Rumor Patrol: Batman/Superman Film In the Works?

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Both Batman and Superman have major motion pictures currently in the works – Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel – and that’s not even including the proposed Justice League film, which will showcase both Batman, Superman, and a number of other major DC superheroes.

Now there’s a rumor going around that there’s a another film in the works that will utilize both Batman and Superman, which, for simplicity’s sake, will heretofore be referred to as Batman/Superman.

According to our pals at Think McFly Think, Warner Bros. has two plans for a Batman/Superman film. The first, and their preferred plan, is to feature Batman as the veteran superhero who takes Superman under his grizzled wing. Apparently, the hope is that they can convince Christian Bale – with the help of dump trucks full of cash, perhaps – to return to the franchise after Rises, despite Nolan’s absence.

The second path, if they can’t get Bale to return, is to feature Superman as the veteran superhero who takes a newly-cast Batman under his wing. In both scenarios, the studio would like to use Henry Cavill as the man of tomorrow.

On the one hand, this rumor is difficult to swallow due to the fact that, again, both superheroes have feature films coming out in the next two years as well as a third film featuring both in the next … uhh, three years? Four? Maybe five? After all, how many films can Warner Bros. produce with the same two characters before audiences say enough is enough?

On the other hand, as was reported when Justice League was announced, Warner Bros. is interested in continuing the Batman franchise in some manner after Nolan finishes his tenure. Additionally, the recent DC Reboot will most likely see a veteran Batman create the Justice League, which will involve less experienced superheroes than the caped crusader, including Superman.

This would be the second time that Warners has attempted to mount a Batman/Superman film, the first being Batman VS. Superman – prior to Batman Begins – which was to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen and written by Se7en scribe Andrew Kevin Walker. Colin Farrell (eh?) and Jude Law (eh?) were all but set to portray Bats and Supes, respectively, and the screenplay was considered by many who read it to be excellent, with a story that involved the Joker and Lex Luthor pitting Batman against Superman.

Unfortunately, Troy came along and ruined both Batman VS. Superman and the original incarnation of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, which would’ve starred Brad Pitt. In fact, the closest we ever got to seeing Batman VS. Superman was a Times Square poster in the Will Smith vampire vehicle I Am Legend:

batman versus superman in i am legend Rumor Patrol: Batman/Superman Film In the Works?

There’s little doubt, in this writer’s opinion anyway, that a World’s Finest film could be well and truly excellent. That said, maybe DC should explore creative success with their lesser known properties first – from The Flash to Aquaman to Blue Beetle to Booster Gold and on — before they return to the Batman/Superman well once more.

What do you guys think about this rumor? Do you buy it? Not buy it? Do you want to see Batman/Superman regardless? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012 and Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


Source: Think McFly Think

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  1. I hope for both Batman/Superman and JLA the follow Marvel’s lead and keep there core actors. I agree Batman/Superman needs to come before JLA. Nolan needs to be a part of the movie in some way if not directing then the GODFATHER, send Chris Nolan a boat load of money. Hopefully they will follow Frank Miller’s outline, Two friends who should hate each other, but some how they work through it for the greater good. And also I would love to see a Steel movie done right without Shaq.

  2. If they’re goping to match a couple heros up it should be something like Batman and Capt. America…..Neither have actual super powers, but are basically revved versions of themselves. Superman has super powers…The idea that Batman and he would have some crime fighting connection wold suggest that the vilians are basically just humans…Because Batman would be pretty limited against any super villian…..

    • “Batman would be pretty limited against any super villain” That has got to be one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You obviously know nothing about the REAL Batman from the comics(I’m pretty sure your referring to Nolan’s Batman in this comment). He’s fought tons of super powered villains. Who do you think hes been fighting for 70 years; Mob bosses? Hes only in the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

      • LMAO “the REAL Batman from the comics” in my angry assertive voice. So if Bane hulks out in the film does that count as superpowered? Do you, sir, read comics? It has never been Batman’s physical strength that allowed him to overcome supervillians but rather his cleverness and quick thinking. So really Nolan’s, Burton’s, Adam West’s and old man Bruce in Batman Beyond can take on a superpowered villian and win. I belive the Animated Justice League episode “Injustice For All” best shows a Batman with physical limitations (very Nolan) outwitting his captors whilw being physically restrained. You can Youtube “IFA 3″ if you’d like to watch the episode.

