‘Thor 2′ Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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jaimie alexander batman superman wonder woman Thor 2 Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About Batman vs. Superman

Marvel Studios unveiled its second release for 2013, Thor: The Dark World, in multiple non-U.S. markets this week, ahead of the film’s theatrical bow in the States. The superhero movie sequel has thus far earned solid reviews and is expected to reap more than enough box office treasure to ensure that Thor 3 will happen, as star Chris Hemsworth teased during our last interview with him.

Hemsworth’s Thor franchise costar, Jaimie Alexander – who plays the mighty Asgardian warrioress Sif – has also indicated that a third adventure with the God of Thunder and his friends is on the way. However, the far more intriguing nugget of information that Alexander dropped recently is the revelation that she’s been approached by Warner Bros. about the prospective DC Cinematic Universe – which begins its expansion in 2015, with Batman vs. Superman (a.k.a. Man of Steel 2).

Here is what Forbes blogger Mark Hughes Tweeted (hat tip to Bleeding Cool), about what Jaimie Alexander let slip during her appearance at this year’s Stan Lee’s ComiKaze convention:

Twitter misspelling jokes aside, this confirmation that Alexander is conversing with WB/DC – with the talk being serious enough for the actress to have received information about the plot for Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman crossover film – is yet another intriguing piece to add to the puzzle that is the project’s mystery female role. Indeed, the description of the character as someone who is tall and physically fit has fueled the rumor that Batman vs. Superman will also introduce Wonder Woman to the DCCU – something WB President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Greg Silverman has neither confirmed nor denied (and thus, encouraged fans to keep speculating to their hearts’ desire).

Superman Wonder Woman Batman Movie Rumors Thor 2 Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About Batman vs. Superman

Hughes, following his initial Tweet, later got chance to interview Alexander one-on-one, where the actress carefully expanded on her previous comments. In addition, she provided her own feelings about the potential introduction of Wonder Woman in Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel (or Diana of Themyscira getting her own solo vehicle down the line).

Here is what she had to offer (via Forbes):

“I would love for DC to put Wonder Woman in one of their upcoming flicks, either in her own movie or Batman vs. Superman, or just something even to introduce her. Being in the comic book world, we know a lot of the same people at DC and Marvel, so we hear a lot of things, but it’s all speculation right now. But I would absolutely love that [Wonder Woman appearing in one of the upcoming films]. Thankfully and gratefully, I’m appreciative to the people who ask my opinion of the character, and that’s been pretty amazing.”

Alexander was one of the candidates on our Andrew Dyce’s list ‘7 Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman’, be it in her own film, Batman vs. Superman or further down the line in the (for now, theoretical) Justice League film. While some fans might understandably have mixed feelings about having the same actress who plays Wonder Woman being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – even given the significant artistic differences between contemporary Marvel Studios and DC comic book movies – there are also a number fans who, like us, would be more than glad to see Alexander land the coveted role.

Wonder Woman Logo Thor 2 Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About Batman vs. Superman

Having said that: based on Alexander’s comments, it sounds as though there’s a reasonable chance that she’s been approached by WB primarily for her feedback on how to best bring Wonder Woman to the big screen; as opposed to, being in serious consideration to play the role herself. Therefore, it’s possible that the reason that the actress has been given more intimate details about the storyline for Batman vs. Superman could be so that she has a better understanding of what the state of things will be by the film’s conclusion (as the lead-in to Wonder Woman’s introduction in a later movie).

On that note, here’s a telling excerpt from Alexander’s previous comments about how to present Wonder Woman in the 21st century:

“If you’re going to make Wonder Woman, make it like The Bourne Supremacy. You know, let’s do something awesome like that. Alias was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that?…”

Indeed, a Bourne-esque version of Diana would feel right at home in the Man of Steel universe. It may very well be the approach that WB has been mulling over, while demand for a Wonder Woman movie continues to grow louder and louder. One last bit of food for thought: Ben Affleck ‘had conversations’ with WB about him directing Justice League almost a year before he was officially cast as the Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman – so this might not be the last we hear of Alexander circling the DC movie-verse either…

UPDATE: Here’s yet another Wonder Woman tease from Alexander (courtesy of our readers):


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 opens in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Forbes, Mark Hughes [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. As much as Jaimie Alexander is a great choice to play a number of DC characters, I would like to have actors in the current Marvel Movie Universes of Fox and Disney to not cross over into DC. It just seems better that way.

    • I feel you, but its not like people are gonna watch the movie and say “hey, isn’t that the girl from Thor?” As long as we don’t have Thor and the Green lantern or something like that played by the same actors, I can live with it.

    • No it doesn’t.

