots like dm should never get any thing they want. At least he will die some day. By the level of iq he portrayed in this tread im thinking he will take himself out some time soon. survival of the fittest

                • I would rather see a Mexican actor play black panther cage or cyborg any day just because of drool master

                  • You’re Drool Monster too aren’t you?

                    Playing the old “I’ll fight against this person constantly, even when others have moved on” to throw people off the scent, right?

                    Let it go.

                    • No, Dazz…

                      Sadly, I think Avenged is just speaking like a m0r0n because it comes as naturally to him as it does to Drool.

        • “I’m against whites…”

          That’s racism.

    • No, Batman should be black & WW should be blonde with WG red head. Superman should have Blonde hair too.

      • Batman can be black
        As a matter of fact there’s a black batman, he’s called David Zavimbe
        But I can see a black Bruce wayne
        Idris Elba, anyone ?
        But it’s too late
        The rest of your post makes no sense

        • Maybe many years from now when/if DC comics reboots their comics again.

          • Stan Lee created an excellent black Batman.

            • this is the smartest thing you ever posted. yes black panther was a great black batman. batwig was ie ight brotha too

        • See? THIS comment shows you thinking much more than all of that inane blathering you’ve been doing. Do more of THIS.

          • See what?

            • My comment was to Drool.

              • No, I see whining from you.

                • Nope, if you scroll up, he was talking to Drool. The comment above yours.

                  • Thank you, Dazz…yes, exactly.

                    • Insert apology here ……….

                    • Heh-heh…

                      Motoko…Frank will never apologize…he’s never wrong. 😉

        • David Zavimbe is Batwing not Batman.

          • @ Eddie

            Which is it, Batwing or Batman? You & Archaeon claim two different opinions.

            • No, Frank…

              Eddie was telling Drool the person he mentioned (a New 52 character) is not Batman. I was telling YOU about another incarnation of Batman created awhile ago by Stan Lee.

              Keep up.

              • No you didn’t, you were telling Drool about Batman,not me.

                I asked Eddie who’s claim was right between his or yours incarnation. So you keep up.

                • Frank…

                  Really, you NEED to take a remedial reading course. I’m becoming concerned about you in public. Please, for all our sakes…

                  • @ Archaeon

                    Scroll up again. You did not refer to me by name. You could posted that little message to anyone. Get it? For the final time it wasn’t to me. Can’t prove it was.

                    Let me know when it sinks in or if you want to play another game.

                    • You need your name spelled out every time someone is talking to you, Frank? Really, Frank?

                      What, Frank…are you four, Frank?

                      Look at the indentations of the comments; they help keep track of the responses and to whom they’re directed…well, they help MOST people, Frank.

                      Better, Frank?


                    • @ Archaeon

                      No, just telling how it is,lol. Why don’t look above to the post where you posted 53 minutes ago.

                      And like a little child you once again stooped to insults to I can no longer have a discussion with a child.

                      Anyways, next time you wanna post something, be more grown up & mature about it.

                      By the way ” Stan Lee created an excellent black Batman” your words.

                    • Frank…

                      Calling you by your name (as per your complaint) is an insult? Wanting you to improve your reading and comprehension skills is an insult?

                      What a sad world you inhabit…

                      Oh, and yes, that “black Batman” statement is indeed what I said…what of it? It is, after all, true.

      • Frank FORMERLY Wally and Drool…

        Neither of you is coming across as particularly smart with such immature comments…just so you know.

        • Duh, I was being sarcastic. Surprised you didn’t pick up on it.

          • Oh, I GOT that you were being sarcastic…the reasoning BEHIND that sarcasm is what I find suspect.

            • Over you? No problem. Over repetitive RAC!st snobbery? Never.

              • How am I racist ???
                I’m against whites so that automatically makes me a non racist
                Am I missing something ?

                • Ok ,You’re trolling. Racism isn’t only against one race. You can be racist against white people and trust me there are a lot

                • If you are against any race then you are racist.

                  • I quite like the Grand Prix?? a race I enjoy……. Dam, pointing out even slight race issues makes you a racist?? Grow up….. Clearly this guy is not a racist, maybe the writers of these comics are racist…. Try consistently seeing guys from the UK as the ‘bad guy’ in movies because of our control of the language and apparent higher intellect?? Is that a form of racism by Hollywood. Does not matter about the colour of your skin but (IMO) the writers/creators have the choice at the very start of a character as to how they will look/be, its down to them to be more diverse….

                    • “pointing out even slight race issues makes you a racist?” No but saying “I’m against whites” does.

                      “maybe the writers of these comics are racist.” Not necessarily but you have to bear in mind that the large majority of these characters was created in a time when the colonialist spirit was still very much rampant in society, therefore there was a blatant absence of “colored” superheroes. These came later with the likes of Luke Cage, but the damage was done by then.

                  • its like he made this video in response to drool monster

                • hey drool monster I just found the new video you posted on youtube

                • Its so funny that smart black ppl think your a racist and a sell out. No wonder they want nothing to do with you.