        Hopefully in the Batman reboot we will get extreme wire work, spandex and slow motion so that Batman can somersault over his enemies, jump 15 feet in the air, dodge bullets with cartwheels, throw 7 batarangs in 3.2 seconds all while wearing expensive pajamas held up by utility belt with endless gadgets. That way we all can be happy; mainstream audience and comic book enthusiast alike.

      • Obvously I’m not a big time fan of the series. I fread some of the comics of both as a kid and basically have just seen a few of the movies as an adult. My thought was along this line because of the picture here. If Batman did fight Superman then the only way he could beat him would be with Kryptonite otherwise Superman would beat him hands down. So someone like Captin America would be a more likely match up powers wise…That’s all……But if that goes against all the comic book lore up to date…Then I stand corrected….

    • Won’t work two different brands, Batman is DC and Cap is Marvel. Either watch any of Bruce Timm’s animations like Superman/Batman the Movie,Superman/Batman Public Enemies,Superman/Batman Apocalypse or read some of the Superman/Batman Comics.

  3. Marvel has done their superheroes better than could be expected.
    Aside from the Nolan batman franchise, DC/Warner NEVER does anything right when it comes to superhero films. I can’t see it changing now.

    • Never? Burton’s Batman, Richard Donner’s Superman films, Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (yes, I said it), Campbell’s Green Lantern (Yes, I said that too), and Snyder’s Watchmen.

      • Burton’s Batman and Donner’s FIRST 2 Superman films, yes. The others a resounding NO. Watchmen was awful. SR was underwhelming. I have yet to see GL, but people that I know who have seen it (and like the same films I do) were disappointed with it.

        • @Ghost: Returns and Watchmen were vomit inducing and GL really wasn’t that good, wasn’t awful, but it coulda been a lot better.

          • I disagree. I thought was Watchmen is THE best comic book film ever made. Yes, even better than Nolan’s Batman films. And SR was f-ing brilliant in my opinion. GL was fun.

        • I liked all of the above, SR they didn’t know how to end it.The fx were great, the ending was very weak.

  4. I think DC should focus on other characters. Everyone likes Superman and Batman but I think they should expand their market. I wanna see a Wonder Woman movie (with Kate Beckinsale in the role) and the Flash is well known enough to carry his own film. GL had huge potential but they can alwas redeem themselves besides I didn’t mind Ryan Reynolds at all.

    Marvel has got most of thier top characters out and is currently working on others. If DC spent their time bringing out Wonder Woman, Flash, etc., instead of pushing out junk like The Losers and Jonah Hex, they’d be on the same level as Marvel

    • I agree. Batman and Superman are my two favorite superheroes (with Batman at number 1), but I want to see others. I loved GL despite what anyone else says, and can’t wait to see The Flash, Wonder Woman, and other characters.

    • Well the way that I was able to enjoy the losers is that I just disbaned it as a CBM & just look at it as just an ordinary movie. The Losers isn’t one of the super well knowns & most talked about comics so when that, Constantine, & the show Human Target (before season 2) came out I pretty much enjoyed them. Jonah Hex on the other hand I do agree they just totally blew it with. The first & only time I saw that was on my couch with Netflix passing out from boredom & bad acting half way through.

      But at any rate you are also right about the fact that if they want to be able to compete against Marvel in the Live Action depo then they really need to step it up & show case more of their characters. Marvel’s movies actually spark an interest in their characters & made me want to branch out beyond those that are the poster children characters like Spidey & Wolverine.

      The only area that I’d say DC has a bit of an advantage is in the animation area, but even then they still mostly rely upon B & S with the occational Justice League or whoever. Even then Marvel has counter attacked them with animated Avengers line ups weather it be solo (Planet Hulk, Hulk VS, Thor, IM, Etc.), or as a colective group.

    • I like Kate, but she is too small to play WW. WW is an Amazon so she have to have some size on her, someone around 6′. But I agree with you on everything else.