    • Ryan Reynolds has played Hannibal King, Wade Wilson and Hal Jordan.

      Likewise, we had 3 different people play Harvey Dent in Batman movies.

      It’s ok to have them play different characters. Look at the people who still want Idris Elba to play Black Panther or another character in the Marvel Movie Universe despite him playing Heimdall in the Thor movies.

      • Well, Elba playing Black Panther and Heimdall would not work in a logical sense, in the way that having an actor play characters in totally different franchises would work. Black Panther and Heimdall are both existent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

        Ryan Reynolds playing King, Wilson and Jordan without any weird conflict because Blade Trinity was a New Line joint not in a shared universe with Fox’s X-Men, and certainly not in a shared universe with GL.

        • Except for the fact that Blade is a part of the marvel universe. Did you forget about the crossovers? As in, like, Civil War? Or Xmen’s Curse of the Mutants storyline? So… exo facto, Ryan Reynolds has been “deadpool” and King that are both in the Marvel Universe and Green Lantern in DC. I think they mean the overall context of the situation, not that different movie companies own different properties.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t pick Chiwetel Ejiofor with his recent success

          • Let me help you out here.

            I didn’t forget Blade is part of the Marvel universe, in the comics. Films are a totally different critter though. Blade is not inside Marvel Studios’ shared universe. Blade was made by New Line, with Marvel Entertainment (their former licensing division) on board as co-producers…way before Marvel started making their own movies, way before the concept of different characters being in the same movie universe came about.

            Now that Marvel Studios has the Blade, Ghost Rider, and Punisher rights back, they could now introduce them into their film universe, but the previous movies & versions of the characters do not exist in that universe right now.

            Deadpool from the Fox movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and the future “Deadpool” movie is not in the same universe as Hannibal King from New Line’s Blade Trinity.

            By the way…were you looking for “ipso facto,” or did you mean “ex post facto?”
            “Exo facto” would mean “outside of the facts” which means “what I’m saying doesn’t prove anything.”

      • Idris Elba should be John Stewart / Green Lantern!

    • Chris Evan’s has played both Captain America, Johnny Storm the voice for Casey Jones in TMNT and, a character from a lesser known Comic Book property, the Losers.

      I don’t think actor crossing properties is a problem, if the actors is the right fit for the role and not being shoehorned into it because the director want to hire someone they’ve already worked with prior. That’s a problem.

      3 different Hulks and 2 different Rhodey’s is also a problem and can be very disjointing for a comic book property.

      • Actually that’s 2 different Hulks. Ang Lee’s Hulk is not canon in the MCU.

        • WAT

          Sorry. I had to poke fun at people who still can’t figure this out a decade later.

  2. Poison Ivy…

  3. While she would make an incredible wonder woman, I really don’t like the whole “actors crossing over franchises” thing that they do.

    • The way you phrased, you make it sound like they would be breaking from the norm. The actual norm is actors doing whatever role comes their way regardless of whether the movie is from the same studio or another studio. It would actually be weird for an actor to say no to a movie only because it’s from a different studio.

      It would be like De Niro saying “No, I don’t want to play Travis Bickle, I already played Vito Corleone.” The statement wouldn’t make any sense because Godfather II and Taxi Driver aren’t related at all.

      • Exactly.

        I still think Michael Fassbender is the perfect candidate to play The Riddler in the DC Movie Universe they’re setting up now. One look at him and his winning smile and propensity for playing charismatic, deep and intelligent males is enough to prove him the best candidate, even if he is Magneto in the X-Men movies too.

        • I can just picture him with a bowler hat and cane. Of course the side effect of picturing him in the hat and can is that my brain automatically then pictures him doing the Charlie Chaplin waddle & spin.

          • Which comes full circle back to comic book movies because Chaplin was played brilliantly by RDJ who became Tony Stark.

            Circle of life.

        • Fassbender even showed a hint of his ability to play Edward Nygma when he was in the bar as Eric in XM:FC…look at how he speaks and carries himself in that scene (fighting aside, of course). He illustrated perfectly the modern incarnation of The Riddler.

    • So actors should stick to one role their entire life? That’s dumb.

      • that would mean no batfleck in the new super man movie. I could live with that

        • So you’d rather have no Batman in the new Superman movie then than have a great actor play what could be the best Batman/Bruce Wayne we’ve ever seen?

          • @ Dazz

            Are you gonna say that whenever someone new plays Batman?