      • You’re whole comment was pointless Frank

        • Thank you Josh

      • no batman should be black and bruce wayne should be white…………………… drool monsters head just blew up.

    • Ok, Drool Monster, I have to give my two cents here. And for the record, I am a black man. Let Wonder Woman stay white and let Johnny Storm stay white. Why? Because that is how they are in the comics. I feel those ICONIC characters should stay white. Even the smaller character roles like Heimdall and Nick Fury, personally I thought they should have been white as well (although I think Nick Fury in the Ultimate Verse is black, right guys). Anyways, the point I am making here, is that there are a lot of great black characters in comics that should come to screen like Black Panther, Powerman, Black Lighting, Static, Vixen, etc. Why not try to promote those characters to be the MAIN STAR of the film, instead of being second fiddle?

      Why complain about a white character becoming black all in the name of stupid political correctness? That political correctness non-sense is just destroying our country and I am not the only black that feels that way. There are tons of ethnic groups that want to see Black Panther come to film, not just blacks. Time to come down man and get off this stupid political correctness non-sense bro. Oh and quit calling white folks racists, because they do not agree with you. I cannot stand when black folks (and white folks to a certain degree) want to call folk racists when it comes to stupid political correctness. Ok I’m done. I needed to get this off of my chest!

      • Ummm, Jay…?

        Just so you know, I believe Drool is actually against the idea too…in the comments of an earlier article about a possibly black Johnny Storm, he expressed how upset he is about the potential alteration and has been whining on every thread where he thinks he find an opening since then. This “black power” banner he’s waving is just tasteless trolling…

        • Oh, ok. I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry about the Johnny Storm comment Drool Monster. When I am wrong, I admit it and I am wrong in this case. Thanks Archaeon for pointing that out to me. I’m still right about my Wonder Woman comments, ;=)

          • I respect our post
            It was well thought out
            I agree with you

            • Your post *

      • Ask josh tank and fox why they can’t keep the characters just like they are in comic books !!!!!
        Human torch is my second favorite superhero and I always used to dress up like him on every Halloween
        Hell even as a grown man, I dress up like him from time to time
        I could always connect with him mostly because he looked like me
        Imagine my anger when they cast a black man as the human torch
        Now my new born son (drool monster) doesn’t have the human torch anymore
        But them i said to myself: hey this is the 21st century why fight it ? Join !!!!
        So I’m joining the revolution
        Every comic book movie should have a black character just for the sake of it
        Superman and batman are already whites so why not make Wonder Woman black just for the sake of diversity
        Why not ?

        In a perfect world, characters stay the way they were created but we don’t live in a perfect world
        We live in a PC world and we should adapt to it

        • I’ll never be for a PC world. Never! I’m for a “respect all people’s opinion” world. That’s waaayyyy better than a PC world and it’s common sense.

        • So, on Halloween you set yourself on fire?

          • I said hey , hey! I said hey, hey! I said hey naie naie and a ho ho ho. check it out!

      • The reason why they are making these changes for the movies is much less altruistic and, “joining the 21st century”, than people want to believe.

        The real answer comes down to demographics and money, period. If changing the race of a few characters will get even 1% more people to go see a movie, I guarantee you that is something they are thinking about. Now I’m not saying the ideal of more diversity isn’t mixed up in there somewhere (and is the veil they are hiding behind) but it’s of secondary or even tertiary importance.

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    • “there’s nothing that says Wonder Woman has to be white”

      Uhh… nothing except one tiny detail: Last I heard, Greeks aren’t black… Making WW black would require to rewrite her whole background. She’s not like Nick Fury, whose skin color can be changed without much consequence. She has a specific ethnic origin determining her entire history.

      • even with out it at least the ultimate nick furry was black. so it would make darn good since that if you were basing the mcu after the ultimate marvels that ultimate furry would be in it. ultimate furry makes 1,000,000,000 times more since then the black torch .

  12. Lighten up Archaeon, sheesh.

    • I am. Are YOU?

      Sheesh, indeed. 😉

      • Frank Castle “formally WallyWest” 11 hours ago

        Lighten up Archaeon, sheesh.


        Archaeon 11 hours ago

        I am. Are YOU?

        Sheesh, indeed. 😉

        you guys should just stop lying to yourselves and get a room and bang.

  13. These comments are better than the article haha someone should do an opinion piece on character race……Hey Screen Rant!

    • 😀

    • No chance.

      If Captain Planet ain’t played by a Latino, I’m not watching. That’d be racist against blue-skinned people. Drool Monster would be rocking in a corner crying at the thought.

      • Oh, that was a serious CP movie?

        I’d best hand myself in for destroying resources.

      • captin planet is a brotha for sure. dude is from Compton and wears a nwa hat off camra

  14. I really hope its true. Sif was sh*ttend in Thor, anyone could play her. WW however is a leading role, it will be impossible to make her side character in solo movie or trinity.
    It should be much interesting for her than what Disney did for her, more challenge, more screentime, more popularity, more money.