      • I don’t think there’s anyone who can actually get the physique of an Amazonian. Height isn’t that big an issue, Kates 5’8 so she’s still tall. Besides compared to other nominees I’ve heard like Megan Fox or Whatsherface Kardashian, Kate can act and isn’t Slutty like those two…

  5. I just wonder how a Superman/Batman movie could work without seeming totally cheesy.

    Nolan’s Batman is going to be difficult to integrate into other films. I’d prefer them to work on continuing the Batman franchise with Aronofsky in the director’s seat.

    • Unless they do this film with a different Batman more like the comics one since Nolan has said his Bats has nothing to do with Superman, GL or any other DC superheroes. (Would love to see a Batman more like the animated films and games, such a badass :P)

  6. If there is a Batman/Superman film, it should be titled “World’s Finest” and I like their “one taking another under their wing” angle. Cavill, being the younger, could work as either the mentor or student, while Bale could only work as the mentor. It may be tougher to get Bale back, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Armie Hammer (the guy cast in the Justice League film) get a go as Batman.

    • Then our Batman would look more like Superman than our pitiful Superman does. Once MOS bombs, Hammer should be the new Superman in the reboot.

  7. Marvel is the best because the studio knows which director and writer is good.

    Yes okay, Marvel has once been downhill with Captain America (1990) directed by Albert Pyun which at the time, DC was making money with the Tim Burton movies then suddenly the studio decides to tone down the version that Burton wanted which was dark and Burton decide to leave where he stayed as a producer for Batman Forvever.

    Out of people, DC chose Joel Schumacher and then that’s how we got Batman Forever which was released and despite mixed reviews, it made lots of money.

    I watched the Tim Burton movies and watched Batman Forever as a kid where at the time, I was confused by Val Kilmer
    playing Batman since Michael Keaton used to play the character but despite that, I thought Kilmer did a great job as
    Batman and I think if Keaton was young like Kilmer and he turned down the role of Batman then my second choice would
    had been Kilmer at the time.

    Nicole Kidman was sexy as the love interest and Tommy Lee Jones was over the top as Two Face where Jim Carry did a awesome job as The Riddler.

    I haven’t listen to the song by Seal until last year and for me, the song is a classic.

    Next is Batman and Robin so what went wrong?

    First the things that went right was Chris O Donnell returning to play Robin and the previous actors who played Alfred and Gordon had return too.

    Second the things that went wrong was not that having the meaning of continuity for the role of Batman?

    I mean Val Kilmer didn’t returning as Batman, maybe he was busy or a son of b****** working with but still he didn’t return so we got the unknown Gerogre Clooney who was actually unknown at the time despite working on E.R because he wasn’t a huge star yet after 1997.

    Then we got Arnold Schwarznegger playing Mr. Freeze because he’s big where Joel Schumacher didn’t want for Ben Kingsley or Anthony Hopkins which the audience now has got a dull, big baddie who has a famous line which is said like this:

    ” You’re not sending me, back to the cooler”

    Which the film has now a second villain called Poison Ivy which was no needed and then we got a famous henchman called Bane who had been badly treated in the movie.

    Adding Bat Girl was absolutely stupid, why called it Batman and Robin if they got a another superhero in it but oh because the story has a girl villain so a good girl was needed to save the day as Batman and Robin can’t knock the crap out of Poison Ivy as they are men and she is a woman and that wouldn’t give kids a great message,

    The film is completed wasted with the costumes with nipples, the one-liners, cheesy moments and the fight scenes were like watching a tv episode of Power Rangers.

    So let’s see DC has come a along way from downhill and has gone uphill with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so there is a reason why Christian Bale should return as Batman as without him, Nolan, Legendary Pictures and the success of the Nolan batman movies, DC would had been f***** up for sure.

    Then history has returned and we got the awful Green Lantern so I hope The Dark Knight Rises will make the fans forget about the awful Green Lantern and finish the trilogy with a great end.

    • How many times do you need to say the “awful Green Lantern”? What was so bad about it? I think what people don’t realize is that Green Lantern is a character that just isn’t that cool and you can’t make an incredible movie with a dull character. They did what they could with the material.