          • how did you get that from that? I ment a different actor would play batman because every actor would only get to play one roll……….. rolls eyes at dazz. normally your sharper then that bro

          • just to let you know dazz. I love batman. the comics were bats was all messed up after the joker killed robin was my favorite dc comics as a kid. I liked the actor who played the new sups. I just don’t like ben Affleck . It has nothing to do with dc and everything to do with all the movies he has made in the past. He might end up being the best bats ever. If he turns out to be that then I will champion him on sr as so. Until mos 2 comes out im not going to just pretend to like ben. I want him to do good because we really don’t need a new bat every dcu movie

            • I’m not a big Ben Affleck fan either, but like Dazz, I think he brings great potential. There is no understating the guys’ talent and maturing in the film industry today. Forget Gigli, forget Daredevil, and look at what he brings to the table right now. I think he’ll be just fine.

              My biggest concerns continue to be Goyer and Snyder..

              • Yeah, same here. I’ve never really been a fan of Ben but I kenw the potential he could bring before I’d even seen The Town and Argo (I’ve since watched Argo and found it to be brilliant, even if it was factually inaccurate since it was the British Embassy and not the Canadian one that let the refugees stay).

          • Calling Affleck a great actor is somewhat uncalled for, to say the least. Sure, he was good in Argo but he’s been terrible for most of his career.

            • What about the Town? I thought even Blake Lively was great in that film.

              • I’m still to see it. He was good in Dogma too, but that’s a special case since he wasn’t really acting but merely being himself among his pals. Anyway, even if you add these two to Argo, it doesn’t invalidate my statement.

                • “he wasn’t really acting but merely being himself”

                  You think Ben Affleck behaves like a fallen angel desperate to find a way back in to heaven? If you had of used Good Will Hunting then maybe but Dogma?

                  • bfg66 is right in my opinion, Afleck was being himself in Dogma (surprised anyone thinks any different) and just because he does one (maybe 2) good movie/s where he is the lead, this does not make up for his lack of talent for 20 years prior. I’m pretty sure Hallie Berry had one good movie, got an Oscar but the rest?? She is a dreadful actress, pretty good comparison to how Afleck has been in his career.

                    • Still, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, for he did progress significantly as an actor lately. I don’t know if it’s the consequence of him getting behind the camera but he was genuinely good in Argo, so there’s still hope. Mingled with apprehension.

                • He’s good if he’s in good movies with good directors, but he’s only passable to poor if not.

  4. If it’s not Jaime Alexander I would place Abigail Spencer as a candidate as Wonder Woman.

  5. Well there actually was a black wonder woman, she was Diana’s twin formed from clay her name was Nubia. I live in a world where race doesn’t matter to me, so sad people still have these feelings of superiority, but It would be weird seeing a white man playing Martin Luther King! Lighten up folks these are not real people so you can have different versions of them. Honestly paula patton would make a fine wonder woman and shares the same coloring as the other actresses mentioned so what’s the big deal. Would you have a problem with Jessica Alba playing her, who is a mixed actress but is thought of as a white actress?

    • Jessica Alba wouldn’t be right because of her build.

    • how do you get a black wonder women twin made out of clay that is black with out the first greek wonder woman?

      • Get your facts up-to-date. She’s not made of clay anymore, she’s now the demigoddess daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

        • she is still made of clay though

          • Uh, no, she’s naturally born. Of god sperm and amazon ovum.

        • it would be cool if wonder woman 1 is greek and they do the twin thing in a later movie . it would be bad arse for two wonder women.

  6. Painfully obvious whenever a BOT shows up in the comment section.

    It makes everything go haywire.

    Good luck sorting it out, Paul.

  7. I’m in the minority, as I find this actress overrated. She knows how to work the fans, but she’s far from WW material, nor is she a big enough name to carry a franchise as vital to WB/DC. Hollywood must be smaller than I remember if they don’t have a wider range of actresses to choose from.

    • Henry Cavill wasn’t considered a big enough name for Superman either. He managed to make the role his own though, even if the movie was a letdown.

      • I’d say Mr. Cavill had it slightly easier. He had to *look* like Superman, which he did–and then some. Wonder Woman will be a different situation. Beyond the look, there’s the symbolism. We’ve yet to see a truly modern, present day heroine running with the big boys in either DC or Marvel films. (Black Widow is second tier.) The actress who plays WW will be iconic for what she represents for women in today’s society, in action films, for female leads and in franchises led by a woman. I don’t see Ms. Alexander being the choice a studio hedges its bets on in that situation. But, who knows? Maybe they’ll abandon the “safest route” approach and revert back to the “star is born” days of movie making. They surely had to have learned something since casting Halle Berry as Catwoman. :)

        • That’s the thing though, they need the writers to make Diana the icon and let an actress who has been through it in a CBM already and has a love and respect for the character put on the costume without going the obvious route.

          That’s why I think Jaimie is ideal.