  15. PLEASE PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE let this be true.

    Not that I want Sif going anywhere, but she’s my ideal choice to play Diana.



    • We know he’s a troll…he’s also being offensive. THAT is our issue with him.

      You should feel special about giving him ANY sort of support.

      • Why “also”? Doesn’t being offensive come with the job?

    • @ Pat

      I only sarcastically said two things to Droll while most still talk to him. Ive stopped like half hour ago,more.

      • Frank…

        You’re defending yourself to Pat? Really?

          • Heh-heh…

        • Got some problem with that now?

          • No, I just think you should feel embarrassed.

    • Apathy is disgusting personality trait and I for one will always challenge those who go out of their way to belittle others who have done nothing wrong.

      Kudos to the troll? what is wrong with you? don’t even answer its rhetorical.

    • the great thing about drool monster is that he is a troll who has other trolls calling him a troll. Its like the sr version of what if?

  16. Here is the setup: Sif is heartbroken after Thor doesn’t reciprocate to her feelings toward him, so she wanders around the Bifrost and then a freaky accident happens and voila! She lands in DCCU!

  17. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself but I’m picturing Jaimie Alexander, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in their respective roles alongside each other and man, it could be pretty badass. Really hoping Jaimie Alexander is cast as Wonder Woman.

    *Getting ready for hopes to be crushed soon*

    • The part about her getting plot details to something she isn’t associated with sounds extremely fishy to me.

      I feel like this is nothing more than a marketing ploy that just happens to be tied with the release of Thor 2.

      If this all turns out to be true, and she does play Wonder Woman… that would be a pretty epic “one up” from WB.

      • she could play both rolls . I don’t see there being more then one more thor movie so how many more mcu movies will she be in. Plus if she played both it would make a lot of dc and marvel fan boys wet their pants and cry

        • Marvel has contract that disallow actors to play at both parties if they’re playing with Marvel already, atleast the leading roles. The sure way for her to play WW is to leave Marvel franchise everything else is wishful thinking =(

          • Sure about that? Marvel would have to pay serious money to get an exclusivity contract, and they’re not exactly reknown for being big spenders.

        • But we do. And we’re the ones who will give them money, so they better not mess with the character too much.

        • they will care when its not a major hit. the rock as big herc is just movietarded

    • I also would pick Lynn Collins first for WW. It is unfortunate but not her fault that X-Men Origins wasn’t that good (my opinion) and John Carter, although a terrific film, bombed at the box office. Lynn deserves a break in comic book film fortunes.

    • Unfortunately Collin’s is a bit on the old side. She is 36 NOW and by the time this movie hits and there is any talk of spin-off, she is going to be 40.

      No, we need someone in their late 20’s to very early 30s max to have multiple movie longevity.

  18. If they provide her with some boobs I’m all for it.

    • Because the most important, endearing trait of Wonder Woman’s character is her boobs, isn’t it?

      • Well of course! Everybody knows boobs are the 2nd most important thing in the world, right after vajayjays.

    • its called push up bra stupid

  19. A flat chested Wonder Woman? I don’t see that happening. Unless of course she has her Boobs digitally enhanced or they stuff her bra. She also doesn’t have a powerful voice. Her voice is very screechy and can be pretty annoying at times.

  20. Okay, I´d give her a chance.

    Thor 3? I dunno about that…Marvel should focus on making new franchises.

    • But the Thor franchise is only just starting to warm up.

    • With all the new franchises coming, they’re way ahead of you.

  21. But…. Olivia Wilde?!

    • But what? Olivia Wilde is hot but certainly not right for the part.

    • What about her?

    • As long as she would agree to hit the weights to tone and bulk up a bit, I’m all for her.

  22. While she is a good casting choice, i think she shouldnt be in the running due to her being in the thor films. wonder woman is essetially the same character as sif, and the non informed general stupid movie goer wont tell the difference from her in character in thor to wonderwomnan and think its the same character and be totally lost. basically DC casting her says they want to potentially ride off of thors success and confuse people.

    • I honestly don’t think many people will even notice, nor care.

      • With an expanded role in the dark world, people would probably notice, it would screw marvel contiuity in future films if she was recast and shes basically just playing the same character for the DC role. shows poorly on DC to just be like “shes a warrior woman from that other big movie, lets put her in ours! in fact, get lucy lawless on the phone! she was in XENA!”

        • Yeah that never happens… studios never cast someone who’s played a previous similar role.

          Oh wait, that’s not correct at all.

    • I don’t think studio obligations have to matter. Ryan Reynolds was in both D.C. and Marvel.

      • right, but with reynolds it was two TOTALLY different types of characters, not basically the exact same character jaime alexander plays in thor.

  23. Guys hello how are you? Everyday I come to this site. Can you pls make me moderator? Screen cinema is my favorite. I like screen. What about you? Share in the comments section.

    -timothy turtle

    • Mi 2 but wats a moderator

    • ?

      • It really cracks me up with people sign their name at the bottom of a sight that already has their name logged in.