      • You’re saying he shouldn’t call Green Lantern — the box office bomb — awful, and yet you just called Green Lantern the comic book — a beloved book with beloved characters that’s actually selling incredibly well and has been for years — dull, uncool, etc.

        The dullness and uncoolness of the recent Green Lantern film can’t be blamed on the excellent comic book that it sprouted from. In my opinion, anyway.

        • I think it really depends upon which GL story line & character. To me Hal Jordan by himself is unlikeable, & a bit of an ass. But I am a bit of a fan of John Stuart. Mostly my favorite GL story arch has been the war between the different Lantern corps with new ones coming to life before finally having to do battle with The Blackest Night.

  8. What I think they should do post-TDKR is not a clean reboot, but go the Batman Beyond route. Cast a younger actor as a Batman Beyond-type character (it doesn’t necessarily have to be the actual Beyond character), and try to get Bale to cameo as an older Bruce Wayne. This also allows for the future route, meaning that they can stretch the realism a little bit more.

    • Check the top of this page for that comment,good to see we share a similar opinion.
      Compare all the Nolan Batman movies and Superman Returns(just working with what we have.How could this really work?

  9. What, no love for Martian Manhunter?

    • I love Martian Manhunter. Hence the “and on” part of the sentence. There are a lot of DC Comics properties I’d like to see adapted at some point.

      • Oh, that’s cool, Ben. I knew he was probably somewhere in your crowd of hopefuls.

        No offense to Batman, but (for me) it would be more interesting to see Superman trying to keep up with the J’onzz.


        • Cool, just wanted you to know I agree with you that MM needs his own film.

  10. I don’t buy it. It’s someones imagination that’s been exploded into becoming a blog post here and elsewhere. I would think it’s a possible reality after The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel are released but for now I’m saying no way!

  11. Wow! A Batman\Superman movie. Just when I was terrified that WB was running out of ideas. Like the penguins in Madagascar said, “well, this sucks”. And the two options? That sucks even worse. Batman trains Superman? Or, Superman trains Batman. What an incredibly stupid idea. Twice. How about putting some of the other DC characters on the big screen? How about that? They took a shot with GL and made an OK movie that commercially flopped, so get back on the horse. Do a Flash movie, learn from your mistakes, go back to GL and tweak it and the second GL should be better and be a commercial success. Do a Wonder Woman movie, or Aquaman, or Martian Manhunter. Stop shoving Batman and Superman down our throats. This comment is from a guy whose favorite character is Batman.

    • I totally agree. What if all Marvel was doin was Spidey and Wolverine movies?

      • Cap,

        Marvel hasn’t done one Spidey or Wolverine movie.

        • @Jake The Snake

          Oh I do love it when you get technical.

          • Ignur Rant,

            yeah sorry i am technical that way. but really it’s not marvel doing the spidey or wolverine or xmen movies. they have no input at all. that’s all sony and another studio or company. can’t remember what company it is.

            • @jake the snake

              You know what I meant bro lol

  12. I’d only want to see a Batman/Superman movie if they were some kind of team, or like in the above article, one serves as a mentor to the other. Superman vs. Batman would be a joke. Batman is just a regular human with expert fight training and expensive toys to help him catch criminals. One punch from Superman and Batman is a dead man. Only way they could pull it off is if somehow Batman is able to take Superman’s powers away (kryptonite?).

    • Well I don’t think Batman would ever actually fight Superman hand to hand. More or less they’d suspect each other of being the villian having never met or heard of each other. Plus Supes also is known to give 50 chances to surrender before actually doing anything whereas Bats already sees you on the ground before saying you should give in. On top of that Batman has stated numerous times that he doesn’t trust anyone with super powers & has looked into everyone of the Justice Leagues weaknesses especially Supermans. He also caries a supply of Kryptonite with him where ever he goes just as a precaution.

    • I think Batman would win hands down. The Big Blue Boy Scout is too predictable, too good, too fair to win…

      Bat’s would fight dirty, he would study his quarry, he would break him down, and he would do it with no powers.

      If you doubt then you need to read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

      • Agreed. My only problem with Superman has always been that he’s too good for his own good.