  8. I wouldn’t have a problem with her playing WW. I’m still waiting to see who will be and play the villains in MOS2 Superman vs Batman.

  9. i just hope they get a legit actress to play the role. that’s where I see ms alexander’s point of treating the character with respect. the physical aspect can be covered with special effects, but a hack would do the role all kinds of wrong.

  10. Either Kelly Brook or Taylor Cole should be the favourite to play Wonder Woman.

    Ideally we should be seeing a more established Superman in his own standalone sequel. But as it is , there is already enough work in introducing the next Batman and then integrating him and Superman in the same world and making that work.

    Just give Wonder Woman her own movie and continue form there movies for the Flash and Aquaman before progressing on to the Justice League.

    • I’d rather WW debuts in this because it’s more likely that general audiences might see her and be swayed into seeing a solo movie in future.

      As much as we like to think WW and others are widely popular around the world, they’re really not outside of the comic book bubble. I’ve seen girls wearing t-shirts with WW’s symbol on or the woman herself and talked about her to them and they had no idea who Wonder Woman was.

      • I was hoping she would debut in the JL movie.

        • Any of the Big Three have to be established before JL comes out. A choral film won’t have time to explore their origins. The Flash could debut in JL, and here’s hoping Aquaman never exists.

      • @Dazz

        Pre 2008 – Iron Man, Thor & Captain America were much less recognised amongst general public that Wonder Woman.

        Five years later all three properties are now massive box office franchises in their own right. All three characters are now massively popular all over the world.

        The risk has to be taken at some point. How different things might have been if say they tried to introduce Iron Man in 2004’s Spiderman 2 for example.

        If you’re going to have Superman , Batman and then Wonder Woman all in the same movie , you might as well just do a Justice League movie instead of wasting time = and making an overstuffed, messy film – in the process.

        • Like I said in my comment just above (but you apparently missed it), a choral film won’t have enough screen time to explore everyone’s origins. It’s better this way.

  11. I honestly don’t care if she played Sif in Thor. Marvel and DC are two different companies. Thus different film franchises and so different universes. So some people need to calm down. It’s like Marvel and DC are crossing over for one movie which would be a an awful idea with a catastrophic result. So it’s perfectly okay. I think this is the perfect choice. This is a match made in heaven.

    • BRB. Fapping

    • Damn, I thought we would get through an entire WW thread w/o her being mentioned.

      To the point……she might have the muscles and the physicality but she doesn’t look like WW nor does she have the acting ability to pull the character off convincingly. WW needs to be able to hold her own against seasoned actors and Carano is NOT that person.

      • Haha! And what does Wonder Woman look like? The only reference I truly have is Linda Carter since every other picture of WW I have seen is a drawing.

        Does Scarlett Johansson look like Black Widow; does Christian Bale look like Bruce Wayne; does Andrew Garfield look like Peter Parker; does Mark Ruffalo/Edward Norton/Eric Bana look like Bruce Banner?

        • Yes

  12. would people be upset if they made her a lesbian? it would fit her origin no…

  13. would people be upset if they made her a lesbian? it would fit her origin no…

    (how did my reply go uptop?)

  14. I could most certainly see her as Wonder Woman. the best ch oice!

  15. I think that they should look elsewhere for WW.

    My personal choice would be Amanda Righetti from The Mentalist.I just think she totally has the look for it more than any of the other choices that are floating around out there.

  16. 269 comments. Approx 50% of them are about race and racism and not Wonder Woman, Jamie Alexander, Batman vs Superman, Thor TDW, DCCU, or MCU. Where are the moderators?

    • Uh, in case you haven’t noticed, the race thing started when someone said WW should be made black, so yes, it’s totally related to WW. Similarly, all the other subjects you’re complaining about are related to Wonder Woman and/or Jaimie Alexander, so really, you’re huffing and puffing against the wind, here.

  17. Never seen this lady before, im in love…….

    • You haven’t seen Thor? She has a small role but she’s pretty noticeable, and from what I’ve gathered she seems to have a bigger part in the sequel.

      • Oh, and she also played in Kyle XY.

  18. Charlize Theron

  19. Why Wonder woman, couldn’t she be playing the huntress?

    • Yeah, like a second tier character such as the Huntress will be introduced before the last remaining of the Trinity…

    • *snort*


  20. i think she’d be the perfect Wonder Woman

  21. It will be great if its announced she is Wonder Woman because it will no longer be a surprise when I finally see it.

  22. How is it that the comments constantly degrade to race battles and stupid videos?

    • Because mankind is mostly rather moronic.

    • They don’t “constantly” do that. It’s been this thread, and another one I can think of.