        • Actually, that´s were Superman´s strength lies, his capacity to keep all his strength controled, and not let it explode to unleash the kaos, he can do whatever he wants with all his powers, even conquer the world in just an eye blink if he want to. But instead of that, he just use his powers to help and to protect human beings. Thats why is so cool to see SUPERMAN going mad, couse you know that he is going to make a huge mess and is not going to be easy to stop him…


      • the problem with superman is really with the writers, he should’ve been the one who took the omega sanction, not batman, but the writers are making him too much of a savior. Superman should have a Marvel like story where there is inner conflict and an intergalactic opponent that he is at major disadvantage of.

        • Not true, DC/Warner´s plan was to put Batman on the eye of popularity, and to make him the first image of DC, becouse of the movies popularity, everybody knows that Superman always had that place in DC because he is the Original SUPERHERO, he is the FIRST SUPERHERO IN HISTORY, but SUPERMAN has lost his popularity in the last 20 years, and Batman took his place, all for the movies popularity. So Warner/DC are taking Batman as they First image on Superhero franchise. Thats why Batman Sacrifice himself in the FINAL CRISIS (Like the Death of Superman in the 90´s) to make him more important in the DC Universe, so with that Line Batman return to life by leaving his marc across the history in the world and in DC´s universe, and with this Spuerman is not the first superhero in DC universe, and Batman took the place that SUPERMAN used to have… ALL FOR THE POPULARITY OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE MOVIES!

          • @ Sanpauli

            What you said in that statement sounds like something what people say about how the planet Pluto was a planet & now its not.

            • I don´t see the relation…

    • Well, Batman ALWAYS carries around a piece of Kryptonite in his trusty Utility Belt just in case Superman gets out of control. (via DC Comics and the JLA cartoons, ect.)
      That said, I’d love to see them do a live action version of “World’s Finest,” which was an animated movie from 1998 (not certain about the year, but confident) which pitted Batman and Superman against the Joker and Lex Luthor. I loved the back and forth between Joker and Lex. Hope they write both characters into any film they decide to go with.

  13. In the Superman cartoon, Batman made an appearance by flying in on his private jet as Bruce Wayne. He met Lois and Clark there at the airport where he asked Lois out on a dinner date. The real reason Bruce was in metropolis was because of the Joker being hired to take out Superman. During the whole time Batman and Superman were looking at each as a criminal. Superman used his x-ray vision to find out who Batman was. While Batman tagged a tracking device on Superman who later finds it in his apartment as Clark Kent, and sees Batman a couple of blocks away. This is where Superman realizes Batman is a very resourceful and cunning character, whereas Batman realizes Superman is a very powerful and smart character as well. If the Superman/Batman movie were to go something like this it might actually do well. Who knows, will just have to wait and see.

    • Totally agree with ya Jeff!

  14. i’ll believe it when I see it, not holding my breath on this one.

  15. Heres how it needs to go with what the got. Go with batman beyond. younger version of bats and have a now older superman (cavill or look alike) asist in training up the new bats. along with flashbacks of bale and cavill in their “glory days”. this’ll allow them to replace cavill if they want a larger actor to be supes. and then a big disaster that make them realize the need for the jl. make bale’s character finance it and boom. superman batman flic that leads into a jl movie

  16. jeffs works too.

  17. @Tundrabeast

    You cant be serious in that Batman cant take down superpowered villains. Hes taken down countless amounts of Super powered villains in his long history of crimefighting.

    • Yeah don’t know what that guys talking about lol. Maybe he was refering to Nolan’s Bat (Now I could not picture HIM taking down a super powerd villain)

    • Exactly! Batman always defeated Superman in the comics.

      • Sometimes in the comics and not really hands down when he does,he may just get the last punch and then some interruption happens.A movie is not the comics either my friend.

  18. Wouldn’t the current Superman films need to end for this to happen?

    Well I think that’s possible, the next Superman could very well do poorly.

  19. Colin Farrell as Batman? Jude Law as Superman? That movie would have been unspeakably terrible, as if the very premise of Batman vs. Superman wasn’t risky enough.

    • They’re both good actors. Not my preferred actors for those roles, but it surely wouldn’t have been the end of the world if they got the roles. I’ve seen worse choices through the years for both.

      How was the premise risky? Because it was interesting?

      • I don’t know what’s interesting about a fight between Superman and someone with less power.
        It is always the same: The one with lesser power than Superman whips out a piece of kryptonite and Superman is shocked and squirms on the floor… blah blah, yadda yadda “yawn!”

        • Agreed,haven’t we seen Lex(Superman Returns)done that already the last time.

          • Exactly, which is why WB needs to quit this fascination of Lex and Zod. Its done already. Give them a rest.

            But but but… this director can do them better!

            Hogwash… let them go, they are tired and old and been done too many times too many ways. Its time for Supes to go up against someone or thing that can really give him a run for his money and allow him to break loose and really show off all that power.

            The best (and in my opinion only) good part of Supes Returns is when he lifted that island out of the ocean and flew it into space. That showed the power and awe of Supes. Everything else paled in comparison. Bullets bouncing off YAWN… Flaying really fast… ZZZZ ZZZ ZZZZ… Oooh look at me I have eye Lay-surhs!! So many of his on screen feats are so drab in comparison of the raw power he commands. Show him punching a bad guy into orbit. Show the shockwaves that emanate when he and a foe clash… thats what I want to see.

            So that means a new villain. Mongo, Darkseid, Metallo, Braniac. All of these can take one helluva beating and keep on coming back for more. Its time that Superman have the knock down drag out on the big screen that the producers know everyone wants.

            We almost got this with QFP, but the acting and SFX was so lame, along with the script that was beyond abysmal, the essence of the fight scenes were utterly lost.

            But those are just my 2 cents.

            • @Sneaky Pete-

              That’s what I been sayin for years!! When I saw Superman Returns I was like “Oh wow a bullet breaking on his eye, that’s so amazing, NOT!!” I wanna see Superman smashin a bad guy, Bizarro, Metallo, ANYBODY, thru a building in like Transformer-level fights.

              • Superman has always been about him living as a God Amongst Men, and that’s the whole problem with Superman. Audiences want to see some epic battle sequence, but that’s not Superman.

                @Sneeky Pete

                @”Its time for Supes to go up against someone or thing that can really give him a run for his money and allow him to break loose and really show off all that power.”

                And you don’t think Zod (a Kryptonian with equal strength) won’t be able to show that?

                • I know the following comment will be a selfish one, so be it.

                  I dont want another Kryptonian. Thats not a truly epic battle. It should be someone that makes him look small and weak in comparison. Something that takes on the parable of David and Goliath. Something that makes Supes look like the underdog that everyone will root for. In II they had to do this with 3 other Kryptonians in order to get the feel right. So that it wasnt just another slug fest between two people. To make it truly epic of showing off Supermans raw power and nigh unlimited strength and endurance. It would have to be him versus something so wonderous in scale, that people watching will be in awe that he had the courage to stand his ground against it.

                  If you can make Zod do something like that, then perhaps, but every writer in print and in film have not managed to capture that with the character of Zod. He has been Supermans greatest tactical foe, not his greatest physical foe. And for the big screen if you want to draw in popcorn eating blow-em up fans, you need to show Superman being super.

                  A soldier in Afghanistan can deflect bullets, a race car driver can fly around a track really fast, Richard Branson can fly into space, scientists at MIT can shoot a laser to the moon and back, a sound stage can blast typhoon+ winds at set pieces. What we wont see any human being duplicate is the raw power and might of Superman.

                • What they’re both basically getting at is that Zod & Lex are played out & benieth him at this point with how many times they use them. It’s time to move onward with new enemies & elements that haven’t had the chance to share the big screen with this “God Amongst Men”. It’s Superman after all the super hero with almost no limits & yet they continue to keep him on eather when he’s actually gone so much further than that. Differnt planets, galaxies, & dementions. I actually want them to give me a Superman movie where he goes rouge like he’s done before in the comics & I do believe the 90′s cartoon.

            • @Sneaky Pete-

              That’s what I been sayin for years!! When I saw Superman Returns I was like “Oh wow a bullet breaking on his eye, that’s so amazing, NOT!!” I wanna see Superman smashin a bad guy, Bizarro, Metallo, ANYBODY, thru a building in like Transformer-level fights. People think Superman is lame because in these movies he doesn’t do anything awesome!

  20. Not holding my breath.

    First off why get Bale to return? That would go against the Nolanverse. As much as I dislike it, he has taken it, run with it and its over. Get someone new for Bats.

    Secondly they need to start small, a sucessful film that makes sense in the DCU (be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Carrot, etc) then slowly bring them together. I dont care if they will be compared to Marvel in doing it. Why try something new if a formula works.

    While the brothers, cousin of the sister that has a boyfriend that is a cleaner at WB overheard a PC tech mention a Bats/Supes team up movie I dont think it was a definitive as this article thinks it may be.

    Would they be stupid not to at least keep it on everyones minds? Yeah.. but to think this is something we will see in the next 5 years is laughable.

    Please bookmark this and I will buy a I love Nolan TeeShirt and wear it for a week if it comes to pass. ;)

  21. I think i would only wanna see a Batman/Superman film if the two characters crossed paths & didn’t agree with each other’s opinions about justice being held but willing to set their differances aside to work together against the villain/villains of the film. Of-course maybe have the two heroes get in a little fight, or shove each other along the way perhaps. But to have Batman take Superman under his wings, or Superman take Batman under his lead? I rather see the two just cross each other somehow because it seems WB’s ideas is just the audience take sides of DC’s two most popular characters. I prefer not to have Bale or Cavill in the roles neither. Id like to see DC/WB start off small & bring other DC heroes to the big screen first. We’re seeing enough of Batman & Superman already. Bring us Flash, Wonder Woman,Hawkman, Aquaman, etc.

  22. i wouldnt like to see Christian Bale return for this kind of movie. rather cast somebody else in the role more it more “standaloneish”. although a comparison will be done. I think (hope, whatever) that this could be pulled off if every single element is right, or else we’ll end up with another origins:wolverine type mess. also, they can give other superheroes a shot at a movie.

  23. Both films are being made as we speak. Nolan’s name is on the credits for both films. Nolan was involved with the Superman film before Snyder came on board. Nolan has met with Snyder.

    I’m very surprised no one is talking about surprise cameos from one or both of these actors in each other’s films. Or, maybe the two films are actually tied together through the story. Perhaps the “batwing” had to be invented to keep up with or track Superman. Nolan appears to be throwing everything into this Batman.

    • It would also be an interesting twist if Zod showed up BEFORE Superman. What if the Earth faces a threat from an alien force (Zod) and Batman can’t defeat him….this could be the modern trigger for Clark to first put on his uniform—and a handing of the torch as to why Batman can now retire. He won’t be needed anymore since Superman exists.

    • I would put money on this not being the case.

      • I’d pretty much put my whole retirement fund on that not being the case.

    • Nolan has said time and time again that his Batman exists in a world with NO other superheroes…..including Superman.

      • I guess you mean Nolan’s batman exists in a world where no one has “super powers”. Because clearly, there are others who rise above normal: scarecrow; joker; bane; cat woman; two-face; Ra’s al ghul. I think Nolan’s stories are meant to START from the point of view of the real world where there are no super powers or aliens. But the end of the two films so far, there have been unexplained mystical elements and/or plot holes. Nolan’s films are not “perfectly” real for example.

        • No, what I mean is that Nolan has said his Batman exists in a world of it’s own, with no other superheroes. Having Zod cameo (or have his presence anywhere/anyway in the film) would contradict that, and imply that Superman exists in the same world as his Batman.

        • Everyone already knows that Nolan’s films aren’t “realistic” as everyone keeps saying they are. If so, then Two-Face wouldn’t be able to walk b/c he was in soo much pain.

  24. i wouldnt mind seeing something like that just as long as this nolan series isnt tampered with.. at all. he’s done something with batman that is beyond amazing and it should be left on its own. superman regardless of what anyone says.. freakin blows. his movies have all sucked and have bored me to sleep. yes i know some would argue that i say that but i think this upcoming snyder movie if done right will be the only supes live action movie worth seeing.

  25. The only way this wold work if….no wait it wont because DC dont won the movie rights. However lets play devils advocate, If WB does a Marvel and link there universe together. Without that game over, you cant do it with a new cast without rebooting Batman and or Superman in there own film(s),

    • Technically they do own the movie rights. DC comics is the publishing unit of WB, that makes all the DC comics films.

  26. I don’t like the idea of either Superman or Batman being the mentor of the other. They have always both been leaders. I’ll believe there is a movie in the works when I see photos and trailers, not a moment sooner. WB has always been consistant with one thing, starting but not finishing projects.

    I am amazed that you can find fan polls everywhere and most people want the same things, yet WB continues to hire people who want to change things their own way, with no regards to what the fans want.

    One example. Ask any fan if he’d like to see Superman vs HULK. I’m sure 99% will say yes. Now, I understand that HULK is MARVEL. So, why not give us the next best thing? They made Grundy more like the HULK, in the Animated series. Why not have a CGI Grundy as one of Superman’s villains? Why not have him make a brief appearance before Zod steps in? I hope they will consider this in the future.

    Look at what Marvel is doing.

  27. Really bad idea.

    At this point DC needs to take a different route than Marvel and make The Justice League first. So treat JL as it’s own origin movie. This will reestablish who the main characters are (and which actors will continue to play them) and THEN do spin offs.

    They need to completely sever the ties between the encapsulated and insulated Batman and Superman universes that have been perpetuated over the years and make a fresh start in a BIG way with the original 7 members. Sadly, considering the new DC universe reboot, this would probably mean replacing the awesome Martian Manhunter with Teen Titan’s Cyborg but….

  28. In all honesty, how could Batman ever pose a challenge for Superman? He’s Superman for christ’s sake, and if Batman doesn’t have any kryptonite to use against him he’s screwed.

    • Batman VS. Superman was never going to be a brawl movie. Obviously, it’s not like Superman is just going to walk over and laser Batman’s face off. Obviously, Batman’s not going to walk over to Superman and just punch him in the stomach. BVS was meant to be a battle of wills, points of view, etc.

      Furthermore, Batman always has kryptonite.

      • I remember the crossover Superman vs. Spiderman comic, when Spiderman was punching Supes and it not doing anything to him. Supes became frustrated and was about to hit Spidey when he realized he would kill him. He pulled his punch away but the wind from his punch continued and knocked Spidey against a building. Spidey said he had never been hit so hard, yet he wasn’t even hit, it was just the wind. Supes would always get beat by Bats because Supes fights fair; Batman does what he needs to do to win, fair or not.

        This should have really gone to GiggleTastic.

      • What Ben said. Plus, Batman fights dirtier than Superman. :)


        • What if Superman was infected with red kryptonite (a’la Smallville)? I pretty much think Batman would be paste.

    • And yet he always beat Superman in the comnics. Go read The Dark Knight Returns, and see how Batman CAN beat Superman.

      • That really wasn’t much of a win in my book. He just wanted Superman and the Gov’t to think he was dead.

        • Actually Batman just wanted that the goverment think that he was dead, he knows that Superman will figure out, sooner or later, that he was still alive. Like superman does at the end of the comic.

          • You guys know there’s a sequel to that book, right? The Dark Knight Strikes Again? It’s not very good, but Frank Miller’s thesis has and always will be “Batman is better than Superman.” Of course, that’s just one creator’s version of the events, and in an Elseworlds tale, no less.

  29. Not only would Batman fight dirtier than Superman, he’s more capable of killing Superman than Superman killing Batman despite his code. Especially if Superman had a Red K ring on him or somthing. I remember what Bruce said to Terry on Batman Beyond, ” This isn’t the first time Superman’s gone rogue. So i made it my business in case it would ever happen again. Show’s a small piece of Kryptonite ” Do whatever it takes, but make sure you stop him.” There’s one way for them to duke it out. Get them both in a cage fight with Batman not wearing his utility belt & Blue Kryptonite around the ring so Superman has no Super powers. No rules, whoever standing wins, lol.

    • Without his Kryptonian powers, Clark Kent wouldn’t even be in the same league with Bruce Wayne (ninja, samurai).

      • @ John

        I know, was being little sarcastic in the last two sentances,lol. Clark would have to have the same teachers Bruce had within the same amount of hours training etc. Plus i wouldn’t have use no weapons or utility belts, it would make their fight more interesting that way.